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Metrobank’s Investment Products

Metrobank is the largest Philippine bank in terms of assets and overseas presence. The bank's total capital funds on June 30, 2006 stood at P57.3 billion. It has a combined network of over 800 local and international branches/offices, remittance offices and subsidiaries in the Philippines

PayPal Philippines FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions related to PayPal Philippines and PayPal accounts in general. Can I receive and send funds with my PayPal Philippines account? Your PayPal Philippines account is a limited, send-only PayPal account. You absolutely have NO ABILITY at the moment to receive

Paypal vs. Credit Card: Which is better to use?

If you still need to add a valid credit card in your PayPal Philippines account, which then would be better to use when purchasing online: your Paypal account or your credit card? PayPal Philippines account holders find themselves in this dilemma after discovering that for them