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I have written an article with the mission of showing someone the consequences of making a mistake that has turned into a deception; which I hope will not evolve to being a scam.

See the link:

NOTE: I will definitely have follow-up posts regarding this matter and I do hope we can all interact with an unbiased mindset the difference and evolution of mistakes, deception and scams. Thank you!


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"20 % gain Plus capital in 14 days"   
Sad to say that's IMPOSSIBLE to be a guaranteed* result that fast.  =To good to be true  = SURE SCAM. 
And why would any LEGIT business ask for an investment that SHORT time...?  That's an other "scam signal".

I suppouse you aren't the only one who have been scamed by this.
Not sure if a mango investment was a scam or if the founders hadn't thought of what will happen after the first 6 years. Anyway - a GROUP of investors started fighting TOGETHER. They got rather much compensation, probably all the founders could raise, to avoid to be brought to court. 
So I suggest you look for others who has been invested in same scam so you can fight together. 
I don't know if PAO take such cases.

*There have been such earnings in such short time, I have done such profits that fast myself a few times,
BUT such high earnings are with HIGH RISKS and CAN'T BE GUARANTEED (except if a rich person guarantee to pay a loss from OWN pocket, which I suppouse rich persons will not  :)

Scams are very common in the Philippines, I suppouse by very few scamers get punnished there...
As for instance the recent huge scam lead by a christian organisation started at Mindanao.
Most of the scams I have seen in the Philippines have been done by Filipinos,
but by the low risk for scamers to get punnished scamer foreigners MOVE THERE to make scams instead of continue in their home countries with the high risk for them there.  (I know of one such Englishman, one Norwegian and one some unclear if he is American or Australian.  Plus I know of two Americans wanted in USA but moved in the Philippines. One avoid to get caught by bribing. Still? The other was so stupid so he posted his location at his Facebook which USA noticed so he got caught by his own stupidity    hahaha

These common scams in investing in business is a HUGE problem in the Philippines
of course for them, who get scamed,
but also for offers from LEGIT businesses by many VICTIMS CHOOSE THE SCAMERS' offers by they SOUND much better by the legit offers have NO CHANCE to offer that much as the scamers can by the scamers will not pay...
Such make it much harder for LEGIT businesses to get investors  >:( 

For instance a business I think of starting can offer a SAFE profit around 20 % per YEAR. That's a REALISTIC profit for a SAFE investment...   
But I believe it's big risk I wouldn't get enough investors by so many choose the scamers instead...  :(     
This is a HUGE problem for legit businesses, extra huge problem for foreigners by foreigners aren't allowed to have more than max 40 % of such businesses, so at least the other 60 % HAVE TO be sold to/owned by Filipinos.


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At the height of the export boom in the 80s,  a small Japanese company operating in an office on Salcedo St, Makati exported handicrafts and trading  imported goods to.
Money deposited with the Japanese for an import deal resulted in a 100% loss,  The estafa case filed in Makati took years and ended when the Japanese disappeared. His Filipino manager becam jobless.
The suppliers of the handicrafts were not paid in full.
Businessmen are seldom honest. Honest businesses have limited expansion and growth potential. But scammers and cheats have expanded by lies and deception.
REMEMBER;  If someone tells you there is GOLD there and that you can get it. He will grab first the GOLD for himself.   


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Businessmen are seldom honest. Honest businesses have limited expansion and growth potential. But scammers and cheats have expanded by lies and deception. 

/That's true in the Philippines. I wrote in an other topic about honest businessmen in the Philippines have huge problems to get investors by honest businessmen can't promise as much as the scamers do. This functions in the Philippines by few of the scamers get caught and put in jail in Phils so the risk for them is small there.  And it seem too many investor Filipinos are "to much optimistic" and get fooled by for me obvious scams by the scamers's "guarantees" are impossible to fullfil. 

/It's rather much different in North Europe as in Sweden down to Germany but there are many scamers in South and East of Europe.  There are scamers in North Europe too, but here is the risk to get caught much higher so some North European scamers move to countries as the Philippines...
There are dishonest mostly just sellers in North Europe too, but big part of them earn less than the honest in the long run by buyers/investors skip them when they notice.   
Here are dishonest businesses "hanged out" both by the government and by customers tell which to avoid or recomend. And there are branch organisations which kick out to bad companies and customers can see in their registers if they find companies recomendable or not.
When I started own business in Sweden when I were 24yo I soon got a huge customer, not depending of competitor was dishonest, but incompetent  :D     had delivered terrible quality, so that huge customer gave me the work direct I showed up and told them I had started such services. But that wasn't the point for this subject. It's in a few years I did built a so very good reputation so customers recomended my business to possible clients so I got more work than I realy wanted without doing any sell work other than meet the customer to decide price.  That was extra good for me because I don't like to do sell work  :D    I like to work with production.

I believe a big part of the difference depend of in North Europe people are tought to think critical, think if something can be true, so much harder to fool. Although there are easy fooled people North Europe too   :hihi:
And here people protest so a political party will lose many votes if it keep a corrupt politicians. An earlier expected next prime minister got kicked out because of bought a chockolate bar [size=78%] :rofl:  for money ment for parlament costs. So corruption excist here but much less. [/size]


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