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List of methods to withdraw PayPal in the Philippines

Based on personal experiences posted by dozens of PayPal Philippines users, this post summarizes the different ways of withdrawing Paypal in the Philippines.

Our list is not limited to debit and credit cards alone. We also gathered information regarding some non-traditional methods of converting PayPal funds into cash.

Confirmed Methods of Withdrawing PayPal in the Philippines

Method/Service Possible to Withdraw? Fund Transfer Type
UnionBank EON/eWallet Yes Deposit to bank account (ATM)
Citibank Visa Yes Cash Advance or Over-payment Cheque
Citibank MasterCard Yes Cash Advance or Over-payment Cheque (?)
HSBC Visa Yes Cash Advance
Standard Chartered Visa Yes Cash Advance (?)
Metrobank Visa Yes Cash Advance
EPCI Bank Visa Electron Yes Deposit to bank account (ATM) Yes Deposit to bank account or Cash Pickup Yes Load credits convertible to cash (?) Yes Withdrawn as e-gold convertible to cash
ATM cards w/o Visa/Mastercard logo No -
BDO Debit card w/ Mastercard logo No -
BDO Mastercard No -
ChinaTrust Visa No -
Globe G-Cash No -

Each method is explained in detail below.

(More discussion here: How to withdraw funds from Paypal Philippines)

UnionBank EON or eWallet Debit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed by various people, including several PinoyMoneyTalk Forum members. My own experience of transferring PayPal to my EON account took 4 days to complete.

Citibank Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

According to, payments are considered “Cash Advance” which incurs additional fees and monthly interest charges. Alternatively, an “Over-payment Cheque,” which has no fees and interest charges, can be requested from any Citibank branch.

Citibank Mastercard Credit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed by Jeffrey.

HSBC Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

PMT Forum member noelb explained that funds are treated as payment to the credit card balance. If there is no card balance, it will be treated as an overpayment. Money can be withdrawn by applying for a Cash Advance.

Jericho shared that his first PayPal-to-HSBC Visa card transaction took 2 days to complete but his second transfer was processed after only 1 day.

Standard Chartered Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed by nailbiter.

Metrobank Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

According to, funds appear as a Cash Advance or Payment to a credit card balance.

Equitable PCI (EPCI) Bank Visa Electron Debit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed in a post on the forum although nodules reported that her EPCI card does not have a CVV Number. Biske suggested that the CVV be requested directly from EPCI. – POSSIBLE

2slick shared that he was able to send money to himself via Xoom and the funds were credited to his UnionBank account a day later. He stressed, though, that his PayPal account is a Verified Premier Account.

Latest Update: according to Jericho, Xoom has now prohibited intra-Philippines transfers “until further notice.” The buzz is that PayPal does not want a non-affiliated middle-man such as Xoom to be part of the withdrawal process. – POSSIBLE

According to writerservices: “Sa chikka, within minutes andyan na pera mo. Mahal nga lang in the long run kasi $7 per Php 5,000 ang kaltas (Using Chikka, your money is available in just a few minutes. However, it gets expensive in the long run because the fee is $7 for every P5,000).”

2slick shared that Chikka first verifies a new user’s identity and that the amount to be transferred can only be in certain denominations.

Biske added that Chikka can only accomodate Smart Money transfers. – POSSIBLE

The process may seem complicated at first glance because PayPal is initially withdrawn as e-gold then converted into cash.

2slick explains how the process goes: a deposit must first be made to a Scriptlance account and the balance is withdrawn as e-gold. Received e-gold funds are then converted to cash through online e-currency exchangers. Expected total lead time for this process is 4 days.

Biske, in a comment below, added that a Scriptlance Payment Verification document needs to be sent for the first deposit over $50. She warns that Scriptlance might find it suspicious if a members frequently deposits PayPal then withdraws it using e-gold or Moneybookers.

Bank ATMs and Debit cards without a Visa or Mastercard logo (e.g., BPI ExpressCash, BDO CashCard, Citibank CitiCard) – Almost Always NOT POSSIBLE

If your card does not have a Visa or Mastercard logo, it probably does not support PayPal withdrawals. To confirm, try it in PayPal. Let us know if it works.

BDO Debit card with Mastercard Electron logo – NOT POSSIBLE

Confirmed by baka.

BDO Mastercard Credit card – NOT POSSIBLE

Confirmed by jtag.

ChinaTrust Visa Credit card – NOT POSSIBLE

Confirmed by jtag.


G-Cash cannot be used in PayPal because it is neither linked to any bank account nor affiliated with Visa or Mastercard. The absence of a physical card also makes it impossible to get a Card Number and CVV Number, things necessary to successfully attach a card in PayPal.

If you have additional info about other Paypal withdrawal methods, feel free to post below.

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