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SEC’s list of mutual funds in the Philippines

Here is an updated list of mutual funds in the Philippines from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Compare this with the mutual funds list from the Investment Company Association of the Philippines (ICAP). The primary differences are:

  • US Dollar- and Euro-denominated bond funds are listed separately in the SEC list;
  • Inactive funds are shown in the SEC list, nothing in the ICAP list;
  • Philippine Stock Index Fund is labeled an “Index Fund” in the SEC list but is lumped with other “Stock Funds” in the ICAP list;
  • The Multinational Group is categorized as a “Bond Fund” in ICAP but is nowhere in the SEC list;
  • Philam Managed Income Fund appears as a “Bond Fund” in the SEC list but does not appear in the ICAP list;
  • Philequity Dollar Income Fund is in the SEC list but is not in the ICAP list;
  • Legacy TD Fund is recognized as a “Bond Fund” by the SEC but is a “Money Market Fund” in the ICAP list;
  • Philequity Money Market Fund is in the SEC list but is not in the ICAP list.

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Mutual Fund Companies in the Philippines
Year 2006
from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


  • 1. ATR-KIM Eng Equity Opportunity Fund
  • 2. First Metro Save & Learn Equity Fund
  • 3. Philam Strategic Growth Fund
  • 4. Philequity Fund
  • 5. Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund
  • 6. United Fund


  • 1. First Galleon Family Fund
  • 2. GSIS Mutual Fund
  • 3. Legacy HY Fund
  • 4. The Mutual Fund Co. of the Philippines
  • 5. Philam Fund
  • 6. Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund
  • 7. Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund (US$)


  • 1. ATR-KIM Eng Fixed Income Fund
  • 2. Ayala Life Fixed Income Fund
  • 3. Cocolife Fixed Income Fund
  • 4. Ekklesia Mutual Fund
  • 5. First Metro Save & Learn Fixed Income Fund
  • 6. Grepalife Fixed Income Fund
  • 7. Legacy GS Fund
  • 8. Legacy TD Fund
  • 9. Philam Bond Fund
  • 10. Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund
  • 11. Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund
  • 12. Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund
  • 13. Philam Managed Income Fund


  • 1. ALFM Dollar Bond Fund
  • 2. MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income Fund
  • 3. Philam Dollar Bond Fund
  • 4. Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund
  • 5. Philequity Dollar Income Fund
  • 6. Grepalife Dollar Fixed Income Fund


  • 1. ALFM Euro Bond Fund
  • 2. MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income Fund


  • 1. Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund
  • 2. Philequity Money Market Fund


  • 1. Philippine Stock Index Fund
  • 2. Philequity PSE Index Fund


  • 1. Filipino Fund
  • 2. Philippine Growth Fund
  • 3. Pacific Fund

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