VERIFIED: Upwork BRSTN and Paypal Bank Code (2020)

Are you looking for the 9-digit Routing Number to be used in Upwork? Or perhaps you want to know the Bank Code required to process your Paypal withdrawal and bank transfer?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s where you can find the BRSTN (Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number), also called the Bank Code, that you will use to transfer funds to your bank account in the Philippines.

These bank codes simply refer to unique identification numbers assigned to banks around the world which help facilitate money transfer across financial institutions. These numbers are very similar, but still different though, with SWIFT Codes that are also used in wire transfer or money remittances.


SWIFT Codes, also known as BIC Number or Bank Identifier Code, are commonly used in money transfers or remittances from a foreign country to a bank account in the Philippines.

Other banks especially those in the United States, use Fedwire or ABA Routing Transit Number instead. Those in Europe, meanwhile, use IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for bank-to-bank money transfers.

Don’t be confused by these varieties of money transfer jargons. Just check (and double-check!) what you’re being asked to provide: is it a SWIFT Code or IBAN or BRSTN?

Make sure you confirm what you need since using the wrong bank code could lead to a failure in money transfer! I used an incorrect Swift Code before to send money to a bank account in the Philippines and because of the wrong info I got from the internet, I had to pay $10 for the error in transaction!

Upwork Philippines BRSTN and Paypal Philippines Bank Coe

If you’re looking for SWIFT Codes of Philippine banks, check out our comprehensive article on Official SWIFT Code of BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Philippine banks.

But if you’re looking for the “Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number or BRSTN” (for use especially in Upwork) or the “Bank Code” (for use in Paypal withdrawals), refer to our verified list below.

We checked and the required Upwork BRSTN and the required Paypal Bank Code is just one and the same. Post a comment below if there are missing or incorrect data so we can investigate.

Upwork BRSTN Routing No. & Paypal Bank Code

Philippine BankBRSTN / Bank Code
Banco De Oro (BDO)010530667
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)010040018
BPI Family Savings Bank (same as BPI)010040018
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)010590018
East-West Banking Corp. (East West Bank)010620014
Landbank of the Philippines (Land Bank)010350025
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank)010269996
Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom)010110016
Philippine National Bank (PNB)010080010
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC)010280014
Security Bank Corporation010140015
Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank)010419995
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)010299995
Asia United Bank (AUB)011020011
Australia - New Zealand Bank (ANZ)010700015
Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd.010670019
Bank of America010120019
Bank of China011140014
Bank of Commerce010440016
Bank of Tokyo010460012
China Banking Corporation (China Bank)010100013
Chinatrust Bank Corp. (CTBC)010690015
Citibank Philippines010070017
Deutsche Bank010650013
Equicom Savings Bank010960017
Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC)010060014
JP Morgan Chase Bank010720011
KEB Hana Bank010710018
Maybank Philippines010220016
Mizuho Corporate Bank010640010
Philippine Trust Company (PhilTrust)010090039
Philippine Veterans Bank010330016
PS Bank010269996
Robinsons Bank011070016
Shinhan Bank011300016
Standard Chartered Bank010050011
Sterling Bank011190019
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank011280013
United Overseas Bank (UOB)010270341

If you’re using Upwork and you’re being asked to input the Routing Number, what you need is the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number (BRSTN) which we identified in the table above. We checked with Upwork and the BRSTN numbers in the list are verified to be correct.

If you’re using Paypal and you’re trying to withdraw Paypal funds to your local bank account (e.g., BDO, Metrobank, BPI, UnionBank, etc.), you will be asked to input a 9-digit Bank Code. It’s the same number as the BRSTN numbers above.

Don’t worry, because the required Upwork BRSTN and the required Paypal Bank Code is just the and we’ve got them here — 100% confirmed and verified! These codes have been tried, tested, and proven to be correct by thousands of Filipino Paypal and Upwork users.

In case there are banks with missing codes or incorrect bank codes, leave a comment below so we can investigate.

Tips when using BRSTN or Bank Code

What’s the BRSTN for my bank branch which is not on the list? Take note! Various branches of banks, whether in Metro Manila or the provinces, all use the same BRSTN or Bank Code as the Head Office BRSTN.

So, for example, even if your BDO branch is in Davao or Cebu or anywhere in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, you’ll have to use the BDO Head Office BRSTN or Routing No., which is 010530667.

Also, a tip: BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank use the same BRSTN or Bank Code, which is 010040018.

If your bank is not on the list, it’s possible that Paypal or Upwork still do not allow the fund transfer to that bank — which unfortunately means you cannot withdraw funds to your bank account.

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691 thoughts on “VERIFIED: Upwork BRSTN and Paypal Bank Code (2020)”

  1. wow buti na lang may info dito…
    kasi as i tried to add my back account.. di ko alam yung bank code… good thing may info na yung bpi hehehehe

    1. We still are confirming with Paypal whether the bank code is indeed the routing number and if the routing number is indeed the one on cheques. Some people have reported that routing numbers vary from one bank branch to another, so we’re still verifying this.

  2. Please drop by often to see updates on the Bank Codes. We do not guarantee that the information above is correct, we just gathered them based on online research, calls to banks’ Customer Hotlines, and confirmation from PayPal users who have attempted a withdrawal.

    A P250.00 fee is charged for transactions with incorrect details. If you want to use the Bank Codes above, do so at your own risk.

  3. Does adding a bank also verify your account and lift your withrawal and sending limits? If not, then you will still need a credit or debit card like EON to be able to verify your account and actually withdraw money into the bank that you just added. Anybody tried so far?

      1. Off Topic.. Did you know that most of the time your comment goes to Akismet..

        I would suggest that you comment in your blog while log out. Then go to akisment. De spam it.. and do it always and I believe it will be removed from being noticed as spam.

        Just for info my friend

      2. Thanks for the heads up, Dex. Yup, I notice too that that Akismet sometimes recognize my posts as spam. Must be because of the username I’m using. Anyway, I just hope that everytime I make a comment on your blog and Akismet marks it as spam, you’ll de-spam it 😉

    1. Exactly, Mike. I don’t think most of these banks really grasp the magnitude of the Philippine online industry. Because if they do, they should be working to kill the competition, so that they’ll be the preferred choice when it comes to online transactions.

  4. i tried to withdraw my money from paypal transfer to eon and it works fine. it took me 3-4 days nakuha ako money.. and direct deposit sa ako eon card.. i guess it good man.. they need lang to verify your account in your bank account and call the customer service of unionbank.

    1. Paypal withdrawals via EON are ok, but some users are recently experiencing delays, like receiving the money after a month of waiting. If EON can continue processing withdrawals within 5-7 days, it can remain to be a solid competitor to direct withdrawals despite its cost. But if it can’t, then most people will surely opt for the cheaper and faster way, that is, direct transfer to a bank account.

    1. The Metrobank Bank Code was confirmed twice by two different Metrobank Customer Support agents. Both of them added that that is the only Routing Code they have and it doesn’t matter what one’s branch of account is.

      Re: Landbank, will try to add their bank code today (Monday). They don’t have 24/7 Customer Support that’s why we don’t have any info yet.

    1. @thrish, I have no doubt that way is not the good way. I did try to use a random 9-digit number earlier as well and it went through. That’s why I added a disclaimer to the article that the announced Bank Codes may or may not be correct. Unfortunately, we can only verify these things once PayPal or the banks have issued official statements regarding Bank Codes or if a Paypal user can confirm that a withdrawal request was processed using the Bank Codes above.

      @Mike, probably these bank codes are hidden in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings too? Hehe.

    1. Let us know if you’ll get updates. I talked to 3 different BDO Customer Support agents yesterday and all of them told me that the only thing they have is the Swift Code. They don’t know (and don’t have info on) BDO’s Routing Number.

  5. Hi there,

    Thanks for the info, this is really a great help for me.

    I would like to try withdrawing via my Metro Bank account. Since there is a charge of P250 if your bank info are incorrect I want to know if anyone here has tried it using the Metrobank information above.


    1. Withdrawal requests are expected to be completed within 5-7 business days so we’ll get to know, unfortunately only by next week, if the bank codes above are correct. That is, unless Paypal or the banks officially tell us sometime this week what the “Bank Code” really is.

      For the meantime, if you don’t want to take the risk, don’t withdraw your Paypal funds yet. Wait until an official confirmation is made.

  6. My thoughts are that they are looking for the domestic transfer code/bank code.

    That said, how sure are you that the routing number of BPI is what you posted?

    Could it be 026005966? I ask because I see three links on the net where it says that is the routing number for BPI.

    Of course a lot of this is going to shake out on Monday and Tuesday. My wife visiting Chinabank in the morning and asking them. After that, she will go to Unionbank and BPI. We have accounts at all three banks so I guess we shall see.

    1. Re: BPI’s routing code, I got that from 3 separate BPI Customer Support representatives. I called them three different times yesterday and all 3 agents told me that the number posted above is their bank code. I asked if that is the same for all BPI branches and they all told me it is.

      Anyway, looking forward to the info your wife will get from those banks. Hopefully, by today or tomorrow, we can settle what exactly the required bank codes are.

      1. Then I trust you. 🙂 Until I hear differently and after dealing with Unionbank, I have very little faith in banks and what they tell me.

        It should be interesting to see how long the initial withdrawals go.

  7. i am very thankful for the info but i hope that BDO will release their bank code, or at least tell us when we talk to their managers or supervisors.

    very nice blog you have here.

  8. I found this article on how to find a bank’s routing number on a bank check:

    “Q. How do I locate my bank routing number and checking account number?
    A. You can find the Bank Routing Number and your Checking Account Number within the string of numbers located at the bottom of one of your checks….”

    here is the url:

    Maybe we can start collecting check samples from readers so we can have a complete routing number table.

  9. got my BPI account added to paypal, but can’t use it coz I still need the 4 expanded no. from my EON account that is still not fully activated till now, darn!!

  10. Could you inform me if you have determined the bank code for Philippine National Bank / PNB? Thank you. I will do my own research as well.

  11. FYI, to make things easy, you need the BRSTN . Ask for that and they magically know what you are talking about. It’s the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number.

    1. The “official” bank code is slightly different from the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers (BRSTN) that you got, Louis. I have no idea where PayPal got theirs from.

      Although Paypal’s decision to offer the direct withdraw feature is really something to rejoice about, it still is annoying that PayPal launched the feature without properly explaining the “Bank Code.” Tsk, tsk…

  12. If the bank code is the routing number then it can be found at the bottom of the check followed by the account number of the account holder so if anyone has a bdo check, it would be nice to know the bank routing number since I’m itching to try this out. 🙂

  13. Sir, sa banco de oro, it is called BDO Branch Routing Symbol Transit Number, depende sa branch yung 9-digit code… Palconit discovered it!

    1. Hi major, lumabas na ang “official” list ng PayPal Philippines Bank Codes. Apparently, mukhang walang tumama sa mga humula at nagbalita ng bank codes nung una.

      Labo ng PayPal, dapat sabay nila ni-release ang bank codes at ang launch ng direct withdraw feature para nde na naghulaan pa kung ano ba talaga ang “bank code.”

  14. You are so correct. BDO asked me to call their International Banking Unit to ask about bank code. The person who got my call is not aware, he’s not even aware PayPal exists. Anyway, thank you for this information. I was able to finally add my bank account to my PP account. You’re heaven sent.

  15. Good day sir james. question lng. can i add my eon union bank account number sa paypal? i mean pag nag transfer ba ko using this new feature di magkaron ng complication since pareho ng account number ng eon at ng bank account info. pwede ba un? kc para magkaroon pa rin ng funds eon ko and makapag add ako ng funds from the same bank account.

  16. Hi,

    Very informative article. By the way, this site is not compatible with IE7. Script errors popup from time to time.


  17. Panu kaya un sa akin…First timer ako to use paypal account.wala akong credit card.un passbook ang inilagay ko kc pede nman cia ayon sa paypal. ang prob ko un GEt Verified sana sa paypal kaso need ng any card basta may logo ng VISA or MASTERCARD.Nagtanong ako sa bank, dun sa passbook ko kaso wala clang ganun.Puede kaya un sa husband ko.bale receive payments ako sa passbook tapos un sa bill nman ng Paypal ay un credit card ng husband ko.Tulungan nyo ako guys..thnks ng marami po…

  18. This is such a good news to us Filipinos. My wire transfer on my BPI from other bank from other country is such a pain, it took long days and the charge are costly. 🙂

        1. I think EON coz this bank transfer just launch jan 26. Question Ambo, how long it will take to clear things up on EON? if you dont mind, how much yung transfer mo? kc I am heistant to transfer my money kc I read somewhere that some takes month especially big amounts.. I need to transfer 4 digit $….

          And anyone tried to send it form Paypal to XOOM? although mahal sya, but f this is possible, it will only take minutes para makuha mo money mo…

        2. buti ka pa, ako nung 14th ko pa nkuha till now di ko sya magamit sa paypal or atm, restricted da sabi nung hotline, called the branch sabi inirelay da naw sa cebu yung problem ko.kainis na!

        3. Hi Anthony, I’ve waited 4 business working days only. I transferred a 3 digit $ savings only. If you want, try to contact Union Bank first and ask them to be sure (that’s a lot of money). Or this feature too. Ask your bank also if they will charge another fee for that, though paypal said 7000 or more it’s free. Be safe.

        4. jeco it happened to me too. ganyan na ganyan nangyari sa akin. I called the issuing bank then i said to follow up my requirements in cebu. Delayed kasi sila minsan and u need to follow up. The following day i called the hotline for my EXPUSE number. Nagamit ko na agad.

        5. followed up the branch khapon lang, as usual wait daw & nafollow up din nya cebu,bukas kulitin ko ulit sila.

  19. Paano nga iyon, yung sabi ni grace na ‘Hello.. I think ndi rin maka withdraw sa bank unless di ka verified sa paypal.’? E di limitado ang withdraw ko o kaya naman hanggang 100 dollars lang ang laman sa paypal, kasi di verified… Pls help us….

    1. Totoy, u need to register any credit card or your eon card para maging verified ang status mo. Once verified, pwede mo ng ma add ang bank account mo. hehehe parang ako ang customer service dito hahaha.

  20. Hi, I’m new here and with PayPal. I’m currently an unverified user. I don’t have a credit card but I do have a bank account (BPI Peso acc’t). Yan ginamit ko sa PayPal. Kaya lang “unverified user” pa ako guys. I’ve read somewhere na dapat may credit card ka para ma-verify? Is that true? Or can I still withdraw my funds to my bank kahit hindi verified?

    1. The list of bank codes above officially comes from PayPal. Whether they are the correct ones or not, we’ll know only once withdrawal requests were successfully completed. We’ll find this out next week when the first batch of withdraw requests are processed.

  21. Nope.

    First, you said Metrobank’s is 026002846

    Then now, it’s 010269996

    Can you tell your readers from where you did you get those data?

    Thanks man!

    1. The bank codes above officially came from Paypal. The link to the source website can be found in the first line of the article.

      The codes we previously published came from the banks themselves. Apparently, they themselves are wrong about this. Worse, Metrobank and BPI unfortunately still gives their clients the wrong bank codes even until now.

  22. hi there guys! thank you so much pla in sharing this bank codes here in philippines. i would just like to ask ksi naguguluhan ako. Sa paypay profile –> edit bank account Dba same lang un pag mag wwithdraw ka to bank account and eon card? Ksi either way mawwithdraw din


    1. Technically, both process is the same because the money will go to the same bank account. However, withdrawing via EON is considered a Paypal-to-card transaction that charges a $5 transfer fee. Withdrawing to the EON bank account is a Paypal-to-bank-account transaction which does not charge anything for withdrawals more than P7,000. If you’re withdrawing Paypal to your EON account, choose the “Withdraw to bank account” option if you don’t want to incur that $5 card transfer fee.

      1. Over the last few weeks I have successfully withdrawn to my EON account a few times. Seems to take between 4-7 days…normally 7.
        PayPal charges you $5 for this feature…EON doesn’t charge you.
        I have tried a test withdrawal to my BPI account ($10 only – the minimum). Will have to wait a few days to see if the bank codes posted on ebay work.
        I have transferred money from my EON to my BPI account before. EON charges are small.
        Below is their reply to my email about charges –

        “We will charge you P10 for every online local bank transfer you make. Also, we would like to inform you that other charges will be deducted from your amount transferred by the receiving bank and you will not receive the full amount of your transfer.

        Internet Security”

        BPI charged me P150 for the electronic transfer into my account. Be warned…your PayPal transfer will incur similar charges by your local bank. How much will depend on which bank…and maybe…how much you transfer.

        If the amount charged by the local bank is related to the amount transferred…it may be higher than the “fixed” $5 (P200) EON charges.
        Only time will tell 🙂

  23. James sorry for the ignorance but i would like to ask if ever i got a problem in my paypal account which cannot be resolved anymore. Can i just close it. Then create another paypal account with the using eon account that i had used in the closed account before? Thank you in advance. Anyone could help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi jedzlinks, that’s not an ignorant question, so don’t worry 🙂 Yup, it’s possible to use the card in another Paypal account as long as you first remove the card information from the other account before adding it to the new account.

      1. Thanks for the reply James. I plan to close my current paypal account then open a new account. Bec. I’m experiencing problems tranferring funds to my bank account also I’m looking forward to open a Moneybooker account coz I’ve heard that they have better service than Paypal. Any inputs on this? or has anyone here using Moneybookers. Thanks in advance.

        1. for me Paypal pa rin ang pinaka ok, gamit ko kasi sa online business ang paypal since 2003, I had stormpay and other online payment processors pero mas preferred ng mga buyers ang paypal. I am not sure of moneybookers, alam ko kasi sa Europe lang sikat yon, so kung tiga US ang buyers mo, hindi sila familiar don, tsaka mas mahirap yata yung moneybookers, kasi pwede mo makuha lang through wire transfer which is costly, or through Check , considering yung postal service natin baka mawala lang.

    2. (quote)James sorry for the ignorance but i would like to ask if ever i got a problem in my paypal account which cannot be resolved anymore. Can i just close it. Then create another paypal account with the using eon account that i had used in the closed account before? Thank you in advance. Anyone could help would be greatly appreciated.(quote)

      Alam ko, pag may problem ang paypal account mo, hindi mo sya pwede iclose ,kailangan iresolve mo muna yung mga issues, and if ever mag open ka ng bagong account,hindi mo na pwede gamitin yung eon account na ginamit mo dun sa previous account, tsaka we are only allowed one personal and one premier or business account. violation ng Paypal policy ang gumawa ng multiple accounts under one name. parepareho nilang ililimit yung mga accounts na yon. Kung gusto mo gumawa ng bagong account, kailangan under ibang name, iba ang naka add na credit or debit card, sometimes nga pati address dapat iba na rin, kasi baka madamay dun sa nalimit mong account.

    3. Donna’s right, you can’t close a Paypal account yet with an unresolved/pending case. But I was thinking you might be allowed to remove your card that was added to your account (try it, jedzlinks, see if it will work). If that’s the case, you can use the same card to add to another account which should be under the cardholder’s name as well.

      Anyway, try to resolve your case first so that you won’t encounter any problems should Paypal see that you have another account although your previous account still has a pending case.