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Paypal fees when withdrawing to BPI, BDO, Unionbank accounts

When withdrawing funds to a Philippine bank account, there is NO CHARGE if the amount withdrawn is at least P7,000.00.You therefore save on fees if you withdraw P7,000.00 or more.

If withdrawing less than P7,000.00, Paypal charges P50.00 per transaction.

Additional Bank Charges on Withdrawals

Local banks, however, also charge fees which further reduce the amount to be received by the user.

Banco de Oro (BDO), for instance, charges P200.00 to P250.00 on every Paypal withdrawal to a BDO bank account.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) charges P150.00 to P200.00 for every withdrawal transaction to a BPI bank account.

Take note of these fees because most Paypal tutorials do not mention these charges which surprise users when they receive a less than expected amount to their bank accounts.

Most withdrawals to bank accounts get processed within 2-4 banking days.

Fees and Charges when Withdrawing Paypal to Debit or Credit Card

Withdrawals to a debit or credit card are charged $5.00 withdrawal fee per transaction by Paypal. For non-US dollar accounts, Paypal uses the prevailing exchange rate at that time.

For UnionBank’s EON cardholders, take note that the EON account is actually a debit card so it falls under this category and not under “Bank Account”, which means the withdrawal charges are different from the fees previously mentioned.

There are no additional fees charged by banks but if the withdrawal request contains incorrect information, the transaction will not be processed and users may be charged a $10.00 return fee by Paypal and possibly additional charges by the bank.

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38 thoughts on “Paypal fees when withdrawing to BPI, BDO, Unionbank accounts”

  1. lea says:

    i am using eon card and tried to withdraw from 10k to 88k and it charge me 250 every transaction.. I am really confused now, I link my eon card on debit/credit card because everytime i link my eon account on the bank account it only says it cannot process.. anyone here knows the reason why?? need help.. :(

    1. otakumi says:

      the same for me. every transact from paypal to my eon debit card charges 250. and as far as i know our eon debit card is not bank acc on paypal. they go to credit card section. you can add bank account unless if you have Land Bank acc idk if the same goes to BPI and BDO.

    2. Jamille says:

      I”m using Eon card to withdraw my Paypal earnings and I only get charged P10 per ATM withdrawal. I got it linked to Paypal as a bank account although the Visa logo is displayed on the eon card.

  2. Bribri says:

    Hi guys i have a savings account from bdo with a card that has mastercard logo in it… should i link it on bank account or in debit/credit card?

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