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Reminiscing ST: StudioTraffic one year ago

While cleaning my mailbox today, I found this email from StudioTraffic sent a year ago. It makes me chuckle thinking all the cheers and praises in the mail mean nothing anymore. High-yield investing is indeed risky, just look at what can happen in an HYIP/autosurf

Do they really think we’re that stupid?

Got this email today. It’s obviously a scam targeting the greediest of all greedy ginks. Does “Cheryl” really think we’d believe that she can double our money if we sent her $30? That e-Bullion has a flaw in the system that will let you “rob”

PMT launches own Paid-to-Post earning group

* * * THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED. = = = = = = = = = =  There's currently a growing demand for "paid posters" — people who get paid to help build start-up communities. If you like posting in forums, better get paid

So this is Jonathan Mikula of PhoenixSurf

If you were a member of the now-closed autosurf program PhoenixSurf (, chances are the name "Jonathan Mikula" rings a bell. You're familiar with it primarily because you've seen the name sign most email newsletters and updates from PhoenixSurf. Well, he did so because he

Stats of a Scam: 12DailyPro scammed at least $500 million

You know 12DailyPro ( is now considered a scam. You also know thousands of investors lost millions in this program. What you don’t know, however, are the actual figures. Read on and be amazed at the statistics and figures related to the 12DailyPro (12DP) scam.

HYIP Update: Bryan Marsden of PIPS charged with money laundering

From the Malaysian newspaper The Star: Couple charged with money laundering Wednesday, August 30, 2006 A couple was charged with 41 counts on money laundering involving more than RM26mil at the Session Court here in the first such case investigated by Bank Negara. Bryan John