Author Topic: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)  (Read 34520 times)

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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #15 on: Apr 03, 2017, 09:28 PM »
I have been in the company even before it was launched po.
In MLM it's normal it's them among the first who earn good   :)

In the long run, if the products are bad, then it's of course bad,
but if the products are GOOD, then it's BAD for most people in the organisation anyway  :)   because then there will be TO MANY who join, and by that "everyone" will try to sell, but it's hard to sell when almost all people have joined...   :hihi:   
(It's common within MLM,, people end up with products they can't sell...)
So best for them in the bottom are if the products are AVERAGE...   :hihi:


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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #16 on: Apr 20, 2017, 10:07 PM »
Ok na sana eh. kung naging transparent lang ung team.

Tapos hangang ngyun wala pa din reply sa pinasa kong incident report sa company. Acknowledgement man lang na narecive ng companya, wala. tsk tsk. since January pa un. hai naku.


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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #17 on: Jul 11, 2017, 11:18 AM »
P14,999 for a package with UPS when you can just go direct with SMART, GLOBE or with for your travel business. Scam yan lalo na kung di mo control ang kita mo and you are too much dependent sa mga "middlemen" like UPS.


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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #18 on: Aug 14, 2017, 08:46 AM »
Yes, you will give 14,998 pesos for a Global Dealer Package. ONE Time Membership = Lifetime Membership.
You can even pass this on to your family and inherit your accounts and they will inherit the benefit of your accounts like the passive income and they can continue your business.
That's not just the business we offer. There's a lot more.

Also, if you will do that, how many systems will you open to do business with each other? How many load wallets do you need? Is that easy or convenient?
Scam? OF COURSE NOT !, Like i said, before the launching of this company, I'm already with this company.
I have 50 Global Dealer accounts here, 4 franchise accounts. Now, if this is a SCAM, I will not buy 50 accounts and 4 franchise accounts. I bought my 48 plus Global Dealer account and 4 franchise accounts on my 4th year with the company.
Like i said before. If THIS iS A SCAM, The company will be closed and the owner is already in jail. But, this is not a scam, the company is OPEN ever since and the owner is not in jail.
Its not also and always true that if your are first to join the MLM company that you will be the sure top earner. NO! Many who are first to join MLM are NOT automatic top earners. Yes there were some but there are lots who joined first are not top earners! Why? Because they did not do the right business procedure, they do not follow proven techniques. These people are the people who do not follow instructions and proven techniques.
Its false to say on the other hand that if you join late, You will never be a top eraner? ITS NOT ENTRIELY CORRECT! We have new members that became TOP EARNERS and even surpassed the earning of their grand uplines!
It will never happen that all people in the world will be part or MLM and this people will be your customers!
Again, it was mentioned the importance of a GROUP!
Yes, in our group, we make sure or at least try to be transparent. We are against HYPING. We make sure that those who joined our group knew what they need to know before they join the company especially to our group! WE HELP EACH OTHER! TEAM SUCCESS HELP EACH OTHER!
We also have members of Team Success who are "PASAWAY", and we do not help those who are "pasaway" or hard-headed.

Our group is known in Unified Products and Services as TEAM SUCCESS! 
Look for Dok Lynnete Pagatpatan in the office!
Copy and paste the link below to follow us. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!
http: / /

Good luck and God bless us all!
Arturo Pagatpatan.
09178811365, 09999930315, 09228807291
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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #19 on: Sep 22, 2017, 08:40 AM »
Sure, it's not a scam. The company has permits and all. But the credibility...

Ung grand upline ko nasa top 3 top earners with access to talk with the president directly. What did she do? She blocked me after spending almost 70k. And threatened me to be sued unless i take this post down. Lol

Tapos, ung companya. I sent incident report many times. I called the customer support many times pero wala lang, dedma.
I'm not sure if people would want to join in a company that can't acknowledge or even send a reply that they received the incident report.  Dedma din.
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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #20 on: Sep 22, 2017, 09:27 PM »
all mlms are scam in one way or another. pyramiding basic. ung iba magaling lang magtago.

products are usually cheap rip offs just for front of its true form- recruitment.

the granddaddy of mlms in usa had been fined on many occasions. sure the law is not yet updated to really pin these aholes. but these have no dignity or morals to begin with. they just want to milk as many as possible before it collapse.

same ol. same ol.
never underestimate the power of stupidity


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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #21 on: Dec 05, 2017, 07:47 AM »
Sa aming Team po, in general, wala po kaming problem sa Customer Support, admittedly may times na medyo di agad nakaka reply sila pero hindi naman madalas yan. May reason din naman kasi why di agad sila sumasagot kasi may prosesso po yan.
We also help our members follow up their report sa ating CSR.  We teach them how to properly file an incident report and always emphasize to be polite and courteous not only to our CSR but to any company kung saan sila may problem at mag file sila ng incident report sa CSR. Palagi naming sinasabi sa aming mga members, kung mag file kayo ng incident report, be polite kasi mga tao din yang nasa kabilang linya, napipikon din.
Anyway, in general, I can say na wala pong problem ang TEAM SUCCESS sa ating CSR, kasi lahat ng issues na nire-report naming at nare-resolve.
Sinasabi rin naming palagi sa aming mga members na mag training ng paulit ulit para di sila magkamali at mabawasan ang pag file ng incident reports sa CSR.

Mahalaga ang reputation and credibility ng Grand Upline at ng Team. I am not saying we are perfect or our team is perfect. Mahal lang naming ang aming pangarap kaya we do help our members to the best of our knowledge and abilities.
To generalize naman na scam lahat ang MLM ay mali naman po yan. Kasi, matagal na ang MLM industry at sa katunayan, may kurso na or subject na itinuturo sa ating ilang universites about MLM business.

God bless po sa inyong lahat.

Arturo Pagatpatan
Grand Upline of Team SUCCESS
Remember: Team SUCCESS - The Truly Blessed Team!
Siguro, Napuna nyo po na ako lang ang nagbigay ng tunay kong pangalan at buong ipinagmamalaki ang aming team, ang Team SUCCESS!.


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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #22 on: Feb 03, 2018, 12:20 AM »
Naku po..... delikado po pala.... embis na gagatos para may pagkakitaan eh, sakit ng ulo pa paa ang aabutin... balik abroad na lang ako...

may nag-alok din sa akin niyan, long time ago pa pero ngayong 2018 kinumusta ko yung nag-alok sa akin matagal na din palang nasa S. Korea... abroad din!!! tsk tsk tsk...


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Re: No to Unified Products & Services (UPS)
« Reply #23 on: May 27, 2018, 06:05 PM »
Isa ako sa mga na disappoint dito sa Unified,

Una Yung mga yung FB page ng Eagle hindi ka maka ask questions

Pangalawa, Pag tintatanong mo bakit wala ng ganitong service e nasa Posters and Flyers.... sasabihin na lang na meron yan dati ewan ko bakit inalis sabi ni upline, At meron talagang mga service na wala sa P14,998 na nasa Posters at Flyers,

Yung Offline Loading, kailangang me load ang phone mo? Anong nangyare dapat di ba makapag load tayo kahit na offline?

Yung insurance na 1 year? walang klarong procedure paano i-claim

Sa pagiging excited ko nasama na yung business partner ko dito kasi nga akala nya talaga one stop sop nga talaga,

So frustrating to experience at nahiya tuloy ako sa business partner ko

Lastly, pagnagka pairing ka plus direct referral magkakaroon ka ng 2500 ok so yung 300 na covert sa GC tapos 2200 natira sayo, Now pag naconvert mo sa ECASH babawasan ka ng P205.00 pinaghirapan mo kukuha na din si company ng parte nya,,, o di ba ang saya saya?

Ngayon Legalities, Ang ,ga bawas ba na yan me tax? kung hombase ba tayo hindi tayo hahabulin ng BIR? ano ang security natin jan?

Whew!!! Dapat honest kayo sa mga transactions nyo lay down all the pros and cons ni wala man lang mga brochure at mga Manual of Operations yung FAQ naman hindi rin detailed masyado

Isa pa yang payout dapat sa akin naka pangalan hayytttssssss


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