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Paypal survey or phishing scam?

I received an email today inviting me to answer a Paypal survey. A Sony laptop is at stake once I finished the survey. The invite was sent by customersurvey@survey-take.com and it is supposedly administered on behalf of Paypal.

Of course, I’m wary about these types of emails since I’ve encountered a lot of phishing emails and Paypal scams in the past (another fake Paypal email and Paypal scam here).

I did a little investigation and discovered the email to be somewhat legit.

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Paypal promises to resolve pending withdrawals today

Update 2/9/2008 : The good news: As promised, Paypal did process some of the delayed withdrawal transactions yesterday. The bad: Not all pending requests were completed.  Several members, as seen in this PMT Forum discussion thread, are still waiting.

A follow-up to the pending Paypal withdrawals problem currently plaguing users: Paypal has issued an official announcement at the eBay site claiming they plan to resolve the issue by today, February 8.

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Withdraw PayPal to bank accounts in Philippines

Pinoy Money Talk is one of the first, probably the very first, to break this news to the blogosphere but expect other sites and blogs to write about this without giving us credit although they got the news from us. LOL.

Anyway, brace yourself:

Effective today, PayPal started allowing users in the Philippines to withdraw funds directly to local bank accounts.

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Withdraw PayPal via Xoom from same country — allowed or not?

One of our members, Joanna (ani*****@gmail.com), wrote to tell us about Xoom.com‘s confusing policy on intra-country transfer of PayPal funds.

Joanna wants to convert her PayPal funds to cash via Xoom. She contacted Xoom to inquire whether it is indeed possible to make an intra-country transfer, that is transfer funds from a PayPal Philippines account to an account holder in the Philippines.

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