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Add money to Paypal account without credit card?

We received the following question regarding Paypal from a PMT reader:

I have no credit card and bank account. How can I load money in my Paypal account? Is there a bank that will accept money to put it in my Paypal account?

Adding money to Paypal account

We addressed this question before in our article How to add funds to a Paypal account. Basically, the two options to add money to a Paypal account is through (1) a US bank account; or (2) Balance transfer from another Paypal user.

Funds cannot be loaded from a debit or credit card, but when making online purchases, the transaction amount is deducted directly from the card balance.

So if you have no credit card or bank account, the only way to fund an account is to look for someone who will transfer his or her funds to you. Drop by the PMT Forum’s Paypal Exchange Board to look for people who would like to buy or sell Paypal funds.

We are warning you, though: It’s risky to transact with strangers so be careful before entering into such transaction.

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20 thoughts on “Add money to Paypal account without credit card?”

  1. Paypal Bingo says:

    Thanks for those advises. I still think that asking strangers to transact money with you is highly dangerous however for non US residents without credit card – it is maybe the only solution.

  2. Ernest @ merchant services says:

    I was really happy that this is possible. I am not a fan of credit cards but I want to use pay pal. Thanks for sharing

  3. Belle_cano90 says:

    how can i transfer my paypal money if i dont have any credit cards,,my bank is only china bank…how?…need help…

    1. kianne says:

      i can help you just text me (09076505552) or pm me in my facebook

  4. Santap Romano says:

    Thanks for this post. I have learned alot.
    Santap –

  5. Janice says:

    i only have a BPI acount. how can i fund a paypal account?

  6. joy says:

    can i use paypal to order items ? with out credit card ?

  7. Seth Abelman says:

    Voice of America (blog)

  8. Raulph Sarona says:

    I have found a way although it has diminishing returns but still gets the job done,
    Use Bitcoin (for ph : , add money into that bitcoin account you made via 7/11 Stores,
    and then use that money added to bitcoin and transfer it to paypal account..
    you can create a paypal account w/out a credit card/debit card/bank account but you will have a spending limit of some sort, but you can use it to buy/sell already

  9. kennzy says:

    If you need paypal funds, you can try this :

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