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Americans are stupid, Filipinos can’t take a joke — and here’s a new anti-Pinoy video

In an attempt to argue their stand, several of those who found the controversial lines from Desperate Housewives and The Daily Show offensive tried to turn the tables and took the “What if it was you?” route against supposed offenders.

The thing with Americans is that most of them dismiss such accusations as trivial jokes. Sure, a few have been offended and have complained, but the intensity of the rage was not as much as the Filipino indignation during the Desperate Housewives brouhaha.

Try a Google search of anti-American sentiments and you’ll find thousands of articles and websites calling Americans “stupid,” “retards,” “terrorists,” etc. Rarely would you see, however, Americans protesting against the offensive lines.

A TV satire in Australia once aired a video “proving” that Americans are stupid and yet no online petitions exist calling for the writers or producers to apologize for the “insulting” remark.

Video: Australian news satire calls Americans “stupid”


Don’t get me wrong. We Filipinos have all the right in the world to complain whenever we feel insulted by another nation. But when the mob mentality kicks in, when we sign online petitions because not doing so would seem unpatriotic, and when we ourselves are guilty of making racist comments against other people, it just doesn’t seem right.

We are sending a wrong message to the world: Don’t mess with Filipinos, you retards, stupid racists, you. Or else…

The problem is, at times, we are offended because we do not completely understand the context of the joke.

In Desperate Housewives, Susan Mayer is the epitome of an ill-informed, biased, and ditzy American who thinks those who did not graduate from US schools are less competent. Such character was never glorified in the show and yet we felt slighted by her ribbing.

Also in a later sequence after the controversial scene, the Harvard-educated doctor told her his initial diagnosis was wrong. This means even the “educated” ones make mistakes — and they are no better than a counterpart educated by “Philippine med schools.” That was the context of the remark of Teri Hatcher’s character.

In The Daily Show, calling Cory Aquino “slut” involved a “reversal of roles” that has long been used as an effective comedic strategy. Former Pres. Aquino is known to be a religious, God-fearing individual and tagging her a term that is completely opposite of what she is famous for is what provided the humor. The segment was satirical and was not meant to be taken literally.

Again, had these lines been delivered matter-of-factly in news programs or documentaries, we have the right to be enraged. But if we protest in any other instances, it only shows how onion-skinned and sensitive we are and how we cannot take a few jokes. It wouldn’t be surprising if late-night US comedy shows would start lampooning our cry-baby, whiny attitude towards these jokes.

Americans have long been labeled “stupid” by other races and yet they are not complaining. Two comedy shows played a little joke on us and we responded with misplaced indignation. It’s time we grow up.


Since we’re in the topic of getting pissed at anything anti-Filipino, let me indulge you with a video of another American TV show that “insulted” our race. Here’s an episode of The Family Guy aired in late 2006 where a character acting as a news anchor says:

And in international news, I am fairly certain that Filipino nurse is stealing from me.


Anyone drafting a new online petition?

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16 thoughts on “Americans are stupid, Filipinos can’t take a joke — and here’s a new anti-Pinoy video”

  1. m says:

    all of these comments just PROVE how filipinos can’t even take a JOKE. Pinoy fucker upper, for example, made a hate comment on the flips but made another comment saying that it’s actually just a JOKE. jeez people, wake up and stop being so fucking sensitive and inferior to racist comments. people will always talk no matter what. get over it.

  2. Truthfulinsights says:

    I lived in the middle east and then moved to the Philippines. I asked on a Answers Yahoo if Filipinos used toilet paper or water. Because I did not know about local customs. My question was taken down and I was fined.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion one reason a lot of Filipinos are so thin skinned is because, as a nation, Filipinos desperately want something to be be proud of. Look at Manny Pacquiao as an example. He is a very talented boxer without doubt. But the level of fan worship and importance Filipinos place on his fights is because it’s something they can latch on to to feel good about being Filipino.

    I’m American and have been living in Cebu for almost 4 years. Many times I hear Filipino TV or advertising talking about something being “world class” in the Philippines. Whether they are speaking of a restaurant, entertainer, or whatever, it is very rare that the person / place / service being discussed actually IS world class. This is not to say that whatever it is is not good, but there is a difference between something being good and being world class.

    It’s not that Filipinos are stupid, or more violent or any other negative thing. It’s just that due to the high levels of poverty, you are going to see more vindictive, shallow, stupid behavior. This is true anywhere in the world. In the US for example, if you go to a very poor area, you find higher crime, higher alcoholism and drug use, and people killing each other for stupid, consequential reasons.

    The difference is, the percentage of very poor in the US is tiny in comparison to the Philippines. Due to the lack of an efficient, well-run government, consistently bad choices in forming economic policies, and a lack of integrity in the government, the Philippines has fallen further and further behind it’s southeast Asian neighbors. People who say bad things about the Philippines are not comparing apples to apples.

    Of course wealthier nations with better education, better infrastructure, etc have citizens who, by and large, behave more responsibly and maturely. But if you compared people of the same or similar economic status across countries and cultures, you find the same negative behaviors everywhere in areas with high levels of poverty.

    I’m not attacking poor people. Many poor people are very nice. But the fact is that crime, ignorance, alcoholism, drugs, and other negative behaviors are much more common in poor populations all around the world.

  4. Joe says:

    Maybe the Americans are stupid? Why does the Philippine culture gravitate towards than then?

    It isn’t that Flips can’t take a joke it is that for some $%#$^$ed up reason they think that they are the greatest nation on the planet(obviously not true in any sense) and then take offense when you tell them the truth.

    Example right here: None of the videos, images or anything work on this site.

    Reply if you want, but I won’t be back. I’d rather go visit a stupid Americans site that actually works than a Flips site that is crap.

    I know, you had school fees to pay, your mother was sick and you’re service broke down so you haven’t had the time to fix it.

    Best of luck,

  5. :D says:

    Sigh.. Could you just stop it? Every nation has its own strengths and weaknesses. Respect that we have weaknesses too! Respect each country, becuase wouldn’t you feel horrible when somebody else does that to your own country?

    It’s true that filipinos take jokes too seriously sometimes, but there’s no choice but to be “patriotic” and defend their country..
    What I’m just trying to say is.. respect other countries because yours has flaws too.

  6. Clarence Fontillas says:

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