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[ If you want an abstract of this post, see below after the ===== line. ]

In the Philippines with Globe Telecom Phil

For a brief season I used to have someone in the office helping me to advance the expiry date of my extant Globe prepaid load.

First I pasaload to one of his Globe prepaid accounts, he then uses another of his Globe prepaid accounts to pasaload to my account with the same amount I pasaloaded him to his first Globe prepaid account.

When I received his pasaload then my expiry date will be advanced in accordance with the additional days corresponding to the amount of pasaload I received.

Like this:

1. I pasaload with my Globe mobile (call that Globe A) 150 pesos to one of his Globe mobiles (call that Globe B).
2. He uses his other Globe mobile (call that Globe C) to pasaload 150 pesos to my Globe A.
3. When I receive his 150 pesos pasaload, then my expiry date will be advanced to 45 days more, because from 101 pesos to 150 pesos, the expiry period is 45 days.

I did not know about the background of his procedure until I tried to do the same routine by buying a new Globe prepaid sim, thinking that I would then just pasaload to my second Globe sim, then pasaload from this second sim back to my first Globe sim; it didn't work, though I was able to pasaload from my original sim to the new sim: for when I tried to pasaload from the new sim back to my previous sim, the returned Globe message says it is not allowed to transfer the same load back to the previous pasaload giver.

It was only when I looked at my records that I noticed my friend using a different mobile number than the one I sent my pasaload to.

Is that how he really did it for me, to extend my expiry date without me and him having to shell out new cash to buy a new prepaid card?

This office friend has left the company.

What do you guys say, can I just buy another sim and put it in still another old but still working mobile phone, so that I have three sims already, and I can do it this way:

Sim A pasaloads to Sim B,
Sim B pasaloads to Sim C,
then Sim C pasaloads to Sim A.

Result: All three sims will have advance expiry dates for their extant loads, but of course I am using only Sim A for my communication, the other two are just for achieving advance to my otherwise impending expiry date of the extant load in Sim A.

Each mobile sim costs only 40 pesos, but I can lose as much as 1500 plus pesos for having accumulated so much load, with loading again and again for the purpose of just advancing the expiry date of my Sim A.

Is that how that office companion does it, I mean enabling me to advance the expiry date of my accumulated extant load, without me and him having to shell out more cash?

What do you guys say?
Sorry for the long message, I will just shorten it.


It appears that Globe does not allow a receiver of a share load to share it back to the original giver.

I am the owner of both Globe sim mobiles in question.

So, what do you guys say, can I just send the load in question from the second sim to a third sim, and being owner also of this third Globe sim, use it to send the load in question to the my first Globe sim phone, which is the one I use all the time for communication?

I mean will Globe also prevent this last share a load, and why and how? when Globe does not know that all three mobiles belong to the same owner?

The fact is that someone in the office used to receive a share load from me in one of his phones, and he uses another phone to share an equal amount of load to me. so that no one between us two has to shell out new cash* to advance the expiry date of the load in my phone with receiving a share load from a giver.

*Cost of doing a share a load is one peso which Globe debits from the giver's load.


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Maybe you can try it with another friend who has a Globe sim also? I don't think Globe will be able to know that you own the 3 sims because there is no registration involved when you activated the sim. In other countries, you'll have to register using your passport before the sim can be activated.


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Common na yan and i think Globe cannot do anything about it because it is not illegal and they earn a fee din naman. Kung hindi umubra sa pingpong between 2 numbers, just wait for 24 hours and try again.

Btw, bawal pasaload sa Globe, pwede share a load.  :applause:


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Ahhh advance expiry date = extended?

Anong pinaglalaban natin dit0 ser? :hihi:

If accumulated l0ad will reach 1500 per month, why n0t go for post-piad? No expiry. :laugh:

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Nice strategy!
Anything is possible!


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For your information, anyone asking...

Globe share a load will start a new expiry date for the increased load: this means if your expiry date is June 11 2015, then someone gives you a share load of say 101 pesos, then your new expiry date is extended from the actual current date of say today which is June 9 2015 to 45 days counting from today, date of the share load.

Yes, pasaload is the name for Smart, with Globe it is called share a load.

Thanks to everyone for your replies.

The purpose of Globe and Smart is to make people use more loads and faster at that, they don't care at all about our wasting our money owing to expiry date catching up on us.

Our purpose is to not lose our money in load owing to having been caught up by the expiry date, because: we forget that it has arrived, the expiry date.

Globe share a load of from 101 pesos to 150 pesos is good for 45 days.

I will try your suggestions, everyone, and thanks a lot.


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Common na yan and i think Globe cannot do anything about it because it is not illegal and they earn a fee din naman. Kung hindi umubra sa pingpong between 2 numbers, just wait for 24 hours and try again.

Btw, bawal pasaload sa Globe, pwede share a load.  :applause:

You said: "... just wait for 24 hours and try again."

Yes! That worked; actually I tried it just now, after two days from when I first tried to return the load back to the giver sim.



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I can confirm that you can extend load expiry on Globe via share-a-load and the previous load amount will just stack up or carry over. But I find conflicting info if this will work on Smart/Smart Bro. Does this technique work on Smart as well?


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