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The year 2011 has officially come to a close. As we welcome the new year 2012, we reminisce the year that passed with our list of the top 10 articles that received the most pageviews, comments, and likes and shares on social networking sites.

Last year, we made a total of 130 blog posts or roughly 11 posts per month. That’s already a big increase from the 104 posts we made in 2010, but pales in comparison to the record 206 articles published in 2009. But then again, quality trumps quantity and in 2011, we reduced the number of non-business, non-finance articles (that hogged our blog during the past years) while posting more news analysis and tutorials of finance concepts. For 2012, our New Year’s resolution is to churn more useful posts that will help educate our readers about business, finance, and investments.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 posts we made in 2011.

A U.S. poll in September 2011 showed that only 2 out of 10 Americans see themselves achieving a net worth of $1 million in the next 10 years. We wondered what the percentage would be if we asked Filipinos a similar question. Thus we added an informal poll to this article which elicited responses from 254 readers, with 59% saying they are “Very Likely” to achieve a net worth of P1 million in the coming decade. Hooray to the Filipinos’ strong sense of optimism and here’s to hoping we all achieve this goal as soon as possible!

Foremost among the issues currently dragging the world economy is the debt problem in Europe. One European country, Greece, caused commotion in the European Union last year when it announced it was already at the brink of loan default. The events that led to such chaos and the consequent impact to Greece and the EU region were explained in this article.

In 2010 (and continuing in 2011), alleged energy devices in the form of bracelets and wristbands became popular in the Philippines. Our top blog post #8 dissects the claims of such products and assesses whether they are scam or not. Read and judge for yourself.

What started as excitement over the arrival of group buying sites in the country ended in disappointment and disgust when a popular local discount deals site failed to address a simple customer service problem. Read how it all started here.

The 100 most popular blogs in the country are recognized in this Top Blogs list published on June 2011. We assessed each known Filipino blog in terms of “high quality traffic” by measuring the site’s website traffic and user engagement. Watch out for the comprehensive list of the “Top 100 Most Popular Philippine Blogs of 2011” which we will release on January 16, 2012. To ensure that your blog is counted, go to this article and add a comment with your blog’s URL.

We made this post to impress among newbie stock investors the commonly-forgotten fact that dividends provide another source of income apart from the price increases of the stock. In this post, we researched the amount of dividends distributed by publicly-traded stocks in 2011 and computed the dividend yield. The result is a guide that identifies which stocks augment investor incomes through huge cash dividends.

We listed down ten (10) heads of popular global firms that attained worldwide success and fame despite a decision not to complete a university degree. Hey, we’re not saying you should not go to school. This post is just a reminder that it takes more than a college degree for an individual to become successful.

A follow-up to our first post (Top Post #7) that narrated a bad experience with a local group buying site, this article details how it took the site almost two months to solve a very simple customer service problem. One of our most-shared blog posts, this was liked 400+ times on Facebook and shared by 600+ people.

Our research on executive compensation led us to discover the multi-million peso monthly salaries received by top executives in the country. Federico Lopez of First Gen Corporation (FGEN), for example, gets at least P3 million compensation per month; Manny Pangilinan of PLDT and TV5 earns at least P2.65 million monthly, while Danding Cojuangco of San Miguel Corp. (SMC) receives at least P2.3 million monthly. Contrast that with the salaries received by around 800 readers who answered our poll question, “How much gross basic salary do you receive per month?” The result: more than 60% of the respondents say they receive a gross pay of not more than P50,000 monthly. How’s that for income disparity?

Finally… our top post in 2011:

We all know that the Catholic Church is rich, but how rich exactly? No one knows. This article, shared on Facebook by 3,000+ users and liked 2,000+ times, was our top blog post last year which gave us a glimpse of the vast wealth of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. Our research shows that in one company alone, the Philippine Catholic Church’s investment is worth P17 billion. Yup, that’s 17 billion pesos with a b — invested in only one company. They surely have several billion pesos more in other companies and in other investments here and abroad. Without a doubt, the Church is literate financially. Our hope is that the Church shares the same lesson to their flock by including in their weekly Sunday sermons teachings about livelihood, perseverance (sikap at tiyaga), and control of their financial lives (huwag lang basta ipagpasa-Diyos ang mga problema).

To all our readers: we thank you for being a part of in 2011 and we hope that in 2012, you will continue to visit our site and interact with us through your comments, questions, and suggestions.

A prosperous new year to all!

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