Receiving Google Adsense payments via Western Union

Today I successfully received my first Google Adsense earnings sent via the Western Union Quick Cash option.

Here’s a guide on How to receive Adsense payments via Western Union, but read on to find out my own experience with this new withdrawal method.

First, what I did was search for a Western Union (WU) agent closest to my place using the Global Payment Solutions website. After making a search, I decided to pick up my Adsense payment from Sanry’s Foreign Exchange at the Glorietta Mall in Makati.

I went to Sanry’s and told the staff manning the counter that I am picking up a Quick Cash payment from Google.

He gave me a Western Union “To Receive Money” form and asked me to completely fill it out. This is where the Payment Details from Google becomes necessary. The form asked for the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), exact Payment Amount, Name and Address of the Sender, and a few personal details, among others.

The guy confirmed whether the payment was really sent by a company (Google) and not by an individual. I said yes. He asked for two (2) valid IDs. I gave him my Passport and Pag-IBIG Membership ID. He handed me a new form called “Customer Information Data Sheet.” While filling it out, I saw the guy scan my IDs.

He inquired whether I want to receive the money in US Dollars or Philippine Peso. I asked what Western Union’s exchange rate is. He said it’s P42.++.

How about Sanry’s Peso-Dollar exchange rate for that day? He told me it’s $1 : P43.30. Is there a choice? Of course, I opted to be paid in US Dollars then merely asked Sanry’s to convert it to peso using their rate.

Western Union payout for Google Adsense

So for my $1,163.17 Adsense earnings, I got P50,365.25. Woohoo!

And that, my friend, is my experience using Western Union Quick Cash.

A few reminders about picking up your Google Adsense payout through WU:

  • You need to pick up the payment within 35 days or it will be credited back to your account
  • You can opt to be paid in local currency but Western Union’s rate is most probably lower, so better to receive the payment in dollars then just go to a money changer with better rates
  • To pick up the payment, you need to bring the sender’s information, payment amount, MTCN, and valid government issued IDs
  • Western Union normally requires two valid IDs but some branches may require more. Example of valid government issued IDs accepted by Western Union include:

Driver’s License
NBI Clearance
Postal ID
Voter’s ID
GSIS e-Card
SSS Card
Senior Citizen’s Card
Alien Certificate of Registration
Seaman’s Book
Firearms License
School IDs are valid if the student is below 18 years old and if the money was sent by an OFW provided they have a birth certificate and a photo ID.

Can I say that the Western Union option is better than the Secured Express Delivery Check? No doubt! Aside from the shorter waiting period (1 day vs. 1-week delivery of Secured Delivery Checks), Western Union payouts are FREE.

At the moment, certainly no other Adsense payment method can beat that.

One more tip: Scout first for the WU branch that offers the highest exchange rate because not all Western Union pickup outlets have the same rates.

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104 thoughts on “Receiving Google Adsense payments via Western Union”

  1. charles, why not try using Western Union on your next adsense payment? I really recommend this, no other Adsense payment method can beat this, at least for now.

    Aja Lapus, get a Postal ID. As far as I know, it only costs less than P500 and you don’t need to show a lot of documents.

    Biske, I’m sure mas malaki ang kinikita mo sa writing gigs mo! Balato! Hehe…

    dang, the key to successfully earn from adsense is to have a site with huge traffic and relevant content. Do some reading on the internet on how to achieve this. But you can start by going through our Adsense and SEO articles here and by joining the discussion in our Adsense, SEO and Earning from Blogs forum.

    tin, yup that’s only from one site (PMT). I use another Adsense account for my “experiment” sites.

  2. Biske, IÒ€ℒm sure mas malaki ang kinikita mo sa writing gigs mo! Balato! HeheÒ€¦

    Sige, pag kasing-yaman ko na si JK Rowling, babalatuan kita. hahaha~

  3. Nice earnings. Thanks for the Western Union first-hand experience guide to withdrawing Adsense earnings.

    I will get my earnings next month and will doubtlessly use Western Union.

  4. Hi James,

    Would you or anyone else happen to know if Quick Cash is available in ALL Western Union branches? I tried picking up my AdSense earnings at DA5-Dominion Pawnshop here in Katipunan, but the employees said that the service is only available in certain branches like the ones located in malls. I was thinking either they were correct or simply misinformed (that as long as I have the MTCN, then I can pick up the money anywhere.)

    I also asked them if the Western Union located in banks offer Quick Cash pickup, they said no. At any rate, I’m not taking their word for it and will try my luck at i-bank Katipunan tomorrow.


  5. Hi Dino,

    No, Western Union’s Quick Cash payments are not offered in all branches. For a list of branches that have this, visit WU’s Global Payment Solutions site. Or you may call up a branch to inquire prior to going there to save you time.

  6. 50,000 pesos? Wow. I only have like a hundred so far. That’s my first payment from Google and it came just in time for Western Union. Hehe. I was resigned to kissing $24 goodbye to DHL just to ensure that I would get *some* money. It’s really great that WU’s here. Hassle-free and charge-free! πŸ˜€

  7. tol congratualtion. you make me proud as a pinoy…!!! wohoo!

    i’m close to 1k but no PIN yet 2 months na bURAT nako… me naman mail me

  8. ^ That really sucks. Do note that you need to enter your PIN within 4 months after issue, otherwise only Public Service ads will appear on your Adsense units. Also you only have 6 months to enter the PIN or your earnings will be refunded back to advertisers.

    Having said that, why not try contacting Google first to confirm when and where the PIN mailer was actually sent? Try to isolate the problem and see if the problem really lies with the Philippine postal system (what’s new?).

    If that’s the case, ask Google if you have alternatives. Can the PIN mailer be sent to a new address? Can it just be sent via DHL? Or can you just open a new Google account, transfer your earnings to that account then request a new PIN mailer?

    That really is a tough situation to be in, but I don’t think there’s a lot you can do especially since the problem does not lie with you. Good luck, hope you solve it asap. Keep us updated.

  9. Hello po, bakit parang di po ata functional ang link ng WU agent locator? ito po lagi lumalabas: The Search you requested did not produce any results. Please retry. I am looking for a WU branch that offers Quick Cash in Davao City. Lahat po kasi natanungan ko na WU branch sa area ko ala quick cash.:-(

  10. rhodilee: WU Agent Locator – try this link:

    dang: paano ka kikita? in 10 steps – (1) create a blog or a website – you really don’t have to pay for a domain/web host, maraming libre sa internet. (2) fill your site with unique, useful and informative contents (3) put Google Adsense (advertisements) on your site (4) drive traffic to your site (5) then wait.. (6) continue adding content to your site (7) then wait again.. (8) just wait.. (9) your hard work will soon payoff πŸ™‚ (10) Patience.. it’s a virtue ^_^

  11. dang, i put up a new blog specifically for people who want to jump into the blogging bandwagon. it’s a step-by-step procedures on how to get one and how to earn from it. check this site

  12. Is there any WU charges for getting adsense payout? how many % percent? and does WU give payout in dollar currency than in peso?

    Congrats to all for their first WU payout exp.
    Mabuhay Pinoy!

  13. re “iÒ€ℒm close to 1k but no PIN yet 2 months na bURAT nakoÒ€¦ me naman mail me
    “hat do you mean by PIN? na praning naman ako dun——

  14. Yup, ang simple formula para kumita ang blog ay “Content + Quality Traffic.” Basa-basa ka online ng resources para matutunan mo kung paano magkaroon ng blog na may maayos na content saka kung paano i-optimize ang site para dumami ang traffic. Posible yan, good luck!

  15. hey… how’d you do urs? the source page doesn’t come pop up or shows eh…

    i need help. i don’t understand and i’m really getting frustrated.

    how long b4 u got that amount? did u rely solely on blogger or something?


  16. Hi zug, don’t be frustrated. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, build your content and promote the site so you’ll continuously get traffic. Before you know it, your online earnings will start to increase.

    It does take time to substantially earn online. In my case, I officially started to blog in late 2006. Before that, I just wrote articles once and in a while and was already contented with a $20-30 Adsense earnings per month.

    But by the end of 2006, I decided to concentrate on building this site not just as a blog but as the blog. That meant committing myself to posting at least one message per day, encouraging readers to comment on the site, and interacting with other bloggers to create my online network (unfortunately, this appears to be important unless you plan to rely on advertising consistently).

    Also, the success of your blog may depend on the niche of the blog. Tech and finance blogs seem to be popular niches, while “make money online” blogs are abundant but not necessarily lucrative because of the saturation in the market. Political and food blogs are also OK, but you need to find your core readership because this market segment is not as big as, say, the techie or webmaster segments.

    My advice always is to continue making fresh and unique content while simultaneously building readership. You can do it. It takes time, but if you persevere, you can do it.

  17. Sir james, i’m sure naka-encounter din kayo ng mga invalid clicks at click bombing sa adsense account ninyo dito sa pinoymoneytalk. How do you deal with that situation? .. I’m really afraid na ma-ban ang adsense account ko just in case na may mag clickbomb sa site ko..

  18. wow! nainspired tuloy ako… sir, ask ko lang po may bayad din po ba yung gawa ako ng label tapos mapunta sa isang website? or wala po yun… thanks!!

  19. wow amazing!! i have a question im a adsense member din and am being paid thru WU, My question is ill be going abroad soon for a vacation and i wonder if i can still withdraw my adsense payout in the country am going? how?? kasi iba ang country.. umm… will it be an advantage if ill be a WU gold card member wat r its advantages ? can i pick up my adsense any where in the world?? thanks

  20. angel, that might be possible if the Western Union branch in that country will accept your passport as sufficient identification. Note that here, normally 2 government-issued IDs are needed. If that WU branch required another ID, I don’t think they’ll accept any IDs issued in the Philippines. In that case, you won’t be able to withdraw your Adsense earnings.

    Regarding the Western Union card, we have an article about the Perks and benefits of a WU Gold Card.

  21. oh my!.. that’s a big money for your first payment.. I also got my first payment but I only got $102.70 which is equivalent to P4485.00
    hmm.. hope I can also get an adsense payment like that….

  22. Hi,

    I received my payout thru WU for US$ 125.00 and it was really quick. Just like a regular padala. The clerk didn’t even ask me what my relationship with google was. I was prepared to say “business partner” hehehe

  23. It has been 7 months already since I started blogging. Until now, I haven’t accumulated the minimum $100 pay-out but I’m quite near to it. I’ve been actively marketing my blog already enticing visitors to learn about investments, entrepreneurship, personal finance and self-improvement.

  24. Galing nyo naman sir… sana may mag post dito ng step by step kung paano kumita ng ganyan for the benefits of us newbie… πŸ™‚

  25. hi friend, ano ang tax information na binigay mo sa Adsense? di ba required yun para makawithdraw ng money, saan ba nakakakuha ng document ng tx information? thanks

  26. Finally, I will get my first adsense payment after 8 months of blogging at the end of the month. Hopefully, I will attract more and more visitors as I continue to blog about my interests on entrepreneurship, money management, finance and investing, and self-motivation.

  27. Hi James can you give us some tips or techniques on how to copy your success online? Mapa Blog, Adsense websites or Dropshipping websites selling products? And ano yung mga tools mo para makapag generate ng traffic maliban sa good content ng site mo? Thanks!

  28. Wow ang laki ng earnings mo James! How did you do it? Nakakainis naman yung mga ads sa site ko, hindi kasi related kaya no clicks at all kasi matass din yung CPM ko. Panu ba magka pera through CPM lang? I mean through traffic lang pala?

    Siyangapla, I’ve just discovered na scam pala ang Just thought of letting others know kasi too good to be true, so it ain’t true..hehe.

  29. Earning from Adsense is not a secret. What you need is good content plus a whole bunch of traffic. SEO and proper location of ads help to have more ad clicks. I’m not an expert in SEO but for some reason I got lucky that people are clicking on my ads.

    @jonharules, if the ads are not related to your content, probably you might want to do section targeting? As for earning through impressions, I don’t think you’ll get to earn a lot from it in Adsense. But try applying in ad networks that pay by impressions. A local ad network that does this is Blogbank, these are the ads on the right sidebar of this page.

  30. Wow! what a huge number! i wish i can earn money like that!. Do you have other money making sites on the net that uses Western Union to send your earnings on the Philippines?

  31. Wow, 1k? That’s huge!

    I set it on my adsense account that I get paid every time my earnings reaches $100. Been paid 3 times through Western Union. $120, $130, and the coming payment: $175 πŸ™‚

  32. Wow thats huge money you have earned being an adsense publisher. Well I will also receive my payment through WU. Just reached 100$ today.

  33. Hi nice to here that you can cashout by WU. Unfortunately, my country cant accept wu yet. So , can anybody help me to create one adsense account which could be paid by WU for me? I will pay you 20% of what i could earn from adsense for the rest of your life. chat me at yahoo id: spidermanbtb or mail me at

  34. When Google introduced their new Adsense revenue sharing program, people began to wonder if things would change. Certain questions have been burning in people’s mind like

  35. I want to know how to be approved on having adsense? I have signed up many times, even though its blogger or my own website, still it won’t let me approve. Please help

  36. how i wish i will receive such amount as well. am barely trying hard to make 100 dollars.hopefully this month it will reach that amount.

  37. thanks sir. i’m almost near the $100 mark, then i’ll be able to withdraw my earnings too..

    question, if I request for withdrawal today from google, are they going to send the money on that same day?

    • no, you cannot request for your payment. Once you reached the minimum payment threshold, Google Adsnse will automatically send the payment to you. You just need to wait .

  38. Dear Admin
    could you please tell me how to protect google adsense?

    I found a little information on a blog ), but I’m not sure that this information is correct and accepted by google adsense, please i need help, thanks a lot

  39. Hi nice article you got. just asking, what exactly the mature date when you can withdraw your earning at adsense? Thanks. =)


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