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To those who had been awakened about the true nature of our worlds event,  which do you prefer for the EVENT to happen?

EVENT ASAP, although this poses a remote but potentially grave risk to life/safety.
1 (100%)
EVENT when it is the safest even if it will take a much longer time to be liberated.
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April 19, 2019

In the last part, a third confrontation between the Light and Dark Forces on the non-physical planes was reported. It was a purge of Negative Female Entities which also caused a lot of troubles in the past. These entities were female Demons and Devil-like Beings who existed in large legions on the ethereal plains and were partly using real physical avatars for their work, especially in the following areas: Africa, India, Germany, Asia (especially Thailand), Washington DC and various underwater bases in the Pacific.

These female Demons could "sense" Goddess Energy and have made the life of incarnated Priestesses of the Goddess very difficult in the past. Since this negative grouping has also been neutralized by the Light Forces, it is now safe enough for Goddesses to return to Earth in order to form Light and Healing Centres on the surface, which later on will become the so called “Islands of Light” in which a First Contact can take place.

The Return of the Goddesses will happen through Walk-ins, and various Pleiadian Bases on the surface will serve as portals.

The Galactic Confederation may not perform physical landings with their ships on Terra so far, but they’ve already posted large numbers of their “Ground Crew” on the surface through Walk-ins. These Ground Crews are living unnoticed, and partly fully conscious, among the population in so-called "HQs" or "Safehouses", which are under special protection by the Light Forces.

Some of these HQs serve as Goddess Portals through which various Ethereal Goddesses from other universes, even own Goddess Cosms, will enter the Earth Grid. These Goddesses have knowledge and are familiar with healing techniques that were not known at all on Terra before. Once arrived they will take over the avatar from various earth women (who have been extremely traumatized by the Earth Quarantine and urgently need healing themselves), whereby that's agreed with their Higher Selves.

The Souls of these women will leave the bodies and will be brought by the Light Forces to special Healing Locations far away from Earth, whilst the just arrived Goddesses take over the avatar to work physically on the surface.

These transportations have been going on for quite some time now. At the beginning the affected women can suffer from various emotional aggravations such as pain, wine cramps, the feeling of losing their memory and connection to the earth people and earth professions. Physical symptoms can be illness and loss of appetite. Some women will feel that it is time to go, like a kind of physical death, but it is no death… it is an ascension, a liberation, and as mentioned before agreed with the Higher Self.

The avatar will then be taken over by a Goddess, and this will happen especially within various subtropical countries where already prepared walk-in bodies are waiting. These Goddesses will live in temples, together with several male companions (incarnated or walked-in Starseeds), which will serve as Guards and Helpers. Some of these women will have worked as healers before, will rent houses in this area and maybe are already living there in small communities.

These Goddesses are gentle, calm, peaceful, loving and beautiful women who cannot go back to the normal matrix world of Terra… and they will also avoid cities. They are gentle beings who know exactly what they want and break through the stress and time pressure in which the rest of the earth's population seems to be trapped. They will bring Love and will live a natural, relaxed life. They will walk barefoot most of the time, they will create Healing Temples, they will shape their everyday lives ceremoniously and lovingly. If they work, then as Healers, Tantric Teachers, Tantric Healers, Masseuses et cetera, and they will teach and heal inside the Temples they build together with their Guards.

This is what the Light Forces call the Return of the Goddesses and Maries.

The Maries in turn are belonging to a Special Female Healer Guild, subordinated to none less than Mary Mother of God. They will also enter Earth Surface as Walk-ins in order to heal the Starseeds, which are traumatized by the millennia of struggle within the Dark Quarantine around Terra.

Maries are extremely empathetic and can sense the emotions around them. They are able to differentiate them and they understand that these emotions are not their own. Maries are so powerful that they are able to pull out negative emotions from bodies, objects, houses, even whole cities… so they can provide much needed healing.

This will also create the so called Islands of Light, the Bubbles of Light on the surface in which the Divine Source will act and protect, while the Matrix System around it will disintegrate.

This is an extremely important operation by the Light Forces. 30 extremely strong Goddesses/Maries have already landed (including 4 Main Goddesses called Maya, Amber, Sophia and Rose who came through a portal in the Atlantic). And that was only the small vanguard. During the next months another 30.000 will land... mostly by Walk-ins again.

Also the first Twin Souls will enter the Grid now (mostly by Walk-ins too), because the situation has become much safer, although it can still come to various attacks, because the planet is further on in a stage of cleaning and some negative groupings are still creeping out from various corners.

The Return and Reunification of the Twin Souls is important in two ways: First, both parts usually still have to clear traumas and primal pain from the time of Atlantis (caused by the invasion of the Dark Ones back then, where the incarnated Twin Souls at that time were separated and mostly sacrificed/murdered). Without the clarification of these traumas no ascent of the soul is possible.

Secondly, it is also time now for Twin Souls to make Physical Tantra in order to transfer the resulting energies into the respective region on the surface... this will accelerate the Healing and Ascension Process of the planet in a gigantic way.

The healing of the incarnated Starseeds on Terra also plays an important role. Some of the Surface Starseeds are worn out by the countless incarnations on Earth to such an extent that in their current state it would be impossible for them to be physically picked up by Galactic Confederation or Pleiadian Ships and to be taken out of the Grid. They all need intensive healing first, especially on a non-physical level.

Many Starseeds aren't even rudimentarily aware of what they've accomplished here on the Terra... let alone the number of non-physical operations of the Light Forces they've been involved in/are still involved in... especially at night while their avatar is resting.

There are countless Starseeds on the Surface who are already pretty awakened, who are also engaged in the Liberation of the Planet during everyday life (even if only on social networks)... and who lead an ethereal double life at night without their knowledge. Because these Starseeds leave the body during night and take part in the most diverse operations of the Light Forces on the non-physical plains of the planet, some of them also in cooperation with Positive Forces below Earths Surface.

They go to the Confederation Ships at night and make report, they join underground meetings... or are also involved in direct battles against the Dark Ones and the Chimera. And the next morning they wake up and cannot remember anything at all, or if so, then only fragmentarily and blurred, because the Light Forces would block the memories for their own protection (which is also agreed with their Higher Selves).

That's why many Starseeds feel extremely tired in the morning despite enough sleep, because (apart from attacks) they are carrying out missions at night. With the rising energies on the Terra more and more memories get unlocked in this respect. Some Starseeds are already fully or almost fully aware of these activities, especially those in the HQs mentioned above.

However, these Starseeds are also in urgent need of healing, as they have been pretty much worn out by these battles and the Galactic Confederation has only since recently been able to really help these Lightworkers extensively.

For example, many Starseeds were energetically wounded in the battles against the Chimera, singed by their exotic laser-like weapons, so that the Soul actually shows signs of burnings.

Furthermore, the Chimera have placed negative implants, energetic electrodes for disturbance, heaps of anomaly as well as spider-like beings and bugging devices into many Starseeds (as it is shown for example in the film Matrix, only that in reality, this is happening on non-physical level), so that they are suffering from various physical complaints, for which there seems to be no explanation, because usually no cause is found during medical examinations.

The second problem is that the Chimera have also implanted multiple Toplet Bombs directly into the ethereal bodies of some Starseeds, for example near the Coccyx and the Kundalini. These Toplet Bombs would trigger immediately as soon as a physical pick-up by the Ships of the Galactic Confederation takes place and it would literally tear the Soul of the respective Starseed apart.

Therefore at first, these things must be removed non-physically before a physical pick-up can be considered.

There are two ways to do this:

The Healing Ships of the Galactic Confederation are stationed cloaked around Earth. Starseeds can either go into Meditation or imagine, while falling asleep, that they travel or get brought to the Healing Ships of the Pleiadians/Ashtar Command energetically.

There are tube-like apparatuses ready where you will be pushed into (similar to common Computer Tomography). With the help of these apparatuses, the Pleiadians can examine one and are able find any kind of anomaly, implant or wound. Then they will remove and heal you during an energetic operation.

The Pleiadians have their own calculation programs for this, which are able to determine exactly how much anomaly is still in the body and how long it will take until it is 100% neutralized, which usually happens very quickly. Also the hidden Toplet Bombs can be removed without any problems.

The second possibility would be to go to the Healing Temples of the already mentioned Maries (also during a Meditation or overnight). At higher dimensions, the Maries have their own energetic Healing Centres, real clinics, where they serve as nurses in order to provide First Aid for the battered Starseed Front Soldiers coming from Terra – a non-physical War Hospital, so to say.

Inside these Healing Centres Starseeds can lay down on Crystalline Healing Tables and describe all their physical complaints, symptoms and psychological problems to the Maries. Like the Pleiadians, they will then immediately begin to detect anomalies and remove everything negative from the ethereal body, including negative spider entities, if there are any. All these negative items are usually immediately brought into the Central Sun, where they get finally dissolved.

Sometimes the Ashtar Command will appear by itself in order to support the procedure because many Starseed Warriors are working on behalf of the AC and this kind of healing has only become possible since recently, and of course they don't let their people down.

The Maries themselves usually work a lot with Healing Crystals, which will be energetically placed in the body to give Healing Information into the cells. In addition, you can ask them to give you Energetic Healing Potions that will support the process.

Starseeds can visit these Healing Centres as often as they wish, even several times a day. Many Starseeds will need multiple Healing Sessions to get back on track, and at the beginning the symptoms could get worse, which is normal, because they got a lot of pain from old lives in them. However, this will improve over time and the symptoms will eventually disappear completely at some point, perhaps even before the real physical contact with the Light Forces.

None of this is a joke or fantasy. The Ships and also the Healing Centres of the Maries are really existing and one can be brought up there non-physically to become pure and whole again – simply try it out!

The Galactic Confederation also explicitly advises to use these Healing Methods, because for the First Contact all negative implants and wounds/traumas have to be healed to a certain degree, because otherwise one would not be able to stand the high vibrating energies outside the Quarantine, be it on the Ships or in Breakaway Civilizations under the Earth.

For the journeys to the Ships or the Marian Centres one can imagine a White Energetic Portal, through which one can travel safely and unnoticed to the said places there and back (just install this Portal over your Place of Meditation or over your bed during night). If you wish, you can also call the Pleiadians or the Felines to energetically protect the transport!


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KaRa of the Pleiades: The Energies Preparing You For First Contact

I am KaRa

I wish to continue all of this with you, to continue to prepare you for what is ahead. For what you have just done through this one who has given this experience to those of you, it is all in preparation for what is yet coming.

Yes, the wave that you hear of, or the various waves, all of that is coming. But the event is also not that far off from your understanding of time. But you have to also understand that in order for THE event to occur, the collective consciousness of man here on this planet must be prepared and ready for it.

For that particular event, that flash of energy, will catapult many from their physical bodies if they are not ready for this. Their central nervous systems can simply not be able to withstand these high energies. So this is why you have been going through this process at a gradual rate now, this ascension process. Otherwise, it would have already happened, and those of you that were ready would have ascended, and those that were not, which would be in the billions, would not have ascended and would have left their bodies.

So it was determined by all of us, all of the councils working together to bring this entire plan forward, it was determined that the time was not ready. The vibrations were not high enough across the planet for this to occur yet. But everything is speeding up. All of the energies that are coming into the planet are preparing more and more of you, are awakening more and more of you. Yes, to those of you, the Lightworkers, Warriors, Sharers, and Bearers, it appears to be slow. It appears to be that nothing is happening.

But those of us, the Pleiadians, and all of the other ones that are working with you directly, can assure you that it is happening at a lightning speed at this time. And you are all being readied for that which has been called “first contact.” And the interference that has been spoken of as in “prime interference” is also in the works.

For even this evening, as you leave your session tonight and you journey outside, be ready for the show that will come from those of us. We are going to be there. It is up to you to open your third eye to be able to see us, but we will be there. That is not to preclude you from having your fun, your dancing, all of this, your celebration. And I say now celebration, because it is a celebration. It is not just a celebration of the ending of this Advance, but it is a celebration of your continuing to move on forward, continuing to advance. And all of you are doing this. As you are finding now, more and more, you are having this, what you are calling the “bleed through” in the dimensions. This is happening. It is real. It is not a figment of your imagination, although your imagination and your ability to image is bringing it on, you see.

So continue to allow for the process to continue to develop and move you forward, because my dear brothers, sisters, my friends, it is moving you forward, each and every one of you. If you have not already had some of these wild experiences you are hearing from people here, you will have them, all of you. Even those of you that are not able to, what you say, see with your third eye, not able to imagine like others are, to visualize, even those of you, it will come to you. It cannot not come to you.

So again, allow for the process to continue. Allow for you to be a part of this, and know that you are coming closer and closer either to the mission that you have already started, or the mission that is yet to unfold in front of you.


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China poised to seize Daimler Benz, Deutsche Bank as German 4th Reich collapses



Germany and its EU 4th Reich regime are under siege and facing collapse due to a massive debt load and popular resistance in occupied states like France and Italy.  As a result, Germany may be forced to sell its crown jewels—the Daimler Benz Corporation and Deutsche Bank—to the Chinese, according to Japanese military intelligence and other sources.

The sacrificial burning of Notre Dame Cathedral to Molech (Ba’al, Set, Satan) was a desperate attempt by superstitious EU Khazarian satanists to somehow reverse their fortunes, P2 Freemason sources say.

It’s difficult for normal people to understand the superstitious mindset of these satanists, but essentially they seem to think they are in a battle against a goddess.  That is why they chose to burn “Notre Dame” or “Our Lady,” because this refers to Mary.  Mary, of course, is the Christian name for the Goddess Isis, who raised an infant until he could defeat Set or Satan.  It is for this same superstitious reason that these satanists created a horrific terror organization and tried to call in ISIS in order to weaken support for the Goddess in the minds of humanity.

The hope in sacrificing Notre Dame was to unify European and world sentiment around German Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron, just like Americans rallied around George Bush Jr. after 9/11, the sources say.

Instead, according to multiple sources in the French Yellow Vest resistance, the burning of the Cathedral is being blamed on Macron and his German puppet masters.

“The desecrations of European Catholic churches and the Notre Dame arson in France may have a silver lining and lead to the firing of Pope Francis and the defrocking of French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin,” was how Pentagon sources saw the situation.  “The satanic global Jewish mafia may have signed their own death warrant with anti-Christian terrorisms in France, the Easter massacre in Sri Lanka (in which no Israelis were killed), and elsewhere,” the sources added.

Certainly a critical mass of aware people, especially in the world’s military and intelligence agencies, know that the “Islamic State” really refers to the Satanic State, i.e. Israel.  So when the “Islamic State” takes credit for the massacre of Christians in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, the real culprit, Israel, is pinpointed.

“A 21st century holy war or crusade against the Jews [Khazarian Mafia] will be led by Russia, the EU, and the USA to defend Christendom, aided by Muslims,” the Pentagon sources predict.  A group of moderate Muslims supports this statement with its move to get advisory status with the UN in order to fight against efforts to start a Muslim/Christian holy war.

The Muslims are fully aware that an attempt to burn the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem at the same time as Notre Dame was burned was the work of Khazarian satanists, not Christians.

As these events show, the battle against the satanic Khazarian mafia is raging in a way that transcends traditional political, religious, and geographic boundaries.

Another example of this is the disappearance of a Japanese F-35 fighter plane off the coast of Japan on April 9th.

Japanese underworld sources are saying this plane was actually “sold to the North Koreans by the Zionists [Khazarian mafia]” for a huge sum of money.  North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un will be taking this fighter as a souvenir and bargaining chip when he visits Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of this month.

Presumably the Zionists are hoping that by providing Russia with the crown jewel of U.S. military stealth technology via North Korea, they will also be hoping to get protection for Israel.  Russian FSB sources, however, have long said they will not protect the state created by the same satanists who killed many tens of millions of Russians during the 20th century.

The fact that Kim is planning to visit Russia just before the new Japanese Emperor Naruhito officially takes the throne on May 1st is also a sign that he is seeking some sort of protection, say Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.  That’s because North Korea helped with the Fukushima mass murder attack against Japan and fears retaliation from the new Emperor.

The North Koreans helped with Fukushima in exchange for promises from the satanic Khazarian Rothschild family (Rothschild means “red shield,” a symbol of Satan).  The Rothschilds said they would move 40 million Japanese from Tokyo to North Korea and make North Korea the Rothschilds’ Asian headquarters, according to a member of the Rothschild family.  Then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has publicly confirmed he was pressured to evacuate 40 million people from greater Tokyo after the Fukushima attack.

This battle for the planet Earth is also unfolding in Indonesia, where much of the world’s gold is supposed to be located.  Here, a hotly disputed general election has just taken place.  CIA sources in Indonesia are saying that Khazarian-backed Prabowo Subianto, along with his photogenic vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno, actually beat the incumbent Jokowi.  They offered as proof this screen shot from Indonesian TV showing contradictory results.


Here is their explanation of the photo:
“The 54.81 % shown at the bottom is Jokowi/Ma’ruf Amin.  The numbers at the top of the screen show almost the reverse percentage for Prabowo/Uno.  This is a quick count done by the various independent polling/tracking stations in Indonesia.  They call this ‘exit polls.’  The numbers are circled in an orange loop.  The top shows one set of quick count results which show Prabowo/Uno leading.  At the bottom they changed the results, showing Jokowi/Ma’ruf Amin ahead.”

The CIA source also reports the following:
“There is a serious battle for control of the country going on behind the scenes.  Prabowo/Uno actually won by 60% ±.  This has been verified by numerous inside sources. [Chinese-backed] Jokowi/Amin humbly say that they won.  The media is spinning a Jokowi win.  We shall find out.  There are Real Deals being offered behind the curtain.

“Prabowo has publicly said that he will curtail China’s takeover of the infrastructure of Indonesia.  The official vote counting will be announced on 22 May.

“Either party can contest the official count and take the case to the Constitutional Court (MK).  This will occur in June.  The country is on autopilot until then unless one of the players obtains enough concessions to bow out, into the sunset.  Can’t say much more.  We are all being watched by both sides.  Which is positive.  You are aware of this as well.”

Control of Indonesia is a matter of life and death for the Western powers, because control of the gold and treasure located there will be hugely important when the inevitable reset of the global financial system takes place.

We say it’s inevitable because unless the West resets the system, it will become a one-China world.  The U.S. has a cumulative trade deficit of around $15 trillion.  This means foreigners, mainly Chinese and Japanese, control an amount of U.S. dollars that is almost equal to the U.S. GDP.  This is why China can woo the world with its trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the West cannot afford to offer anything remotely similar in scale.

The only reason the U.S. has not been formally bankrupted is because it would cause World War III.  However, under the current financial system, the more time that passes, the weaker the U.S. international position becomes.

Also, China has major control over the EU because of its EU 1.777 trillion deficit (U.S. $1.998 trillion) that has accumulated since the Lehman crisis of 2008.

Already, 16 Eastern European nations have joined the Chinese BRI initiative and now Greece, Italy, and Switzerland have hopped on the bandwagon.  France, the UK, and Germany are the only major European nations holding out.

Since the EU does not have the U.S. military option, they are in a much weaker position.  Asian secret society sources are saying China is telling the EU they do not want any more paper (EU debt instruments).  Instead, the Chinese are pressuring the Germans by asking for control of industrial jewels like Daimler Benz and financial powerhouses like Deutsche Bank, the sources say.  The Chinese, who already own Volvo and 9.69% of Daimler Benz, now want more, they say.

The Chinese have upped the pressure recently by starting an investigation of the company, based on the excuse that a brand new Mercedes Benz broke down immediately after it was purchased.  Japanese military intelligence say this is an opening gambit in a big move against Germany by the Chinese.

This is probably the real reason why Germany is now publicly saying it wants its own fleet of nuclear bombers.

The West needs to hurry up and remove the satanic parasites from its body politic so that it can present a united front in negotiating a new financial system with the Asians.  It also needs to woo Russia back onto its side.  The fact that President Donald Trump congratulated Russia-supported Ukrainian President-elect Vladimir Zelensky is a clear indication that the destructive Western “blame everything on Russia” campaign has ended.

Only if the EU, Russia, and North America present a united front can they hope to negotiate with Asia from a position of strength during important meetings in the coming weeks and months that could decide the planet’s future.


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Attempts to start Muslim/Christian warfare backfire on Zionists


benjamin fulford

The recent massacre of Sri Lankan Christians plus attacks on churches and mosques have turned into a fatal mistake for the Zionists, multiple sources confirm.  In reaction, the U.S. Department of Defense is handling background checks to root out Israeli dual citizens, agents, assets, and sayanim (Hebrew for “helpers”), Pentagon sources say.

Arab and Iranian TV broadcasts throughout the Muslim world have quoted this writer and others as saying ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.  “Almost all Arabs think ISIS is created by Israel and regional governments,” one prominent Arabian TV personality confirmed.  This means that when “ISIS” claimed responsibility for various recent attacks, the satanic Israeli regime of Benjamin Netanyahu committed international suicide and lost all regional support, especially among Jews (as opposed to satanists pretending to be Jews).

Pentagon sources say “The Jew York Times” was forced to publish the following editorial cartoon:

“The NYT International Edition and German dachshund is another dog whistle to Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world after Sri Lanka that Zionism=terrorism,” the Pentagon sources explain.  The sources added, “Trump is not so blind,” and “any Trump outrage is just kabuki theater, as the military intelligence community, patriots, and Europe post-Notre Dame have had it with Israel.”

“Anti-Zionism is now mainstream, as Ilhan Omar, the Democrats, and The New York Times normalize the conversation,” the sources say.  As a part of the attack on Zionists, “the Department of Justice may prosecute Chicago Jewish billionaire and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker for tax fraud,” the sources add.

Also, the Mueller Report is going to be followed with an anti-Zionist blitzkrieg, including the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report and FISA declassification,” the sources say.  “Trump is apparently saving Israel for last,” they add.

Speaking of Israel, a U.S. military officer involved in negotiations over the Golan Heights says the Israeli army “is fed up with Bibi [Benjamin Netanyahu] and unable to hold Golan anyway.”  The U.S. military is negotiating with the lawyer of the Arab League over the details of the return of the Golan to Syria, he says.

Israel, Zionism, central banking, and North Korea were also important topics of discussion between representatives of Asian secret societies and the White Dragon Society (WDS) that took place last week.
The Asian secret society representative said that a limited war was going to take place soon in order to “unify the Korean Peninsula.”
This source also independently confirmed that North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un had brought a U.S. F-35 fighter with him as a gift when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

Russia responded by agreeing to support North Korea in its move to reunify the Peninsula, the source said.

The WDS, for its part, said such a war would need to take place in tandem with a surrender ultimatum to Israel in order to ensure that the situation did not escalate unintentionally into a World War III.

The Asian society source also noted that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ruling party would be replaced with a coalition of opposition parties over the coming year or so, as the new Emperor took over.

However, the WDS pointed out that the opposition, just like the ruling party, was full of low-IQ nepotistic hacks who would not be able to deal with Japan’s fundamental problems like a shrinking population and plunging living standards.

The WDS said the Bank of Japan would have to be nationalized and its financial system would have to be reset; otherwise, special forces would step in and remove the entire corrupt Japanese body politic.

The Asian society source agreed that this would have to take place, after hearing how Singapore’s incredible success was due in large part to the fact that it does not have a central bank.

In his book From Third World to First, Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew explains why he determined that “Singapore should not have a central bank that could issue money and create currency.”

It was because “We were determined not to allow our currency to lose its value.”

Instead, Singapore used “a currency board which only issued Singapore dollars when backed by its equivalent value in foreign exchange (based on a basket)” (pg 72).

In other words, Singapore has a currency backed by money earned from selling real stuff to the real world.

“Not spending more than we collect in revenue has been a guiding principle,” he explains later (pg 232).

In the same book, Lee quotes former Finance Minister Lim Kim San as saying, “A central bank is an easy way out for a finance minister who wants to juggle [his figures] when he has a deficit in his budget.”

What’s interesting is that as Singapore separated from Malaysia, Malaysian Finance Minister Tan Siew Sin said, “If the central bank system is an inferior system, then it is clear that it is a mistake made by every industrialized country of the Western world….” (pg 231).

Sin sinned and went ahead and created the Malaysian central bank, which is now engulfed in a giant corruption scandal involving the usual suspects like Goldman Sachs and the Rothschilds.

Since independence in 1965, the reality-based Singapore dollar has risen 300% against the Malaysian ringgit.

Also, having started at an equal level, Singapore’s per capita GDP is now U.S.$58,000 compared to Malaysia’s U.S.$9,900.
The U.S. dollar, for its part, has lost 84% of its value since it was taken off the gold standard in 1971.

The real living standard for 90% of Americans also has plunged dramatically since

The widespread appeal of the following Ben Garrison cartoon also shows that the world, like Singapore did long ago, is now waking up to the Zionist central bank Babylonian debt slavery scam.

Muslim Christian Warfare Backfire - Ben Garrison The March Of Tyranny

Former mainstream economists and pundits such as David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, are finally figuring things out.

Stockman notes how central banks (including China’s) created $15 trillion “from thin air” since the Lehman crisis of 2008.

This $15 trillion sum is the money that was created using fake “gold-backed” bonds forged by Wilfredo Saurin.

That money has now run out and new attempts at Zionist forgery are being systematically quashed.  Instead, a global financial reset is being prepared, according to sources involved in the planning.  However, a senior MI6 official in charge of establishing the quantum financial system says the new system will not just be suddenly announced.

“The reset doesn’t work like that.  It is a change project, so the current system runs in tactical while the new system is developed in strategic.  They both then conjoin.  It’s a bit like building a new motorway alongside an older road, really,” he says.  “The algorithm for deployment also includes the off-ledger assets and the debt reset piece,” he explains.  The resulting currency will be a hybrid of existing currencies, he says.  This probably explains why world currencies have been moving within a narrow band relative to each other recently.

The West, especially the U.S., had better hurry up with the reset and it had better be good, because the rest of the world is moving on regardless.  The Asian secret society source says Asia has been plowing ahead and building its alternatives to Western-dominated institutions like the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, etc.  He noted that a massive construction project was under way in Laos to create the new Asian-centered UN there.

China’s trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is also gathering so much momentum that soon only the U.S. will be the only country that isn’t part of it.

Russia’s Putin, speaking at last week’s BRI summit, explained that the U.S. was being isolated by its “growing protectionism, with illegitimate unilateral restrictions imposed bypassing the UN Security Council or, even worse, trade wars.”

By contrast, Putin noted, “the Great Eurasian Partnership and the Belt and Road concepts are both rooted in the principles and values that everyone understands:  the natural aspiration of nations to live in peace and harmony, benefit from free access to the latest scientific achievements and innovative development, while preserving their culture and unique spiritual identity.”

At its meeting last week with the Asian secret society, the WDS suggested bankrupting the corrupt and now deeply divided Zionist Washington, D.C. political establishment.

Instead, the Asians could work with the British Commonwealth and the Western military intelligence community to create a future planning agency to work in harmony with the BRI.  The Asian representative supported this proposal.  An actual and concrete method to make this happen was also proposed, but for reasons of operational security we cannot disclose this to our readers yet.

To close, we note that the “Jewish” new President of the Ukraine celebrated his victory with a satanic hand sign.
We can guess that many of the satanists are preparing to return to their Khazarian homeland in the Ukraine.  The Jews, for their part, are about to liberate Israel and free themselves from millennia of Babylonian slavery.


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April 28, 2019

The High Priestess

On April 15th, 2019, full mysteries of the Goddess were finally anchored on the surface of this planet in a certain group, after centuries of suppression and after the last mysteries of Isis were completely discontinued at the Isis temple of Philae in the year 457 of the current era:

On April 15th, exactly at the peak of the most important ceremony which fully anchored the Goddess on the physical plane in full alignment with original protocols which originate in the legendary civilization of Atlantis, the Black Nobility families could not take this victory of the Light anymore:

They have ordered Jesuits to put key Templar sacred sites on fire immediately, as Templars were the main force recovering fragments of Isis mysteries and bringing them into the awareness of the Western civilization.

Templars have discovered ancient sacred texts connected to Isis mysteries in Solomon's stables near Al-Aqsa mosque:

Based on those texts, Templars have built many cathedrals dedicated to Our Lady (Notre Dame) on locations of Isis temples throughout Europe:

Many of those cathedrals were housing statues of Black Madonnas, which are actually Christianized versions of statues of dark skinned Isis, sometimes nursing her child, Horus.

The first building put on fire on April 15th was the Notre Dame church in Paris:

Which was built upon the temple of Isis:

Fulford has assessed correctly that fire at the cathedral was a burnt offering to Set, the arch-enemy of Goddess Isis, as the main Black Nobility family are in war against the Goddess for millennia:

The second fire to counteract the energy of the Goddess was targeting Solomon's stables near Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem:

It is interesting to note that Jesuits have hinted at the fact that Notre Dame fire was not an accident:

Jesuits were also celebrating this fire with glee:

But the Rose windows, the symbol of the Sisterhood of the Rose, have survived the fire:

Comte de Saint Germain, in his previous incarnation as Francis Bacon, has partially revived Goddess mysteries through Rosicrucian movement:

As Comte de Saint Germain he was the hierophant of the Goddess mysteries and he has initiated both Count Cagliostro and Madame de Pompadour.

Madame de Pompadour thus became the first high priestess on the surface of the planet:

A high priestess is a woman who can fully embody Goddess mysteries to the point where she can influence the global planetary civilization. She is a great harmonizing influence for the planetary energy grid and the civilization as a whole.

Madame de Pompadour was instrumental in bringing high culture to the French court from where it spread through France and later through all western society. She also played a key role in suppression of Jesuits:

During the time of full suppression of Jesuits (1773-1814) the Western civilization has reached its peak.

In 1775, Comte de Saint Germain opened a secret mystery school in Paris and his influence triggered the creation of many female masonic lodges in Paris:

Sisterhood of the Rose was revived in Paris as Order of Knights and Nymphs of the Rose:

The second high priestess on the surface of the planet was Princesse de Lamballe:,_Princesse_de_Lamballe

She was a very pure soul, incarnated into dark Savoy bloodline in Turin. Colonna family tried to manipulate her destiny, but failed to attract her to the dark side. She became the grand mistress of all adoptive (female) masonic lodges in France, and was the first person on the surface of the planet that was promoting true public feminine circles that were developing real sisterhood and friendship between women (for those who are initiated into higher mysteries of Isis I will use here the code word: amitie). She was the best friend of Queen Marie Antoinette. She was initiated into Goddess mysteries by Count Cagliostro who opened a temple of Isis in Paris in 1785, the initiation itself taking place at the spring equinox of 1785. She was killed in 1792.

The third high priestess was Queen Sisi:

She used her influence to facilitate union of Austria and Hungary and this act alone has bought Europe many years of peace and has postponed the world war for decades.

She was embodying energies of Goddess Isis:

She was murdered in 1898 by direct orders of the Geneve branch of the Rothschild family.

The fourth high priestess was Marilyn Monroe. She was killed in 1962 as she wanted to reveal the truth of extraterrestrial presence:

The fifth high priestess was Princess Diana. She was killed in 1997:

The sixth high priestess was Isis Astara. She was killed in 2018.

Now the surface of the planet is without a high priestess. This presents a certain problem as the energy grid of Light on the surface of this planet is destabilized. The Light forces are taking certain actions to counteract this problem and at this point, nothing more can be said about this.

Victory of the Light!


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Mike Quinsey

26 April 2019

I am back feeling all the better for a nice break and renewing links with my family. Generally matters seem to be getting out of hand again, but they should be viewed as the last efforts of the dark Ones to prevent us from achieving our goal. Much is progressing in spite of outer appearances, and it is notable that the young people are well organised and able to demonstrate peacefully to achieve their aims. It was anticipated as those souls incarnating upon Earth are far more informed, sensible and organised, to help Humanity advance on the path to Ascension. Bear in mind that most of the changes mentioned cannot take place until after Ascension.

On the 1st November 2013 Elizabeth Trutwin sent out a message that suggested Ascension was very near to occurring. Obviously that was not the case but in the light of events that have since taken place, and given the changes that now loom large it seems that we are nearer than ever to Ascension. The merge to Oneness “As above – So below” is Zero Point, and as we approach it we help bring the Golden Age into physicality on Ascended Earth. I feel that in the circumstances it is appropriate to give a full version of that section of Lord Ashtar’s message that covers the most welcome changes that await us in the very near future. The complete message was in fact six pages long.


All of the Arcturian Light Technologies including surgeries will be available free to all. Nutritional deficiencies, blood diseases, those who are paraplegics, chronic illness and cancer will be wiped away in a very short time. Also advanced technologies and the ET’s who run them, like the Sirian Temple Workers and their advanced forms of Acupuncture will be available. Simple things like eyesight problems and obesity will be corrected very quickly.

All forms of reverse aging, DNA telomere repair, skin and beauty treatments will be had by all. The elderly and children will be helped with ailments they are subject to. There will be counsellors to help with psychological conditions of the mind. There will be new solutions for children in foster homes, and the current care system will end and evolve into a solution that is right for children, their natural parents and their mentors helping them. Those living in group homes, orphanages and Old Folks homes will be cared for in new ways not possible before.

Everyone will be free, free to experience life in a way that is meaningful to them, on their terms. Each one will have help making a plan for their next step in life. These Healing Centres will be in the Light Cities that will be visible, and revealed at Disclosure. Many “believers” have yet to integrate the information about the Light Cities. It should be understood that these Light Cities are an extension of the Mother ships. One will go to these appointments or work in the Light Cities, either by flying car or beaming up. At the end of the day people will go back home.

Within a couple of years Earth will be a planet without disease of any kind. Injuries will be handled with advanced care, and the need for Healing Centres will diminish greatly. After the healers who will have been working in the Light Centres have finished healing the population, they will evolve into new work that is not “work” but creativity helping, in new ways not available before, but for example creating self-governance and implementing the new laws and new ways of World Peace.

Consider your personal dream and upgrade it based on new information coming through. Allow your imagination to take you beyond what was assumed to be true. After the Event all survival requirements will be wiped away with Free Energy, Abundant Healthy Food, Clean Water, Pollution Clean-Up, Mentors and the Light Cities will provide free healing to all. Animals and Magical Creatures will have the abundance they need and will be free to come and go as they like.

Marginalised people will be cared for and all non-violent prisoners will be released, because the majority were incarcerated on false charges. The politicians will all resign, and criminals will be dealt with in speedy trials. New elections will be held months later. Packages with NESARA funds will begin to be delivered and expected to take 18 months to make it to everyone. When it happens it has to do with meeting the requirements prior to the window of opportunity.


The parting of the ways is taking place as the dark Ones fall deeper into the mire they have created for themselves. Whilst they continue to drop into the lower vibrations, those who are of the Light are going higher and higher as their vibrations rise up. They have never looked back since they passed the marker in 2012 in grand style. By focussing on all that is positive a protection is created around you that is safe and secure from any attempts made to upset it.

A short extract from the “Open Hand Website” follows that probably sums up the opinion of many people’s feelings right now. “With Brexit in mind it seems that the EU is clearly a key fulcrum within the New World Order. It neatly packages and sanitises exploitation of the Earth, its people and resources based on the engine of ever escalating consumption. Whilst people may feel more financially abundant in the short term, the effect on the natural ecosystems going forward is catastrophic”

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. We are going through a testing period that calls for calmness and full focus on the future. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.


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Bank of Japan to be nationalized as new era starts

May 6, 2019

Benjamin Fulford
Note:  Last Friday, May 3, 2019, I had an interesting discussion with Sean Stone.

It can be seen here:

Now that Japan has a new Emperor, the Bank of Japan will be nationalized and Japan will be liberated from the Khazarian mafia, according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.  This move will force the Washington, D.C. political establishment into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and pave the way for the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America, Pentagon sources say.  The liberation of Japan will be a decisive victory for humanity in the ongoing, undeclared, secret battle for the planet Earth, Asian secret society and CIA sources agree.

To understand how important this is, let’s start by looking at why the Washington, D.C. establishment and its Khazarian Zionist masters are mathematically doomed.

The breakdown of trade negotiations last week between China and the U.S. regime headed by Donald Trump is likely to be the immediate trigger for the bankruptcy of Washington, D.C.  That’s because without the promised “trillion dollars” worth of Chinese purchases of U.S. goods, there’s no way the U.S. can stay solvent.

The U.S. government has been trying to pretend all is well by jacking up the stock market with Federal Reserve Board money, faking unemployment figures, and other measures.  However, denying reality will not help.  This great article by Michael Snyder lists 19 facts that blow the “all is well” story right out of the water.

The U.S. Treasury Department was able to end a 35-day government shutdown earlier this year by stealing tax refunds and looting public pensions, but these tricks bought only enough time to keep it going until July.  “Treasury expects that the extraordinary measures will be exhausted sometime in the second half of 2019,” said Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary Brian Smith.

They were hoping for a big infusion of Chinese money by then, but Asian secret society sources say a decision has been made to stop financing the warmongering Zionist-controlled political apparatus in Washington, D.C.
Even though the new Japanese regime will keep buying all the U.S. treasuries they can afford (because they do not want China to take over the world), it won’t be enough, according to the Japanese right-wing sources.

The Zionists, meanwhile, with their moves to start World War III thwarted, have been reduced to attacking a small ghetto of mostly unarmed civilians inside the Gaza Strip.  You can be sure there also will be new provocations in Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere by the desperate Zionists.

However, even if the Washington, D.C. government manages to use war blackmail to kick the can down the road yet again in July and get permission to borrow more money, the way things are going, by 2024 all U.S. borrowing will be used to pay interest on debt.

Efforts by Henry Kissinger, the Rothschilds, and others to cash historical Asian bonds for astronomical sums of money in order to save the old political structure have all run into a brick wall.  There’s not going to be a “Global Currency Reset” or miracle revaluation of defunct currencies like the Zimbabwe dollar, the Asian secret society sources say.

Instead, the sources say the petrodollar system created by Henry Kissinger will be taken over by Asian powers and moved from being petroleum-backed to being backed by a basket of commodities.  This move is being carried out because Asia consists of 60% of the world’s population and 46% of GDP, while Europe plus the Americas and Australia only have 25% of the world’s population and 43% of GDP, the Asian secret society sources explain.  These numbers make it clear that it’s time for Asia to run the world, the sources claim.

The 8-trillion-dollar Chinese-led Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is China’s view of how the world should be run.  They say win-win cooperation on big infrastructure projects that benefit everybody is a much better alternative to the perpetual warmongering of the Zionist-controlled West.  They have managed to get 126 countries, covering much of the globe, to participate.  This map illustrates the vast scope of this project.

However, despite this shift of the economic and demographic tides, the West can still turn the situation around, Pentagon sources say.  The key is to get Russia, India, and Japan on board.  The handing over of a Japanese-owned F-35 fighter jet to Russia by Kim Jong-un was a key move in this strategy.  It was a gesture aimed at dispelling well-placed Russian mistrust of the hitherto Zionist-controlled United States, the sources say.

This move was followed up by a 90-minute phone call last week by U.S. President Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  As a result of the call, Russia’s government issued a statement saying, “The presidents have confirmed their mutual commitment to activate dialogue in various spheres, including on the issues of strategic stability.”

This will be followed up by a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on May 6th and 7th.

Manchu imperial family sources, for their part, say North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un was chosen as the person to hand over the F-35 because the Japanese and Koreans want Russian support for the reunification of Korea and the re-creation of a Manchu dynasty.  The hope is to co-opt the Manchu-dominated Northern Chinese military district into this Manchu revival, the sources say.  This would create a Russian, American, and Mongol alliance to “put China in its place,” they say.

The British Commonwealth, for its part, is offering an alternative to this sort of zero-sum thinking where one side has to lose power to the other.  The Commonwealth proposal is to carry out a massive multi-trillion-dollar project, in parallel with the BRI but not controlled by China, to end poverty and stop environmental destruction, MI6 sources say.

This plan has been given impetus by the release of a report by the UN showing that humans are on the verge of destroying the world’s environment to such an extent that it “threatens humanity itself.”  This report is not more of the bogus “global warming” excuse for a world carbon tax controlled by European aristocracy.  Instead, it describes how hungry people burning down rainforests and killing animals for food are the main reason for the largest extinction event on earth since the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago.  According to the report, humans are on the verge of wiping out one million species and polluting so much as to make the planet uninhabitable.

It would be hard to find any rational world leaders who are opposed to a massive plan to end this planetary destruction, which is why it has a better chance of succeeding than the neo-Manchu empire plan does.

However, a prerequisite for this plan to be carried out will be to remove irrational world leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  This article here describing Jewish racism shows the mindset of the fanatics who want to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.

Now that this group has failed to cause a nuclear World War III or kill humanity off with bioweapons, it appears they are trying to use 5G technology to do the job.  This secret effort is why UK Prime Minister Theresa May fired Defense Secretary Gavin Williams last week, “for leaking that May supported Huawei 5G technology,” MI6 sources say.

As a result, UK Prime Minister Theresa May “has been referred to the London Metropolitan Serious Crimes Unit” for her role in promoting 5G technology even though it has been shown to be extremely harmful, MI6 sources say.  The source says this is “a very serious breakdown in London… as bad as it gets.  The point being that someone did know how dangerous 5G was—not because of the Chinese connection.  The real problem is its damage to the mitochondrial structures of the body,” the source said.  “The leak by the defense minister was aimed at stopping this,” he said.  “Theresa May is a disaster and needs to go as soon as possible.”  May is being controlled by “Ritter von Sedwill,” a German agent posing as Mark Sedwill, May’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, the MI6 sources say.  Sedwill is using Siemens technology to eavesdrop on all UK cabinet ministers, the source says.

Of course, this problem is not limited to the UK.  Russian FSB sources tell us their research indicates that 20 million Americans are already targeted using previous generations of Directed Energy Weapons, including 4G cell phone towers.  Despite this, the American people are waking up, which is why there was a push to get the higher-frequency 5G technology on the market there as well.

To summarize, the current global governance regime, controlled by Khazarian satan-worshiping central bankers, is destroying the natural world and trying to kill 90% of humanity in order to stay in power.  The world’s military and intelligence communities are well aware of their well-documented attempts to kill us with nuclear war, bioweapons, and now Directed Energy Weapons disguised as “5G.”

The only possible response is to remove their control of the main source of their power—the world’s privately owned central banks.  That’s why nationalizing the Bank of Japan will help overthrow them.
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may 5, 2019

At the beginning of this update a short note about exotic weapons and their effects on the Soul:

The installations and weapons of the Dark Forces don’t just include Toblet Bombs on plasma level. Higher plains have also been mined and exotic weapons can damage the etheric and the astral body of Starseeds as well, and this has also an effect on soul level.

The Soul of most Starseeds of course exists on a multidimensional level and is gigantic in its complete form. However, most Souls have been fragmented by the traumatic experiences during the last millennia here on this planet. Some parts of the Soul were stolen and/or assimilated by the Dark Forces and have to be retrieved, which is part of the healing process around the Event. Triggering the exotic bombs would of course cause even more trauma and division of the Soul (this is meant by “tearing the Soul apart”).

That was also the Chimera's plan, that if they couldn't hold the planet, they would just blow everything up and turn this place in the Universe into a dark energetic wasteland where the suffering it creates would last for millennia. Such a thing would not pass without a trace on Soul Level, just as the contact of the Dark Forces with the Anomaly has left its mark on their soul level, so some of them can only be healed by bringing them back into the Source for a “reboot”.

That is also the reason why the Galactic Confederation must proceed so cautiously, because that is exactly what must be avoided. And it will be avoided, because the Light Forces know exactly how to handle this issue and there will be no triggering of the bombs in the final phase.

Ashtar Command in particular will take care of that. Starseeds may ask the AC internally/telepathically for help at any time. They will help one as they are here for exactly this reason. They care about their people and want to heal and regenerate them.  This is done very carefully and professionally. These are plans that have existed for a long time and are now being implemented.

Now to the situation on the surface:

At the highest level, everything that is currently going on in the world is happening for only one reason: Suppression or Liberation of the Ley Lines and Goddess Vortices.

Of course, the Dark Ones are using the tools they have always used to supress the Goddess on Planet Terra (by pumping the Ley Lines with negative energies like fear, pain and hate to keep planetary vibrations low): Sword and Fire.

The purpose of the Christchurch shooting, apart from all religious and political incitements resulting from it on a physical level, was to ram an energetic black stake into the region, which, of course, affected the Earth's energy grid. Not necessary to mention that this stake has already been removed by the Light Forces.

As far as Notre Dame is concerned, it is probably obvious to every reader what was attempted here and enough information is already given out.

Sri Lanka was the worst hit. The attacks there had the purpose to burn a Black Pentagram into the energetic planes. In general, there is a lot going on in the area around the Bay of Bengal and the Light Forces are increasingly present to stabilize the situation.

And then of course there is the situation in Venezuela

And where the same groups are romping who have already "pacified" the Middle East, much to the chagrin of the local Goddess Vortices there:

The main trigger of the recent events was an operation of the Light Forces along the St. Michael’s Ley Line.

Here the Light Forces have just liberated the Goddess Britannica and carried out further important operations, which will sooner or later lead to occupying Dark Forces having to disappear from the British Isles.

Objects blocking a Goddess Vortex, such as the St. Michael's Tower on top of the well known Glastonbury Tor (whose drop-shaped appearance not only by chance reminds of the figure of a Venus/Goddess) were energetically removed on the higher realms (because this Tower functions like an energetic dagger in the Goddess's Sacral Chakra).

The cleaning of this important Ley Line triggered a panic reaction in the Dark Ones and led, for example, to the incident at Notre Dame.

From a higher perspective, it must be mentioned that the whole history of Planet Terra since the Fall of Atlantis seems to turn into a boomerang for them now.  Back in Atlantis they were the ones who invaded the planet and set the Temples of Light on fire.

Now the Dark Ones are facing the Galactic Confederation who will sooner or later free the planet, that’s unavoidable. And now we have reached a point where their own Temples are burning down, even if they’re responsible for it themselves, because they wrongly believe they can maintain the status quo with these actions.

The Light Forces also communicate that the next 3 months are very important. They will be challenging and the world could get slightly chaotic, also on a personal level. Old pain will come up, especially with Starseeds who witnessed the Fall of Atlantis. Here it would be important to support each other, also via social media, if nothing else is possible. Yet within these 3 months and also after that the first Starseeds will raise inside golden light spheres above those conditions (Key Lightworkes will get brought out of chaos, out of hard times).

In the meantime clearing of the planet continues. More Dark Races emerge (ethereal Demons, Gargoyles, etc.). These beings of course continue to attack the Lightworkers stationed on the surface, especially women who serve the Goddess.

Therefore Starseeds should continue to call the Light Forces (the Felines, the Ashtar Command) for support and should protect themselves well. During the next 3 months the planet will be cleaned intensively. Many Starseeds will feel very tired and exhausted. They can also be extremely sensitive to noise. And of course there are stronger attacks against feminine energy right now. Those who are aware of the attacks must protect themselves energetically.

The newly incarnated Goddesses are just settling down and they are already beginning to spread gentleness through their voice, their being and their interactions with the people around them.

But they also have to get used to the harsh planetary circumstances and of course they are strongly attacked. Nevertheless, the Return of the Goddess is unstoppable and all Starseeds are called to continue the support of the worldwide healing of Planet Terra through resting, through silence, through their own healings as well as through the various planetary healings and meditations. In the meantime, the incarnated Goddesses will also liberate and heal the ethereal Goddesses of the planet, like the aforementioned Goddess Britannica.

This is also how the Terra was enslaved. The ethereal Goddesses were magically attacked, captured and locked away by the Dark Ones. Now they are gradually released again and are starting to make ethereal love with their beloved Gods and this will bring much needed healing to the Earth during these months.

All Starseeds are also called upon to consciously change their everyday life and their sexuality in a healing way by dealing with Tantra, Tantra Massages and Tantric Healing.

Women and men should also have their genitals energetically cleansed and healed (which can also be done inside the Light Temples of the Maries):

Also everyone is called upon to send Love and Healing to the Goddess Terra and to protect the environment: request environmental protection, don't throw garbage into nature, clean up garbage there if you see any, lovingly touch the Earth, the ground, the meadows, the forests, the leaves ... because Earth is alive and feels a lot of pain at the moment.

The Goddess also suggests adopting a diet based on plants. Goddesses live plant-based: fruits, salads, vegetables, fruit juices, potatoes, legumes, nuts, seeds, rice, pseudo-cereals, etc. This form of nutrition would reduce the suffering of the Earth significantly and also has an enormous positive effect on one's own health. Whoever has the opportunity, can grow plants at home in his garden (or, with a little creativity, even in his urban apartment).

The Goddess also asks the Light Women to meet with their Sisters in sacred Light Circles. Also in white robes, if they want, especially at New and Full Moon, or whenever they feel like. There they can meditate together, do healings for the world, make music, heal each other, set up a plant-based buffet, etc.

There the Sisters can create a light-filled space of healing, reconciliation and for being there for each other (let the circles and meetings be well protected by Light Protection).The Goddess also calls for this to be integrated into everyday life: Women of Light need femininity among themselves, need a space where they can heal, help and comfort each other.
This is very important because many women are lonely and need healing.

Therefore, Circles of Light and Sisterhoods have to be created, these are then also connected with the Maries already mentioned on this blog. All Light Women are called to activate the Goddess within them, to honour her and really to create these Feminine Spaces and Circles.

In addition, Starseeds worldwide, who own houses and estates in quiet, protected areas  and who wish to support the Goddess and to help the Goddesses incarnated here, can mentally declare this to the Lightforces/the Galactic Confederation.
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The power of now

may 4, 2019

We say “ones” as we speak to all who have chosen to listen to the messages that we, the Arcturians, Pleiadians and other members of your Galactic Family, are sending to you. We send these messages as you are our brave warriors who volunteered to take an earth vessel during this NOW of Gaia’s great need.
Yes, dear Mother Gaia has been having a very difficult time due to the lost humans who care only for what is called “money,” and “power over others.” In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO money and “power over others” NEVER occurs.
You see, in our realm of the fifth dimension and beyond, power is only found within and would NEVER be considered as something that one would use to control others. This "power over others" is especially prevalent in an era before Planetary Ascension. The reason for this is because the “darkest night is just before dawn.”
Fortunately, this “darkest night” which has been gripping Earth, will eventually meet with the “brightest dawn.” This meeting will occur when humanity has evolved beyond their childish ways of “power over others,” and “conditional love,” and has expanded their consciousness to the frequency of reality in which they can most easily move into their own “power within,” and “Unconditional Love.”
It is the power over others, and loving only via one's selfish desires, that is at the core of the fear and selfishness that can move through a third-dimensional reality like a firestorm. And, why does this fear seem to have more power than love?
For one thing, if love is “conditional love” then it is not loving at all. Instead, conditional love is a means for control of others. And why do humans wish to control others?  It is because these lost ones can NOT control themselves.
If you look at everyone who needs to have power over others, you will see a small, lost child who cannot find the means to control their own third-dimensional self. There are many reasons for this loss of power within one's SELF, but the main reason is the loss of unconditional love from others.
These lost ones may appear to have power over others, but if you look closely, you will see many of them do NOT have much power over themselves. Therefore, they need to be bullies or gather vast amounts of the third-dimensional substance known as money. Third-dimensional money is useless in the higher worlds, but can be very addictive to those who resonate to the third dimension.
The Galactics view Earth money as pieces of paper and or circular configurations on different sizes of coins or paper. Money has no power at all in the higher dimensions of reality, but it has great power in Earth's third-dimensional reality. Why does this substance have such power in the physical worlds?

What we perceive from our higher worlds is that money is a primary manner in which the lost ones can have “power over others.” Money is how humans get food to eat, a place to live, and a job that gives them their money.
But something quite sad has happened on Gaia around money. There are some who have a great deal of money and use that money to serve humanity and planet Gaia. However, many ones who have a lot of money use it to control others and to set themselves apart from the others that have less money then they do.
In fact, money has been used far too often to gain “power over others.” These lost ones only use their money for their own selfish gains and do not realize that money, which can buy them fancy homes and even more power over others, cannot buy them inner peace, unconditional love, joy and or deep inner peace.
Of course, money can buy a huge fancy home, a big expensive car, and even the ability to manipulate others. They may enjoy their fancy home, but without love, it will not give them love, peace, and contentment.
Within the reality of third dimensional Gaia, on which you currently reside, your consciousness appears to reside within your physical body. However, your consciousness can expand far, far beyond your physical form. In fact, with practice and loving intentions, you can expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of your Earth Life.

In fact,  your consciousness can expand far beyond your physical form and can even include your own fifth dimensional, and beyond, Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, where they choose to place the focus of your consciousness will greatly determine the reality which you have chosen to create for within your current incarnation.
Yes, humans do have the ability to choose their reality, but some of these choices are made before their incarnation. From the higher worlds, it is difficult to imagine the degree of fear, selfishness, and power over others that can occur on dearly beloved, third dimensional Gaia. However, we come to you within your NOW to remind you, that those who live via power over others would seldom be interested in what the Arcturians have to say.

It is those who are learning, remembering, and constantly looking towards living in a higher dimensional form of reality who are beginning to remember from deep, deep within their heart and soul that there is something HIGHER and something that is MUCH MORE EVOLVED than their third-dimensional world
Of course, only those who choose to look within, listen to and follow the guidance of their heart and soul, have the ability to live within the timeless NOW of the fifth-dimensional realities. The NOW is not a place or even a time. The NOW is a state of consciousness.
The NOW is the ability to remember the YOU that you are within your higher frequencies of reality. In these higher frequencies of reality, there is NO time, as you know it on the third dimension. In the NOW there is ONLY the constant flow of the NOW.

What does “the constant flow of NOW” mean to humans who are wearing a third-dimensional body?
This NOW is unknown to many third dimensional humans. In fact, in order to experience the NOW, the earth-bound humans will need to go deep within themselves to find this NOW, and hopefully meditate on the NOW as they welcome it to come into their daily life.

Yes, we Arcturians see that we may have lost you with our latest statement, so allow us to go into the concept of NOW more deeply. The NOW is every second of your reality that you may, or may not, be aware that you have experienced, are experiencing, and/or will soon experience.

The truth is that life on third dimensional Gaia can so very difficult to so many people that they are just “getting through.” And what are they just “getting through?”
They are just getting through their life. Why does this occur? It occurs because third-dimensional reality can be very challenging. The frequency of the third dimension does not have the deep sense of grounding into the planet that the second-dimensional reality has, nor does it have the wonderful creativity of the fourth dimension.
In fact, the third dimension is much like the “first grade” in school. Some of our brave ones who have decided to have an incarnation on the third dimension have been able to create a wonderful experience for themselves. However, because the third dimension is a polarized reality, the experiences of good and bad are often a component of daily life.

However, many higher dimensional beings who have visited third dimensional Gaia, return back to the third and/or fourth dimension to assist the beautiful, loving Gaia and all Her many life forms to transmute into their innate fifth-dimensional forms.

On the other hand, even the most uncomfortable or even extremely difficult experiences on Gaia can be overcome. In fact, if one is able to overcome, and learn from the difficult aspects of third-dimensional life, they will be creating their own “stairway into the higher dimension” when they return from their journey into higher dimensional Gaia.
However, as they move further away from their third-dimensional reality, which can occur during the returning to SELF, they may choose not to use the 3D term of death, as death is an illusion of the third dimension. More and more frequencies of humanity are realizing that when one “dies” to their third-dimensional earth vessel, their essence/soul returns to the higher dimensions from which they first came.
Those who can only believe in, and thus can only experience, the third dimensional, physical reality is often unable to perceive their Higher Self in any manner. Therefore, they may believe that they do not have a Higher SELF.  However, the sky is still there even if one cannot see it.
In the same manner, the higher dimensions of reality are indeed “real” even if you cannot perceive them. However, if one who is wearing an earth vessel wishes to perceive their own higher expressions of SELF and/or the higher expressions of Gaia, they can use the great power of their “imagination.”
Yes, many humans may scoff at the awakened ones who communicate with and/or follow the instructions of their Higher SELF via their "imagination" because these particular humans can only believe what they can perceive with via their third-dimensional perspective.
What these lost ones do not realize is that  “what you can allow your self to believe is what you will be able to perceive.” Of course, there are many forms of “perception.” For example, our scribe cannot perceive us with her physical, eyes or hear us with her physical ears.
The reason for that is because we Galactic Beings resonate to a much higher frequency of reality than most humans do. Of course, many humans have learned the manner in which they can believe that which they cannot perceive because they can FEEL, they can KNOW, and/or they can REMEMBER that which came before they took their current earth vessel.
They also remember that, when it is their NOW, they shed their earthen vessels and return to their/your higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Yes, ALL of you have higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Unfortunately, some humans have become so lost in the illusions, especially the illusion of “power over others,” that they totally forget the “power within themselves.” It is the loss of one’s “power within” that drives them to live the illusion of “power over.”

We say “illusion” as the ones who live via  “power over” have chosen within themselves to participate in the illusion of having another human have power over them. This is especially damaging if one would choose to have “power over” children, old ones, ill ones or other humans who are able to understand what is happening and/or how to change that situation.

These ones who chose to hold “power over others” may not be too pleased by the lower level of the Astral Plane to which they will travel when they leave their third-dimensional body. When one leaves their earth vessel, through death, or even through very deep meditation (which is not recommended) they take their life force with them.

It is for this reason that we do not recommend deep meditations in which you “leave your earth vessel.” In fact, if one stays grounded in dear Gaia during their meditations, they will be much more able to remember what happened during their meditation. They will also be more able to commune, and/or communicate with their own Higher Dimensional SELF.
We do recommend that you instantly write down any higher dimensional experience you may have during deep meditation. The third-dimensional brain is not able to remember a higher dimensional experience for a very long “time,” as these higher dimensional experiences take them beyond third-dimensional time and into the higher frequencies of the “no time” of the NOW.
Exactly what is “no time” and what is “the NOW.” Third-dimensional time is based on planet Earth revolving around the Sun. On the other hand, the NOW is based on a state of inner consciousness that is not dependent on the planet, the Sun, or your third-dimensional vessel.
This higher, inner consciousness is not based on what is occurring around you, or outside of you. Your higher dimensional, inner consciousness is based on your ability to be the Master of your own thoughts and emotions. Being the master of your thoughts and emotions means that you can choose to accept certain thoughts and emotions into your daily consciousness and choose to NOT participate in other thoughts and emotions.
Yes, you all do have the ability to be the creators of your reality, and in fact, you are. However, some creations that arise from one’s lower states of consciousness may not be a conscious choice, but they may be a challenge from your Higher Self to expand your consciousness even further.
If one can look at third-dimensional reality as the frequency of reality that they chose to experience, they can perceive themselves as choosing to assist Gaia, and all Her beings, to expand their consciousness, and thus their perceptions, into the higher frequencies of their personal reality.

Also, and most importantly,  they can realize that they chose this reality in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Rebirth into Her fifth-dimensional expression of reality. As humans assist Gaia and Gaia assists humans, a deep bond can occur in which persons and planet can merge into the Oneness of the fifth-dimensional frequency of reality.

We, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Venusians, and other higher dimensional beings can assist Gaia and all Her planetary reality to begin their return to their true fifth-dimensional SELF.

In fact, we, the members of your Galactic Family, invite all of you, our incarnated family, as well as all our family wearing fifth-dimensional vessels, to join into the ONE of the NOW of fifth dimensional Gaia!
We, the Arcturians are HERE within this NOW of the ONE, which ALL of YOU
We look forward to seeing all of you in the higher dimensions


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Dissolution of quarantine barriers and protocols are beginning.


There has been an incredible shift of energy in the past week, dissolving multiple layers of density and the Archontic control systems that were frameworked inside of that heavy/rotten energy.

One of the most exciting parts of this development is that the Quarantine densities that are keeping higher dimensional Galactic consciousness trom being felt and experienced on the surface of the planet have drastically reduced.

The barrier used to extend out physically over 10,000 miles above the surface, making it almost impossible for any being of light to exist here in comfortable balance, simply because the environment was so alien and uncomfortable for them. It was similar to stepping into the deepest depths of the ocean with no protection....physically impossible to exist there.

What has happened because of this, is a system of focusing multiple beings into one intention/energy/strengthening and building up so much light that they could use it as a "submarine" until the buildup ran out and they were forced out of this dense environment.

As the Earth stretches and becomes less dense, more and more blockage under the surface in the leyline flows are being dissolved and movement is beginning

In this past week, a major blockage in the European continent began to flow, disseminating energy in a much stronger resonance to the rest of the planet, beginning to stretch and dissolve similar blockages on all 7 continents.

This has drastically weakened the quarantine barrier from 10,000 miles to less than 100, giving all beings working for the greater good on the outside of our planet, physically as well as energetically, a staging ground of epic proportions.

Think along the lines of someone throwing darts at a dartboard from across a football field. After such a long time, more often than not, they can hit the board, but by simply moving 10 feet away, they can effortlessly nail bullseyes shot after shot.

We are going to start seeing much more activity in the sky. Concentrated conscious lightships are going to become much more common and the broadcast of light/information is going to become much stronger and easier to disseminate and more importantly, use.

What this means for us is twofold. With every step forward, there is resistance and working around the progress done, simply because these progressions mean the Apocalypse of the powers that shouldn't be.

We are going to be noticing this as a mass distraction campaign, so keep an eye out for any hot button topic that relentlessly gets pushed, or false flag attacks that drown out all other physical news. This is designed to inflame as much political, sociological, environmental, diplomatic, emotional and energetic tension as possible as many experience these wild swings with no reference for what is happening.

Let the awareness of what is happening sink in, but focus yourself on your growth, progression and emotional intelligence, because on the other end of this energy harvesting, we have incredibly powerful points of light broadcasting pure higher dimensional energy closer to the surface in a magnitude that has not been felt in millennia.

Right now, each and every one of us has the opportunity to do the work of decades in the space of months.

In the past, isolating yourself, disappearing in nature and communing with the deepest levels of conscious human body interaction for years on end was the only way to begin opening up the light resonance strong enough to the point that this information, these abilities and the structural knowledge was not just noticed, but actually able to be used.

What this means is that it took years of work to be able to achieve what is your birthright. Your Natural Body.

As there is more light sweeping through the solar system, there is more light inside of the Quarantine. There is more light to anchor into and grow and thus more light is able to come in.

This means everything. What you always have felt as magic and impossible is truly an extension of your awareness. Now the dense layers of energy that are keeping the vast majority from feeling the movement are dissolving.

Keep your focus on who you want to be, what you want your life to be and building yourself into something more, something pure.

Keep your eyes up. Keep your hearts lifted. Stay aware, but build what you wish to experience.


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Rick Jewer


(below is only some that You NEED TO KNOW, there is more)

Just by being a Light Worker in the 4D, YOU BECOME A THREAT TO THE DARK FORCES IN THE 4D. The darkness cannot exist in a place just above here, the 5D, where You are going and are Creating. You are here on Earth/Gaia, for a reason, and that reason is to spread Light and assist Ones that were suppressed and had succumbed to the darkness, to raise the Souls of Light up above the control/suppression of the darkness. The darkness had many entities here, all with the same intent and agenda, to instill fear and manipulate the precious Light energy into negative energy, that allowed for the dark to exist here in these lower dimensions. The darkness KNOWS WE ARE HERE AND THEY ARE AFRAID.


Darkness exists because of negatively charged energy and negatively charged beliefs that exist in the lower dimensions, sub 5D. Darkness feeds and grows from negative energies, emotions and negative energized events, essentially, anything negative and/or based in fear. Darkness has an intelligence and is not just a negative stream of energy, it has a focus and ill intent, and Creates its food and existence by negatively manipulating You, if You let it.

Some of these Stronger Dark entities only require a little negativity within One Soul, to be able to manipulate them and plant larger seeds of negativity/fear within that One, to fester and to grow. After a Dark entity/energy has controlled You to put You in a temporary state of intense misery and has fed off the energy created by You from that misery, it THEN LETS You rest, for at that stage You are pretty much depleted, AND IT NEEDS TO LET YOU RECUPERATE energy-wise, BEFORE FEEDING AGAIN.

If You do NOT realize what is going on, You will remain in a cycle where it keeps coming back and back again, to feed off YOUR NEGATIVE CHARGED ENERGY.


The first thing to do in taking back Your power from the Dark is acknowledging that it is an energy with intelligence and that You have the ability to set Yourself free from ANY of its control and/or infection upon You. So, the first step is to acknowledge it as AN INTELLIGENCE of a lesser degree than You. It IS LESSER because YOU HAVE THE ABILITY to DOMINATE AND ERADICATE IT, IT DOES NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO ERADICATE YOU.

The dark will attempt a sort of mind control upon You sometimes to do its bidding. A quick way to identify an initial dark attempt at mind controlling You is IF YOU BEGIN to receive chatter in Your mind/thoughts, that YOU KNOW are not Yours. Upon such an initial attempt of the dark mind controlling You, the thoughts that ARE NOT Yours that it is projecting will be negative and will conflict what the Heart feels.

This is why, in the BEGINING of taking Your POWER BACK on Your Spiritual Journey, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO TRUST THE HEART. Your Heart is Your MOST POWERFUL DISCERNMENT FEATURE/GIFT that You have here. At the very first suspicion of a dark attempt to control You, IMMEDIATELY CONSULT YOUR HEART, what do You feel in Your Heart, what is Your intuition saying, and TRUST that to a T.

If You choose to TRUST the mind first, THEN IT MAY be able to DISTORT YOUR DISCERNMENT because You are TRUSTING the brain, which CAN be manipulated in the early stages of Your Souls development here, IF THE INNER WORK IN THE HEART WAS NOT DONE. Once Your inner work is done, THE MIND CANNOT BE MANIPULATED BY ANY DARK FORCE, because simply, You at that point, have ERADICATED MOST OF THE ways that it could manipulate and control You.

If You have NOT done Your inner work and have anger within You, meaning that You still can become angry, then that anger You have within, sets up a PERFECT MAGNET FOR THE DARK TO BEGIN TO CONTROL YOU. There is the MOST IMPORTANT reason why Light Workers and Light Teachers TEACH You FIRST to establish UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND TO ALWAYS ACT/REACT FROM A PLACE OF LOVE FROM THE HEART.

By establishing the Unconditional Love into Your Being and Energet field, YOU BECOME INPENETRABLE BY THE DARK. This is also WHY THE DARK ATTACKS LIGHTWORKERS, because Light Workers ARE A THREAT TO THEIR FOOD SOURCE, YOU!

The dark CANNOT AFFECT A Divinely Empowered Light Worker directly that has completed THEIR INNER WORK, so what it WILL ATTEMPT, is to MANIPULATE AND CONTROL the Others around that Light Worker, in an ATTEMPT TO DISTRACT THE LIGHT WORKER FROM ASSISTING AND STRENGTHENING OTHERS beyond the grasps of the Dark.

The Dark wants Ones to feed off and they WILL ATTEMPT to PROTECT THEIR FOOD SOURCES BY WHATEVER ILL MEANS THEY CAN. They have ONE GOAL, and that is to keep You in a state/4D, where they MAY CONTINUOUSLY FEED OFF YOU, and they will ATTACK any significant THREAT to their food source, like the THREAT of the Light Worker to them.

Darkness are Masters of deception and distortions of truths, BUT, You ARE A MORE POWERFUL MASTER THAN THEM, YOU ARE LIGHT, AND THEY ARE NO MATCH TO YOU WHEN YOU ARE IN YOUR FULL DIVINE PROWESS. Dark intent is to always cloud judgment by lowering One's vibration AND KEEPING them in that lower vibration so they can FEED, however, by TRUSTING AND DISCERNING FROM YOUR HEART, You are MORE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE DARK AND THEIR INTENT. You ARE also able to RECOGNIZE THE SIGNATURE OF THE DARK, by their tactics.

Their tactics include distorting truths to fit their UNDERLYING AGENDA to begin/set off streams of NEGATIVE ENERGY THAT ATTRACTS LIKE OTHERS TO IT so they may feed off the fear black pyramidal energy structure they created. The dark lies and ONE of its tactics is to take a "snippet" out of A TRUTH CONTEXT, that it may be able to distort to fit its agenda, of which is, creating a lie, which generates a negative/fear energetic stream for it TO ATTRACT OTHERS AND TO FEED OFF THE INSECURITIES OF ALL INVOLVED.

The dark knows that Ones that HAVE NOT done their inner work are easy prey for them, because the Ones that have NOT done their inner work, HAVE ACTUAL NEGATIVE ENERGIES/EMOTIONS within them YET, THAT WILL FEED THEIR AGENDA AND NEGATIVE STREAM THEY CREATED. So when a darkness INFECTS ONE and begins to CONTROL them, Others that have a certain degree of negativity/fear within them YET, will ALSO BE ATTRACTED AND BECOME PART OF THE FOOD FOR THE DARK ENTITY.


To outwit a suspected dark attack upon You, immediately act/react in less than 6 seconds in unpredictable ways. It takes darkness 6 seconds to act/secure a hold on You, You have the ability to act/react in less than 3 seconds, and this ability allows You to shake an attempted attack.

 By training Your mind to be POSITIVE/LOVE always, creates a shield for You against any such attack. Remember, dark attempts to distort perception and perspective, especially in things You may read, it is ALWAYS best to look and find the MOST POSITIVE perspective in everything You read.



At that level, You are introduced to actual small dark entities and simulations that You begin Practising Your Divine skills upon and getting familiar with Your Divine Prowess and how to utilize it to its most efficient and approved capacity here in the lower dimensions, UNAFFECTED by any of the negative/dark energy. Divinity does bait dark entities.

There ARE ALREADY, Divine Teams working here to this effect, to set Others free of the dark lower dimensions. These teams are pretty much incognito to You and Others for good reasons, however, You meet them in the futures and may even become part of one of these teams here on the surface while completing Your Divine Purpose/Mission here.

So, once You are trained, WE DO IT TOGETHER, taking out more of these demons and raising Others above them, to higher timelines. Sounds fun eh!!

You have the ability to rise above the darkness by knowing how it works, how it feeds and by You KNOWING that You have this ability.

I am here recruiting and training for the Light.
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We Must Save Ourselves

may 8, 2019

We’ve all heard the saying “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We are the ones that will save ourselves nobody is going to do it for us. We are the ones responsible for saving ourselves. Too many think it’s a frightening thought but believe me there is a plan, there always has been a plan and your higher self is in on it.

Unraveling the truth and finding out the darkness of what really has been going on in our world, our entire existence, can be quite shocking for some. It takes understanding and some level of objectivity to be able to handle the truth without going insane or becoming depressed and some handle it very well.

The majority of the population has no idea of the dense energetic field that has been placed around our planet that not only traps us but works in favor of the ones who are enslaving us. Try explaining this to someone that is not open minded enough to even believe that there is life on other planets, much less than this planet was taken over by a small group of Archons and Artificial Intelligent thought forms.

When you tell people that we are not going to be saved some feel an intense feeling of fear and abandonment in the pit of their stomach, frightened by the thought of an enemy that we cannot see. While others feel an overwhelming sensation of empowerment and the feeling of helping this planet.

Many of us ask ourselves this question…why is there so many still so asleep on this planet, they must be here for a reason? We all know that we volunteered to come to Earth to experience this third dimensional existence to further the growth of our souls, however there are others pulling the strings, so to speak, making sure we’re doing what we came here to do. Everything that has happened in your life from day one has been preplanned, there is nothing random about your existence.

The truth is everything has been in place, pre-programmed since before the time of our planet being taken over. Source, Creator is all knowing of the Universe so how would it not know how to correct such an imbalance.

There is a plan in place that is beyond our fullest comprehension in our current 3d consciousness that involves helpers from the higher dimensional planes to help us exit this Matrix that has kept us trapped for cycles of lifetimes.

All of creation is cyclical and it always has a beginning and an end but the end is always just a transformation of a new beginning. We are currently at this time. Meaning, the cycle of experience that we have been in for thousands of years is coming to a close and we are now transitioning into a new cycle of experience.

Not only has the end been planned out for a long time but the freedom and liberation of humanity has already happened for our future selves outside of time. Every possibility that has been a thought has a timeline, and that thought has unraveled and created a probable future. This is why you’ve heard me say many times that “they can see further down our timeline then we can.”

Our helpers can make timeline changes and can bring messages to the ground crew here on Earth who have a strong connection with them thru our consciousness level and help with our requests. These helpers, our guides are us from the past and future and cannot break Universal Law concerning free will choice with us on this planet. However, free will has been taken from us in a tricky way through the reincarnation trap to make free will decisions to suffer in lifetime after lifetime so our emotional energy could be harvested.

Our memories have been wiped time and time again and false lifetimes have been inserted into our life reviews that made our souls think we have to pay karmic debts of suffering and disease. Humanity has intentionally been put in a loop and that loop consists of lifetimes of consciousness slavery that is finally seeing it’s end.

I see it like this… Yes we chose to come here but we didn’t choose to come here to learn lessons of suffering, disease and despair and to live in a proverbial hell. Remember, we all have a soul family , guides, aspects of our higher self that are helping us, fighting for us from outside of these prison walls.

Remember, incarnating into a human body will not be possible in the next timeline because we are transforming into a different form of energy, a different frequency. The human body is just too dense so enjoy this experience as much is you can.

Also, remember these oppressors that have kept us enslaved are slaves themselves from a hierarchy above them. They have been so busy fighting for their own survival that they fell for the same entrapment they have done to the human species. Their vibrational frequency is now trapped and cannot be maintained in this current higher frequency. Again, this is why we are seeing the incredible desperation of these Dark rulers trying to keep humanity and this planet at a low frequency by suffering, disease, war etc. it’s all to keep control of their mighty Empire.

We are in the last days of the war on consciousness as we are getting blasted by higher vibrational energy that’s coming deep within our Universe from our Central Sun, these waves of higher energy affects every single cell on the planet. Source is healing itself, it’s bringing back balance. Meaning, we will finally be able to live without cut throat survival instincts. Everything will be transmuted to the highest frequency which is love and anything not of love will be transmuted.

Parasites of every shape and form will be dissolved in this higher frequency. They must decide to connect to this higher vibration or they will not be able to exist on this healed planet. We are powerful fractals of Source and we will once again stand in our power.


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The Collapse of the Old World

may 7, 2019

Major movements by the negative rulers towards the surface population for complete control of Earth is coming to a halt. This agenda has been reversed engineered shall we say and a push towards a more positive timeline is being activated.

A year or so ago the Draco Alliance made a major push for an end of the world programming using Loosh energy to open up a portal to bring in back up. But, at the same time a positive surface ground crew anchored in the physical shut down that particular portal to reset the original timeline and open up more Galactic consciousness to the programmed surface population.

This operation by these positive beings also captured and quarantined some major players. The Dark forces have been in survival mode for more than a year now and are pushing for more and more fuel. This is why we are seeing so much social unrest, unstable weather, natural disasters, wars and rumors of war.

These Dark rulers have been running on razors edge for sometime now milking enough negative energy out of humanity to fulfill their end of the the world Armageddon agenda.

Without us they have no batteries and this is a major reason there will never be another world ending war like the annihilation of Maldek and the destruction of Mars atmosphere. Simply, because they need their livestock.

They are reaching the end of what their manipulation can handle without the collapse of their entire system. But, many are starting to see the collapse of the old world and are cultivating the bringing in of the New World.

The reason why many of us are here at this time in Earth’s history is to bring in these higher energies that are ushering in this New World as painless as possible.

We are coming into some major times of chaos before the major transition. We all know there is something massive coming for humanity, something brilliant, something pure. Our path has never been more clear and we are beginning to see where it all leads. Remember, everything is connected, everything!


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Chinese threat to dump U.S. treasuries is elephant in room of U.S./China trade war

Benjamin Fulford


The U.S./Chinese trade war that took most pundits by surprise is actually the result of an agreement between Eastern and Western secret societies to permanently rid the world of the Zionist menace, multiple sources agree.  The other thing to note is that Western, especially American, media are ignoring the trade war elephant in the room—the threat by China and the rest of the world to dump U.S. Treasury holdings and thus formally bankrupt the U.S. Corporation.

Let’s step back a minute and look at why the world wants to bankrupt the corporate U.S. government and force a regime change there.

Ever since George Bush Jr.’s handlers stole the election in the year 2000 and staged 9/11, the Zionist (Khazarian) mafia-controlled U.S. regime has spent trillions of dollars on never-ending war.  This same regime, and its evil twin Israel, have created terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and Daesh to perpetuate this war.  This same regime has been actively trying to kill 90% of the world’s population with bioweapons, starvation, nuclear war, and now 5G microwave technology.  The latest sign of how antisocial this regime is came last week when 187 countries, with the sole exception of the U.S., agreed to stop dumping toxic plastic into the oceans.

The Chinese used to support this endless warmongering and murder by buying U.S. Treasury bonds, until they realized they were paying the Americans to kill them.  They thus decided to take their dollars elsewhere and spend them on helping the planet, and the multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative is an example.  Now suddenly the Zionist controllers of the Washington, D.C. regime are realizing their US$800 billion dollar per year trade deficit and US$ trillion dollar per year budget deficit are endangering the survival of their regime.

The budget deficit is being covered up by accounting tricks (such as the Feds using proxies to buy their own bonds), but the trade deficit is another matter.  It is based on real stuff in the real world and cannot be covered up with accounting tricks forever.  As the saying goes, “You can avoid reality for a certain amount of time, but eventually it has a way of catching up with you.”

In an attempt to fix the problem, U.S. President Donald Trump asked the Chinese to buy a “trillion dollars” worth of American stuff.  The Chinese rationally responded that the U.S. does not have that amount of “stuff” to sell even if they wanted to.  Now, the Trump plan to use tariffs to fix the trade deficit is going to be a tax on U.S. consumers and will not help the U.S. economy become competitive.  That’s because the so-called U.S. dollar is too expensive, but the Americans cannot devalue it in order to make their exports competitive because the “U.S. dollar” is not an American currency.  It is owned by European and Asian royals, together with international oligarchs, who do not want it to lose value.

On the other hand, if the U.S. government started issuing its own currency, say worth half what a U.S. dollar is now worth, U.S. consumers would still pay more for Chinese imports just as they would with tariffs, but this time U.S. exports would be competitive.  The U.S. government could then spend as many trillion of, let’s say, greenbacks, as it wanted to in order to fix its domestic infrastructure, etc.

The main drawback is that the U.S. military could no longer afford to be guarding corporate interests at its 800 or so locations around the world.  That’s why the White Dragon Society (WDS), Asian secret societies, the British Commonwealth, and others are proposing an alternative.  This would involve replacing the entire political structure in Washington, D.C. with competent new people.  The current system is so corrupt with its fake elections and bribed and blackmailed politicians that it is beyond reform.

However, the U.S. is full of competent and honest people who ran into a glass ceiling in the current system because they were immune to Zionist bribery and blackmail.  These are the people who would rebuild a debt-free Republic of the United States of America.  In such a scenario, the multi-polar world would pool its resources to transform the U.S. military-industrial complex into a benevolent force for planetary protection and space exploration.

Okay, now let’s finally get to the breaking news of the past week.  The biggest news from last week is that newly installed Japanese Emperor Naruhito issued coded calls for help, according to British royal family sources.  The cry for help was conveyed through “neuro-linguistic programming” in a brief speech the Emperor made, the sources say.  He used “a certain combination of words written in a certain style and embedded with wordings and other devices” to let the world know the Imperial Family was being attacked, the sources say.  The attacks were carried out by “Japanese gangsters subcontracting for David Rockefeller Jr. and the French branch of the Rothschild family,” according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.  Special Forces are now hunting these gangsters down, WDS sources say.

The death of Italian intelligence agent “50-year-old Massimo I” who was found “lying in a pool of his own blood and vomit” in Paris last week was also part of the secret war on the Zionists, P2 Freemason sources say.  “Cohen family mercenaries working for members of the Rothschild family closest to the Cabal” hired the renegade Italian secret service agent “in a conspiracy against German banks,” they say.  These people think “hatred and war” can prevent them from losing their “faltering financial hegemony,” they added.  The P2 didn’t directly take responsibility for Massimo’s death, though.

There are also signs the U.S. regime is planning to put pressure on China by fomenting trouble in Thailand, Indonesia, and Laos, according to Asian secret society sources.  One source says the police in Indonesia “have already been handed live bullets from military storehouses for security purposes in preparation for May 22,” when results of the Indonesian presidential election are expected to be formally announced.  The sources say similar trouble will brew in Thailand and Laos as well due to disputed elections.

The WDS has advised the CIA that trying to stage “color revolutions” in Southeast Asia would backfire even more than they did in Venezuela, Iran, and Turkey.  Pentagon sources warn that “after the failed coup in Venezuela and opposition to military intervention, Trump may have no choice but to fire neocons John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, and Mike Pompeo.”

Also, “The devastating armyworm pest” could soon “affect important Chinese staples such as rice, soybeans, and corn,” a new U.S. government report said this week.  “The voracious, inch-long fall armyworm…can breed rapidly, spread great distances, and is hugely difficult to eradicate,” the report says.  The report adds the “armyworm” has already “devastated agricultural produce across Africa and the Americas, where it originated, and has now begun to march across Asia.”  The timing of this outbreak, or the false fear-mongering report about it, makes it look suspiciously like an attack on China’s food supply related to the trade war.

There was also a false flag attack in the United Arab Emirates last week that the Mossad-linked site Debka was quick to blame on Iran, even though the attack was carried out by aircraft with French and U.S. markings.

This obviously Israeli false-flag attack on Saudi Arabian oil tankers is almost certainly retaliation for a recent Saudi pivot away from the Zionists and towards China.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. patriots are intensifying their fight to liberate their country from Khazarian Zionist rule.  Here is what our Pentagon sources had to say about the fight:

“After two lost years with Mueller and giving Zionists enough rope to hang themselves, former White House Chief of Staff Marine General John Kelly finally added gravitas to [the recent anti-Zionist] New York Times cartoon and declared war on Israel by publicly saying, ‘Trump’s family (Javanka) needs to be dealt with.’” The source says, “This also implies Sheldon Adelson and all unregistered foreign agents of Israel.”

In other anti-Zionist developments, “the shyster Israeli drug company TEVA is being sued by 44 states for the price-fixing of generic drugs, with the Department of Justice lurking in the background,” the Pentagon sources note.

Furthermore, “The House snubbed Israel by not passing the AIPAC-drafted $38 billion military aid package that also criminalizes free speech,” the sources note.  In a further sign the Zionists are losing control, the sources noted that Congress also invited “BDS (Boycott, Divestment Sanctions against Israel) and Palestine supporter Imam Omar Suleiman to deliver the opening prayer on May 9th, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said such moves did not mean the Democratic Party-controlled house was anti-Semitic.”

The military-industrial complex is also under assault, the sources note.  The U.S. Air Force has commandeered the Boeing 737 investigations because the FAA and Boeing have lost the trust of the flying public, the sources say.  Lockheed Martin, meanwhile, is “reeling from F-35 problems,” they add.  “Boeing is subject to death by 1,000 cuts with drip-drip media reports, global regulators, whistleblowers, shareholders, investigators, prosecutors, customers, pilots, flight attendants, passengers, NASA, and the U.S. military weighing in,” they elaborate.

The fight against Zionist extortion, hypocrisy, and crime is also raging in Poland, as locals fight for truth about how Polish Christians suffered as much as Jews did during WWII.


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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Situation Update

At the moment of the last Archon invasion in January 1996, the dark forces have created three main dark wormhole entry points to collapse the planetary Light grid.

These three dark wormhole entry points were:

Bukavu, Lake Kivu,Congo
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Santa Monica, California , USA

Ljubljana and Santa Monica were two Ascension vortexes with the most potential for Ascension on a planetary scale, and they needed to be suppressed in order for the dark forces to continue their rule.

Wormholes were created by several etheric and plasma conventional nuclear explosions at and above the beforementioned locations (with total of about 200 etheric / plasma nukes exploding worldwide), which opened a multidimensional wormhole to the Rigel star system:

Through these Rigel-Earth wormholes, many negative entities came to planet Earth and infected it.

Among most dangerous of those entities were Chimera spiders, huge plasma spiderlike beings with plasma toplet bombs attached to their skin, smaller ones being 10-100 meters (yards) in diameter, the largest ones a few kilometers (miles):

Most of those spiders have positioned themselves above the largest cities on the planet.

As now the Cosmic Central Race is depleting their energy to the point where they are threatened with extinction, the Chimera has devised a plan to reinforce their negative energy field with 5G technology which they plan to implement in large cities with the assistance of many microsatellites:

They are also planning to reinforce that technology with nanobots:

The Light forces are taking action to counteract all this.

Since the collapse of Alpha timeline in January 2018 I am in a difficult position, as I am not allowed to release any significant intel, yet I am expected to continue with this blog. Since the collapse of Alpha timeline the operations of the Light Forces have been ramped up and have gone deep black.

There are only a few things I am allowed to say. First, since December 2017 the implementation of Mjolnir with its Wipeout strategies has angered the dark forces to the point they were willing to risk everything, situation was escalating badly to the point where full military confrontation was possible, which could lead to short and open war between the Light and the dark forces which would make the surface of this planet uninhabitable.

Toplet bomb chain reaction (even much more than strangelet bomb chain reaction) has a potential to wipe out our planet, as it is explained in a very simple way in this video:

Therefore the Light forces were forced to retreat, and cease Mjolnir operations in spring 2018, which led to the collapse of the Beta timeline.

Now we are in the Gamma timeline, which is a slow and sure way to lead the planet towards the liberation without destroying the surface of the planet in the process.

Although the dark forces have misused the retreat of the Light forces and have infiltrated the Surface Alliance heavily with many dark Draco operatives who came in cloned bodies from underground bases of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (originally coming from Taurus dark cloud), the Light is already taking certain actions to counteract this.

The problem of toplet bombs is being addressed and is in the process of being resolved slowly. Nothing more can be said about that.

The surface population is becoming more and more aware that there were cataclysmic events taking place in the not so distant past:

The surface population is also becoming aware that we are actually in the middle of a mass extinction event:

All these are signs that we are approaching an event of cosmic proportions that will radically change life on this planet.

The most accurate plan for this Event is here:

The Light forces are asking everybody to visualize the bright future of the Golden age to speed up and accelerate the process of manifesting it.

The Light forces are also asking people to go beyond their mind and contact their Soul.

Many people are experiencing benefits of Tachyon chambers:

Here we need to clear some misconceptions about Tachyon chambers. Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. There is only one confirmed source that makes Tachyon healing chambers available, and all public chambers are listed here:

Tachyon healing chambers are NOT designed to tachionize objects, and people claiming that they can tachionize objects in their Tachyon healing chambers, or people claiming they have designed their own tachyon chambers or are even selling or promoting them, are not telling the truth.

Some people are already having indirect contact with the Resistance Movement:

This contact will only grow as we come closer and closer to the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.

Victory of the light!


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