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How to Renew your PRC ID Online (2018)

All Filipino professionals are required to renew their Professional Identification Card or PRC ID in order to legally continue practicing their professions. Recently, however, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has required that renewals be first applied and processed online.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the online renewal process of PRC ID in the Philippines.

About the CPD Requirements

Before you apply for renewal of your Professional ID (PID), take note that the PRC will now be checking for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credit units as a prerequisite for renewal.

The good news, though, is that the PRC is not yet strict in implementing the CPD requirement. Applicants who are unable to comply with the required CPD credit units shall be “allowed to renew their PRC ID upon execution of an undertaking to complete the required CPD credit units for the next compliance period.”

This means you will still be allowed to renew your PRC ID, even if you haven’t met the required CPD credit units yet, as long as you submit an Affidavit of Undertaking. You may download here a sample Certificate or Affidavit of Undertaking for CPD Units.

How to Apply for PRC ID Online

Take note that the PRC ID is valid for three years, renewable on your birth month. Applicants may renew the ID prior to expiration date. They will not lose the one (1) year validity as a result of early renewal, according to the PRC.

Now, for the step-by-step guide on online PRC ID renewal:

1. Make sure you have the following information before you begin:

  • A valid e-mail address (with password)
  • A working mobile or cellphone number
  • Personal data (including date of your graduation)
  • Soft copy of ID photo, saved in .jpg format on a computer, phone or tablet. The photo should also be 2×2 in size, in plain white background; taken no more than 6 months prior to PRC ID renewal; and the applicant must wear decent attire WITH COLLAR in the photo.

2. Go to the official PRC online renewal website at

3. For first-time users, you need to register first. (If you have already registered, skip to Step #4). To register:

  • Click the “REGISTER” tab and fill out the form. Create an account using your own email address. Take note that only ONE (1) valid email address may be used per user/applicant. This means no two applicants may share an account and no email address may be used to register more than once.
  • When registering, complete all required fields.
  • Now check the field “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE”. Read the “Terms of Service” and click on the green “ACCEPT” button if you wish to continue.
  • Click the “SIGN UP NOW” button.


4. Once you have finished registration or if you have previously registered, log in by clicking the “SIGN IN” tab. Enter your Email Address and Password, then click the “SIGN IN”button.

5. To activate your PRC Online account, access your registered e-mail account. Look for and open the email sent by PRC then click “Activate Account” in the email to verify your account.

6-A.  Create your Profile by filling out and completing the form. Make sure the First and Last Name is exactly the same as those printed on your existing PRC ID. If there is a “Search” button, search the required information with the drop down menu. Do NOT type in the information.

6-B. After completing your Profile, check the box for renewal application. Click on the “SAVE INFORMATION” button.

6-C. Double check your information before you click on the YES button. (You will not be allowed to change your name after clicking YES.)

7-A. Your application details will then be displayed. You may still edit the information (except for your Name) by clicking on the EDIT button. Click the Camera icon to upload a soft copy of your photo.

7-B. Upload a good quality ID photo. To avoid delay or disapproval, follow the photo ID requirements mentioned in the section “How to Apply for PRC ID Online” above. Click the OKAY button to proceed.

7-C. Upload the photo.

7-D. Once uploaded, to start the PRC ID Renewal process, click the “SELECT TRANSACTION” button.

8-A. Select “RENEWAL” if you wish to renew your PRC ID.

8-B. Select your Profession and enter your 7-digit PRC License Number, then click the “PROCEED” button.

9-A. Select PRC Office from the drop-down menu where you wish to apply for renewal. Choose an appointment date (only from the colored boxes). Then choose your preferred payment option at the bottom. If you pay at the PRC cashier, there is no processing or transaction fee to be paid. However, if you any of the e-payment options, there will be a service fee of P45.00.

9-B. After choosing a payment option, a confirmation window will appear with a Reference Number. Make sure you copy your “REFERENCE NUMBER” since you will need to show this when you pay at your selected payment channel.

10-A. Once you have made the payment, verify your status by clicking the “EXISTING TRANSACTIONS” tab beside the “PROFILE” tab. Then click the “PRINT CLAIMING STUB” button.

10-B. Click the “Printer” button to print the “Application for Professional Identification Card” form. Then click the CLOSE button.

11. To logout, click your name on the upper right corner of the screen and choose LOGOUT.

12. On your appointment date, proceed to the PRC Office you selected in the appointment page. Make sure you bring your Renewal Form.

See also: Certificate or Affidavit of Undertaking for CPD Units (Sample Form Download)

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17 thoughts on “How to Renew your PRC ID Online (2018)”

  1. Evelyn Mijares says:

    Is the CPD applied to teachers, also?

  2. ann ramos says:

    Hi , question po, sa certificateor affidavit of undertaking for CPD units , what if mag renew po ako ng 0 CPD units po , accepted parin po yun kalag 0 unit CPD indicate ko sa undertaking ?

    1. Vince says:

      Di ko po alam

  3. phoebe says:

    hi question lang. wala kasi kong CPD units pa eh hindi pa ko makakuha because of my work pwede bang sa araw ng renewal ko dalhin ko lang yung sinasabi mo na Certificate or Affidavit of Undertaking for CPD Units? thanks

  4. herlyn agtoto says:

    Hello Po

    I’m an ofw from kuwait and want to renew my prc license should I do the online processing still?

    How about giving an authorization letter that my mother will do the renewal pwede Po ba yun?
    Do I still need to do the online registration?

  5. cathy says:

    after the process, kelan makukuha ang ID?

  6. art says:

    sana gawing 5 or 8 years yung expiration ng license para hnd naman mabigat ung pagseseminar

  7. erin says:

    Very helpful!
    But I need more help, I haven’t receive any email from PRC yet. Will it take some time for me to receive the email? Thank you!

  8. Angelito A. Lusterio says:

    Bakit po laging not working yung prc-online na web page?

  9. Princess Ruiz says:

    Hi. I need your help. I registered my valid email sa site nila last year. In short, i have an account. The site was the old one. Then I checked few days ago the site since I will be renewing my license soon. I found out they change their site. I tried to log in my previous email add(user name daw!) that I used to register before but it isn’t working. Incorrect username and password daw. I dont know if i should create a new account or what. Please help me. Thanks a lot.

  10. Tenten says:

    Good day! May I ask po paano kung wala pa akong units for CPD? Makakapag renew po ba ako ng license? Thanku!

    1. Pam says:

      First renewal mo ba? You Will be advised to Go to your association where you are member of.. for instance paychometrician ka, you Will need to go to PAP to ask what docs should you present to PRC for your license renewal.

  11. Roseana B Bautista says:

    How to renew my Id for licensure teacher ,my last name has to be cchange cause I remarry now and

  12. Christian says:

    Paano makakapag renew ang mga ofw ?? saan sila pwd mag seminars at paano pa credited ito??

  13. Alva Elcano says:

    Pano k nman magrerenew overseas di nman nagwowork yung website ng PRC? Also, I recently studied accounting here in Canada so I guess accepted yun for the cpd requirements ba?

  14. Maria Golda Meir Mediante says:

    Can I go directly to PRC to submit the form since the site is inaccessible? It wasted my time waiting for it.


    Hi. I would like to confirm if we need to have a notarized Certificate or Affidavit of Undertaking for CPD Units?

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