How to Check your Board Exam Score: PRC Verification of Rating

Do you want to know the score you got in the PRC Board Exam? Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to easily verify your PRC exam rating online!

Whether you passed or did not pass the exam, you can easily view your official board exam score and the breakdown of grades you received. Thanks to technology, it’s now convenient to find out your score — anytime, anywhere — once board exam results have been released.

Follow these simple steps to do online verification of your PRC board exam score.

How to Verify your PRC Board Exam Rating

Step 1. Access the PRC LERIS website

Directly head over to the “Verification” section of the PRC LERIS (Licensure Examination and Registration Information System) website by visiting its official URL at

Similarly, you may access the “Verification” section by going to the main page of the PRC LERIS website at then clicking the “Verification” link located at the bottom section of the homepage (see screenshot below).

PRC Application, Registration, and Verification website

Step 2. Select “Verification of Rating” tab

In the “Online Verification” page, since you’re interested to check your board exam rating, make sure the highlighted tab is the first tab, which is “Verification of Rating”.

As seen in the screenshot below, other options available are: (1) Verification of License by Name; and (2) Verification of License by License Number. Take note that you will only use those two if you want to verify if a person is indeed a licensed professional registered with the PRC.

PRC Online Verification of Rating

Step 3. Input required verification fields

Input all required fields in the “Verification of Rating” form. These include:

  • Examination Name – choose your board exam from the dropdown menu
  • Examination Date – choose the date of your board exam
  • Application No.* – input the Application Number personally assigned to you by the PRC
  • First Name – make sure the spelling of your First Name is correct
  • Last Name – make sure the spelling of your Last Name (Surname) is correct
  • Birthdate – your birthday in the following format: Month-Day-Year (MM/DD/YYYY)

* Where to find the PRC Application Number? This can be found in your NOA or Notice of Admission.

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Step 4. View your Board Exam score

Once you have correctly inputted all required information, click the green “Verify” button.

That’s it! You’ll now get to see your board exam rating and breakdown of score, just like the screenshot below.

Sample LET Exam Verification of Rating

Requirements to Apply for Report of Rating / Certificate of Passing

In some cases, especially if you are applying for a job abroad or taking a professional licensure exam in another country, you will need to show proof that you passed the PRC board exam and the corresponding exam ratings you received. You will thus need to secure a Certificate of Passing or Report of Rating from the PRC.

Sample Certification of Board Exam Ratings from PRC

To request a certification or to authenticate your PRC documents, prepare the following requirements:

  • Valid PRC ID (Professional Identification Card) and photocopy of PRC ID for exam passers – if PRC ID is expired, present Claim Slip of processed application for renewal of PRC ID;
  • Any valid ID for examinees who failed
  • Duly accomplished Request Form
  • Documentary stamps (Doc stamps)
  • If requesting authentication: Original and photocopy of PRC documents to be authenticated

How to Apply for Report of Rating / Certificate of Passing

Here’s the Application Process:

  1. Secure a Request Form from the Officer-of-the-Day or reception counter of the PRC office.
  2. Fill out Request Form and present completed form and other required documents (see “Requirements” above) at the application counter.
  3. Proceed to the Cashier to pay the certification / authentication fee. If you want to receive the document on the same day, use the Express Lane. However, if you are not in a hurry and are willing to wait, just use the Regular Lane. Your documents will be available after three (3) working days.
Sample Certificate of Passing issued by the PRC

How much is PRC Certification / Authentication Fee?

The fee for each certification or authentication issued by the PRC is as follows:

  • Express Lane (release on the same day) – P200.00 per copy
  • Regular Lane (release after 3 working days) – P75.00 per copy

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  1. How can I avail my initial registration and verification of rating? My Notice of Admission keeps by the PRC since examination filing and it was not issued to me on the time of examination. The application number in the NOA is needed to the above transaction.

  2. Paez Thomas Rey Rosal

    How can i know my ratings ?
    Last time i click no results ratings found.
    Paez Thomas Rey Rosal
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  3. I cannot open/verify my ratings. Leris always says “no results found”. Is it possible that my exam papers weren’t checked? I can open my September 2018 exam results but not March 2019

  4. marie floryvel villareal

    How can i check my scores to each nursing practice exams to see how i failed.
    November 16,17, 2019 board exams
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