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(Pics) Beauty Gonzales – PBB Teen Edition Plus

The Rebellious Beauty: Christine Marie ‘Beauty’ Gonzales

Full Name: Christine Marie Gonzalez
Nickname: Beauty
Origin: Dumaguete
Age: 16
Birth date: May 28, 1991
Height: 5’8
Nationality: Fil-Spanish
School: Siliman University
Favorite cartoon character: Taz
Favorite subject in school: Physical Education
Least liked subject in school: Math
Favorite sports: basketball, boxing, soccer
Favorite summer/vacation destination: Palawan
Hobbies: Watching TV, texting, listening to music
Ultimate celebrity crush: Piolo Pascual

More about Beauty Gonzales below.

Beauty is a known sugarcane princess, coming from a family of landed hacienderos in Negros. With doting parents and nannies to do everything for her, she is pretty much used to people around her giving in to all her whims.

But despite of this, Beauty learned early in life the value of having principles, and this belief of hers has already gotten her into catfights in school.

After a controversial brawl in defense of her own reputation, Beauty was prevented from joining her graduation march as imposed by the officers of her school.

Beauty admits to being vain and is very conscious of her looks even at a very young age.

But she hopes that the other housemates would look beyond this characteristic of hers for she is also very friendly, a “loka-loka”and easy to get along with.

PBB Teens Edition Plus Housemates:

  1. Alex Anselmuccio – 18, Italian Valentino of Milan
  2. Christine Marie “Beauty” Gonzalez – 16, Rebellious Beauty of Dumaguete
  3. Ejay Falcon– 18, Promdi Hottie of Mindoro
  4. Jieriel Papa – 16, Bubbly Girl of Davao
  5. Jolas Paguia – 18, Gentle Giant of Davao
  6. Marc Josef Elizalde – 16, Lethal Lasallite
  7. Kevin Flood – 18, Spanish Stallion of Madrid
  8. Linda Backlund – 16, Bikina Babe of Iriga
  9. Arnan “Nan” Clenuar – 17, Junior Kengkoy of Davao
  10. Nicole Uysiuseng – 17, In-chick of Cebu
  11. Priscilla Mae Navidad – 17, Deaf Dreamer of Davao
  12. Robi Domingo – 18, True Blue Atenista
  13. Rona Marie Libby – 16, The Prisoner’s Daughter of Dumaguete
  14. Valerie Weignmann – 18, Dazzling Doll of Germany


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  1. desiree says:

    ang ganda mo beauty….. ang galing mo ng umarte… gogogo do ur best…. fight4x

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