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When Should You Sell your Stocks?

Whether you’re enjoying a stock price surge because of a bull run or suffering from losses because of price drops, one question is always certain to pop up: When’s the best time to sell your stocks? During bullish periods, investors experiencing continuous price appreciation face the

Top 10 Quotes when You’re Losing Money in Stocks

Feeling down and disappointed that you’re losing money in stocks? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. A big decline in stock prices usually sends some investors into panic mode. A few traders would frantically sell their stocks out of fear, while some would look for other people to

APPROVED: New PSE Short Selling Rules 2018

Short selling is finally happening in the Philippine stock market, with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) officially announcing that its proposed Short Selling rules have been approved by the regulator Securities and Exchange Commission last June 5, 2018. This means the implementation of Short Selling

Philippine Stock Market (PSEi) is Asia-Pacific’s Worst Performer

Are your stock investments currently in the red? You’re not the only one. In fact, the Philippine stock market has already lost 17% of its value from the start of January until June 2018, making it the worst performer among 15 stock exchanges in the

Profile of the Filipino Stock Market Investor (2018)

Who is the “typical” Filipino stock investor? According to the Stock Market Investor Profile Report published and released in 2018 by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the “typical” Filipino stock investor is a “Male from Metro Manila, aged 30-44 years old, earning not more than P42,000 per month.”

What are PSE’s Top Stocks in 2018?

Five (5) months have already passed since the beginning of the year, which means we’re nearing the halfway mark of 2018. But before we usher in the second half, let’s pause and look back at the Philippine stock performance in the last 5 months. All

Best Performing Stocks in the Philippines 2018

It’s now May and four months have passed since the start of the year. But it’s actually just four months as well since the peak level of 9,000 points was reached by the PSEi! That record-breaking performance happened back in January 2018. Now it seems

SMPH: Dividend Yield and Dividend History

If you’re a shareholder of SM Prime Holdings Inc (SMPH), you might be interested to find out how much Dividends the stock has been paying in recent years. Did you know that in 2017, SMPH paid dividends of PHP 0.26 per share? This is equivalent to