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To those who had been awakened about the true nature of our worlds event,  which do you prefer for the EVENT to happen?

EVENT ASAP, although this poses a remote but potentially grave risk to life/safety.
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Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group on Silver Trigger Activation & Taipei Ascension Conference


Hello Everyone. Today is Oct. 30th, 2019. My name is Anthem. I am the founder and leader of International Golden Age Group. This November is very special to many lightworkers around the world because we are going to hold two major events this month: Sliver Trigger activation on November 11 and Taiwan Ascension Conference on November 30th-December 1st.For the sake of clarification and promotion of these two important events, our dear old friend Cobra,the contact person of Resistance Movement would like to share his insight via this interview.  Now, I would like to invite my co-host, Patrick and Cobra.
Cobra: OK, we have received many questions about Sliver Trigger activation and Taipei Ascension Conference. We have even heard some rumors about this activation. Let’s answer all of them one by one.
【Q&A For Silver Trigger Activation】
Q1:What is the exact reason for people to buy silver for this activation rather than gold or platinum?
Cobra:There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that silver has a very specific energy and is connected with Goddess energy. This is one of the reasons. The other reason is that the price of silver is not so high so more people can join these excavations much easier to people buying silver than buying gold or platinum.
Q2:Why do you specifically suggest people buy silver coin or silver bar?
Cobra:silver bars are pure silver and there are also some other energetic are reasons that I will not go into but basically it’s better to buy bars or coins.
Q3:If a person only buys gold or platinum on Nov. 11th, would this purchase be counted as one of critical mass?
Q:So only silver?
Cobra:Only silver.
Q4:You once mentioned that the minimum weight of abundance seed is 3 gram. What is the minimum weight of purchase for silver trigger on Nov. 11th?
Cobra:3-5 grams at minimum.
Q5:Should we set a strong intention that we will free human society from debt financial slavery by means of buying sliver when we make our purchase?
Cobra:yes this is very much recommended.
Q6:If a person has no idea about silver trigger activation but coincidentally buys silver for good luck or other reasons, will such purchase be counted into critical mass?
Cobra:No because there will be no conscious intent behind the purchase. Actually, there are millions of people buying silver everyday.
Q7:For people who are not interested in reserving precious metal, can we encourage them to join our movement by persuading them to buy silver houseware such as silver spoon, teapot or comb?
Cobra:Yes of course. They can buy those objects also. It will be good as long as they buy objects made of pure silver.
Q8:We have a question from an artist of metal work: can I join this silver purchase movement by buying silver clay, metal/industrial silver and create a silver art piece on 11/11?
Cobra:Yes that’s an excellent option.
Q9:For the sake of reaching critical mass, is it wise to encourage silverware shop owners, silver dealers and silversmiths to buy silver materials on 11/11?
Cobra:This is actually a very good idea because you can get more people. And the amount of silver bought on that day will be larger But they need to be aware of the purpose of this activation. At least to a certain degree.
Q10:According to Universal Time Zone, what time will light forces start to count the number of people buying silver?
Cobra:When the first time zone on Earth enters Nov 11th.
Q11:When is your recommended starting hour of buying silver based on Universal Time Zone ?
Cobra:As soon as the time zone of your location enters Nov. 11th. But I would say the peak of activation  would be the afternoon of UTC.
Q12:Will it be more energetically beneficial if I buy silver near or in the timeframe of Mercury Transit?
Cobra:Yes of course.
Q: so we can focus our order in this timeframe?
Q13:What time can I make my last buying order of silver?
Cobra:In the midnight of Nov. 11th in your time zone.
Q14:Is it energetically positive if I buy silver with credit card, cryptocurrency or borrowed money on 11/11?
Cobra:It doesn’t matter how you buy the only thing that needs to happen to become your property. You need to be the owner of that silver.
Q15:If I turn my silver ETF, paper silver account or silver future into physical silver, will such transaction be counted into one of critical mass?
Cobra:Yes it will definitely be counted. And I encourage everyone who holds silver ETF, paper silver account and silver future to convert them into physical silver on 11/11.
Q16:If we intentionally buy abundance-themed silver coin or bar, will such purchase become energetically helpful to silver trigger activation?
Cobra:Yes, it will acyuallly be.
Q17:Should we avoid buying silver with Britush Queen (Elizabeth the second) portrait as possibly as we can on 11/11?
Cobra:It is not necessary to avoid buying any type of silver coins on that day. What counts is the silver inside the coin.

Q18:What should I do if silver with English Queen portrait is my only option on 11/11?
Cobra:okay so if this is your only option, you definitely need to buy those coins.
Q19:Canadian, Astralian, New Zealand Royal Mints must include British Queen portrait in their silver coins and bars. Does this rule have any specific occult meaning? For example, would such design give her the abundance energy of silver or let her symbolically own every silver coin & bar with her portrait?
Cobra:Actually occultic speaking, it will give her control over all that silver. But if we buy silver portrait on 1111, we will actually take silver out of her control. So it is actually a good thing.
Q20:If I buy gold-plated silver or silver jewelry with minerals or gems on it, would such purchase be counted into one of critical mass?
Cobra:No,you need to buy pure silver, not silver- plated items and notl silver jewelry which as other materials attached to it.
Q: How about gold-plated pure silver?
Cobra: No, you need to buy pure silver.
Q21:Which option is better on 1111 under the same budget?
I buy one ounce of silver alone.
2. I split my money with an well-informed person and then we buy half an ounce individually.
Cobra:The second option is better because more people are involved and more consciousness will be involved.
Q22:If I have enough physical silver to sell on 11/11, should I sell some silver to those in need or should I reserve all of my silver until Financial Reset?
Cobra:You can sell some of your silver to those are are aware of this process and they will be part of the activation.But it would be even better for those people to buy silver from other sources so that the awakened community will have more silver in total.
Q23:If I willingly sell my silver to those who would like to join silver trigger activation with more than 50% discount on 11/11, will their purchase be counted into critical mass?
Cobra: To a certain degree yes.
Q24:If I have a plentiful reserve of physical gold or platinum and I decide to exchange some of my gold or platinum for silver of the same value, would this exchange be energetically helpful to Silver Trigger activation?
Cobra:Yes, it will denifitely help.
Q25:Will the silver we buy on 11/11 carry special meaning or energy so that we should always keep it? Or it’s not a big deal to sell it afterward?
Cobra:It will have special energy because it will be infused with the energy of the 11/11 portal. But if you feel guided at any point to sell it, course you can.
Q26:A woman said people would be possessed once they buy silver. She also claims that all silver on market is energetically polluted so people should be very cautious. What is your opinion about this statement?
Cobra:Of course people will not be possessed if they buy silver. And the silver market is polluted at the same degree that all other matters on the physical plane of this planet. So they can compare the degree of pollution of silver with pollution of the food that you eat each day so there is no difference and no additional danger of buying silver. If they want to purify their silver, they can do it by putting under tape water for one or two minutes. so there is absolutely no need to worry about.
Q27:Should we be concerned for the possibility that the Cabal uses fake silver to interfere our purchase movement?
Cobra:There is absolutely no possibility for Cabal to install fake silver specifically for this purpose. But there are some fake silver coins around. If you buy it from reliable sources there is almost zero possibility that you will buy fake silver.
Q28:In addition to 1111, can regular purchase of silver speed up the Event and Financial Reset?
Cobra:Yes, if critical mass of people do it on a regular basis, which is not very likely.
Q:so we can buy silver daily?
Cobra:If you are so guided yes.
to be continued..........


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【Q&A For Silver Trigger meditaiton】
Q1:We are going to witness Mercury Transit on the day of 11/11 portal activation. Is there any occult meaning other than  enlighten the energy of the worldwide financial system?
Cobra:Actually Mercury transits are quite rare. Whenever they happen, they bring a very strong flash of energy that brings new ideas new understanding in the mental sphere of humanity. This particular Transit is very specific because Mercury will transit very close to the center of Sun surface as seen from the earth. so it will be our almost perfect alignment and that it would be very strong.
Q2:When we join Sliver Trigger meditation, can we put our sliver on an altar with our crystals?
Cobra:Yes of course you can.
Q: Do we have to do any ritual for our silver when we put it with our crystals?
Cobra:If you feel so guided yes. But we have release the guidance of silver trigger meditation.You can follow the guidance and assist the critical mass.
Q3:If Lv2. Ray healers channel St.Germain ray and Andromeda ray on 11/11, would they be able to boost the momentum of silver trigger activation? If yes, what target should they visualize in their mind?
Cobra:The ray which will be the most efficient is Saint-Germain Ray. And even those who have level 1 Saint-Germain react they would be advised to do this with a very high focus on Nov.11th. Those who have level 2 Saint-Germain Ray can put the whole planetary silver trigger activation when they visualize the healing process in their mind.
Q4:Would you recommend that we do Goddess Vortex meditation everyday before 11/11, and we visualize rainbow vortex manifest more than 144000 people joining silver trigger mediation?
Cobra: This is actually a very good idea and I would recommend it strongly.
Q5:You mentioned that people can speed up manifestation by focusing their attention on a visual aid model. If we want to manifest an epic success of silver trigger activation and also financial reset, what kind of silver or visual aid model can we use?
Cobra:People as a group can create a print of flower of life mandala and put silver coins in each intersection of mandala. You can use that model with a group meditation and visualize the success of  the activation on 11/11.
Q6:Would you suggest any tool or protocol to magnify the power of this meditation?
Cobra:For a large group, you can create a big printed flower of life mandala and put silver coins in each intersection. Then visualize the success of activation and meditate near the mandala each day before 11/11 to build up the energy.
Q7:In addition to Abundantia, St.Germain and Andromeda Ray, what beings can we invoke and pray to for the sake of supporting silver trigger meditation?
Cobra:You can invoke  the presence of goddess Lakshmi and you can also involve any other light beings that you feel aligned with and they will assist this activation.
Q8:Do you recommend that we do ritual of abundance everyday before 11/11 to support the momentum of silver trigger?
Q9:After 11/11, should we integrate silver trigger meditation with ritual of abundance so that we can focus our intent on new financial system?
Cobra:You can do that if you feel so guided.
Q10:Can we invite people to join silver trigger meditation by saying this mediation can bring them money and good luck?
Cobra:Yes. But when they join, you have to explain more to them so that they can understand the real purpose of this meditation.
【Silver energy and usages 】
Q1:Blindfolded Abundantia is a very popular logo for silver coin and bar. Is silver with this logo positive or negative?
Cobra: It is neutral. It depends on what the meaning you attach to it. So as to every symbol.

Q2:Will tachyonized silver coin with New Atlantis and St.Germain logo play a special role in silver trigger activation?
Cobra:It will assist the general activation process as other special silver coins and bars.
Q3:Is there any special advantage of tachyonized silver?
Cobra:Tachyonized silver is more aligned with the energy of The Source and  more connected with primary function which is to bring the Goddess energy on the surface of the planet and especially  inside the financial system.
Q4:How do priest and priestess in Atlantean Age use silver?
Cobra:they were creating many very powerful objects made of silver. They were using big constructions of silver as portals to other dimensions.
Q5:Silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy. How can we use silver to strengthen our bond with Goddess energy?
Cobra:The most effective way is to create a Goddess statue made of silver and this will be the direct way to connect the Goddess.
Q6:In addition to  connecting abundance and to the Goddess energy, can you share other esoteric and occult usages of silver?
Cobra:Actually in the certain period of human history, silver was forming the basis of the financial system and it was quite effective because it was preventing large-scale manipulations that are happening in the financial system the last two decades. Together with gold tip was one of the pillars of financial system of many ages of the past.
Q7:How can I activate the energy of my silver so that I can have a stronger connection with it?
Cobra:just go meditation and hold your silver in your hands and it will connect to your energy.
Q8:How do positive ET races use silver?
Cobra: Many positive ET races use silver to connect with the Goddess energy. There are also certain races which have not yet reached the highest level of technological development. They would use silver as parts of some of  their technological devices. But more advanced races do not need silver in their technology. For them, silver is a metal that connects to spirituality than technology
Q9:Does Mithril the magic silver-like metal in fantasy literature truly exist in our universe? If yes, what properties and usages does real Mithril have?
Cobra: No
Q10:Does silver represent a metal of abundance on other planets? Or it only has such meaning on Earth because we are controled by a financial slavery system?
Cobra:No ble metals such as gold, platinum and silver are universal symbols of abundance throughout the universe because they are actually emanations of very high spiritual frequencies. When I say abundance, it does not only mean physical abundance but also spiritual abundance.
【Other questions about silver】
Q1:China once owned nearly half of world silver reserve in Ming Dynasty. Did light forces plan to hoard silver at that time?
Cobra:Actually Ming dynasty was one of the peaks of Chinese development of Chinese fine culture. And the sealed concentration of silver in Ming Dynasty was one of these signs of high culture. and Occultively speaking, was one of the reasons why Ming dynasty was so successful as long as it existed.
Q2:It is mentioned in ancient Chinese literature that silver was once more expensive than gold. Do you know what caused the price reversion of silver and gold?
Cobra:Actually in most locations on the planet silver was less expensive than gold. But there were certain areas of China when there were more silver deposits than gold deposit So in certain period of Chinese history, silver was more expensive.
But I would say lately the price of silver has been suppressed even more dramatically than the gold price. The gold/silver price ratio is maybe about 1:80 but it actually should be 1:16. I would say of silver price have been suppressed 5 times more than gold. Sliver is not as common as you can imagine based on the silver price.
Q3:is it possible that the price of silver goes up more than 50 times after the Event?
Cobra: it is possible but not very likely. After the Event, the price of silver will increase dramatically. But 50 times in my opinion is a little bit off exaggeration.
【Q&A For 2019 Taiwan Ascension Conference】
Q1:Is there any special energetic meaning of the date of this conference?
Cobra:The date of this conference has been chosen based upon the planetary situation and the optimal timing based on the planetary situation and development behind the scenes and the readiness for Humanity to receive some of the new Intel which will be released there.
Q2:This conference will be the 7th one in Taiwan. What is the special meaning of this conference?
Cobra:There will be a lot of focus on the new Financial system lot of focus on the financial reset and there will be some new Intel release about. Also I will give even more detailed explanations of the primary anomaly, of the toplet bomb, so that people can really understand what is going on behind the scene. People would really understand why the event hasn’t happened yet and they will really understand what conditions need to be fulfilled for the event to happen and to receive some practical technical keys  to how they can contribute to accelerating the Event.
Q3:Why do we have so many conferences in Taiwan?
Cobra:Taiwan is a very special place on the surface of the planet. I would say that Taiwan is the central point of the most Mass concentration of humanity where the most populated area on the planet. The second reason is that Taiwan is an island which has a very strong energy vortex. The third reason is that  from the end of the Ming Dynasty to the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, many Dragon families have escaped from mainland China and settled in Taiwan. and they are quite present in Taiwan. So this dragon energy is supporting our conferences. This is actually the reason why we are having conference is there. This is the place one of the most positive Dragon family support places from the planet.
Q4:Does the topic of this conference imply that humanity will be able to enter a new society and achieve First Contact in a shorter time frame?
Cobra:Yes, there are some changes in this area I cannot comment on the time frames but I would say that the plan is being improved all the time and the plan is being adjusted to the situation all the time.
Q6:What kinds of new tachyonized products can we expect to see during the conference?
Cobra:This will be a surprise. Some things have been prepared. They will be strongly aligned with what is happening now. It will be a very good surprise for those who will be there. It will be the first time for certain products to release.
Q7:Many people thought the last year’s Ascension conference in Taiwan was the last conference before the Event. Some people might feel disappointed as there would be one more to go. Would you like to say some encouraging words to all participants to this conference?
Cobra: I don’t want to raise any expectations and I didn’t claim that would be the last conference because the timing of the event is not known. The situation is ever influx. But each time we do a conference like this, week wait create a big push to work on the final Liberation. We need to see things from a long-term perspective. Each of those conferences is one of the important steps towards higher goal When he event happens and you look in your memory about each of these steps, you will know it is worth it.
Q8:In addition to an open mind,what should the participants prepare in advance?
Cobra: Open mind is the main requirement. Everything else will fall into place.
Q9:We will discuss Reality Shaping Breakthrough on Sunday morning, should we prepare anything for this session?
Cobra: Not special preparation is needed.
Q10: Do light force and high dimensional beings, like Pleiadians, Ashtar Command, Ascended Masters, RM and Cosmic Central Race pay close attention to this ascension conference in  Taiwan?
Cobra: Yes of course. At every conference, they are already preparing things energetically. The energy is building up and they will be present to the conference.
Cobra: Thank you very much. I hope people will join our activation as many as possible so that is will reach critical mass. Then we can get one step closer to the Event. Victory of the Light!


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The Silver Trigger on 2019-11-11 at 15:15 UTC

11/01/2019 08:52:00 pm

November 11th is the yearly day of the 11:11 portal. For 2019, there will also be a Mercury Transit across the sun on the day. This is a very rare event that only occurs about 13 times each century. The last transits of Mercury happened in May 2016 and the next one will happen in November 2032.

Astrologically, transits of Mercury across the Sun are the best possible moments for everything related to finances. Whenever Mercury transits happen, they bring a very strong flash of energy which would stimulate new ideas and new understanding in the mental sphere of humanity.

Moreover, Mercury represents the principles of communication. Therefore, Sun conjunct Mercury transit is the best for all aspects of communication, as well as interacting with others.

Hence, this rare opportunity provides a perfect condition for anchoring as much Light as possible in the global financial system.

We all know that the current financial system is not fair. It was in fact designed to enslave humanity by the use of debts.

As more debts are accumulated, the debt-slavery bubble will eventually collapse.

There are many signs that the conditions of the current financial system are deteriorating.

And this is happening in China and other countries, not only the US.

This will also lead to the eventual systemic collapse of the current financial system. This will be the point of no return with the only way forward is to build a new and fairer financial system.

As things stand, the financial reset can happen in the near future.

And the fact that there is a large amount of counterfeit US notes indicates another hidden weakness of the current financial system. If this information goes mainstream, it could undermine trust in the US dollar as the global reserve currency. This would accelerate the collapse of the current system.

Therefore, by utilizing the energetic support of the upcoming Mercury transit across the Sun on November 11th, we can help anchoring as much Light as possible in the global financial system to ease and harmonize the transition to the new financial system.

There are two main actions we can do on the day
1.)  Buy silver coins and silver bars
2.)  Silver Trigger Meditation at 3:15 PM UTC

Converted Time
Manila, Philippines
11:15:15 pm
Monday, November 11, 2019

Buy silver coins and silver bars

As suggested by Cobra, the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to buy as much silver as they feel guided, on the day of the Mercury transit on Monday, November 11th, 2019.

Silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy. Hence, buying silver is a symbolic act of bringing abundance into your life.

Also, the price of silver is relatively low at the moment, so it is affordable for most people.

It is very important that you buy silver (physically or online) and complete the transaction on November 11th in your local time zone and NOT before or after, to ensure the coherence and harmonic efficiency of our action. When we purchase silver on the day, it is strongly recommended that we set a strong intention that our action of buying silver will free humanity from debt-slavery bubble. This is because any other purchase without a conscious intention will NOT be counted as part of this activation.

All people buying silver with such intention on November 11th will create a powerful energy grid around the planet that will send a pulse of Light into the global financial system.

If the critical mass of 144,000 people buy silver on November 11th, this will create the needed trigger to globally expose the manipulation of silver and gold prices by JP Morgan:

Therefore, please buy silver coins, bars or jewelry on the day if you feel guided.

According to Cobra, it is better to buy silver coins or silver bars as they can be of better use during the financial reset, but jewelry is okay as well. However, please do NOT buy silver plated items.

The silver items need to be pure/fine silver (with actual silver content of 99.9%) or sterling silver (with a purity of 92.5%) and the minimum weight of the silver to purchase for this Silver Trigger Activation is about 3 to 5 grams.

(remember in the interview that millions of people actually buy silver all over the world way beyond the trigger event of required 144,000 people participating to be successful but the crucial element here is the intention to buy silver on that specific date of nov 11, 2019 with the focused intention to liberate the financial system of our world from the grips of the evil forces)

More information about fine silver and sterling silver can be found in the link below:

A limited number of Victory of the Light / Saint Germain silver coins are available for purchase here:


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Reminder: There are two things we can do to help liberate our planet

1.)  buy silver within the day of  11-11-2019 with a minimum of 3 gram at least

2.)  join the group meditation

Converted Time
Manila, Philippines
11:15 pm
Monday, November 11, 2019


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the global financial system.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness of the current financial system, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

or go to this link in youtube and listen to the guided mediation so you wont need to memorize the procedure

THE SILVER TRIGGER 11-11-2019 - Guided meditation


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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Silver Trigger Final Update

Time is approaching for the Silver Trigger and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

If the critical mass is reached, the Light Forces will be able to intervene directly in the global financial system for the first time in human history, and a cascade of events will follow that will inevitably lead to the financial Reset.

Next 12 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in over 30 languages:

The main page with instructions for the activation is here:

And the Cobra interview about the activation is here:

Many people are supporting our activation.

Benjamin Fulford:


Stillness in the Storm:

We Love Mass Meditation with many useful links:

And many others:

In many countries around the world, November 11th is a holiday:

People in those countries can google places that will be open and sell silver despite the holiday, or buy silver online.

People who do not have much money can buy a 1/10 oz (a little bit over 3 grams) silver coin for 3.50 eur plus 1.60 eur shipping, for a total cost only about 5 euros, here:

For people who do not even have 5 euros, they can get a small financial assistance to help them with their purchase, if they fill the form here:

The silver that you will buy will serve as a physical seed that will start manifesting your future abundance on November 11th.

Let's do this!

Victory of the Light!


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Deliberate implosion of financial system being engineered to kick-start new financial system

November 11, 2019

Benjamin Fulford

A bigger than Lehman Brothers collapse of the financial system is being engineered in order to make way for a new financial system, Asian secret society sources say.  Recent trends in financial markets, notably a stock market bubble of biblical proportions, back up this assertion.  Any financial veteran will tell you that when financial markets fight against reality, reality always wins in the end.  This means stock prices could fall by 90% or more.

However, in a sign the financial war is not yet over, European royals disagree, saying, “All of the world’s investment banks have begun to migrate away from the old system, so it is just a matter of time before it seamlessly or frictionlessly just morphs from the old to the new.”

This may work for payment systems, ATMs, and credit cards, etc., but not for the Western system of Babylonian debt slavery as a whole.  This system has resulted in the top 1% owning 53.2% of all stocks and mutual funds, and if you add in the next 9%, the rich control 93.2%, leaving the remaining 90% with just 6.8%.  Further proof that this is a system of debt slavery comes from the fact the bottom 90% of the people owe 72.4% of all the debt.

This stock market, controlled and owned by the super-rich and their high-level servants, has become fraudulent and parasitical and is actually sucking money out of the real economy.  This makes a collapse mathematically inevitable.

Let’s take a look at some more numbers that prove this.  From January to October of this year worldwide, $339 billion has been put into bonds and $208 billion has been taken out of stocks, and yet the stock market keeps hitting record highs.  That’s because since 2009, institutional investors and households have taken $1.9 trillion out of the stock market while corporations, using private central bank funny money, have bought $3.6 trillion of their own shares.

Plus, according to the Wall Street Journal, 97% of listed companies are not using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in releasing their profits, meaning basically they are cooking their books.

Coca Cola is a good case study.  To quote from The Daily Bell:

“If we just go back a few years to 2010, Coca Cola’s annual revenue was $35 billion.  By 2018 the company’s annual revenue had fallen to less than $32 billion.  In 2010, Coca Cola generated $5.06 in profit (earnings) per share.  In 2018, just $1.50.  And Coca Cola’s total equity, i.e. the ‘net worth’ of the business, was $31 billion in 2010.  By 2018, equity had fallen to $19 billion.  So over the past eight years, Coca Cola has lost nearly 40% of its equity, sales are down, and per-share earnings have fallen by 70%.  Clearly the company is in far worse shape today than it was eight years ago.  Yet Coke’s share price has nearly DOUBLED in that period.”

To summarize, the families that own the Western (and Japanese) central banks are printing money and handing it to the corporations they also own, while sucking the lifeblood out of 90% of the population.

The financial system has become a giant black hole, which makes perverted sense since many of the ruling families worship the black sun.
One likely trigger will be the collapse of Deutsche Bank, which just announced a third quarter loss of 832 million Euros.

This chart of their stock price bears an uncanny resemblance to Lehman Brothers just before they collapsed.

A collapse of Deutsche Bank would pull down the European Central Bank and bankrupt the EU, the Asian sources say.

To summarize, the families that own the Western (and Japanese) central banks are printing money and handing it to the corporations they also own, while sucking the lifeblood out of 90% of the population.

The financial system has become a giant black hole, which makes perverted sense since many of the ruling families worship the black sun.

One likely trigger will be the collapse of Deutsche Bank, which just announced a third quarter loss of 832 million Euros.

This chart of their stock price bears an uncanny resemblance to Lehman Brothers just before they collapsed.

A collapse of Deutsche Bank would pull down the European Central Bank and bankrupt the EU, the Asian sources say.
Needless to say, while it’s easy to spot a bubble, it’s harder to predict when it will burst.  However, Asian secret society and White Dragon Society (WDS) sources believe a collapse is likely in 2020.  This will be followed by a jubilee (a one-time write-off of all debt and redistribution of assets) and a huge campaign to fix the planet.  This plan includes setting up a meritocratic future planning agency that anybody can apply to join.

Before that becomes possible, though, some serious battles remain to be fought.  Right now, the main action is taking place in Saudi Arabia and Mexico, where the Khazarian mafia is fighting to preserve its oil and drug money pipelines.

Needless to say, while it’s easy to spot a bubble, it’s harder to predict when it will burst.  However, Asian secret society and White Dragon Society (WDS) sources believe a collapse is likely in 2020.  This will be followed by a jubilee (a one-time write-off of all debt and redistribution of assets) and a huge campaign to fix the planet.  This plan includes setting up a meritocratic future planning agency that anybody can apply to join.

Before that becomes possible, though, some serious battles remain to be fought.  Right now, the main action is taking place in Saudi Arabia and Mexico, where the Khazarian mafia is fighting to preserve its oil and drug money pipelines.

Let’s start with the situation in Mexico, where according to Pentagon sources, U.S. President Donald Trump has “declared war on Mexican drug cartels, and indirectly the Democrats who are their secret supporters.”  However, Mexican sources say recent events in Mexico such as the supposed murder of nine American women and children are just false flags.

The evidence leads to “<em>Yunque, an extreme right-wing occult sect with traces of pedophilia (Father Marcial Maciel was a part of it), say Mexican patriots.

The Mexican sources have compiled a damned case, stating that the recent attempt to arrest El Chapo’s son and the alleged murder of the Americans were part of a desperate survival effort by the US conquering North Mexico and its oil fields.

The LeBaron family, which was supposed to be the victim of nine women and children, stole water, threw farmers off their land, smuggled drugs and among other things is involved in the sex cult of the NXIVM, according to the sources.

They find that the video of the massacre showed no bodies, no clothes and no witnesses, and that the bulletproof survivors allegedly walked six hours and 15 kilometers through hostile desert terrain, all in Arizona and not in Mexico.

According to the sources, the failed attempt to arrest El Chapo’s son was made by the US drug agency and the Governor of Culiacán without informing the President of Mexico.

The cartel reacted like a well-organised army. The stench of CIA activists is omnipresent, the sources say.

With the excuse of these attacks, the US Congress will describe drug cartels as terrorist organisations and thus, thanks to the Patriot Act, open the door to wage war in Mexico, they close.

A detailed report of the Mexicans can be found in a letter to the editor on this page.

Let us now turn to the situation in Saudi Arabia, where the Khazarian Mafia is struggling to maintain the petrodollar system by listing the Saudi oil company Aramco on the stock exchange.

<p>Iran’s announcement of a new 53 billion-barrel oil field should derail Aramco’s IPO and make it richer than Saudi Arabia, whose proven depleted reserves could be well below 200 billion barrels, Pentagon sources say.

Until Saudi Arabia signs a non-aggression pact with Iran and a peace agreement with Yemen, and S-400 [anti-aircraft batteries] is operational to protect its oil assets, no one will invest in Aramco, the sources continue.

While China pretends to be interested in Aramco to help Mohammed Bin Salman, it may be forced to resign because of Saudi human rights abuses, war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, torture, mass murder and terrorism, they conclude.

Of course, the battle for Saudi Arabia is also about the Rockefellers and other cabal families trying to use the oil to bribe the Chinese to join in, WDS sources say.

That’s why they handed over 100 billion dollars of Saudi money and control of Japan’s machinery to Softbank’s son Masayoshi, a relative of Sun Yat-sen, the founder of modern China, for the campaign, according to sources in the Asian secret society.

The sources of the Asian secret society, however, say that they will not be deceived by this maneuver, which is why Son suddenly has no more money.

Instead, sources say they are working with the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank to bankrupt the Bank of Japan.

<he sources say that they are setting up a bank in Serbia to replace the European Central Bank. Serbia receives Russian S-400 air defense to protect the planned bank. This would be a great historical justice for the destruction of Yugoslavia.

In a sign that the US military is on board this plan, the Pentagon sources say: “Trump may participate in the military parade on Victory Day in Russia in May 2020 to send a message to the Deep State, the Zionists and China.

The Chinese, for their part, are now preparing to establish a space-moon economic zone of $10 trillion a year by 2050.

Underneath the surface there is much more going on about which we cannot yet write for reasons of operational safety.

However, we can say that more and more high-ranking cabal politicians are disappearing.

The desperate cabal activists try to give the impression with tweets, letters, press releases and computer graphics that their favourite politicians are still there.

We hear, however, that they are being held in detention without any contact with the outside world, while they are faced with fierce questions.

Most of them sing like canaries, according to the Pentagon sources. Once the clean-up in the US is complete, attention will be focused on Europe and Japan, according to WDS sources.

In a sign that the Israelis have withdrawn their Samson Optio threats, the Israeli embassies have reopened for 25 days on the orders of a judge, a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Tokyo said.

This could be an indication that the Zionists are negotiating a surrender


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Mike Quinsey

8 November 2019

If we told you that the world was your oyster you might wonder what it had to offer, when all around you is the great mess that Man has left it in and is continuing to make worse. What you cannot see are the changes going on behind the scenes that would totally change your view about things. We have often mentioned the nature of coming changes, and an end to the disrupting activities of those who have ignored the needs of nature and Mother Gaia to satisfy their own greed. Clearly matters have to be taken in hand so as to put a stop to the destruction that is taking place. Plans have been made and all that remains is to put them into being at the appropriate time, so as to ensure success. We cannot say when that will be but due to the urgency of the situation we cannot visualise it being too much longer.

As you must know by now, on our side of the veil time is not as you understand it, as everything is in the now. So it becomes difficult to give precise predictions for events to take place, so we have to generalise based on what we know about your activities. Freewill always comes into it but on occasions we are “ordered” by higher sources to take certain actions regardless of any other situation. There is of course a greater plan for Mankind that at this time concerns your path to Ascension and no one will be allowed to interfere with it. Having passed the 2012 marker there is absolutely no way that anyone will be allowed to make changes to it. In the greater plan there are often Galactic considerations to be made as the result of your future actions are more far reaching than you might imagine.

The Human Race is now the focus of attention and largely because you will be the very first to ascend in your present physical body, and in the process it will become refined as a result of the higher vibrations. This is really what Ascension is all about and you would have known about it before you reincarnated. The trigger for it is your Sun as we have previously mentioned. You could say that the end of your journey is in sight although it will still take some years before you reach it. The imminent change is your release from the lower energies that have held you back, often deliberately by the dark Ones who have wished to prevent your Ascension. However, you have nothing to fear provided you keep on the straight and narrow road without deviating from the plan for souls desiring to ascend.

The spiritual truth can be mighty powerful, so much so that you feel like announcing it from the rooftops. It is understandable, but it is best to keep such information to yourself and only release it when you are prompted to do so. It is possible to give out too much too soon for some souls to comprehend and could deter them from going further. The best time to help other souls is when they ask for it and not until they do so. Remember that all souls have Guides who will ensure that they are helped to rise up when the time is appropriate. The soul holds an enormous amount of information and it will be used when it is best likely to help them to further evolve.

There are now many groups of people that have their own particular interest in helping others evolve. The feeling of “service to others” is growing and it is due to the continual upliftment of your vibrations. It is all part of the plan for Humanity, to prepare as many souls as possible for the ascension process as there is nothing difficult in it, simply a desire and determination to stay positive at all times and maintain your level of vibration regardless of what is going on around you. It is much easier than you might imagine but you must be careful not to be drawn into negative discussions. Always think and act positively and keep calm when others choose to do otherwise, and your presence may help defuse a difficult situation.

With Ascension gradually getting nearer and nearer you may wonder if you have reached a point where you are ready, and will be one of those who will go through. Know that you do not need to be concerned about your future, simply put Ascension will occur in the near future and if you have raised your vibrations you will go through. It is an automatic outcome which is why those souls who are not ready progress to their level and continue evolving on a different path. It is a wonderful system that is absolutely fair and helps all souls to continue with their experiences giving every opportunity to make progress. Many earlier civilisations have made such a journey and long completed their time in the Matter Universes. So the system has been long tried and tested and found to be perfect for the purpose it was intended.

The Human Race creates so many problems by believing that one group is superior to another, when in fact all are on the same level. The fact that there are many different races with different skin colours, religions and beliefs, is because over a great period of time they have developed their own belief systems. It allows souls that are re-incarnating a choice to choose the family that offers the best opportunities to evolve, meaning that you may select a different path from one life to another. It begs the question that since you have experienced many different religious beliefs should you not consider all souls as your brothers and sisters and respect them accordingly. Instead of seeing the differences between one Race and another accept that all souls are treading paths that eventually lead to the same conclusion.

As time marches on so small groups will start forming who have a common interest, and the predominance of extremely large groups will change. It is also the reason why people will move from vast cities for a more personalised existence. To use one of your phrases there is also the fact that “small is beautiful” and much more easily handled and supported. These are changes that may be some way off, but you are already beginning to see the decline of centralisation. Also bear in mind that you will become more self-supporting, and modern technology will help reduce the time spent carrying out your tasks.

History will tell you that for many lives you have struggled to exist and rarely lived without some threat to your existence whether from natural causes or through man’s activities. The latter period ended with the end of World War Two although many years on you have still been unable to achieve total peace, but for certain it will come eventually. Again it is the young people that will bring it about, having been born to Earth purposefully so that peace can be more quickly achieved. Listen to them and note their determination to change Man’s traditional ways of living for the betterment of all people and a caring approach to the needs of Mother Earth.


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9 Nov 2019

Work in the 3D Matrix – In the 3D Matrix work is about struggle, hard work, sacrifice, getting ahead in a dog eat dog world. Scarcity is the rule for the majority. And for those who are doing well there is always the fear of falling from grace into poverty. Here work is a means of earning money to survive in the world. If you are doing work you dislike, feel bored with, where there is little or no growth, where there is conflict and painful drama, then your work is keeping you locked in a low frequency prison. 3D work is often about win/lose or even lose/lose scenarios.

Lessons to be Embraced – We are learning to value our time and energy. Perhaps we are learning to love ourselves. Perhaps we are learning to trust that the universe really does have our back. We may be learning to clear fear around money and survival. There are often lessons around money also. In 3D money is about grabbing and taking and even stealing. Also sacrificing. In 5D is it is about giving and receiving. The journey is about moving from fear and scarcity to trust and flow.

Before you can leave the 3D Matrix – You may be asked to embrace certain internal states so you can move to a different level of the game. You might need to embrace gratitude when you do not feel very grateful, you may be asked to embrace peace and serenity where there is conflict around you. You may also need to learn detachment. You may need to learn the lesson of compassion for the suffering of others and at the same time choose not to join in with that suffering. You may be required to forgive and let go of certain individuals and experiences.

Skills and Abilities – As well as learning the lessons you are required not to disregard the skills and abilities you learnt in the 3D Game of Work. Please remember that the skills and experiences you have gained in the 3D Matrix can be useful further down the line. These skills can be put to use in a higher way.

The Nature of Resistance – Before we can leave, we will usually resist the calling to the path. This calling comes from your Higher Self. Resistance comes from the ego and takes many forms. All resistance comes from a core of fear and doubt. To get past your resistance you will need courage. You need to come to the point where enough is enough. You also need to trust that you are being guided on the journey. You are not alone.

The clearer your intuition the easier will be your path out of the 3D Matrix. To escape the gravitational pull, you need to become aware of your life story, made up of all of your beliefs and attitudes. What you think you deserve and do not deserve. What you think you are worthy and unworthy of experiencing. What you think you are capable and incapable of doing and moving towards. This life story comes from your present life conditioning.

It also may be partly handed to you from your ancestral bloodlines. The struggles and unresolved challenges of your ancestors maybe handed down for you to resolve. These challenges and unresolved issues may involve money and work. There may be invisible limits set on your abundance and success for example. Perhaps the struggle with poverty. Perhaps the challenges of wealth in a society of have and have nots. The good news is your life story belongs to you and you alone have the power to transform it.

A Question of Timing – When it comes to following your courage and unhooking from work that does not feed your heart, mind and soul. When the time comes you are being called to find your true work that gives expression to your authentic Spirit. You are moving into win/win scenarios which may feel a little odd at first but you will certainly grow to like them.  Even as you proceed along the path you may still be called to face all your doubts and fears.

This is because there are no guarantees about the journey and this may feel disconcerting to someone used to the safety of a monthly pay check. Safety does not necessarily come from staying put and doing the same old. As you take the step it can feel exciting and scary. You may pass through a void of confusion. This is normal and nothing to worry about. This void is a reflection of how big a step you are taking from fear to love and possibility.

Flowing Towards 5D Work – When you decide to move towards work and allowing money to flow more in alignment with your true essence there are some things you can do to help you move forward. Take time out in silence to ask yourself what you would love to experience in terms of your work. Your true purpose is within you.

Take time for daily inspiration whether that be through blogs, books, YouTube Ted Talks, podcasts and so on. Take the time to define what happiness and success mean to you. Know what is truly important. What is important to others may not be important to your journey.

Take time to envision your highest future. When you do this, you are not condemned to repeat the patterns of your past. Follow your dreams, joy and passion and you will uncover multidimensional gifts that you did not realise were within you. On the journey money is just fuel for the journey it is never the end goal of the journey.

When you are on track you will be learning about giving and receiving. Not the conditional form that we experience in 3D. Where love is usually conditional. We step into unconditional giving and receiving. We give without expectation that we will receive in equal measure from the same person. We give knowing that we will receive somewhere and sometime. The Intelligence of the universe is always speaking to you. There are signs and portents everywhere.

 Not every message is meaningful. Discernment is important. You just need to keep your eyes and ears and heart open. Take small steps in line with your journey. At some point you may be called to take a big leap of faith. So, practise with small steps. Move forward in faith. Celebrate your small successes. Transformation is part of the journey. Transforming the old and stepping into the new. We transform your self-image and sense of personal identity when we take this journey. Transforming your life from the inside out. Then everything becomes possible and eventually probable.

 Remember you are a Stewart and not the owner of anything. At the end of this life you will leave everything behind. You do not own money or the house you live in or your prized possessions. Even your achievements you leave behind for others to use as they wish. When you find your true purpose and direction everything will make sense. Even the lessons in 3D that pointed the way. The journey is seeking to reveal your true niche in life.

This niche is a combination of several ingredients. Your dreams, your strengths and skills, your values, your challenges, utilising your intuition and looking out for the inevitable signs and portents along the way. Your life’s work will include service. Contribution and legacy are important aspects of service. Your work will help a group of people in some way. It may also help those who follow you in the bloodline. Thus, your work may include becoming an inspiration and a resource for others.
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Final showdown with Elders of Zion looms

November 18, 2019

Benjamin Fulford

It’s time to call a spade a spade.  Most of the world’s problems originate with a group known as the Elders of Zion.  This is an undeniable fact and has nothing to do with the Jewish people.  Rather, it’s a group of inbred families who own most of the world’s corporations and have been plotting to murder 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.  That’s why they have spent $6.4 trillion on war and mass murder (according to recent calculations by the Watson Institute) since they orchestrated their 9/11 terror attacks and fascist coup d’état.

This was enough money to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and launch humanity into the universe.  Instead it was spent on a project to create a Greater Israel from which to rule the survivors of their planned artificial Armageddon.  Let us be clear:  the problem originates with the inbred group of families that control monotheism.

As a reminder, we are ruled by a govern- (control) ment (mind) that uses religion (re-ligare:  to rebind) to bundle us into a fascii (a bundle of sticks), or fascism.  Fascism is also known as “rule by corporations.”  A Swiss study has shown that 737 people control 80% of the world’s transnational corporations.

These people are also known as the Elders of Zion.  They control a system of Babylonian debt slavery through their ownership of most of the world’s central banks.  That’s why their servants, the top 10% of the people, control 93.2% of the world’s financial assets, while the bottom 90% are burdened with 72.4% of the debt.

This system is headed for collapse.  Riots and civil unrest in Algeria, Bolivia, Britain, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Spain share in common a deep distrust of the ruling elite.  The peasants with pitchforks are at the gates.

Also, as discussed last week, the entire corporate financial system has completely lost touch with reality and no longer functions.  The chart below shows how the stock market and the real economy no longer correlate.

We would like to add that the GDP numbers are wildly exaggerated and do not reflect income disparity, which means the situation is even far worse than shown in the chart.  Right now, indicators of real economic activity, especially in the United States, the epicenter of this crisis, show that a serious recession has already started.  And yet the stock market is reaching record highs.

The cabal’s Federal Reserve Board is pumping unprecedented sums of money into the system to try to prevent a meltdown.  It now looks like something called Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) will be Ground Zero of the collapse.  These are bundles of junk loans which work according the same logic that caused the Lehman Brothers collapse.  That is to say, the financial wizards somehow think that if you take lots of small bits of garbage and put them into a big garbage bag, they stop being garbage.  This chart below shows that the problem this time is at least twice as big as the Lehman crisis.×452.png?itok=431QWT2b

This impeding implosion and revolution is probably the reason the Black Sun worshipers at the P2 Freemason lodge contacted the White Dragon Society last week.  The representative of the P2 said that Pope Francis, who is visiting Japan from November 23 to 26, would …

… be contacted by them to try to work out a deal.  The P2 are upset by the Chinese plans to create a $10 trillion a year “Earth-moon space economic zone by 2050,” because they don’t think space exploration should be “dominated by a single race.”
The P2 were told it was time to remove Abe Shinzo, their puppet slave Prime Minister in Japan.  Abe takes his orders from Michael Greenberg of the CSIS.  The CSIS reports to Georgetown University, which reports to the Jesuits and the Pope and thus to the P2.  There are signs this process has already begun, because the Japanese press has begun a campaign of Abe bashing.

The Romans were also told to get on board with the British, Pentagon, and Chinese plan to set up a meritocratic future planning agency.  This would make sure space exploration would not be a Chinese monopoly.  They were further told that a jubilee is necessary.

The Romans also need to come clean about 9/11, Fukushima, and other crimes if they wish to be forgiven and included in the creation of the new “Star Trek world” they claim to desire.

In the meantime, to keep up the pressure, the colony of brainwashed Zionist slaves in Israel is under total siege, Pentagon sources say.  “Israel is fenced in with a Russian submarine inside its territorial waters,” they say.  That means it can be obliterated “by nuclear torpedoes that can go off any time,” they explained.  Furthermore, “Hezbollah is armed to the teeth, [Israeli] drones are being downed, and its own missile defense has been reverse-engineered by Russia,” they say.  This means the project for a Greater Israel is over.

The crypto-satanist colony of Saudi Arabia is also in deep trouble, according to the Pentagon sources.  “After former army general and CIA director David Petraeus said the Saudis are ‘running out of money,’ the Aramco IPO is being boycotted by BRICS, hedge funds, foreign investors, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, state-owned enterprises, and virtually everyone because of not just geopolitical, military, and trust issues, but also environmental, social, and governance concerns,” the sources explain.

Meanwhile back in the U.S., the Pentagon sources promise, “BIG things are about to drop after the conviction of [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s friend Roger Stone.”

We can only guess what the “BIG things” are, but the biggest thing we can think of taking down is the BIS, the privately owned central bank of privately owned central banks.

As things stand now, inflation and deflation are caused by the BIS regime’s outdated methods, according to a European royal source.  “The 18th-floor dinners at the BIS, where no minutes or records are taken, are where the world’s central bankers decide on the way things will be,” he says.

Replacing this with “a quantum-based system that will cut out these banker middlemen” is what the governments of the West are doing everything they can to prevent from happening, he said.  “The problem is that the governments are too far down the food chain, too far down the pay grade, and to be very honest, probably too terrified of the ‘mafia’” to take on the BIS.  That is why this writer has recommended a military operation to take out the BIS and its sister institution CERN.

Even if the Pentagon fails to act, the Asians are on the case, according to CIA sources in Asia.  They tell us:

“China has more than 20K metric tons of gold.  They will use this to back a new cryptocurrency or use it as part of the new global currency, both of which Russia, Iran, India, and Indonesia also play a major role [in].  Each of these countries also has at least 10-15 metric tons of gold that can be used as a backing for the new currency.  Either scenario will bring down the petrodollar.  This is the main reason the Khazarian cabal agent impersonating MBS [Mohammed Bin Salman] is pushing to get Aramco listed ASAP.  They know the game is already over.  They are trying to extract as much cash as they can and divide it amongst themselves before it all collapses.”

The Pentagon can help make sure the collapse does not lead to chaos and bloodshed by shutting down the strife inciting the corporate media propaganda machine.  Last week it was full of a fake show featuring computer graphics of arrested politicians such as Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.  A reporter with a Washington, D.C. press card tells us she was unable to get any response to requests to attend the so-called “public hearings.”

Sending special forces to occupy WarnerMedia, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, CBS Corporation, NBCUniversal, Google, and Facebook is another recommendation.  All of these corporations need to be forced to spin off their news operations and put them under the control of genuine fact-checking, truth-seeking journalists.

To make this succeed, they also need to do is take over the CIA and Mossad mockingbird media operations that are responsible for so many fake news reports and scripted news “events” like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Finally, they need to round up the members of the families that control the Fortune 500 companies through foundations and other fronts.  Most of the 737 people who own the corporations are in Europe, so arrests will also need to be made there if this operation is to succeed.

So far, the only corporation the Pentagon sources have specifically told us they are targeting is Boeing.  Here, they say Boeing will lose NASA and Department of Defense contracts “for its refusal to provide workable oxygen systems and lightning-proof 787s” as well as for “other sloppy work putting profits above safety.”  Boeing is also facing “boycotts by airlines, pilots, flight attendants, regulators, aircraft lessors, and the flying public,” they say.

While attacking Boeing for incompetence is to be commended, let’s not forget that incompetence is not what caused the crashes that led to this company’s crisis.  The crashes were caused by the deliberate use of remote-control hijacking equipment that has been installed in all Airbus and Boeing planes since the late 1990’s.

This is the sort of problem that can best be dealt with by means of a truth and reconciliation committee.  In fact, while some crimes like the mass murders and cannibalism of children cannot be forgiven, much else can be.  A truth and reconciliation process may be the best way to free the planet.  As Jesus Christ once told the Jews, “The truth shall set you free.”


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About Trump


Trump at white house height=294

This is the right time for everyone to understand what Donald Trump is   doing and to try to decipher the ambiguity of how he is doing it. The controversial President has a much clearer agenda than anyone can imagine, whether in foreign policy or in home affairs, but as he has to stay in power or even stay alive to achieve his goals, his strategy is so refined. and subtle that almost no one can see it. His overall goal is so ambitious that he must take unforeseen elliptical courses to get from point A to point B, using patterns that push people away from the understanding of man. This includes most independent journalists and so-called alternative analysts, as well as the West's top fake news editors and a large majority of the population.

About your strategy, I could make a quick and accurate analogy with medication: Most pills are preconceived to cure a problem, but come with a number of side effects. Well, Trump is using medications only for side effects, while the first intention of the pill is what keeps him in power and alive. By the end of this article, you will see that this metaphor applies to virtually every decision, move, or statement he has made. Once you understand what Trump is, you will be able to appreciate the extraordinary presidency he is leading, as no predecessor could even match.

To begin with, let's clarify the one aspect of his mission that is serious and terribly straightforward: he is the first and only American President to address Humanity's worst collective failure, total ignorance of reality. Since media companies and agencies and education are controlled by a handful of billionaires who rule the planet, we know nothing about our history, which has been distorted by the winners and we have no idea of ​​the present world. Entering the political arena, Donald popularized the term "fake news" to convince American citizens and the world population that media agencies always lie to you.

 Now the expression has become commonplace, but you realize how deeply shocking it is that almost everything you think you know, is it totally fake? Media lies not only cover history and politics, but they have shaped your misperceptions on matters like economics, food, climate, health, everything.

 And if I tell you that we know exactly who shot from the grassy hill, about JFK,  that prior knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack has been proven in court, that the greenhouse effect of CO2 is scientifically absurd, that our money is created through loans from banks that don't even have that money, or that science proves 100% sure 9/11 was an internal operation? Have you ever listened to a journalist, a PBS documentary or a college professor talking about these subjects? 44 presidents were in power and passed without even saying a word about this huge problem before the 45th President emerged. Trump knows that freeing people from this unfathomable ignorance is the first step to general freedom, so he has begun to call traditional journalists and the media for what they are: pathological liars.

“Thousands of mental health professionals agree with New York Times opinion writer Woodward: Trump is dangerous.” - Bandy X. Lee, The Conversation 2018

 "The question is not whether the President is crazy, but whether he is crazy as a fox or crazy as a mentally ill."
- Masha Gessen, The New Yorker 2017

Let's make a clear point: For the establishment, Trump is not mentally disturbed, but is definitely seen as a possible enemy of their world. Since moving to the White House, Trump has been described as narcissistic, racist, sexist and climate skeptical, fraught with dark stories and mental problems. Although approximately 60% of the American people no longer rely on media communication, many have accepted the story that Trump may be a little crazy or inadequate to rule and the statistic increases even more when you leave the US. Of course, Donald is not doing anything special to change the profoundly negative perception that so many journalists and people have about him.

 He's reportedly outrageous and provocative on Twitter, seems impulsive and dumb most of the time, acts irrationally, lies daily, and casts sanctions and threats as if they were sweet things from an elf's side bag in a shopping mall in December. We can immediately destroy a persistent myth of media communication: The image Trump is projecting is self-defeating and is the exact opposite of how pathological narcissists act, since they love to be loved and admired by all. Donald simply doesn't care whether you like him or not, which by psychological definition makes him the ultimate anti-narcissist. And this is not even an opinion, it is a very simple and undeniable fact.

Trump and the swamp height=426

His general plan reveals one of his favorite slogans: “Let us give power back to the people”, because the United States and its imperialist web woven into the world has been in the hands of some globalist bankers, military industrialists and multinationals for over a century . To realize his plan, he needs to end wars abroad, bring back child / young soldiers, dismantle NATO and the CIA, control the Federal Reserve, sever all ties with foreign allies, abolish the financial system. Swift, destroy the propaganda power of media companies, drain the Deep State swamp that runs the spy agencies and deactivate the 'shadow government' hiding in the Council on Foreign Relations and in the departments of the Trilateral Commission. In short, it must destroy the New World Order and its globalist ideology. The task is huge and dangerous, to say the least. Fortunately, he is not alone.

Before we approach your techniques and tactics, we need to know a little more about what is really happening in the world.

The Mighty Russia

Since Peter the Great, the whole of Russian history has been a permanent demonstration of his willingness to maintain his political and economic independence from international banks and imperialism, pressuring that great nation to help many smaller countries struggling to maintain their own independence. .

Russia helped twice, the United States against the British Empire / Rothschild; first by openly supporting them in the War of Independence, and again in the Civil War, when Rothschild financed the Confederates to politically subdue the nation and bring it back to the cooperative of the British colonial empire. Russia also destroyed Napoleon and the Nazis, both funded by international banks as tools to crush economically independent nations. Independence is in your DNA. After nearly a decade of Western oligarchy taking over Russia's economy after the fall of the USSR in 1991, Putin took power and drained the Russian swamp. Since then, all the movements he has made are aimed at destroying the American Empire, or the entity that replaced the American Empire, in 1944, which is the name of the New World Order theory of non-conspiracy.

The new empire is basically the same central bank scheme, with only a slightly different group of owners who swapped the British army for NATO as their world Gestapo. which is the name of the New World Order non-conspiracy theory. The new empire is basically the same central bank scheme, with only a slightly different group of owners who swapped the British army for NATO as their world Gestapo. which is the name of the New World Order non-conspiracy theory. The new empire is basically the same central bank scheme, with only a slightly different group of owners who swapped the British army for NATO as their world Gestapo.

Until Trump's arrival, Putin fought alone against the New World Order, whose centuries-old obsession is control of the world oil market, as oil is the blood that runs in the veins of the world economy. Oil is a thousand times more valuable than gold. Cargo ships, airplanes and armies do not operate on batteries. So to counter the globalists, Putin has developed the best offensive and defensive missile systems and the result is that Russia can now protect all independent oil producers such as Syria, Venezuela and Iran.

Central bankers and the shadow US government still clings to its dying plan, because without a victory in Syria, there is no way to extend Israel, thus ending the secular fantasy of uniting Middle East oil production into the hands of the New World Order. Ask Lord Balfour if you have any questions. That is the real bet of the war in Syria, it is nothing short of making or dying.

Syrian-Russian victory height=433

A Century of Lies

So now, because a shadow government is giving direct orders to the CIA and NATO, on behalf of banks and industries, Trump has no control over the military. The Deep State is a rosary of permanent officials who govern Washington and the Pentagon, who only respond to their orders. If you still believe the "Commander in Chief" is in charge, explain why, each time Trump ordered out of Syria and Afghanistan, did more troops enter?

As I write this, US troops and NATO came from the Kurdish areas, went to Iraq and returned with heavier equipment to the Syrian oil reserves. Donald has a lot more to drain from the swamp before the Pentagon actually hears anything he says. Trump should be outraged and loudly denounce that the military command doesn't care what he thinks, but that would ignite unimaginable chaos and perhaps even a civil war in the US if citizens, who have about 393 million guns in their homes, realize that private interests are under the purview of the armed forces. It would also lead to a very simple but dramatic question: “What exactly is the purpose of democracy?” These weapons are the titanium fences that protect the population from a totalitarian Big Brother.

We need to understand how many problems the US military and intelligence agencies have been facing by setting up false flag operations for over a century, so that their interventions always seem fair, in the name of promoting democracy, human rights and justice all over the planet.

1.)  The ship Maine exploded in 1898 to enter the Spanish-American war, then the Lusitania in 1915 to enter the First World War.

2.)  They pressed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, learned of the attack 10 days in advance and said nothing to the Hawaiian base.

3.)  They forged an assault with North Vietnamese torpedoes on their ships in Tonkin Bay to justify sending troops to Vietnam.

4.)  They made up a story of Iraqi soldiers destroying nurseries / nurseries to invade Kuwait in 1991.

5.)  They invented weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq again in 2003, and organized 9/11 to destroy the 1789 Constitution, attack Afghanistan and start a war on terror.

This totally false mask of virtue must be preserved to control the opinion of American citizens and their domestic arsenal, as they must believe that they wear the white hats of the cowboys of democracy.


So how did Trump react when he learned that US troops were re-entering Syria? He has always repeated in every interview and statement that "we secure the Syrian oil fields" and even added "I am thinking of sending Exxon to the region to take care of Syrian oil." The neoconservatives, the Zionists and the banks were thrilled, but most were outraged, because the vast majority do not realize that Trump is swallowing this pill just for its side effects. In this single vial, it is written in small print that “the use of this drug may force US and NATO troops out of Syria, under pressure from the united world community and frighten the American population.” Trump made the situation untenable for NATO remain in Syria, and how he repeated this deeply shocking and politically incorrect position clearly shows his true intention. He destroyed over a century of false virtue with a single sentence.

Trump is a historical anomaly.

Trump is only the fourth president of US history to really fight for the people, unlike the other 41, who mainly channeled people's money in a dollar pipeline that ends up in private banks. First was Andrew Jackson, shot dead after destroying the Second National Bank, which he openly accused of being controlled by the Rothschild and City of London. Then Abraham Lincoln, who was murdered after printing his "greenbacks," national money the state issued to pay soldiers, because Lincoln had refused to borrow Rothschild's money at 24 percent interest. Then JFK,  who was killed for a dozen reasons which mainly run counter to the profits of the banks and the military industries, and it is now Donald Trump who shouted to the winds that he would "return America to the people."

Like most entrepreneurs, Trump hates banks for the formidable power they have over the economy. Read Henry Ford's only book, "The International Jew," to find out how deep his distrust and hatred for international banks was. Trump's business has suffered a lot because of these institutions that basically sell you an umbrella to get it back as soon as it rains. Private banks' control over money creation and interest rates, through all central banks in almost every country, is a permanent power over nations, far above the ephemeral cycle of politicians. In the year 2000, these marauders of the nation were within walking distance of their totalitarian planetary dream, but some details stopped that event: Vladimir Putin and 393 million American weapons.

to be continued....
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Techniques and tactics

Early in his tenure, Trump naively attempted the direct approach, surrounding himself with establishment rebels such as Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon, angering each and all of his foreign allies, destroying free trade treaties, imposing taxes on imports and insulting them in their faces at the G7 meetings of 2017 and 2018. The reaction was strong and all doubled Russiagate's nonsense, as it seemed the only option to stop man on his path of destroying globalism. Predictably, the direct approach led nowhere; Flynn and Bannon had to step aside and Trump was involved in some investigations that made him realize that he would achieve nothing with transparency. He had to find a way to annihilate the most dangerous people on the planet, but at the same time remain in power and alive.

That's when your genius exploded in the world. It completely changed its strategy and approach and began making absurd decisions and tweeting outrageous statements. As threatening and dangerous as some of them seemed, Trump did not use them for the meaning of the first degree, but was targeting the genuine second-degree effects his movements would have. He didn't care what people thought of him for what he did, because the results only count in the end. He even played buck on Twitter, seemed naive, whimsical, or utterly stupid, perhaps hoping to spread the belief that he didn't know what he was doing and couldn't be so dangerous. He is   being deliberately politically incorrect to show the ugly face that the United States is hiding behind its masks.

Trump-kim summit in hanoi height=426

The first test of his new approach was to try to stop the growing danger of a NATO attack and invasion of North Korea. Trump insulted Kim Jung-Un via Twitter, called him Rocket Man and threatened to destroy North Korea. His furious political error continued for weeks until it sank into everyone's mind, which was not a good reason to attack a country. He paralyzed NATO. Trump then met Rocket Man and they walked in the park, starting a beautiful friendship, laughing together while doing absolutely nothing in their negotiations, since they had nothing to negotiate. Many were talking about the Nobel Peace Prize, because many do not know that it is usually given to war criminals like Obama or Kissinger.

Then came to Venezuela. Trump took his tactic a step further to ensure that no one could support an attack on the free country. It put the worst neoconservatives available in the case: Elliott Abrams, formerly convicted of conspiracy under the Iran-Cons agreement in the 1980s, and John Bolton, a famous first-class militarist. Trump then confirmed Juan Guaido as his choice for President of Venezuela; an empty doll so dumb he can't even see how much it is being used. Once again, Trump threatened to burn the country in rubble, while the world community looked with admiration on Trump's total lack of subtlety and diplomacy, with the result that Brazil and Colombia backed down and said they wanted nothing to do with an attack on the country. Venezuela. Trump's drug left only 40 satellite countries worldwide, with Presidents and Prime Ministers brain-dead enough to shyly support Guaido, the jester. Donald ticked the box next to Venezuela on his list and continued to scroll down.

Then came the two gifts to Israel: Jerusalem as the capital and the Golan Heights in Syria as confirmed possession. Netanyahu, who has little intelligence, jumped for joy and everyone shouted that Trump was a Zionist. The real result after the effect was that the entire Middle East rallied against Israel, which no one else can support. Even its historical accomplice, Saudi Arabia, had to openly disapprove of this huge slap in the face of Islam. Trump's two gifts were actually backstabs in the state of Israel, whose future does not look very bright today, as NATO will have to leave the region. Check it again.
How reality collapses

But there is more! With his lack of control over NATO and the army, Trump is very limited in his actions. At first glance, the excellent multiplication of economic sanctions in countries such as Russia, Turkey, China, Iran, Venezuela and other nations seems harsh and pitiless, but the reality of these sanctions has pushed these countries out of the Swift financial system, designed to keep nations enslaved through dollar hegemony and everyone is escaping the clutches of international banks. It forced Russia, China and India to create an alternative system of trade payments based on national currencies instead of the almighty dollar. The bipolar reality of the world is now official and with its upcoming sanctions Trump will push more countries out of the Swift system to join the other side,

Even in Trump's political hurricane, he still finds time to show off his arrogant, almost childish humor. Look at his great mockery of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, when he sat down with the most serious generals he could find, to take a picture in the so-called "Situation Room" while pretending to oversee Baghdadi's death somewhere where he it could not be, just as its criminal predecessors did long ago with the false death of bin Laden. He even extended the hoax to add the details of a dog that recognized Daesch's fake caliph by sniffing at his underwear. Now that you realize who Trump really is, you can also enjoy the program in all its splendor and true meaning.

"We secure the Syrian oil fields." In fact, with this short phrase, Trump joined his voice with that of General Smedley Butler, who shook the world 80 years ago with a little book called "War is a thief." Looting and stealing oil is definitely not as virtuous as promoting democracy and justice. What surprises me are the numerous “alternative” journalists and analysts who know at their fingertips all the technical problems of 9/11, or the scientific reality of the absurd history of global warming, but have no idea what Trump is doing. do, after three years in their tenure, because they bought the great media communication that convinced everyone that Trump is a mentally ill.

Butler height=384

For those who still have questions about Trump's agenda, do they really believe that the obvious implosion of American Imperialism on the planet is a coincidence? They still believe that it is because of Russian influence in the 2016 elections that the CIA, the FBI, all the media, the US Congress, the Federal Reserve, the Democratic Party and the warmongering half of Republicans are working against him and that they are up to try to dismiss him? Like most things that come out in media communication, the reality is just the opposite of what you're saying: Trump may be the most dedicated man who has set foot in the Oval Office. And certainly the most ambitious and the most politically incorrect.


The world will change dramatically between 2020 and 2024. Trump's second and last term coincides with Putin's last term as President of Russia. There may never be another coincidence like this for a long time, and you both know it is now or maybe never. Together they have to end NATO, the Swift system and the European Union must collapse. Terrorism and anthropogenic global warming will vortex and disappear with their creators. Trump will have to drain the swamp at the CIA and the Pentagon, and must nationalize the Federal Reserve. Together with Xi (china) and Modi (india) , they could put an end to the private banking sector in public affairs by refusing to pay a single cent of their debts and redefining the world economy by shifting to national currencies produced by governments, as private banks will collapse. a domino effect, no more Obama-type servants to save them at your expense. Once these measures are in place, unsurpassed peace and prosperity They can travel the planet, because our taxes will be applied to the development of our pa e ses, instead of buying useless military equipment and pay interest loans that bankers, above all, did not even have money.

If you still do not understand Donald Trump after reading the above text, it is useless. Or you could be Trudeau, Macron, Guaido or any other useful idiot, unaware that the carpet under your feet has already slipped away.


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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Financial Reset

Our Silver Trigger activation has reached about 80% of the critical mass. Although we have not reached our goal, our achievement was significant, as it will still ease the planetary path towards the financial Reset.

Tens of thousands of Lightworkers were buying silver and this will become the seed for the manifestation of their future abundance, as I will describe in one of the coming blog posts in detail.

In early morning hours in Europe, shortly after midnight on November 11th, a certain “family” has bought over 100 tonnes of silver for immediate delivery, on Sydney exchange. This has skyrocketed the silver price, as it can be seen on the following screenshot from Kitco website, one of the main referral sites for the price of silver:

Silver price rose almost 40% in matter of minutes, before it was artificially suppressed about one hour later.

The strange bump in silver price was erased from Kitco website about 12 hours later and the silver price curve smoothed out:

The “family” has communicated that they will equally share all that silver among all those who have participated in the Silver Trigger, at the time of the Financial Reset and the Event. I can neither confirm or disprove those claims.

Since we have not reached the critical mass, the Light Forces can still not intervene directly in the financial system in the ways we have hoped, but one immediate effect of our activation is a massive release of intel about the coming financial crash in mainstream media on November 11th:

The Black Nobility families and the Jesuits have been encouraging the debt bubble to expand and are carefully steering the global economy towards a systemic crash. They are doing this to consolidate their power and to introduce a global and centralized digital financial system that will have total control over people's finances:

You need to understand that the global central banking policy is dictated from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and not from the Fed, and Torlonia Black Nobility family is controlling the BIS:

Their plan for the new, green crypto based financial system is well described here:

Their way of crashing the old financial system is described here:

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are the two most likely triggers to start the crash.

Few days ago, this article about Deutshe Bank was published:

It was reposted on the same day on Zerohedge and it sent Deutsche Bank into panic mode to the extent that they issued a public rebuttal on Twitter that was later deleted:

The dark forces are NOT the original planners of the crash, they are merely adapting their plans to hijack it:

The actual underlying reason for the systemic crash is wealth inequality and explosion of debt that has reached the point where the society becomes unsustainable. In terms of physics, the amount of energy the dark forces need to control the society grows exponentially to the point where they can not control anything any longer, and their system collapses:

When this happens, dark forces will try to orchestrate the crash, and the Light forces (Resistance Movement and Galactic Confederation) will use their advanced quantum computers to hack the global banking computer which are located at JP Morgan headquarters in New Yor

The new financial system will be introduced:

It will be a gold backed quantum financial system:

Based on productivity, culture and skill:

When this is expected to happen I am not at liberty to say, but behind the scenes in many circles, the talk about “2020 crash” is the most important conversation topic:

To summarize the Plan:

Victory of the Light!


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Things heat up as Netanyahu indicted, while Trump declares war on the Queen

November 25, 2019

 Benjamin Fulford

The battle for the planet Earth has heated up again as mass-murdering Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted, while U.S. President Donald Trump declares war on Queen Elizabeth.  Economic and information warfare between the U.S. and China is heating up too, especially over Asian gold and the recent American lithium grab in Bolivia.  This is part of the ongoing battle for control of the international financial system raging between the Gnostic Illuminati and an alliance of Asian and European royals.

Let us first look at the battle for control of the Anglo-Saxon world that is flaring between Trump and the British Empire.  Here Pentagon sources say, “Trump is declaring war on the Queen not just for spying and trying to remove him from power, but also for pedophilia, murder, and other heinous crimes of the royal family.”  British royal family sources are saying that while traditionally they try to keep a stiff upper lip and stay above the fray, they are seriously thinking of hiring lawyers to sue for libel over recent such allegations against them.

The public battle is centered around Prince Andrew and his connections to pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein and an alleged affair with a 17-year-old girl.  “Pedophile Prince Andrew or “randy Andy” is so toxic he has been or is about to be dumped by British Telecom (BT), Standard Chartered, Barclays, Stelios Philantropic Foundation, Bosch, Cisco, Aon, Salesforce, TV Azteca, Inmarsat, KPMG, AstraZeneca, Air Asia, Woodside Petroleum, and even Chinese companies like the Bank of China, the China Construction Bank,, Tencent, and the Li Ka Shing Foundation,” the Pentagon sources say.

The Queen has also publicly dismissed Andrew from all official royal activities.  A European royal close to the Queen said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the affair seriously damages the Monarchy.  The Queen is no longer in supreme control of the Monarchy and Court of Saint James.  For insiders it is really very serious now.”

The real battle, of course, is over control of the Anglo-Saxon navies, agree Pentagon and MI6 sources.

Here, “the Trump purge began with the firing of Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer for insubordination, and may be followed by Obama flag officer holdovers, as ‘the Donald’ has won the loyalty of warfighters and special ops forces needed to take down the Zionists and the deep state,” Pentagon sources say.

MI6 sources, for their part, say, “There seems to be a lot of infighting now and attempts to strip the Queen of things like the CIA, U.S. DOD, etc., so this latest fiasco may be an expression of all this.”

In a sign of just how serious a battle this is, the Pentagon sources say that “Since Vice-Admiral Andrew won’t be extradited and may hide behind diplomatic immunity, he may be renditioned by the U.S. military, since the Queen is also Commander in Chief of UK forces.”  Needless to say, such an operation would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

The battle to control the U.S. and UK navies is also just one aspect of the bigger battle for control of the financial system.  Trump is on the warpath against the European and Asian royals because they are about to stage “a simultaneous recalibration of …
… the Forex and sovereign debt markets on a global level,” according to the European royal.

Trump is attempting to counter this by going after the $29 trillion Indonesian gold fraud carried out by the Federal Reserve Board at the time of the Lehman crisis, according to CIA sources in Asia.

According to the CIA, “During the financial crisis, the New York Fed was given unprecedented powers by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. to create over $29 trillion in electronically engineered money to bail out Wall Street.  A significant portion of the $29 trillion went to prop up many of the central banks around the world.”

In his counterattack, “Trump’s soon-to-be-next move is that the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement signed by [then President] John F. Kennedy and President Sukarno at Geneva in November 1963 becomes a reality.  Trump can, with the stroke of his pen by Executive Order, reinstate Executive Order 11110 or an amendment thereof, thus allowing the Department of the Treasury to issue the new United States dollars.  This may be the reboot of the U.S. dollar, as Trump leaves the debt of the Federal Reserve to be resolved by the actual owners—the Khazarian Zionist cabal,” the CIA says.

The European royal commented that “If that is the extent of the received intelligence at the CIA, then we have a long way to go with them.  Individual nation-states such as America would obviously be prevented from going it alone because of the inherent interdependence in the whole thing.  But the plan is to migrate away from fiat to asset-backed [currency].  That part is correct, yes.”

Trump, meanwhile, is also attacking Wall Street, according to the Pentagon sources.  “After the failed IPOs of WeWork, Lyft, and Uber, greedy Wall Street is unable to make much money from the pump-and-dump Aramco IPO, as their top dogs like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs face DOJ criminal enterprise investigations along with Boeing, General Electric, and other corporate miscreants,” the sources say.

Saudi Aramco, of course, is key to the support of the Rockefeller petrodollar.  On this front, the Pentagon sources note, “The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the Russian oil company Lukoil, and the Malaysian national oil company Petronas all say no to Aramco, leading other pensions like the Japan Pension Investment Fund and state-owned oil companies like Rosneft, PetroChina, Sinopec, Gazprom, Petrobras, and Pertamina to follow.”

Trump has also seized Japan’s $1.5 trillion national pension fund to keep the U.S. government afloat, according to CIA sources in Asia.  That’s why the fund stopped disclosing how it allocated its assets for the fiscal quarter ending in September—that is, at the time the U.S. government needed money to pay its bills.

“Where is the real money that all the Japanese worked for all these years?  When the market crashes, as it is very close to doing, there go all the computer entries.  I presume it is nearly the same with all government pension funds.  The game is about over,” is how the CIA source explained the situation.

The other thing the Trump forces are doing is physically detaining and killing, or else imprisoning political enemies.  That’s why, as far as we can tell, all recent appearances by Barack Obama, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, etc. are computer graphics.  It’s getting harder to tell, but for example, if you look at the 1:13 to 1:15 second mark on this video of a recent “TV appearance” by Nancy Pelosi, you can see from her eyes that she is a computer-generated image:

The attacks are going both ways.  Trump ally Benjamin Netanyahu was finally indicted on corruption charges last week.  Pentagon sources say he is trying to negotiate a plea bargain by threatening to tell the world what he knows about the Fukushima mass-murder attack against Japan.

Also, Trump lawyer and ally Rudolph Giuliani has publicly been saying that he might be killed but that he has “insurance.”  Presumably he is talking about what he knows about 9/11, since he was mayor of New York at the time of the attacks.

Then of course there was the attempted poisoning of Trump earlier this month as reported by several alternative news outlets.

What’s interesting about this battle between the Gnostic Illuminati and their man Trump versus the world royals is that both seem to support the creation of a meritocratically staffed future planning agency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly came out last week and said the future-planning-agency-based system pioneered by Japan and Singapore and which is now used by China is superior.

“The aggregate performance of the Chinese economy is a lot more efficient than that of other major economies, including the American one,” Putin told the VTB Capital Investment Forum ‘RUSSIA CALLING!’ on Wednesday.

“I think that to a major extent, this causes the concern of our U.S. friends and explains the restrictions imposed on China,” Putin said, adding that the U.S. sanctions were a result of ‘this fact, not of the disparity in the trade balance.’  The key to Chinese success, according to Putin, was a ‘unique symbiosis between the centralized planning and the market economy.’”

The White Dragon Society has long promoted the establishment of a world future planning agency emulating—and improving upon-the Asian central planning/market hybrid model that Putin is praising.  If such an agency were set up with an annual budget of $1 trillion or more, it could end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a matter of months.  After that, it could consult with the people of the world about how to turn this planet into the paradise it is meant to be.  The agency could also oversee a swords-to-plowshares transition of the military-industrial complex.  Following this, it could carry out an expansion of human and Earth life into the universe.

Instead of running the planet on the current Western system of perpetual conflict, we can start making love, not war.  Remember, the battle of evolution isn’t won by the lion that is fighting and risking injury or death—it is won by the lion that is back in its cave making love.


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Monday, November 25, 2019

Before the Dawn

Although we did not reach the critical mass in our Silver Trigger activation, the Light Forces achieved big victories in the last few weeks and most negative scenarios for planet Earth have been eliminated and positive timeline secured.

Many sources are expecting a certain kind of endgame scenario to be played out in 2020, for which I did not receive clearance to comment upon.

Dark forces are considering many scenarios, from fake alien invasion (project Blue Beam), to global financial crash, to global war with depopulation originating from civil war in the USA, and many others. Different factions of the dark forces have trouble agreeing with each other which course of action to take. Needles to say, these scenarios will NOT be successful.

The Jesuits want civil war in USA to consolidate their power, and wish to polarize the population as much as possible, that is why they have allowed the election of Donald Trump.

On one side, they are promoting extreme left with its ridiculous “woke” ideology:

On the other hand, they are promoting Trump as the savior to right wing alternative population. It was easy for the Jesuits to convince the Rothschilds to promote hate of Trump through the Rothschild controlled mass media.Then it was even easier for the Jesuits to convince most of the alternative population that Trump must be the good guy if the media hate him so much.

Trump has deep ties to his Black Nobility and Zionist handlers:

Intel in the above link is explosive and was removed from internet many times already, therefore it is the highest purpose to make as many copies as possible, store them safely and post online on mirror sites.

Although Trump is listening to the Positive Military at times, in most cases he is only following his emotional impulses or directives of his handlers and is thus an excellent tool for the Cabal:

At the same time, Jesuits are massively infiltrating Brazil, Argentina and especially China. They plan to control the world through future global Chinese domination:

The Chinese also want to dominate sublunar space:

Any nation now trying to dominate anything above Near Earth Orbit will be met by Galactic Confederation fleet.

Meanwhile, Putin is trying to remove Reptilians from their still existing pockets in Near East:

Little does he know that there are almost 1 million Reptilians still existing, mostly in Subsaharan Africa and in jungles of Brazil.

On the global scale, biochips were first put into vaccines secretly soon after World War 2, but now they are promoting them openly:

Official Cobra facebook group (Cobra Etheric Liberation) has been infiltrated to the point where it needs to be completely dissolved and removed from internet. Therefore I publicly ask admins to manually remove all members from the group, delete all group files and then remove the group from facebook, asap.

On the positive side, there are steps taken towards Disclosure:

And first indirect evidence that some bad guys are really removed:

Next few months will be really intense with many changes, and to prepare, here I am giving you some tools to make your life easier and more balanced.

First, a way to remove all your past contracts with the dark forces:

A collection of many useful techniques for protection, healing, manifestation and personal liberation:

A very powerful tool to remove your implants (for instructions, click “see more” below the video):

The master key for manifestation process is revealed here:

In the above text you will also find instructions what to do with the silver coin(s) you have bought at the Silver Trigger activation.

Some guidance how to be more friendly to the environment (warning: it is not what you expect):

And to conclude, a vision for the Event:

And for Ascension:

Victory of the Light!


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Trump lashes out in all directions as world tension escalates to dangerous levels

December 2, 2019

Benjamin Fulford

World tensions are reaching a dangerous boiling point as an increasingly isolated U.S. President Donald Trump lashes out in all directions.  It looks like Trump is trying to rally U.S. military support for war against Denmark and Mexico in an attempt to seize resources to finance the U.S. corporate government, multiple sources agree.  A major financial sabotage campaign is also underway against China, highlighted by the U.S. dollar bond default of a company with revenue of the satanic number of $66.6 billion.  Meanwhile, Trump backers are lashing out against the British royal family.  Remember, Trump has already labeled the EU “a foe.”

All of this activity is related to the fact that, despite stealing the Japanese people’s pension money, the U.S. corporation still does not have a clear path to meeting its January 31, 2020 payment deadline.  It is interesting to note in this context that Brexit is now scheduled for January 31, 2020.

Let’s start by looking at the situation with Mexico.  The U.S. has now deployed three aircraft carrier groups around that country as “the U.S. military prepares to attack Mexican drug cartels, who may be armed and trained by Mossad,” Pentagon sources say.

While we can independently confirm that some of the drug cartel fighters have indeed been trained by Mossad, we also know that this war on Mexico is really about stealing Mexican oil, silver, and other resources to finance the U.S. corporation.  That’s why the Mexican military has publicly come out in support of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Amlo).

Russia has also deployed nuclear-armed submarines around the U.S. coastline, and Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly declared earlier this year that his country is ready for another Cuban missile crisis.

What this means is that Trump is going to have to back down, because the U.S. military is not going to start a nuclear war to steal resources to support a foreign-owned UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

Next let us look at Denmark.  Here, Lars Findsen, head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, said Greenland was now a top security issue for Denmark because a “power game is unfolding” between the U.S. and other global powers in the Arctic.  Trump cancelled an August state visit to Denmark and called their Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen “nasty” after she refused to sell Greenland to the U.S.

These events follow the installation of a Nazi government in Brazil and a seizure of lithium resources in Bolivia by U.S. Special Forces.  Clearly the Trump administration is trying to turn the American continent into a fortress.  Unfortunately, Canada (the British Empire), Denmark (the EU), and Mexico (supported by Russia and the Vatican) stand in his way.
Now let us turn to the economic attack against China, where CIA sources in Asia promise, “China’s economy and financial system will most likely implode within two months.  ‘The Party’ will try to keep it contained as long as possible.

The sources explain,

“The government cannot sustain the $40+ trillion debt that they created.  Some in the know are saying the debt is closer to $50 trillion… all computer-generated unlimited credit.  A lot of it was used to build massive infrastructure projects, which include numerous empty cities, complete with empty shopping malls.  Five banks have failed in three months and the government had to step in and take them over.  An estimated 500 banks in China are in serious trouble and expected to collapse, according to Chinese banking regulators.  This is around 15% of China’s financial institutions.”

This may be linked to the following article about the $66.6 billion Tewoo Group about to default on a U.S. $500 billion bond.  It is also possible that the Chinese chose this company and this number to threaten to sabotage the Western financial system by reneging on all Chinese dollar borrowing.
Also, according to the CIA sources:

“The Hong Kong situation was planned in detail long ago.  It is financed from the top.  Putin, Xi, and Trump knew about it beforehand, meaning they did not stop it.  This incident was created as a smokescreen to keep ‘the people’ occupied.  There is much more behind this and it will be exposed as well.

“During this same time frame, one very large bank in NY will close its doors.  The least of the bank’s problems will be the 22k+ employees in just the NY area that will not have a job.  The larger problem is that it will bring on the domino effect, as this bank is closely connected to Deutsche Bank, which will put the EU is a serious crisis as DB will close its doors as well.”
The 220,000 employee number indicates that most likely they are referring to JPMorgan.  The troubles at JPMorgan may be related to the news that the Saudi Aramco IPO “was oversubscribed with $44B from captive Saudis but failed to mask its epic fail from foreign boycotts, as even Kuwait and the UAE are reluctant to invest.”

The fall of JPMorgan Chase and its petrodollar would of course mean the fall of the Rockefeller and Bush dynasties.  That may be one reason why our usual Pentagon source indicates a serious fight is going on to alienate the Western military from the British royal family.

Furthermore, the attack on the British royal family may be related to the deals they are cutting with Russia, China, Iran, and others to escape U.S. control of the international financial system.  The latest developments on this front are that the UK is integrating Russian payment systems into its banking network and that six more European countries agreed to evade U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Here is what our pro-Trump Pentagon sources had to say about the British royals:

“The London Bridge knife attack appears to be a failed royal distraction from anti-Andrew hostility among the big guns of the UK military, the U.S. military, NATO, the EU, France, and Germany, who may force the Queen to strip this pedo enabler of not just royal but military titles.”

The source continues by saying, “The pitchforks are out, with the Monarchy no longer above reproach since Prince Charles may have been supplied by pedo Jimmy Saville for decades, as was his brother Randy Andy by pedo trafficker and blackmailer Epstein.”  This is why “the UK military rails against Andrew for sprinkling his royal stardust on the Epstein pedo blackmail operation for the benefit of Israel,” the source concludes.

Our own British sources confirm that Charles is widely viewed as toxic and say there is a strong push to have Prince Harry, whose father is not Charles, inherit the throne from the Queen.  This would mean the first King Harold not of the bloodline of William the Conqueror since 1066.

Regardless of what happens with the British royals, there are growing signs that the old order in the West is collapsing:
French President Emmanuel Macron has publicly come out and said NATO’s enemies are not Russia or China.
NATO member Turkey has refused to allow NATO defense plans for the Baltic countries against Russia.

Former U.S. ally Pakistan is ignoring U.S. pressure and going ahead with a pipeline to allow Iran to export its oil overland.
Meanwhile, the former Soviet republics are reaffirming their military alliance.

These changes coincide with a more secret campaign against the satanists.  In particular, Pope Francis has been looking into the involvement of former Jesuit chief Peter Hans Kolvenbach in the Fukushima attack against Japan, P2 Freemason sources say.  He was given fresh evidence of his involvement during Francis’ visit to Japan last week, the sources say.

Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor say former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone died in Guantanamo Bay after undergoing questioning about his involvement in the Fukushima attack.  The nuclear weapon used in the attack was stored on his property in Hinodecho before the attack took place.  Nakasone implicated Kolvenbach and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before his death, the sources say.  Japanese newspapers announced his death the day after Pope Francis left Japan, but none of the reports listed a cause of death, as would normally be the case.  However, he was 101 years old.
We are also trying to confirm reports from these same right-wing sources that former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was replaced with a look-alike after being taken to Guantanamo.

These moves by Francis may be why self-described top satanist Leo Zagami has been attacking Francis recently.  Zagami is implicated in the Fukushima attack and likely is worried that the investigative trail is headed his way now that Nakasone and Netanyahu have confessed.

A European royal told us last week, “I did look at the theme of Satanism and found solid evidence of its existence and that sadly, many at perhaps the highest levels of the international establishment have been inculcated.”  Solving the problem will require “industrial-scale extrication from a cult.”

The source is hoping that by labeling these people “as brainwashed and therefore with diminished responsibility, if any at all,” it would be possible to deal with most of them through a process of peace and reconciliation.

A Jesuit source in Tokyo also told us that an elderly Jesuit showed Pope Francis a papyrus scroll with the following message written on it:  “Satan has returned to the original creation and has received absolution.  Thank you for keeping the candle burning all these long years.”  The image on the scroll from the Egyptian Book of the Dead showed a verdict of innocence.  It can be seen at this link:

In any case, the visit by Francis put fresh impetus on negotiations involving the Russians, the P2 Freemasons, the European royals, the Asian secret societies, the Pentagon, and others towards creating a meritocratically staffed future planning agency, European royal sources confirm.


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