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HYIP Update: Bryan Marsden of PIPS charged with money laundering

From the Malaysian newspaper The Star: Couple charged with money laundering Wednesday, August 30, 2006 A couple was charged with 41 counts on money laundering involving more than RM26mil at the Session Court here in the first such case investigated by Bank Negara. Bryan John

HYIP Update: Status of police investigation of GINS

The Singapore Police has published an update of their investigation of the GINSystem scam. More details in the Closed HYIP: GINSystem thread in the PMT Forum. Question 3: What is the status of the investigation? Answer: Police has prosecuted a director of Ginsystem Inc in

HYIP Update: Authentic or phishing email from PhoenixSurf?

Anyone else who received this mail supposedly from What's interesting is that the reply address is not "" but instead "" — notice the two f's in Could this well be just a fake mail, or worse, a phishing email? If you received

September Member of the Month: ingenieure

ingenieure. She's new, she's all over PMT, and she's our September Member of the Month. 3. Why did you choose to use that username? I believe that when you claim something, it increases the likelihood of becoming a reality. Ingenieur is the french term for

Optimization Tip 2: Design the “perfect” ad

Pop quiz, hotshot! What two basic things do you need to earn from Google Adsense? Content and quality traffic? Correct! You need to have content so that targeted ads will be shown to your users and building traffic is equally important because without visitors, no

Optimization Tips for your Google Adsense ads

Still earning cent$ from Google Adsense? It's time to optimize your ads so you can earn more! August is Google Adsense's Optimization month. This month, tips on how to optimize ads will be posted every week in the Google Adsense Blog. If you are overwhelmed

Another $10 Gift Cheque – Paid again by surveys!

Another $10 gift cheque from ACOP arrived in my mailbox today. Hmm… what should I buy today? ;) By the way, if you compare the cheque above with the other $10 gift cheque I received in March, you'll see that the two cheques look different.