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Paypal fees when withdrawing to BPI, BDO, Unionbank accounts

When withdrawing funds to a Philippine bank account, there is NO CHARGE if the amount withdrawn is at least P7,000.00.You therefore save on fees if you withdraw P7,000.00 or more.

If withdrawing less than P7,000.00, Paypal charges P50.00 per transaction.

Additional Bank Charges on Withdrawals

Local banks, however, also charge fees which further reduce the amount to be received by the user.

Banco de Oro (BDO), for instance, charges P200.00 to P250.00 on every Paypal withdrawal to a BDO bank account.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) charges P150.00 to P200.00 for every withdrawal transaction to a BPI bank account.

Take note of these fees because most Paypal tutorials do not mention these charges which surprise users when they receive a less than expected amount to their bank accounts.

Most withdrawals to bank accounts get processed within 2-4 banking days.

Fees and Charges when Withdrawing Paypal to Debit or Credit Card

Withdrawals to a debit or credit card are charged $5.00 withdrawal fee per transaction by Paypal. For non-US dollar accounts, Paypal uses the prevailing exchange rate at that time.

For UnionBank’s EON cardholders, take note that the EON account is actually a debit card so it falls under this category and not under “Bank Account”, which means the withdrawal charges are different from the fees previously mentioned.

There are no additional fees charged by banks but if the withdrawal request contains incorrect information, the transaction will not be processed and users may be charged a $10.00 return fee by Paypal and possibly additional charges by the bank.

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40 thoughts on “Paypal fees when withdrawing to BPI, BDO, Unionbank accounts”

  1. Don says:

    I’ve been using Paypal for a while now, used to have a debit card with bdo, however needed to transfer to Unionbank for their Eon card. Does bdo fully support Paypal transfers already?

    1. Guest says:

      Yes, but the total amount you withdraw will be deducted 400PHP

  2. John Laniba says:

    I’ve been using paypal for almost 2 years just for accepting web development payments and use Unionbank EON account to withdraw. All I can say is withdrawing money from paypal is not free. I notice that the currency rate is always deducted by 2pesos (e.g. current currency rate is:$1 = 44.5 PHP) when you withdraw it in paypal you get $1 = 42.5 PHP.. So if you widraw $500 you are paying 1,000 pesos for that withdrawal. 

    1. Babes_redulla3705 says:

      thats too much

    2. Huhni says:

      Section 3 (“Additional Fees”) of Exhibit A – Fees has been amended as follows:

      The Currency Conversion Fee for Users in Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Federated States of Micronesia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga and Vietnam, when sending a Personal or a Commercial Payment, has been changed as follows:

      The Fee depends on the currency into which the amount is converted, as listed in the table below and is added to the exchange rate.Currency:Fee:Argentine Peso:4%Australian Dollar:4%Brazilian Real:4%Canadian Dollar:3.5%Czech Koruna:4%Danish Kroner:4%Euro:4%Hong Kong Dollar:4%Hungarian Forint:4%Indian Rupee:4%Israeli New Shekel:4%Japanese Yen:4%Malaysian Ringgit4%Mexican Peso:4%New Zealand Dollar:4%Norwegian Krone:4%Philippine Peso:4%Polish Zloty:4%Singapore Dollar:4%Swedish Krona:4%Swiss Franc:4%New Taiwan Dollar:4%Thai Baht:4%Turkish Lira:4%U.K. Pounds Sterling:4%U.S. Dollar:3.5%

  3. Danica Martinez says:

    hi, can i withdraw the funds even if my account is not verified?

    1. Guest says:

      No you can’t.. You must verify your account to get your funds

    2. Rj8lim says:

       yes you can already tried it and it cam thru

    3. cliqueker? says:

      How did you do that? Through online money exchange?

  4. Nielica_01 says:

    hi i have pending remittance from US they told me i cant get through paypal, they requesting for my paypal email addres, how can i get one?

    1. Lee Calundan says:

      Go to and register. That’s how easy it is. Better if you have credit card linked to it.

  5. dan says:

    is this possible:

    Unverified Paypal + BPI Bank account = Withdraw

    1. cliqueker says:

      Adding a BPI account will make your Paypal account verified. Then you can withdraw the money.

    2. Princess Yeon says:

      Does it mean that I can withdraw money from BPI even my paypal is unverified? Huhu. I only want is to receive money tho

    3. James Lloyd Clavel says:

      i’m not 100% sure of this but unverified PayPal account have limits on how much you can send / receive. not to mention additional charges (local bank fees). you can try our service at for the PayPal Fund Encashment. link:

    4. Huhni says:

      It is possible for you not to verify your Paypal and withdraw but the amount you are able to withdraw is only limited according to Paypal’s terms. It is also much safer to verify your account because this would verify Paypal that you personally own the account.

  6. grace says:

    i dont understand, i already add my bank account but i cant withdraw my funds. they are asking my debit/credit card confirmation, i dont have credit cards

  7. Archielyn says:

    How to withdraw money from paypal to BPI?

  8. Babbes_redulla3705 says:

    its been more than a year, i dont know why UnionBank  cannot process my withdraw from my paypal, i dont know whats the problem of my account in UB. anybody can help me? thanks in advance,,,,

  9. Stephutch28 says:

    get your paypal money as fast..try this

  10. Neil Mark says:

    Withdrawals from paypal can take up to a week or 5 business days before it will reflect to your Eon account.

    If you don’t want to wait for 2-5 business days withdrawing your Paypal funds to your Eon account, I recommend using Peso Exchanger. check out their website.

  11. Alfred says:

    does any one here experience using bdo? need help..

  12. Lilac Such says:

    I use bdo, and they indeed charge 200 per withdrawal. It was a surprise during the first time because it wasn’t mentioned in the paypal website.

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      actually it does mention about additional charges from banks. It’s stated in the withdrawal fees section of PayPal.

      .. “Your bank may charge additional fees.”

  13. Marvin Velarde says:


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  14. arxt says:

    If you want a low service here in the Philippines then try this I’ve already tried it and its really good for a paypal transactions.

  15. Shena Popichak says:

    My dream retirement would be living in Udaipur, India! I have been towards the city and enjoy the people and Indian culture. I’d be thrilled to be able to see this film which takes place in the most effective place in the earth! :)

  16. marilyn vinluan says:

    how do i send money on abroad using paypal im here in the philippines?

    1. Watchtoonz Rex says:

      ask your receiver to get a paypal account and send the money,,

  17. Angel Natt says:

    EON does not charge on withdrawal or atleast P50 if you fall under 7K amount. That’s it, no hidden charges but what I do not like, 2-4days (days fall under regular working days except holidays)

  18. Jeipi Mijares says:

    Hi, I’ve been withdrawing money from paypal to BPI for years already. But just last week, paypal denied my withdrawal. Paypal said it’s because of Invalid Bank Account Information. I did not change anything. How did this happen? I’m charged of $10 because of the refund. Can someone answer my question? I’m really disappointed.

  19. Yuri says:

    Is BDO still accepting withdrawals from PayPal? I understand they are no longer affiliated but as far as I know BDO should still process withdrawal from PayPal as receiving bank. Am I correct?

    1. Aivi says:

      Hello, Yuri. PayPal newbie here, too. BDO still accepts withdrawals from PayPal. PayPal charges you Php50 for withdrawals less than Php7,000. BDO also charged me Php200 for my withdrawal. I tried withdrawing Php500 because I was worried about making a mistake, and indeed, I only received Php250 in my BDO savings account. Less Php50 from Paypal and less Php200 from BDO. I guess it’s better to withdraw in large amounts. Hope this helps.

  20. lea says:

    i am using eon card and tried to withdraw from 10k to 88k and it charge me 250 every transaction.. I am really confused now, I link my eon card on debit/credit card because everytime i link my eon account on the bank account it only says it cannot process.. anyone here knows the reason why?? need help.. :(

    1. otakumi says:

      the same for me. every transact from paypal to my eon debit card charges 250. and as far as i know our eon debit card is not bank acc on paypal. they go to credit card section. you can add bank account unless if you have Land Bank acc idk if the same goes to BPI and BDO.

    2. Jamille says:

      I”m using Eon card to withdraw my Paypal earnings and I only get charged P10 per ATM withdrawal. I got it linked to Paypal as a bank account although the Visa logo is displayed on the eon card.

  21. Bribri says:

    Hi guys i have a savings account from bdo with a card that has mastercard logo in it… should i link it on bank account or in debit/credit card?

  22. PF says:

    I use PayPal to GCash, and it’s been the best method of transfer (real-time and no fees) for me, at malaking tulong talaga for freelancers.
    (I got myself a GCash MasterCard so I can withdraw via ATM. For Php150 lang, pwd na mag order ng card via the GCash app and wait lng ng delivery).

    Instant yung PayPal to GCash transfer (just use the app). Free na din ung ATM withdrawal sa GCash (hindi ako sure if may deductions if more than twice in a month ka na nag withdraw. So far sa case ko, thrice na ako nakapagwithdraw and walang ATM withdrawal fees).

    1. Mitch says:

      Hi PF,

      Pwede ba i-link ang Business type na PayPal account sa GCash?

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