To invest or not to invest in HYIP?

You saw an ad online about a program that seems to offer a dubious rate of return. 100% return in just one month? 50% interest rate in just one week? Are these real?

These programs are called HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs. HYIPs are online investment programs that typically offer very high returns on the capital invested.

If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of HYIPs, make sure you check if it’s really for you. Continue reading below.

HYIP investing is for you if:

1. You are not afraid to take a risk and incur losses

You can lose all your money — in an instant! — if you invest in HYIPs. It’s possible to make some profit after a few days or months, but never has an HYIP lasted for decades. Sometimes, an online HYIP can disappear in just one day, taking all your money when they go.

2. You’re comfortable investing in something that may not be true

Most HYIPs claim they invest in certain assets that, when validated, may prove to be untrue. They may show photos of companies they supposedly invested in (but actually photos merely taken from Google Images) or screenshots of their highly profitable forex trading accounts (actually, Photoshopped). If you’re the type of person who easily believes claims of a stranger on the internet and willingly parts their money to invest in something that may not exist, then HYIPs are for you.

HYIP investing is NOT for you if:

1. You value your money and are afraid of losing them

In this case, you’d better put your money in a bank or traditional investments that could offer low but relatively stable income. If you do not like playing in casinos or are not comfortable investing even in stocks, then you should not even consider HYIPs.

2. You are a logical person who makes intelligent decisions

Basic research on the internet would show that most High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) are scams. Easy red flags would be the outrageous returns, anonymous people running the program and lack of genuine office address or contact information of the owners. If you are not gullible and not easily fooled by obviously fake information on the internet, you’d know that High Yield Investment Programs or HYIPs are something to ignore.

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