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BusinessCoach Inc. – December 2016 Seminar Schedule

BusinessCoach Inc.
Quality Business Training

December 2016 Seminar Schedule

Call 727-5628/727-8860/225-6616 or email for more details. Visit BusinessCoach Inc.’s website at Schedule may change without prior notice.

Food Business

  • Catering Business Dec-3
  • Starting a Restaurant Dec-10
  • Food cart Business Dec-6
  • Coffee Shop Dec-1

Events Business

  • Balloon and Party Needs (Advanced) Jan-27
  • Balloon and Party Needs Dec-19
  • Wedding Planner Dec-20
  • Events Management Dec-9

Health and Wellness

  • Drugstore Business Dec-19
  • Spa Business Dec-6

Money Business

  • Money Changer Dec-5
  • Pawnshop Dec-7
  • Micro-Lending Dec-14

Real Estate

  • Property Rental Dec-15
  • Buy and Sell Real Estate Dec-8
  • Building and Property Dec-17
  • Real Estate Marketing Jan-26


  • Printing Press Dec-15
  • Silkscreen Dec-2
  • Corporate Giveaways Jan-11


  • Travel Agency Dec-2
  • Water Refilling Dec-15
  • Junkshop Dec-3
  • Preschool Center Dec-20
  • Soap Making Dec-5
  • Laundry Business Dec-17
  • Beauty Salon Dec-12
  • Hardware Dec-19
  • Meat Shop Dec-16
  • Trucking Business Dec-17
  • Hotel and Resort Dec-13
  • School and Office Supplies Jan-6
  • Commercial Cleaning Dec-3
  • International Recruitment Dec-16
  • Security Agency Dec-10

Business Law

  • Basic Contracts Dec-12
  • Company Policies Jan-9
  • Legal Discipline Jan-16
  • Protect Family Business Jan-23
  • Labor Laws Dec-5

Human Resource Management and Training

  • Human Resource Management Dec-14
  • Personality Development Jan-16
  • Training the Trainers Dec-13
  • Computing Salaries, wages and Benefits Dec-17
  • Competency-Based Salary Structure Jan-9
  • Training for Receptionists Jan-11
  • Conducting Interviews Jan-14
  • Customer Service Training Jan-19
  • 5s in the workplace Jan-19
  • HR Policies Dec-5
  • Handling Difficult Customer Dec-7
  • Training Needs Analysis Dec-7
  • Training for Executive Assistants Dec-14
  • WAVE Program Dec-19

Management and Leadership

  • Leadership Training Dec-8
  • Basic Supervisory Skills Dec-10
  • Training for New Managers Jan-20
  • Project Management Dec-9
  • Advanced Supervisory Skills Dec-3
  • People Management Dec-16
  • Facilities Management Jan-18
  • Team Building Jan-13
  • Negotiation and Assertiveness Dec-12
  • Office Administration Dec-12


  • Purchasing Management Dec-6
  • Warehouse Management Dec-13
  • Supply Chain Management Jan-14
  • Kaizen Training Jan-5
  • Production and Operations Management Dec-2
  • Total Quality Management Dec-16

Business Communication

  • Communication Skills Dec-1
  • Business Writing Dec-10
  • Technical Writing Jan-26

Sales and Marketing

  • Close a Sale Jan-20
  • Selling Techniques Dec-6
  • Social Media Jan-17
  • Internet Marketing Dec-8
  • Presentation skills Training Jan-5
  • Account Management Dec-1

Accounting and Taxation

  • Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting Dec-13- 14
  • Internal Control and Auditing Dec-20
  • Business Taxation Dec-1- 2
  • Financial Statement Jan-25
  • Value Added Tax and Other Percentage Tax Jan-5
  • Cash flow Management Dec-1
  • BIR Tax Assessments Dec-7
  • Income Tax and ITR Preparation Dec-15

Business Process

  • Plan and Start a Business Dec-9
  • How to Import Jan-21
  • Collection Management Dec-9
  • Credit and Collection Dec-8
  • Six Sigma Jan-24
  • Records and Filing Mgt Jan-28
  • CGMP Jan-24
  • Food Safety Dec-20

Call 727-5628/727-8860/225-6616 or email for more details. Visit BusinessCoach Inc.’s website at Schedule may change without prior notice.

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