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(February 2014) MSCI Philippines Index stock composition

Here’s the rebalanced composition of the MSCI Philippines index as of February 2014, taking effect as of the end of February 28, 2014.

The MSCI Philippines Index, like a typical index such as the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi), is a basket of 19 PSE-listed stocks that “measures the performance of the large and mid cap segments of the Philippine market”. The index supposedly covers “about 85%” of the entire Philippine stock universe.

In our post PSEi vs. Philippines MSCI Index Performance, we compared the performance of the MSCI Philippines Index versus the annual performance of the PSEi. It can be seen that the MSCI Index is able to outperform the PSEi. Its ability to beat the benchmark PSEi explains why thousands of clients around the world follow the MSCI index proposed stock composition.

Also if you compare the MSCI Philippines Index returns with the returns of Mutual Funds in the Philippines and Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) as of February 2014, it appears that the MSCI Philippine index performance seems to be at par with that of mutual funds and UITFs.

The MSCI Philippine Index is developed and monitored by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Inc., a global provider of investment decision support tools. According to their official website, more than 7,500 institutional clients around the world use their tools as guide in managing investment portfolios.

The MSCI Philippines Index is reviewed and rebalanced, if needed, four times a year — in February, May, August and November.

Below is the most recent composition of the MSCI Philippines Index as of the end of February 2014.

Composition of MSCI Philippines Index, February 2014

CompanyStock CodeIndex Weight (%), as of February 2014
Ayala Land Inc.ALI10.71%
Universal Robina CorpURC7.57%
Banco de OroBDO7.45%
Aboitiz Equity VenturesAEV7.06%
Ayala Corp.AC6.41%
SM Investments Corp.SM6.16%
JG Summit HoldingsJGS5.92%
SM Prime HoldingsSMPH5.50%
Int'l Container Terminal ServicesICT4.89%
+ 9 other stocks31.11%

The sectors or industries represented in the MSCI Philippines Index are shown below.

Sector Weights in the MSCI Philippines Index

SectorIndex Weight (%), as of February 2014
Consumer Staples7.57%
Consumer Discretionary4.44%

The Philippines is also part of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index which measures the overall performance of 21 equity markets worldwide. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is widely accepted as a benchmark and used by foreign fund managers to measure the performance of equity markets of emerging markets.

The 21 stock markets included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index are: Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey.

Below is a comparison of the performance of the MSCI Philippines Index versus the overall MSCI Emerging Markets Index. The data confirms what we know by now, that the Philippines is indeed an outperformer among all emerging markets considered, having generated consistent, above-average returns in recent years.

Returns of MSCI Philippines vs. Emerging Market Indices
(Feb. 2014 YTD, 1-Year, 3-Year, 5-Year, 10-Year Returns)

IndexFeb. 2014 YTD Return %1-Yr Return %3-Yr Return %5-Yr Return %10-Yr Return %
MSCI Philippines Index10.00%-8.60%20.69%28.58%18.72%
MSCI Emerging Market Index-3.40%-6.01%-1.99%16.88%9.91%

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