Author Topic: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal  (Read 40762 times)

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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #15 on: Oct 01, 2011, 01:39 PM »
nakakainis yang ensemble travel, nakalagay sa package buffet breakfast for 2 sa la carmela pero yung binigay nilang docket packge nung i-aavail mo na set breakfast na lang... Napakasinungaling yang metrodeal and ensemble travel, wag n wag na kau bumii dyan ng package dhil hindi totoo... Mga manlilinlang na pag nkabili na bigla binabago yung pakage....

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manloloko lang ang metrodeal and e-travel ensemble, wag na kau bumili dyan.. Isa din ako sa mga naloko nya, hinayupak na cp nila, hindi sumasagot, nagbigay pa sila ng Nos. pro ayaw nila ientertain... Kabwisit yan.. Isang malaking SCAM lang yang METRODeAL and ETRAVEL ENSEMBLE.. Buti pa sa CASH CASH PINOY, ilang beses na ko bumili, totoong totoo...
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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #16 on: Oct 01, 2011, 07:23 PM »
Dear south22, I have just sent you a private message to assist you with your booking and get you booked asap. I have also sent you an email ( as per your profile here on PMT) with the same message. Regardung our current landline, 788-6591 (1pm to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays) it can happen sometimes that there is already a caller on the line, which is why the busy signal would appear. We will however have a few additional lines shortly, until then I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience.
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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #17 on: Oct 01, 2011, 10:35 PM »
To md_support:
  Its been almost a month since I made a request for the refund (voucher for Palawan trip) and till now no refund has been made, you always told me thru your emails that you need to confirm first to Ensemble if the voucher was used or not...the problem here is that you only made the verification thru email which Ensemble is not keen on replying for you can also do it by calling them.  Im now thinking of seeking legal help to remedy this problem with Metrodeal...     


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #18 on: Oct 04, 2011, 11:20 AM »
update: maybe they were shortstaffed last week but I got a reply just after a few minutes of my new email. yay! now another wait from mozcom naman. I hope everything goes well :)

Hi md_support, I sent you a PM about my refund case. Please check and get back to me asap.

On your site's FAQ it states:
Can I get a refund for my voucher?
    Yes! MetroDeal will provide a refund if you change your mind within five days after you've purchased your voucher and want to "return" the unused voucher.

You emailed me that the refund would be done in credits? I'm sorry but I will be going away and will not be able to use the credits.

A couple of feedbacks. Sana kung ganun you would also state clearly in the rule sa FAQ niyo na the refund is in credits and not in cash. Sa pagkakaalam ko a refund is return the payment. Also, the autoresponse email sent by support could be changed to state 24-48 business hours and not within 1 working day (when in reality it's more than that). Just to avoid misleading the customers. I work in the CS industry and it's always better to be give an average response time and meet it than a promise to reply fast when it can't be done. Thanks and HTH.
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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #19 on: Oct 05, 2011, 06:00 PM »
I tried making complaint on the Metrodeal Philippines Facebook fan page and it appears that I have been banned. I have left another complaint on the Metrodeal Manila Facebook fan page, it seems like I will probably get banned there as well. Not that I care, I won't be shopping with them again after this experience. I spoke with my lawyer and she will be accompanying me to their office this week to get things happening. Anyone who wants to join me write me an email at

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Here was their compromise. By the way the real ticket price is 8800 Pesos....

If you really want to travel on Oct. 29 - 31. We would like to ask for additional payment for the fare difference. The allocated budget for airfare is only
2150php head; that's round trip of course.
Here is the fare price for Oct. 29 - 31 2011.
Total Base Fare  (2 Adults) :7990.00 PHP
Fuel Surcharge: 800.00  PHP  Philippine Gov't Tax: 1090.00  PHP
Service Fee: 224.00 PHP
Total: 10104.00 PHP
Thank you

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Let's look at this compromise objectively...

Their budget is 2150 per head round trip

At best they can get that deal for around 5~10 weekend tickets per month.

A check on Metrodeal's site shows that over 2,000 tickets have been sold.

How can they fit 2000 tickets into 5~10 tickets per month, unless your willing to leave on a Monday to Wednesday evening of course.

By the way, they upgraded the small print on the new deal, but that small print was not there during my purchase time.

There was no peak blockout period defined.

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Here is the latest at 6:20pm Wednesday Evening

Then please book and reserve me on the zest air flight immediately.

I will pay the difference.

From: Ensemble e-Travel []

Subject: Re: PLEASE ASSIST! Reservation request from metrodeal voucher Kookaburra Lodge


Apology for the delayed assistance.

This are the information I gather for the flight fares in Oct. 29 - 31 2011

Cebu Pacific - 3,062php (fare difference per person)
Zest Air - 2,638php(fare difference per person)
Airphil - 3,138php (fare difference per person)

*pls take note fare price make change from time to time.

Thank you

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Bags: 0 kgs/pax


What does it mean 0kgs bags?
Penalty 312 pesos for baggage checkin?

Please check, and send me updated ticket if I’m wrong.

From: Ensemble e-Travel []

You may bring check-in luggage minimum of 3kilos only but when it goes beyond 3 kilos that is the time wherein you have to pay for the 312php. You can still hand-carry your luggage also.

Thank you.

Palawan Deal Executive

Have you ever travelled before?

Here is the problem with your statement.

•   The average suitcase weighs around 2~3 kilograms
•   You cannot carry on any toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc
•   2 or 3 changes of clothes will for 2~3 days travel will not fit into carry-on luggage.
•   If  I have to pay 312 pesos it means a hassle for me at the airport.

Even Zest Airways own website states standard

Baggage Allowance: 15 kgs

Once again let me remind you I have spent over 15,000 pesos on this trip, can’t I even expect the standard Baggage Allowance?
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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #20 on: Oct 08, 2011, 12:41 PM »
grabe! kainit ng ulo!hello..metrodeal and ensemble etravel! kung di nyo kaya i-accomodate lahat ng client nyo magsara na kyo at blik nyo pera ko!!! I WANT REFUND!!! PARA SA MGA KATULAD KO NA NABIKTIMA NG ENSEMBLE ETRAVEL,mag sama sama tyo gumawa ng action para sa mga balasubas na to!!! anung klase to,naglagay kyo ng contact number pero di macontact?!!!! sagutin nyooooo!!!!


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #21 on: Oct 13, 2011, 06:00 PM »
wag na wag kayong magpupurchase sa metrodeal lalong lalo na sa ensemble etravel services. napaka rami nilang mga panloloko sa tao. ensemble magtrabaho nga kayo nang parehas! hindi yung puro pagpapaasa sa tao ang alam nyo!  binili nang mga tao ang vouchers nila hindi hinihingi nang libre sa inyo! tama na ang mga emails na kunwaring sinasagot nyo nang paulit ulit na kunwaring tatanungin nyo ang voucher no pero wala naman kayong gagawin, ang mga phone calls na kunyaring sasagutin nyo at biglang mapuputol, may bago na naman kayong style, aangatin nyo ang linya at wala kang maririnig. tigilan nyo na tong kalokohan nyo.  lahat nang naloko nang ensemble etravel through metrodeal, pwede shed a minute para mag email dito : at sabihin nyo ang experience nyo dito sa mga kompanyang to. mas maraming magcocomplain mas maaaksyunan ang ginawa satin.


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #22 on: Oct 18, 2011, 05:16 PM »
Hi, purchased 3 palawan vouchers from metrodeal for 9,900 each and unfortunately waiting for the 'verification of the unused vouchers' for months. It's been 3 months now that metrodeal and ensemble are verifying the vouchers! Has anyone tried going to metrodeal's office address?


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #23 on: Oct 21, 2011, 09:47 PM »
Hello, I recently purchased the 3D/2N vouchers before I've seen this forum. I have also experienced this and I am getting frustrated as well.

I've also tried calling Ensemble Travel's number posted in Metrodeal site but to no avail - there's no answer. I've sent text messages to the cp numbers as well and same scenario.

I've called up Metrodeal support I was given false promises as well.
I've just sent an email a few minutes ago copying Imbestigador.
Bryan of Metrodeal - since you have volunteered to help out in processing the refunds I've also sent you an email copying Imbestigador.

Please reply asap!


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #24 on: Oct 23, 2011, 07:40 PM »
sa init ng ulo ko sa knila pinuntahan ko talaga sila sa ofc nila sa enterprise center sa makati..punta kyo dun..after a week i got my refund..maayos naman sila kausap dun sa office nila..


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #25 on: Oct 24, 2011, 08:05 PM »
Hello, my name is Bryan and I'm from the support team of MD. Most of the buyers for the Palawan, Malapascua, El Nido, etc. deals from this particular merchant have already been booked or already had accomplished their trip and had a wonderful time. I'd like to apologize for those who hadn't had a chance to be booked yet and who still wait for their booking confirmation. At the same time I'd like to stress that your voices are not unheard and that we'd like to assist you swiftly.

Dear Starblaze20, as per Ensemble E-Travel there may in rare cases arise additional charges due to the various peak seasons and the deal's subject to availability, however almost all dates don't bear any additional charges. Should you like to opt for a refund instead rather than for another date or the additional charges, we'll be happy to provide you one just as "bamboo" wrote above. You can shoot me an email directly at so I can handle this directly, or write our support team at, whatever you prefer more.

Dear kauto17, our email support is currently in touch with you to get some final verifications regarding your query. Same as with Starblaze20, I can also assist you directly if you prefer that (see my email address). Regarding the comments in this thread from August last month, if there's still assistance needed, I'd like to help you too, should it concern bookings, refunds and any other related queries. 

Bryan, I sent you two email's dated October 6 & October 20, 2011...asking for a refund...up to this point I haven't received any response from you &'s really frustrating...


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #26 on: Oct 25, 2011, 10:06 AM »
i already went to CIDG-ATCD division and filed the case of this metrodeal and ensemble scam. they traced metrodeal's email and site and it is hosted in the US. magdasal na kayo metrodeal at ensemble sa panloloko nyo kasi inuumpisahan na ang paghuli sa inyo. napakagaling nang scam nyo pinlano nyo talaga ang pang gogoyo sa mga tao. yang mga nakakarefund na nagpopost, tao lang din nila yan. hindi ako titigil hanggat di nalalaman nang mga tao ang panloloko nyo. isoli nyo ang pera ko!!!!


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #27 on: Oct 25, 2011, 11:02 PM »
update to my refund sa Metrodeal

up to now wala pa din linaw ang refund ko sa kanila, kaya inemail ko sila kahapon giving them till the end of the month para marefund ang pera ko or else I'll file a complaint to DTI or any gov't office para lang mabigyan ng pansin ang reklamo ko na eto sa kanila...then I open my emails hoping that I get a good response for them with regard to this matter, wala pa din...then I open my account sa Metrodeal...bulaga, wala na ang VOUCHER ko na binili sa kanila, they deleted my voucher kahit wala pa yung cash refund ko...SCAM?Im going to their office tomorrow, sa Enterprise ba talaga?


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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #28 on: Oct 26, 2011, 08:49 AM »
Ensemble is a real scam agency!!!! I bought a ticket sa metro deal couple of months ago.. Sobrang hirap icontact ang ensemble regarding sa booking at binababaan ka ng phone pag tumatawag ka.

Inipit din nila travel docket namin dahil daw my unpaid balance kami HINDI KAMI NAG CONFIRM AT NAGDEPOSIT para sa additional voucher pero siningil parin nila kami doon.

HINDI NASUNOD TRAVEL DOCKET namin Pagdating sa HONDAY BAY wala daw ni reserved na cottage para sa amin sa pandan island at 1 ORAS lang kami andoon kasi sinabay kami sa mga may flights nang araw na yun na need bumalik sa city before 3pm. Sinabi sa docket 3 island daw pero 2 lang pinuntahan namin.

NAPAKASINUNGALING nila!!! Hindi na ako bibili pa ng promo nila at sabi nang nakasabay namin na sa metrol deal din bumili marami ng negative feedback sa ensemble pero until now sana wag na silang mag advertise nang tour na galing sa ensemble tingin ko okay lang sa kanila na maraming naloloko kasi kumikita sila.

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Re: Problem with Ensemble etravel Phils' deal with MetroDeal
« Reply #29 on: Oct 27, 2011, 03:23 PM »
Good afternoon, we actually had a strict word with the merchant Ensemble, who featured their deals on our website, so as to have direct, accessible lines for all buyers for their deals. They are stated now on the website, however I would like to reiterate them also here.

Also by Email they are quite easily reachable, after we brought it to their attention that even though most people are already booked for their trips, certain people weren't able to get booked for their trip.


546-9083 or 0917-4886386 / 87 / 88 / 89 / 90

I just tried to call them myself via my private line to do an "anonymous test" and I was able to get through every single line.


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