Renew PRC ID Online in 2020 (5 Easy Steps!)

All Filipino professionals are required to renew their Professional Identification Card or PRC ID in order to legally continue practicing their profession. Recently, however, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has required applicants to apply online for their license application and renewal.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the online renewal and online appointment process related to PRC ID renewals in the Philippines.

How to renew PRC ID online

CPD Requirement

First things first: before you apply for renewal of your Professional ID (PID), take note that the PRC will be checking for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credit units as prerequisite for renewal.

The good news, though, is that the PRC is not yet fully implementing the CPD units requirement. In fact, the PRC officially announced in December 2018 that “renewal of Professional Identification Card (PIC) without full CPD Compliance is accepted until December 2020.”

This means that until December 2020, all applicants wishing to renew their PRC IDs are not mandated to fully comply yet with the required CPD units. The only requirement, for now, is “an undertaking to complete the required CPD credit units for the next compliance period.”

Simply speaking, you will be allowed to renew your PRC ID, even if you haven’t met the required CPD credit units, as long as you submit an Affidavit of Undertaking. The new PRC ID Renewal Application Form already includes an “Undertaking” section so no need to submit a separate affidavit anymore and no need to have this undertaking notarized either.

Required CPD units reduced to 15 units

Also effective March 1, 2019, new transitory provisions regarding the implementation of the CPD Law will begin. In February 2019, the PRC issued Resolution No. 2019-1146 which amended parts of Resolution 1032 series of 2017 or the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the CPD Act of 2016.

Under the IRR transitory provisions of the CPD Law:

  1. Professionals working abroad (overseas) are not required to comply with the CPD requirement;
  2. New board exam passers and recently licensed professionals shall also not be covered by the CPD requirement; and finally, the good news…
  3. The required CPD credits have beed reduced to no more than fifteen (15) CPD units.

And yet, take note that there are exceptions to these revised provisions, specifically:

  1. Professions which are required by their Professional Regulatory Laws to comply with specific number of CPD credit units for the renewal of their PRC ID card; and
  2. Where the professional intends to practice the profession in countries covered by bilateral, regional, or international agreements in which CPD is a recognition and eligibility requirement, such as the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs).

These exceptions require certain professionals to earn CPD units beyond the 15 units minimum, depending on what’s cited in their respective professional regulatory law or in international professional agreements signed by the respective CPD Council.

For example, the following minimum CPD units are required for the following professionals instead of just 15 credit units:

  • Social Workers – 45 CPD units (under RA 10847)
  • Real Estate Brokers and other licensed real estate professionals – 45 CPD units (under Real Estate Service Act or RESA Law – RA 9646)

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PRC ID Renewal: Step-by-Step Guide

Take note that the PRC ID is valid for three years, renewable on your birth month. Applicants may renew their PRC ID prior to expiration date. Doing so will not lose the one (1) year validity as a result of early renewal, according to the PRC.

It’s nice that the PRC now offers online renewal application but, unfortunately, you will still need to visit a PRC office to personally submit all required documents. To do this, you will have to schedule your Online Appointment details.

For the step-by-step guide on registration, account creation, and renewal application of PRC ID, start with Step #1 below.

Step 1: Visit PRC LERIS website

Go to the official PRC online renewal and application website at This is the PRC LERIS or the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System.

If you previously used and created an account at PRC’s old website at, please note that user accounts created there are NO longer active. All applicants must register a different account at the new PRC LERIS website.

PRC LERIS for Application and Online Appointment website

Please note that in some cases, the website might be down and under maintenance, but simply come back at a different time to access the website.

Alternatively, you may use PRC’s two mirror websites which are still official PRC LERIS sites:

– PRC LERIS alternative site #1:

– PRC LERIS alternative site #2:

Take note! For first-time users, you need to register first. If you’ve already registered and with an existing and valid LERIS account, just login to your account then skip to Step #3 below. Otherwise, proceed to Step #2.

Step 2: Register a new account and complete your profile

A. First-time users need to register and complete their profile. Make sure you have the following information before you begin:

  • A valid e-mail address (with password)
  • A working mobile or cellphone number
  • Personal data (including date of your graduation)
  • Soft copy of ID photo, saved in .jpg format on a computer, phone or tablet. The photo should also be 2×2 in size, in plain white background; taken no more than 6 months prior to PRC ID renewal; and the applicant must wear decent attire WITH COLLAR in the photo.

B. Now, to register and create an account, follow these steps.

  1. Click the “REGISTER” tab on the right-hand sidebar of the homepage.
  2. Scroll below to view the entire Terms of Service.
  3. Click on the green “ACCEPT” button.
  4. Fill out all required information as printed on your Notice of Admission or Professional Identification Card.
  5. Once completed, check the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA then click the green “REGISTER” button.
How to register in PRC LERIS
First-time users must first register with PRC LERIS website. Those with an existing LERIS account, login to your account then proceed to Step #8.

C. Once you have finished registration, log in by clicking the “SIGN IN” tab. Enter your Email Address and Password, then click the “SIGN IN” button.

D. Once signed in, create your Profile by filling out and completing the form. Correctly input all required information, including your personal details, address, telephone and cellphone numbers, you mother’s and father’s details, degree course, school graduated from, and date of graduation, among others.

E. After completing your Profile, click the “SAVE INFORMATION” button.

PRC LERIS Account Profile

F. You are required to upload a good quality ID photo. If your photo is rejected, your application will be disapproved, so make sure the photo you will upload must comply with the following:

  • 2×2 in size;
  • In plain white background;
  • Applicant must wear decent attire with collar in the photo;
  • Applicant should not be wearing eyeglasses in the photo;
  • Ears of the applicant should not be covered; and
  • Photo should have been taken no more than 6 months prior to PRC ID renewal.
PRC LERIS photo upload

Step 3: Schedule an Online Appointment

A. To renew your PRC ID, make sure you’re logged in to your PRC account then click the “TRANSACTION” button located at the top-right portion of the page.

B. In the “Select Transaction” section, click the “RENEWAL” tab, then choose your “Profession” from the drop-down menu then input your PRC License ID Number. Next, click the “Proceed” button.

C. In the succeeding “Online Appointment” page, select the PRC Office (from the drop-down menu) where you wish to apply for renewal. You will then be given a tentative Appointment Date and Time. If you wish to reschedule, just click the “Reschedule?” button and select a new Appointment Date.

Step 4: Pay processing fee via PRC Cashier, Landbank, or UCPB

You will be shown the total amount you need to pay for the processing of your ID renewal. To proceed with payment, click the “Proceed” button then choose your preferred Payment Method.

You may pay the processing fee in one of three methods:

  1. At the Cashier of the PRC office where you set your online appointment;
  2. Via Landbank’s ePayment portal by paying using your LandBank ATM or Savings account, a Savings or Debit account in any Bancnet member bank, or through Globe’s GCash;
  3. Via UCPB online payment portal (UCPB Connect), mobile banking app, or over-the-counter deposit at any UCPB branch.

If you are paying online directly via your Landbank ATM account, make sure you ready the following since you will have to input these numbers to process your payment:

  • Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) Savings Account Number – your 10 digit bank account number
  • Joint Account Indicator (JAI) – usually this is the number “0” if the account is owned by a single person or individual or either the number “1” or “2” if it is a joint account
  • PIN number – you will have to input your PIN by pressing the numbers buttons in the PIN Pad

In your PRC account, once you’ve inputted everything correctly, click “Submit” to proceed with payment. Take note that this action is irreversible, which means your Landbank account will automatically be debited once you clicked “Submit”. If the payment is successful, you will see this confirmation below.

To print your Payment Details, go back to the “Profile” page, click “Existing Transactions”, then click the “Payment Details” button. You will then see the “Payment Confirmation” form. Click the “Print” button to print the payment details form.

In a separate article, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to pay via GCash, UCPB Connect, or savings account in any Bancnet network.

Step 5. Show up on your appointment date

Once you’ve made the payment, on your Appointment Date and Time, proceed to the PRC Office and bring your signed Renewal Application Form, printed Payment Confirmation form, and other documents that may be required by the PRC.

That’s it! On the same day, you’ll be able to get your new PRC ID card! Congratulations!

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  1. how early po pwede mag set ng appointment for renewal ng expired license?
    My target date is 4 month and 3 weeks from now. Thanks

  2. Hello po. We’re planning to work abroad for 3 years pero we’re afraid kasi maeexpire na ang teacher’s license namin. These are my questions:
    1. What are the requirements pag magrerenew nang license? Yung affidavit ogf undertakinglang po ba ?
    2. What if po hindi po ako ang magrerenew ng license ko but I’ll have a representative. What should I and my representative do?
    3. May babayaran po ba pag hindi agad nakapagrenew ng license?
    4. 2023 po maeexpire ang aking teacher’s license.. Kailangan ko na po bang na magcomply sa 15 unuts cpd??

    Thank you and I’m hoping for an immediate reply.:)

  3. Good day po. Isa po akong OFW, nakapag online register na po pero ayaw magproceed at ang nakalagay don ay” you still have 87 days before expiration”. Ilang araw po ba bago mag expire pwede magpaRenew kasi balik na naman ako sa abroad at kailangan ko nang irenew.
    Thank you very much po.

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  5. Hi, pwede po ba may sumagot kung papano ang steps sa mga ofw na mag change status at the same time magrerenew ng license? wala po kasing sumasagot sa query. Appreciate if somebody could respond para ma plan ahead kung ano ang dapat gawin. I even sent a mail sa prc helpdesk but no response at all. Thanks.

  6. My nursing license expired last nov 2018. Ngayon po gusto ko kumuha ng verification of license as required for my license by endorsement in Missouri state. Pero hindi ko po alam kung pwedi lang ba ako kumuha kahit expired na license ko o kailangan ko talaga sya e Renew muna. If e Renew ko ba, since first time ko mag renew ma waive ba ang CPD units? Do I still need the certificate of undertaking to be submitted still? Tapos dun po sa certificate og undertaking how much ang units na ilagay? Ang how much po ba na CPD units ang first time Renew and second Renew for a nurse? Salamat po sa sasagot, your reply will be much appreciated

  7. Do i still have to go to the PAP for the good standing before going to the online? And since we can renew without complete cpd, why i have to go to the PAP if ever? Im so confuse. Please help. Thanks

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