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ShopBack Review: Earn Cash Rebates when shopping online

Are you doing your online shopping at Lazada, Zalora, Cash Cash Pinoy, Food Panda or Agoda? Then you’d be glad to know that you can earn cash rebates when you shop with these online stores via the ShopBack program. About this post: 100% selling price approved

Do you want to be financially free and happy?

The journey to financial freedom and happiness is never easy. You have been working hard but you know that is not enough. You attended a lot of seminars, read several self-help books, and researched about ways to properly manage money. Still it seems like you’re too far from your

The Cashflow Quadrant — explained in simple terms

A few months ago, we announced that personal finance author Robert Kiyosaki was giving away his Cashflow Quadrant ebook for free (See Free Download: ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ ebook). Fortunately for those who were able to download the book, they now have a legal copy of one of the most popular books on personal

How important is “Diversification” in investing?

These days, a lot of Filipinos seem to be enamored with stocks as an investment option. This is not bad per se, but intelligent investors understand that portfolio diversification is a critical element of an overall investment strategy. About this post: pinoy diversify your savings