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UITF Philippines Performance (1st Quarter 2013)

We continue monitoring the performance of investment funds in the Philippines in this article. By doing this, we believe investors will be more adept at determining the best and most appropriate investment instrument for them. Earlier this week, we reported on the end-of-quarter returns of

UITF Philippines: February 2013 Performance

Like what we have done with the monthly tracking of Mutual Funds, we are now also doing the same for Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) starting this month. In the past, the industry website collated all official information about each UITF in the country.

UITF Philippines Fund Performance — 2012

The year 2012 was, no doubt, a good year for investments. Philippine stocks, mutual funds, and — as we can see in the fund performance table below — unit investment trust funds as well registered new highs compared to the preceding year. Last year’s outstanding

Philippine UITFs Fund Performance – 3rd Quarter 2012

We finally got the numbers of the year-to-date performance of Unit Investment Trust Funds or UITFs in the Philippines. We found it a bit tough to get the figures because the website of the UITF industry organization, Trust Officers Association of the Philippines, does not provide