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68 yr old father has no SSS pension, what are the options?

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First, a Happy and Blessed New Year to all here at PMT!

I need your advice.

Estranged father reappears, now 68. Informs me that he’s not eligible for an SSS pension (self-employed most of his life), and will need another 6 years to complete the minimum contribution required. Suffice it to say, he is not the most financially responsible person  I know. He is asking me to pay for it for the next 6 years. That’s not a problem for me (kargo de kunsensya ko naman kung tumanggi ako), but I’m concerned if that is the best option for him at this point.  I thought, isn’t it a little too late to go for an SSS pension? He’s way past the retirement age, I was actually surprised that SSS accepted our last quarter payment this month. The SSS agent said pwede naman daw i-continue yung contribution till he completes 120 months of contribution, pero iaassess pa magkano ba magiging pension nya just in case. But then, he needs to wait for 6 years to finally get a pension, would he still be alive by then? What if he gets sick in the meantime, what then?

Right now he lives in the province with a small agri-business, that’s probably not even earning enough or regularly, for him to atleast afford his own sustenance and his siblings are helping him or sending him money sometimes.

Assuming he makes it through and manages to stay alive in the next 6 years, I’m now looking for other options (insurance, VUL, MF, UITF, etc) and if anyone here could give their advice will be certainly thankful for it. Sa sunlife ba yung investment type na pwedeng mag-initial ng P10,000 then monthly maghuhulog din (I beg your pardon, its a little blurry to me all these investments)? I really need some guidance kung anong pwede pang ipursue, otherwise, I feel I am trapped here and will have to play the “provider” role for my father from this day forward?

Maraming salamat sa mga magcocomment.  :thankyou:


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What my own father rebuked me with for my usual tirade on situations like this: yung nadapa daw ang needs picking-up, dust 'em up and send them on their way, not the ones walking. (i was 16, btw. There were 3 of us in college and my older sister was forever borrowing my allowance!)

>At 68, is he still eligible for Philhealth? You could add him as a dependent?

>Maybe sunlife is no longer an option? I explored the idea for my mother at age 68. She bought insurance even for her driver but nothing for herself. Their products are so expensive at that age. She already had medical issues. Most products can only be issued at max age 65 and at a minimum of 400K coverage( still with financially crippling premiums for me). Maybe Philam or Insular has those multi-tasking products?

> I don't know if BPI still offers it, but there was a peso-denominated passbook savings acount product that insures the depositor up to 3X the ADB( no questions asked. IDK about the age factor, though). Go for an "OR" account. (That's one of my wards' idea of an educational plan for his daughter. I call it better than nothing).


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1. your father is 68? i believe he is ineligible.


3. Coverage of Self-Employed Persons

A self-employed person, regardless of trade, business or occupation, with an income of at least P1,000 a month and not over 60 years of age, should register with the SSS. Included, but not limited to are the following self-employed persons: a. self-employed professionals; b. business partners, single proprietors, and board directors; c. actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters and news correspondents who do not fall within the definition of the term "employee;" d. Professional athletes, coaches, trainers and jockeys; e. farmers and fisherfolks; f. workers in the informal sector such as cigarette vendors, watch-your-car-boys, hospitality girls, among others.

if he is eligible because of some loophole or update ng laws about qualification sa SSS, you can still pay the premium. as far as I know those who are paying SSS premium has benefits about sickness, accidents and even death.

better ask other SSS employees about this matter

2. Since your father wants a pension. why don't you provide him yourself. he is your father anyways. you can plan this with his siblings if you want. my suggestion, if were in your shoes, i would save 3 to 6 months of worth of minimum wage equivalent for him as his "buffer fund", then any excess would be for his insurance, and then for his "investment". sa inyo pa rin ang pera pero naka-abang lang sya. ikaw ang mag-manage kasi practically matanda na sya para gawin at alamin pa yun.

3. This is a bit macabre, but you should get him a life insurance or something similar like a life plan. if he is ineligible, as his child you should prepare for the inevitable. mag-canvass ka na ng coffin at lot.

My moms is 63, she bought her life plan and insurance 30 years ago when i was a kid.  ang unang gumamit ng burial lot my mom bought is my brother-in-law. face the reality.

i hope this helps.


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yeah, wag na syang magpension sa SSS. sayang lang ang mga hulog.

I like the suggestions by freefront - on using Philhealth and listing him down as dependent. Ganun din ang ginawa ko sa dalawang aging parents ko.

Kay SirZap din - on his 2nd suggestion of putting up a buffer fund. Yung parents ko rin may allowance sa akin. That practice is in our culture anyway. kaya tuloy malaki ang gastos ko per month!  :D

I'm generally against memorial plans (or life plan, as SirZap had said), pero parang sa case mo it looks like it makes sense to have one. Malamang sa iyo rin kasi babagsak ang gastos. Pero mas lalong tipid pa ang cremation (if you're into it).

The senior citizen ID card is a BIG help! Make sure he has one.
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it depends on how long you would want to take care of your tatay & if you are financially capable of doing so.

my advise is to wait for SSS to assessed how much He can get for his pension after 6 years. depending on your dad's lifestyle, a smoker or drinks, people in the province tends to lives longer especially if they live a healthy lifestyle & tending the farm would give him enough cardio workout older people needs.

i have a lola (aunt of my dad) who passed away just a few months back, She's 103 yrs old
I also have a lolo (uncle of my dad) who turning 91 this year fighthing cancer for the last 3 years. He still sends money to his mom whose in the province turning 108 this year.

for long term plan:

i suggest you get an endowment policy in your name gawin mo siyang benefactor. Insurance companies has many products, better check them out which would fit your needs. if you have kids, get a policy in your kids name, premiums is cheaper that way. if upon maturity buhay pa si Dad, you can then tap on the fund specifically for that purpose, if wala na siya, then whatever amount you can get from it is yours or for your kids.

also check how much you can set aside monthly building up a fund for your dad( as suggested by SirZap). use that budget to figure out how much you can invest say sa mfs, uitf & the likes.

For short term plan:

after evaluating if the amount He'll be getting from his SSS pension is sufficient enough to help him with his daily needs. since yan palang naman request niya sa iyo. you can keep paying for it & bigay mo nalang as a gift for him. after nun, e di bahala na siya sa buhay niya at ikaw naman ang maging estranged daughter bilang ganti  :hihi:

sharing from personal experience

nasa 4500++ pension ni dad from SSS, naka Sda lang sa bank 10 years worth. should have invested in equity funds sana since 2008 lang namin nilakad sa SSS. laki na sana nun

yup senior citizens id is really a big help. personally 1500-2k rin nasasaved ko weekly sa medication ni dad, mas malaki sana before but they excluded milk products for discounts starting Jan of last year.

how about Philhealth hindi rin siya kumuha? dapat lifetime member na siya like my parents. max of 40K+ yearly deduction whenever my dad was hospitalized( 3X pinasok last year)
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bajoyjoy i agree sa suggestions nila sirzap at freelancer... save up and include your dad in your monthly budget, kung ano lang ang kaya mo. estranged dad naman e, hindi sya dapat mag-expect ng kahit ano from you, and that applies to all parents. kung anong maabot ng iyong makakaya, then that should be enough.

but in the end, since sayo rin talaga babagsak ang responsibilidad na yan, might as well work on it now and maybe you still have enough time to make more money to answer for your dad's expenses. at ung SSS hindi ba pag member pwede naman mag-avail ng loans or benefits in the mean time na hindi pa kumpleto yung for retirement? ituloy mo na rin kung di naman mabigat gano... :D

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Thanks for your reply freefront, sirZap, bp22 and frelancer-babe, vicces. I also got in touch with an insurance agent, and unfortunately, wala rin syang alam na mga insurers or products na nagcocover ng above 65 yo. He advised me to self-save na lang daw for the future needs of the erpat.  :thankyou:

Naisip ko nga, since wala na nga masyadong options for him, e ako na lang ang mageexplore ng options na available para sa akin, which will help me grow my money and yun ang isusubi ko for him (yung philhealth ko, sya rin ang dependent ko by default). My siblings suggested na nga na maghati na lang daw kami para sa “monthly pension” nya in the meantime na binubuno pa yung SSS, but this, our mother cannot know of. Hindi naman sa nagdadamot ako, pero medyo mabigat lang din sa loob, considering na yung nanay namin ang syang tumayong tatay at pinagtapos kami, e hanggang ngayon nagkakanda-kuba magtrabaho bilang kawani ng gobyerno. We all still live with her, we don’t give her sustento, but shes not spending for anything na sa bahay. And now we will do that behind her back, medyo nakakaguilty lang.

Pero sabi nga ni frrefont, kung sinong nadapa yun ang dapat tulungan. But my mother will not accept that argument, she subscribe more to the adage “charity begins at home”; and by home she means, her. Hahaha. But its true though, we owe a lot to our mother, and imbes makabayad-utang na loob kami ng pakonti-konti sa kanya, e uunahin pa namin yung isa.  I’m sure mom will hold a grudge sa amin pag nalaman nya.  She should be availing of her early retirement sana 2 years from now, pero nung nalaman nyang maliit lang makukuha nyang retirement, gusto na nyang imaximize yung 65yo, dahil ayaw nyang maging pabigat sa amin pag nagretire sya… habang yung isa, walang kahirap-hirap, out of nowhere, tatanggap na lang buwan-buwan. Parang may mali sa scenario nayun hindi ba? :help:

Kaya I’m thinking, siguro instead of giving monthly sustento, ipunin na lang namin sa bangko and pag kailangan lang talaga, like hospitalization or any emergency, may available funds kami. Yung day to day subsistence, e pagkasyahin na lang kung anong pinagkakakitaan nya or dagdag lang ng konti. One issue pa kasi, father lives in the province with his spinster sister na may adopted son (na adik at tambay), sya lang ang may kaunting kabuhayan (thru the capital provided for by their elder sister years ago) and ang nangyayari, ang pera nya, pera din nila. So ang lalabas, hindi lang tatay ko ang bubuhayin/susustentuhan namin, pati distant relatives. Yes, he decided to retreat in the province and provide for his relatives, instead of his own family. Again, unfair na naman yan para sa nanay namin. I told my siblings, we should help him, pero huwag naman din yung ganitong bigla-bigla, without giving us a chance to prepare and adjust our finances. ayoko syang sisihin, but it took him this long to say what’s really going on (when we got in touch 3 years ago, laging sinasabi ok daw yung negosyo nila sa probinsya, tapos hindi daw sya manghihingi sa akin dahil yung pension nya daw malapit na magsimula; that was just a father’s pride/ego talking, kasi heto hindi pala nya inasikaso for the past 20 years and inexpect nya meron?). sabi ko, we will work it out, but give us time din na makapag-ipon, after all, nagssimula pa lang din kami maging stable sa sari-sarili naming mga buhay. I still don’t know how this will all pan out, abangan na lang natin…  :hello: :thankyou:

Hay, ang buhay, parang telenobela… kaya kayo, magpasalamat kayo na maayos ang pamilyang kinabibilangan nyo (freefront seems to be lucky to have such loving and generous father). Tulad nito, instead of focusing on my own retirement plans, it will have to be put on hold dahil may kailangang unahin (naisip ko yung MF na cost-averaging sana na sisimulan ko this year for myself e sa kanya ko na lang muna ireserve, or at most, split ko in half). I know I have responsibilities to my parents, but then, I also feel cheated in a way dahil when we were growing up, we badly needed a dad, and he chose to leave. kung tumigas man ang puso namin, sya rin ang naging dahilan. pero nandyan na yan, might as well deal with it.

Anyway, thanks ulit sa inyong inputs and god bless sa ating lahat sa panibagong taon ng ating financial journey!


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may complications pala na ganyan. sorry hindi ko pwede makialam kapag moral na.

pero kung ako nasa kalagayan mo kung anong pwede nyong ibigay sa tatay nyo, doblehin or higit pa ang ibigay nyo sa nanay nyo. another way of putting it, sa tatay nyo conditional at may limit sa nanay nyo dapat wala, kung kaya nyong ibigay lahat ibigay lahat.

ayan piece ko, pero ayokong maki-alam.


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ay ganun pala scenario. 1st of all i won't do it behind my mom's back. if she somehow found out later, it would hurt her & especially ganun na sinolo niya responsibility sa pagpapalaki sa inyo.

pwede niyo naman siya tulungan but 1st things 1st mag-sorry muna siya sa Mom mo para may closure. unfair sa mom mo if he can't even feel a sense of regret or remorse on your dad's part. patawarin man siya or hindi ni Mom, He better swallow his pride or pride nalang kainin niya till the day he dies.

as SirZap mentioned, sa ganitong situation mas uunahin ko nalang nanay ko, kung may sukli o sobra yun nalang para kay Dad.

but still it's you & your siblings' decision after all you guys knows best dealing with you dad's situation. Good Luck!

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agree ako sa kanila, uunahin ko nanay ko, majority ibibigay ko sa kanya.


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Oo nga ganun pala ang kwento. You know more of the situation than we do. I think your decision should be quite simple and obvious. Kahit pa sabihin mo pang tatay mo yan dahil walang choice...

Dilemma nga yung sa tatay nyo eh. Kung di kayo magbibigay, magui-guilty kayo. Kung magbibigay kayo, maiinis naman kayo sa kung saan ang pupuntahan ng pera nyo. What a choice you have to make! You have to choose though.

I would rather think twice, thrice, or more about giving more money din kay tatay kaysa kay nanay. Baka occasional lang na abutan ng pera ang gagawin ko na lang sa tatay at regular na "income" na lang kay nanay like sa Christmas na lang. O kaya kung kailangan talaga like hospitalization - pero sa case ng tatay mo, I would rather not pay all the hospital bill. I don't think helping him fund his business or even his daily needs would be a good idea as you know already what happens to the money that you have saved up.

Lastly, lahat naman tayo nag-iistruggle din sa money. But I know it's in the Filipino culture din na magbigay sa magulang (something I both love and hate, and something that Western foreigners don't quite understand). Pero sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, I think it's better na unahin munang i-establish ang sarili, at secondary sa mom at dad mo (they should have retirement money kahit konti anyway, to sustain them at least for the first few years na kailangan nyong mag-establish rin). Mahirap tumulong sa iba kung ang mismong finances natin sa sarili ay hindi ok.

I guess na by that time ok na kayo ng magkakapatid ninyo, then I guess the retirement money had run out, at makakatulong na rin kayo. Kausapin mo lang ang parents nyo lalo na ang mom mo about needing to establish yourself financially for the first years. Kumbaga worry about them later. Maging praktikal!

And finally, I hope you have considered saving up for retirement money as early as now para di na maulit ang ganitong situation when your time comes. Hindi pa mahihirapan ang kids mo.
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Thanks again for all your reponses.  Talagang complicated yung situation, a lot of animosity and bitterness from both camps, kaya we are somewhat caught in the middle. We cant outrightly give in to one side because it will inevitably hurt the feelings of the other. Kapag i-deny naman namin yung kabila, it will reflect badly on us din as children. at syempre umiiwas din kami sa “karma” na pagdating ng panahon, may malagay sa amin sa ganung sitwasyon (huwag naman sana) at kami naman ang mangailangan ng tulong.

Siguro talagang uunti-untiin na lang namin ang pagtulong at pag-iipon para parehong mapagbigyan at walang maghinanakit sa aming mga magulang.

Anyway, nakita ko yung thread dito tungkol sa BPI-ING High Conviction Fund, I got very interested. pwede ko siguro yun simulan dahil P10k lang ang initial… I plan to open for both parents, separate accounts para parehong meron, siguro mas malaki lang ang ihuhulog kong monthly para sa nanay (at least i know now na from the outsider's point of view, e justified naman na maging biased ako for my mother)… pero isisikreto ko na lang na may ganyang investment, iwas complications or sumbatan or comparisons etc etc.

Mag update uli ako kung may ibang options akong madiscover, t.y. sa lahat sainyo…  :thankyou:


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Mahirap nga yan. Wag n'yo na isikreto sa nanay n'yo. Mas maganda siguro eh pag-usapan n'yo kasama si nanay kung ano ang gagawin. Tatay mo nga siya pero wala naman siya sa lugar na sumama ang loob dahil nagpabaya siya sa inyo. I think kung anong tulong ung kaya nyong ibigay pwede ibigay pero hanggang dun lang. Meron din kayong mga priority sa buhay.

Btw, parang meron akong nakita sa dati sa Panorama magazine na health insurance para sa senior citizens. Pero di ko makita sa last issue. Kung meron kang back issues nun, baka pwede mo i-check.


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Naku parang ganitong ganito ang sitwasyon namin, dad left us, mom worked hard to send us 3 to school then after million years mag popop up c dad out of nowhere may sakit kelangan magpahospital at walang kabuhayan kc inubos na ng mga babae nya. He showed up sa bahay na mukhang nkakaawa tlga, ung sss nya na lumpsum n nya then dinala sa negosyo at babae nya so wala ring napuntahan. So dahil di din nman namin cia matiis nag aabot pa rin kme sa knya, but qng aq sau wag mu n lng sabhin sa mom mu, in our case d namin cnsbe na nagbbgay kme kc lalo lang ciang magagalit at mahuhurt specially kahit isang beses di nagsorry si dad.


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Close to home din ang kuwento na yan. Yung 2 pamangkin ko, idealized ang memory sa father nila na nag-abandon sa kanila nung maliliit pa sila. Ang laki ng sense of hurt and betrayal ng kapatid ko nung malaman nya nakikipagkita yung 2 anak nya na mag-isa nyang itinaguyod. Lalo na dun sa son na kamukha ng tatay, parang she was equally proud and mad at him.  It's an irrational reaction (very strong), pero sabi ko na lang sa mga bata, they are not fully aware of what really happened within the marriage, kaya sila na lang magpalaki sa mga magulang nila. It took years before things started to get better.


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