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To those who had been awakened about the true nature of our worlds event,  which do you prefer for the EVENT to happen?

EVENT ASAP, although this poses a remote but potentially grave risk to life/safety.
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EVENT when it is the safest even if it will take a much longer time to be liberated.
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Matthew Ward

December 13, 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. A common thought around your world is, “I can’t believe the year is almost over!” Most people who are sensing that time is speeding up don’t know what you do, that vibratory rates are accelerating because Earth is moving into progressively lighter planes of energy. But everyone who is sensing that change is in the air is right about that. Your new year will bring forth long covered-up truths and firm steps toward a world at peace, where cooperation will replace divisiveness and the world’s resources will be allocated fairly.

Now then, the planet always glows brightly during your month of December as family and friends celebrate traditional holy days and enjoy festivities, but the sparkling illumination comes from more than the upliftment of joyful music, merriment and religious devotion. During this season there is magnified desire for the betterment of lives everywhere, for comforting persons who are grieving and sharing with those who are burdened by hardships. The heartfelt spirit of the givers and the gratitude of their beneficiaries add to the radiance emanating from Earth because those emotions—like forgiveness, compassion, empathy and joy—are of light’s high vibrations.

You know how those finest qualities of human nature feel and how love feels, so it is natural to think of love as the special emotion in romantic relationships and feelings for family and dear friends. Love is incomparably more. Love is life itself! When I told that to my mother many years ago, she asked me to explain what love is and how it works “in action.” This is what I told her:

In simplest terms, love is God's sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe. Love is within the soul and needs only your allowance of those innate sensations of loving others and receiving their love for you. Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity.

In expression, love is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, helpfulness, caring. If love can be said to have “ingredients,” then those are some of the ingredients of godly expression in action.

Knowing that you and God and every other of God's creations are inseparable is love. Knowing that Earth is a sentient, conscious life herself and respecting all of her life forms is love. Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not judge them but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is love.

Listening to one's god-self is love. Living the kind of life that engenders loving self is love. Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is love. Doing something that brings joy to another is love. Forgiveness of self and others is love. Sharing your resources with full heart is love. Doing good deeds without attaching expectations is love.

Feeling peace of heart and mind is love. The quiet thrill of seeing a sunset or hearing a songbird is love, and a smile is one of the simplest and most radiating expressions of love.

In any or all of these instances and many others that you may encounter that instinctively you know are love in action, you are manifesting your love for and of God. [Excerpt of “Love in Everyday Life” chapter of Illuminations for a New Era.]

Mother, thank you for inserting that passage. Knowing some of the myriad ways love is expressed lets you see how you, dear lightworkers, and all other souls living in godly ways are spreading love throughout the planet. It is the infinite, eternal, unequaled power of love that is transforming life in your world!

To the dear soul who wrote that the holidays deepen her sadness about all the people who are suffering, we say, the low vibrations of sadness don’t help those about whom you are thinking. Please change your thoughts to something that makes you smile—a happy memory perhaps, or a pet’s devotion, your favorite photograph or poem, an upcoming pleasant occasion—and lightheartedness will follow. Acts of kindness and a smiling greeting to passersby also lighten your heart and raise the recipients’ spirits—love “in action.” With the universal law of attraction in constant operation—and keep in mind that this law has no reasoning ability, it can only bring back something that matches the energy you send forth—thoughts, feelings and deeds that produce high vibrations contribute immensely to your wellbeing and your world’s.

“How about the energies from space/sun/the waves of light coming in?”

This is part of everything in the universe being in acceleration mode and it’s all to your benefit. Those energies that are increasing the rate of vibrations on the planet and within its residents are undergirding the shifting of polarized attitudes and behavior toward balance, wherein all is light.

“I just read Matthew’s message where he said Earth once was the Garden of Eden. There wouldn’t have been vast deserts then or polar ice caps, and surely no toxic pollution or violence. What changed Earth into the kind of world it is today?”

 In a word, darkness. Originally the planet, the embodiment of the soul named Gaia, was an unpopulated paradise, the Garden of Eden in its entirety. Dear family, you need to know the true history of what today is your homeland, and we shall give you a brief overview.

The first people to arrive on the pristine light-filled planet, which then was called Shan, was a group from Lyra who hoped to find gold. They hadn’t obtained clearance from the Intergalactic Council to go there and hadn’t submitted a mining petition because they didn’t want to share a potential gold lode with other civilizations. Those violations of universal laws sowed the seeds of deception and greed, and that initiated the low vibrations of negativity on the planet. Then the group brought a subhuman species to do the arduous labor of mining; harsh treatment of that slave population and damage to the land by gold extraction added more negativity.

The dark forces, a massive and powerful force field of base thought forms that meanders throughout the universe wherever low vibrations attract it, homed in on Shan. That was the entry of darkness. During the ensuing eons, some of the many populations that lived on the planet came under the spell of the dark forces. Their violence and degeneration created so much negativity that it had to be released via earthquakes and volcanic eruptions so that Gaia’s body could survive. In a series of those essential occurrences, mountain ranges, inland seas and deep canyons were formed as land masses and the oceans underwent drastic changes, and twice all life forms were done away in cataclysmic cleansings. However, the dark forces remained in the solar system, ever at the ready to influence subsequent inhabitants.

Somewhere along the way, Shan also became known as Terra, but both names were forgotten there after a population called the planet, Earth. And, when negativity once again was amassing due to the influence of the dark forces, Earth used her light to sustain the life of her residents. Because there wasn’t enough light to preserve the environment, too, lakes and rivers dried up, desert areas formed and the most northern and southern regions became ice.

In many different epochs during approximately half a billion years in linear time, some of the planet’s residents were the people you call Neanderthal, the species that evolved from the Lyrans’ slave population, and their more evolved descendants. Other residents came from civilizations in various star systems and were the progenitors of Earth’s different races and cultures. They were advanced in intelligence, spirituality and manifestation capabilities, and those who united with evolving peoples in antiquity endowed their progeny with those high attributes.

At some point in universal history, the dark forces promised wealth, power and control to many individuals, and those who succumbed to that lure became their puppets. One of their heinous acts was taking over less experienced civilizations and deactivating all except two of their DNA strands to greatly diminish their intelligence, introduce violent tendencies, and make bodies vulnerable to weakness, disease and a short life span.

Millennia ago some of those peoples started living on Earth, where the puppets easily controlled them through fear, ignorance, perpetual warring and bare subsistence, conditions that evoked the basest of human traits. Once again negativity amassed as they were brutal to each other and to the animals and mindlessly damaged the planet, and once again Earth used her light to support all of her life forms. Eighty-some years ago, her light had waned to the point that her orbit was so unstable that she was in imminent danger of hurtling into space and certain destruction.

Gaia didn’t want her body to come to that end and she didn’t want all life to be destroyed again, so she cried out for help. Instantly God authorized spiritually advanced civilizations to infuse the planet with intense light to stabilize its axis and let it start rising out of deep third density’s low vibrations. Some residents were stirred to embrace the light that saved the planet’s life, and by so doing, they were able to cast off the puppets’ shackles that had held them captive.

Earth became a battleground where the universal light forces fought the dark forces and vanquished it from your solar system. Far distant civilizations kept beaming light to uproot the darkness entrenched on the planet and some of their members volunteered to incarnate there to spread and anchor the light. As more and more of Earth’s peoples “saw the light,” they started generating their own, and long-hidden secrets and activities of the dark forces’ puppets started “coming to light.” And that brings us to the state of your world today.

Now let us look ahead. The deep wounds that darkness had long inflicted on the planet and all of its life forms will heal along Earth’s journey to her destination in fifth density, where Gaia remained spiritually and consciously throughout her body’s descent from its origin in that density location-wise. During the ascension process, the civilization’s intelligence level will rise as conscious and spiritual awareness grows, and the planet once again will become as it was created—beauteous, wondrous, healthful, peaceable. By helping your Earth family awaken so they can manifest the pathway to Earth’s Golden Age in all its glories, you, too, are advancing as multidimensional godselves.

Beloved sisters and brothers, enter your new year with confidence and optimism. Live the truth of the words in your popular song and inspire others to do the same: “All you need is love….love is all you need.”


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Western civilization heading for a reboot over the holidays

December 24, 2018

Benjamin Fulford

Many signs and confirmations from highly placed sources indicate that a reboot of Western civilization is being planned for 2019.  The shutdown of the U.S. government over the holidays, for example, has nothing to do with building a wall, and everything to do with a financial reboot and upcoming military tribunals.

However, what is coming is about much more than just rounding up the criminals who hijacked and bankrupted the U.S. government—it is about fixing the problems besetting monotheism.

Since today is December 24th, Christmas Eve, it’s a good time to remind people of the historical truth behind this holiday.  The fact is that nobody knows when Jesus Christ was born, so the early Christian church hijacked the old solar New Year holiday and replaced the sun with Jesus.  Here’s the thing:  the sun sets at its most northern point on December 21st, the winter solstice.  For three days afterwards, it appears to set at the same place, and then on December 25th it starts setting further south, marking the birth of the solar New Year.  Thus, the Christian church needs to confess and tell people the truth about Christmas without in any way denying the wonderful teachings of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

The Jews, for their part, need to stop celebrating the xenophobic Hanukkah and realize that it is perfectly kosher to celebrate the solar New Year (unless they somehow think the Creator did not make the sun).  Anyway, Merry Christmas to the Christians and Muslims, and Merry Sunmas to everybody else.

These issues, together with discussions of updating the calendars to bring them back into line with the movements of the heavens on which they are based, are going to be part of a broad public discourse in the New Year.  That is because, at the highest levels of world power, a decision has been made to go ahead and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and turn that city into an international free zone.  This is why 2019 is likely to be a year for the history books.

In preparation for these upcoming historical changes, U.S. troops are being withdrawn from various conflict zones in order to pave the way for world peace, CIA sources say.  Pentagon sources agree, adding that “U.S. President Donald Trump is pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the Ukraine to terminate the Deep State and the Zionists, since the global currency reset requires peace and cessation of hostilities.”

Sources in European royal families agree that preparations are under way to restart the global financial system. The current system of the US dollar, euro and Japanese yen has gone bankrupt and is not functioning, these and other sources agree. This is especially true of the United States, which has been bankrupt for quite some time, sources say. That is why the current shutdown of the American government will lead to a sort of reorganization. For example, European royal families recognize that old bonds, farm claims and other claims against the US government must be paid, but they cannot be paid without bankruptcy of the system.

However, negotiations with the European royal families and the Freemasons of Pi-2, who control the Vatican, make it clear that the main decisions about what the reset will look like have not yet been made.

However, it is clear that the current system is turned off. This can be seen not only in stopping the activities of the American government, but also in the fact that no corporate junk bonds were issued in December and that the US stock markets reached the lowest level since the moment of Lehman’s shock in 2008.

However, they agreed to create a Future Planning Agency with a budget of several trillion dollars. According to sources from the royal family and the Pi-2 Masonic Lodge, the legal and financial framework of this organization is discussed behind the scenes.

Another thing that was agreed at the highest level, including with Asian secret societies, is that crime will be uprooted from the system, especially in the United States.

On this front, sources at the Pentagon say that the number of sealed indictments in the United States reached 70,000. Two huge prison barges go to Guantanamo from New York and California to accommodate all the arrested criminals.

Another indication of what is happening can be seen in the fact that Trump sent a notice to Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan that “National Emergency Executive Order 13818 of December 20, 2017 (the translation is on the disclosure forum) was extended by one year, blocking property and seizing the assets of persons involved in serious human rights violations or corruption, ”sources say.

Guilty in Israel and Saudi Arabia will also be brought to justice, promise Russian sources in the FSB. To this end, the Russian government provided detailed and extensive evidence that the so-called "White Helmets" were a criminal organization that stole organs, staged sarin gas attacks and robbed historical treasures. This means that the actor George Clooney will be one of the many "celebrities" whose path lies in Guantanamo.

The mass murderer Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mohammed Bean “take off their skin with them alive.” Salman are other criminal elements that are brought to justice, say sources of the CIA, the Pentagon and the FSB. In addition, criminal members of the Biden, Pence, Clinton, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Dupont, Iwasaki, and other families have been identified for justice, who thought they were too rich to ever go to jail, sources say.

Also, sources at the Pentagon say that the sentencing for the former head of the Defense Intelligence Directorate, General Mike Flynn, was postponed until March 13, 2019, "during this time, bombs will be dropped on declassifying FISA documents, military tribunals and other truths."

To ensure that the removal of high-profile criminals continues unabated, Pentagon sources say: “Trump may appoint another Supreme Court judge to reinforce the real conservative majority, because the liberal hag hails [US President Donald] Trump Ruth Ginsburg dies from cancer. This is even more important than [Judge Brett] Kavano, because Chief Justice John Roberts was blackmailed to confuse the Liberals, and he could also be replaced. ”

Message to Judge Ginzburg: Your goals, such as equal rights for women and minorities, are now part of the social fabric of society, so please say goodbye to dignity.

Another thing is that in December, Generals of the Marine Corps John Kelly and James Mattis announced their resignation from the post of chief of staff of the White House and the Secretary of Defense, respectively. We also saw the announcement that Army General Mark Milli was appointed as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to replace Marine General Joseph Dunford.

Replacing all three former marines at the top of the hierarchy of US power occurred simply because they achieved their goal of being a spearhead, Pentagon sources say. Now, after creating a foothold in Washington, the US Navy and Army will take up more extensive organizational and reconstruction issues that will arise in the near future, sources say.

In addition, one source at the Pentagon said that Mattis and Kelly wanted to leave the administration before the US government officially became bankrupt. Instead, they will focus on enforcing military tribunals. As soon as the Washington establishment will be cleared, and the criminals will be brought to justice, both will consider the possibility of entering a public office in 2020, the source said.

It was also nice to hear that Robert David Steele was nominated as new Minister of Defense Gordon Duff, the chief editor of the Veterans Today website - a man who knows better than anyone that almost all veterans hate war and despise those who want to wage war arrived. candidate-with-a-grand-strategy /

Interestingly, while Duff is internally opposed to Trump, and Steele is Trump's supporter, Duff still wants Steele to take over as Defense Secretary in the Trump administration.

There are serious discussions about the implementation of Steele’s "open source for all" ideas in the experimental zone (perhaps in Manchuria) as one of the ways to provide secret military high technology to the public in a responsible manner.

Steele, when asked about his nomination as a candidate, promised that if he was elected, he would not only free up secret military technology, but also do everything possible to implement the long-awaited and much discussed disclosure of the “secret space program."

We still do not know the exact time when all these changes will occur. We were promised military tribunals in January, but the timing of the global monetary reset is not yet known.

However, there are two hints that next May may be this time. First, a new Japanese emperor will ascend to the throne. As the oldest royal family on Earth, the Japanese royal house, according to other royal lines, will be the one who put the official seal, which will mark the beginning of a new financial system. Another less significant hint is that after the Belgian prime minister decided to resign last week, the king of Belgium asked him to stay until May.


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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 25, 2018

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth and to Ken who uncovers unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children.

Judy Note: Where we think we are as of early Tues. morning Dec. 25:

A. The Plan: RV/GCR Release = Indictments Unsealed = Mass Arrests = Martial Law Enforced = US Space Command Active = Military Tribunals Held = Republic Restored = GESARA Law Implemented = New Elections Held = Fair Tax System for All

*On Dec. 23 a launch of the first national security mission via the Falcon 9 Rocket was said to represent a launch of the new financial system.

*That date of Dec. 23 just “happened” to be the 105th Anniversary of the instigation of a now-defunct Federal Reserve that since 1913 had collected 100% of US taxpayer monies through the now-defunct IRS and paid those funds to the Crown of England and 300 private shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank – all of which was controlled by the Vatican through their Central Banks across the globe. Monies were eventually returned to the New York Central Bank where the government was “allowed” to borrow on them to pay federal employees – creating the national debt.

*So since 1913 none of the income tax collected by the IRS has gone to the federal government, which has been totally funded through Back Budget sources such as gun, drug and human trafficking, plus off-budget accounting on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

*Redemption/Exchange Appointments: In order to set our redemption/ exchange appointments rumor was that we could be contacted from now to Dec. 25 evening by an emergency text or email asking us to follow instructions.

*Stock Market Crash: A Stock Market crash was essential to The Plan to take down the fiat US dollar and corrupt Federal Reserve. Since Oct. 1 the Stock Market has been in free fall, lost all of 2018 gains, reached 2008 levels and on Mon. Dec. 24 the Dow dived over 650 points in the worst Christmas Eve close ever, following the market's worst week in a decade. With an expected introduction of temporary Martial Law after Dec. 25, investors were expected to sell their shares in mass, resulting in the Stock Market likely dropping another 25% or more. The Plan was to save the economy through a revaluation of the fiat US Dollar into gold/asset-backed US Note via a Global Currency Reset.…

*Likely appointments to redeem/exchange would be at military bases (with civil personnel off work for the Christmas-New Year holidays) and believed would be scheduled during the unsealing of Indictments, Mass Arrests and declaration of Martial Law – that could be going on right now, or would begin right after Christmas Dec. 25.

*Q had said that government elites listed in the indictments had been given notices of their criminal prosecution. On Fri. Nov. 30 the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Pences and George Bush Jr.s including Jeb, were videotaped at Cabal Leader George HW Bush’s funeral being handed envelops believed to contain their indictment notices.

*While the Fri. Nov. 30 handing out of indictments to global elites at President HW Bush’s funeral appeared to be Day One of a countdown to Mass Arrests, a week later Fri. Dec. 7 appeared to be Day One of a countdown to Martial Law when a “QAnon” message was sent from top US generals to the American people warning them of what was soon to occur.

*The message indicated that Mass Arrests and Martial Law could come into effect during the holiday season Dec. 24 to 31.

*Government Shutdown: The shutdown of the U.S. government over the holidays was about a financial reboot and upcoming military tribunals. Congress was in recess and President Trump’s recent Executive Order excused federal employees from work. Civilians working for the military have reportedly been given extensive leave over the holidays. President Trump was staying at the White House instead of going to Florida for Christmas in order to control the situation. The shutdown included closing the old US Treasury, which along with closure of government offices including the Federal Reserve and IRS, would prevent Cabal-owned banks from taking in Zim Bond Notes, exchanging currencies and participating in the GCR/RV.…/treasury-secretary-mnuchin-held-call…

*By year’s end the Federal Reserve and IRS would be eliminated, Central Banks reorganized and announcements made on the GESARA Law (freedom from debt of the Federal Reserve), US Restored Republic and a new Flat Tax System - said to be 17% on newly bought items only, with no tax on food or medicine.

* It was not expected that Congress would return on Jan. 3 because of the government shutdown, plus pending arrests on at least 1/3 if not more, of Congressional members named somewhere in the 66,568 sealed indictments.

*Mass Arrests could create chaos within the country, so it was advised to be prepared with food, water, fuel and cash in case stores, banks and businesses were closed due to civil unrest.

*On Jan. 2 2019 Federal courts across the nation would begin trials for those arrested as a result of the 66,568 indictments, plus was the start date for Military Tribunals for those sent to GITMO.
* Zim redemptions and currency exchanges requesting the higher back screen rates would need to be completed by Jan 7, the same date as the general public was set to begin exchanging.

*The new US elections would be completed sometime in April-May 2019.

Trump’s Tweets:
Q Posts:
Sealed Indictments as of Oct. 30 (66,568):…/Sealed-Indictments

B. Dec. 24 2018 11:46 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 24, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. The Alliance continues to work tirelessly throughout the Holidays on starting the transition.

2. All countries are being forced to a consensus on the QFS and GESARA.

3. It has been rumored in the past that POTUS must be out-of-country in order for the RV to begin. Trump was currently out-of-country (in Washington D.C.) for Christmas.

4. If the RV begins, mass indictments and military tribunals will start as early as January, while 2019 will be a year to remember.

C. Dec. 24 2018 9:40 am EST Reboot Over Holidays, Fulford: "Reboot Over the Holidays" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 12.24.18 Benjamin Fulford

1. Confirmations from highly placed sources indicated that a reboot of Western civilization was planned for 2019.

2. The shutdown of the U.S. government over the holidays has nothing to do with building a wall, and everything to do with a financial reboot and upcoming military tribunals.

3. U.S. troops were being withdrawn from various conflict zones in order to pave the way for world peace, CIA sources said. “U.S. President Donald Trump is pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the Ukraine to terminate the Deep State and the Zionists, since the global currency reset requires peace and cessation of hostilities.”

4. European royal family sources concurred that preparations were under way for a reboot of the global financial system. The current U.S. dollar, Euro, and Japanese yen-based system was bankrupt and dysfunctional, these and other sources agree.

D. Dec. 24 2018 Imploding Wall Street, Eraoflight:…/imploding-wall-street-in-the-week…/

E. Dec. 23 2018 Treasury Secretary Mnuchin called the CEOs of major banks to shore up confidence in the U.S. financial system amid the recent market turmoil:…/treasury-secretary-mnuchin-held-call… Martha note: Bet that’s not all they talked about.

F. Dec. 22 2018 US Zimbabwe Embassy Suspending Routine Services:…/united-states-mission-in-hara…/

Effective Dec. 22 there would be a lapse in appropriations funding some parts of the U.S Government. The United States embassy in Harare Zimbabwe has announced that it is suspending routine services following a government shutdown in the US that resulted in the cutting of funding. All scheduled passport and visa services at the U.S Embassy will continue, and emergency services for U.S citizens are still available. All other routine U.S Embassy services are suspended until funding resumes. The U.S Mission in Zimbabwe will not be not be updating its social media platforms during the lapse in appropriations.

G. Dec. 24 2018 9:30 am EST Mnuchin Calls Bankers to Convene Plunge Protection Team: Mnuchin Calls Bankers to Convene Plunge Protection Team

H. Dec. 24 2018 9:48 pm EST Trump, Central Bank, Rothschild: X22 Report: Trump Points at Central Bank, Rothschild Responds

All players are there for a reason, they have specific skills that are needed at specific times. Mnuchin has a specific skill set,he is a Goldman boy and knows how to manipulate the market. Mnuchin tried to build confidence in the market but it might have backfired. Trump calls out the Fed and Rothschild responded. A bill was introduced in the beginning of 2018, to define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

I. Dec. 24 2018 9:25 pm EST Bush Family and 9/11, Reader: Reader: Marvin Bush, George's Brother... A Family Affair and 9/11


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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 29, 2018

Compiled 29 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces.” Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:…/pages/…/590/stories.html

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth and to Ken who uncovers unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children.

Judy Note: Where we think we are as of early morning Dec. 29:

How America was almost Destroyed by Criminals (video):

A. The Plan - Operation Q: Operation Q was in Phase 5 of 5 phases to save the economy and gain back control of US political affairs through restoration of the original Constitution and a revaluation of the fiat US Dollar into a gold/asset-backed US Note via a Global Currency Reset. Such would dissolve the Federal Reserve and return US taxpayer money back to The People.

Government Shutdown = RV/GCR Release = Indictments Unsealed = Mass Arrests = Martial Law Enforced = US Space Command Active = Military Tribunals Held = Republic Restored = GESARA Law Implemented = New Elections Held = Fair Tax System for All.

*Redemption/Exchange Appointments:

1. The new Quantum Financial System was fully integrated, operational, impenetrable, mandated that all procedures be transparent and had been tested multiple ways.

2. In a Dec. 25 Christmas video that aired to troops in Iraq and elsewhere, Trump said that we were having a monetary reform this week. GCR/RV activation appeared inevitable before Jan. 1.

3. Pre-release meetings with the Chinese, UST in Reno and core account leaders for the GCR release indicated they would become liquid just prior to Christmas. Final sign offs happened Christmas Eve Dec. 24 when Trump was out of the country in Iraq (a requirement for the RV).

4. This morning Dec. 28 they had worked out a final plan with the WF and HSBC. The whole Alliance indicated they wanted to make sure the final paperwork was initiated Dec. 28.

5. Iraqi Prime Minister accepted President Trum’s invitation to visit Washington White House on New Year’s Eve Dec. 31.

6. The schedule to receive redemption appointments appeared to be between today Dec. 28 and next Tuesday Jan. 1, though likely on Sat. Dec. 29.
7. When New York City banks closed Sat. Dec. 29 at 8pm EST, the new 2019 global trading year would start Sun. 1am EST (10am GST in Dubai).

8. Tony stated his source said the RV was to happen by the end of the week, Dec. 29.

9. We could be contacted anytime today or tomorrow Dec. 29 through receipt of an 800#, or by way of an Emergency Broadcast System text, or email asking us to follow instructions to set our appointments.

10. Zim holders would be contacted by text messaging, redeem at military facilities and by contract would complete by Jan. 1.

11. Currency would use 800#s and exchange at off-site locations. Currency exchanges requesting the higher back screen rates would complete before the general public began exchanging as early as Jan. 2, (others have said on Jan 7).

12. Platforms and Prosperity Packages would be distributed on Jan. 3 or 4.

*Stock Market: The Stock Market needed to show radical volatility prior to the GCR so when the liquidity came the world wouldn’t know the Market was being manipulated to collapse global markets. On Dec. 26 Trump manipulated the Market into gaining over 1,000 points by tweeting a message to the financial community. In just the last two and a half days, the S&P 500 has witnessed its worst Christmas Eve showing ever, its biggest gain since 2009 and the largest positive reversal since 2010.The volatility would continue as mass amounts of monies became liquid during the GCR.

*Restored Republic: Trump appeared to be making the US fully GESARA compliant so that the US Republic would be Restored by Jan. 1, as were 209 sovereign nations wishing to participate in the GCR – although a few have not yet made it. By year’s end the Federal Reserve and IRS would be eliminated, Central Banks reorganized and announcements made on the GESARA Law (freedom from debt of the Federal Reserve), US Restored Republic and a new Flat Tax System - said to be 17% on newly bought items only, with no tax on food or medicine.

*Indictments, Mass Arrests, Martial Law

1. With the government shut down and most having been videotaped served their indictments at the Bush funeral on Nov. 30, the lack of communication from Former Presidents and First Ladys the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes; Former Vice President Biden, Former FBI Director Comey, Congresswoman Watters, Businessman and Ninth Circle Satanic Cult Leader Soros, Former Director of National Intelligence Clapper and Former CIA Director Brenenan indicated that they had been arrested on, or prior to Dec. 24 – the date of RV release.

2. On Jan. 2 2019 Federal courts across the nation would begin trials for those arrested as a result of over 70,000 indictments, plus was the start date on Military Tribunals for those sent to GITMO.

3. It was not expected that Congress would return on Jan. 3 because of the government shutdown, plus pending arrests on at least 1/3 if not more, of Congressional members named somewhere in over 70,000 sealed indictments.

4. The new US elections would be completed sometime in April-May 2019.

5. The New World Order agenda was all about foisting a One World Government upon the entire planetary civilization. One of the covert goals was to transform the U.S. into one of three corporate plantations that would make up the North American Union that was similar to the cataclysmic European Union. The wealthy elites planned on destroying societies and cultural ties in an effort to homogenize the various populations into corporate slaves. The globalists planned for a complete disintegration of all nation-states, as well as the dissolution of national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Many corporations, politicians and global elites such as full-time bagman for the Rothschild Crime Syndicate George Soros, exploited this plan for their own gain.

6. Over the past year over 70,000 indictments had been filed in federal courts across the nation – many involving pedophilia, although the actual charges were for other crimes. It was important to hold off arrests as long as possible while exposing the Cabal so when the arrests were done no one would be surprised.

7. Most of Washington and politics were involved in pedophilia activities and thousands would probably be arrested, but the pedophilia charges won’t be made public. The arrests would be linked to their other crimes, like fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, treason, sedition, murder, pick a couple.

8. POTUS call sign when he was flying to Iraq: RCH358.

Rearrange the letters and you have Hillary.

Rearrange the numbers and you get 835=Military Tribunal Service Charges.

9. Elites who have recently disappeared:

Former President George W. Bush Jr. - served Nov. 30, Twitter acct private now

California Congresswoman Maxine Watters - no tweets since mid December Dec. 15

Businessman, Ninth Circle Satanic Cult Leader George Soros – no tweets since Dec. 16

Former President Barack Obama - Christmas post from years ago, served Nov. 30

Former First Lady Michael Obama- served Nov. 30, no tweets since Dec. 20

Former VP Joe Biden - served Nov. 30, no tweets since Dec 21

Retired lieutenant general in the United States Air Force and former Director of National Intelligence under Obama James Robert Clapper Jr. - no tweets since Dec. 21

Former Head of the Hillary Clinton Campaign convicted pedophile John Podesta - no tweet since Dec. 21

Slick Willie Bill Clinton – Served Nov. 30, Christmas post from years ago, no tweets since Dec. 22

Hillary Clinton - served Nov. 30, Christmas post from years ago, Dec. 24 code on Air Force One indicated Hillary Clinton had been arrested Dec. 22.

Former CIA Director under Obama John Brennan - no tweets since Dec. 23

Former FBI Director James Comey - no tweets since Dec. 24

B. Dec. 28 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony:

1. The RV was supposed to happen by the end of the week Sat. Dec. 29.

2. Iraq has no changes.

3. New rates were pending on bank screens.

4. Iraq’s economic reform with the new Dinar rate was supposed to go into effect by Jan. 1.

5. There was chaos in the financial market.

C. Dec. 28 2018 2:56 am EST Justice for Hillary Clinton, Reader: Reader: Justice for Hildabeast? [HRC] Arrested?
POTUS call sign flying to Iraq RCH358.

Rearrange the numbers and you get 835=Military Tribunal Service Charges.

Yep she's been served for Treason.

D. Dec. 27 2018 11:53 pm EST Not Tweeting?, Tilton: "Not Tweeting?" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 12-27-18

Biden - no tweets 5 days

Michael - no tweets 6 days

Slick Willie - no tweets 4 days

Comey - no tweets in 2 days

GWB 43 - Twitter acct private now

Brennan - no tweets in 3 days

Hillary - Christmas post from years ago

Barry - Christmas post from years ago

Podesta - no tweet since 12/21

Clapper - no tweets since 12/21

Mad Maxine - no tweets since mid December.

Soros - no tweets for 11 days

Why are they not tweeting?!

E. Dec. 28 2018 2:38 am EST High Ranking Cabal Members Disappeared (video): (Video) High Ranking Cabal Members Haven't been Heard from! No Tweets, No Posts, Nothing!

to be continued.....


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F. Dec. 26 2018 2:36 pm David Zublick:

1. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been indicted, pled guilty and would be executed soon. She chose to go the route of Senator John McCain and Former President HW Bush in accepting a deal to maintain her legacy. Her comments defending pedophilia was her undoing.

2. CIA Director John Brennan has been indicted. In April 2011 he, under an assumed name, was on the FBI’s most Wanted List for offering young Mexican and Hondorun boys for sale. He has run a organization on the Dark Web that sold young children as young as three for exploitation, plus sold babies for Satanic human sacrifice ceremonies.

3. Part of Brennan’s child exploitation ring, actually run by the Vatican, were senior members of the Vatican, EU, Security Council of the UN, Red Cross and Peace Corps.

G. Dec. 26 2018 17:03, Anon: Hillary Clinton has been served by Military Court. POTUS was insulated/protected abroad.

H. Dec. 27 2018 10:07 pm EST The Whistleblowers (video), Ron Paul: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: Remember the Whistleblowers

1. Panel of five whistleblowers and entire 2018 conference is available to view.

2. John Kiriakou, the former CIA officer who was the only person to be jailed in the horrible torture scandal. No, he was not jailed for waterboarding or interrogating detainees to death. He was jailed for blowing the whistle on CIA torture.

3. Former senior NSA officer Thomas Drake's horrific tale of persecution for bravely upholding his oath to the US Constitution had many in the audience gasping for a breath. Others (me included) wiped tears over how his life was destroyed over his decision to expose government crimes.

4. Former CIA officer Phil Giraldi, heroic whistleblowers' attorney Jesslyn Radack, and State Department Iraq war whistleblower Peter Van Buren.

I. Dec. 28 2018 2:40 am EST Mass Sealed Indictments (video), Wilcox: (Video) David Wilcock -- The Mass Sealed Indictments are Ready

1. The over 70,000 sealed indictments came from secret grand juries.

2. The early part of 2018 the indictments were ready to be acted upon, but they came across intel that allowed the investigations to greatly expand and get the higher people.

3. The #METOO Campaign has brought out extensive intel from Hollywood and Washington DC.

4. It was important to hold off arrests as long as possible while exposing the Cabal so when the arrests were done no one would be surprised.

J. Dec. 28 2018 The Trafficking of Children, Starship Earth:…/sub-rosa-pizza…/ Most of Washington and politics were involved in pedophilia activities and thousands will probably be arrested, but it won’t all be public. The charges would not all be revealed for what they truly should be. The arrests would be linked to their other crimes, like fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, treason, sedition, murder, pick a couple.

K. Dec. 27 2018 10:16 pm EST The Open Border, Treason in the US: SOTN: The Greatest Act of Collective Treason in U.S. History

1. US agents fire tear gas and rubber bullets at Honduran caravan migrants trying to illegally cross the US-Mexican border. Illegal aliens simply don’t do this unless they are paid and guided by their globalist paymasters and handlers.

2. Numerous members of the U.S. Congress as well as the Judicial Branch have refused to defend the extremely vulnerable open borders of the United States of America.

3. The very same treasonous members of Congress and the Judiciary are well aware of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists, MS-13 gang members and other hardened criminals from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Columbia, and other Central and South American countries who illegally enter the country every month. Then there are the countless drug traffickers, human traffickers, arms traffickers and other international cartel criminals who cross the open border at will.

4. Border patrols across the extensive border have also reported massive amounts of contraband and black market items, drug cartel violence, drug smuggling and open drug warfare with the 31 state governments as well as the federal government in Mexico City.

5. That there is even such a phenomenon as “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” that protect known criminals is equally shocking and unfathomable.

6. The DNC is actually a poster child for the nation’s communist party and socialist leadership. Whereas Barack Obama is their Vladimir Lenin, Hillary Clinton was meant to be their Joseph Stalin.

7. Why?

• Plentiful and cheap labor for Corporate America at a time of extreme international economic competition

• Stream of needed military recruits for the U.S. Armed Forces who are guaranteed a fast track to citizenship

• Illegal drug revenues are deposited in the large banks that are too big to fail

• Illegal human trafficking generates huge profits and feeds the appetite of the power elite

• Illegal arms trafficking produces illicit profits for both corporations and government

• Democrats use illegal aliens, economic immigrants and war refugees to rebuild their shrinking base

• New World Order globalist cabal cynically uses illegal immigration as the cudgel of multiculturalism just as they destroyed Europe

• DACA and anchor babies are systematically used to dilute the U.S. population descended from European ancestry.

• Operation Gladio use the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered

• Gladio is also stealthily building a secret army, nationwide, of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other-soldier-of-fortune wannabes

8. The Republican Party has not helped President Trump with building the wall. They have even more desperation to satisfy the vested interest of Corporate America than the Democrats traditionally do. The Military-Industrial Complex has always been a pet project of the GOP as are Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agra, etc. Moreover, all the “Fortune 1000 Companies” that support the National Security State are major campaign donors to the Republican Party.

9.The real problem is that the existing lawlessness and engineered chaos have provided an opening for real bad actors like George Soros to exploit for his personal gain. As a full-time bagman for the Rothschild Crime Syndicate, Soros is merely a pawn on the New World Order geopolitical chessboard… and he really doesn’t know it.

10. One of the covert goals is to transform the U.S. into one of three corporate plantations that will make up the North American Union. Similar to the cataclysmic European Union, the wealthy elites plan on destroying societies and cultural ties in an effort to homogenize the various populations into corporate slaves.

11. The globalists are planning for the complete disintegration of all nation-states, as well as the dissolution of national sovereignty and territorial integrity. What better way to achieve this calamitous objective than to preach multiculturalism and unchecked immigration at every turn. Deep State Operatives, Agents of the Crown, Globalist Pawns & Jesuit Hitmen

12. When you consider the actions and pronouncements of Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, it’s quite clear that these traitors are foreign agents working for those moneyed interests who want to destroy American sovereignty.

13. The New World Order agenda is all about foisting a One World Government upon the entire planetary civilization. In view of the clandestine strategy to collapse the American Republic, all U.S. Congress members who are following the dictates of the cabal — wittingly or unwittingly — should be removed from office post-haste.

14. Politicians such as Governor Jerry Brown, Rep. Adam Schiff, Sen. Diane Feinstein, Rep. Maxine Waters and many other Democrats ought to be arrested immediately, as they are downright dangerous to the U.S. citizenry. Of course, George Soros, the Obamas, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and other key leaders of the Purple Revolution must also be apprehended asap. There are also a number of RINOs who should be expeditiously banned from public service who are cut in the same mold as the obvious turncoat John McCain.

15. The only effective way of prosecuting so many traitors is under the rubric of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Hence, military tribunals must be formed with all deliberate speed if the Republic is to be saved from the barbarians inside the gate.

16. There were many George Soroses in the world who are working 24/7 to wreck and ruin the United States the same way they did the European Union (Just look at France, Germany, Italy and Sweden today!) By overwhelming so many EU nations with paid immigrants, many a town has been overrun by border crashers as government services have been pushed beyond their limits. The same is in store for the USA.

17. It’s the many unseen globalist movers and shakers within the International Banking Cartel who pose the greatest danger to the American people.

18. President Trump must take decisive action before the globalist camp does something radical to curtail his powers, one way or another. Perhaps the POTUS really is on to the worst perps and their plans to overthrow him and his administration if the following unprecedented narrative is valid. Something quite HUGE is about to go down: Martial Law, Military Tribunals, or both?

L. Dec. 28 2018 Federal Reserve Bank Colludes with Deep State to Crash Stock Market:…/the-fed-is-the-real-enemy…/

1. The current Rothschild Crime Syndicate was only the latest incarnation of a draconian system of currency control and manipulation that goes back over 5000 years. Before there was the Black Nobility of Northern Italy in the late 1200s, and before then the Babylonian Brotherhood of the ancient Middle East, with many other bankster entities in between.

2. The George H.W. Bush funeral alone has got people talking like never before. See Something quite HUGE is about to go down: Martial Law, Military Tribunals or Both?

3. The upcoming BIG EVENT. See: Trump’s been on a very serious mission preparing for the real battlefield after January 1, 2019

4. Even the well-timed government shutdown will have many unintended benefits. Not only is this brilliant political move revealing the Democrats and RINOs as stone-cold traitors to the American Republic, it’s giving the Trump administration the legitimate pretext to jumpstart the military tribunals for mass treason.

5. The FED chairman and his fellow governors ought to be the first on the docket. The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, it’s supranational. There’s no reserve; it’s actually in deep debt. The FED is really not even a bank; it’s a printing press that makes Federal Reserve Notes, which are debt instruments not assets with real value, out of thin air.

6. Trump’s only alternative is to: Fire Powell Now … BEFORE HE CRASHES THE MARKETS! And, to do so before a market crash sets up a cataclysmic domino effect that has been pre-planned by the New World Order globalist cabal for decades.

7. Deep State and the FED Are Conspiring to Crash the Markets and Collapse the Economy

M. July 20 2018 Democrats In Panic After Vatican Secret Exposed?, Jacobs

1. A damning new video (no longer available on the Web) has sparked a wide-ranging scandal that implicates everyone from Pope Francis to John Podesta and even Hillary Clinton.

2. It details a batch of secret John Podesta emails which expose a shadowy relationship between the Vatican, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party in general.

3. Adding fuel to the video’s shocking allegations, the New York Attorney General’s office today issued subpoenas to every single Catholic diocese in the state.

4. It couldn’t come at worse time for Pope Francis and the Vatican who are currently ensnared in their own scandal involving child abuse throughout the Catholic Church.

Among other things, the reveals the secret flow of dark money into Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign as well as the campaign’s attempt to influence the Vatican on a host of previously undisclosed issues.

5. The charges are seen as so explosive they could take down both the Vatican and the Democratic Party at once.
N. Dec. 28 2018 More than 10 politicians on list police investigating Paedophile Ring: More than 10' politicians on list held by police investigating Westminster 'paedophile ring' Whistle-blower who prompted Operation Fernbridge says up to 40 MPs and peers knew about or took part in child abuse More than 10 current and former politicians are on a list of alleged child abuser.

O. Dec. 25 2018 Obama knew Alqida Planned Bengazi 10 Days in Advance:

#Net4TruthUSA 338 — Drop Everything CRITICAL INTEL -

Ambassador Stevens was the go between Traiter44 and ISIS, brokering nuclear missels to Iran, Clinton purposefully did not respond and four people were killed in Bengazi plus they killed the entire Seal Team. Obama knew Alquida planned Bengazi 10 days in advance and was shipping arms from Bengazi to Syria.

P. Dec. 28 2018 The Dark Side of Steven Spielberg and Hollywood: Stillness in the Storm (Fully Sourced) The swamp is being drained and the scum of Hollywood and their sins are being exposed. Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer and even Dustin Hoffman exposed. Former Hollywood child stars seem to all be pointing fingers in one direction. Let’s examine the dark side of Steven Spielberg.


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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 30, 2018

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth and to Ken who uncovers unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children.

Judy Note: Where we think we are as of early morning Dec. 29:

The Plan - Operation Q:

Operation Q was in Phase 5 of 5 phases to save the economy through a revaluation of the fiat US Dollar into a gold/asset-backed US Note via a Global Currency Reset, plus gain back control of US political affairs through restoration of the original Constitution.

Such would dissolve the Federal Reserve and return US taxpayer money back to The People.
Rumored Schedule:

Oct. 1 2018: Designed Stock Market Collapse began

Nov. 30 2018: Indictments served: Bush Jr., Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Pence, Biden

Dec. 15 2018: Mass Arrests began

Dec. 21 2018: US Government Shutdown began.

Dec. 21 2018: Two FEMA prison barges headed to Gitmo.

Dec. 24 2018: RV/GCR formal release.

Dec. 28 2018: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama arrested.

Dec. 29 2018: 1,000 Indictments unsealed including on Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Ried

Dec. 29 2018: Seven FEMA prison barges headed to Gitmo suspected to contain those named in 1,000
indictments unsealed so far such as former CIA Director John Brennan, Former President Bill & Hillary Clinton, Former FBI Director James Comey, Former Senate Leader Harry Ried, Former President George Bush Jr., Former President Barak Obama, Former VP Joe Biden, VP Pence.

Dec. 29 2018: General Mattis headed to Gitmo for prison intake.

Dec. 29 2018: Federal Reserve and IRS ended by Trump Executive Order.

Dec. 29, 30 or 31 2018: Redemption/exchange appointment info released.

Dec. 30 2018: New global trading year begins.

Dec. 31 2018: Deadline for Zim redemption.

Jan. 1 2019: US Republic restored

Jan. 1 2019: GESARA announced.

Jan. 1 2019: Central Banks eliminated.

Jan. 1 2019: Flat Tax implemented.

Jan. 2 2018: Military Tribunals begin.

Jan. 2 or 7: General Public begins exchanging.

April-May 2019: New Elections held.

Date Unknown: Martial Law Enforced, US Space Command Active.

A. Redemption/Exchange Appointments:

1. The new Quantum Financial System has been successfully tested multiple times, was fully integrated, operational and impenetrable, with a mandate that all procedures be transparent.

2. In a Dec. 25 Christmas recorded phone call to the troops in Iraq and elsewhere President Trump announced that we would see monetary reform this week, meaning by Sat. night Dec. 29. Tony also stated his source said that the RV was to happen by the end of the week.

3. Pre-release meetings with the Chinese, UST in Reno and core account leaders for the GCR release indicated they would become liquid and final sign offs made Christmas Eve Dec. 24 when Trump was out of the country in Iraq (a requirement for the RV).

4. By Dec. 28 a final plan and schedule had been approved for the GCR, with paperwork signed between Wells Fargo and HSBC.

5. Iraqi Prime Minister accepted President Trump’s invitation to visit Washington White House on New Year’s Eve Dec. 31, although Tony said it was Jan. 8.

6. Redemption appointments appeared likely to be received on Sat. Dec. 29 after all banks were closed by 8pm EST, while the 2019 global trading year started Sun. Dec. 30 at 1am EST (10am GST in Dubai). Others say it won’t happen until Dec. 31.

7. Zim holders (who could also exchange their currency) had an unknown deadline to begin, would be contacted by text messaging and redeem at military facilities.

8. Currency holders would use 800#s to make their appointments and exchange at off-site locations. Those requesting the higher back screen rates would complete before the general public began exchanging around Jan. 2 or 7 (these dates could have changed).

9. The General Public would exchange at banks by Jan. 2 or 7 (these dates could have changed).

10. Prosperity Packages would be distributed on Jan. 3 or 4 (these dates could have changed).

B. Stock Market:

In late afternoon Fri. Dec. 28 after three massive buy orders, the Stock Market went on another wild roller coaster ride. The Dow closed down 76 points from Dec. 27’s 800 point spike. The Stock Market would continue to show radical volatility so that mass amounts of monies released during the Global Currency Reset would act as a cover for a deliberate Market manipulation designed to collapse Stocks and eliminate large Cabal corporations, along with their old US fiat dollar system.

C. Restored Republic:

1. The Federal Reserve and IRS were eliminated by Trump’s Executive Order on Dec. 29.

2. Trump was making the US fully GESARA compliant so that the US Republic would be Restored by Jan. 1, as were 209 sovereign nations wishing to participate in the GCR – although a few have not yet made it.

3. By the first part of 2019 Central Banks would be reorganized and announcements made on the GESARA Law, US Restored Republic and a new Flat Tax System - said to be 17% on newly bought items only, with no tax on food or medicine.

3. Congress was not expected to return on Jan. 3 because of a government shutdown and pending arrests of at least 1/3 if not more, of Congressional members named in over 70,000 sealed indictments.

4. Throughout history the Cabal had been controlling votes of a great number of politicians through blackmail of their pedophilia, Satanic worship and money laundering activities.

5. These illegal acts were organized through Satanic worshipping global elites who ran an international gun running, drug dealing and child exploitation ring called the Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult that was organized by the Vatican, funded by the British Monarchy through Central Bank’s use of US taxpayer dollars and enforced by various mafias. See:…/pages/…/590/stories.html

6. Thousands would be arrested, though their pedophilia charges wouldn’t necessarily be made public, their indictments showing other charges like treason, fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, sedition and/ or murder.

7. On Dec. 29 the first of 70,000 indictments was unsealed, charging Hillary Clinton and 40 other global elites such as James Comey and Harry Ried, with Murder, Wrongful Prosecution, Abuse of Powers and Treason Against Peoples of the US.

D. Dec. 29 2018 9:50 am EST Hillary Clinton Indictment Unsealed (video): (Video) The Verified Indictment of [HRC]

1. Hillary Clinton’s unsealed indictment Case no 1:16 CV 1490 filed Feb. 16 2018 in the US District Court, Northern District of New York and served on defendants April 4 2018 regarded the Nevada Bundy Ranch and Hammond Cases. 649 pages and 27 videos

2. Charged: What appeared to be over 40 people including Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, FBI agents, US Attorneys, Judges, Magistrates, Local and state police, BLM, and NGO Contractors.

3. Charges: Murder, Wrongful Prosecution, Abuse of Powers, Treason Against Peoples of the US and was connected to the Uranium One Deal (Obama, Clinton).

4. Orders to the FBI and local law enforcement to end the Bundy Ranch case with violence came straight from the White House (Obama, Clinton).

E. Dec. 29 2018 10:32 pm EST 911 Emergency System, Faal: Sorcha Faal -- American 911 Emergency System Crippled After Chilling Trump Message

F. Dec. 29 2018 10:05 pm EST Aircraft Carrier at Gitmo: Navy Sources Claim an Aircraft Carrier will be Arriving at Guantanamo Bay


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Lighting Of The Galactic Line


Many thousands of years ago, as we all know, there were many wars in various parts of the Galaxy. Many beings of diverse systems had serious internal problems due to these wars.

Some beings had their physical and astral bodies destroyed in these battles and their fragments spread throughout the Universe. Many of these souls involved in these conflicts have incarnated in various Star Systems after these wars, and one purpose of this was the elevation of these warlike energies.

Beings with old quarrels among themselves would return and, in environments of duality, they could meet again, to rescue and illuminate their past.

Even before these incarnations, the polarization in these Galactic Wars was evident. One side wanted to stop the wars and seek diplomacy; the other side did not want it.

The wars continued anyway, because, no matter how one side wanted diplomacy, they found the increasingly intense and ferocious attacks by the other group unacceptable.

Thus, this final battle was played in physicality, especially here on Earth, where it was transferred for the final resolution, as well as other sectors of the Solar System, but especially the Earth was the main target of all this.
Among the diplomats being part of one factions, many decided that they would incarnate and one of their main tasks would be to try to unify and illuminate this old Galactic Line.

These were warned that they would suffer the consequences of these noble actions, as those of old would come with everything, still inspired by the warlike energy of conflicts, disharmony and domination.

Here we can see clearly in the Terran Plane situations where the two sides can be clearly seen: those who desire Peace, Harmony, Love, Diplomacy, Justice, Seriousness and the other side that tries to fight everything and anyone who tries to bring it to the surface.

This is a ransom from the old Galactic Line. It is Galactic History manifested in physicality, for its finalization.

A great opportunity for this healing is now, at the end of duality on this Planet. It is a unique opportunity for healing and for the energetic liberation from the past. Within Groups of Workers and Warriors of Light there are beings who were in these wars and you can clearly see this when there are attacks against each other.

When you observe Lightworkers and Lightwarriors attacking each other, keep in mind that this is part of what the Galactic War was, because one of the reasons for certain galactic wars to happen was due to the lack of diplomacy, understanding, and respect for each other’s way of being.

Groups began to polarize about 700 million years ago, groups that were working as allied. These polarizations began when a party wanted to follow a path but the other a contrary way. And the discussions started.

Former allied groups that had the same focus were now in open conflict and polarizing all serious work. Allies became enemies, partners became rivals and polarization began to spread, especially in this group with various races, Sirius, Orion, Alpha Centauri, Pleiades, Virgo, Arcturus, Aldebaran, Capella… These are some of the races whom members were involved in this conflict.

(Some beings belonging to these races were in this conflict that polarized this special group of Lightworkers. The approximate number of beings involved in this conflict is about 17 billion and many are now incarnated and acting as Lightworkers, again…)

This important call for reunification is happening now, when the Earth needs Union and Diplomacy. A call for non-polarization is urgent. The old conflicts will no longer hold.

The High Commands of the Light asked that this more direct information be given in an attempt to raise awareness of this matter. Lightworkers, Warriors of Light, not all have been involved in this conflict for millions of years, but those who have been, will feel a “thing” in their hearts the moment they read this post.

They will feel the truth of these words, feel a little squeeze, and at the same time, the need to fully integrate into Love and Light.

The call is for collaboration among all. Stop attacking, stop accusing, judge and punish. Stop creating more conflicts and/or feed more of this old energy. Do not repeat the past, which was so painful, and which has spread through various systems and peoples.

Give up using your hands. If you do not agree with the way your brother and sister work, have the least affection and respect for the Divine Spark and whatever your fellow Lightworker is doing, he is doing it from the heart and giving the best he can, and you, dear Lightworker, are here to empower his Light intent, not the shadows.

Beloved Masters, this is the moment where your souls begin a journey to a much more subtle consciousness, where cycles of imbalances and internal and external conflicts no longer make sense to you. Throughout your journey on this Planet, you yourself have been creating a bridge, in order to go into the heart space, and that is your inevitable destiny.

No matter how the old programming still invites you to be immersed in the domain games! This dynamic has already taken its place. However, this is the point of time you’ve waited for so long, creating the bridge to a heart-based conscience. It is already possible to see this beautiful pulsating place of Light.

You can already feel its luminous emanation, the energy of the Home and all that you have always sought through the numerous wars that you participated! Now, continue! Follow to the Heart! Put, definitely, your feet in this territory and like a mature soul, create the Planet that your heart desires!

Come on, masters! Together we are always stronger! Let your heart light up with the Christic Light, and never go back again!

I leave my Blessings, Love, Tenderness and Light and I say that any Worker of Light who wants to unite in heart, I will be open. We can create a Special Movement where all of us, all the Workers and Warriors of Light are aware. And this movement would be extremely important to dispel and prevent certain actions from the remaining darkness of the Planet.


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The Okingons Race


About 55,000 years ago, a race called Okingons came from a star system near the star Beta Centauri, in the constellation Centaurus. Due to a war established in that system, part of that race, warriors with strong warlike energy, being cornered by another even more warlike race, left that Star System with their ships and traveled to our Solar System and, approaching Earth, they all decided to stay.

They flew over the Planet and, especially in the area where they flew, were intimidated by another race already living on Earth that possessed great technological apparatus as well as warlike instincts.

A military confrontation took place in the area now known as Antarctica. It was a conflict that caused a large ships destruction of both the Okingons and the other race, also coming from outside the Earth and called Elealcos. The Elealcos race had come to Earth a little earlier from the Orion Star System, also fleeing a galactic war.

Thus, after that clash that destroyed many ships, the remaining Okingons entered the Inner Earth of the Planet and even there found some races already living there. They realized that there were already divisions and internal political contrasts, and this could eventually cause major conflicts in the future.

Already worn of battles, they isolated themselves in an area of ​​the Inner Earth where they had no contact with any other race, Outer or Inner. For a long time they remained isolated and, despite their instincts, they no longer used technology to attack the races already inhabiting the Earth.

Instead, they used their high telepathic ability, persuasion and mastery of the mind to try to influence other beings to do their wills, to become virtually their robots. This breed has a great capacity for mental dominance (such as Professor Xavier of X-Man).

For a long time they had influenced many beings on the surface, although they did not wish to be recognized or engaged in direct conflicts, they did so by using other beings as their puppets, through mastery.

They set up a large laboratory in the region of the Inner Earth where they lived, and from there they performed their work, especially the mental domain of some “key” people on the surface.

They, the Okingons, were also contacted by the high command of the Ashoris3/Chimera group to manipulate, from their laboratory on the Inner Earth, the selected people minds to follow certain protocols. One such dominated mind was Adolf Hitler.

The Okingons, after a long time, began to finally feel the need to stop this, when they were contacted by a special allied group of the Ashtar Command, which is acting on the Terran Surface. This attempt of contact had already begun some time ago, but without success, because the Okingons kept silent and avoided any contact with other races, whether they were inhabitants of the Inner Earth, outside the Planet, and even more with the surface, ( because they considered the race of the surface extremely inferior and unworthy to be heard and/or to have any credit).

After some time and with insistence of this specific allied group of the Forces of Light on the surface, they yielded and opened “their doors” for a diplomatic meeting. This meeting happened recently in the Inner Earth, the main entrance for that area is located in the Philippines.

This race has a varied appearance with some individuals being similar to baboon monkeys with beige skin tone, others are darker, and others rosy. The leaders of this group of beings are more humanoid, smooth skin in pinkish tone. They also have the ability to breathe in water.

One of the spokesmen for this group of beings was sent to negotiate directly with the allies of the Ashtar Command on the Terran Surface. The Okingons spokeswoman, a female expression named Nalu-nianina took the message from her superior to the allied team of Ashtar Command. This meeting happened in a spiritual way a few days ago and a big deal was closed.

There was, therefore, the breach of contract of the Okingons with the group Ashoris3/Chimera, which led to a retaliation of this group against Ashtar Command’s allies on the surface, retaliation that was outweighed by the strength and determination of this group.

The Okingons were very happy, because they were able to leave their Inner Earth “prison”. They were reinstated into the Galactic Community and, of course, the people’s leaders were brought to hearings, where they would clarify some actions against humanity on the surface . The leaders were so happy with their integration into the Galactic Federation that, smiling, they said they would agree and bear whatever “penalty” was needed.

They pledged to help Humanity on Earth and the Galactic Confederation in the process of galaxy ascension because they were able to leave the prison where they were in the interior of the Earth.

Thus, the Forces of Light request at this time that all Lightworkers, allies of the Ashtar Command on the surface, unite in support of this Okingons Movement.

How? There are several Okingons representatives on the Terran Surface, and with this process of Race Reintegration in the Galactic Community, a wave of Special Energy was released on the surface and on the Etheric Plans in order to awaken these representatives.

Intensive Light through meditations to stop any attempt by the Ashoris3/Chimera group to continue to retaliate due to the loss of their contract with the Okingons.

Other negotiations with races in similar conditions that remain on Earth are occurring and Lightworkers are being called upon for this special work in support of these Movements.

The Forces of Light call upon all, especially the representatives of the Ashtar Command on the Terran Surface, to support 6 Special Diplomacy Projectors to act and assist directly in these Reintegration Movements of these races to the Galactic Community.

Each one of these Projectors have a specific function, but will generally ensure the necessary security when certain diplomatic meetings need to take place in order for certain contracts to be broken, contracts which will release some races still trapped by other races and will also accelerate their Galactic Reintegration process.

There are about 6,000 Okingons representatives incarnated on the Terran Surface and about 600 in areas of the lower astral of the Planet. The Galactic Confederation with the Ashtar Command Force, all PVSE Avatars and allied, all legion of Lightworkers are connected in this diplomatic work, and especially Ashtar Sheran, demand the least respect, collaboration and mutual support among all who represent the Forces of Light on the surface.

I, Gabriel RL, thank you for the opportunity to serve by bringing this information and trusting it to be reverberated and understood, thanks to the open heart of all Lightworkers committed to these Truths.
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December 23, 2018


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the total Lunar eclipse on January 20th/21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event and Full Disclosure closer to us:

This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock between the Light and the dark forces, finally setting humanity free. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. The Light forces will have their focus on the whole American continent (North and South America), which will be completely covered by the eclipse:

Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful Grand Square between Moon and Lunar node conjunct, opposing Sun and Mercury, and squaring Uranus, Eris and Pallas. Multiple planets in this chart are making numerous powerful aspects (around 20 aspects in total!) with the Galactic Center, Pleiades and Sirius. This powerful configuration creates a point of maximum tension which is released in a big cosmic breakthrough.

At that point, Cosmic Central Sun will send a huge pulse of Light throughout the whole Creation. This pulse will be a trigger for the beginning of the final removal of all darkness from the Creation and a trigger for the beginning of the preparations for the new cosmic cycle.

The Light Forces have a certain plan for that day and that plan will be revealed only after the meditation is completed.

The purpose of our meditation is to anchor as much Light as possible on the surface of the planet.

We will be doing this meditation at the moment of the maximum of the Lunar eclipse on Monday, January 21th at 00:11 am EST in New York. This equals 2:11 pm JST in Tokyo, 1:11 pm CST in Taipei and Beijing, 7:11 am EET in Cairo, 6:11 am CET in Paris, 5:11 am GMT in London. Central and western part of US will still have Sunday, January 20th , the timing will be: 11:11 pm CST in Chicago,10:11 pm MST in Denver and 9:11 pm PST in Los Angeles.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Converted Time
Manila, Philippines
13:11:11 (1:11pm)
Monday, 21 January 2019


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the surface of the planet.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through Alcyone Pleiadian stargate, then going through the Sirius stargate, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness of this Universe until only Light remains. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings in the entire Universe.

5. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise.
6. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow colored stars scattered within that pillar of Light.

7. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise.

8. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in "America" and NOT as e in "Venus", and a is pronounced as a in "America") so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet.

This rainbow vortex calls upon the presence of your twin souls, soulmates, soul families, your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, dolphins, and other beings of Light. Visualize your twin souls, your soulmates and your soul families awakening and merging with you into One being in a mandala of Light.
Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Goddess wants Light and Light it will be!


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If we all push, 2019 will see final victory against the Khazarian mafia

December 31, 2018

Benjamin Fulford

Many signs indicate that 2019 will be a breakthrough year in the battle against the satan-worshiping Khazarian mafia.  Not only have mass arrests begun, but the mass-murdering part of the pharmacidical/medical establishment is finally being taken out as well.  Another obvious sign it is no longer business as usual comes from the fact that the U.S. military is being withdrawn from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.  And this time the U.S. government shutdown may actually result in formal bankruptcy procedures against the illegal corporate government that has occupied Washington, D.C. since 1871.

Let’s start with the U.S. military withdrawals, since they mark one of the biggest changes seen since the end of World War II when the perpetual war economy of the U.S. military-industrial complex began.  Pentagon sources say U.S. President Donald Trump’s Christmas Day visit to Iraq portends a pull-out from that country.  This follows withdrawal announcements from Afghanistan and Syria, as well as a ceasefire in Yemen.  We also note that almost all of the U.S. carrier groups are now at rest in their home ports.

Even more dramatically, the sources say, “Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan’s mission will be [to bring out in public view the] space force, bring troops home, release extraterrestrial and suppressed technology, close overseas bases, beat swords into plowshares and cut waste, while building a more lethal military.”  This means peace on earth and goodwill to all in a very real sense this holiday season.

The Pentagon sources also say the long U.S. government shutdown “makes it easy to arrest Deep-Staters embedded in the government.”  Furthermore, the first senior official to be publicly tried in “Nuremburg 2.0 will be[former CIA Director] John Brennan,” the Pentagon sources say.

Also, there is a lot of speculation about the Bush / Clinton criminal family and its slave Barack Obama, since apparently they all disappeared from the scene, since the beginning of the US government's stoppage. We all want to see them face a public trial for their many crimes against humanity, such as mass murder in Haiti, Japan, and elsewhere, and not just on selling US nuclear (uranium) resources to Russia in exchange of bribes. I hope this shows up on all the TV screens and monitors on the planet sometime early next year.

The other thing we need to see is the final fall of the European Union, which is exactly structured like the Soviet Union, with only a rubber stamp parliament and secret ballots for a single candidate for top positions.

On this front, Pentagon sources say German Chancellor Angela Merkel is being forced to withdraw German troops from Afghanistan while her slave French President Emmanuel Macron is being forced to withdraw French troops from Syria. That will remove control of the remaining money from oil and heroin, hastening the fall of their criminal regimes, CIA sources said.

There are also more signs that major changes will take place after May. As we noted last week, Japan will have a new Emperor in May coupled with the fact that the Prime Minister of Belgium, after his resignation was invited by the King to remain in his post until May. Now it turns out that Israel, too, will have a new government from May. The resignation of the Israeli government last week means that mass murderer satan Benjamin Netanyahu will finally face the much-awaited justice.

Top-level British intelligence officials and members of the British royal family say these events are happening because the world's intelligence agencies in recent years are secretly preparing to overthrow corporate governance worldwide. They used as main reference, a study of the Zurich Technical Institute that discovered the "Global Network of Corporate Control - GNCC, or Global Network of Corporate Control".

"The superstructure of this arrangement is the triumvirate formed by the DC, City of London, and Holy See corporations. No wonder I have often heard of issues discussed on the streets, at elite bars and restaurants in London - diplomacy and the necessary discretion are hard to find among those motivated by personal and corporate greed - that's the best of them, or the details, "a British royal family source noted.

The plan of action to overthrow this triumvirate was drafted by the National War College, the United States, sources said. "Liquefaction is the most effective method of leveling any superstructure, as described above," the source said. That is what led to the decision to temporarily close the US government, he added.

This source also said that it was the European and Asian royal families who decided to remove the Rothschilds and other banking dynasties from control of the financial system. "The Sovereign Heads of State will have to be extremely apt and capable for this, which in part is a result of the abdication that happened in Japan," he said. Also, that is why the Queen of the Netherlands, the King of Spain, the King of Belgium, the "Cursed Pope", the Emir of Qatar and other rulers for life have abdicated, CIA sources said.

According to the royal family member, "the new global governance - that is, the alliance of all Sovereign Heads of State - will have to be much brighter and stronger than any of the world's corporations. They will also have to be massively protected and immune from any influence - all diplomatic courts will have to be passed by a fine comb - there is a total forensic cleanup. " Of course, this does not mean that functional parts of the world banking system are being destroyed, all sources agree.

Satanic oligarchs, too, are condemned because they made a fundamental mistake when they decided to carry out their plan to kill 90 percent of the world's population, whom they called "useless eaters." That's because the very people they hired for their personal protection and their own families were about to be murdered. That's why Blackwater associates recently hired an ad, warning that "they're coming," according to a Blackwater associate.

As a result, the movement of sovereign governments and the people they represent to reassert control over corporations is becoming visible to all. For example, the California government has decided to sue the Rothschild-controlled Pacific Gas & Energy Company for murder because of the recent fires in California.

In addition, all the hysteria that "Russia stole the US-made elections" is being exposed by the coup that went with criminal prosecution of people who used Russia's coup to steal the recent Alabama senatorial election.

 The Vatican, long a solitary fighter against the misuse of vaccines for involuntary birth control, the spread of cancer, and other nefarious purposes, has persuaded the Italian government to revise its entire vaccination schedule after it has been shown that none of the vaccines being administered had the beneficial antigens they advertised to possess.

In addition, the global meat industry is finally being publicly attacked for spreading cancer through the poisoning of nitrite products.

Finally, we would like to finish this final report of 2018 with some signs of hope from the natural world. We already see that critically endangered animals are returning. For example, last year, beavers returned to Italy and Scotland for the first time in 500 and 300 years, respectively. Meanwhile, in Japan, the crowned ibis was taken off the red list of endangered animals.

To raise hope, take a look at this list of 25 species that have recovered from the brink of extinction, ranging from eagles to pandas.

Fascists (remember that Fascist basically means corporate governance) need to realize that it would be much more profitable to turn "useless eaters" into useful eaters than to kill them. They also need to understand that high population density is compatible with virgin nature, provided there is good government. This can be seen in places like Japan and Cuba.

So, Happy New Year, to everyone. Let's work together to make 2019 one of the best years in all history, whether human or not.


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Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid next cabalist to be executed as military tribunals begin

January 07, 2019

Benjamin Fulford

The Bundy Ranch villain and traitor, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is going to join John McCain and George Bush Sr. and be executed for treason, Pentagon sources say. Like McCain, Reid will officially die of cancer and be allowed, as condemned men are, the right to a few last words, the sources say. Reid chose to badmouth U.S. President Donald Trump.…/-Terminally-Ill-Harry-Reid-Mince…

While senior public figures like Reid are being allowed to die “naturally,” others will be executed by lethal injection, Pentagon sources say. The sources also confirm that military tribunals have already begun and that military justice is swift.

Meanwhile, the shutdown of the U.S. government, now entering its third week, is likely to lead to the declaration of martial law, the sources say. The unfolding scenario will see military intervention after unpaid prison guards and airport security walk off the job, while food stamp recipients start hunger riots. The U.S. military is fully funded for the next year, so there is no need to worry about a mutiny by unpaid soldiers, by the way.…/hard-digest-inmates-eat-holiday-s……/airport-security-screeners-calli……/funding-for-food-stamps-p…/1688602045

“The Roman Curia is supposed to rule over their creations—trusts, foundations, C Corps, S Corps, LLCs, and so on. Now, to their credit, the Curia has weighed in and liquidated a great many municipal corporations involved in criminal activities. This includes the UNITED STATES, INC., which has been subjected to Chapter 7, Involuntary Bankruptcy. They are now in the process of ‘vacating’ the premises and have to shut down and leave D.C. for 90 days,” was what Judge Anna Von Reitz had to report on the situation.

Like a dream come true for many, we are also now seeing moves to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and fold the Federal Reserve Board into the U.S. Treasury Department, the sources say. Among other things, this means income taxes will be abolished and replaced with a sales tax on non-essential items, they say. Some independent confirmation of this can be found here:…/h-r-24-and-h-r-25-bills-sub…/

The U.S. military is also preparing for financial systems negotiations with China by sending troops to Africa and Brazil in order to seize key resources and thus bargaining chips (coltan for mobile devices, soybeans, etc.), the sources say.

With these chips in hand, Trump will be meeting Chinese Vice Premier and financial expert Wang Qishan at Davos on January 22nd. Here, the Global Currency Reset will be decided, the sources say. While many details have yet to be worked out, the Chinese, the Americans, and the European royals have all agreed to set up a future planning agency with a budget far larger than the UN, the IMF, and the World Bank, according to European royal family and Asian secret society sources.

The European royal family sources add that an agreement has also been reached to nationalize all of the major central banks that currently are privately owned, including the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England.
The bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation will also mean that holders of prosperity funds, farm claims, etc. will only be paid a fraction of what they are owed, a European royal family source says.

The other thing worth noting is that the Trump/Wang meeting will take place immediately after the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” that occurs on January 20th and 21st. As we have noted before, the secret rulers of the earth use planetary movements to time major moves. Native Americans call the full moon in January the Wolf Moon because that is when hungry wolves would approach human settlements. The fact that it is also a lunar eclipse, or a blood moon and a supermoon, is a sign that some sort of big moves are planned.…/rare-super-blood-wolf-moon-to-c…

Chinese Freemasons have long been saying that limited warfare may be needed before a final settlement can be reached. Perhaps that is why all U.S. carrier groups, obsolete and vulnerable as they are, are staying in their home ports. In this context it is also interesting to note the increased sabre-rattling over Taiwan recently.

It is also possible that there will be a purge of high-level officials who are blocking the Global Currency Reset (GCR). People like President Emmanuel Macron of France, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel come to mind as possibilities. Macron is under siege by patriotic yellow vest protesters who are calling for revolution and the nationalization of the Bank of France. Abe is under attack for selling Japan’s water resources to criminal corporations. Netanyahu is facing indictment for multiple crimes.

Also, the collapse of the U.S. dollar, Chinese yuan, British pound, and Australian dollar and a sudden rise in the price of gold and the Japanese yen on January 2nd, followed by a counterattack on the next day, gives us a hint of the secret players behind the GCR. Basically, the Asian royal families who control most of the world’s gold made a move against the oil people, who then fought back the following day. The fact that the NASDAQ index closed at the satanic price of 6,666 dollars ($6,665.94) on that day was obviously no coincidence.

In any case, the West will continue purging itself of its criminal overlords in preparation for the planetary reset. On this front, we are seeing a big document dump of 9/11 secrets, ostensibly by the “Dark Overlord” hackers group but probably by the NSA. Pentagon sources say the documents are being released this way to give Trump “plausible deniability.”…/criminals-who-run-deep-state-wi…

“Like a frog being boiled slowly, Trump plays the long game to appease Israel on Syria and by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem until the Zionists are terminated with 9/11 revelations,” is how one Pentagon source described the situation.

A big related move was the sudden and very unusual resignation last week of Sultan Muhammad V, the King of Malaysia.…/sultan-muhammad-v-steps-down-…

CIA sources in Asia say the resignation was due to his involvement in the Malaysian 1MDB embezzlement scandal that involves Goldman Sachs, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, and many others. This scandal is not only about stealing Malaysian government funds, but is also connected to the Malaysian Air 370/17 hijacking, mass murder of passengers, and nuclear blackmail of 58 world leaders in Holland during March of 2014.

There will also be revelations about Fukushima. Senior British Intelligence sources say UK efforts to carry out trials related to the March 11th, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder attack were stopped by “Jesuit agents.” One source, who says he was poisoned by the Jesuits and nearly died as a result, claims that “British and Irish Prime Ministers, acting in joint criminal enterprise with Enda Kenny and Leo Varadkar, have been instrumental in this affair.” George W. Bush was deeply involved in that attack, along with former top Jesuit Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the sources added. Then U.S. President Barack Obama was not involved, they said.

In addition to 9/11, 3/11, and Malaysian Air 370/17, the world’s public may also start to hear soon about human sacrifice and other horrors carried out by the world’s elite. For example, here is a cryptic answer given to us by a European royal when asked about human sacrifice:

“The activities of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult around the world are a source of very immense shame. Again, I am of the view it is a Khazarian mafia human compromise network to be stored away in a box and pulled out at the last minute when needed. In any and all cults, all are victims. This is extremely serious stuff and needs to be handled by highly trained forensic teams. It is a very dark chapter in the history of humanity.”

Once the psychopathic rulers of the West are finally overthrown and forced to face their crimes, humanity will definitely enter a golden age. For example, it was just announced that “photosynthesis has been hacked” to allow for a 40% increase in agricultural production without the need to destroy more virgin nature to make way for farms.…/scientists-have-hacked-photosynthesis…

In this context, we have also been asked to forward the following warning to President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil: “If you destroy even one square meter of the Amazon to replace it with soybean farms to feed Chinese pigs, you and every member of your cabinet will be hunted down and killed.” If Bolsonaro is smart, he can figure out that virgin nature can coexist with high population density and prosperity.

Once the new financial system is up and going, the U.S. military will be redeployed as a planetary protection force, and one of their top jobs will be to protect the remaining natural life on this planet. They will, of course, also always be there to protect the weak and the poor from bullies and exploitation.

Finally, to quote from Star Trek, they will be allowed “To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.


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Trump Reveals Massive Response To Assassination Attempt, While At Same Time Declaring Wars Of “Sand & Death” Are Over For America

jan 3, 2019

Barely 24-hours after the Foreign Intelligence Service reported that President Putin had warned President Trump about a potential assassination attempt, and whose believed assassin was killed during a gun battle with US Secret Service agents, a new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that during a limited press availability,

yesterday, Trump obliquely revealed the truth of this event by his describing how “I was all by myself in the White House…that’s a big, big house…except for all the guys out on the lawn with machine guns… I was waving to them…I never saw so many guys with machine guns in my life…both Secret Service and military”—and that immediately afterwards, then saw Trump declaring he would no longer tolerate America’s wars he rightly called nothing more than “Sand & Death”. 

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, with Afghanistan having now become the longest war in American history, President Trump railed against the “Deep State” warmongers in his nation by pointing out to them that the former Soviet Union had bankrupted themselves fighting in this region called “The Graveyard of Empires”—and to prevent the same thing from happening to the United States, saw Trump admitting that he “essentially fired” US Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis because he headed a US military that itself had to admit a few weeks ago that this war cannot be won.

Likewise about Syria, this report notes, President Trump further pushed back against the “Deep State” warmongers opposing him by his rightfully declaring that the US and its allies had already lost this war, too—with his exactly stating: “so Syria was lost long ago…it was lost long ago…and besides that, I don't want -- we're talking about sand and death…that's what we're talking about”.

The  bizarre absurdity that America has become today, however, this report continues, now sees the same Democrat Party that filed Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush for starting the illegal Middle East wars in the first place, now sees them to wanting to impeach President Trump for ending them—a distortion of common sense and logic so astounding, it led to William M Arkin, the award-winning 30-year journalist for NBC News, to resign yesterday and declare:

I thought that the mission was to break through the machine of perpetual war acceptance and conventional wisdom to challenge Hillary Clinton’s hawkishness.

It was also an interesting moment at NBC because everyone was looking over their shoulder at Vice and other upstarts creeping up on the mainstream.

But then Trump got elected and Investigations got sucked into the tweeting vortex, increasingly lost in a directionless adrenaline rush, the national security and political version of leading the broadcast with every snow storm.

And I would assert that in many ways NBC just began emulating the national security state itself – busy and profitable.

No wars won but the ball is kept in play.

With President Trump knowing that endless and needless war is the exact recipe one would need to destroy a nation, as history has long proven, this report concludes, standing in the wings to rebuild America once it collapses is the leftist Democrat Party—whose members of the US House of Representatives (that they now control), just yesterday, unveiled a radical mandate they call the “Green New Deal” that would see them leading a US government prepared to take total control of every single aspect of the American peoples’ lives from birth to death—but who first must go through Trump—a much easier task to talk about than to actually accomplish, as 2018 demonstrated beyond anyone’s doubt—and was the year the media predicted Trump’s imminent downfall…again, again… and again...all failed

Sucked into matrix of Trump TV: What 2018 was like for US mainstream media viewers
Jan 3, 2019
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The Days to Come

jan 5, 2019

We have spoken often about the waves of energy coming in which are increasing exponentially. The last wave peaked on the 16th of December and we are still feeling its effect. The next wave will peak on January 24th. There are also some major planetary effects coming up.

The best way to understand what is going on is everything on this dimension owes its existence to the higher dimensions. In the 4th dimension there are levels the lowest of which maintain some pretty nasty entities. Discarnate spirits, negative ETs, greys, reptilian, serpent beings, fallen Annunaki what many would call demonic or archons.

This is being cleaned up. The Luciferian or Satanic worshipers call on these entities for power over others, fame and material wealth. This is replete within the institutions where there is a hierarchical ladder of power. Religious, Political and corporate unfortunately in most cases become darker at the top. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the throne of the Pope and his hall.

This infiltration includes the movie and music industries. They are masters at manipulation especially with the first three chakras or levels of consciousness. Survival, Sex and Power. Sense gratification is their goal and it has degenerated to drugs, pedophilia, even child sacrifice the ultimate slap in the face to Creator.

Unfortunately, this has been taken to a point of no return with some especially with those they refer to as the deep state or dark hats. Trump whether you like him or not was selected by the white hats in the military due to the rapid decline of America, acts of treason beyond our wildest dreams, corruption and degeneration of the leadership.

Most have formed their opinion of Trump due to CIA operatives within the lame stream media as well as statements made by those, if exposed, have the most to lose. The ones screaming the loudest making the most accusations towards the white hats are usually the ones most guilty.

It is a very dark web, a network of depravity. People are sensing the character of these folks, the lies and deceptions. Most are walking away. I would go back to their past statements, know their agenda, who they are defending and watch as the house of cards fall.

The evidence is clear, the agencies were weaponized, along with the media to support a den of vipers. Hollywood and the music industry taking the moral high ground in their accusations is pure insanity.

When all is made known referring to some of these folks as vipers is a compliment.
Have you ever wondered why many of the old statues show Archangel Michael and Mary standing on or subduing a snake or reptile? It is not a representation of the double wound serpent represented in the caduceus or the rising kundalini.

What is happening is the source itself, God/Creator/Great Spirit whatever name you want to give it has said it is finished. There is a multidimensional force which includes what some would call Angelic, Arc Angels, Ascended Masters and some very spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, some of which were our ancient ancestors are pressing hard on the physical, 3d world.

The old draconian law or archon grid is collapsing. A cleaned up 4d and 5d world will take its place. Some are here to right a wrong due to the participation of some of their fallen ancestors.

It is all about frequency and ascension. The Earth is ascending. The higher dimensional benevolent forces are helping her to ascend. The unconscious and darker forces are caught in the middle. They are the perpetuators of the pain, suffering, poverty, stunting the evolution of humanity.

This began with an agreement made by Marduk, a fallen Annunaki with reptilian and other degenerate beings for total supremacy of the Earth. He warred on his own people. We have been under draconian law ever since.

A more recent example is when humans aligned with the same dark forces created United States of America Inc. We are not a democracy, we are a Republic with a constitution as the supreme rule of the land. It was a divinely inspired document created to put an end to tyranny and keep the power with the people. The founding fathers said we have given you a republic, let’s see if you can keep it. It is up to the people to remove the usurpers of that Republic and restore Universal Law.

This is what is unfolding on this 3d world as we speak. Do not forget there are legions of light warriors in the other dimensions also doing their part. Also, do not forget we all have to do our part. We need to be educated if we are to rule ourselves as to what happened in the past that removed the power from the people.

Who created and perpetuated the external gods and overseers diminishing personal power and the responsibility of each person to make their own personal God/Creator/Great spirit connection? Who has been controlling the people with that myth? Every real master on the Earth has made it very clear, God is within.

It is the spark which can ignite into the full flame, the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The connection resides next to the heart, the house of the soul.

The spell is broken, the truth is surfacing. Which side of the fence will you be on? Denial will not remove you from what is unfolding. It will affect everyone. This is not woo woo conspiracy this is fact, it is coming from enlightenment which means to be in knowledge of both sides of the coin, no more half-truths.

For those of you following the Qanon posts this gets down to the heart of the matter. For those who do not believe in conspiracy I would also recommend listening to this link. The corruption, sedition and treason are almost unbelievable.

If this were to get out in its entirety the infrastructure of the political system would fall. There has to be a systematic purge to avoid mass chaos and that is why it is taking longer than we would like. This purge is happening globally. The fallen souless Global Elite are sock puppets for an even darker unseen force. It is a cosmic, multidimensional war and their days are numbered. Universal Law will prevail. The Clinton destroyed servers, laptops and blackberries all point to this server and it is in good hands.
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MILITARY TRIBUNALS BEGIN - DOD Invites Press to Cover Hearings at GITMO Expeditionary Legal Complex

January 5, 2019

We've been waiting for them. Now, it appears they have arrived. The first of what will likely be many (possibly hundreds) of military tribunals has begun. The tribunals commenced on January the 2nd, according to the Department of Defense, and these proceedings began with a case that could very easily unravel the provably false mainstream narrative of the September 11th attacks.

Along with this news comes a new series of posts from Q Anon. When we see the correlation between these sources of intel (those being and the official D.O.D. website), it becomes clear that there is notable credibility and attention to informational accuracy included within the Q drops. These disclosures appear to be strategic in their timing and subject matter, and as we can see, the following post is no exception.

This post was made on January 5th (the day of the writing of this article) and according to the post, the itinerary of what many anticipated to be the Deep State take-down is ahead of schedule.

We might remember one clever reference made by Q a number of weeks ago regarding a certain succession of significant events.

Q Post 2417 - November 4, 2018

This image (above) was posted by Q on November 4, 2018, and suggests that there is a specific order of events that were planned for three successive days. It was unclear whether or not these dates were intended to reference the month of January. However, after the above Q post was revealed, the date of January 4th makes sense.

This would also explain the statement that the Q team and the patriots involved are now two days ahead of schedule. The events planned for the 4th ended up occurring on the 2nd (i.e., Guantanamo tribunals), and the events that follow may also be taking place earlier than anticipated.

It seems that all of the reports about the preparations and massive construction operations at Guantanamo Bay were just as substantial as anticipated. However, it is still important that we remain attentive and avoid getting ahead of ourselves with regard to oncoming disclosures.

We may wait in eager expectation to hear more recognizable names coming through the D.O.D. website fairly soon. Until then, it may be important to prepare for the anticipated public reaction to these revelations.

It has been predicted that many of those who have chosen to blindly default to mainstream propaganda may panic upon hearing the truths which come forward during these tribunals. These mainstream fanatics might believe that the world is ending when they see the opposite of many of the MSM narratives proving to be true.

This may require each of those who have done their research and are able to articulate their knowledge of these events to be available to explain these details to their friends, family, neighbors, etc. as events progress. This means that many of us need to come out of the conspiratorial closet in making this information public with those who may not be aware of it. By doing this, we can help to ease the shock which the public will likely experience if/when they see their once-admired public figures facing a military tribunal.

It is recommended that we only present information that can be officially substantiated (at least initially). It may also be a wise course of action to gain a working understanding of these matters so that if we are questioned on any issue, we can easily give a helpful answer or at least point people to the information they are seeking.
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Since our last update on November, 2018 a lot of things happened on the battle between the Alliance and the Cabal. I’ll try to sum up the events from October to December and give the last news from my talk with Rodrigo Romo this new year’s.

I’ll be as concise as possible. I’t s all about good news finally.

All the heads of the Cabal are captured! But I mean the galactic heads, the big guns. It was awesome to have the confirmation that Sarathen – the head and creator of the negative polarity in this universe – was imprisoned sometime by the end of 2018 together with all of his (or her – no gender at this level) generals while they were trying to invade Unversa, the capital of our local universe and headquarters of the “light” in a very bold and surprising move. Now they will face trial.

This event cascaded into our reality on Earth. One of the most recent clues was the so called “transformer explosion” in New York city. Similar occurrences took place in Kenner, Lousiana and Arizona at the same day and time. Those were the portals of energy opening so some Dracos could make their escape from underground facilities.

According to Romo, the battle against the Cabal is 85% won in our local cluster and about 69% on Earth. More cascade events to come but unfortunately we still have a strong Secret government here and some cosmic rules that can’t be broken such as our free will as a collective consciousness and the prime directive of non interference (that one I can debate). The total victory is imminent.

The solar flash event in this timeline is still being postponed – waiting for more of us to be ready for that to happen. The Earth is still preparing itself for the change and we can expect more volcanoes, earthquakes and all this stuff this year. More than normal, but nothing apocalyptic.

In my opinion, the most exiting event in 2019 will be the space force creation. There must be a lot of minor disclosures going on for that to happen.[/size]
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