List of methods to withdraw PayPal in the Philippines

Based on personal experiences posted by dozens of PayPal Philippines users, this post summarizes the different ways of withdrawing Paypal in the Philippines.

Our list is not limited to debit and credit cards alone. We also gathered information regarding some non-traditional methods of converting PayPal funds into cash.

Confirmed Methods of Withdrawing PayPal in the Philippines


Each method is explained in detail below.

(More discussion here: How to withdraw funds from Paypal Philippines)

UnionBank EON or eWallet Debit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed by various people, including several PinoyMoneyTalk Forum members. My own experience of transferring PayPal to my EON account took 4 days to complete.

Citibank Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

According to, payments are considered “Cash Advance” which incurs additional fees and monthly interest charges. Alternatively, an “Over-payment Cheque,” which has no fees and interest charges, can be requested from any Citibank branch.

Citibank Mastercard Credit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed by Jeffrey.

HSBC Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

PMT Forum member noelb explained that funds are treated as payment to the credit card balance. If there is no card balance, it will be treated as an overpayment. Money can be withdrawn by applying for a Cash Advance.

Jericho shared that his first PayPal-to-HSBC Visa card transaction took 2 days to complete but his second transfer was processed after only 1 day.

Standard Chartered Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed by nailbiter.

Metrobank Visa Credit card – POSSIBLE

According to, funds appear as a Cash Advance or Payment to a credit card balance.

Equitable PCI (EPCI) Bank Visa Electron Debit card – POSSIBLE

Confirmed in a post on the forum although nodules reported that her EPCI card does not have a CVV Number. Biske suggested that the CVV be requested directly from EPCI. – POSSIBLE

2slick shared that he was able to send money to himself via Xoom and the funds were credited to his UnionBank account a day later. He stressed, though, that his PayPal account is a Verified Premier Account.

Latest Update: according to Jericho, Xoom has now prohibited intra-Philippines transfers “until further notice.” The buzz is that PayPal does not want a non-affiliated middle-man such as Xoom to be part of the withdrawal process. – POSSIBLE

According to writerservices: “Sa chikka, within minutes andyan na pera mo. Mahal nga lang in the long run kasi $7 per Php 5,000 ang kaltas (Using Chikka, your money is available in just a few minutes. However, it gets expensive in the long run because the fee is $7 for every P5,000).”

2slick shared that Chikka first verifies a new user’s identity and that the amount to be transferred can only be in certain denominations.

Biske added that Chikka can only accomodate Smart Money transfers. – POSSIBLE

The process may seem complicated at first glance because PayPal is initially withdrawn as e-gold then converted into cash.

2slick explains how the process goes: a deposit must first be made to a Scriptlance account and the balance is withdrawn as e-gold. Received e-gold funds are then converted to cash through online e-currency exchangers. Expected total lead time for this process is 4 days.

Biske, in a comment below, added that a Scriptlance Payment Verification document needs to be sent for the first deposit over $50. She warns that Scriptlance might find it suspicious if a members frequently deposits PayPal then withdraws it using e-gold or Moneybookers.

Bank ATMs and Debit cards without a Visa or Mastercard logo (e.g., BPI ExpressCash, BDO CashCard, Citibank CitiCard) – Almost Always NOT POSSIBLE

If your card does not have a Visa or Mastercard logo, it probably does not support PayPal withdrawals. To confirm, try it in PayPal. Let us know if it works.

BDO Debit card with Mastercard Electron logo – NOT POSSIBLE

Confirmed by baka.

BDO Mastercard Credit card – NOT POSSIBLE

Confirmed by jtag.

ChinaTrust Visa Credit card – NOT POSSIBLE

Confirmed by jtag.


G-Cash cannot be used in PayPal because it is neither linked to any bank account nor affiliated with Visa or Mastercard. The absence of a physical card also makes it impossible to get a Card Number and CVV Number, things necessary to successfully attach a card in PayPal.

If you have additional info about other Paypal withdrawal methods, feel free to post below.

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96 thoughts on “List of methods to withdraw PayPal in the Philippines”

  1. Xoom>> There is possibility of being limited, so proceed with caution.

    chikka>> You would need to have a Smart mobile number and Smart Money Card. If you don’t have Smart money card, they’d send you one for free but take heed, it takes around 20 days minimum to receive it. It’s been 40 days for me, wala pa rin. Also, you’d be required to scan a proof of identity. When you transfer your funds through Smart Padala, they’d call you too and you’d have to answer a barrage of questions. And yes, they could only accomodate Smart Money transfers.

    scriptlance>> I would not recommend this method. Scriptlance requires you to verify your deposit every time it’s more than $50. You would have to download a form, fill it out then send it back to them. You’d have to do that every single time you deposit an amount. I think scriptlance would be suspicious if someone deposits via PayPal then withdraws through egold, Moneybookers or check frequently.

  2. Biske, thanks for the info. I’ll add those and update the article.

    BryanBoy, I myself have already transferred all my e-gold funds out since early this year. Not that I don’t really trust them (I’ve used e-gold for 2 years), but I just don’t want my funds stuck there should the US government succeed in closing them down.

  3. FG, I just read the Scriptlance Payment Verification document. I think you only have to fill out the document for the first deposit over $50.

    I still don’t recommend it, but I guess it could be used.

  4. too bad BDO Debit card w/ Mastercard logo cannot be used in PayPal.

    I have a question.
    Can I possibly use one (1) UnionBank EON debit card to two (2) different PayPal accounts? 🙂

  5. Teejay, exactly. I too look forward to the day when PayPal would allow us to make a direct transfer to our bank accounts. But I doubt that will happen in the next year or so. The Philippines still has a lot to prove regarding security of financial transactions and its adherence to money laundering laws.

  6. aldrin, is that an official announcement from PayPal? Can you cite the source? Does that really mean ALL, as in ALL, Visa cards?

    It’s not that Visa cards per se are not able to receive PayPal withdrawals. Certain Visa cards are already eligible for PayPal payments since withdrawals have become available. But not all Visa cards work, in the same way that not all Mastercards are accepted.

  7. Sino po pwede dito mag in cash ng paypal kahit magbayad ako ng 300.. i have only $55 in my account.. i can meet up in SM mall if anyone is interested. my number is 09177346347

    – wala ako cards
    -ayaw sa lagi refunded


  8. I ‘m already registered with paypal, have an acount no. but the blogging company is asking me for my paypal ID, what is this?

    Pls. explain I don’t have a credit card.


    • Hi jay, I;m not sure what you mean by paypal account number but paypal accounts are identified by their email address and not by an account number. So if someone’s asking for your PayPal ID, that person is looking for your PayPal email address and this is where the funds will be sent.

  9. thank you very much po for posting news and updates that’s Paypal related! so far po ito yung mga cards na pwede? may mga bpi cards po ba na pwedeng gamitin para i-withdraw ang laman ng isang paypal account?

      • thank you po sir for replying! 😀

        ah i see. mayroon na po bang nakagamit nun? any card ng local banks natin with mastercard logo pwede po syang ikabit sa paypal o nagdedepende rin po yun sa bank?

        ot: which one do you think sir would be better: paypal or having a dollar account? ano po ang advantages ng pagkakaroon ng dollar account?

  10. Hi gin-gin, most cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo, magagamit sa PayPal. But then again, not all. Try mo i-register sa PayPal mismo tapos sabihin mo sa amin kung gumana para ma-update yung list sa taas.

    Paypal vs. dollar account? Magkaibang purpose yung dalawa so ang sagot diyan ay depende sa kung saan mo sila gagamitin.

    Kung ang kailangan mo ay account para makatanggap ng payments online, PayPal ang kailangan mo kasi may ibang clients abroad na ayaw mag-wire transfer sa isang dollar account.

    Pero kung halimbawa may regular remittance kang tinatanggap mula sa abroad, mas maayos yatang gamitin ang dollar account kaysa sa PayPal kasi sa wire transfer, in 3 days makukuha mo na yung pera pero sa PayPal, pedeng umabot ng ilang linggo.

  11. help.
    i try adding a eon card to paypal and this was the sweet result:

    This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

    i try every advice nmn.
    1. may lamang P500 ung paypal ko.
    2. enroll na rin ako sa online banking.

  12. this is good news ! Now I can use my HSBC Visa card to withdraw from my paypal account. trouble is the card is about to expire booooo1

  13. hi there,
    can I use my account at Unionbank (EON debit card) rather than the card when I withdraw?

    I am a verified premier PayPal user, btw. Thanks.

  14. i want to ask what bank can i use for transaction abroad when using paypal?i am about to make art pieces and my client resides in US and i’m here in the philippines..and she said she will pay me through paypal..thanks to anyone who can help me..

  15. Hello guys paano mag work ung chikka pag verify sa paypal? and is it possible guys that i will use my bank account in the verify in paypal while im here in USA? wala pa ksi akong bank account.dito..pls. help.

  16. Have you all noticed that Paypal takes one peso more in the exchange rate from dollar to peso. That is near 500 peso (rounded UP) for a 500$ withdrawal.

    Does anyone know if there is a Philippine bank that also has branches in the USA so that we can tell paypal to withdrawal to our Philippine branch in USA but in DOLLARS not peso. Then here we can gain more peso by converting it ourselves.

    My other thought was to try to find a USA federally insured Bank that would accept paypay deposits and to have a debit card to use here locally and internationally – BUT not one of those lame debit cards that everyone tries to pawn for 50-100$ that is a JOKE to pay for a card.

  17. Can I use my BPI remittance dollar account with Paypal? I have an EON debit card which I have been using for the past few months, kaya lang mas maka save tayo if dollar talaga yung makuha natin instead na cla ang mag convert as money dba?

  18. Hello, successful yong withdrawal ko from paypal to my allied bank atm card na without logo!!! Yehey!! Okay lang naman pa lang sa ATM card na walang visa/mastercared logo iwithdraw basta verified yong account mo!! Just got my money an hour ago!!

  19. jin Says:
    December 15th, 2008 at 6:26 pm
    Hello, successful yong withdrawal ko from paypal to my allied bank atm card na without logo!!! Yehey!! Okay lang naman pa lang sa ATM card na walang visa/mastercared logo iwithdraw basta verified yong account mo!! Just got my money an hour ago!!

    >>>jin i just open my account today on paypal using visa credit card, im waiting for my 4 digit code…hindi pala instant yung pag open ng account coz i have to wait for the code bago ako makapag buy online. anyway, eto po yung tanong ko:
    1. how can i verify or connect my allied atm to paypal account since i used credit card to open my account, mas prefer ko kasi withdrawal sa atm kasi walang cash advance fee or if there is any magkano kaya…actually this is for my 1.95$ na i re-refund daw ng paypal sa akin upon verification.
    >>>1.95$ from my credit card to paypal then to allied atm<<< another question po: is allied atm automatically convert the currency since dollar yung perang papasok. thanks

  20. BDO is not an accredited bank of paypal. it charged me one dollar per transaction. i was linking my debit card(only–not credit) mastercard but it was unsuccessful. can anybody help me which bank is accredited even with a savings account only? thanks

  21. good day to you Sir.
    my fiance is actually the one who had introduce PayPal to me and asked me to have the information as to how sending money be possible.
    as i read the requirements,i have some concerns Sir which i hope you can be able to enlighten my mind before i apply for a paypal account.
    He is working in Afghanistan,and i am here in Phils. But,firstly i dont have a credit card which i seem to understand that it is as well needed? Second,my bank account is at BDO and you said that it has to have a mastercard logo which i see it my atm card that somehow there is.
    Sir,if i am to apply for a paypal account,am i qualified even without a credit or debit card? and how many days can i able to get the money once it was sent to me?
    i wish to have an answer from you Sir,thugh i know you are so busy,please help me Sir.
    thank you and more power.
    leila from Dagupan City,phils

  22. Is there a way to send money to your paypal account from you Philippine bank? I want to make a purchase in the US but i have insufficient funds in my paypal account

  23. @Yapsty I think wala pang ganyan eh. Gusto ko nga rin yan para malagyan ng pera ung PayPal ko from my bank kaso wala pang option na ganyan eh.

  24. how about withdraw your funds through another paypal user?!?!

    Like me, I’m in need of funds for my paypal account in order to purchase some stuffs online. But I don’t have any credit card, Unionbank EON isn’t working, so I’m running out of ideas on how to add funds to my account.

    So I’ve thought, why not ask someone who is also having a hard time to withdraw cash? how? Send money to my paypal account, and I’ll send your money via GCASH (gcash is the most preferred for me, since I always have money in my gcash,plus it’s the cheapest, it will only charge 1% for your cash out , 1k up, and P10 if 1k below)


    But my problem is, I’m not really familiar with paypal. So please do tell me if there are additional charges, like on my part, for receiving your payment, or you for sending payment to my account, and who shoulders the fee?

    Well, by this post, I HOPE WE COULD HELP EACH OTHER. 🙂

  25. Hello jo anne, it’s a nice idea but the only problem, in my opinion, is trust. Personally, i don’t wanna risk my PayPal funds to send to a stranger promising to convert it into GCash funds. Anyway, if you are really desperate to shop online, why not try Johnny Air Cargo? You can go to one of their branches, they have a branch in Megamall and they offer online shopping. They offer free browsing in the Internet and you can shop online.

    Johnny Air Cargo also offers free Visa Debit Card, you can also use that with online shopping.

    Good luck!

  26. I’ve bought stuff on Ebay using paypal + smart money, so you can use it to buy online. Havent tried to withdraw to smart money yet.

  27. hello,i need help on how i could withdraw my fun to paypal,i am not a verified user,because i dont have a credit card or debit card,i am just a student,my sister sent me a money gift to my paypal acount,but the problem,since i am not verified,the limit i have is 0.00,so i cant withdraw my fund from there anyone knows how i could solve this problem?thank you.

  28. Hey Guys!

    may tanong ako, pede ba gamitin un bank account ko kung payroll savings account un?
    may $100 kasi ako from paypal di ko makuha.

    may alam ba kayong site na pede mag shop kahit wlang naka ling na bank account sa paypal mo?



  29. gandang day po sa lahat they mention above that g-cash is not possible to withdraw cash from paypal.
    my question is how about smart money cauz smart money has a master card logo?
    tnx for your suggistion..have a good day.

  30. ang pwede lang na alam ko is EON Union Bank 550 gagastusin mo, 350 for annual membership fee ata yun, tapos 200 for deposit.after mo punta bank(bring 2 valid ID’s,photocopy mo na sya) balik ka 7 days tapos 24hrs activation ata yun, tapos link mo na paypal mo to EON tapos 2-3 days money transfer from PP–> EON tapos pwede mo na withdraw

    for Freelancer like me na kumikita online, Paypal to EON account.

    sana makatulong.

      • Apply for smartmoney card… you can use it to verify your paypal account and can also use as your bank account to withdraw funds from it*(paypal bdo bank code 010530667).In peso..Transferring funds from paypal to smartmoney will cost you a fee worth P50 paypal process and another P200 from BDO per completed transaction (6 to 7 days).Just make sure to withdraw a hard cash once that would at least fit to worth the P250 charge.

  31. hello guys..

    try nyo den this way like selling your paypal ang get paid automatically if you have the requirement needed for it.. they send your money to all bank account instantly in the phillipines and all sending agent here in phil i just discover it yerteday bcus i really need cash so badly and i just found it in there facebook fun pages.. when time saw it i get some doubt buy i really try it.. bcus really need cash instaly but thanks god its work i just want share this for my experiences dami na talaga way visit you lng pages nila

    this… !/pages/Buy-and-Sell-paypal-funds-and-alertpay/166418950065679?v=wall
    if de mag work here try u copy paste sa brower nyo or just search in

    read there for more info cant explain all..

  32. Good day everyone!

    This thread is really helpful but I have a question to ask. I used paypal for the first time to receive money from a client in Singapore. They were supposed to pay me SGD $ 75 which reflected in my account. However, I chose not to convert it to US $ since the exchange rates of US $ in the Philippines is much lower compared to SGD $. Then I saw in the details that there is a SGD $ 3.43 fee and my total payment received is only SGD$71.57. Why is there a fee? I don’t have a bank account yet and I was informed that it is ok because you can just use paypal as a “wallet” and you do not need to withdraw the money. I hope you could help me with this. Thanks.

  33. can you help me with my paypal problem? i have funds there already even if my account status is still unverified..i tried to get it verified, i used my psbank card…but they didnt accept it…i went to my bank and ask whats wrong, then they told me that they dont accept or do business with paypal,the problem now is, how can i get the fund i have on my paypal account? do i realy need to get a new card/bank account and link it to my paypal account just to get it? or i can use someone’s card/bank account just to get it? or is there some other way to get it? i cant even send it back to the person who sent that money..please reply on my question..realy need it asap..i need the money asap.for important purpose…thanks…

  34. hi po, ask kulng ko i hve money in paypal send by my fiance from other country i hve metrobank atm but not debit or credit card it is posible to get my money from paypal to metrobnk?wht i need to do? pls help me! thnks

    • Apply for smartmoney card… you can use it to verify your paypal account and can also use as your bank account to withdraw funds from it*(paypal bdo bank code 010530667).In peso..Transferring funds from paypal to smartmoney will cost you a fee worth P50 paypal process and another P200 from BDO per completed transaction (6 to 7 days).Just make sure to withdraw a hard cash once that would at least fit to worth the P250 charge.

  35. Hi, would you be so kind as to provide updated info on this topic? It would be very helpful to many online businesspeople. Thanks mucho!

  36. For me, EON of unionbank is the easiest and convenient way to withdraw your paypal funds in the Philippines.

  37. Thank you for any other fantastic post. The place else could anyone get that type of information in such
    a perfect way of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such

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  41. I’ve been using BPI atm for a year now. When setting up just make sure that you use the 10 digits account number and not the card number.

    But be aware that if you take money from PP to your BPI there will be a charge of php 50 for less than php 7,000 transaction, free for above 7k.

    There’s another deduction/charge that will not show in your transaction details, it’s for php 250. In my case, this amount was fixed for every transaction I made.

    For example:
    I’ll withdraw php 5000
    Less 50
    Less 250
    The amount that I’ll have in my BPI account will be php 4,700

    *im not happy with the charges and thinking of trying gcash

  42. Ask lang po,,meron kasi nagpadala ng pera sa akin sa paypal noong feb.08,2018 hanggang ngayon hindi ko na cash out hindi ko po alam kung paano ko ma cash out o saan ko ito pwedeng makuha wala po akong bank accoung?

  43. Hi guys i need help..sana matulungan ninyo brother in law from USA wants to send me a money through paypal i have a metrobank atm

  44. To those who want to encash their Paypal funds that are in Philippine Pesos, maybe I can help. The fee is P 200 per P 2000. So for evey P 2200 you send to my Paypal account, I am willing to give P 2000 in cash. Just send me an e-mail at to get started and for any further details. Thank you.


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