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Win $75 in ‘Pinoy Money Talk’ SEO contest

In celebration of our upcoming 3rd Year Anniversary this March, here’s our Countdown #3 Contest: The ‘Google my PMT’ $75 SEO contest.If you have a blog, just make any post from February 4 onwards and if that post lands on the top spot of Google’s search results for the phrase pinoy money talk (3 words), then you win $75!

Who can join?

Anyone with a blog who can optimize it so that it becomes the top-ranked search result in

How to start?

On your blog, simply create an article about Pinoy Money Talk, our Countdown to 3 Contest, or just about anything, but optimize it so that it becomes the top Google search result for the keywords “pinoy money talk“.

Of course, the article must contain at least one link back to our site ( or to any page on the domain.

There is NO limit on the number of articles you may make and submit but only articles posted on or after February 4, 2008 are valid.

Again, the keyword is “pinoy money talk” (3 words, all in lower case, no quotes).

How to submit a valid entry?

The winner will come only from valid entries we know. So submit your entry using either of these two ways:

a. Post a comment below mentioning the URL of your entry;

b. Link to this article or to the Countdown to 3 Contest article and if we see a trackback, that makes it a valid entry.

How to win?

If your blog article ranks the highest on the search results of on March 14, 9 p.m, you win! (Of course, is excluded from this contest.)

We will regularly post updates on the leading sites. The winner will be announced on March 14 using a screenshot of the official search results.

What are the prizes?

The grand prize is $75 to be sent via Paypal or P3,000 to be deposited to your local bank account. We might throw in other freebies and prizes to the contestants so just watch out for it.

Ready? Then optimize your blog now for the keywords pinoy money talk!

Current list of valid entries:

  1. Pinoy Compuworld
  2. Space of Influence
  3. Pinoy Dollar Quest
  4. Frugal Pinoy
  5. Anilinkz
  6. Jehzlau Concepts
  7. Everything Eli
  8. Batang Yagit
  9. ShannonXJ
  10. Gl3nnx
  11. Tech at Hand
  12. Pinoylandia
  13. Niessuh
  14. Pinoy Banda
  15. Jerome Locson
  16. SEO Dagupan
  17. Glamour Pink
  18. Shawie
  19. Easy Life Guide
  20. Super Cyver Shop
  21. Babyface
  22. One Girl Factory
  23. PinoyBlogero
  24. Marcroger
  26. Pinoy Investing
  27. Julia Aquino
  28. Evansmaster
  29. It’s on my TV
  30. Conrad Miguel
  31. SEO Flea
  32. Business-Everywhere
  33. Solid Cash
  34. McBilly
  35. Frugal Pinoy 2
  36. Pinay Mommy Online
  37. Bleuken
  38. Rhyan
  39. PointBlank
  40. Bukiki
  41. Philippine Coins and Banknotes
  42. The Armorer’s CodeX

Ranking update: March 14 (3 a.m.)

Eighteen (18) more hours ’til the end of this contest! By 9 p.m. tonight, we’ll find out who will emerge as the Pinoy Money Talk SEO champion.

Ranking update: March 10

Final week of the competition! It’s on my TV has now claimed the top spot in the search results, followed by PinoyBanda, Pinoylandia, Pinoy-Compuworld, ShannonXJ,, Tech at Hand, and Space of Influence. With just a few days remaining, will this ranking continue to change? In any case, good luck to all!

Ranking update: March 3

And the competition continues to heat up. ShannonXJ is now on top of the search results followed by, Jehzlau-Concepts, It’s on my TV, Pinoy-Compuworld, Pinoy Banda, Frugal Pinoy, and Space of Influence. With just two more weeks remaining ’til the end of this contest, the race for the top spot is definitely getting fiercer by the minute.

Ranking update: February 25

The search results continue to change week after week and today, Jehzlau-Concepts is currently on top of the SEO race. The first page of the pinoy money talk search results is now all held by entrants to this contest, including ShannonXJ, Pinoy-Compuworld, Pinoylandia, PinoyBanda, Tech at Hand, and It’s on my TV. With 3 more weeks remaining ’til the end of this contest, it sure still is any body’s ball game.

Ranking update: February 18

Google still recognizes FrugalPinoy‘sWordpress blog as the leading site for the keyword “pinoy money talk” despite the blog being banned by We’ll see how this new development will affect the site’s ranking in the next few weeks. Tech at Hand is steady at #2, while Pinoy Compuworld, BabyFace, Space of Influence, and Batang Yagit now claim the rest of the positions on the first page of the search results.

Ranking update: February 11

Five of the entries above have already landed on the first page of the search results after just a week into this SEO contest. FrugalPinoy currently leads the pack, ranking just a notch below PMT’s official site. Tech at Hand is not far behind, while ShannonXJ, Pinoylandia, and Jehzlau-Concepts are currently 3rd, 4th, and 5th, respectively, in the rankings.


If you have not joined yet, make a blog entry and submit the URL below! Good luck!

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