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PORK BARREL in the Philippines: Scrap or Retain?

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Filipinos are very fond of pork...especially our politicians. The pork barrel allocation or CDF of our congressmen/senators is always a high profile issue in the Ph. If allocated properly, it ensures benefits to the constituents otherwise, it is just an instrument for corruption and perpetuation of political dominance. Looking at the pros and cons, do you think it should be eradicated or be improved. Any ideas for modifications, improvements, changes and alterations? I believe there will be more golden ideas conceived in PMT than from our Congress. I now open the floor.....


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walang pork barrel..
lahat ng project / expenses ng congressman or senators, dadaan sa budget application.hehe
magpropose ng project/expenses, saka ibibgay ung pondo..
o mas magulo b kapag ganito..?


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walang pork barrel..
lahat ng project / expenses ng congressman or senators, dadaan sa budget application.hehe
magpropose ng project/expenses, saka ibibgay ung pondo..
o mas magulo b kapag ganito..?

If the budget application agency will be under the Executive branch, then there will be the possiblity of manipulation of the ruling party which is usually the President's party. This will defeat the purpose of the CDF which is to benefit all constituents regardless of the political affiliation of the congressman.


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could you discuss in details what, how and why there is pork barrel?

all i know is, may budget for every senators at congressman at di nila need ng receipt para sa pork barrel amount n un..tama ba>?


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With Pork Barrel

As long as its meticulously audited and the projects religiously implemented. The dispenser of the PDF (Congressmen, Senators, Etc.) should be held 100% liable for its distribution. The report should be monthly, posted in their respective City Hall's and for every constituents to scrutinize. The COA should have more teeth in going after those thieves.

For every voter, be on guard. If you don't have time or strength to scrutinize where your taxes go, then please don't complain. 



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could you discuss in details what, how and why there is pork barrel?

all i know is, may budget for every senators at congressman at di nila need ng receipt para sa pork barrel amount n un..tama ba>?

@singkit_1588  . I  myself is not very familiar with the disbursement and application. What I know is that an SOP of 10% at least goes to the politician, embedded/hidden of course in the bureacratic red tape. This is only one of the ways to siphon money. Since this is a discretionary fund, I agree with you that it is only the politician who decides which projects tol be funded. How they are audited if ever I dont know. Hope some people here can clarify.


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Here is an article related to this topic.

Santiago seeks gradual abolition of pork barrel

By Maila Ager
3:03 pm | Wednesday, July 31st, 2013  7 164 123
MANILA, Philippines – A resolution, calling for the abolition of legislators’ “pork barrel” by 2016 was filed Wednesday at the  Senate.

In filing her resolution,  Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago sought a gradual phasing out of the funds starting next year until 2016 as she expects strong opposition in Congress  if she  would push for its total abolition.

“This is why the second best solution is to gradually phase out the PDAF. This will give senators and congressmen time to adjust to the new rules,” Santiago, chair of the Senate committee on constitutional amendments, revision of codes, and laws, said in a statement.

For 2014, Santiago is proposing to cut the senators’ pork barrel from P200 million to P100 million each;  P50 million in 2015, and zero in 2016.

For congressmen, the senator also proposes to cut  it by half in 2014—from P70 million to P35 million; P15 million in 2015, and nil in 2016.

With P200 million  pork barrel  each year, Santiago  said,  a senator is expected to receive a total of P1.2 billion  for a full term of six years while a congressman is expected to receive P210 million for each three-year term.

But in practice, Santiago said, “some receive more, others less, than their regular pork barrel.”

“Of course, the best solution is to discontinue the pork barrel system by reducing what has been proposed by the President in the 2014 budget for PDAF to zero,” said the senator.

“Senators and congressmen are expected to pass laws and exercise oversight functions over the Executive Department’s implementation of existing laws. We are not expected to build roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.”

Once the appropriations for PDAF are deleted from the budget, Santiago said, the  President could no longer resurrect it through line item veto.

“It is important that the full amount be reduced if the legislators are serious in abolishing the pork barrel. Reducing the PDAF appropriations to even one peso is dangerous, because then the President may choose to augment the peso appropriations with several billions which is allowed under the Constitution,” she explained.

To tighten the rules on the use of the PDAF until it is fully abolished, Santiago also proposed the  following:

·        The fund should be used strictly for “hard” projects and releases should be limited to national government agencies.

·        Local government units should not be eligible recipients of the fund. Releases to LGUs have been abused in the past, especially when the local chief executives (governors, city mayors, and municipal mayors) are relatives of legislators.

·        PDAF should not be released to government-owned or –controlled corporations, which may later on be released to nongovernment organizations  (NGOs), fictitious or quasi-NGOs, or NGOs headed by the relatives of politicians.

·        No public funds should be released to NGOs. This strict rule should be non-negotiable. In keeping with the spirit of volunteerism, NGOs are supposed to give aid to society, using funds they raised on their own, not public funds.

The  pork barrel, Santiago said, should not also be used for  scholarships, saying, “They are the responsibility of the more than 125 state universities and colleges.”

Read more:
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Dapat lang na i-abolish na ang pork barrel na yan.... Isang malinaw na way of corruption ang PDAF na iyan dahil on hand na nahahawak ng mga official ng gobyerno ang pera.
Thats mean pwede nila ilagay kung saan nila gusto ang pera na hawak nila. Kaya nakakagawa ng paraan ang mga kagaya ni NAPOLES na mag ka kick-back sa limpak limpak na salapi.... Jackpot!


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I always believed that names and nicknames embody the thing (or person) they pertain to and represent. The PDAF, being termed as "Pork Barrel," is simply an instant connotation that it's something not good or something's fishy about it. Is the PDAF designed to be a self-serving political (and financial) mechanism for the senator or congressman? At the rate things are going, I think the Pork Barrel is and problems will continue to emerge unless radical changes are made.



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i-abolished na yan..
kaso sinong congressman or senators ang favor jan except kay santiago.????


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bane for us tax payers
boon for those sitting in the congress and senate

mga buwaya kayo! matuto kayong mag-save! tanggalin na ang pork barrel na yan para maka-save ang pinas

the suggestion of miriam is more palatable... sa tingin ko kaya nya ginawang ganyan para mag-agree ang mga congressman.  at least maka-bawi sila sa nagastos nila sa nakaraang election. hehehe


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BANE for me as a taxpayer !The senators & congressmen used this " pork barrel" as for their own benefits. They used the money to buy votes in election,luxury cars,mansion,etc.


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How about this:

How senators spent their 2011 pork barrel funds

By Shielo Mendoza | Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom – Wed, Jan 4, 2012

Eight of the 23 senators spent at least P100 million each from the Congress’ pork barrel funds in 2011, according to a report of the Department of Budget and Management Wednesday.
Senators Edgardo Angara, Jinggoy Estrada, Gregorio Honasan II, Manuel “Lito” Lapid, Ralph Recto, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., Vicente “Tito” Sotto III and Manuel Villar Jr. received and spent P100 million each for their projects, DBM said.

Their expense make up half of the total P1,637,445,000 the DBM released for the Senate's priority development assistance fund or PDAF.

The report showed that the biggest expenses of Angara, Lapid and Recto were for their home provinces in Aurora, Pampanga and Batangas, respectively.

Angara allocated P40 million for the construction of a school building, multi-purpose pathways, and installation of pipes and tanks for water supply in Aurora; Lapid spent P31 million for infrastructure projects including the rehabilitation of a hospital, and construction of a school building and line canal in Pampanga; while Recto set aside P45 million for concreting of roads and purchasing of facilities for police stations in Batangas.
On the other hand, Estrada gave away P50 million in financial assistance to indigent farmers through the Department of Agriculture.
Honasan spent P40 million for the planting of jatropha, a plant touted as a source of biofuel but later discovered that it was not commercially viable. The Arroyo administration reportedly wasted more than P1 billion for this project.
Sotto set aside P28.5 million for infrastructure and educational projects in Pampanga, home province of his wife, actress Helen Gamboa.
Villar meanwhile allocated P39 million for scholarship programs in different provinces.

DBM fixes wrong report

The DBM mistakenly reported on Tuesday that Revilla received a total of P210 million in which he allegedly spent half or P115 million for the acquisition of 529 multicabs in Cavite.
However, Revilla cleared in a statement that the report was false and that only 23 multicabs were acquired which amounted to P5 million and not P115 million.
"The DBM must clear this. It's not right that it appears my PDAF was grossly disproportional to those of my colleagues. They should also correct it because the report implied that my PDAF was padded by 110 million pesos.
"They should be careful with releasing facts. Inaccuracy on sensitive information can damage people," the senator said.
The DBM immediately apologized and corrected its data the day after showing that Revilla only received P100 million and that his biggest allocation (P45 million) was for financial assistance to medical projects all over the country.

Senators who spent less

Meanwhile, senators who spent less than P100 million of their PDAF in 2011 are: Francis “Chiz” Escudero, P99,000,000; Sergio Osmena , P96,675,000; Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., P95,500,000; Loren Legarda, P89,400,000; Juan Ponce Enrile, P83,500,000; Miriam Santiago, P80,000,000; Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, P72,000,000; and Pia Cayetano, P71,170,000.

Senators who spent even less than P50 million are: Teofisto “TG” Guingona III, P46,200,000; Antonio Trillanes IV, P35,400,000; Alan Peter Cayetano, P30,500,000; Franklin Drilon, P19,500,000; and Koko Pimentel, P18,600,000. Pimentel took over the seat of resigned senator Miguel Zubiri.

Only Senators Joker Arroyo and Panfilo Lacson did not request fund releases for their projects under the 2011 budget, the DBM said.

According to DBM, the annual PDAF allocation of each senator must not exceed the amount of P200 million. The amount shall be used to fund both “soft” and “hard” projects.

The “soft” projects are basically non-infrastructure projects like scholarship programs, medical assistance to indigent patients in government hospitals, livelihood support programs, the purchase of IT equipment and financial assistance to local governments while “hard” projects are small infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, footbridges, pathways, multipurpose buildings, school buildings, potable water systems, flood control, drainage systems, irrigation facilities and electrification projects.

DBM Secretary Florencio Abad urged the public to remain vigilant on how the government spend its money.

“Ultimately, we are pleased that the public remains deeply interested in the manner through which we manage the people’s funds. We enjoin all Filipinos—particularly the media and other interested groups—to continue strengthening the feedback mechanism for our processes, so that we can boost efficiency, accuracy, and accountability in all levels of government,” Abad said.


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Some more thought-provoking ideas on Pork Barrel, this time from Prof. Randy David:

...the pork barrel, which goes by the pretentious name Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), is really nothing more than a bribe to the legislators who hold the power to approve the national budget. This concession can take many forms and go by other names like “congressional initiatives.” But the basic idea is the same: to provide congressmen and senators the means to cater to the specific needs of their constituencies, and, if they wish, to recoup part of what they spend during elections.

...voters, in general, are not averse to the idea of giving their representatives the right to identify pet or priority projects. What they object to is the waste and misappropriation of public funds that typically result from the exercise of this power. The pork barrel scam to which the Napoles network is linked shows that corruption thrives where discretion is broad and no clear assignment of accountability exists.

Obviously, this problem will not go away with the elimination of one syndicate. It’s almost certain there are other operators out there that are lying low for now, waiting for the issue to die down. Their modus operandi is woven around the same assumptions about our political system, namely: that there is big money to be made from government, that every public official has a price, that everyone is on the take or complicit, and that even as investigations are launched to placate public anger, no one actually goes to jail unless they pose a political threat.


(Derived from:


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‘98 lawmakers coursed P2.19-B pork through 15 NGOs’
 (The Philippine Star) | Updated July 31, 2013 - 12:00am
MANILA, Philippines - A senior lawmaker bared yesterday that 98 lawmakers had coursed some P2.19 billion in pork barrel funds through 15 non-government organizations (NGOs) in the 14th and 15th Congresses.

ABAKADA Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz, quoting a special report of the Commission on Audit (COA), said the disbursements involved 244 projects through only five agencies that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of the senators and members of the House of Representatives had bankrolled.“This is why I’m calling on Malacañang, the DOJ (Department of Justice) and the others investigating this alleged pork barrel scam to bare all,” he said.

Why are they picking on just five or six opposition senators? Why are they engaging in striptease? Let’s bare all,” he added.Speaking to reporters, Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez, House independent bloc head, said many of the 98 lawmakers are allied with the administration.“We know the political realities, but let’s be fair,” he said.
Certain lawmakers are being selected for prosecution, he added.

Meanwhile, Buhay Rep. Lito Atienza urged the House leadership to suspend   implementation of the PDAF for the third quarter while the alleged misuse of billions of pesos of pork barrel funds is being investigated.
“P200 billion in PDAF funds could have easily built 10 million homes for the poor, one million classrooms and provide facilities like CT scan, dialysis and MRI equipment to provide the poor a better chance of survival when they are rushed to public hospitals,” he said.

“But when we look back at how this money has been utilized, all we see are waiting sheds, basketball courts, covered courts and now the scandalous allegations of giving money to non-existent NGOs.” He backs the call of Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora to pursue the investigation into the allegations to clear innocent lawmakers and punish those guilty, he added.

Atienza said when he was an assemblyman in 1984, they were also tempted with the same power of the purse where many of their colleagues were convincing them to accept P2 million each. “But we rejected it altogether with the steady guidance of our venerable Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma,” he said.
“Now that we are back in the same Congress, we are confronted with a similar issue that is affecting all of us and the very integrity of this chamber.”
Palma headed the opposition bloc at the time, he added.

At the Senate, a number of senators opposed calls to abolish the PDAF or to ban NGOs from being recipients of these funds.Sen. Francis Escudero said abolishing the PDAF might not be the best way to address the problem.
“If you ask the provinces and the countryside, they need, seek out and want this,” he said.
“It is the great equalizer because on top of national government funds, there is an assurance of P70 million that would go to the districts.”

Escudero said a cleanup of the entire system must be done, including a revision of the guidelines on the use of the fund.The administration has already initiated this process with the proposed P2.268-trillion national budget for 2014.Escudero said an amendment of the menu would help in eliminating the financing of bogus projects.

“The PDAF system is a way to listen to the opinion of those on the ground – what each district and barangay needs and not just dictated by the secretary (of the various departments),” he said. – Paolo Romero, Marvin Sy;topicseen#new

Nagkakalabasan na ng kabulukan ang ating mga pinuno…

Si Chiz malayo pa ang 2016 pumupwesto na. He knows that without the PDAF, he doesn’t have the support of the congressmen.


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