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Withdraw PayPal to bank accounts in Philippines

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Pinoy Money Talk is one of the first, probably the very first, to break this news to the blogosphere but expect other sites and blogs to write about this without giving us credit although they got the news from us. LOL.

Anyway, brace yourself:

[box]Effective yesterday, PayPal started allowing users in the Philippines to withdraw funds directly to local bank accounts.[/box]

Transfer Paypal funds directly to your bank account

Yup, it’s confirmed.

Log in to your PayPal account and see that in the My Account > Withdraw page, you now have an option to directly transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account in the Philippines.

Withdrawal fees, charges and processing time

Withdrawal transactions are expected to be processed within 5-7 business days.

There is no charge if the transaction amount is P7,000 or more but there is a P50.00 fee if the amount to be withdrawn is P6,999.99 or less.

A P250.00 return fee is charged if you entered incorrect details about your bank account so make sure you input the correct information.

To withdraw, you must attach a bank account first to your PayPal account. Once added, you can directly submit a withdrawal request.

Try it now! Go to PayPal and let us know about your funds transfer experience.

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  • real

    hi pls help I tried to very my paypal account but BPI savings account kc gamit ko hindi naka lagay master or visa anong ilalagay ko?pls jelp me…

    • Shanice Castro

      Pde po sya. Kahit saving account lang.

  • Shanice Castro

    Nagwithdraw po ako ng Wednesday afternoon using Paypal to BPI.

    Kelan po yung dating nun sa BPI? Fastest day po. Thanks!

  • Apakah ada yang mencoba Auction Essistance untuk layanan PayPal ?