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Can you predict the lifespan of an HYIP? recently released an analysis showing the supposed correlation of the payout rates and lifespan of a program (that is, the time it takes before a program stops paying). The research spanned 178 HYIPs that were included in the site's ratings list and eventually closed

What is DDoS — Distributed Denial of Service attack?

The aim of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is to paralyse online systems. Using a ‘trojan,’ the attacker is able to recruit unprotected hosts and build a network of compromised machines – often referred to as ‘zombies’ or ‘botnets’ – which can then

Beware of the fake e-Gold website!

Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) chanced upon a site that takes the look of the original e-Gold site in an attempt to deceive users, with the intention of hacking accounts and stealing personal information. The fake site can be found at, as opposed to the

To invest or not to invest in HYIP?

You saw an ad online about a program that seems to offer a dubious rate of return. 100% return in just one month? 50% interest rate in just one week? Are these real? These programs are called HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs. HYIPs areĀ online