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PMT’s Top 12 Money and Investment Posts of 2013

The year 2013 no doubt gave Filipinos one hell of a rollercoaster ride. This was even more evident in the world of business and investments, wherein investors had a taste of both the best and the worst all in just one year.

Looking back, the first months of 2013 actually brought initial euphoria among investors who reveled in the ceaseless string of good news about the Philippines.

Philippine Stocks and Investment News and ForumThe country last year received succeeding rounds of credit rating upgrades from Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s, three of the world’s top credit rating firms. As a result, the Philippines became an international investment darling again, also due to exceptional economic gains amid contraction and contagion in other parts of the world. In turn, the Philippine stock market attracted new inflows from both local and foreign investors, leading to several record market highs — peaking at a level that produced huge 30%+ gains in just 5 months. We thought the party will never end.

Then, boom! The market tumbled midway through the year. Talks of tapering the US Quantitative Easing program caused gloom to emerge in a market that started fearing flight of capital. A super typhoon later in the year brought down a region to its knees, further fueling fears that all past achievements and growths could have been illusory.

The stock market’s double-digit gains in the early months were virtually wiped out week after week. And in the end, the year 2013 closed flat — with the benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) barely growing with a 1.33% full-year return.

What a crazy 2013 it had been.

Since we’re in the mood to reminisce, we’d also like to bring back our most popular business and investment posts here at Pinoy Money Talk in 2013. We identify our top PMT article per month that garnered the most views and most likes and shares on Facebook last year.

The result: PinoyMoneyTalk’s Top 12 Most Popular Money and Investment Articles of 2013.

Reports that a new asset class will be offered in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) prompted us to create an introductory article on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). ETFs are open-ended investment companies that track a basket of assets and traded on a stock exchange. This most viewed article explained how ETFs are different from other pooled funds in the country such as mutual funds and unit investment trust funds. The first ETF ultimately became a reality with the launch of First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund (FMETF) in December last year.

More and more Filipinos earlier last year were being lured by the attractive returns of the stock market. Opening a trading account then became a priority, which is why we wrote this article to introduce to stock investors possible choices for an online stock brokerage firm.

The Filipinos’ fascination with the world’s wealthiest explains why this article received thousands of pageviews and 700+ shares on Facebook last year. Are you familiar with Carlos Slim Helu, Amancio Ortega, Li Ka-shing and Liliane Betencourt? If not, then it’s time you read this post to know that they are part of the World’s Top 10 Richest People in 2013.

The follow-up article to “The World’s Richest People”, this time focusing on the richest billionaires under the age of 35, garnered buzz as well among Pinoy Money Talk readers. Facebook, for some, may have resulted in “social not working” but this social networking site produced four of the 10 Youngest Billionaires in 2013. Read about it here.

QE taper concerns in May 2013 triggered stock market frenzy worldwide, triggering erratic price movements in the PSE. Several investors resorted to panic selling mode, locking in losses in the process. We wanted to remind investors what stock market investing really is, which is why we compiled 10 rational and useful quotes from some of the best minds in the investing world.

Why pay taxes when they are only pocketed by unscrupulous and corrupt people? This may have been the insight of Pinoy Money Talk readers who read the article “9 Countries with No Income Tax”.  With more than 850+ Facebook shares and 220+ likes, this post gives us an idea where to head to in case we’re already fed up with paying taxes.

Pessimism and fear prevailed in the stock market then, and with this post, we tried to explain how emotions and perspectives motivate investor action during a stock market cycle. It is our goal with this article to teach investors how to successfully beat a market driven by emotions.

During this month, the Philippine stock market suffered its biggest 1-day loss since Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008. Fearful investors tried to digest the onslaught and this article  helped provide a perspective on what happened.

The title says it all. It became a popular post because it’s true. Agree or disagree?

We regularly monitor the performance of pooled funds such as mutual funds and unit investment trust funds (UITF) in the Philippines. Stock investors who got burned with losses in the previous months are perhaps looking for passive ways to make money instead of actively investing in stocks. Mutual funds, together with UITF, are attractive options.

This piece of good news gave most Filipinos a welcome distraction at a time of super typhoon destruction and stock market downfall. But can the Philippines continue this economic feat this year 2014? Who’s betting that our country still can?

One of our most liked and shared articles this year boasting 1,650+ shares on Facebook, this post is a follow-up to our annual monitoring of the top dividend-paying stocks in the country. With most investors still reeling from huge stock price declines, receiving tangible cash dividends at least cushions the impact of losses. Apparently, there still is money to be made even during stock market downturns! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

We hope you enjoyed these and all other PinoyMoneyTalk articles in 2013! This new year, we will continue to give you more insightful, useful and educational articles on money, investing, business, and personal finance. Like our Facebook page to be kept in the loop!

To our financial success!

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