Withdraw PayPal to bank accounts in Philippines

Pinoy Money Talk is one of the first, probably the very first, to break this news to the blogosphere but expect other sites and blogs to write about this without giving us credit although they got the news from us. LOL.

Anyway, brace yourself:

Effective today, PayPal started allowing users in the Philippines to withdraw funds directly to local bank accounts.

Transfer Paypal funds directly to your bank account

Yup, it’s confirmed.

Log in to your PayPal account and see that in the My Account > Withdraw page, you now have an option to directly transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account in the Philippines.

Withdrawal fees, charges and processing time

Withdrawal transactions are expected to be processed within 5-7 business days.

There is no charge if the transaction amount is P7,000 or more but there is a P50.00 fee if the amount to be withdrawn is P6,999.99 or less.

A P250.00 return fee is charged if you entered incorrect details about your bank account so make sure you input the correct information.

To withdraw, you must attach a bank account first to your PayPal account. Once added, you can directly submit a withdrawal request.

Try it now!

Go to PayPal and let us know about your funds transfer experience.

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196 thoughts on “Withdraw PayPal to bank accounts in Philippines”

  1. wow this is really great news…
    but i guess I am happy with the ‘debit card withdrawal’ that they initially offered for filipinos.. 🙂

  2. Wooho! Great news indeed! 🙂

    I think we should start promoting and educating local credit card users to use this — this is by far the safest way to shop online, instead of divulging your CC information to the merchant sites.

    The more local users use this feature, the better it is for local sites to use it. 🙂

      1. so may silbi pa rin pala ung EON ko!
        hey james, kaw yata ang magte “testing” nito sa Philippines huh?!

        by the way, last week naabot ko na ung $100 payout limit after 3 months sa Adsense (yipi!)
        bale matatanggap ko yun sa end ng Feb 2008 right?

      2. Wow, congrats Julia! If, at the end of January, your total Adsense earnings is more than $100, yes you’ll get the payment via Western Union around the last week of February. Just make sure you’ve chosen the WU option before Feb. 15 on your Adsense account.

        Balato ha? 🙂

        1. sige ba! date tayo. hehe.
          kanina punta ko sa unionbank nag deposit aq ng P500 sa EON ko!
          bale sa wednesday pa siya maactivate.

  3. straight to your bank account? hindi ba ito delikado? I mean, online transaction ito.

    For now, I would still use my eon card. Kasi takot ako sa mga online online na yan. Magkamali ka lang eh patay kang bata ka.

  4. Haha, you mean use your eon card for shopping online? Using your card online (credit or debit) is probably more risky than using paypal.

    When you use paypal, the only info you have to give the merchant is your paypal id (username or e-mail i think) and everything happens automatically.

    When using a card, you have to input your billing address, your cc number, expiry ccv number at the back — everything that can be copied and used online.

    Yes, the CC companies issued a best practice manual on how to properly handle CC transactions; like no CC info should be stored on file, but i’ve seen companies do it anyway in case there are problems on the CC gateway or need to charge them for additional services — for convenience or reference.

    When paypal started, they thought they were a financial company focused on moving virtual money around — they later found out that they were more of a security company, focused on providing secure way to move money and combat fraud. They actually become good at this and are known by it.

    But then of course, there are horror stories! Which are most often caused by the weakest link in the security chain — the password.

    In case you think linking your Paypal account to your bank account is risky, try creating a new ATM account and use that instead. And just transfer money in and out as needed — and leave enough for the minimum balance.

    1. yes tama ka dyan. ako super takot. so to those who would like to check how I withdraw money from my eon card, i mean the application, check my guide at http://berryblitz79.blogspot.com/2007/12/withdraw-paypal-funds-to-union-bank-eon.html

      hindi ko lang alam pero ayaw ko talaga ng online. pag pasok ng money sa eon account ko, withdraw ko sya if may available time ako, as in “withdraw” sa atm machine then transfer to other account. I don’t even do yung automatic transfer from one bank account to another.

      although i’m a programmer, low tech pa ren ako sa mga ilang bagay 🙂

  5. got my BPI account added to paypal, but can’t use it coz I still need the 4 expanded no. from my EON account that is still not fully activated till now, darn!!

  6. wow, this is good news!I just accessed my paypal and saw that notice,too. I didn’t believe at first so i searched the google. and lead me to your site.

    Thanks for this post! I am happy coz it’s easier now to withdraw and I can link up my BDO account. i have paypal australia account, but i don’t use it coz i am currently here in pinas and every withdrawal from ATM here if i use my national australia bank card is A$4. sayang!

  7. i dont see this any good as of what i am already using(withdraw to EON VISA).. why? secret..

    it is because the Paypal funds which is in USD will be converted to your local currency (Pesos). yeah, it is free (P50 if less than P7000 – transaction fee), however, minimum or not, there is a 2.5% fee (spread – forex jargon) that will be applied to your every transaction. i.e., withdrawable daily amount is $500 x 2.5% = $12.5, that’s like P500 fee and it takes 5-7 Business Days (M-F) unlike withdraw to VISA that has only $5 transaction fee and 3-4 Business Days processing time.

    Nice try (Pay)pal.

    1. Hello!

      22o ka ba sa sinabi mo? pero yung sabi nila na wla daw pong transaction fee if we will withdraw our paypal in philippine local bank if 7K up po..

      pero same naman di ba if you were using a debit card, may transaction fee na $5 at my $2.5 fee.

      Ano ba mas maganda? at safe?

      1. I agree with David here. This is always the case if you transfer money (like using wire transfer) from outside in foreign currency to a peso account here in the Philippines.

        Along the way, someone gets to convert your money from dollar to peso — and in that there are exchange fees (i think it’s also called by the bank as commission — not sure the technical term).

        It would have been best if i can withdraw paypal money to a dollar account here.

        Anyway, i don’t think this is a show stopper for online business. The currency exchange factor should be part of your business — as it can sometimes make or break it. 🙂

        Imagine, 2 years ago at 50 pesos rate, and now it’s only 40. For those transferring about 10k USD a month, the loss is in 100k pesos — which is really substantial considering the salaries we have here.

    2. Mark, it’s called the “spread”, the difference between the actual exchange rate and the rate that banks offer to consumers. That’s how banks earn from currency exchanges. This is also the subject of my other post regarding other features that Paypal can offer. There is now more clamor for direct withdrawal to US Dollar accounts, precisely because people don’t want to pay for excessive charges anymore and the option to convert dollars to peso anytime they want. The question now here is if local banks are willing to allow this.

      1. Cool! Thanks for clarifying!

        I think whichever bank plans to offer this first, or at least makes this way possible, is going to be a darling for a lot of online businesses! 🙂

        And we all know there’s a big trend going there — i just hope the banks don’t pass up on this opportunity to take the lead.

        1. Exactly, that’s why I don’t understand why banks would keep bank codes secret and why they won’t exploit this new feature offered by Paypal. Since more Filipinos can now easily buy and sell online, banks should know that they can earn more if their bank is chosen as the bank where Paypal funds can be withdrawn.

          Well, it appears they’re not yet as tech-savvy like us… LOL…

    3. I have a Citibank USD savings that i can link to my Paypal however, I don’t want to ’cause I don’t want to experience first hand that Paypal will send my money (spread applied) in my local currency like what they have said, and Citibank will convert the money into USD (another spread will be applied) to be able to be accepted and transferred into my bank account. double spread? no thanks!!!

      And I don’t want to call Citibank to clarify this matter and I don’t want to contact Paypal to explain this as this is going to be just another chicken-egg who-came-who first, you know, “please verify with them” kind of situation..

      I might be wrong but still no, why 5-7 Business Days processing time for bank accounts, unlike with cc, it is only 3-4 days including weekdays like what I and some others have already experienced.

  8. Hi !

    I reallt need to clarify it..Can I withdraw my paypal money in my Philippine Bank account even if I am not a verified in PAYPAL.

    Please send me a reply. I really want to know it.

  9. meron ba sa inyo nakakaexperience ng slow processing ng paypal to credit card withdrawals. Usually kasi pag nag withdraw to card ako ng Saturday before 4 pm, nag mamark as completed na sya ng Sunday ng gabi, then after 2 days , usually nighttime, nag rereflect na sa Eon account. Last Saturday January 26 ng gabi nag withdraw to card ako pero until today, January 30, pending pa rin ang status. Nag withdraw ako ulit to card nung Monday, January 28, still pending pa rin sya. Ngayon lang nangyari to.

    1. yeah… un ren ang problem ko ngaun… A week already but It doesnt reflect on my EON account yet. I alrady made 2 withdrawal transactions at wla pa ren reply ang paypal regarding the issue…

  10. Hi.

    I’m new at this. I just signed up for a PayPal account today and was asked for credit/debit card info and I don’t have one. I’d like to know if one needs a credit/debit card in order to get your account verified or receive money online.


    1. yes you need to have a debit or credit card. Pwede ka mag apply ng Unionbank EON cyber account. apply ka online , then pick up after a week dun sa branch na gusto mo. P350 pesos lang babayaran mo pag kinuha mo yung card, bring 2 valid IDs.

  11. Can this be a useful tool for our US-based OFW’s to remit their munnies?

    1. Your dad pays your paypal account thru his own paypal account in USD(no charge to both of you).
    2. You withdraw your paypal account to a local bank in PHP (currency conversion loss, but this is already happening in any remittance method)

    Didn’t they just save on the usual remittance fees? Please enlighten me if I missed any fees.


    1. It can indeed be used as an alternative method of sending money to the Philippines.

      Sending Paypal from one account to another won’t incur any fees, unless the recipient account is a Premier or Business Account which means it will be charged a small receiving fee.

      Withdrawing funds to a local bank account would seem to be a breeze too. Right now, members have reported that only BDO and ChinaBank are the only ones charging the highest withdrawal fee (P200).

      I think one reason why Paypal opened the receive feature and withdraw to local bank account function in the Philippines is indeed to get a chunk of the country’s booming remittance market.

  12. Just a heads up. click here >>>> Successful Withdrawal From PayPal To Philippine Bank Accounts
    It’s fast and no charge or deductions.

  13. Hi!

    Is there any limitation kung ilang beses ka dapat mag withdraw sa paypal account mo using your eon?

    Kasi nabasa ko lang sa rules ng paypal na pag personal account ka po..you are only allowed to receive 5 funded credit card payment for 12 months. Ano po ba ibig sabihin nito? At paano ko malalaman na yung nagpapadala ng pera sa paypal ko is using a funded payment at kung hindi?

    Kasi I want to use Paypal sana para doon nalang po magbayad yung client ko sa US. He will pay me every 2 weeks for my job and that is 8,000 plus I think every 2 weeks.

    Ano po dapat ang sasabihin ko sa kanya para hindi funded payment ang makukuha ko? wala po siyang Paypal balance..he is just only adding his credit card para makapagbayad sa akin using paypal..

    Please advice me ano dapat sasabihin ko sa kanya..para di ako maka tanggap ng funded payment..kasi limited to 5 funded payment lang daw pwede for 12 months.

    1. ^Louie he has to fund his payment from Paypal balance or funds coming from his bank kung Personal ang account mo, pero kung credit card ang ginamit nya you will still be notified by paypal that you received funds but it will be in pending status unless you upgrade to Premium or business account.

    2. Nag-upgrade ako to premium account. Wala naman atang bayad eh. Baka ang effect ng premium account is kung “tayo” ang magbabayad sa iba. I don’t know. Pero upgrading to premium account is ok naman.

    3. There’s no “charge” when upgrading per se to Business or Premiere account. But as opposed to a Personal account, all payments received by a Business or Premier account will be charged $0.30 + 3.9% of the transaction amount (% differs on the transaction volume), regardless of whether funds were from Paypal balance or credit card.

  14. Anp po ba nilalagay sa bank name? (I know it is the name of the bank.. But is there an official list of Bank Names?)

    I am trying withdrawing to Unionbank Account (Yung EON Accout Ko) Bank account din naman yun diba>

  15. I just tried with Unionbank. Mas mababa at ayung exchange rate ngayon sa Paypal 39.7 = 1 … Ouch! Will update if you can use our EON account for Bank transfers.

    I still need my peding money though =(

  16. Hi, I “successfully” transferred my money from PayPal to my BDO account, but there was a deduction not reflected in both my PayPal activity log and my BDO online transaction history list.

    On February 1, I tested the Withdraw to Bank feature by withdrawing US $15.91 to my BDO account. PayPal used the forex US $1 = Php 39.4387 (PayPal computed it as the actual Php rate minus 2.5% fee). So US $15.91 translated to Php 627.46. Since Php 627.46 is less than Php 7000, there’s a Php 50 fee applied to the peso amount, so Php 627.64 less Php 50 is Php 577.46. So I expected that my BDO account will receive Php 577.46.

    On February 5, my PayPal withdrawal finally appeared on my BDO transaction history as “IBU Remittance”. But the amount stated is only Php 377.46, not Php 577.46. I called the BDO call center and asked them if they charge a Php 200 fee for fund transfers. But they said they don’t charge any fee and maybe PayPal is the one who deducted Php 200 to my money, so I should go and ask PayPal instead! But there’s no Php 200 deduction in my PayPal activity log.

    So does that mean it’s actually BDO who charged me Php 200 for the PayPal withdrawal? Would that be a fixed rate?

  17. I’m sure we will now ask, “Which is better, withdraw to a card or withdraw to a bank?”.

    I performed some algebraic computations, taking into account PayPal’s 2.5% fee for the forex and the bank’s additional charge for the withdrawal, aside from PayPal’s charges. BDO charges Php 200 for PayPal withdrawals.

    Assuming that all local banks charge a Php 200 fee for PayPal withdrawals, here’s my conclusion after my computations:

    If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *less* than Php 7000, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *bank*, as long as the forex is *equal to or more than Php 50* against the US dollar.

    If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *Php 7000 or more*, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *bank*, as long as the forex is *equal to or more than Php 40* against the dollar.

    The forex I’m talking about is what you see on the Banko Sentral site:


  18. If on the other hand, the banks charge a Php 150 fee for PayPal withdrawal, here’s my conclusion:

    If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *less* than Php 7000, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *bank*, as long as the forex is *equal to or more than Php 66.67* against the US dollar.

    If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *Php 7000 or more*, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *bank*, as long as the forex is *equal to or more than Php 53.33* against the dollar.

    Again, the forex I’m talking about is what you see on the Bangko Sentral site:


    1. Oops, the forex values are incorrect. Instead of Php 66.67 and Php 53.33, it should be Php 40 and Php 30, respectively.

  19. Lastly, if the banks charge *zero pesos* for PayPal withdrawal, then here’s my conclusion:

    If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *less* than Php 7000, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *bank*, *regardless* of the current forex.

    If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *Php 7000 or more*, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *bank*, *regardless* of the current forex.

    The forex I’m talking about is what you see on the Banko Sentral site:


    1. Oops, my last analysis is wrong. Here’s the correct one:

      If the banks charge *zero pesos* for PayPal withdrawal, then here’s my conclusion:

      If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *less* than Php 7000, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *card* (yep, not bank), *regardless* of the current forex.

      If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *Php 7000 or more*, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *card* (yep, again not bank), *regardless* of the current forex.

      The forex I’m talking about is what you see on the Banko Sentral site:


      1. Wrong analysis again. Jeez…

        Here again is the very correct one:

        If the banks charge *zero pesos* for PayPal withdrawal, then here’s my conclusion:

        If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *less* than Php 7000, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *bank*, as long as the forex is *equal to or more than Php 10* against the US dollar.

        If you are about to withdraw your money from PayPal, and your money is *Php 7000 or more*, then you will get *more money* if you withdraw it to a *card* (yep, not bank), *regardless* of the current forex.

        The forex I’m talking about is what you see on the Banko Sentral site:

  20. Now for my algebraic computations.

    If you want to withdraw N US dollars, then you have two choices. Would you withdraw it to a card? Or would you rather withdraw it to a bank?

    If you’re gonna withdraw it to your card, PayPal will deduct US $5 to your money, and the result will be multiplied by the current forex F. So in other words, you’ll receive (N – 5) x F pesos.

    On the other hand, if you’ll withdraw it to your bank, assuming that the bank charges C pesos for the PayPal withdrawal, then following events will take place: PayPal deducts 2.5% from the current forex F, so your money N in dollars will get multiplied by the new forex (F – F x 0.025). So your money in pesos will be (N x (F – (F x 0.025))), or (N x F x 0.975). Now there are two cases:

    1. If your money in pesos via the original forex is less than Php 7000, then PayPal will deduct Php 50 from your money, so after applying the local bank’s fee you will receive a net amount of ((N x F x 0.975) – 50 – C) pesos.

    Question: When is “withdraw to bank” better than “withdraw to card”? “Withdraw to bank” gives you (N – 5) x F pesos, while “Withdraw to card” gives you ((N x F x 0.975) – 50 – C) pesos.

    “Withdraw to bank” > “Withdraw to card” if:

    (N – 5) x F > ((N x F x 0.975) – 50 – C)

    Solving the inequality step by step will give:

    (N – 5) x F > ((N x F x 0.975) – 50 – C)
    (N x F) – (5 x F) > (N x F x 0.975) – 50 – C
    (N x F) – (N x F x 0.975) > (5 x F) – 50 – C
    N x (F – (F x 0.975)) > (5 x F) – 50 – C
    N x F x 0.025 > (5 x F) – 50 – C
    N > ((5 x F) – 50 – C) / (F x 0.025)
    N > ((5 x F) / (F x 0.025)) – ((50 + C) / (F x 0.025))

    N > 200 – ((50 + C) / (F x 0.025))

    But N can never be negative, that is, N >= 0. So,

    200 – ((50 + C) / (F x 0.025)) >= 0
    200 >= (50 + C) / (F x 0.025)
    F >= (50 + C) / (200 x 0.025)
    F >= (50 + C) / 5

    F >= 10 + (C / 5)

    So therefore, “Withdraw to bank” is better than “Withdraw to card” if the current forex is more than or equal to Php 10 + (bank charge in pesos divided by 5). So if the bank charges Php 200, then “Withdraw to bank” is better than “Withdraw to card” if the current forex is more than or equal to (10 + (200 / 5)) pesos, or Php 50 against the dollar.

    2. If your money in pesos via the original forex is Php 7000 or more, then PayPal will no longer deduct Php 50 from your money, so after applying the local bank’s fee you will receive a net amount of ((N x F x 0.975) – C) pesos.

    Question: When is “withdraw to bank” better than “withdraw to card”? Going through the algebraic analysis again will ultimately give you:

    F >= C / 5

    So therefore, “Withdraw to bank” is better than “Withdraw to card” if the current forex is more than or equal to the bank charge in pesos divided by 5. So again, if the bank charges Php 200, then “Withdraw to bank” is better than “Withdraw to card” if the current forex is more than or equal to (200 / 5) pesos, or Php 40 against the dollar.

  21. nosebleed yung post sa taas. in layman’s language please.

    so ano na nga ba ang mas tipid? paypal to eon visa or paypal to eon bank account?

    kindly answer in simpler numbers. no need for formulas and mathematical computations.

    1. yes, i think you can withdraw to your bank without using any card. but if you want to gain more PayPal privileges, then you must become a verified member. being a verified member requires a debit or credit card.

  22. shmeet, if your bank charges Php 200 for PayPal withdrawals, then as of today, feb 13 (forex is US $1 = Php 40.802) this is the recommended way to withdraw your money from PayPal:

    1. if you’re going to withdraw less than or equal to Php 7000, then you must withdraw to your card.

    2. if you’re going to withdraw more than Php 7000, then you must withdraw to your bank.

    on the other hand, if your bank is charging Php 150 or less, then as for today:

    1. if you’re going to withdraw less than or equal to Php 7000, then you must withdraw to your bank.

    2. if you’re going to withdraw more than Php 7000, then you must withdraw to your bank.

  23. This really a great news. One thing i noticed that you mention the name “Gio” lolz is he the Great Spammer of the Philippines? Joke 🙂

    …..”Still remember his speech”

  24. may i ask lang po if you are using personal paypal account? i initially thought that the premier account should be used if you are expecting payment such as that coming from adsense. thanks.

  25. hello everyone! Can anyone help me how to add bank account on paypal? I tried many times, I followed the steps but it says that unable to add bank account because my account has been limited. Why is that?
    I called paypal already but it was so frustrating, it only took all my load in my cellphone. Aside from the time waiting on the operator talking, the one that attended my call also made me wait and wait because she had to check. naubos tuloy 600.00 cellphone load ko.

    Please help naman oh. I want to withdraw money from my paypal account. Thank you.

  26. I’m having trouble adding my bank account with Citibank to my PayPal account. When I try to add a bank, it says I can only add a US bank. Does that mean I need to open a new PayPal account with a Philippines address to be able to add a bank in the Philippines?


  27. hello po, mga bro verified napo paypal account ko. question k lang po is nag withdraw po ako ng fund to my bank account. kaso BPI ATM savings po ung add ko sa bank account. pde po ba un? saka question lang po uli kc 16digit po ung kelangan dun sa pag add, eh 10digit lang po ung acct numberko, so ginawa ko po include ko ung 6digit card number+10digit account number, ok lang po ba un? kc as of now pending status parin, mag ka conflictp po kaya un?

  28. guys help naman po, verified na po paypal acct. ko, question ko lang po is nag add po ako ng bank account which is BPI ATM savings account. pero dun po sa question nakalagay input 16digit acct number, eh 10digit lang po acct number nung atm ko, kaya po ginawa ko ininclude ko ung 6digit card#+10digit acct. number. sa tingin nyo mag ka problema po kaya yun? kc naka pag request napo ako ng transfer, pending pa po sya up to now.


  29. i jUzT wANt 2 aSk?! pAaNo kOh BAh mA tRatRAFeRz yUng mOneY koh sA pAypAL tO mY bAnK aCcOunt?! mEdYoH nAgUgULuHaN LnG pOh mE eH?!?

  30. i am having problems with my paypal.. i dont have a credit card..nor my personal bank account.
    1.) can i still withdraw my funds?
    (i already reached the sending limit)
    2.)if i open an ATM card, will it work(lifting my sending limit)?
    3.)if not is there any way i can get my $$ back?

  31. please elaborate more the withdrawal of money thru paypal. what are the banks that is affiliated with paypal?

  32. paul- you can open an eon account with unionbank and the maximum withdrawal would be $500 but there would be a fee deducted if I’m not mistaken it would be $5.00.$500 WITHDRAWL LIMIT IS PER DAY NOT PER MONTH BUT MAKE SURE TO CALL THE BANK IF IT IS POSTED BEFORE TRANSFERRING ANOTHER TO AVOID CONFUSION, I have been using it transferring/withdrawing funds for a while now. there is no minimum balance for that account and you can open online you just have to fill out a form on line and click on the nearest branch near your area.

  33. considered as bank account po ba ang BDO Cash Card?
    pwede din po ba siya gamitin sa PayPal withrawal?
    may code din naman siya like a normal bank account po

  34. i have my bank account only in land bank(no more cards even in any kind of cards)is posible for me to widraw my paypal money using my bank account of land bank?

    please help me or email me for my concern racercode@yahoo.com

  35. hi! i’m a newbie here. so, kahit po wala akong eon card ng unionbank, i can use my existing pnb atm card to xfer funds from paypal? so, kelangan ipunin ko muna yung money sa paypal b4 xferring, dahil may xtra charge pa pala?

  36. wow! thanks sa info! puede den palang BDO.. can i use BDO dollar account to transfer funds from paypal to my dollar account? so atleast dollar den ang mapupunta saken? or puede lang ito sa mga debitcards/atm with visa logo?


  37. yes you can withdraw money from your paypal account from any bank accredited by paypal, But still paypal requires you to enter your credit card number. What if you dont have any? Any suggestions?

  38. Can I transfer my Paypal funds directly to an ATM account? if yes, how? if no, so does it mean I should withdraw it from the bank itself?

  39. Hi. is it possible to send money thru paypal but the funds will come from my philippine bank account (metrobank)? thanks a lot.

  40. Share ko lang yong experience ko the first time na nag-withdraw ako from paypal to my Allied bank ATM account. Yes, puwede kahit walang logo ang card mo basta verified yong account mo through a credit card or debit card na may mastercard/visa logo. It reached my account for 4 days! hehe. This time, I am waiting for my 3rd withdrawal!

  41. Can anyone explain in english how my wife can have money sent from me in england to her B.D.O. account. does this work with B.D.O. accounts like savings accounts or does it have to be with checking accounts only. what digit number do they need and were are these diget numbers how can you get them. is it cheaper than western union Pay pall as westrn union are to expencive now cost me 2,000 pessos to send it from england now. please let me know.

  42. hi, how can i have my paypal account verified without a credit card? is that possible? can a bdo account be used to verify my paypal account? thanks a lot.

  43. hi , is it ok to send money to local banks even ur paypal isn’t yet verified?
    is it compulsory to link ur paypal to ur debit card before u can send money to
    other local bank aside from eon visa card?

  44. I’m a new paypal user. Yes, you can withdraw directly to your bank account but the problem is the verification process that asks you to link to a credit card or debit card. In my case, I don’t have either of the two and I already have money to withdraw from paypal. I just hope that paypal would have other verification procedure aside from the credit card and debit card verification. I don’t know what to do now.

  45. FYI, you cannot withdraw your money in PayPal if your account has not been verified yet. So better find a way on how you can verify it. You can use EON debit card to verify and withdraw the money.

    As for me, after my account had been verified, I link it to my Metrobank account and I used it to withdraw my money. It will just take 4 days before the money will be transferred.
    .-= Pinoy Bisnis´s latest blog ..How to Start a Fashion Clothing Business =-.

  46. I’m a new PayPal user too. And like some of the others, I don’t have a credit/ debit card to verify my account with. Ibig sabihin po ba kailangan pa namin kumuha pa ng credit card para lang makapagwithdraw from PayPal to our bank account? There must be some other way to verify a PayPal account without a credit/ debit card… Please help.

  47. guys you can be verified in simple steps and in just a minutes..nka rinig naba kayo about virtual credit card that works as real card.. well guyd i can recommend you use this website ive been using this website for long time and im making transaction to this site..they can give you credit card number and ccv and then add mo sa paypal after adding message ka sa kanila ulit kong ano ang paypal codes na ipinadala and then tapos..verified ka na..its just easy as that.

  48. but before i do anything else, may tanong pa po ako…gano po ba talaga ka-safe ang PayPal? wala pa ba ditong na-hack ang account?

  49. Paypal is very safe dude..ma hahack ka nlang cguro kung kanino-kanino ibinibigay mo ang password mo..or na hack ka using a special softwares that tracks keystrokes such as keyloggers..but all in all paypal is the safest way

  50. graphic artist ako. then nanalo ako 350 dollar , sayang naman d ko ma widraw un, sa paypal ko ipinadala nilagay ang award kasi required ang paypal bago ka sumali sa contest ,(logo, website, banner, stationary, print design, t shirt design, etc.)kaya gumawa ako ng paypal account, kaya lang wala akong bank account, pero mayrun akong BDO ATM. may posibilidad bang maka tanggap ang ATM mula sa paypal? please help me. daming problema din na katulad ko..I hope matulungan ninyo kami.

    more thanks.

  51. hindi maaring makatangap ng bdo atm mo galing paypal pero maaring matransfer mo yung paypal funds mo to your bdo bank account in just 3 days. kung philippine account your paypal mo just add your bank account. pero kailan talagang ma verify yung paypal account mo. pwede kang kumuha ng VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD dito http://www.virtual-credit-card.com

    pareho pala tayo graphic artist den ako nomally naglalagi ako sa ODesk at Guru

    if you need some help just email me webmaster@reymarguia.com

  52. how about the paypal pincode.. i dont recieve any bank statement from my unionbank debit card.. where will i know the pincode or password…

    1. try to ask your bank kung may 100.00 na deducted sa debit card mo. usually, pag credit card nasa billing statement nakalagay.

  53. try ko withdraw yung pero ko from paypal to my bpi bank account. hindi ko maset yung limit kasi tinatanong ako ng credit card number eh wala akong credit card number. paano ko kaya machichange yung limit

  54. Hello, this is a very helpful info 🙂 Thanks!
    Question lang po. My Paypal account says that it is still unverified kasi di pa ako nakaka-pag-connect ng any credit/debit card. Do I have to disregard it since nakaconnect ko na yung Philippine bank account ko to paypal. Thank You

    1. i think to become a verified member of PAYPAL. you need a credit card or a debit card. ang reason nito is kung may transaction ka na kulang ang pera mo sa paypal account mo, doon nila icharge sa card. pag naka paglink kana ng credit card or debit card. may ipapadala silang 4 digit code na enter mo sa paypal to become verified. my suggestion is link a credit card if you have any, kasi makikita mo sa billing ng card yung 4 digit code na kailangan mo para maverify ung paypal mo. pag debit card, not sure kung makuha mo yung 4 digit code. and paypal will charge your credit card Php. 100.00 for verifying your account and once you enter the 4 digit code they will refund the Php 100.00 to your paypal account. dapat yung name sa card is same sa name na registered sa paypal and the address.

      you can add any bank account into your paypal, pero hindi yun ang verification process nila. successfully ka naka add ng bank account pero may limit yun. if i’m not mistaken, 0.00 ang limit ng withdrawal. so parang hindi ka talaga maka withdraw kung hindi ka verified.

  55. But, i have already added my China Trust bank account sa Paypal. Wala akong debit or redit card kaya yun ang pinili ko.

    Here’s what I received from Paypal
    “Congratulations! You have successfully added a Philippines bank account to your PayPal account. You can now withdraw funds from your PayPal account to this bank account.

    etc. yet, hindi padin nakaverify. T_T

  56. We have the same situation. Unfortunately, it seems the only way to really verify an account is to enter a credit/ debit card code. The bank code isn’t enough (though if you ask me, it should be). So I can’t really make any kind of transaction unless I get a credit/ debit card. Sigh. Sana mabago na ‘to.

    1. my bdo master card does not work on paypal-it is because my card is not DEBIT or CREDIT CARD?
      it’s (kababayan savings)lang.i want to link my card on my paypal account.

      1. I had the same problem just recently BDO rin ako.. Yung idea na add a debit card is different sa withdraw.. you add a debit or credit card if you have the intention of using paypal to pay for purchases.. but if you want to transfer money from paypal to your bank account para ma withdraw. you have to go to your paypal profile then add edit bank account. If you want to withdraw. there’s an option if you withdraw with Credit card, or transfer to your Bank account.

  57. Please dont withdraw pag hindi pa na verify may mga cases na na encounter kagaya nyan..may isa nga eh hindi na mkawithdraw kahit verified na xa kasi nagwithdraw xa kahit hindi pa pwde. So better be verified muna.

  58. yes, I agree verify nyo muna paypal account nyo.. to verify your Paypal account, use a credit card or visa prepaid debit card. I used my Unionbank EON VISA Debit Card when i verified my account.. after you verified your paypal account you can now link your bank accounts and Withdraw funds directly to your bank account.


    There is no charge if the transaction amount is P7,000 or more but there is a P50.00 fee if the amount to be withdrawn is P6,999.99 or less.


    If your bank information is incorrect, your withdrawal will be returned and a fee will be charged. See the fees table. Additional bank fees may apply. Please contact your bank directly regarding additional fees.

    Sheryl =)

  59. Hello… ask lang po. meron n ba nkapag withdraw using alliedbank cash card (debit card)?
    paki share lng po ng xperience nyo.. kakaregister ko lang po sa paypal.. pls help…

  60. gud pm sir i have smartmoney mastercard naka link na sa paypal tapos add ko bank account ok naman pero hindi ko pa try minimum kasi withdraw is $10

  61. What i can recommend based from my experience on withdrawing money from Paypal is through Allied bank. The average number of days for the cash to be credited is 4 days. In fact, my first withdrawal was just 3 days. Another good thing compared with other banks, they only charge a remittance fee of P165 pesos much lower than other banks who charges 200+.

  62. mga boss, question lng.

    pag walang card(visa,master,etc)ba na nakalink sa paypal hindi ko rin mawiwithraw ung pera? any how. wala akong ganung card :)) pano ko mkkuha un? magshop online nalang ako? nkuha ko lng kasi laro through a game. binayaran ako. thanks

    1. Yup, you need to verify your account using a credit/debit card. You can apply for Union Bank’s EON debit card. There are no fees except the 50 pesos fee by paypal. You will see these fees once you hit the withdraw tab on your paypal account homepage.

  63. Tanung lang po.. ung e-wallet ko po sa RCBC ay di connected sa visa or mastercard. pede rin po ba gamitin un for withdrawal sa paypal?

  64. I’d like to ask…linking (bank account DEBIT CARD) BPI express teller to paypal, What option (between visa, mastercard and american express) will I opt to? I’m having problem linking my bank account with my paypal. Anyone please advise. Thanks

  65. ryanmurro@hotmail.ph

    Hi there
    ako naka withdraw ako dati lang using my SMARTMONEY CARD MASTERCARD PREPAID paypal varified ako add bank mo lang 200+ bayad kapag mag withdraw ka through bank ng BDO kasi partner BDO sa SMARTMONEY 2 DAYS LANG makuha mo agad yun money mo galing sa paypal nyo for further help paano link paypal using SMARTMONEY at Paano mag withdraw just pm me yahoo murro_ryan or txt me or call 09499530368 skype ryan_d.murro thanks god bless

    1. pano mo na withdraw pera mo using smart money .. kase tumawag ako hotline sa smart di daw sila nag aaccept ng withdraw galing paypal

  66. Hello Every one. I have a online job and they pay me via PAYPAL i am just transferring my funds to my local Bank Account BPI family savings Bank. I am just wondering it is possible to transfer my funds currency AUD or USD to my BANK account not converted to PESO. any one who can help me Thanks!

  67. hi can u help me. i just want to know if its okey if i use my BPI family savings bank in paypal account? is it the same bank code of Bank of the Philippine Island? please answer it

  68. mag open po kayo ng visa debit card sa eon union bank i link nyo sa pay pal account nyo para ma withdraw nyo ung fund nyo from paypal 🙂

  69. @b836acc2c520c7ff938c3c328620ea34:disqus sa union bank ako mag withdraw ng pera? pag katapos ko ma link yung paypal account ko sa visa debit card sa eon union bank?

  70. I have 2 bank accounts: BPI and PNB. Unfortunately, I need a debit/credit card and it seems both banks do not issue at least debit cards. Help please.

  71. One specific way to withdraw money from paypal is with the use of Unionbank’s Visa Electron. For the benefit of the readers, you can find how this is done here: 

  72. one n naactivate n po paypal ko, pwd ko po ba i transfer funds sa accnt ng kapatid ko.. instead mag withdraw ako s bank accnt nlang nya ko i send pwd po b un? tnx

  73. Is it okay to open an account in BDO instead in union bank? Can we still link on Paypal if sa BDO aq mag open ng account?

      1. hi daniel can pls help me I have BPI savings account na link ko na xa pero sa pag verify la kasi nakalagay visa or master anung dapit kong gawin? thanks

  74. how to withdraw on papyal through bpi bank./? can you help guys?. by the way i already have bank account link on paypal. please .. any??

  75. hi every one. i have dollar in my paypal account. also i have a dollar accounts in philippines.it is BDO. is it possible to transfer the dollar to my BDO dollar account?

        1. Pag nag withdraw ba from paypal to dollar account pwede kaya dollar yon?..para hindi na mag currency exchange?

  76. hi my frend ako from usa sabi niya nag send na daw cya sa paypal account ko every time nag check ako wala naman po nakalagay na amount wich is 00 pdin, nag padala b talaga cya o hind pero may email ako na recive sabi history details galling sa knya wala naman amount?

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  78. hello,, pano ko ba ma withdraw pera ko sa paypal ang smart money di sila nag aaccept ng withdraw galing paypal.. ano bang mastercard ang nag aaccept ng withdraw galing paypal.. plsss help me.

  79. may bdo acount din ako mastercard di rin po sila nag aaccept ng money from paypal wala po sila accesss.. pano ko po ma wi withdraw money ko sa paypal ko, tulungan niyo naman ako,, na stock ang money ko sa paypal ko..

  80. the time frame sucks. when adding a bank account info on website.no options to choose if its savings or checking, malalaman mo nalang na mali after 14days na wala pa sa bank account mo yung pera at bawas na ng return fee na 250

  81. hi pls help I tried to very my paypal account but BPI savings account kc gamit ko hindi naka lagay master or visa anong ilalagay ko?pls jelp me…

    1. WARIPEL M. Togonon

      Me too ,try q p.o. link ung bpi savings but ayaw p.o. nay ma link,or even ma add,kc my nklgy n wat kind of cards kc,eh eps kc p.o. path to nman po,thanks

  82. Nagwithdraw po ako ng Wednesday afternoon using Paypal to BPI.

    Kelan po yung dating nun sa BPI? Fastest day po. Thanks!

  83. Hi,

    Its my first time to use my paypal account. someone sent me Php2,200 on 23rd of June 2017. then I withdrew Php2.000 to my bank account on that day also. And it is completed. but when I checked my bank account. now. (29/06/2017) still the money doesnt appear to it. May I ask how is this? Does my bank account needs fund to appear the money I transferred? because it doesnt have funds. as in Zero amount.
    Thank you.

  84. Hi everyone,
    I would like to ask on how to withdraw money from paypal without bank account? Where i can withdraw the money?

  85. I just send my funds through my bank account and they told me that its already transferred but ill check it then ànd theres no money yet its been a month and its not here until now

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