12DailyPro update: Refunds to start soon

Remember 12DailyPro (12DP)?

That high-yield autosurf investment program that offered 12% return on your investment after 12 days? If you were a former investor and you filed for a refund claim, you might get your money back if you are eligible for a refund.

Thomas Lennon, Court-appointed receiver for 12DailyPro, recently sent emails to 12DP members confirming if they are eligible for a refund payment.

According to the email:

Investor claims will be calculated as the net difference of your deposits into 12DP through your payment processors (MONEY-IN) and your distributions from 12DP to your payment processors among all of your accounts with 12DP (MONEY-OUT).

Accordingly, if you deposited more money into 12DP then what you got back, you would have a claim for the difference against 12DP.  However, if you received more back from 12DP as credits to your payment processor than what you deposited into 12DP, you do not have a claim against 12DP.

If your Net MIMO (Money-In, Money-Out) is a negative number, you are eligible for a refund. If your NET MIMO is a positive number, you won’t receive any money back.

As for me:

According to your web portal account, you have a positive Net MIMO Amount of $93.84, meaning that you received more distributions from 12DP than what you invested into 12DP.  Accordingly, you are not eligible to receive any payments under 12DP’s Plan of Distribution.


How about other 12DP members? Will you be receiving any refund?

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  1. I have tried doing rotators before and what I got was only trouble! Megalido and Frogress both closed down! While I got money from Megalido, I lost some in Frogress! These should be avoided IMHO because they are risky and most importantly lucrative in how they can become sustainable!

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