New scam using fake Paypal email

A Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) member emailed me yesterday to ask whether a Paypal transaction she is planning to enter into is a scam or not.

Apparently, some guy supposedly from the UK contacted her asking help to transfer Paypal funds. The guy claims he plans to visit the Philippines and needs help moving funds to the country.

This should already raise a red flag. Never, ever agree to such transactions because you may unwittingly be a conspirator to money laundering. A suspiciously large amount being withdrawn to a Philippine bank account raises the bank’s alarm and if you could not properly explain how you got the amount and why you are transferring money, you may be charged under the country’s Anti-Money Laundering Law.

Now going back to the story, the PMT member initially agreed to receive the $37,000 Paypal funds. She was promised a certain percentage of this amount as payment for “the help.”

Before the funds were transferred, however, she received an email supposedly from Paypal saying the amount cannot yet be credited until she pays a transfer and claiming fee.

The (unedited) email she got from “Paypal” reads:

We appriciate you for banking with paypal bank, we will like you to understand that the money which will be transfered to your bank account is a very huge amount of money, we the pay pal bank are ready to transfer the money into your bank account.

you have to pay for the transfer fee and claiming fee, which will cost you just only ($500.00 usd) only. and when the money for the transfer fee and claiming fee is sent, your money will be transfered into your bank account immediately before 24 hours.

thanks for using paypal bank.

Bellow is how you are going to send the money for the transfer fees and claiming fee to paypal bank authority.

(Details here how to transfer $500 via Western Union)

More red flags here. One, the spelling and grammar errors are a giveaway. Paypal will not commit those obvious mistakes because they have thousands of fluent English-speaking employees who know the correct spelling of appriciate or Bellow.

Two, whatever Paypal charges for transactions, it is automatically deducted from the transaction amount. Paypal will never ask you to pay them cash or send payment via Western Union in order to receive funds.

Three, if it’s indeed an official Paypal email, the sender should at least come from the domain, right? I checked the email forwarded to me and guess what the sender’s email address is?

From: paypalbank authority <>

Ding, ding, ding, ding! A fake Paypal email, obviously.

If you’re hoping to get a big commission from the transaction thinking it will be more than the “transfer and claiming fee” of $500, you’re mistaken. You will only be scammed.

If you receive a similar proposal, report the email to so Paypal can conduct an investigation.

Don’t fall for this scheme. This is obviously a scam intended to rob you of your money.

13 thoughts on “New scam using fake Paypal email”

  1. Noel Nuguid | Pinoy Compuworld

    I also received a similar email but I just deleted it. hehe I guess I should’ve forwarded it to paypal. But this is is a good tip! thanks!

  2. Paypal has this email plugin that lets you determine if its a fake or official email from paypal =) , try nyo nalang to make sure

  3. My wife used to work at western union and one of her client was a victim of this similar scam… and around 500K pesos nascam sa client nya… and the payment was not made once… around 5 payments pero hindi pa rin nakahalata yung victim… and the problem pa is, fund ng church nila yung pera…

  4. LOL, it’s a scam. Paypal will never use the Word “pay pal” and Paypal will never use other form’s of transfers like Western Union.

  5. It’s so easy to identify that it is a plain scam because they can send the amount without asking any fee from the receiver to pay. The transaction fee though will be deducted from the amount of funds that are to be sent.

  6. Ukraine Scammers Using Paypal and Western Union or Money Gram

    Ukraine Scammer uses Paypal and Western Union

    Name: Sergey Voloshin
    Address: 42-44 Shovkovychna St., Kiev, Ukraine 01601

    Job posting site:

    email address:

    He also scams via Cragslist and hires people to do some bypassing-job on sites, a real scammer!

    If he replies to after you applied, he will give his contact information via a zipped folder so the job site will not detect him.

    He will ask you to email him then he will email his skype or yahoo ID on.

    He will offer you 5%-20% or more of the money he will send/steal.

    He will use other person’s PP account then send you money then let you withdraw it and send it to you via Western Union. After which he will file dispute to paypal and paypal pays him refund – so he has double money! Then you will have negative balance on your Paypal.


    He has stolen credit card or hack paypal accounts to send money and use other people’s account. When the time comes the original owner finds out about the unauthorized payment, then you will have negative balance on your PP because Paypal will side on the customer and refund them.


    He has some accomplice on US who are also scammer owning Paypal account. That way, he receives the money and the accomplice receives the Paypal refund, so that turns out to be their real income the refund.


    If the real owner of the hacked the Paypal account still doesn’t know what happened and was not checking her account often, then they will be the one handling the account then and receiving the refunds. So that’s the double dirty money comes from! They get the physical money and they get the refund! When the real owner comes in and complain to paypal, well, she gets nothing because they get everything already.

    So therefore, you are blindly working as his accomplice which makes the whole thing worst! Doing bad even you don’t intend to do bad and being used by bad people to steal money.

    Karma. That’s what these scammers should wait for.

    Kiss your ass scammers!

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