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Sun Life Prosperity Funds

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I also invested in sunlife bond fund since last year - i make it a point to invest every month but i make huge one during the oakwood mutiny  if i still remember - medyo opportunist ang dating ko. I also make  it a point to check the NAVPS every day just for the heck of it. Im not a pro sa mutual funds but so far Sunlife has been the top performer for all the local Mutual Funds compared to philamlife and the one in ortigas (foget the name).

Bond fund is relatively safe , ideal for us Filipinos kasi by nature we are not really risk takers ( ok so maybe some of us are). Initial investment is 10, 000 pesos and you can replenish anytime you want. If i remember my first investment the NAVPS for bond fund was 1.55 pesos and currently the value is at 1.893 up by almost 30 cents per share in a span of a year - not bad. I gave the GS fund a try , it has been performing well for the last 3 months starting below  1.05 pesos per share to currently 1.1061 per share - if my math is correct thats roughly .05 cents already.

The only thing I find odd is ithere is not way to systematically check the value of your shares - like some sort of online application that you can log in and you can look at how much it has earned. Sunlife send a short "paper" every quite so often to tell you how many shares you own but i find it not as useful.

I also bought a SUNFLEX life insurance fund, now the value of your insurance or the coverage  may vary depending on which FUND YOU INVESTED on. Example if  the original value of my policy was 500k death  and  i have invested 100% on Bond Fund - chances are at any given time when the bond fund increases the value of my policy also increases. Plus I have some shares . I cant explain it fully - its a non-traditional insurance policy , also risky but suits me well. Plus it has a "maturity " period - 10 years , so you earn something within that duration just like any insurances out there.

I have devised a simple plan ( hope somebody with better experience can validate this), to invest a certain amount  via Bondfund enough to earn dividends (bond fund has been averaging above 5% for the last 3 years) that will pay for the cost of my annual insurance payment annually :-D. Lets say you are paying 15,000 annually for a 500k pesos Life Insurance with a 500k death and accident "rider". At 5% annual earnings for your fund value - you would need some 300k worth of Bond Fund to "support" your insurance annual payment. Ideally it becomes a self sustaining engine. Making the  fund value for insurance earn while being insured. Complicated? I guess it is but bottom line is I think its a good investment. Better than the banks' pathetic 1% taxable earning - annually.

Hope this helps.  

thanks celljacella for sharing.  your input is very valuable for me since i really want to learn the trick of this trade .  i think you just did a smart investing when you bought addt'l funds during that mutiny.  in investments we should always apply the principle, buy low and sell high for us us to reap profits.  you give also a very good suggestion here, to use your bond funds interest to raise or support your insurance funds.  i will be following your footsteps one of these days :hihi:  so thanks a lot for that eye opener ;)

but like you i also have one concern, in china here and in taiwan we can buy and sell funds online in our bank accounts and of course we can check the performances of our funds online, and you don't have to do the math or use your own calculator to solve your losses or profits because everything is already there in your online account.   it seems it's not that yet being popularly practiced by now by most of mutual funds company there in the philippines.  or others do but i'm just not aware of it :confused:  
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FG and Nailbiter thanks for the info.

I have actually done this already  or to some extent tried to register online but the thing is it did work out as "good". My guess is that time ( some 7 months ago) the interface or the usability of the site was not as "nice". I'll go check it again. With regards to the 5% dividends - hmmmmm.. i guess not as much or was i referring to increase in fund value thats why i just made an assumption ( hoping to high heavens that they would indeed be as high). :hihi:. Last letter i received on dividend sharing was at 2% - again if i understood it correctly. Nevertheless the intention is to create a self sustaining engine that allows the bond fund "income" to fuel my insurance payments.

The next step i was working out on was trying to "automate" the whole system - from automatically investing certain amounts (say 20k/ month) from my bank account to buying Bond fund. Then automatically (somehow if possible) channeling any dividend share or income from my bond funds  to payment for my life insurance. Wishful thinking i guess. :hihi: . But if anyone knows a way to cut a 5 step process to 1 or 2 I will be very happy. If ever their is some way to do such  then if will be a "watch and relax" thing. Relax not yet maybe - but definitely building an automatic process will be something convenient for us.

Anybody from sunlife out there!??? Yohoo... you can make a killing here.. ;)


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The next step i was working out on was trying to "automate" the whole system - from automatically investing certain amounts (say 20k/ month) from my bank account to buying Bond fund. Then automatically (somehow if possible) channeling any dividend share or income from my bond funds  to payment for my life insurance. Wishful thinking i guess. :hihi: . But if anyone knows a way to cut a 5 step process to 1 or 2 I will be very happy. If ever their is some way to do such  then if will be a "watch and relax" thing. Relax not yet maybe - but definitely building an automatic process will be something convenient for us.

Anybody from sunlife out there!??? Yohoo... you can make a killing here.. ;)

My mom's a Sunlife agent. I could put you in touch with her if you want, she could tell you what your options might be in this regard. PM mo na lang ako.

I do know Sunlife is enrolled in several online banking facilities. With BPI, they have listings for Sunlife Asset Management Co. (SUNAST - mutual funds), Sunlife Financial Plans (SUNPLN - preneed) and Sunlife of Canada (Philippines), Inc. (SUNLIF - insurance). You could make your investments via online banking and just forward the transaction receipt to them as proof, with a fax of your order ticket.

Check this form: It enables you to direct Sunlife to automatically credit redemptions to your nominated bank account. You'll have to request a redemption to realize any income on your bond fund, as you know. You could use any such redemption payments to pay for your insurance premium via online banking. I'm guessing that's not exactly what you have in mind but that's probably one way to do it.

I think mutual fund dividends are automatically reinvested as shares. Or perhaps policy would differ on each declaration. Insurance policy dividends, those you can use to pay your premiums. See here:

Get in touch with an agent. Mas alam nila yan. :)
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hello I'm just a newbie here that need some answers

I am really confuse regarding how to invest in mutual funds or just keep my cash in TimeDeposit and suffer low interest rate

I have a lot of question you guys might share some suggestions...

1. let say I have 50,000-100,000 pesos and invest it in mutual fund the company will be sunlife financial i have read that i can lose money because there is risk involve if ever na nag karron ng problem it it posible na ma wipe out yung whole capital?

2. do i need an agent to invest in sunlife mutual fund and san ko ideposti yung investment?

3. sa tingin nyo ok pa ba mag invest sa sunlife mutual fund? a friend of mine invest like 70,000 front end deduction before 1 year eh he got 81,000 is this possible?

4. just an estimate what are the % of interest return on sunlife mutual fund?

5. mas ok ba yung sunlife or philam mutual funds? nag tanong ako sa bank na they are offering bond good for 2 years pero sabi sakin eh di raw maganda mag invest now sa bond....

6. when you say per annum it means per year so pag sinabing 3% per annum 3% per year?

like ever month if 2% ang bigay ng bank so 2% x 12 months = 24% per annum? sorry medyo magulo

thanks in advance :)


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1) Don't worry, 2pac. The funds are managed by industry professionals. There has never been a history of complete capital loss in mutual funds so I would say no, highly unlikely.

2) Yes, you'll need an agent for your initial investment. Your agent will let you know what your deposit options are. My mom is a Sunlife agent, you can PM me if you want her contact info. If you want to get in touch with her, kindly PM me your name and contact info as well so I can tell her to expect your call.

3) Sunlife is a solid company and is one of the top performing mutual fund companies in the country. Close to 16% growth in less than a year is indeed possible with Sunlife's balanced and equity funds.

4) Sunlife has several types of mutual funds. Which fund is right for you would depend on your investor profile. I would suggest you take the quiz here to try and determine that:

As of 2/15/2007:

FundType1 yr return3 yr return*5 yr return*YTD return
Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund, Inc.Stock/Equity59.08%28.05%16.44%12.34%
Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc.Balanced44.88%23.38%14.94%8.99%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund, Inc.Balanced9.56%7.00%n.a.-0.21%
Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund, Inc.Bond11.05%10.29%9.48%0.89%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance FundBond7.77%n.a.n.a.-0.21%
Sun Life Prosperity GS FundBond12.83%n.a.n.a.0.36%
Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund, Inc.Money Market4.31%n.a.n.a.3.44%


YTD return refers to the fund's 2007 performance from January 1 to February 15. The one year return is the fund's performance from Feb. 16, 2006 to Feb. 15, 2007. The total three and five year performance were divided by 3 and 5 respectively to get the annualized return shown on the table.

5) Both companies perform very well so you can't go wrong with either one. The nice thing about Sunlife is they have an online facility where you can monitor your fund performance (and pay your premiums, too, if you're an insurance policyholder).

6) Yes, per annum means per year. If your bank gives you 2% p.a., that means your P100.00 earns P2.00 at the end of the year. Actually, P1.60 lang kasi may 20% withholding tax.

Fyi, we have an extensive discussion on mutual funds in this thread. You can also checkout the articles on to guide you with your plans.
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Thank you for the information :)

I'll pm/inform you if i'm ready to take the big step hehehe

by the way if ever lang usually ba sa sunlife makati ba nag discuss/disclose ng investment or pede rin sa other branch ng sunlife?


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im pretty sure any branch of sunlife will be able to entertain any questions you may have regarding their mutual funds.


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ic ok but what i mean is if ever na like is decide today na mag invest ako sa company usually sa makati/main branch or sa branches nila dinedeposit yung investment/pag sign ng contract?


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If you want to have your investment immediately posted, sa branch nga, and before 12 noon. But it could be any branch, hindi kailangan sa main.


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THE LOCAL MUTUAL FUND UNIT OF insurance giant Sun Life Financial reported a sharp rise in sales in the first two months of 2007 despite the lackluster year-to-date performance of the stock market.
In a statement, Sun Life Prosperity Funds (SLPF) said it posted sales of well over P2.6 billion at the end of February, which already accounts for approximately 45 percent of total mutual fund sales made last year.
The robust sales came as the stock market hit highs last experienced before the onset of the 1997 East Asian financial crisis, but corrected sharply afterwards after a sharp sell-off in the main Chinese bourse triggered jitters in equities markets around the world.
“It is truly remarkable how we have managed to stay way ahead of our sales pace this year compared to last year considering some of the minor ripples that hit the market recently,” SLPF president and CEO Henry Joseph Herrera said.
“If you recall, as of September 2006, we made it to the number two spot in terms of annualized gross sales,” he added. “And by all indications, we are optimistic that we will outperform our sales performance last year.”
It remains unclear, however, how the recent sell-off in stocks will affect the sales of Sun Life, in particular, and the country’s nascent mutual fund industry, in general.
As of the latest data, Sun Life now has P13.5 billion in assets under management, which is 19 percent higher than the end-2006 level of P11.4 billion.
The year-on-year net returns on the Prosperity Funds have so far beat the market’s average performance. Its equity fund so far leads the pack with a net after tax return of 47 percent.
Its balanced fund, consisting of both fixed income and equities, came in second with a yield of 35 percent, while the government securities fund generated a net after tax return of 12 percent. Its bond fund, meanwhile, delivered an 11-percent return.
“We have never experienced anything like this before and we are enthusiastic about the future of the Prosperity Funds,” Herrera said. “Filipinos are getting more and more attuned to the idea of investing. By taking on some risks as compared to traditional investment instruments, returns on mutual funds can be substantially higher.”
The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are managed and distributed by Sun Life Asset Management Co. Inc., a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies.


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i just had an appointment with a sunlife agent because i'm planning to invest in sunlife's balanced fund. for those who are out of the country, when you feel that it's time to redeem your shares, how do you go about it? do you personally redeem your investment? because my agent said that some of his clients who aren't based here just signed a blank order ticket so that when the time comes that prices are high, with their client's consent, the agent himself has the authority to redeem their investment. is it safe to entrust your investment to your agent like this? is this arrangement usually practiced here?   :watchuthink: i'm afraid to risk this set up because some stranger might run away with my hard-earned money.   :hihi:


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You can also have the  option of having it credited to your bank account.


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yes. he will credit it to a client's account. but the question is, will you readily sign a blank order ticket?


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You can send your order ticket by fax and have your redemptions automatically credited to your nominated bank account. Just accomplish this form:
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