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Mutual Funds

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund collectively pools money from individual and corporate investors. These funds are managed by a professional fund manager who invests the collected money in financial securities such as stocks, bonds, or money market instruments. The value of a share of the mutual fund, called the Net Asset Value (NAV), is calculated daily based on the fund’s total value divided by the total number of outstanding shares.

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Peso-Denominated Equity Funds

US Dollar-Denominated Equity Funds

  • ATR KimEng AsiaPlus Recovery Fund

Peso-Denominated Balanced Funds

  • ATRKE Philippine Balanced Fund
  • Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund
  • First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund
  • NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils.
  • One Wealthy Nation Fund
  • Optima Balanced Fund
  • PAMI Horizon Fund
  • Philam Fund
  • Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund

US Dollar-Denominated Balanced Funds

  • Cocolife Dollar Fund Builder
  • PAMI Asia Balanced Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund

Peso Bond Funds

  • ALFM Peso Bond Fund
  • Cocolife Fixed Income Fund
  • Ekklesia Mutual Fund
  • First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund
  • Grepalife Bond Fund Corporation
  • Philam Bond Fund
  • Philequity Peso Bond Fund
  • Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund
  • Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund

Foreign Currency Bond Funds

  • ALFM Dollar Bond Fund
  • ALFM Euro Bond Fund
  • ATR KimEng Total Return Bond Fund
  • Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund Corp.
  • Grepalife Fixed Income Fund Corp.
  • MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income Fund
  • MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income Fund
  • PAMI Global Bond Fund
  • Philam Dollar Bond Fund
  • Philequity Dollar Income Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund

Money Market Funds

  • ALFM Money Market Fund
  • First Metro Save and Learn Money Market Fund
  • Philam Managed Income Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund

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