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To those who had been awakened about the true nature of our worlds event,  which do you prefer for the EVENT to happen?

EVENT ASAP, although this poses a remote but potentially grave risk to life/safety.
1 (100%)
EVENT when it is the safest even if it will take a much longer time to be liberated.
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Converted Time
Manila, Philippines
2:11 pmPHT
Sunday, January 12, 2020


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.


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Desperate Zionist move to start WWIII backfires drastically

Benjamin Fulford

jan 6, 2020

he U.S. murder of top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was either a “brilliant chess move” or a very stupid mistake, but either way, it has severely harmed the Zionists.

“The martyrdom of Soleimani may have been a brilliant chess move by U.S. President Donald Trump to unleash global anti-Semitism and terminate Israel, Saudi Arabia, Zionism, Exxon, and the deep state using Iran, Russia, China, Turkey, the EU, and its allies,” was how one Pentagon source summed up the situation.

However, British Intelligence got a very different story from their U.S. counterparts, who told them Soleimani was killed because “he was going to set off nuclear weapons in an attempt to start WWIII and bring on the Mahdi or Messiah.” The British don’t believe this excuse and note that “It was highly unusual the Pentagon did not forewarn Great Britain,” according to MI6 sources.

Regardless, despite the incredible Zionist beating of war drums, the Pentagon, Russian, and Chinese sources agree that this incident will not be allowed to escalate into WWIII.

“As Einstein said, ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’ We need to make sure the Iran situation does not threaten modern civilization,” was how an Asian Secret Society source described China’s view of this engineered crisis.

“…Eliminating officials of another UN member state…blatantly violates the principles of international law and should be condemned,” was Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s response to the incident. The world community will support Iranian war crime charges against Trump and he will eventually end up in jail for this crime, Russian FSB sources promise.

Veteran’s Today is reporting that the U.S. government committed a war crime by officially inviting Soleimani, under the promise of diplomatic immunity and the lifting of sanctions on Iran, only to ambush and kill him.

DUE 2 FB SHUT DOWN VTAs ACC CAUSE THEIR MASTER DOESNT ALLOWS THEIR INFO TO B HERE, SO PUT THEIR WEBSITE INFRONT OF THIS WITH THE (breaking-confirmed-solemeini-killed-on-diplomatic-mission-to-iraq-to-receive-trump-pompeo-missive/)

Pentagon sources say that because Trump was “tricked into ordering the hit [on Soleimani] with false Israeli Intelligence,” he now has cause and may fire …

… Zionist agents [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo, [Defense Secretary Mark] Esper, [CIA head Gina] Haspel, and even javanka [Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump].

“The red flag of jihad has been declared on Israel and Saudi Arabia, as Iran has been given casus belli and global approval, while Trump has political cover to pull U.S. troops and U.S. citizens out of harm’s way,” the sources say.
Also, “U.S. Special Forces may even hunt Israelis in Kurdish Iraq, Syria, or elsewhere before leaving, and may execute International Criminal Court arrest warrants on Israeli war criminals,” the sources predict.

“As sealed indictments approach the biblical number of 144,000, kinetic warfare may be combined with lawfare through the ICC and military tribunals to wage total war against the Zionists,” they continue. “The ICC may also prosecute Israel and Saudi Arabia for war crimes in Yemen, crimes against humanity in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and any Zionists or deep state agents aiding or abetting ISIS [Daesh],” they say.

The Zionists may have made this desperate attempt to start war against Iran because of the dragnet that’s closing in on them. For example, evidence is appearing in the mainstream press that chemical weapons attacks on Syria were faked by the Zionist-controlled Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. This means their information control grid is collapsing.…/syria-war-chemical-weapons-…

In any case, the attempt to start WWIII with Iran is definitely connected to the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations of the U.S. Corporation, agree various secret society sources. So far, the U.S. Corporation has not found funding to continue its operations past January 31st, and that may be the real reason why they played their war card yet again, one Asian secret society source noted.

Certainly the media hysteria over Iran has distracted people from the fact that the U.S. economy is in a free-fall worse than the Lehman crisis of 2008. Here are a few recent signs of this.

The Baltic Dry Index has plunged 64% in the past three months as the world stops trading with the U.S.

U.S. used truck prices fell 50% year on year in December, while rail freight dropped 11.5%.…/used-truck-prices-collapse-much……/rail-traffic-continues-plunge-a…

U.S. factory output has fallen to its lowest level since 2009 immediately after Lehman.
Another indication the U.S. Corporation is desperate for funds is the fact that NASA (Not A Space Agency) is seeking survival money from Japan.…/articles/20200101/…/00m/0na/006000c

The U.S. Corporation was able to fool China and get funding to keep its operations going after the Lehman crisis by promising a black communist president—Barack Obama.

This time may be different, because so far only the Federal Reserve Board is buying U.S. stocks and U.S. Treasuries.…/…/40246456-15781223294849339.png

However, FRB funny money is not acceptable for the U.S. Corporation’s international payments that are due January 31st.

The fact is that U.S. debt is soaring, while population bombs and denying reality with funny money are not going to solve the problem.…/…/40246456-15780474829427037.png

What the American people need to understand is that the world is trying to free them from the U.S. Corporation’s Babylonian debt slavery and restore the Republic of the United States of America. This will lead to a huge jump in U.S. living standards, similar to the near doubling of Russian living standards that was seen after Vladimir Putin kicked the Khazarian mafia out of his country.

Even if the U.S. Corporation is funded past January 31st, the world is headed for extreme turbulence and a major purge as the Zionist beast is put down, Pentagon sources say.

The situation in Iran has distracted from many radical events taking place elsewhere in the world. For example, the Zionist press is ignoring the news that their Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed “president” Juan Guaidó has been removed from his post as chief of the National Assembly, as multiple Venezuelan media outlets have reported. This means they will not be able to use Venezuelan oil to pay their bills.

Meanwhile, the massive wildfires threatening Australia are now being labeled by Australian police and military sources as a deliberate attack on that country. This arson is being accompanied by a huge corporate media campaign aimed at trying to force the Australian government to pay a carbon tax to cabalists, Australian secret intelligence service sources report. Police say most of the fires have been caused by arsonists and not by “global warming.”…/australian-police-say-arsonists-ligh…/

Also, as in California, some of the Australian fires look unnatural. Why are only the vehicles burned, as seen in the picture at the link below?…/australia-bushfires-defence-f…

France, for its part, is facing a revolution as the Zionists try to keep themselves afloat by stealing French pension money just like they already stole Japan’s pension funds. The massive strikes and year of demonstrations are only intensifying as French living standards continue to plunge under the regime of Rothschild-slave president Emmanuel Macron.…

P3 Freemason sources say France will experience regime change in 2020. “It’s a good time to invest in guillotine futures,” one source joked morbidly.

The P3 have also revealed a bit more about themselves. They say the P1 was created two centuries ago and was replaced by the P2 sixty years ago. The P2 has been replaced by the P3 in 2020. The biggest difference between P3 and P2 is that the P3 has no Mafiosi in its membership, they say.

The P3 are saying the Germans under Angela Merkel are now the main obstacle to world peace and the creation of a future planning agency. This means Merkel will be under great pressure to resign in 2020, one of the sources says. This will be seen in the form of an increasingly destabilized EU, they say.

The other underreported but drastic event taking place is secret warfare between the Chinese and the Khazarian satanists. China’s food supply is being hit with “pig ebola” and “army worms,” and now Chinese people are coming down with a SARS-like disease.…/six-more-hong-kong-patients-hospital……/china-investigates-sars-lik…/a-51843861

Also, Taiwan’s top military general was killed in a helicopter crash that was almost certainly a murder.
The Chinese are responding to these attacks by using scalar weapons technology to hit certain Americans, according to British Intelligence reports.

The Zionists are also now rattling their nuclear sabre as satanist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accidentally on purpose says Israel is a “nuclear power.”…/netanyahu-in-apparent-stumble-cal…

They have also been making multiple threats against Japan recently, claim Japanese right-wing and other sources. The latest is a renewed threat to use directed energy weapons to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt.…/300-years-majestic-mount-fu…/

The Gnostic Illuminati and others threaten to retaliate against any new attack on Japan by blowing up Washington, D.C., Rome, and Jerusalem with 500-megaton nuclear bombs. Also, the Khazarian mob was reminded that hundreds of earthquakes were reported in the Island of La Palma immediately after the March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima. If La Palma’s precarious rock formation falls into the sea, the East Coast of the U.S. and Southern Europe will be hit with a 100-meter tsunami.

Despite all these threats and counter-threats, we must not forget the reality that world peace is far more likely than world war. The people of the world overwhelmingly reject the attempt by the Zionists and their counterparts in Iran to provoke WWIII. The U.S. military and European allies are rejecting calls for war with Iran. The Chinese and Russians are also telling Iranian hardliners they will not be fooled into WWIII.

Iran’s government has been in peace talks with Saudi Arabia and the U.S. That’s why Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently visited Japan. After the attack on Soleimani, the Gulf States including Saudi Arabia called for peace.…/saudi-deputy-defense-minister-t…

Certainly there may be more provocations by the Zionists as their satanic project collapses around them. However, they have lost the ability to fool and manipulate the world’s military forces into a world war. This means the writing is on the wall for the Zionists, and it reads “Peace on earth, goodwill to men.”


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How You are Freeing Humanity from Enslavement ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

jan 4, 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been calculating the estimated arrival time for the evolution of your consciousness to get you to the point where you don’t have to take so many actions just in order to survive, and we have determined that you are only about five years away from being free of all of the tedious chores that you have to do in order to maintain your physicality. When you no longer need to work and do all of the little things that you need to do in order to maintain your bodies, your vehicles, and your homes, you will be freed up for more lofty pursuits.

Those of you who have always wanted to paint will have the freedom to paint. Those of you who have always wanted to sing will have the freedom to sing. Those of you who have always wanted to write will have the freedom to write. You will have more free time for spiritual pursuits. You will be able to take the time to connect to beings in other dimensions.

The lack of free time that some people experience makes it challenging for them to even take fifteen minutes out of their day to meditate. And so, the hamster wheel that you have all been on has kept you from really exploring who you are and being able to express that. Now, not everyone who has an enormous amount of free time has been using it for spiritual and artistic pursuits, but there is also a level of consciousness that needs to be reached by humanity before you are freed from the enslavement that you have been taking part in for so long.

When you reach that level of consciousness, then of course more individuals are going to awaken to the truth that there is more to life than going to parties and accumulating stuff. That level of consciousness is something that those of you who are awake are adding to every day, as you make time for your spirituality and for your artistic pursuits.

You express yourselves. You talk about your feelings. You connect with Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the animal kingdom.

You are helping all of humanity to evolve and to get to that place, and you’re doing it not through political action, not through creating a new economic system, and not through defeating those who are seeking to keep things as they are. You are shifting the consciousness of humanity by listening to that little voice inside of you, honoring your intuition.

You are taking humanity to the next level of its evolution by being yourselves fully and expressing who and what you are to as many people who will pay attention. And that is not egoic. That is you letting your higher self through to reach as many people as possible. And of course, your higher self is your fifth dimensional self. We just love to see you progressing so nicely.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual`s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'WWWAII You Really Think Hitler Cared about Cavities? Hitler put fluoride in the water in the concentration camps, this was to "dumb" down his captives, stifle their will to resist and make them compliant. It had the added bonus of making them infertile! Conspiracy Watch Please Share!'

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

If Babies Don't Have Any Teeth Why Does Baby Water Need Fluoride? Kids lose their first set of teeth anyway.

The Gov't poisons our babies practically from birth. Publicly poisoning young children with fluoride on such a grand scale when it has been proven in countless studies to cause cognitive disorders, lowered IQ & even bone & joint disease goes light years beyond terrorism. Why does gov't encourage fluoride in baby water when it cause's your baby’s brain to turn to mush?

Harvard proved that fluoride was harmful to children: "Choi and senior author Philippe Grandjean, adjunct professor of environmental health at Harvard Sschool of Public Health, and their colleagues collated the epidemiological studies of children exposed to fluoride from drinking water.

The China National Knowledge Infrastructure database also was included to locate studies published in Chinese journals. They then analyzed possible associations with IQ measures in more than 8,000 children of school age; all but one study suggested that high fluoride content in water may negatively affect cognitive development.”

Kids are suffering from all kinds of diseases that weren’t common just decades ago. Fluoride is definately part of the problem.

Disorders such as autism, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and dyslexia have soared, and this is due in part to the use of chemicals in municipal water supplies, and exposure to industrial contaminants such as lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic, herbicides, pesticides, and fluoride.

Children’s bodies cannot tolerate this onslaught of chemicals. Fluoride accumulates in their tiny bodies (along with these other toxins) and causes skeletal fluorosis. It is a creeping disease that eventually makes the bones of a five year old look that those of an 108 year old woman suffering from arthritis.

What’s more – fluoride in any form — drops, tablets, or vitamins — has never been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (as required by law since 1938.

Why would the government & dentists encourage mothers and fathers to put toxic waste that comes from the semiconductor and phosphate fertilizer industries in their baby’s mouths? Evidently some people have ingested to much fluoride to think straight.

“Contaminated with arsenic, lead, barium, cadmium, and mercury, no analyses of fluorosilicic acid are performed at the source, and only rudimentary analyses are performed at water treatment plants prior to their injection into public water systems. In many artificially fluoridated areas, the lead and copper content of the water exceeds EPA/Safe Drinking Water Act standards.

This occurs because of the caustic nature of fluorosilicic acid and its capacity to leach copper and lead from soldered pipe joints and brass fixtures.” ~ Fluoridation: License to Dump Toxic Waste In The Name of Public Health”, Health Action Network, Fluoride Report No. 4, Jan (1997)

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Age of Aquarius Meditation Interview with Cobra by Sisterhood of the Rose

January 7, 2020

— Beginning of transcript —

DEBRA: Hello, I am Debra and I am leader of a Sisterhood of the Rose group in the United States. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Cobra about our upcoming Age of Aquarius activation meditation taking place at 6:11 a.m. GMT on January 11th and 12th depending on your time zone.

The Sisterhood of the Rose supports this meditation very much. We have many questions and things to discuss today to bring clarity and to emphasize the importance of as many people as possible doing this meditation.

So, let’s get started. Welcome Cobra and thank you for doing this interview.

COBRA:  I think it is important to do this, and I hope everybody will join us because we have a real chance to create a breakthrough.

DEBRA: Absolutely!  Yes, there are so many people excited. So you are calling this meditation the Age of Aquarius activation, with the intent to trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius. But aren’t we already in the Age of Aquarius?  And what exactly is the Age of Aquarius?  Is it the same as the Golden Age?

COBRA:  Coming from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius is a process which takes many centuries. And right now we are at the peak of that transition. This is the purpose of this meditation, to trigger that, I would say, phase transition into the New Age. This Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius is something that many visionaries have seen throughout the centuries about the New Age that will come and will radically transform society on the surface of this planet and will actually be in a whole new cycle of evolution. This is what many have been expecting and it did not happen, it still did not happen, but right now we are at the moment where real change is increasingly becoming possible.

DEBRA:  Wonderful!  So to help people visualize, what kind of world will we be triggering with our meditation?  Like what would a typical day in the Age of Aquarius look like?

COBRA: There are many differences between what society looks like now and how the society will look after the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. One of the major differences will be the vibrational frequency of the society which will be full of real love and real support and mutual understanding between people which is not present now.

The other difference will be the awareness of the connection with your own Higher Self, with your own Soul.

The third difference will be the widespread understanding that this whole Universe is a Living Being with many different races inhabiting many solar systems and there will be active contact between the earth civilization and other star races. This will be a common occurrence.

We will be joining galactic society, and average day will be completely different from what we are experiencing now. There will be no more need to struggle for survival to do regular jobs in the way you are experiencing now. There will be a completely new paradigm where you will be living each day according to your inner guidance and whatever is the highest purpose for every day, which might be completely different from one day to another.

DEBRA: Wow!  So is there a connection to the Age of Aquarius and Atlantis?  Did people do mass meditations in Atlantis, and if they did, did it help change the course of events?

COBRA:  Yes, actually Atlantis has three phases. The first phase of Atlantis was in the Pleiades. The second Atlantis was the one that Plato was talking about in the Atlantic Ocean, and the third one is the new Atlantis that we are arriving at.

In the second Atlantis, which was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there were periods where life was quite similar to what we will be experiencing in the Golden Age and there were many people doing mass meditations. There was open contact with other star races, and this is something that will return.

DEBRA: Okay, we are definitely looking forward to that!  With this meditation, what effects would the average person experience if we achieve critical mass?  And would they happen right away or with time?

COBRA: What will happen if we reach the critical mass is that we will shift the timeline. And timelines are like rivers. So now the river of planetary events is running into a certain direction and if we reach the critical mass, we will re-direct that river.

First the effects will be small and barely noticeable, but with time this river, the change of direction will be quite significant and can actually determine how things will develop. For example, in the current timeline there is a war between Iran and the United States. In the new timeline, that war doesn’t happen. That’s just one example of how things can change.

And definitely at some point there will be drastic changes in the daily life of every individual on the surface of the planet if we manage to shift the timeline into a better one.

DEBRA:  Wow, that in itself is motivation to do the meditation!  And I have to ask, what can we expect to happen if we don’t achieve critical mass for this meditation?

COBRA:  If we don’t achieve the critical mass, there will be no breakthrough. But still we will have significant impact on world events because for sure many people will join the meditation. But if we don’t reach the critical mass, we will not have that fundamental shift of timelines. We will not have that massive improvement that we are hoping for.

DEBRA: So, it would have an effect, but it would just slow things down a little bit more than if we achieve critical mass.

COBRA:  If we achieve critical mass, we can cut the waiting time quite significantly. If we don’t reach the critical mass, we will just cut it very, very, very slightly.

DEBRA: I understand, yes. So now a few specifics about some of the things that you’ve posted about this meditation on your blog. You have said that “Meditation if it is done in the same moment with a large mass of people changes mass consciousness. Everything that is happening today is the sum of vectors of decisions of people on the planet. 7.7 billion people making daily decisions. If we put a coherent signal for one moment in that whole lump of free will vectors we can change what happens.”  Can you explain a little bit more how this process works?

COBRA:  We have as I said more than 7 billion people on the planet, and most of them are just blindly following the major vectors, which are the mass media, which are their financial situation. But there is a small number of people that are using their free will, and scientifically it is proven that there is a certain number of people that needs to be reached to influence the planetary situation and this number is the square root of two times the planetary population, which is right now around 120,000 people. But because not everybody is doing the meditation 100% efficiently, we are using this symbolic number of 144,000. So if that number of people meditates at the same space in time, it creates a coherent signal. It means a signal which is like a laser beam. And when you have a laser beam signal in the planetary consciousness field, you direct, you dictate, you drive the river of free will on the planet. You shift it into a certain direction, and if we are visualizing the Golden Age, this is the way we are shifting that river.

It is important to understand that we need to do this at exactly the same moment if you want to have a physical change; the physical plane is dictating with the laws of space and time. And if we want physical change, we need to do it at the exact same moment.

This is why timing of this meditation is so critically important. It is very important that everybody does it at the same moment throughout the planet. If you do it two hours later you will not add to the critical mass.

DEBRA:  I am glad you made that point, because there is actually a science behind this that we are working with, as you said, the actual physical. So do these free will vectors interact with the plasma fields from the solar system?  Is that what creates the resonance that changes the course of events?

COBRA: What is happening is basically that the plasma fields from the solar system influences the masses because the masses are not using their free will, they are just responding to tendencies. And I have explained in detail what are the astrological configurations at that time so people react to that. But if we use our free will to put a laser-like signal in that plasma interference pattern, we can dictate the outcome. We can actually shape the outcome towards the Golden Age.

DEBRA:  So specifically, as it relates to what is going on the planet, how can this affect the financial markets or the exposure of the child abuse networks?

COBRA:  What will happen is if we put that signal into the grids at the moment where the plasma interference pattern is triggering the financial system, this is the moment where we can influence the financial system the greatest. We can actually start revealing all the irregularities in the system. If they can become part of the public common knowledge, and when this becomes part of the common public knowledge, the system needs to change.

If we determine that we want to change it into a fair financial system, this where it will have to go according to the laws of physics.

DEBRA: I would like to address the child abuse—abuse of the child abuse networks that you mentioned too. So with these coming disclosures and others, you mentioned in a recent interview that people would become, and you used the words, “very, very, very angry”. What can we do—obviously children are very much in the heart of the Sisterhood of the Rose—what can we do, all of us, to help soften and stabilize this situation or any other chaos that may occur? Can you explain how the energy of the Goddess can help with this?

COBRA: Energy of the Goddess is the energy that brings balance, it brings harmony, it brings healing, and if as many people as possible channel that energy and transmit it into the planetary energy grid it will begin to calm down the surface population. And this is exactly what is needed for us to survive this transition intact and without too much violence.

Because this anger, the violence that is now suppressed, will be released, and it is actually a suppressed masculine principle, which can only be healed by the presence of awakened feminine principle. So the energy of the Goddess is the energy that can calm down people, that they will not start killing people randomly on the streets, but they will rather take informed and enlightened action.

DEBRA: Good, okay and I’d like to speak a little later too more about some of the divine feminine as well. But let’s continue a little bit where we were. How will exposing the child abuse networks force the black nobility families to give up control?

COBRA: It will not force them to give up control, this is just the first phase. So when there is enough awareness among the surface population about the existence of child abuse, and the extent of child abuse, it will be harder and harder for those people to hide behind their masks. It is a matter of exposure, and when exposure reaches the critical mass, when there is enough exposure in the consciousness field of humanity, then the Light Forces can take physical action and arrest those people.

DEBRA:  So you are suggesting people to help expose some of this Truth.

COBRA: All of this Truth.

DEBRA:  Right. There have been recent issues with a lot of the social media shutting down accounts, and there’s been something on Twitter about how you can be subpoenaed for certain information. Do you feel it is safe for us to really speak our Truth, or The Truth, on some of those social media platforms?

COBRA: What you need to understand is that we are in a war, and in a war nothing is safe. It is a matter of making choices, personal choices. I will not force anybody to do anything against their will, but I would say that those people need to be exposed. It is time.

DEBRA:  Yes, yes. And of course, you have given us protection protocols to use as well, which should be used daily. Let’s get back to the timing of this meditation because it is so important. You keep bringing up how important it is. Why do we work with these astrological configurations?  And what do they do?  Do they open a doorway to the Light Forces to help us?

COBRA: Those astrological configurations, as I said, they are plasma interference patterns throughout the solar system, and when there is a very powerful astrological configuration, whatever happens at that moment is magnified many times.

So if we have a laser-like signal, right at that moment, it becomes magnified many times. And this particular configuration is very favorable towards exposure. So this Saturn-Pluto conjunction actually can expose a lot. It can expose more than most of the other configurations, and we have a very explosive mix of planets joining up together and important cycles ending and new cycles beginning. So we are at the exact insertion point where this New Age can begin to happen.

DEBRA: Right. I am going to quote something you said in your blog. “First there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse on January 10th, creating a very tense and rigid energy pattern. Then on January 11th, both Uranus and Eris will turn direct, this will release a lot of previously suppressed planetary kundalini energy. January 11th is a very powerful timeline day and in the last few decades there four powerful events that took place on January 11th that changed the destiny of this planet. Two of those I can mention, the opening of the doorway on 11/11 on January 11th, 1992 and the archon invasion of January 11th, 1996. Then on January 12th, we will have an extremely powerful Saturn and Pluto conjunction that will crack the global financial system open”, which you just mentioned.

With all of this going on that weekend, why is it that this meditation is taking place (for a lot of us here in the USA it is on the night of the 11th), why that particular time out of all the aspects that are happening over the weekend? Why was that time selected?

COBRA: The Light Forces have selected that particular time to have the maximum number of people meditating globally. They are not just looking at the United States. They are taking into account especially the people in Asia. There are very strong meditation groups in China and in other countries in Asia and throughout the planet. This particular time is expected to have the most effect on the energy grid situation and the maximum number of people meditating.

DEBRA:  Does it have to do with the one or the eleven, or the 11:11?  Here in the U. S. what we talk about is “wow, it’s 1:11 my time, or 11:11 my time.”  Does any of that energy come into play?

COBRA:  Yes, also.

DEBRA: You mentioned too in this report that the lunar eclipse on January 10th would create a very tense and rigid energy pattern. How will this affect us, and do we need to do anything to prepare or protect ourselves that day?

COBRA:  Just be aware that there will be strong energies triggered. There might be a lot of entities flying around the astral plane. There might be a lot of pressure. There might be shocking news in the media, anything of that nature. Just stay calm and centered and focused.

DEBRA: Thank you!  You also mentioned a Synodic Cycle and you said there would be thirteen of them starting in 2020. So first of all what is a Synodic Cycle and what is the significance of thirteen of them?

COBRA: A Synodic Cycle is a cycle where two planets actually meet if you look from the center of the Sun. So if you would be right now at the Sun and you would look at the planets, when two planets conjunct or they come together when they meet, it is called a Synod. And when planets move in their orbits around the solar system, there is a certain period between the first and second meeting of the same planet and this is called a Synodic Cycle. And in this year, we have thirteen of them. I would say thirteen more significant ones, where an average year you just have one or two.

So this just stresses the importance of this year. What is also interesting is that I would say four or five of those cycles are happening on that weekend between January 10th and 13th.

DEBRA:  Oh wow, I didn’t realize that. So that is pretty powerful! You said that gold was taken to the U.S. in 1996 and used to finance underground bases to prepare for the Draco invasion in 1996. Is there a connection between the invasion on January 11th of 1996 and what will happen on this January 11th meditation and the Age of Aquarius activation?

COBRA: Okay, I never said the gold was taken to the United States in 1996. The gold was taken after World War II to the United States, and then it was underwriting the trading programs which were secret, and this money generated through those trading programs went to finance the building of underground military bases which were built extensively since 1946 and 1947. This network of underground bases was completed in 1995 and the Draco invasion was triggered on January 11th of 1996.

Now we are here twenty-four years later, when we are actively reversing that trend. We are ending that invasion.

to be continued.....


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DEBRA: And we are doing that through this meditation, or just with all of the incoming Light that is coming in?

COBRA: I would say the Light Forces have been working actively since 1996 to counteract that invasion and now we are reaching a certain point where the efforts of the Light Forces will become visible and we are marking this with our meditation, with our activation.

DEBRA: Are you yet able to say what the other two January 11th events that changed the destiny of this planet?


DEBRA:  Okay, had to ask!  You also mentioned that “The trading week between January 13th and 17th is the time of greatest probability that the situation in the financial markets will burst into a full crisis. The astrological chart of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, January 13th, at 9:30 am EST shows a powerful exact quadruple Sun – Saturn – Pluto – Ceres conjunction with Saturn actually behind the sun.” Can you say more about this and how we can expect mass consciousness in the United States to be affected?  Why the focus on the New York Stock Exchange?

COBRA:  New York is a financial center of planetary importance. We have J. P. Morgan Headquarters there, the New York Stock Exchange is there, the New York Fed is there, so these are three major institutions that dictate how this worldwide financial crisis will unravel.

And it is interesting to note that the opening moment of the New York Stock Exchange happens exactly at the peak astrological influence of that quadruple conjunction, so it will be a very powerful moment. And it is not possible to say what will happen. We are speaking about probabilities. We cannot see the future, but we can see the trends, we can see the cycles, and that week will be very interesting.

DEBRA:  It sounds like it!  Cobra, is this meditation energetically related to the Silver Trigger meditation we did on 11/11 of last year?  If so how?  Is there a connection through the “1” and the “11” energies of these two days?

COBRA:  Actually the meditation on the 11th of November was preparation for this one. It was a plan of the Light Forces to do them one after the other. What is interesting to note is that the meditation on the 11th of November had Sun – Mercury conjunction, actually a Sun – Mercury transit, and Mercury is returning back to the Sun on January 11th of this year. So these two months, Mercury did a certain loop which brought him back to the Sun, which is again putting a spotlight on the global financial system again.

DEBRA:  Right, so it did a whole loop, that’s interesting. What happened on this planet the last time we had such a strong astrological configuration? Back at the Grand Cross Eclipse on August 11th, 1999.

COBRA: On August 11th, 1999, a huge interdimensional portal opened which actually reversed the trend of the Draco invasion. Between 1996 and 1999, the Dark Forces were just attacking the planet, coming here and gaining power. This powerful stargate reversed the trend, so since then they are losing power. This was visible two years later, and the 9/11, which they engineered, was not a sign of strength, it was a sign of their weakness and desperation—because always when they do something so visible, so easily noticeable, it means that they are desperate.

They understood at some point people would be investigating and everything would come out, so they had no option. It means that they started to lose the war, the Galactic War, in 1999.

DEBRA:  So is our Age of Aquarius meditation related energetically to that astrological event in 1999?

COBRA:  Yes, we are beginning to write the last chapter of this galactic saga.

DEBRA: Okay, the very last chapter?

COBRA: The last one.

DEBRA:  Alright, good!  I want to talk a little bit about the financial reset. People seem to be confused about this because in the past you have said that the financial reset would only happen at the time of the Event, and yet now there is talk about it happening prior to the Event. So can you update us on what is going on with that?

COBRA: What is happening in the Light Forces are favoring a gradual dismantling of the old financial system because they realize an abrupt crash would create too many problems, primarily because people are not ready, people have not done their homework and there is not enough consciousness on the surface of the planet. The support grid of Lightworkers is far too weak to sustain the energies of an abrupt financial crash.

So what will happen will be a gradual dismantling of the old system which will be identically triggered with this Age of Aquarius activation. And this dismantling will take a certain amount of time which will culminate in the final reset.

DEBRA:   Okay. You recently asked us to do a meditation every four-hours to stabilize the financial system, especially Deutsche Bank until we did the Age of Aquarius meditation and you also said that the collapse of the Deutsche Bank is predicted to happen around January 15th. So what is the particular reason why it was important to delay this collapse of Deutsche Bank at this time; is that so there would not be this chaotic crash that you just talked about?

COBRA:  A few things here … The first one is there is a faction of the cabal that wanted to hard crash the system and then introduce electronic money with total control. And this is what this meditation was preventing. Their plan was to implement this on the 1st of January this year, and as you can see, this did not happen. Their plan failed, which is good. And this was the main reason why this meditation was taking place and is still necessary for a few days.

It is not just about Deutsche Bank. It is also about the whole financial system. I am not saying Deutsche Bank will collapse on January 15, it is just, I would say, the peak of the cycle. What exactly will happen nobody knows.

DEBRA: Well, a lot of it depends on what takes place that weekend in terms of our collective consciousness.

COBRA:  Exactly.

DEBRA:  Is Fulford accurate when he says the USA needs to be bankrupted in order to get rid of the debt-based economy?

COBRA:  I would say the U. S. government, and this whole debt-bubble. needs to be collapsed. That’s the start of the financial reset. Not just the United States but worldwide. All this will be collapsed. But as I said before, this collapse will be gradual, it will be more of a dismantling not a sudden shock, because a sudden shock the surface population would not be able to absorb it. People would experience hardships that are not necessary.

DEBRA:  Right, we don’t need any more of that on the planet. So it would be more of a gentle, softer, slower crash.

COBRA: I would not say gentle, but I would say not as brutal as it would be with a hard crash.

DEBRA: Okay. Let me ask you, how is it going with the struggle between the two black nobility factions over whether they will have a debt-based or social credit-based financial system?  What would it take for them to give up control so that we finally have a fair financial system?

COBRA:  I have said before the faction that wants to have electronic on-line social score banking system has lost quite much power over the New Year. There was a lot of in-fighting going on, a lot of so-called negotiations, and now the faction which is still promoting the debt-slavery financial system that we currently have now is gaining power—but the Light Forces are also gaining power, and we will get the upper hand and the system will be crashed on our terms, not theirs.

DEBRA:  Okay, good. Who or what are backing these Black Nobility families energetically?

COBRA:  There is the Chimera group from the plasma plane, there are many reptilian and Draco entities on the plasma plane and etheric plane, and they are working in unison. I would say the top occultists in the Black Nobility families have direct contact with those entities, are invoking them in their rituals, are channeling them, and they will be actually also doing rituals during that weekend. They want to do their own thing.

DEBRA:  Right, which is one of the very important reasons that the Lightworkers need to do their own rituals so to speak to counteract a lot of that.

COBRA: We will bring the Light in, we don’t need to fight with them. We just bring the Light and the Light will do whatever needs to be done.

DEBRA: Absolutely!  So it’s obviously important to put our focused attention on the Age of Aquarius meditation at the time we are doing it at, but also throughout the entire weekend. I would say that it would be very important to beef up your meditation over those several days.

So let me get back to the financial situation just a little bit more. What is China preparing for with its gold?

COBRA:  Yes, China, and Russia also, are collecting gold because after the reset, gold will partially underwrite a new financial system. Gold will back partially the new financial system and China and Russia, and also some other countries, are actively preparing for that.

DEBRA:  Okay. And I know we touched upon this a little bit, but I think I would really like to drive this point in so that people can understand the importance of this January 11th & 12th meditation. Can you share with us what a hard crash or a financial reset that the Dark Forces will try when they are using this astrological configuration?  What would a hard crash look like?

COBRA:  First, I need to say this, the hard crash scenario that the Dark Forces are planning is extremely unlikely to happen. But if it would happen, the banks would close immediately, the distribution chain would be disturbed, people would start losing access to food, electricity, there would be riots on a mass scale, and then as you probably know the dark ones will strive to implement martial law and would use this as an excuse to completely tighten the control over the surface population. I think I don’t need to go further into that.

DEBRA:  Right, okay. Let’s not put any attention or energy toward that option or possibility. As you said, it is very unlikely that would happen.

I have to ask this because some people are worried about things like that. Are there indicators that things might go badly as they did in Germany in the 1930s when the banks collapsed and inflation got so out of control that a loaf of bread cost $100 and people turned to the Nazis to stabilize the country. Is there a possibility this could happen in the U. S. or Germany in 2020, or as you just said, it’s quite unlikely?

COBRA:  Okay, hard crash is not just hyperinflation. A hard crash is when the banks close, when the shops close, when the distribution chain gets disturbed. We also have a melt-down option which is like hyperinflation, problems with employment, banks working sporadically, huge financial crashes worldwide, something that was experience in the 1930s, and that IS possible for a certain period of time.

DEBRA:  Okay. With especially what’s happening recently with the whole war thing, people are talking about World War III and all of that, are the Dark Forces planning to crash the global economy and then pull us out of it with a global war economy and reduction of the population the way they did in World War II?

COBRA:  This is a scenario I was describing just before.

DEBRA:  So, basically no. All right.

COBRA:  I mean they have a plan, but this plan has been counteracted so many times already and it is extremely unlikely that they will be able to pull this off.

DEBRA:  Can you offer a little more insight into what kind of financial reset the Light Forces are orchestrating. You said it was going to be softer. How would the everyday person experience that?

COBRA:  You mean the Light Forces version of the financial reset?


COBRA:  Okay, there will be a few things happening. The first thing will be exposure of the financial machinations of all the wrong-doings through the mass media. Big scandals. And there will be melt-downs of the larger banks which includes Deutsche Bank and J. P. Morgan. Many larger banks will have to go bankrupt, but it will be a controlled situation and the huge restructuring of the rules of the financial system. This is a process that can take quite some time but will be quite intense and quite dramatic. It is not expected that this will always go smoothly. There will be many shocks that are not avoidable. It is not possible to completely make this a smooth transition. But what we are trying to prevent are the hardest scenarios.

DEBRA:  Right, absolutely. Will there be any type of a jubilee?

COBRA:  At the moment of the reset, yes.

DEBRA:  So what things specifically can we visualize happening in the financial system so that we can help to have this smooth financial reset?

COBRA:  You can visualize a smooth transition; you can visualize this system being transformed into a new system that is fair to everybody. That is the basic goal.

DEBRA:  Okay, because that will help during the meditation in terms of what we want to visualize. You have said a lot before about how to prepare physically for the reset by stocking up on two-weeks worth of supplies, but how can we best prepare ourselves spiritually for the reset?  How can we help mainstream folks who are likely to be in a state of shock as well as being caught without supplies?

COBRA:  The first thing that is the most important is to get in contact with your inner guidance. And you can get in contact with your inner guidance by practicing following inner guidance, and not neglecting inner guidance. And inner guidance will sometimes guide you through situations where it is not comfortable for your belief system or for the belief systems of those around you. So it is a matter of practice.

And the other thing that is also quite important is not to get involved in dramas of other people. Because when you begin to raise vibrationally above the average, you become a magnet for people’s drama. The key here is do not engage. People will get crazy because those new energies are quite strong and people will not be able to handle them. So for you to stay in your own center, and not get involved into all that craziness happening around you.

DEBRA:  I know you speak a lot about connecting with your inner guidance. But as I think we can all relate to, it can be challenging sometimes, especially with the interference that we are getting with some of these scalar weapons and things like that. Do you have any suggestions, especially right now with the energies as chaotic as they are and a lot of Lightworkers actually being attacked?  Do you have any advice for us on how to manage that, as well as how to really access that inner guidance?

COBRA:   The most simple, practical way would be to spend some time each day in nature. I would say half an hour to one hour each day in nature would help quite much. And do not say you don’t have time for that, you can create time for that. It is one of the top priorities to keep sanity in the world as it is now.

DEBRA:  I love that. I am a big nature person and you are reminding me. It is cold where I am but it is still important to get outside. Very good.

Cobra, if you have a few more minutes, I would like to ask you some more questions specifically related to the divine feminine energy.

How can people bring the divine feminine Goddess energy into their lives?

COBRA:  The first thing is just to develop inner personal connection with the Goddess energy there. There are many ways to do that. I have published many of them on my blog. People have their own way to connect with the Goddess and if you search, you will find!

DEBRA:  Will it have an effect on mass consciousness if Lightworkers start doing this on an individual and regular basis?

COBRA:  Yes of course that would have an impact on mass consciousness, but what has been observed by the Light Forces is that not enough people are doing that connection and not enough people are making the effort to create that connection.

DEBRA:  Right, exactly, it can be a challenge. But it is very important, and I think just acknowledging in a mindful way, like you said, calling in the Goddess, can be very powerful—and this is for men also. It feels like once you embody, I know with my experience, once you embody the Goddess energy, you do suddenly feel a combination of gentle, loving kindness, but very powerful at the same time—which is that energy that is so needed on this planet. Would you agree with that?

COBRA:  I would agree completely!

DEBRA:  Absolutely!  Let me speak a little bit about the Sisterhood of the Rose groups. Or can you speak actually about the importance of creating and sustaining these groups, especially at this time in our history?  Many groups are experiencing challenges, like division or lack of attendance. How can we grow our groups and keep them harmonious and active?

COBRA:  As the very word sisterhood implies, there are people, especially women, who are sisters to each other, and that means transcending old belief systems and patterns that women have towards each other. So they need to start behaving towards each other as sisters and not as competitors, and this will solve one-half of the problem.

The other half of the problem will be solved when there is enough Goddess energy present in a group, that the group will become a magnetic vortex that will draw other people to it. So it is a matter of making a conscious decision, everybody who is involved in those groups, to actively embody sisterhood principle in daily life, and then bring Goddess energy into the group through meditation and other practices that were given through my blog and through other sources.

DEBRA:  Do you feel the members have to understand all of these principles and be super-knowledgable about what’s going on, or can they simply come in with an open heart and a sisterhood mentality?

COBRA:  If they come with open heart and embody those principles in their actions, that is a very good start.

DEBRA:  Okay, because you know not everybody understands a lot of the things we were talking about or exactly what is going happening on the planet, and especially a lot of Lightworkers say they don’t want to talk about the dark side of things. So I just wondered if we could bring in women or men who are really just wanting to make a difference. They may not even understand why but they just want to make a difference.

COBRA:  Yes, that is the basis.

DEBRA:  Can creating a virtual group have an impact too?

COBRA:  It can have, but I would say many, many, many times less because we are on the physical plane and physical action is very important. A virtual group will stay on the mental plane and it will not affect the physical plane so much. This is one of the tricks of the Dark Forces; they have created a mental network. The internet was created by the Light ones, but the Dark Forces have misused the internet to keep people completely enmeshed into the world of ideas and the world of artificial social networking which has nothing to do with our physical lives. And virtual groups have very little impact on the planetary situation.

DEBRA:  Really? So it might not even be worth our time or it may even have a negative impact?

COBRA:  It would not have a negative impact, but you could use that energy much more effectively by creating even a small physical group.

to be continued......


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DEBRA:  How can the Sisterhood of the Rose groups connect with each other energetically, across national borders and language barriers, so that we can support Light on this planet in the most unified way?

COBRA:  You can create group meditations, you can interact with each other, even electronically when that is needed. You can have national meetings, you can have international meetings, you can have all kinds of connections.

DEBRA:  Can we connect with each other in the etheric?  I am sure, yes, of course we can.

COBRA:  Of course through meditation you can connect with anybody.

DEBRA:  So when we do our Goddess vortices, does that connect with other Goddess vortices that other groups are doing?

COBRA:  Yes, especially if it is done in the same moment, it is very powerful and can assist the energy grids very much.

DEBRA:  And it is important each time we meet to do the vortex, is that correct?

COBRA:  Yes.

DEBRA:  Thank you!  I am glad you said that because in my group sometimes we’re like “Oh, do we have to do that, I am tired” so I will stress the importance of that.

COBRA:  Okay, I would like to say that sometimes people are tired and don’t want to do something, but this tired is just a blockage that needs to be overcome because when you really do something that is quite important, when you overcome that blockage, you will have amazing results.

And there are people who are complaining that this [Age of Aquarius] meditation is taking time too late, it’s 1 am in the morning for some people, but I would say if they are able to wait for the New Year’s Eve for the midnight, they can easily await one hour longer for the event that can determine the timeline of their future. I think that it is worth it.

DEBRA:  Absolutely!  I mentioned it to a friend of mine on the east coast, and she was kind of like, “Well, it’s kind of late and maybe I will do something else that weekend instead,” and I was like “No, you need to do it at this time!” So, we definitely want to encourage as many people as possible!

COBRA:  It’s on the weekend, from Saturday to Sunday, not a working day the next day. It should not be a problem.

DEBRA:  Absolutely, and really, it’s 15 or 20 minutes. It could be the most important 15 or 20 minutes of your life!

COBRA:  Yes, yes.

DEBRA:  Before we part, one last question for you. Do you any last words of encouragement for the old-timers, you know the Lightworkers who have been holding the Light and meditating for so long, some of them 30 years in some cases, that are losing hope. What can you say to those veteran Lightworkers, as well as to some of the more new ones?

COBRA:  What I would say is this year, 2020, is actually bringing hope. We have gone through a very long period of intense war which has drained our resources. But this year is actually bringing fresh cosmic, galactic energy that some people can already feel, and if you connect with that energy, you will definitely experience it. And our activation will magnify that energy and bring it closer, and everything we do throughout the year will bring us even closer.

So this is the end of the long wait energetically speaking.

DEBRA:  Absolutely!  Well, people are hoping for the Event in 2020, so let’s work towards that. Cobra, is there anything else that you would like to add?

COBRA:  Okay, I would just encourage everybody to join us at the exact moment of our activation and inform those who you feel are ready for this. You can use your social media, you can use your electronic devices to spread the word, and word of mouth as well.

This might be one of the most impactful things we have ever done.

Thank you very much, and Victory of the Light!

DEBRA:  Victory of the Light! Goddess wants the Age of Aquarius, and the Age of Aquarius it will be!

Thank you very much, Cobra!

— End of transcript —


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Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State

DECEMBER 28, 2019

There is a component of the Western Deep State in every corner of the world, just like there’s a US military base in most of them. In Philippines’ case, it has them all, i.e. military bases in spite of the non-extension of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement in 1991, oligarchy controlling what were once government owned corporation or public utilities, and of course, the age-old Jesuit mind control infrastructures e.g. universities, and churches.

The Duterte presidency is standing head on to the latest oligarchy’s attempt at exploiting the people through an arbitration verdict rendered in Singapore and in the latter’s favor, which mandated the government to pay them around PHP 14 billion in damages, for interfering in their planned water bill increases.

The Philippine Oligarchs
When the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was Shanghaied from “Paway Ilocos Norte to Hawaii US,” all of the most profitable government corporations and public utilities went up for grabs to the Deep State affiliates that will soon reestablish the oligarchy in the country, with the aid of the then Vatican-CIA-installed Cory Aquino presidency.

Cardinal Jaime Sin and Corazon Aquino holding a commemorative book celebrating their successful regime change effort in 1986.

In particular, the water distribution service in the capital Metro Manila was deliberately sabotaged by the Aquino government by not funding the operation of the Manila Water Sewerage System according to Cory’s own uncle, Apeng Yap, the head of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage System [MWSS] then. This paved the way for the privatization of the water distribution service , in parallel with the rest of the massive privatization efforts of government assets in the field of energy generation, steel production and mining.

Two water concession agreements were awarded to two politically active anti-Marcos oligarchs, Fernando Zobel de Ayala and Manuel V. Pangilinan. Ayala established Manila Water to serve the eastern distribution zone and Pangilinan established Maynilad Water Services to serve the western zone.

Both companies were required, among others, the establishment of water treatment facilities that up to now are nowhere to be found, in spite of the fact that they were actually billing the consumers for it.

The 12,877,253 strong population of Metro Manila has been agonizing over the past several months due to the intermittent supply of water, which is deliberately done to justify a new wave of water bill increases.

Duterte vs. Philippine Oligarchs

Upon further review of the water concession contracts, government investigators found out that all of the above are not the only anomalies observed as being practiced by the Ayala and Pangilinan companies. Depending on whom you listen to, the number of onerous provisions in the water concession contracts range from 12 to 20, most significant of which are:

1.) The prohibition against government interference in rate-setting, or how much the people will pay for every cubic meter of water consumed, and;

2.) The indemnification for possible losses in the event of such government interference;

3.) Water is considered a “commodity” rather than an inherent right of every human, as provided for by Nature herself;

4.)Income taxes [and all public relations program expenses] are all passed on to the consuming public;

5.) The grossly irregular extension of the contracts with the two water distributors until 2037 “considering that the extension was granted 12 to 13 years before the original expiration of the 25-year concession agreements in 2022.”

As a result of the concessionaires’ invocation of the first two listed onerous provisions above, the Singapore-based corporate arbitration court has ordered the Philippine government to pay Maynilad about P3.6 billion for losses and damages and recently, P7.4 billion to Manila Water on the same issue.

This immediately blew the top of President Duterte, who warned that, not only will the government ignore the ruling, but it will also run after those who wrote the contract in the first place.

Interestingly, right after Duterte’s recent tirades against the oligarchy about the water distribution issue, executives from the two companies responded quickly by not pursuing the government to pay them anymore, as mandated by the Singaporean court, which could only mean that they were not actually losing on the water distribution business at all, as earlier claimed.

Even so, the oligarchy-owned mainstream media continue to warn the government, through their paid mouthpieces, that foreign investors will be thinking twice in pouring investments into the country, and its unwanted consequence would be the rise in the cost of the service.

All this is proof that what we really have today is not democracy, but a Corporatocracy led by the Vatican itself, where the concept emanated in the first place. Within that system, Duterte is just an anomaly they didn’t expect.

The Deep State Playbook is Persistently Invasive
It is now public knowledge that the Vatican provincial church in the Philippines has very large investments in the Ayala Group of Companies, and other corporate entities.

In a nutshell, these parasitic corporations have banded together in order to protect their interests at all times by pinning down any government that is resolute in its task of protecting the interests of the people. They have done this all the time via credit ratings, and media propaganda, and in the case above case, through the Court of Arbitration in Singapore.

The rest of the components of the Deep State namely, parliament or congress, lending institutions, intelligence and the military, will take care of the rest.

Suddenly, the government service of a targeted country becomes inefficient and corrupt, and should be privatized and owned by the Corporatists. But as part of the package is the “necessary increase” in the cost and billing for the service.

One of the most blatant economic attack on the country is the suppression of the Marcos’ brainchild, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which was mothballed by the Aquino government in 1986, so that “the people will suffer because of supporting Marcos” while her husband “Ninoy” was incarcerated for supporting in the establishment of the communist movement during the Martial Law regime in the Philippines.

The rationale then was that it wasn’t safe to operate a nuke plant after the Chernobyl disaster. Yet, Westinghouse itself guaranteed that it can be operated without risk due to the redundancy of its safety features. The oligarchs countered that the nuclear plant is sitting above a fault line. Yet, until now the nuclear plant is still standing majestically rusting over the years, of course, during which the loan for the construction was fully paid.

Todays’ Aboitiz Power, that is busy constructing coal-powered power plants, started only by selling power generators through its Monark, Corp. at the same time when the Aboitiz patriarch was appointed by the same Aquino government to head the government-owned National Power Corporation that instituted the rotational brownouts and blackouts across the entire archipelago from 1986 to the early 1990s.

This blatant sabotage on the power sector was happening in spite of the fact that the Bataan Nuclear Plant has already been completed and ready to be switched on in that same year that Marcos was deposed in 1986.

"REACTOR” (revisiting the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant)

As shown in the above Bataan Nuclear Power Plant documentary, even the church hierarchy is doing its best to stop the operation of the power plant by spreading black propaganda about everything nuclear, and in general, in the economic development of the country.

These are just some of the reasons why the Philippines has the most expensive power service in Asia, and most expensive, yet the slowest internet service in the entire connected world. The same oligarchs have been in control of these vital services for decades.

By making the country poorer, the dependence on foreign aid, and the need for comfort by praying in their churches, are maintained. Hence, the culture of dependency and passivity continue. They should never mind everything earthly, the Church can lead them to their eternal salvation, in any case.

So, between 1986 and 2016, the Deep State, through the Liberal and so called Christian Democrat Parties, exploited the natural resources of the countryside, plundered what has remained in the government owned banks, in part by condoning oligarchy loans, and by the covert plundering of the historical treasures of the Land of Maharlika, which have been used to underwrite the Western controlled financial system – the very primordial reason why the Jesuits cannot leave the Philippines alone.

The above document is a must-read for every Maharlikan, and for all the people that’s been suffering under the regimes established by the Cult of Rome.

Duterte vs. US Deep State

All of the above, and the government’s active collaboration with China and Russia in the area of security and economics, have caused the Western Deep State to start pinning down everyone having to do with the Duterte government.

Regular readers of this site are mostly aware of how the Deep State plays its geopolitical game on any of its designated targets, e.g. demonization of the duly elected leadership, imposition of sanctions, military and economic embargo, and the introduction of boots on the ground using regular army, or terrorists.

Just recently, the US Congress has imposed a visa ban on the Philippines, most specifically against those who were responsible for the incarceration of the former Justice secretary and later senator Leila Delima for being a “prisoner of conscience,” when in fact, the subject was found out to have used his SOJ position to milk the druglords and finance her senatorial ambition in 2016, by the two houses of Philippine Congress, and is now undergoing the regular judicial procedure in the Court itself, which incidentally requires the incarceration of the accused.

It is therefore stupid for any foreign politicians to meddle in the affairs of the country without understanding these very facts, notwithstanding that the judicial system put in place in the Philippines is almost the same as in the US, except for its jury system. Nevertheless, the local courts’ capacity to render good judgment on any accused is fairly well established in muslim mindanao.

U.S. Congress approved a 2020 budget that contains a provision introduced by the senators U.S. Sens. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., and Patrick Leahy, D-Vt, against anyone involved in holding de Lima, who was charged with drug offenses in early 2017.

In response, Duterte has ordered a “tit for tat” ban on all US congressmen responsible for such flagrant interference in Philippine affairs.

The disparity between requiring a visa from every Philippine citizen before entry into the US, and the virtually uncontrolled entry of the Americans into the country has come to light once again.

US senators Durbin and Leahy banned from PH

Malacañang has confirmed that Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey has joined fellow Democratic Senators Dick Durbin and Patrick Leahy, authors of the entry ban amendment, in the list of American lawmakers barred from entering the Philippines.

[/size]The Duterte Caravan Moves On, while the Dogs of Irrelevance are Barking[size=78%]

Surely, the Duterte government has committed multiple vagaries against the Deep State. It has improved the economic conditions of the countryside, with the latest data indicating at least 5% reduction in poverty.

This is made possible by the establishment of new highways and road networks, rehabilitation and widening of the old ones, building of long span bridges between islands of economic potential via tourism, construction of new railway networks to facilitate delivery of agricultural products.

Dubbed as the “Build, Build, Build: Golden Age of Infrastructure, the breakneck construction’s primary aim is to make life more comfortable for the people, and most, if not all, of the infrastructure projects within the capital are being done on a 24/7 multi-shifts schedule. This is the reason why the Duterte government has achieved so much more in such a short span of time.

PH gov't approves 12 infrastructure projects worth P600-B | Business Nightly

The establishment of new airports and upgrading of some to night-rating are aimed to spur tourism growth. The country has just welcomed its 8 millionth tourist yesterday.

Moreover, the government is taking on the almost impossible rehabilitation of the Manila Bay, right after its successful rehabilitation of the world-renowned Boracay Island that has been turned into a “cesspool” with decades of utter disregard and neglect by the very same people that are criticizing him today.

Probably the midterm crowning glory of the Duterte administration is the successful hosting of the biggest ever SEA Games 2019, where it bagged the most medals across various sports competitions. No wonder, the government’s popularity rises even higher to an unprecedented 87% net satisfactory rating for a mid-termer.

Come 6th of January 2020, President Duterte will announce his final decision on the fate of the two water concessionaires. He has threatened earlier to assign the job of running the water distribution service to the military, following the successful takeover of the military at the Bureau of Customs.

Duterte has tactically piled up his cabinet and bureaucracy with retired military men to prevent any military coup from the Deep State through its 5th columnists already embedded in Philippine society.

Aside from the decades of airing useless telenovela programs, mainstream media networks [and broadsheets] were also responsible for at least two regime change efforts against presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo, and ABS-CBN has also committed the gravest mistake of not airing the fully paid campaign ads of Mayor Duterte in 2016.

The Lopez clan and the oligarchs already mentioned above, together with the Catholic hierarchy, and the George Soros’ Smartmatic-powered COMELEC tried their best to suppress the rise of a Duterte presidency, but failed spectacularly. This was due to the massive outpouring of support from all classes in Philippine society, from the moment he was prodded to run…

Groups still push Duterte to run for president

… and during the ill-budgeted campaign he conducted across the entire archipelago.

Frontrunner Duterte draws big crowd in Manila

We considered it then as the closest thing to an armed revolution, as the population was ready to explode anytime amidst the inefficiency, fully documented corruption and plunder, and utter ineptness of the Second Aquino government, which resulted to what came to be known as the Mamasapano Massacre – the deaths of 44 SAF members on a US-led mission to kill a known CIA terrorist asset,

Police Director Magalong explains how the Mamasapano operations went through

… and the subsequent 100’s of deaths from the Aquino massive Dengvaxia vaccination of 834,000 schoolchildren, as part of the Liberal Party campaign to win the 2016 elections.

The Second Aquino presidency was made possible after the blow-by-blow coverage of the death of his ‘saintly’ mother Cory Aquino, by that same ABS-CBN media network that has been responsible for the molding of public opinion against the Marcoses, and now against the Duterte family.

To put it simply, what has happened throughout the last three decades is exactly what John Perkins has described in his Confessions of an Economic Hitman book, and the unsophisticated majority of the people in the Philippines kept on falling for such schemes indeed.

But for President Duterte, he already intimated that he wants to see an oligarch thrown into jail, at last. The onerous provisions in the water concession agreement, the tax on profit passed on to the consuming public, and the failure of the concessionaires to build the necessary water treatment facilities and the construction of water reservoirs and dams, are “plunder enough” that should send the oligarchs to jail without bail.

Unfortunately for the Oligarchs, they don’t control the narrative anymore.

Mark Cojuangco responds to Anakbayan Rep. Villarin's anti-BNPP Privilege Speech

In fact, Duterte has already made a decision not to renew the Lopez clan’s ABS-CBN media network broadcast franchise that is expiring on March 30, 2020.

Not beholden to the oligarchy, Duterte has exerted great efforts, with the full authority of his office, to implement all the much-needed reforms in the entire bureaucracy at breakneck speed, and in running after those wealthy tax evaders and druglords that have evidently earned the ire of the CIA, and the Deep State at large.

The Vatican, which continues to coddle the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Jose Maria Sison, also prodded the Aquino government to release all communists from prison, and the outlawed communist movement was legitimized under the present Cory Aquino Constitution of 1987, all to make sure that conflicts within the Philippine society stay as they are, and preserved in perpetuity.

But We, the Sovereign People of Maharlika, are systematically taking on real-time offensives against the foundations of foreign power in the country. The cat , as they say, is already out of the bag, and there’s no going back to where it was before.

Already, an equally capable and decisive leader is being slated to continue the Duterte legacy beyond 2022

Duterte’s Daughter, Next President Of The Philippines?

In fact, the overwhelming majority of the people in the Visayas and Mindanao “voted” for a Duterte-Duterte tandem, according to a recent independent survey.

If we can do this, surely the people who are suffering where the Deep State is based and headquartered, can do more. They should not take any gamble outside of their own class, but should only trust a leader that they’ve appointed by themselves, and preferably from their own ranks, in the same manner as the hesitant presidentiable Duterte was thrusted to the presidency through the efforts and resources of the people themselves.

The Western population needs to realize that they’re being duped and robbed of their own future, too. They should also know that the sheer economic power of their Corporate governments that they too have been enjoying for the last 80 years, all started with the massive plunder and exploitation of Asian and Pacific nations.

It’s time for the Western population to pay back what was taken from these peoples by eliminating the Common Enemy of humanity.[/size][/font]
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Image may contain: text


It is essential that as many people as possible participate in this meditation at 6:11 am GMT on January 12, 2020! Here are times for different time zones:

10:11 PM (on January 11th) in California

1:11 AM (on January 12th) in New York

6:11 AM (on January 12th) in London

7:11 AM (on January 12th) in Paris/Rome/Berlin

8:11 AM (on January 12th) in Athens

2:11 PM (on January 12th in Beijing/Taipei/Manila

3:11 PM (on January 12th) in Tokyo

4:11 PM (on January 12th) in Brisbane

5:11 PM (on January 12th) in Sydney

7:11 PM (on January 12th) in Auckland

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:


HERE ARE LINKS TO THE GUIDED MEDITATION:(so you dont need to memorize the procedure) (Synchronized in many different languages)



Use your own technique to bring yourself to a relaxed state of consciousness.

State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius.

Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

The suggested time for this meditation is 20 minutes.


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 jan 09, 2020

The year 2020 is about to get off to an extremely turbulent start, with devastating bushfires in Australia and further rising tensions in the Middle East. In both cases, plasma entities at higher planes are the cause of the crises.

A plasma octopus has clung to the Australian continent, whose destructive action on energetic levels results in the fires on the physical planes.

And as far as the USA-Iran conflict is concerned, it is also a plasma octopus that tries to influence and play off both sides against each other.

The LFs are in the process of harmonizing the situation, and the meditations that have been initiated are also a great help:

At the moment we are still moving towards ascension and the old system is dying. Some of the Dark Forces (more the ethereal part) have realized that they have lost and will be wiped out with the coming Cosmic Flash of Light. So, now they just want to throw everything into chaos and take everyone with them.

On 2012portal.blogspot it has already been pointed out several times that the surface of the planet will be transformed into a contact dish:

The preparations for this by the LFs are still in full swing. In principle, the surface of the Earth will be slowly transformed into a kind of gigantic interstellar airport.

This is also the reason why some Starseeds may have been dreaming during night about UFOs, trains, waiting in airport terminals or watching the countdown of a space shuttle launch.

These dreams/astral experiences have to do with the coming Ascension and the Pick-up/First Contact. They represent the structures that are created on the higher planes, which will then materialize in the physical world.

Of course, we still have the Dark Ones here on the surface, of which the most persistent rest will only disappear when the Cosmic Flash hits. These forces are now trying, out of revenge and because they know that they have lost, to prevent Starseeds from making First Contact … which can manifest itself in these dreams, for example, with these locations being fiercely embattled ...

... or by aircrafts taking off and getting shot down shortly afterwards.

These are only the last desperate attempts of the Dark Ones to prevent Ascension... but they will not succeed!

In general, also many covert missions are currently underway, which again may involve many surface incarnated Starseeds too.

So, Starseeds may experience car chases like in a spy movie or shootings like in a mafia film during their dreams. In some cases, this can be combat sequences against the Cabal which are taking place on the higher planes ... during such phases, tensions and events also usually occur in the physical world at the same time.

The Dark Ones also continue to target the Goddesses incarnated here, mostly in the form of energetic attacks, which then also have a physical effect. So, good protection and joint healings together with other capable Starseeds are advisable.

But they also aim at the Light Men, who are actually stationed on the surface to protect the Goddess. Since due to Ascension many Starseed Soul Parts of the incarnated Light Men (and also Women) have already left the body. So, the Avatars are more vulnerable to occupations by neg. entities, which the Archons in turn use to trigger quarrels between Starseed Couples. So, it is especially important right now to be conscious and to protect, cleanse and also charge yourself with positive energy, ideally every day.

We are once again experience a heavy attack wave of the Dark Ones, who, of course, want to use the coming planetary constellation and lunar eclipse this weekend for heir own “unholy” purposes and prevent/throttle down meditations/operations of the LFs on this special date.

Therefore it is important to stay focused, conscious and centred, no matter what happens on the outside.

If you dream at night of being locked away in some grimy prisons or underground dungeons (and you feel weak, tired, listless and passive) the days before, then these were abductions by the Dark Ones, who wanted to take you out of the game for the coming meditations. After such a dream, go into meditation immediately, imagine how you free yourself from these locations and cleanse yourself and your Soul Plane with White Light or the Fire of AN and protect everything.

So to conclude, the links to the important meditations that will be done this weekend on a global scale, to which all Starseeds are welcome to join:

And really important: do NOT FORGET to PROTECT yourself REALLY WELL both before, during and after the meditations and to separate and cleanse yourself from all negative energies:

This ensures that the meditations have a maximum positive impact and that Starseeds also feel well after participation.

I wish everyone beautiful experiences during meditations as well as an uplifting weekend.


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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Age of Aquarius Final Update and New Cobra Interview

Time is approaching for the Age of Aquarius activation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

If the critical mass is reached, the Light Forces will be able to intervene more directly in the global situation, and a cascade of events will follow that will inevitably lead to the Age of Aquarius.

Next few days will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in 28 languages:

The main page with instructions for the activation is here:

Many people are supporting our activation.

Benjamin Fulford:


Stillness in the Storm:

Laura Eisenhower:

Sementas das Estrelas:

Prepare for Change.

And many others, including a manga created in Japanese:

All articles, videos and interviews about the Age of Aquarius activation are gathered here:

If we wish to achieve an impact on the physical plane and reach the critical mass, tt is extremely important that we do our meditation exactly at the time which has been determined by the Light Forces to have the maximum positive impact, which is at 6:11 am GMT on January 12th. Timetable for other times zones is here:

Doing the meditation earlier or later will NOT help us reaching the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laserlike precision, especially timewise and with unified and focused intent.

There will be many moments before and after the activation where you are encouraged to meditate as well, as you will assist in the buildup of energies before the activation and in their integration after the activation:

There are moments of astrological and planetary significance where this additional meditation will be especially effective:

1. Exact moment of Saturn-Pluto synod, which comes on Friday, January 10th at 10:11 am GMT (equals 5:11 am EST)

2. Exact midpoint of penumbral Lunar eclipse, which comes on Friday, January 10th at 7:10 pm GMT (equals 2:11 pm EST)

3. Exact moment of Eris direct station, which comes on Saturday, January 11th at 01: 22 am GMT (equals January 10th at 8:22 pm EST)

4. Exact moment of Uranus direct station, which comes on Saturday, January 11th at 01:48 am GMT (equals January 10th at 8:48 pm EST)

5. Mass meditation by Stillness of the Storm, which comes on Sunday, January 12th at 4 pm GMT, which equals 11 am EST (preparations starting 10:15 am EST):

6. Exact moment of Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which comes on Sunday, January 12th at 5:00 pm GMT (equals 12:00 noon EST)

7. Exact moment of quadruple Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction which comes on Monday, January 13th at 2:30 pm GMT (equals 9:30 am EST)

For other time zones, you can use time zones converter:

A new Cobra interview has been conducted by Sisterhood of the Rose to bring more awareness of our Age of Aquarius activation:

The transcript is available in English:

In German:

In Dutch:

In French:

In Spanish:

In Portuguese:

And in Polish:

Let's do this!

Victory of the Light!


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Messianic nut-case Iran gambit backfires, payback begins

January 13, 2020

Benjamin Fulford

The recent events orchestrated by the U.S. government in Iran have backfired in a major way and the repercussions have only just begun, multiple sources agree.  The worst result has been to force the British and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world away from their alliance with the U.S. under its current administration, MI6 sources say.  “Whatever happened should never have happened, and the Western powers need to vacate the Muslim world and contain Israel,” the sources say.

Even the Israelis are waking up to the dangers of the Evangelical Christian nut jobs they created, Mossad sources agree.

Of course, the rest of the world already views the U.S. as a pariah state, so now U.S. President Donald Trump is totally isolated on the world stage.

Before we go further into the fallout, let us summarize exactly what happened.  Basically, it was yet another attempt to start World War 3 by the Messianic Jewish crazies who, for simplicity’s sake, we will call the Zionists.  This time they orchestrated an escalating series of events in a vain effort to get their long-awaited Armageddon by:
Murdering an American contractor in Iraq and blaming it on the Iranians.

Convincing or blackmailing Trump into a disproportionate response.

Getting their Iranian agents and brainwashed dupes to riot at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Forcing Trump to commit a war crime by murdering Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

Remotely hijacking a Ukrainian airliner and flying it with transponders off towards an Iranian military base to fool the Iranians into shooting it down.  (For those readers who do not yet realize this, in the late 1990’s the U.S. had remote hijacking equipment installed in all civilian airliners, supposedly as an anti-hijacking measure.  This ability has been repeatedly abused for political purposes by the Khazarian mafia).

Now they are trying, and failing, to orchestrate regime change in Iran.  Instead, though, this botched operation has succeeded in waking up a critical mass within the Western intelligence/military community to the fact the U.S. government has been hijacked by a fanatical cult that is trying to start WW3.

That is why the UK Defense minister Ben Wallace publicly announced his country was breaking away from its military alliance with the U.S.

There has also been a huge pushback by saner minds in the U.S. military-industrial establishment against the end-times fanatics centered around presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and his Chabad cult.  For example, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper publicly denied claims by Trump that Iran was planning to attack U.S. embassies.

Pentagon sources say, “Despite the rhetoric, Trump has no choice but to pull U.S. troops out of Syraq, and eventually the Middle East.”

The reason Trump has no choice is, among other things, financial.  The U.S. has wasted over 7 trillion dollars on endless war in the region and is now running out of money.  This is the $7 trillion, by the way, that the Japanese were hoping to spend on ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction before the U.S. regime stole it from them.

There was a meeting between a representative of the White Dragon Society (WDS) and a senior Asian secret society leader last week to discuss, among other things, a plan for the bankruptcy reorganization of the U.S.
The plan calls for …

… the U.S. military-industrial complex to provide hitherto hidden technology to the Asians in exchange for financial support for rebuilding the U.S. economy, WDS sources say.

The Asians, for their part, are wary of making deals with any European peoples because so many promises have been broken by them in the past.  This is the result of past actions of Jewish supremacists who believe it’s okay to deceive and cheat Goyim.  You reap what you sow.

The WDS pointed out that Western civilization had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aspect to it, and the key was in making deals with the good side of the West.  It was explained to them that it was true that Asia, especially China, had experienced many humiliations and betrayals by the West. 

However, it was also true that while the West has long had the technical capability to kill all the Chinese, instead they transferred technology, industry, and know-how to them to help them develop and modernize.

The meeting also revealed there was a significant faction in the Chinese power structure who actually believe the Zionist nonsense that WW3 is needed in order to bring on a one world government and a one world religion.  They were warned that this was a Zionist trap intended to kill 90% of the world’s population and enslave the rest.

As an alternative, the WDS proposed that Canada and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world be given a chance to help restore the U.S. system to peace and sanity.  It was pointed out that England and Canada have historically kept their promises and acted with honour.

The discussions will continue, but the chances for world peace are now much higher now than the chances for World War.  A higher-level meeting between representatives of the British Commonwealth, the P3 (the Romans or the Vatican), and the Asians has been proposed.  We are now awaiting an answer from the Asians.  The discussions will continue in February with the start of the Chinese New Year, the Asian side says.

In the meantime, expect more Zionist provocations in the South China Sea, North Korea, Africa, etc., none of which will achieve their goal of WW3.

There will also be a continuation of assassinations and sudden deaths of Zionist leaders, Pentagon and other sources promise.  “Not lost in the Iran news cycle is the death of Zionist former longtime NBA Commissioner David Stern, and the death of Jewish LA billionaire Ron Burkle’s son. 

Burkle was a guest on the Lolita Express, a Democratic fundraiser, and a friend of billary [Bill and Hillary Clinton] and Epstein,” the sources note.  “David Koch expired last August, and other billionaires on Epstein flight logs are Steven Spielberg, Tom Pritzker, Glenn Dubin, and Oprah Winfrey,” they add.

The ancient Iran-based cult of assassins is undoubtedly going to avenge the murder of Soleimani.  In the past, one of their assassins explained to this writer how they carefully infiltrate the households and families of their targets before making their move when it is least expected. 

Trump should have listened to the advice I once gave to a representative of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un:  “The best way to avoid assassination is to not make enemies.”
Speaking about avoiding assassination, Prince Harry of the UK has now come out publicly to say he fled to Canada to save his family from the same fate that befell his mother, Princess Diana.

Here is what a European royal had to say about the situation:  “The whole thing is a disgrace and infuriating to us all.  If the monarchy carries on like this, the people will show it the door.  The matter will be managed carefully and correctly,” the source said. 

However, it is already certain that Prince Charles will never succeed to the throne of England, he said.  The Gnostic Illuminati, who oppose bloodline rule, will for their part try to exploit this situation to overthrow the British Monarchy.  Given the huge popular support in the UK for this institution, they will probably fail, but in the meantime, the tabloids will have a feast.

Whatever trouble occurs in England, however, will be minor compared to what is happening in France.  President Emmanuel Macron has been forced by large-scale demonstrations and strikes to back down on his plans to steal pension money from his people. 

However, the French are aware he stole the election that put him in power and that he does not work for the French people.  Since French living standards are continuing to plummet, his regime will not be able to stabilize the situation.  It’s time for the French generals to take action before it is too late.

Another nation that might experience big change soon is Japan.  The country’s population is vanishing at the rate of 500,000 people per year.  This is because nobody wants to have children in a land whose future has been hijacked by Zionist gangsters.  The cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is filled, according to insiders, with low-IQ morons. 

The result is that Japanese living standards are plunging and the country is filled with impoverished elderly people.
A sign of how incompetent the Japanese government is came with the entire saga surrounding the arrest and escape of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn. 

Several sources say the real reason Ghosn was persecuted was that he was planning to steal military secrets from Abe’s sponsors in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  If that was the case, they should have come out and said that.  Instead, they fabricated ambiguous charges and made an international mockery of Japan’s justice system.

Japan’s police, in line with the U.S. and Japanese armed forces, are preparing to take power away from the Zionists and return it to the country’s still-talented, albeit leaderless bureaucrats, according to right-wing sources close to the new Emperor.

On a final note this week, we are once again hearing rumblings about Antarctica and disclosure.  A WDS envoy has been sent to meet a representative of the groups operating in Antarctica.  We hope to have something to report about this next week.


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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Preliminary Report

The critical mass has been reached. Full report will be posted within a week.

In the next few days, it is very important to stabilize the planetary energy grid every four hours with the following meditation:

You might also want to do the same meditation at the moment of quadruple Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction which comes on Monday, January 13th at 2:30 pm GMT (equals 9:30 am EST).

Victory of the Light!


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Mike Quinsey

jan 17, 2020

The big clamp down on members of the Illuminati continues and inevitably takes time as thousands of individuals are involved. There is no quick answer as matters must be handled in accordance with the law of the land. Be assured that things are on the way to reaching a conclusion, but even so there are other matters that must also be attended to. Originally it was intended to release information little by little but in view of the delays experienced a complete disclosure is now envisaged. It means that as so much has been held back, the changes to come may well be overwhelming. Your whole way of life will ultimately change for the better as things such as free energy will put a completely new way of life into being. The Alliance is prominent amongst those who are pushing for changes to be introduced, and are now in a more powerful position than the Illuminati, so progress has become well advanced.

The period of moves to introduce the changes is well advanced , but bear in mind that it also covers events that will affect the way big business is being run and it will be some time before such matters settle down. In essence it is the size of the changes that are taking so much time to come to fruition. However, in the end you will be more than satisfied and after such a long wait all will be to your liking. The old days of lack and bad distribution will disappear and smaller units will ensure that all will equally benefit from the changes. Understand that for a long period of time you have benefitted from new technology much of which has been back engineered from alien craft. It has given you the basis for even better and more advanced knowledge that has taken you into deep space. You have also been given great advancements where computer knowledge is concerned. It has all lifted the quality of life and taken you part way to a new way of viewing it.

The future is taking shape and the benefits for you will be enormous, and they will come and cannot be held back indefinitely. Some changes will feel uncomfortable and possibly result in people having to move to a new location, as Mother Earth carries out her own cleansing in preparation for Ascension. The Earth has been subjected to so much damage due to wars and adverse use of her resources, however the coming changes will help rectify the problems, as for example when the use of free energy will overcome the necessity to use the Earth for that purpose. There are other resources in use that are not harmful such as wind farms, but these are inadequate to meet the demands involved. Be assured that we are doing our best to encourage the introduction of new methods that are harmless to the Earth’s environment.

To be forewarned is to be prepared to meet the challenges that are yet to come, and we would like to see more co-operation between countries, as the challenges that are to come are best dealt with on a world-wide basis. Those who hold most of the wealth need to help those who are unable to handle major problems, and we would remind you that you are all affected by what happens on Earth. You are all One and the time for individual growth at the expense of others is past. You have to grow as a world and bring harmony and cooperation to the forefront. The quicker you can bring peace to the world the sooner you will completely open up the path to Ascension, yet even so it is approaching quite speedily.

The believers and non-believers alike are all following a preordained path that is each souls agreed life contract, so respond to whatever comes across it in a way that accepts the challenges involved. Your spiritual growth and well-being are at stake and your conscience should come into play, prompting you to take the right action that is positive and in no way harmful or injurious to another soul. Listen to the promptings of your Higher Self that is the “other” you that knows your soul plan and helps you keep to it.

Your experiences on Earth are far removed from those of the higher vibrations and dimensions. Earth as you are no doubt beginning to understand is a school for spiritual growth. You grow by your experiences and take that understanding with you to your next life, so whatever you learn that enhances you is most important. Can you begin to understand that because you are experiencing within a hologram, it is something prepared for your evolutionary experiences and is not your true reality. It is amongst the stars and if you successfully raise your vibrations to an ascension level, you will be returning to a wonderful realm quite beyond your present understanding. Your Earth as a hologram is being used to give you the conditions and experiences that you need to evolve. It is presently in an outer protective energy placed there by the Blue Avians who are still present and oversee your evolution. At this important time those who are on the path to Ascension will not have to wait much longer to reach that point, and it is important that no interference is allowed. So currently no one can get out or into your Universe which is protection for you.

Understand that you are living an “unreal” experience inasmuch that you are being held back, whereas you could have been enjoying a more advanced experience. However, changes have been taking place because of advances gained from back engineering spacecraft that have fallen to Earth. They have enabled progress to be speeded up through things like fibre optics and new materials used in space technology. There are other advances that the military have kept to themselves, but ultimately these will have to be made known.

As we have often mentioned, you have been denied many advances that would have made life easier but when you ascend you will more than be compensated. You will be free from the effects of aging and remain as a young person, being able to change features as and when you wish. You will live much, much longer than present and enjoy life without the prospect of disease or illness, but instead enjoy absolute good health. The Universe will be open to you to follow your hearts desires and still evolve even further, as it does not stop until you reach the ultimate – the Godhead. That is how ever a long, long way into the future.


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Rothschilds kicked out of Russia and Japan as world revolution unfolds

January 20, 2020

Benjamin Fulford

A world revolution is unfolding with historical events taking place in Africa, China, France, Japan, Russia, and elsewhere as the old planetary control grid continues to collapse, multiple sources agree.

Let’s start with the revolution that was announced in Russia last week. Basically, David Rothschild was kicked out and the Russian central bank was nationalized, which is why half the government was fired, FSB sources tell us. Here’s what our FSB sources have to say on the subject:

“It was supposed to start back in November 2019 when Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was killed at FSB headquarters, but due to the presence in the country of a huge number of the richest Jews in the world (the Rothschilds, Sheldon Adelson, etc.), this operation was postponed.

“Then at the end of December, half of our money was given to one structure, which organized this sudden ‘departure’ of Jewish Premier Medvedev. This structure will oversee various ministries and all new ministers will be appointed under its supervision.

“On January 16th, President [Herman] Gref of Federal Central Bank Sberbank got so drunk with grief that he was taken to the Odintsovo Hospital suffering from acute alcohol poisoning. That is why he suddenly cancelled his speech at the Gaidar Forum.”

On January 18th, Gref told Tass News, “We should brace for the collapse of the existing world order. It will be very painful.”

The FSB sources also report that when Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Russian central bank, was fired last week, all cellphones of central bank employees were confiscated and a huge stash of documents was seized.
One other thing they reported to us was that Yevgeny Zinichev, “the head of the Ministry of Emergencies, will become the head of the FSB, but this will also not be for long.”

The P3 Freemasons, who report a lot of very weird stuff, tell us the Medvedev who was removed was actually an “an alien.”

Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron of France is also under siege. He was forced to flee for his life from a theater last week amid rioting that has gone on now for over a year. A new French revolution is coming, French resistance sources promise.

Equally dramatic, if less public, events were going on in Japan last week. A first cousin of former Emperor Hirohito tells us the Bank of Japan has been …

… nationalized and the Rothschilds as well as the Rockefellers have been removed from control of this country.
British royal family sources confirm this and say that Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako have been invited to the UK this spring where, among other things, they will discuss the creation of a world future planning agency.…/japanese-emperor-to-make-state-vi…

Representatives of the P3 Freemasons, the British Commonwealth, and Asian secret societies are planning to meet in London, possibly in February, to discuss the creation of this agency. They will also discuss preparations for human colonization of space, P3 sources say.…/…/01/space-force-trump/604951/

The initial agreement is that the planning agency will be headed by a committee of seven with decisions made by majority vote, according to a source involved in the negotiations. The seven will include one representative each from Africa, the Americas (North and South), Asia outside of China, China, Europe including Russia, India, and the Muslim world. Vetoes would be limited to the region making it. So, for example, if the world decided to ban pork, the Chinese could veto that and continue to eat pork in China.

Speaking about pork and China, CIA sources in Asia say a major offensive is underway against that country. “The Western media is not discussing the slaughter there of several hundred million pigs due to the outbreak of the new strain of African swine flu virus (created in vitro, of course),” one source says, noting:

“Pork is the main food of the Chinese. It is consumed every day. America cannot replace the lost pork from the massive slaughter. You can imagine what will happen to the Chinese people without pork, which is their main source of protein. This is being kept very quiet for obvious reasons. China had half of the world’s supply of pigs with a population of more than 700 million pigs. This provides the main source of protein for 1.3 billion people.”

The sources also told us the following:

“Xi Jinping and his cronies are behind the protesting in Hong Kong. His plan is to bring down HK and turn Macau and Shanghai into the new financial centers. China has been financing the protesters since the beginning.

“HSBC is in the process of moving their regional headquarters to Singapore.

“The Chinese government is planning on canceling all leases that were made with the UK, meaning they will take over the land and buildings in HK. They are also planning on canceling the HK dollar and will allow up to 6 months for all HK dollars to be exchanged for Yuan. As you can see, China is going to destroy Hong Kong. They will of course shoot themselves in the foot, so to speak, as HK is their connection to money from the West. China will implode from within.”
Furthermore, the source says:

“China has been kicked out of Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. They are no longer wanted or needed. The same is true in Australia. The Aussies have had enough.”

The U.S. also carried out a sophisticated attack on China via Japan, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. This was seen in the news as a fight between South Korea and Japan over historical issues. In reality, though, it was a pretense to stop Japanese exports of key semiconductor manufacturing equipment to South Korea. This in turn had the effect of shutting down the Chinese semiconductor industry, the sources say.

A new soft power struggle is also going on with the Chinese over Africa. An example is this disinformation being sent (presumably by the Chinese) about a British-led summit about Africa. According to this disinformation:

“Organized by Boris Johnson, this summit will host many heads of state and government leaders, companies, international institutions, international spy organizations of espionage and counter-espionage, and secret societies to present investment opportunities in Africa and to discuss implementation of the New World Order. It will feature a discussion by the supreme committee entitled “melanin and the control of black people.”

The actual summit summary published by the British government reads as follows:
“The Summit will be hosted by the Prime Minister and will bring together businesses, governments and international institutions to showcase and promote the breadth and quality of investment opportunities across Africa. The Summit will strengthen the UK’s partnership with African nations to build a secure and prosperous future for all our citizens. It will mobilize new and substantial investment to create jobs and boost mutual prosperity.”…/topical-events/uk-africa-investm…/about

In other words, we are finally seeing a Western answer to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

In any case, Chinese Freemasons, for their part, say that talk of a Chinese implosion has been around for decades and has always proven to be wrong. They say time is on their side because they have a superior system of governance and economic management, so they will continue to grow faster than the West.

The Chinese are also now taking the lead on environmental protection, the sources say. Recent news items backing this up include Chinese plans to ban single-use plastic and a ten-year fishing moratorium on the Yangtze.…/china-environment-plastic-idINKBN1…

The offensive against China is taking place in the context of a still-unfolding collapse of the U.S. Corporate government in Washington, D.C. The regime there is paralyzed by infighting and staged events. The latest is a gathering in Virginia featuring crisis actors, gun lobbyists, goons, undercover cops, citizen journalists, etc. There is also a fake impeachment show going on against U.S. President Donald Trump.

The fake show distracts from the very real crimes of the end-times evangelicals who now surround President Trump. We are talking, for example, of the recent attempt to start World War 3 in Iran with the murder of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and the shooting down of a Ukrainian civilian aircraft.

The fact that the plane was remotely hijacked and flown towards an Iranian military base—a clear war crime—is now being reported by mainstream news outlets.…/3818-who-targeted-ukraine-airlines-…

Also, in a sign of a real break in the Anglo world, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is blaming the U.S. for downing the Ukrainian airliner. This is happening as UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace says his country is ending its military alliance with the Trump regime.…/canadian-pm-justin-trudeau-blames-dow…/…

Pentagon sources too are making it clear they are tired of the political hacks in Washington, D.C. For example, the sources note that “In a rebuke to former presidents, the Navy decided to name its newest carrier after an African-American sailor instead of Bush Jr., Clinton, or Obama.”

The Pentagon is also sick and tired of fighting as an Israeli proxy in the Middle East, the sources say. “Congress is livid that the death toll from Iran’s missile strikes on U.S. bases in Iraq is at least 139, making troop withdrawal an election issue,” they say.

A clear sign of how rogue the U.S. regime has become was when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “The destruction of Soleimani is an example of a new U.S. strategy aimed at deterring its opponents. This applies equally to Iran, China, and Russia.” Someone should point out to Pompeo that assassination is a two-way street.

The Trump regime is also doing things like threatening Europe and pulling out of NATO military exercises.…/…/iran-says-it-is-enriching-mor…

Finally, we are hearing increasingly credible information about battles taking place in deep underground bases from multiple sources. First take a look at the seismographs from an Indian underground nuclear test versus those from a natural earthquake.

The recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico, around the China Lake underground bases in Nevada and California, in Kumamoto, Japan, etc. all bear the signs of artificial earthquakes.

Multiple sources tell us they have found children in cages and other horrors in some of these bases that are now being taken over or destroyed by the white hats. Japanese sources tell us that 14,000 Japanese children were being sold each year to the Khazarian mafia. FBI statistics show that 40,000 children go missing each year in the U.S. Many of them are now being rescued from cages in underground bases, Pentagon sources say. The 38-minute video at the link below provides good background information on this no longer very secret war.

On a final note, we were told by our Antarctica sources that what is happening now on the surface of the planet is much more important. We were promised more information about this subject at a later date.
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