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Explanation of PDIC Coverage

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actually after my post, binasa ko pa ulit-ulit yung first post. medyo luminaw na rin.
still, salamat po sa clarification.


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I have a lawyer friend who represented a client of Urban bank, and he was able to get his money back through PDIC. But it took more than five years. I also have another friend who had to wait about three years before starting to get her money back. Is this normal?


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Are you talking about the claims outside the coverage (previously it was P100,000)? Outside the insurance coverage, claims will take more time because the assets of the bank will be liquidated but for the amount under the coverage, the funds will come from PDIC, thus the latter is faster, time-wise.


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The one that took five years was what was covered by PDIC.  The other friend, I'm not so sure.


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What is the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC)?

PDIC is a government-owned and controlled corporation created in 1963 by virtue of Republic Act 3591 for the purpose of insuring bank deposits. The latest amendments to RA 3591 are contained in RA 9302 enacted on July 27, 2004, which provided enhanced depositor protection through increased deposit insurance coverage up to P250,000 and strengthened PDIC's risk management capabilities through the restoration of PDIC's authority to examine member banks with prior approval by the Monetary Board. The new law also enhanced PDIC's receivership and liquidation powers.

The PDIC is an attached agency of the Department of Finance.
What is PDIC’s overall mandate?

To provide depositor protection and strengthen public confidence in the banking system to foster financial stability.

What are the functions of PDIC?

A. Insurance

The PDIC assesses and collects insurance assessments from member-banks to insure member-banks’ deposit accounts. In case of bank closures, the PDIC processes and services claims for insured deposits. Deposits are insured up to a maximum coverage of P250,000 per depositor.

B. Bank Examination

          Under the new law, PDIC's authority to examine its member banks, with prior approval by the Monetary Board, has been restored.

C. Bank Rehabilitation

The PDIC may grant financial assistance to distressed banks if it is proven to be a less costly alternative than closure.

D. Receivership of closed banks

Once a bank is ordered closed by the Monetary Board (MB) of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the PDIC is designated as statutory receiver. The PDIC upon receipt of the MB resolution ordering the closure of a bank, immediately physically takes over the closed bank. Receivership is the stage within which the PDIC manages the affairs of the closed bank and preserves its assets for the benefit of creditors.

E. Liquidation of closed banks

After it is determined that the closed bank can not be rehabilitated, the PDIC shall recommend the liquidation of the assets of the closed bank. Liquidation refers to the recovery and conversion of assets into cash for distribution to all creditors in accordance with the order of creditor preference pursuant to law.

What is PDIC’s maximum deposit insurance coverage?

The maximum deposit insurance coverage is P250,000 per depositor. All deposit accounts by a depositor in a closed bank maintained in the same right and capacity shall be added together.

What is an insured deposit?

deposit is the net amount due to any depositor for deposits in an insured bank, after deducting unpaid loans and other obligations of the depositor to the closed bank. In no case shall insured deposit exceed P250,000 per depositor.

Are all banks members of PDIC?

Membership of banks to PDIC is mandatory, hence, all operating banks are members of PDIC. Under the new law, PDIC's power to terminate insured status of banks has been revoked.

What types of deposits are insured by PDIC?

All peso and foreign currency savings deposit accounts, time deposit accounts, current or demand deposit or checking accounts in a bank are insured with PDIC.

What specific risks to a bank does PDIC cover?

PDIC covers only the risk of bank closure ordered by the Monetary Board. Thus, bank losses due to theft, fire, closure by reason of strike or existence of public disorder, revolution or civil war, are not covered by PDIC.

Are the deposits of all banks insured with PDIC?

Yes. Deposits of all commercial banks, savings and mortgage banks, rural banks, private development banks, cooperative banks, savings and loan associations, as well as branches and agencies in the Philippines of foreign banks and all other corporations authorized to perform banking functions in the Philippines, are insured with PDIC. But PDIC insurance only covers deposits in banks located in the Philippines. Deposits in overseas branches of local banks are not insured with PDIC.

Sec. 9 of RA 6426 (‘An act instituting a foreign currency deposit system in the Philippines, and for other purposes") and Sec. 79 of Central Bank (CB) Circular No. 1389, dated August 13, 1993, mandate that foreign currency deposits shall be insured under the provisions of RA 3591, as amended. Under CB Circular No. 1389, depositors are entitled to receive payment in the same currency in which the insured deposit is denominated.

Shall the depositor pay any insurance premium to PDIC?

No. Insurance premium is paid by the banks, not by the depositors. The bank is assessed 1/5 of 1% per annum of the assessment base of the bank as insurance assessment.

How is insurance coverage determined?

In determining the insured amount, the outstanding balance of each account is adjusted, such that interests are updated, withholding taxes are deducted, accounts maintained by a depositor in the same right and capacity are added together; and whenever applicable, unpaid loans and other obligations of the depositor are deducted; and in no case shall insured deposit exceed P250,000.

Can PDIC insurance coverage be increased by having several accounts in the same name in an insured bank?

No. Deposit insurance coverage is not determined on a per-account basis. The type of account (whether checking, savings, time or other form of deposit) has no bearing on the amount of insurance coverage.

If I have deposits in several different insured banks, will my deposits be added together for insurance purposes?

No. Deposits in different banking institutions are insured separately. However, if a bank has one or more branches, the main office and all branch offices are considered as one bank. Thus, if you have deposits at the main office and at one or more branch offices of the same bank, the deposits are added together when determining deposit insurance coverage, the total of which shall not exceed P250,000.

Is there a need for a depositor to file his claim for insured deposit with PDIC?

Yes. Depositors will be advised through the national and/or local media and posters at the premises of the closed insured bank and other public places within the locality on the schedule of claims servicing and the prescriptive date of filing claim.

When should the depositor of a closed insured bank file his claim with PDIC?

The depositor of the closed insured bank should file a claim for his insured deposits within twenty-four (24) months from date of bank closure.

What happens when the depositor of a closed bank fails to file his claim within the 24-month period?

All rights of the depositor with respect to the insured deposit shall no longer be honored but his rights against the closed bank subsists.

How long does it take PDIC to settle a claim for insured deposit?

The claim for insured deposit should be settled within six (6) months from the date of filing but the claim must be filed within twenty-four (24) months after bank closure. The six-month period shall not apply if the documents of the claimant are incomplete or if the validity of the claim requires the resolution of issues of facts and law by another office, body or agency, idependently or in coordination with PDIC.

What processes are involved before PDIC starts servicing claims?
Deposit records are subjected to an examination prior to the start of servicing/settlement of claims. As soon as the pre-settlement examination is completed, PDIC shall schedule the servicing of claims.
How long does the pre-settlement examination take?

The length of time needed for the pre-settlement examination of deposit liabilities of a closed insured bank largely depends on the completeness and accuracy of records turned over by the Bank to PDIC and the number of deposit accounts to be examined. On the average, claims servicing for banks with problematic records starts 2-3 months after takeover by PDIC.
If the deposit account in a closed bank is more than P250,000.00, what happens to the excess of the maximum amount of insured deposit?
If the closed bank is not rehabilitated or taken over by another bank, amount in excess of the P250,000 coverage can still be claimed upon the final liquidation of the remaining assets of the closed bank. The claim may be filed with the Liquidator of the closed bank.

However, if the closed bank is rehabilitated, the excess deposits are usually assumed by the rehabilitator.

What is the order of priorities for the payment of claims in excess of the P250,000.00 maximum insurance coverage?

The schedule of payment beyond the P250,000.00 maximum insurance shall be based on priorities set by law.

Under the law, claims for deposit in excess of the insured P250,000.00 will be settled together with claims of other ordinary creditors, after preferred claims like government taxes, labor claims, secured credits and trust funds are settled.



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            Pursuant to Section 30 of Republic Act No. 7653 (New Central Bank Act), the Monetary   Board  of  the  Bangko    Sentral ng  Pilipinas issued Resolution No. 237 dated February 22, 2007 prohibiting RURAL BANK OF SANTOL (LA UNION), INC., (“Bank”) with Head Office address at Corro-oy, Santol, La Union from doing business in the Philippines and placing the same under receivership with the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) as the designated Receiver.  

The Bank has 3 branches, located at the following addresses:

Balaoan Branch
 Balaoan, La Union
Bangar Branch
 Bangar, La Union
Tagudin  Branch
 Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

            The PDIC took over RURAL BANK OF SANTOL (LA UNION), INC.and its branches, assets, records and affairs effective February 22, 2007.

            Pursuant to Section 30 of Republic Act No. 7653 (New Central Bank Act), the Monetary   Board  of  the  Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas issued Resolution No. 173 dated February 8, 2007 prohibiting RURAL BANK OF CAJIDIOCAN (ROMBLON), INC., with Head Office address at R. Magsaysay Ave., cor. Arellano St., Poblacion, Cajidiocan, Romblon from doing business in the Philippines and placing the same under receivership with the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) as the designated Receiver.  The Bank has one (1) branch located in Alcantara, Tablas Island, Romblon.

            The PDIC took over RURAL BANK OF CAJIDIOCAN (ROMBLON), INC., and its branch, assets, records and affairs effective February 9, 2007.





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Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
Banks under PDIC R/L
As of April 17, 2006


Under Liquidation
 Bank Name
 Closure Date
Commercial Banks
1 Orient Commercial Banking Corporation 15-Oct-98
2 Pacific Banking Corporation 05-Jul-85
Thrift Banks
1 Admiral United Savings Bank 18-Jun-84
2 Aklan Development Bank 06-Mar-98
3 All AsiaBank Corporation - Your Community Thrift Bank 2-Aug-02
4 Baguio Mountain Province Dev. Bank 18-May-88
5 Banco Primero Development Bank 16-Jul-84
6 Batangas Savings and Loan Bank, Inc. 27-Jul-99
7 Commonwealth Savings and Loan Bank, Inc. 05-Jun-98
8 Community Savings and Loan Association, Inc. 19-Jun-98
9 Country Savings and Loans Association, Inc. 10-Jun-85
10 Daily Savings Bank 15-May-84
11 Development Bank of Rizal 13-Aug-84
12 Eastern Visayas Development Bank (Tacloban), Inc. 19-Dec-97
13 Ever Development Bank 26-Nov-04
14 Federated Thrift Bank (Bulacan), Inc. 13-Aug-84
15 Fidelity Savings and Mortgage Bank 18-Feb-69
16 Filhomes Savings and Loan Bank 21-Jan-05
17 First Ideal Savings & Loan Bank 13-Aug-84
18 First Occidental SLA (Negros Occidental), Inc. 15-Sep-82
19 First Peso Savings & Loan Asso., Inc. 15-Aug-83
20 First Savings Bank 8-Sep-04
21 Fortune Savings and Loan Association, Inc. 18-Jun-98
22 Golden Savings and Loan Association, Inc. 12-Mar-81
23 Hermosa Savings and Loan Bank 3-Feb-05
24 Homeowners Savings and Loan Bank 11-Feb-99
25 Industrial SLA (Mandaue), Inc. 09-Jul-84
26 Intercity Savings and Loan Bank 21-May-85
27 International SLB (Tayuman, Sta. Cruz), Inc. 09-Jul-84
28 Island Savings Bank 14-Jun-68
29 Jade Progressive and Mortgage Bank, Inc. 19-Dec-00
30 Laguna Savings and Loans Association, Inc. 11-Jun-82
31 Mariveles Savings & Loan Bank, Inc. 26-Jan-95
32 Matatag SLA (Guimba, Nueva Ecija), Inc. 14-May-87
33 Mayon Savings & Loan Bank 12-Feb-87
34 Mercantile Savings & Loan Association, Inc. 21-Mar-81
35 Mindanao Savings and Loan Association, Inc. 03-Sep-90
36 Molave Savings & Loan Bank, Inc. 23-Aug-85
37 Nation Savings Loan and Association, Inc. 20-Mar-81
38 Oriental SLB (Kalibo, Aklan), Inc. 12-Nov-84
39 PAIC Savings & Mortgage Bank 19-Aug-85
40 Panay Thrift Bank, Inc. 09-Nov-94
41 Peninsula Development Bank 21-Nov-90
42 Permanent Savings & Loan Bank 18-Dec-84
43 Perpetual Savings Bank 11-Jun-84
44 Pioneer Savings & Loan Bank, Inc. 14-Aug-84
45 PISO Development Bank 03-Aug-87
46 Prime Savings Bank, Inc. 07-Jan-00
47 Regent Savings & Loan Bank (Valenzuela, Metro Manila) 18-Jun-84
48 Reliable Savings & Loan Association, Inc. 22-Jan-88
 Richmond Bank 15-Oct-98
50 Second Bulacan Development Bank 30-Nov-00
 Solid Homes Savings & Loan Association, Inc. 26-Nov-84
 Thrift Savings & Loan Association, Inc. 09-Jul-84
 Triumph Savings Bank 03-Jun-85
 Unified Savings and Loan Association, Inc. 03-Sep-98
 Unitrust Development Bank, Inc. 04-Jan-02
Rural Banks
1 Banco Rural del Oriente (Davao Oriental), Inc. 14-Aug-98
2 Banco Rural Legaspi, Inc. 14-Jan-05
3 Banco Rural Sorsogon, Inc. 14-Jan-05
4 Bangko Rural ng Minalabac (Camarines Sur), Inc. 01-Jul-02
5 Bangko Rural ng Sta. Lucia (Ilocos Sur), Corp. 06-May-02
6 Bauan Rural Bank (Batangas), Inc. 09-May-03
7 Cabiao RB (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 17-Mar-87
8 Candaba Rural Bank (Pampanga), Inc. 21-Jun-96
9 Capital Rural Bank of Makati, Inc. 13-May-99
10 Catanauan Rural Bank (Quezon), Inc. 18-Mar-82
11 Community Rural Bank of Allen( N. Samar), Inc. 08-Oct-01
12 Community Rural Bank of Bacarra (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 05-Dec-94
13 Community Rural Bank of Balamban (Cebu), Inc. 18-Sep-86
14 Community Rural Bank of Bulalacao (Oriental Mindoro), Inc. 26-Jun-81
15 Community Rural Bank of Calamba (Misamis Occidental), Inc. 25-Sep-91
16 Community Rural Bank of Currimao (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 02-Jul-99
17 Community Rural Bank of Dalaguete (Cebu), Inc. 10-Sep-86
18 Community Rural Bank of Dingle (Iloilo), Inc. 12-Jan-01
19 Community Rural Bank of Dumanjug (Cebu), Inc. 24-Aug-83
20 Community Rural Bank of Hinoba-an (Negros Occidental), Inc. 24-Apr-86
21 Community Rural Bank of Leon (Iloilo), Inc. 07-May-80
22 Community Rural Bank of Pandan (Antique), Inc. 30-Aug-96
23 Community Rural Bank of Paombong (Bulacan), Inc. 05-Nov-87
24 Community Rural Bank of Solsona (Ilocos Norte) Inc 16-Jul-82
25 Community Rural Bank of Valladolid (Negros Occidental), Inc. 20-Jun-80
26 Concepcion Rural Bank (Tarlac), Inc. 19-Jun-00
27 Cooperative Bank of Davao City 14-Aug-00
28 Cooperative Bank of Davao Oriental 17-Oct-03
29 Cooperative Bank of Lanao Del Sur, Inc. 24-Jun-02
30 Cooperative Bank of Occidental Negros, Inc. 03-Dec-01
31 Cooperative Bank of Pangasinan  5-Dec-03
32 Cooperative Rural Bank of Albay, Inc. 12-Jul-02
33 Countryside Rural Bank (Real, Quezon), Inc. 18-May-01
34 Countrywide Rural Bank of La Carlota (Neg. Occidental), Inc. 14-May-99
35 Dagupan City Rural Bank (Pangasinan), Inc. 05-Jun-98
36 Davao Cooperative Bank, Inc 16-Jul-01
37 First Manufacturer's Rural Bank (Bulacan), Inc. 29-Sep-99
38 First United Rural Bank of Grace Park (Metro Manila), Inc. 05-May-84
39 Harvest Rural Bank(Daraga, Albay), Inc. 16-May-01
40 Integrated RB of Binidayan (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
41 Integrated Rural Bank of Mis. Oriental (Misamis Oriental), Inc. 05-Jun-90
42 Kalibo Rural Bank (Aklan), Inc. 16-Jul-99
43 Manaoag Rural Bank (Pangasinan), Inc. 11-Apr-00
44 Masbate Rural Bank (Masbate), Inc. 21-Nov-86
45 Meycauayan Rural Bank (Bulacan), Inc. 29-Nov-02
46 Molave Rural Bank (Zamboanga del Sur), Inc. 17-Dec-79
47 Municipal Rural Bank of Del Gallego, Inc. 28-Jan-05
48 Networth Bank of La Union 27-Jun-03
49 Rizal RB (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 25-Sep-87
50 Rural Bank of Abra De Ilog (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 05-May-00
51 Rural Bank of Abuyog (Leyte), Inc. 28-Apr-87
52 Rural Bank of Agdangan (Quezon), Inc. 15-May-01
53 Rural Bank of Aguilar (Pangasinan), Inc. 28-Apr-86
54 Rural Bank of Ajuy (Iloilo), Inc. 19-Jun-80
55 Rural Bank of Alang-Alang (Leyte), Inc. 01-Aug-85
56 Rural Bank of Alcala (Pangasinan), Inc. 05-Jan-93
57 Rural Bank of Aliaga (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 26-Mar-81
58 Rural Bank of Alicia (Bohol), Inc. 15-Sep-99
59 Rural Bank of Alubijid (Misamis Oriental), Inc. 05-Jul-91
60 Rural Bank of Amulung (Cagayan), Inc. 15-Aug-90
61 Rural Bank of Anao (Tarlac), Inc. 16-Nov-88
62 Rural Bank of Aparri (Cagayan), Inc. 19-Jun-89
63 Rural Bank of Arayat (Pampanga), Inc. 08-Oct-81
64 Rural Bank of Aringay (La Union), Inc. 12-May-95
65 Rural Bank of Asingan (Pangasinan), Inc. 26-Oct-99
66 Rural Bank of Asuncion (Davao del Norte), Inc. 24-Sep-81
67 Rural Bank of Atok (Benguet), Inc. 02-Dec-85
68 Rural Bank of Aurora (Quezon), Inc. 26-Sep-85
69 Rural Bank of Aurora (Zamboanga del Sur), Inc. 26-May-97
70 Rural Bank of Baao (Camarines Sur), Inc. 16-May-97
71 Rural Bank of Bacacay (Albay), Inc. 27-Feb-90
72 Rural Bank of Bacon (Sorsogon), Inc. 10-Apr-80
73 Rural Bank of Badoc (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 13-Jul-89
74 Rural Bank of Bagumbayan (Sultan Kudarat), Inc. 07-May-86
75 Rural Bank of Balatan (Camarines Sur), Inc. 10-Apr-80
76 Rural Bank of Balayan (Batangas), Inc. 02-May-00
77 Rural Bank of Ballesteros (Cagayan), Inc. 10-Jan-89
78 Rural Bank of Banate (Iloilo), Inc. 07-May-80
79 Rural Bank of Banga (South Cotabato), Inc. 16-Oct-98
80 Rural Bank of Bansalan (Davao del Sur), Inc. 21-Jul-81
81 Rural Bank of Bantay (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 17-Mar-97
82 Rural Bank of Baras (Rizal), Inc. 14-Oct-94
83 Rural Bank of Barbaza (Antique), Inc. 14-Mar-00
84 Rural Bank of Basilan City, Inc. 24-Apr-89
85 Rural Bank of Basista (Pangasinan), Inc. 13-May-87
86 Rural Bank of Batad (Iloilo), Inc. 26-Jul-85
87 Rural Bank of Bato (Camarines Sur), Inc. 14-Apr-80
88 Rural Bank of Belison (Antique), Inc. 20-Apr-83
89 Rural Bank of Binalbagan (Negros Occidental), Inc. 14-Sep-71
90 Rural Bank of Binalonan (Pangasinan), Inc. 19-Mar-99
91 Rural Bank of Bislig (Surigao del Sur), Inc. 25-Nov-02
92 Rural Bank of Boac (Marinduque), Inc. 29-Mar-90
93 Rural Bank of Bobon (Northern Samar), Inc. 09-Jun-97
94 Rural Bank of Bocaue (Bulacan), Inc. 18-Aug-00
95 Rural Bank of Bokod (Benguet), Inc 21-Jan-87
96 Rural Bank of Bombon (Camarines Sur), Inc. 10-Oct-03
97 Rural Bank of Bongabon (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 17-Mar-88
98 Rural Bank of Botolan (Zambales), Inc. 03-Feb-87
99 Rural Bank of Buenavista (Marinduque), Inc. 05-Jul-88
100 Rural Bank of Bugallon (Pangasinan), Inc. 15-Oct-01
101 Rural Bank of Buguey (Cagayan), Inc. 24-Mar-86
102 Rural Bank of Buhi (Camarines Sur), Inc. 12-Apr-80
103 Rural Bank of Bula (Camarines Sur), Inc. 13-Nov-90
104 Rural Bank of Bulusan (Sorsogon), Inc. 22-Aug-85
105 Rural Bank of Butig (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
106 Rural Bank of Buug (Zamboanga del Sur), Inc. 11-Mar-94
107 Rural Bank of Cabarroguis (Quirino), Inc. 27-Aug-97
108 Rural Bank of Cabusao (Camarines Sur), Inc. 14-May-99
109 Rural Bank of Cagwait (Surigao del Sur), Inc. 09-Mar-99
110 Rural Bank of Calabanga (Camarines Sur), Inc. 15-Feb-91
111 Rural Bank of Calatrava (Negros Occidental), Inc. 20-Jul-00
112 Rural Bank of Calauag (Quezon), Inc. 29-Sep-99
113 Rural Bank of Calawi-Bacolod Grande (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
114 Rural Bank of Calintaan (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 14-May-93
115 Rural Bank of Calumpit (Bulacan), Inc. 13-Feb-85
116 Rural Bank of Canaman (Camarines Sur), Inc. 08-Jan-01
117 Rural Bank of Candon (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 17-Oct-97
118 Rural Bank of Candoni (Negros Occidental), Inc. 22-Aug-85
119 Rural Bank of Canlaon City (Negros Oriental), Inc. 19-Sep-86
120 Rural Bank of Capas (Tarlac), Inc. 25-Nov-85
121 Rural Bank of Capiz (Capiz), Inc. 05-Oct-94
122 Rural Bank of Carigara (Leyte), Inc. 28-May-85
123 Rural Bank of Castilla (Sorsogon), Inc. 19-Dec-81
124 Rural Bank of Catarman (Northern Samar), Inc. 26-Dec-96
125 Rural Bank of Cauayan (Negros Occidental), Inc. 03-Mar-94
126 Rural Bank of Central Mindanao (N. Cotabato), Inc. 04-May-98
127 Rural Bank of Consolacion (Cebu), Inc. 26-Nov-87
128 Rural Bank of Coron (Palawan), Inc. 20-Jul-99
129 Rural Bank of Culasi (Antique), Inc. 22-Oct-04
130 Rural Bank of Daet (Camarines Norte), Inc. 21-Mar-80
131 Rural Bank of Del Pilar (Bulacan), Inc. 29-Sep-99
132 Rural Bank of Dinalupihan (Bataan), Inc. 26-Jun-00
133 Rural Bank of Dipaculao (Aurora), Inc. 15-Jun-89
134 Rural Bank of Ditsaan Ramain (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
135 Rural Bank of Dolores (Eastern Samar), Inc. 29-Jan-97
136 Rural Bank of Don Carlos (Bukidnon), Inc. 29-Jun-81
137 Rural Bank of Duenas (Iloilo), Inc. 29-May-98
138 Rural Bank of Dumarao (Capiz), Inc. 18-Jun-81
139 Rural Bank of E.B. Magalona (Negros Occidental), Inc. 27-Nov-00
140 Rural Bank of Echague (Isabela), Inc. 03-Feb-03
141 Rural Bank of Espiritu (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 01-Mar-95
142 Rural Bank of Estancia (Iloilo), Inc. 18-Jun-85
143 Rural Bank of Famy (Laguna), Inc. 03-Nov-83
144 Rural Bank of Francisco Balagtas (Bulacan), Inc. 29-Sep-99
145 Rural Bank of Ganassi (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
146 Rural Bank of Gapan (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 23-Sep-93
147 Rural Bank of Gasan (Marinduque), Inc. 04-Apr-90
148 Rural Bank of Gen. Natividad (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 03-May-82
149 Rural Bank of Gen. Santos (South Cotabato), Inc. 26-Jun-81
150 Rural Bank of Gen. Tinio (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 15-May-86
151 Rural Bank of Gerona (Tarlac), Inc. 10-Sep-98
152 Rural Bank of Giporlos (Eastern Samar), Inc. 03-Dec-87
153 Rural Bank of Greater Baloi (Lanao del Norte), Inc. 04-Nov-98
154 Rural Bank of Gubat (Sorsogon), Inc. 10-Apr-80
155 Rural Bank of Guiguinto (Bulacan), Inc. 11-Feb-99
156 Rural Bank of Guinayangan (Quezon), Inc. 09-Jul-86
157 Rural Bank of Gumaca (Quezon), Inc. 14-Aug-00
158 Rural Bank of Hinatuan (Surigao del Sur), Inc. 26-Nov-86
159 Rural Bank of Hinunangan (Southern Leyte), Inc. 16-Oct-87
160 Rural Bank of Iba (Zambales), Inc 04-Apr-90
161 Rural Bank of Imelda (Camarines Norte), Inc. 26-Oct-94
162 Rural Bank of Impasug-ong (Bukidnon), Inc. 20-Mar-87
163 Rural Bank of Ipil (Zamboanga del Sur), Inc. 03-Jul-89
164 Rural Bank of Islamic City of Marawi, Inc. 04-Nov-98
165 Rural Bank of Jagna (Bohol), Inc. 23-Apr-81
166 Rural Bank of Jala-Jala (Rizal), Inc. 21-Apr-86
167 Rural Bank of Jaro (Leyte), Inc. 31-Jan-91
168 Rural Bank of Jasaan (Misamis Oriental), Inc. 09-Feb-87
169 Rural Bank of Jones (Isabela), Inc. 18-Apr-85
170 Rural Bank of Jovellar (Albay), Inc. 16-Mar-87
171 Rural Bank of Juban (Sorsogon), Inc. 28-Sep-81
172 Rural Bank of Kabankalan (Negros Occidental), Inc. 02-May-86
173 Rural Bank of Kiblawan (Davao del Sur), Inc. 18-Jul-81
174 Rural Bank of Kidapawan (North Cotabato), Inc. 24-Nov-94
175 Rural Bank of La Paz (Abra), Inc. 21-Mar-90
176 Rural Bank of Labo (Camarines Norte), Inc. 23-Aug-90
177 Rural Bank of Lagangilang (Abra), Inc. 29-Mar-90
178 Rural Bank of Lagawe (Ifugao), Inc. 28-Nov-86
179 Rural Bank of Lala (Lanao del Norte), Inc. 03-Jun-94
180 Rural Bank of Lal-lo (Cagayan), Inc. 13-Jun-91
181 Rural Bank of Lambunao (Iloilo), Inc. 15-May-98
182 Rural Bank of Laoag (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 31-May-85
183 Rural Bank of Laoang (Northern Samar), Inc. 05-Mar-85
184 Rural Bank of Lavezares (N. Samar), Inc. 04-Jan-02
185 Rural Bank of Lazi (Siquijor), Inc. 10-Jan-89
186 Rural Bank of Lemery (Iloilo), Inc. 26-Jul-85
187 Rural Bank of Libacao (Aklan), Inc. 04-Apr-94
188 Rural Bank of Libertad (Antique), Inc. 07-May-99
189 Rural Bank of Libmanan (Camarines Sur), Inc. 17-Jun-80
190 Rural Bank of Libona (Bukidnon), Inc. 05-Jul-91
191 Rural Bank of Libungan (North Cotabato), Inc. 09-Jun-97
192 Rural Bank of Ligao (Albay), Inc. 16-Mar-87
193 Rural Bank of Lilio, Inc. 10-Jun-05
194 Rural Bank of Liloan (Southern Leyte), Inc. 06-Oct-86
195 Rural Bank of Llanera (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 05-Feb-81
196 Rural Bank of Looc (Romblon), Inc. 06-Aug-99
197 Rural Bank of Lucena (Quezon), Inc. 13-Jun-61
198 Rural Bank of Lumba-Bayabao (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
199 Rural Bank of Lumbatan (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
200 Rural Bank of Maayon (Capiz), Inc. 05-Oct-94
201 Rural Bank of Mabini (Pangasinan), Inc. 27-Jul-99
202 Rural Bank of Macabebe (Pampanga), Inc. 15-Nov-89
203 Rural Bank of Macalelon (Quezon), Inc. 08-Jan-81
204 Rural Bank of Maco (Compostela), Inc. 7-Nov-03
205 Rural Bank of Magalang (Pampanga), Inc. 19-Sep-91
206 Rural Bank of Magallanes (Agusan del Norte), Inc. 20-Mar-87
207 Rural Bank of Magallanes (Sorsogon), Inc. 19-Sep-86
208 Rural Bank of Magarao (Camarines Sur), Inc. 11-Jul-90
209 Rural Bank of Magsaysay (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 09-Dec-81
210 Rural Bank of Mainit (Surigao del Norte), Inc. 10-Sep-98
211 Rural Bank of Malabang (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
212 Rural Bank of Malita (Davao del Sur), Inc. 09-Jul-01
213 Rural Bank of Malvar (Batangas), Inc. 25-Aug-95
214 Rural Bank of Mamburao (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 02-Mar-81
215 Rural Bank of Manabo (Abra),Inc. 24-Jul-95
216 Rural Bank of Manay (Davao Oriental), Inc. 18-Nov-86
217 Rural Bank of Mangatarem (Pangasinan), Inc. 15-Oct-01
218 Rural Bank of Manticao (Misamis Oriental), Inc. 15-Jul-80
219 Rural Bank of Maramag (Bukidnon), Inc. 23-Jul-81
220 Rural Bank of Marihatag (Surigao del Sur), Inc. 23-Oct-95
221 Rural Bank of Marilao (Bulacan), Inc. 03-Sep-86
222 Rural Bank of Mariveles (Bataan), Inc. 25-Oct-90
223 Rural Bank of Masinloc (Zambales), Inc. 28-Mar-88
224 Rural Bank of Masiu (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
225 Rural Bank of Matnog (Sorsogon), Inc. 01-Aug-85
226 Rural Bank of Mercedes (Camarines Norte), Inc. 20-Feb-80
227 Rural Bank of Mina (Iloilo), Inc. 05-Jul-85
228 Rural Bank of Minalin (Pampanga), Inc. 25-Feb-81
229 Rural Bank of Mogpog (Marinduque), Inc. 28-Mar-90
230 Rural Bank of Moncada (Tarlac), Inc. 19-May-95
231 Rural Bank of Morong (Rizal), Inc. 20-Mar-00
232 Rural Bank of Mulondo (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
233 Rural Bank of Muntinlupa (Rizal), Inc. 10-Feb-78
234 Rural Bank of Murcia (Negros Occidental), Inc. 19-Mar-87
235 Rural Bank of Mutia (Zamboanga del Norte), Inc. 11-May-82
236 Rural Bank of Nampicuan (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 19-Apr-89
237 Rural Bank of Narvacan (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 15-Oct-01
238 Rural Bank of Natividad (Pangasinan), Inc. 17-Nov-72
239 Rural Bank of Naujan (Oriental Mindoro), Inc. 15-Dec-81
240 Rural Bank of New Lucena (Iloilo), Inc. 07-Feb-83
241 Rural Bank of Northern Cebu (Compostela), Inc. 28-Sep-99
242 Rural Bank of Nueva Valencia (Guimaras), Inc. 26-Jul-85
243 Rural Bank of Obando (Bulacan), Inc. 02-Mar-73
244 Rural Bank of Olongapo (Zambales), Inc. 02-Jul-84
245 Rural Bank of Oras (Eastern Samar), Inc. 30-Sep-87
246 Rural Bank of Orion (Bataan), Inc. 18-Jun-01
247 Rural Bank of Padre Burgos (Quezon) Inc. 06-Sep-93
248 Rural Bank of Pakil (Laguna), Inc. 13-Jul-83
249 Rural Bank of Palauig (Zambales), Inc. 28-Mar-88
250 Rural Bank of Palayan City (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 02-May-00
251 Rural Bank of Palo (Leyte), Inc. 19-May-87
252 Rural Bank of Palompon (Leyte), Inc. 24-Aug-89
253 Rural Bank of Paluan (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 10-Sep-90
254 Rural Bank of Paniqui (Tarlac), Inc. 11-Dec-86
255 Rural Bank of Paoay (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 07-Feb-97
256 Rural Bank of Pasacao (Camarines Sur), Inc. 13-Apr-80
257 Rural Bank of Passi (Iloilo), Inc. 16-Aug-85
258 Rural Bank of Patnongon (Antique), Inc. 28-Sep-94
259 Rural Bank of Penaplata (Davao del Norte), Inc. 12-Mar-99
260 Rural Bank of Penaranda (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 12-Dec-85
261 Rural Bank of Pidigan (Abra), Inc. 06-Jun-97
262 Rural Bank of Pila (Laguna), Inc. 10-Sep-86
263 Rural Bank of Pili (Camarines Sur), Inc. 18-Feb-02
264 Rural Bank of Pinan (Zamboanga del Norte), Inc. 17-Aug-99
265 Rural Bank of Pinili (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 03-May-83
266 Rural Bank of Pioduran (Albay), Inc. 16-Mar-87
267 Rural Bank of Plaridel (Quezon), Inc. 01-Aug-89
268 Rural Bank of Polilio (Quezon), Inc. 26-Jul-93
269 Rural Bank of Pontevedra (Capiz), Inc. 05-Oct-94
270 Rural Bank of Poona-Bayabao (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
271 Rural Bank of Pualas (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
272 Rural Bank of Pulilan (Bulacan), Inc. 3-Oct-03
273 Rural Bank of Pulupandan (Negros Occidental), Inc. 17-Jul-86
274 Rural Bank of Quezon (Bukidnon), Inc. 22-Nov-85
275 Rural Bank of Ramos (Tarlac), Inc. 01-Oct-87
276 Rural Bank of Real (Quezon), Inc. 12-Jul-90
277 Rural Bank of Rinconada (Iriga city), Inc. 20-Feb-98
278 Rural Bank of Rizal (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 25-Feb-05
279 Rural Bank of Rosario (Agusan del Sur), Inc. 02-Mar-98
280 Rural Bank of Roxas (Palawan), Inc. 08-Mar-01
281 Rural Bank of Sablayan (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 16-Nov-90
282 Rural Bank of Sagay (Camiguin), Inc. 26-May-87
283 Rural Bank of Salay (Misamis Oriental), Inc. 23-Feb-98
284 Rural Bank of Samal (Bataan), Inc. 05-Sep-91
285 Rural Bank of San Andres (Catanduanes), Inc. 06-May-98
286 Rural Bank of San Antonio (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 14-Dec-81
287 Rural Bank of San Carlos (Negros Occidental), Inc. 20-Sep-91
288 Rural Bank of San Clemente (Tarlac), Inc 15-Oct-87
289 Rural Bank of San Enrique (Negros Occidental), Inc. 06-Apr-99
290 Rural Bank of San Esteban (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 22-Aug-89
291 Rural Bank of San Fernando (La Union), Inc. 23-May-97
292 Rural Bank of San Francisco (Agusan del Sur), Inc. 17-Jan-89
293 Rural Bank of San Jacinto (Pangasinan), Inc. 11-Feb-00
294 Rural Bank of San Juan (La Union), Inc. 31-Oct-02
295 Rural Bank of San Leonardo (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 09-Jan-89
296 Rural Bank of San Manuel (Pangasinan), Inc. 13-Nov-86
297 Rural Bank of San Manuel (Tarlac), Inc. 16-Apr-99
298 Rural Bank of San Miguel (Bohol), Inc. 15-Sep-99
299 Rural Bank of San Miguel (Bulacan), Inc. 21-Jan-00
300 Rural Bank of San Narciso (Quezon), Inc. 02-Oct-01
301 Rural Bank of San Pascual (Batangas), Inc. 24-Jul-00
302 Rural Bank of San Pedro (Laguna), Inc. 13-Feb-85
303 Rural Bank of San Rafael (Iloilo), Inc. 02-Aug-85
304 Rural Bank of San Remigio (Antique), Inc. 01-Aug-85
305 Rural Bank of San Simon (Pampanga), Inc. 19-Jul-96
306 Rural Bank of San Teodoro (Mindoro), Inc.  First People's Bank 15-Sep-99
307 Rural Bank of San Vicente de Ferrer (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 12-Apr-96
308 Rural Bank of Santander (Cebu), Inc. 11-Sep-00
309 Rural Bank of Santiago (Agusan Del Norte), Inc. 19-Apr-96
310 Rural Bank of Santiago (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 30-Apr-99
311 Rural Bank of Sara (Iloilo), Inc. 5-Oct-94
312 Rural Bank of Sibutad (Zamboanga del Norte), Inc. 19-Aug-82
313 Rural Bank of Sinait (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 15-Jul-85
314 Rural Bank of Siniloan (Laguna), Inc. 17-Oct-85
315 Rural Bank of Sipalay (Negros Occidental), Inc. 17-Jun-80
316 Rural Bank of Sison (Pangasinan), Inc. 09-Nov-99
317 Rural Bank of Southern Cagayan (Tuguegarao), Inc. 24-Mar-86
318 Rural Bank of St. Bernard (Southern Leyte), Inc. 09-Jan-87
319 Rural Bank of Sta. Ana (Pampanga), Inc. 13-Nov-89
320 Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 16-Jan-98
321 Rural Bank of Sta. Cruz (Davao del Sur), Inc. 13-Jul-81
322 Rural Bank of Sta. Cruz (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 05-Oct-99
323 Rural Bank of Sta. Cruz (Laguna), Inc. 07-Oct-85
324 Rural Bank of Sta. Cruz (Occidental Mindoro), Inc. 12-Feb-80
325 Rural Bank of Sta. Cruz (Zambales), Inc. 02-Dec-85
326 Rural Bank of Sta. Margarita (Western Samar), Inc. 05-Jun-98
327 Rural Bank of Sta. Maria (Davao del Sur), Inc. 24-Nov-80
328 Rural Bank of Sta. Maria (Laguna), Inc. 18-Feb-85
329 Rural Bank of Sta. Maria (Pangasinan), Inc. 10-Mar-95
330 Rural Bank of Sta. Teresita (Batangas), Inc. 27-Jul-99
331 Rural Bank of Sto. Domingo (Albay), Inc. 9-Jan-04
332 Rural Bank of Sto. Domingo (Ilocos Sur), Inc. 10-Oct-97
333 Rural Bank of Sto. Tomas (Pampanga), Inc. 12-Feb-81
334 Rural Bank of Sto. Tomas (Pangasinan), Inc. 09-Nov-99
335 Rural Bank of Sulat (Eastern Samar), Inc. 21-Sep-90
336 Rural Bank of Sulop (Davao del Sur), Inc. 21-Jul-81
337 Rural Bank of Surallah (South Cotabato), Inc. 09-Nov-98
338 Rural Bank of Tacloban (Leyte), Inc. 24-Feb-95
339 Rural Bank of Tago (Surigao Del Sur), Inc. 15-May-81
340 Rural Bank of Talavera (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 26-Jun-89
341 Rural Bank of Talisay (Camarines Norte), Inc. 06-Dec-90
342 Rural Bank of Tamparan (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
343 Rural Bank of Tanauan (Leyte), Inc. 12-Jan-87
344 Rural Bank of Tantangan (South Cotabato), Inc. 17-Jul-81
345 Rural Bank of Tapaz (Capiz), Inc. 06-Sep-88
346 Rural Bank of Taraka (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
347 Rural Bank of Tayasan (Negros Oriental), Inc. 13-Aug-97
348 Rural Bank of Taytay (Rizal), Inc. 17-Apr-85
349 Rural Bank of Tayug (Pangasinan), Inc. 08-Jul-69
350 Rural Bank of Tayum (Abra), Inc. 05-Oct-94
351 Rural Bank of the 21st Century (Bulacan), Inc. 19-Jan-06
352 Rural Bank of Tinambac (Camarines Sur), Inc. 12-Nov-01
353 Rural Bank of Titay (Zamboanga del Sur), Inc. 17-Jun-80
354 Rural Bank of Tiwi (Albay), Inc. 26-Feb-90
355 Rural Bank of Trinidad (Bohol), Inc. 18-Jun-80
356 Rural Bank of Tuao (Cagayan), Inc. 20-Jun-89
357 Rural Bank of Tuba (Benguet), Inc. 02-Nov-94
358 Rural Bank of Tubungan (Iloilo), Inc. 26-Jul-85
359 Rural Bank of Tugaya (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 04-Nov-98
360 Rural Bank of Tuguegarao (Cagayan), Inc. 03-Jun-77
361 Rural Bank of Tuy (Batangas), Inc. 17-Apr-00
362 Rural Bank of Umingan (Pangasinan), Inc. 04-Oct-89
363 Rural Bank of Urbiztondo (Pangasinan), Inc. 20-Nov-00
364 Rural Bank of Valderama (Antique), Inc. 26-Sep-84
365 Rural Bank of Valenzuela (Metro Manila), Inc. 28-Nov-84
366 Rural Bank of Victoria (Laguna), Inc. 17-May-02
367 Rural Bank of Villaba (Leyte), Inc. 15-Jun-98
368 Rural Bank of Villanueva (Misamis Oriental), Inc. 30-Oct-90
369 Rural Bank of Villasis (Pangasinan), Inc. 07-Feb-74
370 Rural Bank of Vintar (Ilocos Norte), Inc. 23-Apr-86
371 Rural Bank of Vinzons (Camarines norte), Inc. 07-Jan-05
372 Rural Bank of Zaragoza (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 10-Jan-83
373 Samahang Nayon Rural Bank of Malay (Aklan), Inc. 14-Dec-99
374 San Jose RB (Nueva Ecija), Inc. 07-May-87
375 San Nicolas Bank (Rural Bank of San Nicolas, Batangas), Inc. 10-Nov-05
376 Second RB of Villasis (Pangasinan), Inc. 15-Dec-01
377 Second Rural Bank of Antipolo (Rizal), Inc. 26-Sep-85
378 South Cotabato Cooperative Bank, Inc. 11-Jun-01
379 Sta. Clara Rural Bank of Pasay City, Inc. 04-Sep-84
380 Surigao City Rural Bank (Surigao del Norte), Inc. 26-Sep-85
381 Tabaco Rural Bank (Albay), Inc. 01-Apr-85
382 TG Bank (Rural Bank of San Pablo City, Inc.) 3-Oct-03

Under Receivership
  Bank Name
 Closure Date
Rural Banks
1 Cooperative Rural Bank of Misamis Occidental, Inc. 24-Feb-03
2 Merchant Rural Bank of Talavera, Inc. 26-Jan-06
3 Rural Bank of Catbalogan (Eastern Samar), Inc. 17-Jun-02
4 Rural Bank of Tangalan (Aklan), Inc. 27-Jan-06
5 Rural Bank of Zamboanguita (Negros Oriental), Inc. 6-Jan-06
6 The Center Rural Bank (Metro Manila), Inc. 23-Feb-06
7 Urduja Rural Bank of Tayug (Pangasinan), Inc. 3-Feb-06


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Is there a way to find out is a bank is going into receivership PA LANG? Not that I am spreading any rumors, but we invested into AMA bank's double your money, that will mature in 2010 pa. A friend of mine does some consultancy for a department there. Recently, the person he is dealing with said to pull out any investments he has there. He shared with me this information in confidentiality, knowing about my investments there. We placed up to PDIC coverage, but the hassle of getting our money back after, God forbid, the bank folds up, is such an unpleasant thought. Has anybody heard of this rumor? I'd like to keep our money there, but please let me know if there is a problem with the bank.


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BSP is now stricter in its supervision of banks, including rural banks.  However, the only way to know if a bank is in trouble is through inside information=- from someone working in the BSP or in the bank itself.  If you could milk more info from your friend who pulled out his deposits from AMA banks, then you could make a better decision what to do with your own deposits there.  Should you find out more, please share in this thread.


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i hope your double your money product gives out monthly interest otherwise if it is not then presuming you had park there for 3 years then you had wasted three years without interest because pdic will not pay you the interest just the insured amount.


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@Amaranth, Thank you for your diligence in posting yung mga banks under liquidation and receivership, it strengthen my belief in Legacy Group of Banks.  Not one of those mentioned by the "Prof" appeared in the list.


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Under Receivership
 Bank Name
 Closure Date
Rural Banks

6 The Center Rural Bank (Metro Manila), Inc. 23-Feb-06

If my information, gleaned from hunting around various forums, is correct, one of the 12 Legacy Group-controlled rural banks is under receivership, as above (in Muntinlupa). Does being under receivership specifically mean that PDIC (or who?) is liquidating assets to process all claims? Also, one wonders what would it take to rehabilitate this bank, or was it already a basket case when it was acquired?


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Read this question/answer from the website of the PDIC:


Q. What specific risks to a bank does PDIC cover?

A. PDIC covers only the risk of bank closure ordered by the Monetary Board. Thus, bank losses due to theft, fire, closure by reason of strike or existence of public disorder, revolution or civil war, are not covered by PDIC.

How and when does the Monetary Board if ever close a bank in trouble from the above mentioned events?

Suppose the top officers of a bank run away with the money and hide abroad in a country with no extradition treaty with the Philippines?



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@Amaranth, Thank you for your diligence in posting yung mga banks under liquidation and receivership, it strengthen my belief in Legacy Group of Banks.  Not one of those mentioned by the "Prof" appeared in the list.

Forgive me, I am very new here.

Just give us here the list of the banks connected with the Legacy Group.

And also people who have made money from monthly interest earned from the scheme of 20% per annum, tax free, risks free, etc., their names and addresses and telephone numbers.



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mdejess, being that you're new, let me remind you to please keep on-topic. This is a discussion thread regarding the PDIC. Please do not make redundant posts, you've already posted your question on another thread and reposted the same as a new topic. If you wish to address a direct question to investorsportal, you can use the PM function.

Comment lang: While it's understandable that we do want proof that these bank products are legit, I don't think any of us are entitled to a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of depositors.


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