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Can you predict the lifespan of an HYIP? recently released an analysis showing the supposed correlation of the payout rates and lifespan of a program (that is, the time it takes before a program stops paying).

The research spanned 178 HYIPs that were included in the site's ratings list and eventually closed down. The results and recommendations:

  • Do not invest in HYIPs with template-based websites that pay less than 1.7% per day. Their average life span is lower than the time needed to be in profit.
  • The lifetime of HYIPs with template-based websites is way lower than HYIPs with unique scripts and design.
  • If you want to invest in ponzi schemes – the best way is to use HYIPs that pay 2-3% per day with a unique non-template design. Chance to be in profit: 60-70%.
  • HYIPs paying unrealistically high daily returns of 3-5% often live for a bit longer than the time needed to be in profit, so chance to be in profit is low, only 40-50%.
  • Risky Gold-games, paying unrealistic returns of 30% per day and more often last for the period of 5-10 days, so if you invest on the launch date of such an HYIP, you can be in profit. Do not invest more than $50 in such HYIPs, due to the high levels of risk being involved.

Based on your experience investing in HYIPs, are the above conclusions correct? Let us know.

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