LIST OF PASSERS: Dentistry Written Board Exam Results Q-Z (May 2019)

Attention: Dentistry Board Exam takers!

If you want to find out if you passed the May 2019 Dentistry Written Licensure Exam, simply scroll below and look up your name.

The official list of passers released by the PRC is arranged by Last Name. To check if you successfully passed, click the link below corresponding to your Last Name. For example, if you want to know if “Mark Anthony Lim” passed, you will need to view the list in the link “List of Passers G-P” below since the last name “Lim” falls under this category.

UPDATE (June 2019): The Dentistry Board Exam (Written) Results are NOW RELEASED! Scroll below to view the official List of Passers as announced by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission).

LIST OF PASSERS: May 2019 Dentistry Written Board Exam

What to Do Next if you Passed (or Did not Pass) the Exam

If you successfully passed the board exam, congratulations!

You may soon apply with the PRC to become a licensed professional. Click here to know the steps to register to get your new PRC ID. You may also verify your board exam rating to check your exam score online.

If you unfortunately did not pass, it’s OK! This is just a minor setback. Keep your head up and try again in the succeeding exam.

FYI: The next schedule of the Dentistry Licensure Exam in the Philippines will be on December 3-5, 2019. Click here to secure an Online Appointment for PRC Board Exam Application.

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RESULTS- Dentistry Written Board Exam List of Passers

Top Performing Schools in Dentistry Board Exam

Which schools in the Philippines are the best schools for training Dentists? Let’s find out by looking at the top-ranked universities with the highest passing rates in past Dentistry Written Licensure Exams.

Based on the last four (4) board exams, the schools with the highest overall passing rates are:

  1. University of the Philippines Manila – passing rate of 100%
  2. Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila – passing rate of 100%
  3. Cebu Doctors’ University Mandaue City – passing rate of 92%

View the list of best performing Dentistry schools below, based on their performance in the last four board exams.

University of the Philippines Manila Manila100%7070
Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila Manila100%2222
Cebu Doctors' University Mandaue City92%107116
University of Baguio Baguio City92%4852
Centro Escolar University - Makati Gil Puyat Makati90%7583
Southwestern University Cebu City87%6372
Davao Medical School Foundation Davao City87%2832
Centro Escolar University - Malolos Malolos City85%3440
University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in Las Pi?as Las Pinas84%1113
University of the East Manila83%267321

Top Performing Schools
Held on MAY 8-10, 2019
Released on JUNE 2019

Complete List of Passers (with Last Names Q-Z)
Held on MAY 8-10, 2019
Released on MAY 2019

LIST OF PASSERS: May 2019 Dentistry Written Board Exam

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