2007 PSE performance; Peso-Dollar exchange rate

UPDATED: Check out the latest Peso-Dollar Exchange rate and other currency exchange rates here: Peso Exchange Rate vs. USD, AED, HKD, SGD, KWD, QAR, SAR, GBP, EURO, JPY

Yesterday, December 28, marked the last trading day in Philippine financial markets.

We take time today to briefly recap the financial figures of the year 2007 that matter to investors, traders, and analysts with interest in the Philippines.

2007 PSEi growth: 21.4%
2006 PSEi growth: 42.3%

The 30-company Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) ended a turbulent year up by 21.4%. This means that for every P100 invested in the index, the 2007 full-year gross profit was P21.40.

An exceptional performance, indeed, but not as stellar as the 2006 performance of the stock index which surged 42.3%.

Peso-Dollar Exchange Rate, end-2007: P41.28 : $1
Peso appreciation vs. US Dollar in 2007: 18.8%

The Philippine Peso is now considered the best performing currency in Asia in 2007 after it appreciated by almost 19% versus the US Dollar.

The peso rise both had positive and negative effects on the economy. On one side, it helped mitigate the impact of increasing oil prices. Had the peso not appreciated, commodity prices would have exorbitantly risen due to the ever-increasing price of oil in world markets. On the other hand, the rising peso translated to lower purchasing power especially for families of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Those earning in dollars are now getting less pesos compared to a year ago.

Next week, we’ll post detailed analysis of the stock and mutual funds performance in 2007 and also tips for OFWs and overseas Filipinos on how to deal with the falling US dollar.

10 thoughts on “2007 PSE performance; Peso-Dollar exchange rate”

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  3. Hi Kirby,

    Naku, ang dami kasing nago-offer ng ganyang investments kaya mahirap mag-suggest. Let’s start with time deposits. Mga bangko lang ang nago-offer nito, at yung interest rate ng time deposit ay depende sa (1) amount ng time deposit mo; (2) time period na iiwan mo yung pera; at (3) risk associated dun sa bangko.

    Regarding #3, the smaller and the lesser known the bank is, the higher interest rate you can expect from them to compensate for the risk. BPI, BDO, Metrobank, mga known banks yan so nde ganoon kataas ang time deposit rates nila pero yung mga relatively “unknown” banks at rural banks, mas mataas ang rate. Ikaw ang pipili kung anong bangko ang swak sa yo.

    Regarding money market naman, pwede kasi yang Money Market Mutual Fund o Money Market UITF. Yung Mutual Funds offered by investment companies while banks offer UITFs. Halos pareho lang sila, yung difference nila explained sa Mutual Funds vs UITF article.

    Again, pili ka kung saan mo gustong ilagay yan. Kung Money Market UITF, bangko ang lalapitan mo. So pili ka uli kung sinong bangko ang pupuntahan mo.

    Kung Money Market Mutual Fund naman, tatlo lang ang nago-offer niyan sa Pinas. Sunlife, Philequity at Legacy Fund. Pede kita i-refer sa Sunlife agent na kakilala ko kung gusto mo.

    Hirap talaga pumili kung saan ilalagay ang pera mo, pero remember at the end of the day, ikaw pa rin ang magde-decide tungkol diyan. Pero siyempre kung kelangan mo ng tulong mag-decide, pede ka magtanong sa akin o kahit sino sa PMT Forum.

    Galing mo nga kasi bata ka pa lang pero gusto mo nang maging financially independent. Ayos yan. Good luck!

  4. Kirby - Pinoy Teens Make money

    Great suggestion kuya J!

    I have around 30k left nlang left. (naubos sa xmas.hehe) Ano po suggestion nyo with this money.

    Should I invest or keep it muna? Naghahanap ka ba ng business partner? hehehe

    Happy New Year!


    1. When do you think you’ll need the money? Kung matagal pa, withdraw mo muna tapos ilagay mo sa investments. Kahit time deposit lang muna na locked-in, say, for 3 or 6 months. Kung nde mo gagamitin in the next 1 year, kahit sa Money Market fund ng isang mutual fund company. Kung nde mo naman gagalawin for the next 3-5 years, lagay mo sa Balanced fund. In the PMT Forum, we have several discussions related to these mutual fund investments.

      For other investment options, take a look at our Investing Guide.

      Good luck! Ok yan, bata ka pa pero nag-iisip ka nang kumita at palaguin ang pera mo! :)

      Happy New Year!

      1. Kirby - Pinoy Teens Make money

        Happy New Year Kuya J!

        ive read the ENTIRE posts and ive been to the forum though i didnt get the whole thing, the posts here were more informative.

        Anyways, i think i can afford to risk 5k or 10k for 6-month time deposit or even to a whole year of money market fund ng isang kumpanya.

        Where do you suggest i put my investment po? I know there are alot of companies out there but i need your expert advice on this one.

        Thanks again! Pesensya na, i really want to be financially independent from my parents as early as now.hehe

  5. Hi Kirby, well some people are predicting that the peso will further appreciate by next year. If you don’t need those dollars in the short-term, better to convert them to peso because they will only lose value if you keep on holding on to them.

    Also, you might want to put your peso in time deposit or mutual funds, if you can afford it, so that you can earn additional interest on your unused peso funds.

  6. Kirby - Pinoy Teens Make money

    Kuya J,

    I still have quite a sum of money on paypal (maybe pang Ipod touch na rin. hehe) Does this mean I have to withdraw it as soon as possible?

    Im afraid na bumaba pa masyado ang dollar rate. What can you suggest po?

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