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(VERIFIED) Paypal Bank Codes in the Philippines 2019

Are you looking for the 9-digit Bank Code in Paypal?

If you are withdrawing PayPal funds to your bank account in the Philippines, you’re most likely wondering and looking for the “Bank Code”.

Don’t worry, PayPal has released the official list of Bank Codes in the Philippines and we have the complete list here at PinoyMoneyTalk!

Paypal Bank Codes in 2019

Users in the Philippines who try to withdraw Paypal funds to their local bank accounts are now asked to input the 9-digit Bank Code.

Don’t worry because if you need the bank code for BDO, BPI, Citibank, Security Bank, Metrobank, Unionbank, or any other bank in the Philippines, we’ve got them here — 100% confirmed and verified!

All these bank codes have been tried, tested, and proven to be correct by thousands of Filipino Paypal users. In case there are banks with missing codes or incorrect bank codes, leave a comment below so we can investigate.

Here is the complete list of verified 9-digit Paypal Bank Codes.

Paypal Bank Code of BDO, BPI, Metrobank, UnionBank, Security Bank

 Bank NameBank Code
1BANCO DE ORO (BDO)010530667

If you cannot find your bank above, it’s most likely in the list below. Here are the Paypal bank codes for other banks in the Philippines.

PayPal Bank Codes of Other Philippine Banks

 Bank NameBank Code
10BANGKOK BANK010670019
11BANK OF AMERICA010120019
12BANK OF CHINA011140014
13BANK OF TOKYO010460012
19DEUTSCHE BANK010650013
20EAST WEST BANK010620014
22FUJI BANK010640010

If your bank is not on either list, it’s likely that you your bank or Paypal does not allow the fund transfer — which unfortunately means you cannot withdraw Paypal funds to your bank account.

Banks with No Paypal Bank Codes

  • One Network Bank (ONB – BDO)
  • City Savings Bank (CSB – UnionBank)
  • Robinsons Bank

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694 thoughts on “(VERIFIED) Paypal Bank Codes in the Philippines 2019”

  1. julia says:

    wow! goodbye EON na ba talaga?
    Updated talaga ang PMT.

    1. James | says:

      Well, mas mura na kapag direct withdrawal kasi walang charges kapag more than P7,000 ang iwi-withdraw. Sa EON kasi, $5 na nga ang charge, minsan umaabot pa ng isang buwan bago dumating yung withdrawal mo.

  2. julia says:

    sayang naman ung EON verify ko muna yun sayang ung 350 harhar

    1. James | says:

      Onga, kasi oks din naman magamit ang EON card, lalo na kung bibili ka ka online gamit ang PayPal.

  3. ashier says:

    BNORPHMM for BDO does not work.

    1. James | says:

      Thanks ashier. Updated article to reflect that info.

    2. ashier says:

      buset naman ang bdo… hay….

    3. benc says:

      BNOR is BDO’s swift code. Does BDO have a bank code too? I can’t seem to find it on the list.

  4. Jehzeel Laurente says:

    wow nice :D kuya pakopya ng bank codes ha :D hehe

  5. Amy says:

    wow buti na lang may info dito…
    kasi as i tried to add my back account.. di ko alam yung bank code… good thing may info na yung bpi hehehehe

  6. Jehzeel Laurente says:

    kuya ni re echo ko yung post mo sa blog ko :) pero di ko kinopya.. kahit yung numbers di ko din kinopya.. hehehe :D

    1. James | says:

      Hehe kaw bahala. Anyway, thanks for the link :)

  7. Jess Carranza says:

    Well, if the bank code is the routing number I think that that is the number printed on a bank’s check. Anyone got a Unionbank check?

    1. James | says:

      We still are confirming with Paypal whether the bank code is indeed the routing number and if the routing number is indeed the one on cheques. Some people have reported that routing numbers vary from one bank branch to another, so we’re still verifying this.

  8. boddah says:

    thanks for this great news and for providing the bank codes.. pwede ko na palang i-withraw dun sa bpi account ko..

    1. James | says:

      Yup, pede na nga. Let us know about your experience withdrawing PayPal to your bank account. Good luck!

  9. Joni says:

    Great! Thanks for this info!

  10. derek says:

    susubscribe na ko dito :-D

  11. James | says:

    Please drop by often to see updates on the Bank Codes. We do not guarantee that the information above is correct, we just gathered them based on online research, calls to banks’ Customer Hotlines, and confirmation from PayPal users who have attempted a withdrawal.

    A P250.00 fee is charged for transactions with incorrect details. If you want to use the Bank Codes above, do so at your own risk.

  12. Jess Carranza says:

    Does adding a bank also verify your account and lift your withrawal and sending limits? If not, then you will still need a credit or debit card like EON to be able to verify your account and actually withdraw money into the bank that you just added. Anybody tried so far?

  13. Dexter says:

    Good to see that my question has been answered..Pakopya ha.. Ilagay ko sa blog ko.. then refer ko dito sa post na ito..

    1. Dexter | says:

      Off Topic.. Did you know that most of the time your comment goes to Akismet..

      I would suggest that you comment in your blog while log out. Then go to akisment. De spam it.. and do it always and I believe it will be removed from being noticed as spam.

      Just for info my friend

    2. James | says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Dex. Yup, I notice too that that Akismet sometimes recognize my posts as spam. Must be because of the username I’m using. Anyway, I just hope that everytime I make a comment on your blog and Akismet marks it as spam, you’ll de-spam it ;)

  14. kat says:

    Thanks for writing about this! As always, number one ang PMT sa important and relevant happenings.

    1. James | says:

      Thanks for posting here too, kat!

  15. Mike Abundo says:

    Smart Philippine banks will publicly post their bank codes ASAP. Stupid ones will keep acting like it’s some big-ass secret.

    1. James | says:

      Exactly, Mike. I don’t think most of these banks really grasp the magnitude of the Philippine online industry. Because if they do, they should be working to kill the competition, so that they’ll be the preferred choice when it comes to online transactions.

  16. noemi says:

    I was able to transfer to my BPI account with exchange rate of
    1 U.S. Dollar = 40.6800 Peso. I will know in 5 to 7 days if successful.

    1. James | says:

      Good luck, Noemi! Hope the transaction goes through. Let us know if it will.

  17. agnes says:

    thanks for the info, i also included this in my blog.

    1. James | says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Agnes!

  18. weblizzer says:

    i tried to withdraw my money from paypal transfer to eon and it works fine. it took me 3-4 days nakuha ako money.. and direct deposit sa ako eon card.. i guess it good man.. they need lang to verify your account in your bank account and call the customer service of unionbank.

    1. James | says:

      Paypal withdrawals via EON are ok, but some users are recently experiencing delays, like receiving the money after a month of waiting. If EON can continue processing withdrawals within 5-7 days, it can remain to be a solid competitor to direct withdrawals despite its cost. But if it can’t, then most people will surely opt for the cheaper and faster way, that is, direct transfer to a bank account.

  19. Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy! says:

    Confirmed na ba yang sa Metrobank since its at the top of the list and you said you called them up?? Also yung sa Chinabank?

    Pls. include in the future Landbank. Thanks

    1. James | says:

      The Metrobank Bank Code was confirmed twice by two different Metrobank Customer Support agents. Both of them added that that is the only Routing Code they have and it doesn’t matter what one’s branch of account is.

      Re: Landbank, will try to add their bank code today (Monday). They don’t have 24/7 Customer Support that’s why we don’t have any info yet.

  20. Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy! says:

    Also, is this only for withdrawing from Paypal?

    How about if we want to use the local bank to fund Paypal for buying things abroad??

    1. James | says:

      Yup, it’s only to withdraw Paypal funds. Funding is still limited to credit/debit cards or through a US bank account.

  21. thrish says:

    i tried to convert the letters into numbers and paypal accepted it. but i hadn’t tried withdrawing yet.


    1. Mike Abundo says:

      Wow. Suddenly, Philippine banking sounds as complicated as cracking the Da Vinci code. :P

    2. James | says:

      @thrish, I have no doubt that way is not the good way. I did try to use a random 9-digit number earlier as well and it went through. That’s why I added a disclaimer to the article that the announced Bank Codes may or may not be correct. Unfortunately, we can only verify these things once PayPal or the banks have issued official statements regarding Bank Codes or if a Paypal user can confirm that a withdrawal request was processed using the Bank Codes above.

      @Mike, probably these bank codes are hidden in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings too? Hehe.

    3. Mike Abundo says:

      The way things are going, that might be the best place to look. ;)

    4. James | says:

      Finally solved the “mystery.” PayPal has just released the official list of bank codes (article now updated).

  22. thrish says:

    but im not sure about the code, there’s no guarantee that it’s the correct one O_O

  23. marhgil says:

    unfortunately, wala pa yung BDO. :( i’ll contact BDO tomorrow.

    1. James | says:

      Let us know if you’ll get updates. I talked to 3 different BDO Customer Support agents yesterday and all of them told me that the only thing they have is the Swift Code. They don’t know (and don’t have info on) BDO’s Routing Number.

  24. emjoven says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the info, this is really a great help for me.

    I would like to try withdrawing via my Metro Bank account. Since there is a charge of P250 if your bank info are incorrect I want to know if anyone here has tried it using the Metrobank information above.


    1. James | says:

      Withdrawal requests are expected to be completed within 5-7 business days so we’ll get to know, unfortunately only by next week, if the bank codes above are correct. That is, unless Paypal or the banks officially tell us sometime this week what the “Bank Code” really is.

      For the meantime, if you don’t want to take the risk, don’t withdraw your Paypal funds yet. Wait until an official confirmation is made.

  25. Louis says:

    My thoughts are that they are looking for the domestic transfer code/bank code.

    That said, how sure are you that the routing number of BPI is what you posted?

    Could it be 026005966? I ask because I see three links on the net where it says that is the routing number for BPI.

    Of course a lot of this is going to shake out on Monday and Tuesday. My wife visiting Chinabank in the morning and asking them. After that, she will go to Unionbank and BPI. We have accounts at all three banks so I guess we shall see.

    1. James | says:

      Re: BPI’s routing code, I got that from 3 separate BPI Customer Support representatives. I called them three different times yesterday and all 3 agents told me that the number posted above is their bank code. I asked if that is the same for all BPI branches and they all told me it is.

      Anyway, looking forward to the info your wife will get from those banks. Hopefully, by today or tomorrow, we can settle what exactly the required bank codes are.

    2. Louis says:

      Then I trust you. :) Until I hear differently and after dealing with Unionbank, I have very little faith in banks and what they tell me.

      It should be interesting to see how long the initial withdrawals go.

  26. emjoven says:

    Thank you James! You have a great blog, it really helps for pinoy Netpreneurs to get the latest news like this one.

    1. James | says:

      Thanks for visiting us and for posting a comment too, emjoven. I like your blog too, makes me drool for those mouth-watering food recipes you have there!

  27. bingskee says:

    i am very thankful for the info but i hope that BDO will release their bank code, or at least tell us when we talk to their managers or supervisors.

    very nice blog you have here.

  28. Jess Carranza says:

    I found this article on how to find a bank’s routing number on a bank check:

    “Q. How do I locate my bank routing number and checking account number?
    A. You can find the Bank Routing Number and your Checking Account Number within the string of numbers located at the bottom of one of your checks….”

    here is the url:

    Maybe we can start collecting check samples from readers so we can have a complete routing number table.

  29. Shannon says:

    Sayang naman, kaka open ko lang ng eon ko. Sayang din yung 500. Btw james, pwede pa bang ipa cancel ang eon? thanks

  30. Jeco says:

    got my BPI account added to paypal, but can’t use it coz I still need the 4 expanded no. from my EON account that is still not fully activated till now, darn!!

    1. James | says:

      Try emailing UnionBank for the EXPUSE number. Last I heard they reply with your EXPUSE number in less than a day.

    2. ambo says:

      jeco call their hotline and they will give it you in an instant. like i did. ;-)

  31. Louis says:

    Could you inform me if you have determined the bank code for Philippine National Bank / PNB? Thank you. I will do my own research as well.

  32. N!cE says:

    Hi guys! Has anyone tried withdrawing from BPI successfully. Is the Bank Code above 100% correct? Noemi?


  33. Hye says:

    Goodbye EON na ba? I recently applied for an EON card online pero di ko pa kinukuha.

  34. Hye says:

    I think I no longer need to get it… since I can now withdraw thru Metrobank.

  35. maline says:

    thanks for this info. sigh, I only got a BDO Account!!! Tsk,tsk, hopefully they’d give us bank code.

  36. maline says:

    bro, i am going to use this info on my blog please. I won’t forget to link you up. THanks!!!

  37. Bob REyes says:

    Sana pati cost of withdrawing to a local bank may list :D

    1. James | says:

      Will write an article on this soon, Bob, once we get more information from those who have personally tried withdrawing PayPal to their bank accounts. Watch out for it :)

  38. Alfredo says:

    I hope Akismet wont ban me again.

    I have the BDO Bank Code. Get it here

  39. Louis says:

    FYI, to make things easy, you need the BRSTN . Ask for that and they magically know what you are talking about. It’s the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number.

    1. James | says:

      The “official” bank code is slightly different from the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers (BRSTN) that you got, Louis. I have no idea where PayPal got theirs from.

      Although Paypal’s decision to offer the direct withdraw feature is really something to rejoice about, it still is annoying that PayPal launched the feature without properly explaining the “Bank Code.” Tsk, tsk…

  40. natlaie1981 says:

    If the bank code is the routing number then it can be found at the bottom of the check followed by the account number of the account holder so if anyone has a bdo check, it would be nice to know the bank routing number since I’m itching to try this out. :)

  41. major says:

    Sir, sa banco de oro, it is called BDO Branch Routing Symbol Transit Number, depende sa branch yung 9-digit code… Palconit discovered it!

    1. James | says:

      Hi major, lumabas na ang “official” list ng PayPal Philippines Bank Codes. Apparently, mukhang walang tumama sa mga humula at nagbalita ng bank codes nung una.

      Labo ng PayPal, dapat sabay nila ni-release ang bank codes at ang launch ng direct withdraw feature para nde na naghulaan pa kung ano ba talaga ang “bank code.”

  42. Ambo says:

    This is so cool! Thanks James for this wonderful information.

    1. James | says:

      You’re welcome, Ambo! :)

  43. Thoughts In Binary says:

    Wow lahat na ng banks yan ah! Great stuff James.

  44. atik says:

    i have Smart Money card and it issued by BANCO DE ORO, can i use that card to withdraw via BANCO DE ORO?

  45. Lynn says:

    You are so correct. BDO asked me to call their International Banking Unit to ask about bank code. The person who got my call is not aware, he’s not even aware PayPal exists. Anyway, thank you for this information. I was able to finally add my bank account to my PP account. You’re heaven sent.

  46. Miko says:

    Good day sir james. question lng. can i add my eon union bank account number sa paypal? i mean pag nag transfer ba ko using this new feature di magkaron ng complication since pareho ng account number ng eon at ng bank account info. pwede ba un? kc para magkaroon pa rin ng funds eon ko and makapag add ako ng funds from the same bank account.

    1. Ramil says:

      Same question here. Kasi may MetroBank acct ako pero wala pang online access so ang choice ko is yung EON lang muna if pwede…

  47. Machinista says:


    Very informative article. By the way, this site is not compatible with IE7. Script errors popup from time to time.


  48. Grace says:

    Hello.. I think ndi rin maka withdraw sa bank unless di ka verified sa paypal.

  49. Sandy says:

    Panu kaya un sa akin…First timer ako to use paypal account.wala akong credit card.un passbook ang inilagay ko kc pede nman cia ayon sa paypal. ang prob ko un GEt Verified sana sa paypal kaso need ng any card basta may logo ng VISA or MASTERCARD.Nagtanong ako sa bank, dun sa passbook ko kaso wala clang ganun.Puede kaya un sa husband ko.bale receive payments ako sa passbook tapos un sa bill nman ng Paypal ay un credit card ng husband ko.Tulungan nyo ako guys..thnks ng marami po…

  50. Jeco says:

    iba nga yung codes, panu kaya yun naipasok ko yung naunang code posted here? can i change it?

  51. Rozeh says:

    sasabihin ko sana na I found a page in ebay with the list of bank codes (including unionbank) kaso meron na pala dito.


  52. fedmich says:

    This is such a good news to us Filipinos. My wire transfer on my BPI from other bank from other country is such a pain, it took long days and the charge are costly. :)

  53. Jeric says:

    Has anyone tried withdrawing to their UnionBank account?

    1. ambo says:

      Me Jeric. I did. ;-)

    2. Jeric says:

      Were you successful?

    3. ambo says:

      yes jeric. I just got it yesterday. i applied last jan 22. dollar rate is 40.51

    4. Jeco says:

      Is it EON you used?

    5. ambo says:

      Hehehe opo Eon card ng Union bank.

    6. Anthony says:

      I think EON coz this bank transfer just launch jan 26. Question Ambo, how long it will take to clear things up on EON? if you dont mind, how much yung transfer mo? kc I am heistant to transfer my money kc I read somewhere that some takes month especially big amounts.. I need to transfer 4 digit $….

      And anyone tried to send it form Paypal to XOOM? although mahal sya, but f this is possible, it will only take minutes para makuha mo money mo…

    7. Jeco says:

      buti ka pa, ako nung 14th ko pa nkuha till now di ko sya magamit sa paypal or atm, restricted da sabi nung hotline, called the branch sabi inirelay da naw sa cebu yung problem ko.kainis na!

    8. ambo says:

      Hi Anthony, I’ve waited 4 business working days only. I transferred a 3 digit $ savings only. If you want, try to contact Union Bank first and ask them to be sure (that’s a lot of money). Or this feature too. Ask your bank also if they will charge another fee for that, though paypal said 7000 or more it’s free. Be safe.

    9. ambo says:

      jeco it happened to me too. ganyan na ganyan nangyari sa akin. I called the issuing bank then i said to follow up my requirements in cebu. Delayed kasi sila minsan and u need to follow up. The following day i called the hotline for my EXPUSE number. Nagamit ko na agad.

    10. Jeco says:

      followed up the branch khapon lang, as usual wait daw & nafollow up din nya cebu,bukas kulitin ko ulit sila.

    11. ambo says:

      try to call the hotline today. not your branch, ask them if your account is active for online use.

    12. Jeco says:

      di pa sya accepted ng paypal meaning di pa active :(

  54. Glenn says:

    astig! buti naka subscribe ako sa Feed ng PMT! :)

  55. totoy says:

    Paano nga iyon, yung sabi ni grace na ‘Hello.. I think ndi rin maka withdraw sa bank unless di ka verified sa paypal.’? E di limitado ang withdraw ko o kaya naman hanggang 100 dollars lang ang laman sa paypal, kasi di verified… Pls help us….

    1. ambo says:

      Totoy, u need to register any credit card or your eon card para maging verified ang status mo. Once verified, pwede mo ng ma add ang bank account mo. hehehe parang ako ang customer service dito hahaha.

  56. Oyen says:

    Walang Equitable PCI Bank?

    1. Bob REyes says:

      Equitable PCI Bank is now owned by Banco De Oro (BDO).

  57. Heherson says:

    Hi, I’m new here and with PayPal. I’m currently an unverified user. I don’t have a credit card but I do have a bank account (BPI Peso acc’t). Yan ginamit ko sa PayPal. Kaya lang “unverified user” pa ako guys. I’ve read somewhere na dapat may credit card ka para ma-verify? Is that true? Or can I still withdraw my funds to my bank kahit hindi verified?

    1. ambo says:

      heherson read this



    2. James | says:

      Hi Heherson, your account needs to be verified in order to withdraw to your bank account. To be verified, you need to have a debit or credit card. (See more details about Paypal verification here.)

      If you don’t have a credit card, you can still be verified using UnionBank’s EON card.

  58. Ivan says:

    The bank code BPI gave me is different. That isn’t their bank code.

    1. James | says:

      The BPI bank code from the new list above is the one officially released by Paypal. Since we’re talking about Paypal accounts, I’d rather use the one provided by Paypal rather than BPI.

  59. Jeco says:

    so the bank codes posted here are the right codes?

    1. James | says:

      The list of bank codes above officially comes from PayPal. Whether they are the correct ones or not, we’ll know only once withdrawal requests were successfully completed. We’ll find this out next week when the first batch of withdraw requests are processed.

  60. Ian del Carmen says:


    First, you said Metrobank’s is 026002846

    Then now, it’s 010269996

    Can you tell your readers from where you did you get those data?

    Thanks man!

    1. James | says:

      The bank codes above officially came from Paypal. The link to the source website can be found in the first line of the article.

      The codes we previously published came from the banks themselves. Apparently, they themselves are wrong about this. Worse, Metrobank and BPI unfortunately still gives their clients the wrong bank codes even until now.

    2. Jehzeel Laurente says:

      so what i’ve entered before was wrong? oh my.. hehehehe :D

      so the best thing to do is delete it and add it again :( and I’ll be charged again for adding it.. T__T damn BPI! hehehe

  61. jedzlinks says:

    hi there guys! thank you so much pla in sharing this bank codes here in philippines. i would just like to ask ksi naguguluhan ako. Sa paypay profile –> edit bank account Dba same lang un pag mag wwithdraw ka to bank account and eon card? Ksi either way mawwithdraw din


    1. James | says:

      Technically, both process is the same because the money will go to the same bank account. However, withdrawing via EON is considered a Paypal-to-card transaction that charges a $5 transfer fee. Withdrawing to the EON bank account is a Paypal-to-bank-account transaction which does not charge anything for withdrawals more than P7,000. If you’re withdrawing Paypal to your EON account, choose the “Withdraw to bank account” option if you don’t want to incur that $5 card transfer fee.

    2. lolo says:

      Over the last few weeks I have successfully withdrawn to my EON account a few times. Seems to take between 4-7 days…normally 7.
      PayPal charges you $5 for this feature…EON doesn’t charge you.
      I have tried a test withdrawal to my BPI account ($10 only – the minimum). Will have to wait a few days to see if the bank codes posted on ebay work.
      I have transferred money from my EON to my BPI account before. EON charges are small.
      Below is their reply to my email about charges –

      “We will charge you P10 for every online local bank transfer you make. Also, we would like to inform you that other charges will be deducted from your amount transferred by the receiving bank and you will not receive the full amount of your transfer.

      Internet Security”

      BPI charged me P150 for the electronic transfer into my account. Be warned…your PayPal transfer will incur similar charges by your local bank. How much will depend on which bank…and maybe…how much you transfer.

      If the amount charged by the local bank is related to the amount transferred…it may be higher than the “fixed” $5 (P200) EON charges.
      Only time will tell :)

    3. Mike Abundo says:

      “Only time will tell.”

      Because the banks will not. :P

  62. Benedict Aluan says:

    Ask ko lang po. Pwede na ba kong magwithdraw kahit di pa ko verified? Or in other way before that, makakatangap po ba ko ng pera sa PayPal kahit di pa ko verified? Thanks po.

    1. James | says:

      You’re allowed to receive money even if your account is not verified, but you cannot withdraw it unless you verify the account.

      Check out the Withdraw Paypal to Bank Account FAQ here.

  63. jedzlinks says:

    James sorry for the ignorance but i would like to ask if ever i got a problem in my paypal account which cannot be resolved anymore. Can i just close it. Then create another paypal account with the using eon account that i had used in the closed account before? Thank you in advance. Anyone could help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. James | says:

      Hi jedzlinks, that’s not an ignorant question, so don’t worry :) Yup, it’s possible to use the card in another Paypal account as long as you first remove the card information from the other account before adding it to the new account.

    2. jedzlinks says:

      Thanks for the reply James. I plan to close my current paypal account then open a new account. Bec. I’m experiencing problems tranferring funds to my bank account also I’m looking forward to open a Moneybooker account coz I’ve heard that they have better service than Paypal. Any inputs on this? or has anyone here using Moneybookers. Thanks in advance.

    3. Donna says:

      for me Paypal pa rin ang pinaka ok, gamit ko kasi sa online business ang paypal since 2003, I had stormpay and other online payment processors pero mas preferred ng mga buyers ang paypal. I am not sure of moneybookers, alam ko kasi sa Europe lang sikat yon, so kung tiga US ang buyers mo, hindi sila familiar don, tsaka mas mahirap yata yung moneybookers, kasi pwede mo makuha lang through wire transfer which is costly, or through Check , considering yung postal service natin baka mawala lang.

    4. Donna says:

      (quote)James sorry for the ignorance but i would like to ask if ever i got a problem in my paypal account which cannot be resolved anymore. Can i just close it. Then create another paypal account with the using eon account that i had used in the closed account before? Thank you in advance. Anyone could help would be greatly appreciated.(quote)

      Alam ko, pag may problem ang paypal account mo, hindi mo sya pwede iclose ,kailangan iresolve mo muna yung mga issues, and if ever mag open ka ng bagong account,hindi mo na pwede gamitin yung eon account na ginamit mo dun sa previous account, tsaka we are only allowed one personal and one premier or business account. violation ng Paypal policy ang gumawa ng multiple accounts under one name. parepareho nilang ililimit yung mga accounts na yon. Kung gusto mo gumawa ng bagong account, kailangan under ibang name, iba ang naka add na credit or debit card, sometimes nga pati address dapat iba na rin, kasi baka madamay dun sa nalimit mong account.

    5. James | says:

      Donna’s right, you can’t close a Paypal account yet with an unresolved/pending case. But I was thinking you might be allowed to remove your card that was added to your account (try it, jedzlinks, see if it will work). If that’s the case, you can use the same card to add to another account which should be under the cardholder’s name as well.

      Anyway, try to resolve your case first so that you won’t encounter any problems should Paypal see that you have another account although your previous account still has a pending case.

  64. weng says:

    wow. thanks po sa paglagay ng bank codes. :)

  65. rj says:

    hi! i featured you in my post of the same topic..i hope you don’t mind.. :)

    1. James | says:

      Surely not! Thanks very much, rj!

  66. Don says:

    OMFG, so yung nilagay na Bank Code for Metrobank sa Paypal FAQ page ay mali? How come tinanggap ng Paypal? And has anyone experienced a deduction in their Bank Account funds for verification?

    1. James | says:

      We’ll wait for some members who made the initial transactions to confirm what happened to their withdrawals. It’s really annoying that Paypal did not coordinate with banks first before launching this new feature. Even after Paypal has announced the official bank codes, BPI and other banks are still giving their customers the wrong codes!

  67. edops says:

    @James may costumer phone support ba ung paypal based in the philippines? Tagal kc mag reply ung paypal sa inquiry pag sa contact us lang aabotan ka ng syam2x. Taz ung phone support nila dun sa US man un. Just inquiring. Tnx

  68. Jeco says:

    at last, na-add ko na EON ko sa paypal, just have to wait again for 5 banking days to get my 4 digit expanded no. Puro na lang wait, daming days nasayang!!

  69. Jeric says:

    I got my money after 1 day! That was fast. I used my Unionbank Account to withdraw.

  70. Alfredo says:

    The Bank Code I got from the bank worked! Its not the same from the PayPal list but it worked! 4 days ang transfer Yepey!

  71. Rome says:

    nagtry ako mag withdraw to BDO. 2 days ago na ata. ang sabi sa paypal account ko ay completed na daw pero nag email ako sa support ng BDO asking if pde ito sa cash cards nila. sabi nila indi daw. so anong cards ang pde ba nito? akala ko local banks.. prang selected local bank accounts lang ata.

    haiz. magbbyad na ako ng return fee of 250php pif!

  72. Ellen says:

    hello everyone. Share ko lang din.

    I tried using my BDO savings account in my paypal before kasi may mastercard logo sya. But for some reason, paypal would not accept it. So unverified member ako ng paypal. And I couldn’t accept payments made to my paypal account by clients abroad. Yesterday I opened a BPI account and I added it now to my Paypal using the Paypal Bank Codes I got from (same as what was also posted here). It worked! I have applied for an EON account last month, pero di ko pa kinukuha kasi wala akong oras dumalaw sa branch nila.

    Actually, yung ibang mga staff ng bank hindi talaga familiar sa Paypal. Kasi I tried asking one of the BPI staff, clueless siya and she pointed me to another staff who happened to have encountered account holders na paypal users.

    I will update you guys once I made my BPI withdrawal para guided din yung iba. Excellent work to pinoymoneytalk and keep it up!

  73. Ellen says:

    Btw, until now ang status ko pa rin is unverified user dahil i have not added a credit card or a debit card to my paypal. Anyway, wala naman ako balak pa magpurchase online so saka na lang. Imporant is makareceive ng payment hehe…

  74. chris says:

    meron na ba nakawithdraw sa inyo using BPI?

  75. jedzlinks says:

    I would like to share that i got my money from paypal withdraw to my Union Bank Eon in just 3 days. But the sad parts was my account was suspended because I wasnt able to send them some verification documents that they were asking. But my account is Verified already.

    1. James | says:

      Good to hear about your successful withdrawal, jedzlinks. Were you charged anything for that Unionbank withdrawal?

      I hope you can resolve your limited paypal account asap.

    2. Ramil says:

      Anong verification documents they are asking?

  76. Noel Nuguid says:

    Hi Sirs, just a quick question, when using a Bank of the Philippine Islands Account number should I use the 16 digit number in the front or the 10 digit number at the back of the atm card. I usually use the 10 digit number at the back of the card during over the counter deposits and I am wondering which i should use. Many thanks!

    1. James | says:

      Hi Noel, your BPI account number is the 10-digit number at the bank of your ATM card. That’s what you’re supposed to use when you add that bank account in Paypal.

  77. jedzlinks says:

    hi guys! I would just like to ask if anyone knows the SWIFT-Code of Union Bank? Thanks

    1. James | says:

      jedzlinks, if you’re indeed looking for UnionBank’s SWIFT Code (NOT the Paypal bank code), here it is: UBPHPHMM.

      You can use it when making a wire transfer from abroad.

  78. cel says:

    kelangan ba talaga ibigay ang credit card no.? eh i will only use paypal lang naman to withdraw funds not send money.

    1. James | says:

      To withdraw funds, your Paypal account should be verified. To be verified, you need to add a credit or debit card.

  79. bingskee says:

    thanks for the info. but i am still wary because of what’s discussed about BDO. if they know about the bank code, saka na siguro ako magwi-withdraw. i’ll calling din about this bank code.

  80. Jeco says:

    pwede ko ba i-add yung EON as bank account? para no fees for 7k up.

  81. lady says:

    natagalan akong ma reach ang comment box. ang dami kasing nag comment eh. hehehhh..

    anyway, good news tong new method of withdrawal. faster and cheaper pa. dapat nuon pa to..hehehhe.

  82. elaine says:

    I called BPI and they gave me another routing number: 021000021…. Now I am lost. I am actually after the routing number not the bank code.

  83. Anthony says:

    I withdraw to Paypal using my EON account by Bank Transfer. Yesterday, I checked my Paypal and its says its Completed already. Then I check my EON account, money still not there!!!??? its 24 hours now and still not reflected on my EON account! anyone have estimated time when it will reflect on eon account after its “Completed” on Paypal?

    Another issue I have, I also transferred same amount to my EON (Debit card) about a week from now and its still pending on Paypal… Anyone got the same problem on Paypal using their EON Debit/credit withdrawal?

    Thank you guys!

  84. elaine says:

    Yes, it will immediately show that it is completed but it will only reflect on your EON account after 3-5 business days. In my case, it was 5 business days when I first tried.

  85. lolo says:

    Confirmed – I successfully transfered funds to my BPI account. Transaction started on 28th Jan- funds in account today Feb 5th. Around 7 working days.
    Codes for bank and bank name used from this site and ebay link.
    EON card transfers still “pending”…sob.

  86. Lans says:

    So it means sa other banks mabilis but sa EON hindi?

    i’ve withdraw kahapon sa Paypal to my EON kaso pending parin up to now eh dati naman 24 hours lang ok na siya errr….

    marami bang problems ba talag now?

    1. jedzlinks says:

      hindi Lans skin mabilis lang sya. 3 days kuha ko na agad. Technique i used is that i’ve added my bank sa my paypal account, before withdrawal. Check my site for the Philippine Bank Codes

  87. Israel Nicolas says:

    Ano ba ilalagay sa Bank Name?

    Unionbank of the Phils
    Unionbank of the Philippines?

    Eto kasi nilagay ko sa first withdrawal: UNION BANK OF THE PHILS

  88. lolo says:


    Both these worked for me.

  89. jedzlinks says:

    For me before i withdraw I’ve added Union Bank Account in my paypal. Check my site for the Philippines Swift Bank Codes. I got mine in 3 days.

  90. Lanos says:

    pwede ba yung hindi mo account kunwari account ng mommy ko or kapatid ko pwede ba sa bank accounts yun?

    1. QuickBuckPh says:

      hindi ata pwede ung ganun! :)

    2. charo says:

      Dapat kung ano pangalan mo sa PayPal, yun din yung pangalan mo sa bank account na gagamitin mo. Ok lang kung joint account (OR).

  91. Ramil says:

    Nag withdraw ako Monday, kagabi andyan na sa EON account ko.

  92. Uno says:

    guys ask ko lang po kung pwede gamitin ang BDO kasi kanina tumawag ako customer service regarding nga sa bank code sabi nila sa akin saan ko daw gagamitin yung bank code e d sabi ko “for paypal registration” then ang sabi sa akin di pa daw sila accredited. Guys may same experience ba na ganito sa inyo dyan he he help naman po. Thank you so much.

    1. jedzlinks says:

      I dont think so, maybe the customer rep who attended your concern is just ignorant or noob, dont you agree guys?

  93. jolitopatrimonio says:

    I just want to know about the exactly swiftcode of RCBC savings bank located at p.Del rosario,cebu city philippines Thanks alot.

    Jolito patrimonio

    1. jedzlinks says:

      Rizal Commercial Banking Corp – RCBCPHMM

  94. MMO says:

    too low exchange rate today,
    i’ll try tomm.

  95. rj says:

    thanks! i tried to check the book sale @ SM Baguio..but still no luck :(

  96. gina jean says:

    can someone tell me pls kung ano ang new swift code ng pci..BNORPHMM..di na daw ksi ito ang tama..please reply asap..pls

    1. James | says:

      I checked last month what BDO/Equitable-PCIBank’s Swift Code is and that’s what they told me: BNORPHMM. I don’t think they’ll change it just like that.

      Probably you’re looking for something else, not the Swift Code? Like a Routing Number perhaps? Better yet, try to contact BDO for the actual Swift Code.

  97. Uno says:

    2 days ago i added bank account to my paypal account and transfered $90 to my bank account.when i transfered the amount it was showing that transaction is pending.But yesterday ive seen that the transaction got completed.I was happy and went to ATM to check my balance but there is no balance in my bank account
    Can anybody help me ? i am scared that whether i putted a wrong bank account number or what ?

    Is this natural that Paypal say the transaction is completed and takes some more to transfer the amount into the bank ?

    1. quickbuckph says:

      u stil need to wait at least 2-3 days after the transactions completed at paypal even though it is completed… dont worry ur money is safe with paypal! i defo use paypal for 2 years and really good service that i have from them… so just keep your records on track! :) have a nice day!

  98. Louis says:

    For EON Bank, it is pretty much like clockwork how things happen. Once the transaction go to completed, all the next day, the whole is “in transit.” By the next evening, it appears on your account balance.

    Basically if your transaction goes to completed on Tuesday evening, then you can expect it in your account on Thursday evening. Of course, these can change……

  99. Winston says:

    I am an American living in the Philippines. I have a PayPal account and I have a bank account in Bank of America and in the Philippines with Citibank. I tried to connect my Citibank account with PayPal, but the routing number for Citibank given above in the table doesn’t work and PayPal says it’s invalid. Do I have to change my address in PayPal or tell them that I’m living in the Philippines? If I don’t, it assumes that I am adding a bank in the US.

    What do I do?


    “Why I love Filipinas”

  100. Rodge says:

    Bago lang ako sa Paypal i just added my DBO account salamat sa bank codes ^_^ hmm kaso may problem pa ako ala pa ako credit card sa ngayun kasi tatanggap lang naman ako ng funds ok na kaya yung bank account ko lang ang naka link? ma-withdraw ko kaya funds na dadating sa Paypal account ko? or pwede kaya gamitin ko yung crdit card ng ate ko?

  101. Rodge says:

    Bago lang ako sa Paypal i just added my BDO account salamat sa bank codes ^_^ hmm kaso may problem pa ako ala pa ako credit card sa ngayun kasi tatanggap lang naman ako ng funds ok na kaya yung bank account ko lang ang naka link? ma-withdraw ko kaya funds na dadating sa Paypal account ko? or pwede kaya gamitin ko yung crdit card ng ate ko?

    1. jedzlinks says:

      Rodge, I think for the meantime the best that you could do is open a paypal account for your ate. So that you can avoid any problems that may arise.

  102. erwin says:

    guys, tanung lang po nag withdraw po ako ng funds to my bank account, lumabas po status completed, but after 2days i notice na may mali pala ako sa single digit sa bank account ko. omg, panu po kaya gagawin ko? hindi kaya pumasok sa ibang account ung pera ko. ahhuhuhu, question po sana masagot po ako. salamat

    1. jedzlinks says:

      I think pwedi ata mahabol un but with addition charges. Contact paypal on how to resolve this issue.

  103. erwin says:

    di parin nag return fund, dami ko na email sa kanila di naman cla reply. tingin nyo po ganu po katagal para bumalik yung fund kung failed to widthdraw yung fund . ty

  104. chat says:

    bkit ang bdo my problema? ano dapat gawin?

  105. poty says:

    ano yung tanong mo?

  106. joanne says:

    hi ask ko lang po kung yung routing number ng HSBC exclusive lang sa paypal or puwede syang magamit pang remit from abroad?? thanks^^

  107. babybastard says:

    Why don’t you add our EON as bank account then input your account number. in that case libre na ang pag withdraw mo.
    EON accounts are classified as savings account naman diba.

  108. Ben says:

    i have a US paypal account that i need to replenish. trouble is, i’ve already closed my bank of hawaii account, so that’s kind of like a dead end. can’t i send money to my US paypal account from my, say, BDO or BPI bank accounts?


  109. jedzlinks says:

    @ben. I think you can I edit your information at your Profiles.

  110. tsi says:

    pano po PSbank bakit wala? help naman

  111. Rodge says:

    HI pwede kaya yung debit card ng BDO sa paypal?

    sana pwede para makuha ko na funds ko sa paypal ^_^


  112. Lhey says:

    hello! i just got my EON account. can i withdraw paypal funds there directly? how much do they charge in amount say $200? do i need to deposit certain amount to my EON card before i can use here? pls help naman po.. thanks!

  113. James | says:

    joanne, the bank codes above are exclusive only to paypal. You’ll have to contact your bank to get the Routing Numbers necessary for international remittances.

    tsi, it probably means you cannot use your PSBank account in Paypal.

    Rodge, BDO cards even with the Mastercard logo cannot be used, according to this list of methods to withdraw Paypal.

    lhey, check out these related links about Paypal and UnionBank:

    Use your UnionBank account with Paypal
    Step-by-step guide to withdraw PayPal to UnionBank EON account
    Forum discussion on UnionBank EON account

  114. jedzlinks says:

    I’m really disappointed with UNION BANK 24/7 ph:84186(CALL CENTER) they really SUCK when it comes to customer service. We’ve been trying to reach them from almost 3 weeks now but to no avail. Does anyone here also having problem getting their Paypal Expanded Use Code?

  115. James | says:

    Hi jedzlinks, did you call them at 84-186 and nobody answered the phone? Try 841-8600. Several months ago, a lot of Paypal members had a difficult time getting their EXPUSE numbers from UnionBank. When they couldn’t reach the bank by phone, they tried email. They said they got a reply after a day. Try that too, probably that would work.

  116. jedzlinks says:

    I’ve already tried that number too and e-mail aswell. But still no luck upto this moment.

  117. Tony says:

    What is the correct bank name for metrobank? I tried METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST CO but there’s an error. It says alphanumeric only for the bank name.

  118. John says:


    Just want to share that I, as an affiliate marketer online, was able to successfully transfer all my paypal funds to my metrobank account. Right now, I’m having a good living through affiliate programs and I’m earning around $300-$400 a day, and I’m withdrawing $300-$400 from my paypal to my metrobank account. That’s a crazy $9000-$12000 per month, or php360,000 – php480,000 if we put the conversion to exactly php40.

  119. Earthlingorgeous says:


    Thanks so much for this information. Btw can I copy the bank codes too :) Thanks so much this is really helpful.

  120. Mei An says:

    PNB Bank Head Office was informed about a Paypal transaction and they said they don’t have any official connecting link with Paypal. How is this so.

    PNB charges their customers an additional $18 for every transaction from Paypal. Is this really an add on charge besides what Paypal is charging?

    Please give advice.

  121. Nelson says:

    Thank you. Hope it works.

  122. makongs says:

    what are bank codes for?

  123. Joe says:

    Thanks so much for publishing these.

  124. joan says:

    Hi! Wala daw routing number ang HSBC Philippines. Help naman yung may mga checking account dyan kailangan ko lang po talaga ang routing number pls pls.. thanks

  125. noy says:

    hi, thanks for the post, it works although am curious where did you get this bank codes, thank you

  126. janis says:

    hsbc and all major banks have swift codes. you just have to talk to the right person

  127. sigenanga says:

    Absolute newbie here. I’ve enrolled my Landbank savings accnt to paypal. I plan to purchase a book from ebay using paypal. How do I proceed?

  128. Dean says:

    Question lang po: I use BPI, so ano po ba ang ibibigay kong bank name sa PayPal? Bank of the Phil Islands o Bank of the PhiLIPPINE islands? I really wanna use PayPal na with my bank account. Patulong naman, oh? Salamat po!

  129. james says:

    Guys don’t ever try these bank codes unless you want to spend you money to nothing. I have a bad experiences with Unionbank bank. First 3 withdrawals were successful but after that, another 3 of my WITHDRAW TO MY BANK were unsuccessful. They charge me 3 times with the return fee. I guess that was 250.00 pesos each. I called the bank and asked why it happened, but as usual, Unionbank is a complete ass-hole when it comes to Paypal problems. I guess, unionbank wants us to use the WITHDRAW TO CARD (EON) and blocking the withdraw to bank method.

    Again and again, all am I hearing is that they cannot solve the problem because they only credit those amount they received from Paypal.

  130. Denise says:

    Hello po….Gusto ko po sana magwithdraw na ng funds galing sa Paypal account ko. Kaso po ‘unverifed’ user pa rin ako. Wala po ako dr or cr card but I already applied for an EON debit card na forever bago dumating sa branch. PAg nag add po ba ako ng bank account sa profile ko sa Paypal, d ko pa rin mawiwithdraw yung funds ko dun? Also normally how long does it take if you link a dr card hanggang sa makawithdraw ka na ng funds? Sorry if po if medyo basic yung question. Di ko pa kasi talaga maintindihan eh. Thanks!!!

  131. em says:

    I also a bad experience with Unionbank it was just last May it took the bank more than 5-7 Business days to process the transfer and guess who they blamed? They blamed Visa International so I then hurried and called visa which was not a toll free number and was US number to confirm found out that it was Unionbank’s fault, they had system problems and was fixing their whatever! I asked them that if they have to do some fixing with their system they have to put like atleast an advisory on thir website in BIG BOLD LETTERS so their depositors wont be bothered or harrassed if I may put it that way.

  132. em says:

    Denise- advice ko sayo you have to wait for the eon card if you alraedy have it you have to atleast deposit mga $1.99 yata to have it verified kasi if you add another bank account it will aslo take a fee to have it verified kaya kung nasa iyo na yung eon card mo just deposit mga 200 pesos just to be sure that fee is one time fee like registration para verified na yung account and card mo tapos and option na pipiliin mo is withdraw to card hindi withdraw to bank account its abit expensive but it gets to your account which is more important.I also would suggest that if you would want to withdraw funds maximize the limit per day para di sayang yung fee.after transferring confirm it with the bank as soon as it completes then you could check Visa kung magkano ang coversion rate during the time of transfer.

  133. em says:

    EXpanded Use Code- You could get these digits or code after the first transaction/verification as soon as mag verify ng account you will get this code either on line or on your statements(credit cards)then that code is used to verify the account pag ka nagdeposit ka check online then yung series of numbers doon that would be the code yung pagverification na yan ha.touch base with me if there would be anything else I could be of help that is waht I know maybe it could help you.wala ka talagang magaga dyan sa unionbank di nila alam ang mga sinasabi nila bilang lang ang may alam dyan!

  134. bambit says:

    Just for the record I would like to say that I have a Unionbank EON card with which i have made several withdrawals from my paypal account with no problems whatsoever. the funds arrive within 4 banking days. haven’t had any bad experiences yet, but syempre kung mataon na nagwithdraw ka from paypal on a day na holiday sa states, tapos ineexpect mo to arrive on friday na holiday din naman pala sa pinas, eh di chances are monday or tuesday next week mo pa makukuha ang money mo. Hindi naman problema yun sa tingin ko, if you consider all the days. I’ve never had to call Unionbank for anything or for help with any paypal transfers. pwera usog lang.

  135. Colezki says:

    what’s the bank code of PS Bank please? Is it the same with MetroBank since it’s a subsidiary?

  136. RommelD says:

    I used the bankcode of metrobank. It did not work! I just lost money because of the invalid transaction or transaction could not be completed for whatever reason. So there, dont use PAYPAL with your local bank! it sucks to lose money because of nothing!

  137. dani says:

    guys, is it possible to use my PAYPAL funds to pay for my credit card – CitiBank?

    if it is possible i would like to know more about it and details on how to do it…

    thanks and regards in advance!

  138. vert says:


    I went to my bank (Metrobank) and ask for the 9 digit code they told me it was 020260105 but after looking at this link i got confused which code will i use for, can someone help me please.. Which is the correct bank code for Metrobank, is it 010269996(which is from this link) or 020260105(which i ask directly from the bank)?

  139. third says:

    What is the bankcode (number) for SMARTMONEY? Ya I know there’s no SMARTMONEY bank…I just wanted it to link to my Paypal account…Thanks…

  140. Eric says:

    This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

    Hi , i have encountered this problem when im adding a bank to my paypal account i have a BDO debit card but it seems the paypal won’t accept because has been denied

    any other information to solve this?



  141. James | says:

    Hi Eric, I think it depends on the BDO card you’re using. Check out the related BDO and Paypal withdrawal discussion here.

  142. speedy says:

    Hi Third,
    You can’t link you Smart Money Card to Paypal.
    check this post, hope you can get some ideas

  143. Annabela M. Gonzales says:

    can i use my bdo atm card to pay my order to u.k. as paylink or paypal?

  144. retsel says:

    1).pde po ba yun smartmoney card ang gmitin sa paypal account????

    2).pde po ba metrobank atm card and gamtin sa paypal account???

    3).pano ko ba mawwithdraw yun fund ko,,,if yun account is hindi nmn skin nkapangalan ?pde b ko mkuha ko yun?

  145. trizha says:

    I remember phoning BDO and asking for the bank code they told me that as of the moment they do not have any transactions related to Paypal

    Thanks a lot for posting this list!

  146. fra_gpb says:

    thank u so much for posting this..

    i received payments through a paypal account i recently opened. i decided to transfer it to my existing metrobank account but when i called up the metrobank hotline, they told me that they haven’t opened transactions with paypal..huh?

    good thing i came across this info..

    for some people who are not quite sure about this, i can vouch for the correctness of the bank code listed here. Just make sure you spell out the bank name and you put in the appropriate account number (not the one that’s embossed on your card – that’s your card number).

    good luck guys and hope we all get more out of these online gigs, it’s high time we join the market. Filipinos are amazingly talented :-)

  147. Chichi says:

    Does anyone have a list of the transaction fee of the different banks? I read somewhere BDO charges 200php per transaction. I’m interested particularly with allied Bank Fees. Anybody?

  148. Exx says:

    Guys, it is still highly recommended to call your bank to get the correct bank code/routing number/sort code or ABA (stands for American Banking Association, I think) number before using it with PayPal. The swift code is different and has letters in them.

    Only banks with a US branch or presence have an ABA number and can be used with PayPal right now, based on the current User Policy and Agreement.

  149. ey says:

    METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST CO and Metrobank are the same bank?

  150. Raymond Selda says:

    Thank you for this post. If someone opened their BDO account in Robinsons Galleria branch, the bank code would be 010532322. The bank code listed above is for their head office. I hope this would be helpful in anyway.

  151. leonard says:

    i just want to know if ever i’ve done some mistakes in doing my bank account then i withdraw my money to my eon card at ubp without knowing that i’ve done something wrong..when will i received my money back to my paypal?

  152. Ava says:

    i just opened an account in Sterling bank of asia, i asked for their bank code the guy doesnt know anything about paypal instead he gave me a copy on how to do the remittances… i have my deposit slip in my hands i was wondering does the bank code would start with 1 or just O? its 101003015 is this a possible bank code or not? hope someone could help with this…thanks

  153. marylou says:

    is bpi family atm account included?

  154. kathy says:

    i just would like to ask about the paypal code. i linked my Unionbank EON card. the last step paypal requires is the paypal code. where can i possibly get that paypal code?

  155. Ron says:

    I have a question… if I linked my bank account on PayPal, will it raise all the limits from my unverified PayPal account?
    In other words, will my account turn out to be verified after doing so?

    And please tell me what’s the best bank to open an account with in regard with linking to my PayPal account.

    I really need to hear your reply.

    Just hit me back through my e-mail address. Thanks!

  156. Gyrel says:

    …Can I withdraw money from paypal to my linked BPI account without credit verified card?…Share nyo naman experiences nyou abou BPI…slmat!

  157. Totzky says:

    Can I still use the BDO Bank Code listed in this official Paypal Philippine Bank Codes? Even if my BDO bank account branch is here in North Reclamation, Cebu? please enlighten me on this one, thanks

  158. lou says:

    where do you get your 3-digit security code from your Metrobank ATM card?

  159. chepip says:

    I call China Bank today, they said they are not link with Paypal, but in this website, there is chinabank code for paypal..How come? pls help. tnx

  160. Fiona says:

    My goodness! Your website has helped me a lot! Thank you!

  161. Jeffrey Jimenez says:

    Hello po, meron po ako account sa PNB. Tanong ko lang po kung anong account number ang ilalagay ko sa paypal? Itong number ba na nasa ATM? Meron din kasi account number sa pnb online ko at magkaiba ang number. Ang sa ATM ay sakto 16 digit number..ang sa online naman, nakalagay account number pero 12 digit lang. Gusto ko lang maka siguro baka kasi mali ang malagay ko mag babayad pa naman ng 150 return fee….Any PNB users here? Please help..Salamat po!

  162. alain says:

    sir, it means, pde ako mag bayad sa paypal using my bank account here in the philippines? thank you po

  163. Jhun Michael says:

    May pinasok akong dalawang bank accounts sa paypal ko, Unionbank EonCard and BPI Savings. However, with 3 previous attempts, laging nadedeny yung mga withdrawals ko, I checked my Bank Code sa google and yung results dun ang ginamit ko, i would like to ask, what seemed to be the problem? Any help you can extend will be greatly appreciated.



  164. maruja says:

    hello..2009 n ngaun ha.hehe.
    why does PS Bank is missing in your list?
    Is it okay to use PS Bank’s bank code or routing number ba?
    for example.u have entered the wrong bank code, will u still have the money when u withdraw it, and be charged of 250?

    Please reply.thanks :D

  165. gonpadilla says:

    wanna ask!
    regarding the bank. Am i supposed to use the bank code listed above for BDO or is it for the bank code at the branch where I set up my account?

  166. yelo says:

    I already linked my BDO debit card to my paypal account but paypal is still asking me to link a credit card. my withdrawal limit is still $0.00, what can I do about that. Thanks

  167. lei says:

    Pede ba tayong magdeposit ng pera sa bank to paypal account natin?
    Naubusan kc ng pera ang paypal ko eh i need some amount at dapat paypal ang gamit ko.. possible ba un? ang nabasa ko kc u.s account he, ala naman akong u.s account?
    thanks il appreciate any replies.

  168. jehzlau says:

    @lei – pwede… meron dito sa paypal post ko na makaka tulong sayo.

    Read the comments. If you can find it, you can contact me in my blog. Yay! :) hehehe

    jehzlau’s last blog post..iBlog5 is the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit

  169. Lorelie Libetario says:

    Great thanks for the bank codes.

    Lorelie Libetario’s last blog post..Queue Area

  170. zairah27 says:

    Pls help u know what is GE money bank’s 9 digit code?


  171. Cricket says:

    Is this list still up to date? Specially the one on BPI. Thanks.

  172. Jonha Ducayag Revesencio says:

    James pwede bang ienter ko nalang as bank account yung eon card information ko kasi i need to deposit pa Php 200 para lang ma link eon ko sa paypal
    .-= Jonha Ducayag Revesencio´s latest blog ..Zac Efron Said Goodbye to His Old Hair Style =-.

  173. Mae Espinosa says:

    How come most of the bank people don’t know about this Paypal bank codes? I resently signed up a Paypal account for our company and as i try to link a Philippine bank account an error on bank code appears. Apparently, people from the bank even from their head office don’t know this Paypal bank codes, they gave me their swift code instead. They also told me that they are not accredited with Paypal, that’s why they don’t have Paypal bank code. I even tried to call other banks like BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Eastwest Bank, Security Bank and more…they all don’t know about these Paypal bank codes, and claiming that they are not associated with Paypal in anyway.

  174. Sick says:

    some BPI offices know about this people. sa BPI yung ATM yung pwede sa paypal. sa iba di ko pa alam, yung akin kase di ko pa pinasok sa paypal ko kase alamin ko pa mabuti yung 250 return fee na un. eh sakto lang sa maintaining balance yung atm ko baka mabawasan pa.

  175. julieta ligue says:

    how many digits is the account number? I cant complete my registration because my bank is Development Bank of the Philippines and and I have only 10 digits in my account number. The problem is it should be 16 digits. What will I do? Am I correct in writing my account number?

  176. jem guttierez says:

    how come the metrobank code, pnb code and union bank code do not work? you’ve wasted my P750 for wrong transactions over paypal!!!

  177. Joe says:

    Please help. I opened an account at BDO. I linked the account to my Paypal account. But I don’t know how to transfer funds from BDO to my paypal balance? Papano gawin?

    Your help will be appreciated.

  178. Michael Quiliza says:

    i just wonder why metro bank is not on the list of philippine bank code.
    would you kindly forward me if there is thanks.

  179. kentoi says:

    how can i transfer money from my pnb account to my paypal account?

  180. Chiara says:


  181. Melvin Abundo says:

    Surfed through your other posts on this topic. Thanks for sharing this news! Glad to hear it. :-)

  182. N-Designs says:

    cool. thanks.

  183. Lovelyn Ruthemann says:

    ask ko lang kung yan yung bank code na main branch? how if PCI banco de oro taytay national highway yan din po ba yun…

  184. mira says:

    thanks!! I was able to answer my problem with regards to paypal bank codes.
    thank you for the post!!

  185. Pinoy Bisnis says:

    I’m thankful for this post. I used your PayPal bank codes here to withdraw my money in PayPal. My money withdrawal transaction with PayPal was successful. BTW, I used metrobank code to withdraw the money.
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  186. isabel says:

    What is the 9-digit bank code of One Network Bank?

  187. Ramil says:

    Do BPI and BPI Direct have the same bank code?

  188. xielle says:

    hi pinoy bisnis, what the metro bank code for paypal? saka pag create kaba ng accoutn sa paypal dapt nakasaunod sa metrobank account name mo if sa metrobank mo tranfer money mo. and i have landbank, actually passbook account sya sa landbank, possible ba na itransfer money although passbook sya?

  189. Pinoy Bisnis says:

    @xielle: I used this code for Metrobank 010269996. Yes, dapat magkatugma sila. kung ano ang name mo sa metrobank account mo ay dapat ‘yon din ang name sa paypal account mo para hindi ma-deny ng bank. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried it with landbank but I guess it’s possible because they also have paypal bank codes.
    .-= Pinoy Bisnis´s latest blog ..How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business =-.

  190. LIFE Moto says:

    Thank you for this info. just want to know if it is new data. I contacted metrobank last month and they said that they don’t have bank code.

  191. rbueno says:

    BDO sucks!! it does not approve my bank account in paypal!

  192. dm says:

    @rbueno: BDO accounts should work. I have mine linked to a Paypal account.

  193. dm says:

    @LIFE Moto: The banks (or at least the agents on the phone) are completely clueless about Paypal. But the bank code given here for BDO worked for me.

  194. Jhay says:

    Hello, nag ask kasi ako sa teller ng metrobank kung ano ung bank code nila
    tas me binigay xia saken ito (026 002 846) eh hindi ko alam kung alin sa dalawa ung
    ilalagay ko? kung ito ba (026002846) or (010269996). please tell me kung cno na nag succes ng transaction trough metrobank, and aling bank code ang ilalagay ko.

  195. Arjay says:

    hi, is the BPI bank code given in this website correct?

  196. Manolet says:

    why are deposits from paypal take too long to reflect in bank rcbc, they said they deposited 2 small amounts, until now, feb 25, 2010 no deposits reflect? is there a maintaining balance in bank for it to be credited. i am a bit frustrated. any help will be greatly appreciated.

    thank you very much.

  197. Golden says:

    Thank you so much! Glad that someone posted Union Bank’s bank code.

    Lots of love,

  198. JSR says:

    When confirming accounts, it has to be a US bank account. I also waited in vain for the two small deposits to reflect, pero naka link siya sa “US bank account”. Easiest way to confirm your account is to link a credit card, and then your bank account.

  199. Jon says:

    Hi, I noticed that the is a wrong spelling warning at Paypal with regards to the bank name.
    What is the correct bank name for BDO? Is it Banco de Oro (& Equitable PCI) or Banco de Oro Unibank Inc.? I look forward to your assistance especially there is 250 pesos penalty for a wrong entry.

  200. francis says:

    im just going to ask…does the MYWALLET account in the RCBC..will work in the Paypal?? is it still a Bank account??

  201. FRANCINE says:

    i tried the code above for my bpi account but unfortunately, it didn’t work out :-(

  202. rade valdez says:

    thanks for the bank codes.

  203. Bobby Andrews says:

    I could not see the RCBC Savings Bank bank code in the list, are they the same with the RCBC Commercial bank?

  204. Robert Elsley says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing to you because i’m having so much trouble adding a bank account to my futher wife’s Pay Pal account.
    l have written a letter to her bank asking for a BSB or bank code but no reply.

    Please find the bank in question l need a bank code for.

    Bdo Robinson
    Fairview Branch
    Quezon City

    I hope you can help in this matter as l have sent money but we need upto the 9 digit bank code.

    Robert Elsley

  205. kcat says:

    thanks it was very helpful! :)


  206. antonio says:

    any one with the code for sterling bank of asia? thanks

  207. dondi045 says:

    Thank you for the bank codes.

  208. gtan says:

    hello! i tried to link my BDO account to paypal. Then paypal charged my account the small fee but then no code was printout to my bankbook. and i asked BDO about this and they said that thay dont have a connection between paypal.

    Does anyone have this problem too?

  209. diane says:

    hi can i ask i have already bank account withdraw my money in paypal but i cant put in my bank account they keep askaing put credit card or debit card. what should i do? thnx i am using BDO bank account..

  210. Ann says:

    Anybody can help me?

    Thank You!

  211. Anntonio says:

    I need bank code for Sterling Bank of Asia, Davao branch, can anyone help?

  212. Elle says:

    Just wondering, pag sa Metrobank ba nag withdraw may processing fee din? From what I’ve read BDO charges P200.00 aside pa dun sa P50.00 from Paypal. Just wondering, sayang din ung P200.00

  213. Catherine ann says:

    sa lahat ng branch po ba ng banco de oro un bank code na naka post…please answer..

  214. Catherine ann says:

    Tanong ko lang po kung pwed po ba i withdarw sa dbo debit card po un fund sa paypal.reply po asap..thanks

  215. melardenio says:

    thanks for the bank code…i can now transfer my paypal earnings.

    Pinay Scandal

  216. reichter says:

    To Elle,

    Talagang sayang yung 200 pesos, sa metrobank at psbank ay 150 ang processing fee nila pag BDO at BPI, ang alam ko, 200 pesos sila. To avoid the 50pesos charge sa paypal, dapat 7,000 pesos ang i-withdraw mo, lower than 7,000 will cost you a 50peso charge. Mas maganda, sa Union Bank ka mag open ng account like EON, kasi from paypal free of charge pag 7,000 ang i-transfer mo, then buong buo yung pera mo na mapupunta sa Union account mo, at pag winithdraw mo yung 7,000, walang bawas yun. Unlike sa ibang banks like Metrobank, yung 7,000 for example na galing sa paypal, pag winithdraw m sa Metrobank account mo, may bawas pa ng ilang percent depending sa amount nawinithdraw mo. Kumikita lang ang paypal kung below 7,000 and ililipat mo at dun sa rate ng palit ng dollar dito sa pinas.

  217. Elle says:

    To Reichter,

    What if below P7,000 ung i-ttransfer ko sa Union Bank. How much ung fee? Thank you!

  218. reichter says:

    To Elle,

    From paypal to any bank here in the Phil, may charge na 50pesos pag below 7,000 ang ittransfer mo. Ang maganda lang sa Union bank, pag natransfer mo na pera mo sa account mo at nagwithdraw ka, wala ng charges.

    Yung nangyari sa kin na naglipat ako ng pera from paypal to my Metrobank account, na-charge na ko ng 50 pesos kasi below 7,000 tapos pag withdraw ko pa, nabawasan pa ko ng 70 plus, depende pa yun sa amount na winithdraw ko.

    Yung access fee ng Metrobank at PSB ay 150, mas mura sa kanila kesa BPI at BDO na 200 pesos ang access fee. may access fee pag international kasi ang gamit mo na atm card like debit mastercard and debit visa.

  219. reichter says:

    To Catherine Ann,

    Yung bank codes na naka post ay para sa lahat ng branches ng BDO. Pwede mo i-withdraw yung funds mo from paypal sa debit card mo sa BDO, you just need to transfer first your funds from paypal to BDO.

  220. Elle says:

    To Reichter,

    Thank you! I opened my account already. :)

  221. riche says:

    I just connected my paypal to my bank account. I was looking and browsing for the code and good thing I found your site. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for your help.

  222. mami says:

    good day. i just wanna know if Bank of the Philippine Island is same with BPI Family Bank. thanks

  223. pinoyonlinejob says:

    upo same lng po yan xD

  224. Calin says:

    Ask ko lang sana kung ano ba dapat yung tamang bank name na ilagay ko for unionbank when filling-up the bank details on paypal. Kasi diba may bayad kapag nagkamali ka ng lagay ng mga details.

    Alin ba dito, or kung wala dito paki-post naman:

    1. Union Bank of the Philippines
    2. UnionBank of the Philippines
    3. Unionbank of the Philippines

    Thanks sa sasagot. Ayoko kasing mabawasan pa yung kaunti kong kinita online..

  225. pinoyonlinejob says:

    Union Bank of the Philippines po … :)

  226. Calin says:

    thanks for the quick reply!

  227. Mei says:

    Question lang po.

    How can you link a card to your paypal account if you’re using a BDO ATM card?
    Kasi debit cards are accepted naman right? but what is the billing address you should put? eh since atm sya, wala syang billing address to begin with.

    And also, how can you verify your account using a BDO debit card?

  228. Dags says:

    USer above Mei:

    You can’t be verified if you use a debit card because when verifiying your account Paypal sends you a 4digit code on your Credit card monthly statement and Debit cards don’t usually list transactions..
    and i think you BDO card can’t be used since the only debit cards accepted by paypal are those who have addressess.,

    Try EON UnionBank card you only need to 500peso and you can get the card

  229. ashley says:

    hi! paano naman po kapag banco filipino yung akin tas passbook type sya, makakapag-open po ba ako ng account sa paypal?

  230. knian says:

    mga kuya ask ko lang po kung dapat ba talaga credit card account yung acceptable sa paypal? di ba pwede yung savings account lang sa local banks sa pinas? sorry po noob kasi ako. im just planning to buy online…

    thanks po sa magrereply ^^

  231. ANNE says:



  232. Antonio says:

    Is there is a code for Sterling bank of Asia

  233. Mao says:

    I’m a bit confused, should I put the whole name of the bank when adding additional bank account?
    .-= Mao´s latest blog ..Attended Red Cross BLS-CPR and First Aid Training =-.

  234. carlo says:

    Thank you ser.
    .-= carlo´s latest blog ..iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo =-.

  235. Jovy Kathleen Vallar says:

    I have a problem with my paypal account as in the payment is not yet transfered to my BDO Savings account. Pls let me know who and what company i could ask for online business matters specifically paypal.
    Truly yours,
    Jovy Kathleen P. Vallar

  236. pinoyonlinejob says:

    ilang days na ba? mga 3-5 business days kasi yan…

  237. jennifer says:

    question.. pwede ko po ba i-link sa paypal yung ATM debit card ko sa paypal? pano po pag may magpapadala sa akin ng dollar pwede ko po ba marecieve yung sa atm ko? papasok ba sya khit payroll acct yun? sensya na po.. sana may makasagot..

  238. joed says:

    010269996 – Here’s your METROBANK BANK CODE.. YEY..ENJOY!!!

  239. Jay says:

    hi! does all bank branches [anywhere in the Philippines] have the same bank code?

  240. icek says:

    Thanks for this information… it helps a lot.
    more power!

  241. Stray Arrow says:

    I have a Paypal account and this info will really make my transactions easier. Thanks for the post!

  242. harrypotts says:

    This is very much appreciated. Thanks

  243. mae says:

    hi. first time ko magwithdraw. i will use the withdraw to bank account option. anu specific na bank name ang ilalagay?

    UnionBank of the Philippines?
    Union Bank of the Philippines?
    or same lang kahit anu?

    thanks :)

  244. making money says:

    Damn, awesome website. I actually came across this on Ask Jeeves, and I am happy I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment.

  245. Dekie says:

    Can you someone tell me the correct bankcode for BPI Family Savings Bank? I’ve heard that Bank of the Philippine Island(BPI) has a different code from BPI Family Savings Bank. I would greatly appreciate if someone can tell me the code. Thank you very much!

  246. Mickey says:

    hi guys, i just wanna know if anyone out there knows the bank code for robinson’s bank, i hope to hear from you guys soon.thanks…

  247. Eugene says:

    Hi, im a newbie here. Nice there is PMT. Anybody knows if its possible to transfer from PAYPAL to SMARTmoney?

    Will appreciate your help. Thanks.

    1. Chris says:

      No. You can only use smartmoney to verify your account and to shop online.

  248. calin says:

    @ eugene

    I think it’s not possible (not yet sure)..
    What I am sure is that it is possible for paypal >> eon >> smart money

    Hope that helps..

  249. gina says:

    hi pwede ba ang mga smartmoney sa paypal??

    1. Chris says:

      Yes! you can check out my post for instructions.

  250. Kiko Siono says:

    Ok. I just clarified with ChinaBank today and their Online Division confirmed that they have no direct relationship with Paypal at the moment.

    Perhaps there is a provision for Paypal transactions in the future, but as of the moment, there is no facility for this at Chinabank.

    Hope this information will reach other Chinabank-Paypal dreamers and enthusiasts. :)

    I will post a message once there is update on Chinabank-Paypal.

  251. Chinchin says:

    @kiko siono
    i called chinabank and the branch manager said they dont have direct relationship with paypal.but since I am a VERIFIED paypal member, I was able to withdraw funds from paypal to my chinabank account.
    if you’re already a verified paypal member,you just have to add your chinabank account in the list of your bank accounts in paypal.the bank code for chinabank is 010100013..

    the charge of chinabank was 200..the duration was about 6 days.

    if you’re not a verified member,you have to have a debit card(the one w/ visa logo) or credit card.paypal will verify you by charging your debit or credit card w/ $1.95..take note of the 4 digits that will appear on your billing statement then input the 4 digit numbers in your paypal account..

    I used the debit card from sterling bank of asia since it has a visa logo..after a week,i asked the branch manager to check my account if there’s a charge on my debit card that’s about $1.95 and i asked the 4 digit numbers.i then I was verified…
    you can also use eon by unionbank…

    after being verified i was able to withdraw funds to my bank accounts namely chinabank,unionbank,securitybank and sterling bank.sterling bank of asia is not on the list yet but they have a bank code.just ask the bank personnels.

  252. ma' says:

    Is it necessary to put the bank’s complete name (i.e. “Bank of the Philippine Islands”) rather than “BPI”? Would it matter?

  253. kits says:

    We used to withdraw the balance to BPI using the bank code. But it was returned. Why?

  254. LazyPeople says:


    How hard is it to put the full “Bank of the Philippine Islands” ?

  255. Edgardo says:

    Its very helpful! thanks! I use Land Bank…

  256. Alex says:

    Hello, I think ALL local branch is not connected to Paypal. But as long as you have their respective bankcode you can add them to your lists of banks, you will be able to transfer your paypal funds to your any preferred local bank.

    I am using BPI they charged Php150 per transfered, but when you ask the teller or the customer service or any division for that matter, they don’t even know what paypal is.

    1. Hugebelle says:

      Hi Alex! I wish to connect my BPI express teller as well. can you tell me that will I put in the “card type”? There are only 3 options (visa, martercard and american express) and either of 3 are not affiliated with BPI. and another thing is, I don’t know when is the “expiry date” of my BPI express teller since it is not indicated in the card…unlike BDO and UNION eon. Please advise.

  257. Ms. MJ says:

    hi! I NEED HELP! ANY1 PLS.
    I bought online and some of my orders were rendered out of stock, hence, they need to return the “excess payment”. the only option for them to return is through paypal. here is the situation: i have a BDO account which i registered online to be “paypal activ8d”… QUESTION: WHAT DETAILS DO I NEED TO SUPPLY FOR THEM TO BE ABLE TO RETURN MY EXCESS PAYMENT??? =(

  258. starskynijuan says:

    thanks for the BPI bank code, very helpful

  259. ses says:

    are there any extra charges if i use my bank account to withdraw payments rather than using a credit card??

    1. Chris says:

      Yes. With BPI, there’s a Php150 transaction fee

  260. Dina avila says:

    Hi Sir/madam,

    Can i please verify if my payroll account with BPI could be a bank account for paypal crediting of payments?

    Thank you

    1. Chris says:

      you need a visa/mastercard debit/credit card to verify your account..

  261. E. M. says:

    This is NOT a complete list. Where is BPI Family Savings BAnk?

    1. Chris says:

      you can use the code of BPI

  262. paw sayson says:

    Hi, how come ang BDO debt card hindi nagwowork? kung hindi pwede ang bdo, anong klaseng account sa bpi ang pwede? yung atm ba ng bpi na pwedeng initial balance ay 500 ay pupwede?? pls help asap!!

  263. paw sayson says:

    Hi, how come ang BDO debt card hindi nagwowork? kung hindi pwede ang bdo, anong klaseng account sa bpi ang pwede? yung atm ba ng bpi na pwedeng initial balance ay 500 ay pupwede?? mga credit cards lang ba ang gamit nyo??

    1. Chris says:

      you can only use eon card or smartmoney debit card to verify your account

  264. hugebelle says:

    I’d like to ask…linking (bank account DEBIT CARD) BPI express teller to paypal, What option (between visa, mastercard and american express) will I opt to? I’m having problem linking my bank account with my paypal. Anyone please advise. Thanks

  265. roma says:

    hello how about the bank code of Robinsons Savings Bank ? not included?


  266. Naxyvillanueva says:

    how do i add paypal balance from my bank of commerce account? can anyone help?

  267. Mimi_regner says:

    thank you. i found what i needed.

  268. Panlaqui Alona says:

    Thanks to James who wrote the official list of the Paypal Philippines bank code. This is a big help for a beginner like me using Paypal. The manager of the bank where I have account do not have any idea of the 9 digits bank code..
    Who issued these bank codes by the way? How come the bank manager itself doesn’t have any idea of their 9 digits bank code?

    Thank you!

  269. Babyflo30 says:

    I recently opened an Paypal account, and I have been trying to trnsfer
    money to my local bank account. I was told I needed a Paypal code#, and
    it would be forwarded to me soon. As of now I have not received Paypal
    code #. when im going to withdraw it says i need paypal code in order to process… someone help me

  270. Maiqc says:

    I have a Metrobank account where could I get the code? Please help. its not listed on top.

    1. Superpilyo says:


  271. Maiq says:

    I just got the code here for Metrobank Ortigas Branch “01026-0678”.

  272. alepio mulato, jr. says:

    i linked my union bank eon. how can i get the confirmation when it’s a debit card? please…

  273. Mindanaotipps says:

    In which bank in the philippines, can make transaction to paypal account.
    I try by BDO cannot pay to my paypal account.

    1. Revo says:

      you can use EON Card from Union Bank of the Philippines to withdraw funds from your papal account..

      hope this info helps..

    2. Revo says:

      you can use EON Card from Union Bank of the Philippines to withdraw funds from your papal account..

      hope this info helps..

  274. Ethel_magcalas says:

    where can i get the paypal code? someone can help me

    1. Jheyounit says:


  275. Rmpproducts says:

    sir/madam, may i have to know what is the bank code of metro bank, kidapawan branch?

    1. ianemv says:

      all branches of each bank uses the same bank code.

    2. Nicey133 says:

       pwde ba na khit bank account ng brother ko ippasok ung payment sa paypal?
      kahit wla me credit card ok lng ba?
      kung ma open ng credit card,gkano nman ang mababayad lahat2 sa transaction?

    3. ianemv says:

       apply ka na lang debit card sa smartmoney or rcbc :) di aabot ng P500 yun. 

    4. Mikel0911 says:

      hi,,pwede po pa help?kc nag pa open ako ng account sa bdo(ATM debit card)panu ko po ma vverify account ko sa paypal gamit ung atm na pinagawa ko?tnx

  276. Aiko2011 says:

    Are this banks really accepts paypal? How come most banks says they don’t do paypal transaction and only unioinbank says they do paypal transaction.

    1. Revo says:

      it really depends on the bank.. not all of the banks listed here accepts paypal transactions.. for example BDO.. i would recommend eon (union bank of the philippines) card to withdraw funds from paypal..

      hope this information helps..

    2. Nicey133 says:

      ask ko lng po,ano bang card ang e open sa bank pra sa paypal? card or atm saving card?nalilito po ako….pwde bang ang current atm card ng mother ko ang pwedeng ilagay na account # sa paypal acct ko? 

  277. makoy says:

    thank you!!!!!

  278. gigs macusi says:

    what about bpi family bank?

  279. ed01 says:

    how much is the opening fee to get a eon card ang mgkano minimum balance nya? please reply

    1. Joy05iesous21 says:

      information that you need to know regarding EON Unionbank is in that link

  280. salvador c sta. ana says:

    It”s my first time to join Paypal to buy via eBay, but unfortunately it did’nt work, I used my BDO (Credit Card) Mastercard and BPI Express Credit Card Mastercard. What’s the problem?

    1. Jheyounit says:

      e.vverify pa yan. may ipapadala na 4 digit code ung paypal sa statement mo.

  281. Kay says:

    pahelp naman po, paano pag mag wi-withdraw ng money sa paypal account ko? for example may nagbayad sa akin thru paypal then gusto ko i-withdraw sa BPI na atm card ko, pwede ba yun? updated po ba yung bank code ng BPI dito? thanks in advance. =)

  282. Zurca_07 says:

    need help po, how long it will take para magsend ng paypal ang 2 small amount sa bank account ko. i already add my bank account (BDO) last saturday but i’m still waiting for that 2 small amount. i checked my online banking but there is no transaction made by paypal. should i recreate my bank account or do i have to wait for the 2 small account, thanks!

    1. Princehi5 says:

      We are in the same situation my friend.. smartmoney card stated that all of transaction and funds will be made under by BDO so its obviously that we already have a BDO account.But its confusing that when you “withdraw paypal funds to a bank account” were your smartmoney under by BDO linked into it,and checked your will never received it even though its “completed after the 2 or 4 days of waiting.I will try to visit the BDO to check that.Is there anyone can tell me if all of legit smartmoney users are already supported by a Bank Accounts from BDO? or should they apply to create a personal bank account as a backups that will transfer in and out going funds for their smartmoney account?…It’s pretty confusing to know that every smart money users can withdraw into an ATM mega link boot if those cards doesn’t Already have a concrete Bank Account under by BDO. Eon Unionbank might be the answer.But I will try that once my smartmoney card failed!.

    2. Princehi5 says:

      Apply for smartmoney card… you can use it to verify your paypal account and can use it again as your bank account to withdraw funds from it*(paypal bdo bank code 010530667).In peso..Transferring funds from paypal to smartmoney will cost you a fee worth P50 paypal process and another P200 from BDO per completed transaction (6 to 7 days).Just make sure to withdraw a hard cash once that would at least fit to worth the P250 charge.

      Example: You transferred P1000 (withdraw funds to your bank account) and once completed.You will be automatically deducted (P50) and will be only getting a subtotal amount of -P950 that you’ve transfered.After 6 to 7 days of waiting (another P200 bank fee deduction)…check your smartmoney balance using your phone to confirm it and expect to received P750.Binggo!…proceed into nearest ATM machines to withdraw that in cash and expect another charge and I’ll suggest not to try ATM’s with Cirrus Logo.

    3. Neralounerol says:

      Contact immediately the costumer service by emailing them at paypal informing them na dika pa nakareceive ng email or whatsoever regarding sa 2 small digits. They will surely help you solve your problem. God bless

  283. Chaveznoel69 says:

    ..why i find one network bank bank codes here?is there any1 knows it? me  at waiting

  284. Scorpionfor_love says:

    hello po ask sana ako.. kasi may nag padala sakin trow paypal so ngayon i add my mom debit card BDO  try ko transfer the money sa debit card nang mama ko pero error laging lumalabas.. may tumawag sakin taga paypal pero hindi kami mag ka intindihan kasi chopy signal off yong phone.pero nong nilagay ko ang debit card nang mama ko they ask router number which is i give naman correct yong router number kasi i ask it to the bank sa BDO..pano ba malalaman pag na transfer na pera mo sa debit card mo? pls pls help ur reply is so much appreciated

    1. Neralounerol says:

      Hi there,

      As far as I know dka pwedeng mag add ng card pag hindi nakapangalan sa yo. Kung ano yong nerigister no na name sa paypal dapat yun yong name sa debit or credit card mo na e add mo as a bank sa paypal. If wala ka debit or credit card yong sa mama mo nlng e rgister sa paypal tapos inform the sender na dun esend sa paypal email add  ng mama mo ung funds.  I hope it helps :). God bless

    2. Fredda says:

      hindi mo rin mawiwithdraw kung unverified yung account mo.  hindi pwede ma-verify through BDO debit card…yun din kase problema ko. BDO debit card ko, di ma verify–so di maka withdraw

  285. Rukia6297 says:

    Tumatanggap po ba ang China Bank ng payments through paypal? Thanks!

  286. Imyourangel_33 says:

    hello! ask ko lang kung bakit wla ung metrobank sa list of paypal bank codes?

    1. Zander says:

      mas maganda EON card sa paypal account…

    2. Dtb_hurri says:

      Metrobank is the same as Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. it was there in the list…

  287. Neralounerol says:

    ask ko lng if kasali ba ang sterling bank sa paypal? and ano po ba bank code?

  288. mr. helpull says:

    i want to help to all of here… mag open na lng po kayo ng EON card sa Union bank mas ok sya kesa sa ibang banko para sa paypal account nyo

  289. yam says:

    Mr. help bakit mas ok ang EON card sa Union Bank, ano ang difference nya from other bank, I open BPI for my mom’s paypal.

  290. yam says:

    Mr. help bakit mas ok ang EON card sa Union Bank, ano ang difference nya from other bank, I open BPI for my mom’s paypal.

  291. cgranada says:

    Hi. Hindi ba pwedeng pangverify ang paypal gamit ang bank accounts? Inaadd ko yung Landbank ko, hindi ko alam kung dumating na yung 2 small amount. At kung dumating man, san ko makikita yung confirm at saan ko ilalagay yung 2 small amounts doon sa Paypal account? Thank you.

    1. Mae_cadzls says:

      You will be notified via your registered email at Paypal that you have a pending payment.

    2. Mae_cadzls says:

      follow this link,it will help u a lot…

  292. marivic says:

     may money transfer ako thru pp account , ang problem ko po ,di ko makuha lahat ng pera sa BPI account ko, minimal withdrawls lng amounted to 500Php. and everytime mag withdraw k may bawas na 150?,.ibig sabihin nito bago maubos ung pera ko marami ang nabawas na , ned ko po ung pera ko for my kids tuition fees.

  293. Njsambueno says:

    Thank you, this is very helpful. Thumbs up!

  294. Clydhazel says:

    hello, ask lang po kung ano bank code ng smart money card?
    I really thought it was the BDO CODE but i just wanna make sure.

    Hope to hear your reply asap
    need it so bad
    thank you very much

  295. Deane says:

    mas ok yung unnionbank for paypal withdrawals kasi pag nag withdraw ka ng almost 7thousand plus walang bank fees at wala rin silang kinukuhang bank fees sa remittances di tulad sa BDO na every withdrawal from paypal to BDO merun sila deduct na 200 pesos at BPI naman  eh 150 pesos . Yung Unionbank naman walang maintaining balance only 350 lang babayaran mo per year sa pag gamit nito

    1. Yvette Sabellona says:

      i already have a paypal account and may laman na ung paypal ko. now, im still searching for a way to withdraw that money, and as what i’ve read, most of the people prefer withdrawals through union bank. but how do i start? i still dont have an account in union bank. I fi do open or apply for one, what kind of account should i apply for? sa union bank mismo ba inaaply un? im really confused, mostly kasi sa mga instructions posted is may union account na before sila nagenrol sa EON. 

      so, eto lang, what account should i open sa union bank before enrolling sa EON?

      thanks a lot..

  296. Leanah says:

    tanong ko lang bakit ganito reply nang paypal

    An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

    Invalid Bank Account Information

    Our system was not able to process the transaction with the bank information listed on your account. You should contact your bank regarding the bank account information required for electronic funds transfers. If you still need assistance, you may email us through our secure server at https:///wf/f=act_verifyba

    Thanks for using PayPal, the world’s #1 online payment service!


    tama naman yung information ko sa bank at sa paypal.

    1. Md says:

      same thing nangyari sa akin, tama naman info tapos na denied.

    2. licupmn says:

      dapat kasi match lahat, such as middle name or middle initial, kung ang paypal mo is middle initial ginamit kailangan ganon din ang sa bank, maselan kasi sila pag dating sa transfer, don’t worry kung na cancel man babalik naman nila yung funds sa paypal mo pero yun nga lang may penalty lang na charge sa paypal mo mga 200 din yata yon

  297. SECRET says:


  298. Sherrietonette says:

    very informative!! thank you.. made my life easy..:)

  299. Easyboy8806 says:

    Hi pwede ba atm card gamitin sa pgwithdraw?

  300. Guest says:

    I just made a blog post showing how to verify your PayPal without having a bank account, you can see it at – I just figured it may help some of the people who read your stuff so why not share it

  301. Bloodroses says:

    pano magwithdraw sa paypal thru smart money??pls help step by step

  302. Itaashaidie says:

    i still not yet verify please help me

  303. Itaashaidie says:

    na add ko na ang bank account number ko sa  paypal account ko taz hindi ko alam bakit hanggang ngayon hindi pa ako na confirm. taz i asked for retrieval the 4-digit paypal code hindi daw ako ma bigyan kasi wala pa daw ako na confirm…paano to? please help me guys……….

  304. Cochingco_michelle says:

    pano kumuha ng pay pal acctn? my babayaran ba? mag kano?

  305. petite guia says:

    hi I’ve worked with PayPal before, actually there is NO fee required to open one. Once you sign up successfully, you will need to confirm your email address. PayPal will automatically send a link to the email address you used to sign up for your PayPal account. Once your email address is confirmed you can start using your PayPal account. However to get your account verified, for sending payments ( online shopping, bills payment etc.) and withdrawal purposes ( from your PayPal account to your bank account), you will have to link or add a debit card, atm card, credit card and CONFIRM it.
    To add add and confirm a debit card, atm card or your credit card;

    1. Enter your card information or select an existing card and click Continue. PayPal will charge your card P100.00 PHP or equivalent to make sure it’s yours.2. Check your card statement in a day or two for the code PayPal sent with the charge – sometimes there’s a slight delay. ( only applies if you have an access to your bank card online) 3. If
    you can’t check your card statement online, check your paper statement
    when it comes in the mail (this can take up to 30 days). You will find
    the charge from PayPal with a 4-digit code.4. Log back in to your PayPal account and enter the code from your statement.* Confirming your card will raise your withdrawal and sending limits and makes you a Verified PayPal member. You can then receive money, request money, transfer money and pay for your online purchases.
    *There is NO fee for sending money however there is a limit on how much you can send. ( for non-verified members)
    * Fees apply when receiving money into your PayPal account and withdrawing money from your PayPal account to your bank account.

      Also please be advised for payments ex. for purchasing online PayPal will always get the money from your PayPal balance if there is any. PayPal balance is acquired thru money transfer INTO your PayPal account ( if you are a seller and uses PayPal to receive payments or ordinary Money Transfer from another entity. If there is NO PayPal balance available, payment for your online purchase will then be deducted from your bank account linked to your PayPal account, if you have not added a bank account, bank cards will be the last payment option. Enjoy! and I hope I was able to help you in some ways…

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      “payment for your online purchase will then be deducted from your bank account linked to your PayPal account,”
      Aren’t those linked bank accounts for withdrawal purposes only and not to get funds for purchases made using Paypal? Coz I don’t see how Paypal would be able to take funds out from your bank account since they only have your account number and your name. I have made purchases via Paypal but they always deduct it from the card I added, and never from my bank account.

  306. Erwin says:

    hi guys,

    i’m new to these kinds of things. pwede bang gamitin ang atm account na enroll sa paypal? kasi my employers keep asking me for a paypal account eh ayoko naman gumawa ng credit card account. so please help me, pwede na ba ang atm na enroll sa paypal?

    1. Lovelyanneescala says:

      mas maganda po talaga ang credit card ang i link nio sa PALYPAL ang gamitin mas reliable. I prefer you to use Use EON card from UNION BANK.

    2. DM says:

      magkano ba initial deposit pagmaeenroll ka sa EON ?

    3. Lovelyanneescala says:

      200 po minimum deposit

    4. Neuee Perez says:

      actually wala, pro need ang 100+ para ma-verify sa pp

  307. Erwin says:

    hi petite guia,

    ask ko lang, i tried to create a Paypal account on, i finished filling up the personal info but then i was asked how i would be paying or joining, it only had the options: credit card, master card, visa etc. all of which i do not have. As of now I only have an atm account, how can i use this to create a Paypal account?

    1. Itaashaidie says:

      you don’t need credit card. . .visa card ok na…. from union bank. mag apply ka lang EON card application…ok na yan.

  308. angel says:

    thank you for this! :)

  309. castor machica jr. says:

    What is the bank code of RCBC?

    1. tan says:

      Look at the list, you can see it there.

    2. Chardtzz says:

      nag pa tanong ako sa BDO hindi para sila connected sa paypal

    3. unknown_girl says:

      nope , i just open in union bank
      till now nag email bdo not connected cla sa paypal

  310. Itaashaidie says:

    wow grabeh ang eon card from union bank…..ang bilis….dati i got headache how to verify because of eon card wow ang bilis.

  311. jess says:

    hello, is there any way we can get the money from paypal even without bank account?how?thank you

  312. mdtorresjr says:


  313. Professional Virtual Assistant says:

    Thank you! I just linked my Bank Account to PayPal.

  314. Ishot Che Ayukat says:

    what is the bank code of pnb laguna branch

  315. Azaleajc says:

    Hi can someone tell me if BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI has the same bank code? Thanks.

    1. Jembocks says:


  316. Sevenyagit says:

    pwede ba ang mga Cooperative Banks?

  317. Annramirezz says:

    I do like Unionbank their customer service is excellent!

  318. Que says:

    Has anybody tried withdrawing Paypal funds to a BDO Asenso Kabayan Dollar account?  Did you encounter any problems?


  319. Merxco17 says:

    How can i link my BDO kabayan account with paypal..?? is it possoble..?? cause i keep getting error message but i am sure i entered the correct card number and security code.. 

  320. Ltvrola says:

    me too….i have the same question

  321. Sauradesiree says:

    how about a ussc card of western union?

  322. marv says:

    selling VCC to verify paypal account message me on my yahoo id wearwolf214

  323. Scam Buster says:

    Ukraine Scammers Using Paypal and Western Union or Money Gram

    Ukraine Scammer uses Paypal and Western Union

    Name: Sergey Voloshin
    Address: 42-44 Shovkovychna St., Kiev, Ukraine 01601

    Job posting site:

    email address:

    He will use other person’s PP account then send you money then let you withdraw it and send it to you via Western Union. After which he will file dispute to paypal and paypal pays him refund – so he has double money! Then you will have negative balance on your Paypal.


    He has stolen credit card or hack paypal accounts to send money and use other people’s account. When the time comes the original owner finds out about the unauthorized payment, then you will have negative balance on your PP because Paypal will side on the customer and refund them.


    He has some accomplice on US who are also scammer owning Paypal account. That way, he receives the money and the accomplice receives the Paypal refund, so that turns out to be their real income the refund.


    If the real owner of the hacked the Paypal account still doesn’t know what happened and was not checking her account often, then they will be the one handling the account then and receiving the refunds. So that’s the double dirty money comes from! They get the physical money and they get the refund! When the real owner comes in and complain to paypal, well, she gets nothing because they get everything already.

    Kiss your ass scammers!

  324. paul vhayste says:

    Thank you very much! I used this information years ago when I enrolled a bank account in Paypal, and was still able to use this when I recently added another one. Thank you!!!

  325. unknown_girl says:

    nice verified na paypal ko hihi dali lang pala … waiting na lang sa eon info na forget ko username toinks

    1. unknown_girl says:


  326. Shon says:

    Can I open and use PayPal without credit card? Can I use bank account instead of credit card?

  327. no name says:

    plz help wat is the bank code of One Netwok Bank??? thank you :)

  328. zai says:

    how about ussc card of western union pwede rin un?

  329. zai says:

    reply plz

  330. hitokirihoshi says:

    thank you po sa info!

  331. Roselyn Rodriguez says:

    im a new user of paypal and i am working in odesk i just wanna know how can i transfer my money to paypal>…. thnx//…

  332. chops says:

    why does this appear whenever I use my card “You cannot complete this action on the card you have selected. Please select another card.” please help me:(

    1. rrr says:

      kelangan may laman account mo

  333. Angeline Tadeo says:

    Hi, ask ko lng po if magkano ung transaction fee ng BPI sa ebay if ung bi2bilhin item is USD ung payment.

  334. Ron says:

    That’s strange. I tried to withdraw paypal money thru BDO but someone from BDO said, they do not recognize paypal. What gives?

    1. rrr says:

      YOU do it online. Transfer your account online but you need to enroll your bdo account first sa Paypal account mo

  335. vanissa says:

    hello, my debit card bpi dont have indicates a type of card like (visa,master ect.) , and no expiry here. how to verified then?

    1. rrr says:


  336. Chel says:

    Hello po! Para sa mga nagtatanong if accredited ng PayPal ang BDO. Accredited sila. I’ve been sending money from PayPal to BDO since 2007 pa yata yun. Wait lang mga 2-4 working days before magreflect sa bank mo (this goes to any bank transfer). After 3 years of receiving payment, may BDO agent tumawag asking me if I’m sending fund from PayPal. Sabi ko monthly yun at 3 years na. It just shows their agents are not aware that PayPal to BDO money transfers are happening. Duh! Sa kakatawag nila at inis ko, I closed my account and just used my other bank to receive the PayPal fund. Anyway, no need to apply for debit cards. Di ko nga po nagamit EON ko kase after I applied, within less than a month, I’ve searched of the bank codes and voila! I was able to transfer naman. Hope this helps!

  337. Eve Adams says:

    Thanks, I am looking for this right now.

  338. Erlyn Lazaro-Trinidad says:

    thanks for this post, it is very helpful.

  339. Juan Apawan says:

    Hi, what is the bank code for PS Bank?? It is not on the list. I asked the bank, but they have no idea what bank code is.

    1. rrr says:

      meaning pag wala sa taas wala po..get a different bank

  340. Guest says:

    My Account > Profile > Add or Edit Bank Account then fill in the Bank Name, Account Number, and Bank Code. na filled-up ko na lahat ang bank code at ang RCBC “010280014” ang Account Number ko “16digit sa Debit visa card” …im on the right track?

    1. rrr says:

      yes make sure may laman VISA debit mo more than 100 peso

  341. Sanette Candice Cabrera Margaj says:

    how can i transfer funds to my paypal through bank accounts?

    1. rrr says:

      verify your account sa paypal..get a EON ACCOUNT SA Union Bank

  342. maricel says:

    bakit di ko mawithdraw sa bpi humihingi pa sila ng credit card for verification kasi may limit daw pag withdraw ko kaso 00.00php ung limit ko kailangan daw enter ko ung credit card for verification la naman ako credit card pano yon?

    1. rrr says:

      best to apply EON ACCOUNT from Union can apply online and just claim sa branch na pinili mo

    2. Er says:

      I just want to share my experience sa EON ng UNIONBANK. It was so bad, akalain mo may deposited amount ako na 15k tapos nawalang bigla! Pagpunta ko sa office nila, sabi lang ERRONEOUS ERROR daw. Tapos sabihan ka na tumag sa ganitong number, ka dito na site. I’ve done everything pra mkuha ulit yung pera, pero naging helpless lang ako. Also, i.withdraw mo kaagad ang money mo if you’ve deposited na sa EON, because uubusin nila yan little by little. kawawa ka..

      Just sharing..

    3. Angeline Merz says:

      Kapag ang EON naka link sa paypal, at yong paypal mo ay naka link din sa mga merchant website dilikado tlaga pera mo sa eon, kaya dapat withdraw mo agad.

    4. Er says:

      merchant website? what are those? or who are those?

    5. Ryan Laibes says:

      mag apply ka ng MyWallet Visa Card sa RCBC.. minimum of 150php lang ang fee more info

    6. Emp Martinez says:

      sakin smart money card ginamit ko pang verify, dapat naka link yong smart money sa mobile phone mo kasi dun isesend ng paypal ang verification code. need lang ng load na 200 pesos, macecredit din un sa account mo sa paypal.

  343. Jeli Tuazon says:

    ewan ko ba”

  344. Emp Martinez says:

    HI, Magkakaproblema kapag nag withdraw ako ng funds sa paypal using bdo cash card? kasi yong name sa paypal walang extension na jr. sa bdo account name meron?

    1. Jumar Atis says:

      gwapo mo…hehe i pa update mo talaga iyan…

    2. Emp Martinez says:

      waaaa…. Thanks po.

  345. Ryan Laibes says:

    folks.. hindi lang EON ng UnionBank ang ppwede sa PayPal.. Try to use another great option via RCBC MyWallet VisaCard with Savings Account for only 150php a fast paypal transaction and low charges ..more info to guide

    1. Er says:

      may Php250.00 na deduction ba if withdrawing from paypal to ANY bank?? how was your experience using RCBC? i’m planning to open a new account kasi. Thanks!

    2. jin says:

      may 110pesos na na deduction ngayon every trasfer from paypal to rcbc, kahit above 7k ung ittransfer.. T_T

  346. Van Orvin Diño says:

    hi, e pano kung BPI account ko? panu mag withdraw ng funds? ganun din ba? pa help nmn oh :(

    1. Emp Martinez says:

      Add click mo lang yong withdraw then add account, dapat match yong name mo sa paypal at sa bank account mo. copy mo din yong bank code.

  347. Jack says:

    will it matter po pag ung sa Paypal ku “ñ” ung nsa lastname ku then sa bank account “n” lng nakalagay? Thank you po!

  348. Jack says:

    ung VISA POS INTERNATIONA po ba is Paypal as well? Im seeing a charge from it on my online record

  349. Er says:

    sinong nka.try na nang PNB na na sa paypal? anyone? how was it?

  350. andrewsy03 says:

    Anyone knows Sterling Bank’s paypal bank code?

  351. LeNoire says:

    I tried using RCBC visa card years ago.. it deducted 100php and it still wasn’t verified for how many days.. weeks.. months.. haha bad experience. :(

    1. personguest says:

      You can go to your nearest RCBC branch and ask for the 4 digit code which PayPal would send before you can verify your PayPal account.

    2. arjane lugto says:

      chek your email to get you 4 digit code

  352. ? MJ Cuyones ? says:

    Can I verify my Paypal account even though I don’t have VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or American Express?

    1. arjane lugto says:


    2. mhaffieful D says:


  353. gladys says:

    may laman na po ung paypal ko kaso nka-pending balance at ganitong error lumabas “Payments you receive will be in your pending balance for up to 21 days. They can be instantly available in your PayPal account, once you’re an established seller with us. To qualify, you’ll need to meet 3 basic requirements.” may chance paba ko makuha yung pera ko sa paypal???

    1. arjane lugto says:

      ang problema dyan dun po sa nagpadala sayo ng pera

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      Keyword there is “meet 3 basic requirements.” So the question is have you met those requirements? If not, then there’s your answer. If yes, then you should try and ask a PayPal CSR as to why you’re not able to get the funds and how you are going to get your funds.

  354. Emilyn Saulog Cañares says:


  355. arjane lugto says:

    ok naman sa bpi sana makarating at wag magkamali sa name may penalty daw

    1. John vincent Leon says:

      ask ko lang po anu po yung bank code para sa RCBC my wallet card.thankyou!godbless

  356. jahjah says:

    pwede ko bng gamitin ang bank account ng friend ko para ma i-withdraw ko ang pera ko sa paypal wala p kc akong bank account. thanks

    1. James | says:

      Hi @disqus_hyURPVA9tt:disqus , hindi po pwede yun sa Paypal. Paypal requires that the bank account’s name is the same as the Paypal account’s name, so hindi pwede na gamitin mo yung friend’s account mo to withdraw your Paypal funds.

  357. Mark Christian R Alcayaga says:

    pwede bang mag add ng fund using bank any bank here in philippines?

    1. James | says:

      Hi @mark_christian_r_alcayaga:disqus , this is currently not possible. Check out our past articles about how to add funds to a Paypal account:

      Can I fund PayPal using my bank account?

      How to add funds to a Paypal account?

  358. Keven Mohomed says:

    Once i retire my dream is to go to Hawaii and live out the rest of my life. We went there on our 25th wedding aniversary and it was fabulous.

  359. aussiefundraiser says:

    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog
    and I am inspired! Extremely helpful info particularly the final section :) I take
    care of such info a lot. I was looking for this certain info for a long time.
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  361. lucasnorbert says:

    but how can i do so?

  362. jerome says:

    please help me, the paypal is needing 9 digit bank code for BPI, and it is only 8 Digit here….

    1. Nikko Angelo P. Quilo says:

      All Paypal Bank Code is Indicated in this Page was 8 digits Only. The 9th Digit will be on the First. That is 0.. So in BPI 10040018 will be 010040018

    2. jerome says:

      Thank you so much!

  363. Nikko Angelo P. Quilo says:

    Always Add 0 in the First Digit. To Be 9 Digit Paypal Bank Code. Thanks!

  364. matit carel says:

    how can i withdraw my money from paypal account?

    1. manuel cadag says:

      Mawiwithdraw mo ang pera galeng sa PayPal kung mag po provide ka ng isa o higit sa isa sa mga banko na eto. At dapat verified ang PayPal account mo. All you have to do para maverify ang PP mo ay by adding bank and code to your PayPal as requested by them. Basahin nyo na lang yun under Profile how to add Bank on your PayPal account…at syimpre mag apply ka muna sa Bank ng ATM acccount…Hope this helps.

  365. ariel says: po ba if esave ko yung credit card info sa paypal?may experienced n kc ako sa google market,nahacked kc bfore yung card ko sa google market.thanx po

  366. Ascii XII says:

    1BANCO DE ORO (BDO)10530667
    4SECURITY BANK10140015


    1. James | says:

      Add 0 before the 8 digits shown previously. Table above now updated to show correct 9-digit Paypal bank code. Thanks for the note!

  367. Jin Bae says:

    Pano kung BPI Globe Banko? same pa rin ba sa code ng BPI??

  368. Heidi Marmol says:

    ASk ko lng po, mayroon po along ussc master card paano po maactivate yun sa paypal? kailangan po ba ng balance? at anu po ang code kapag ussc master card? tnx po

    pakiemail naman po ako sa mga may alam plz need ko po ng sagot, tnx po

  369. yang says:

    safe po ba at sure po ba ang mgabank code dito ? tnx

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      pwede mo namang icompare via google search.

  370. paulfos1029 says:

    Ask ko lang, kasi meron ako bank account kaso, ALLIED SAVINGS BANK. Hindi ba pwede yun?

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      Hindi na pwede, closed na kasi ang Allied bank.. :)

  371. Jem says:

    Hello po, same lang po ba ng bank code ang metrobank at ps bank?

    1. richard klemen says:

      hindi po

  372. Anthonette says:

    hello po? ano po ba bank code ng WEALTH DEVELOPMENT BANK CORPORATION (WDBC)? please anwer mt question po :(

  373. Crow Embuscado says:

    ano po code ng planters bank?

  374. manuel cadag says:

    Salamat sa pag post at pag share netong CODES para maka withdraw / deposit at maverified ang PayPal natin.

  375. jesus borja says:

    BDO sucks i trying to withdrow my money from paypal and i stil waiting for more than a 1 week i call BDO customer service and they cant help,on paypal says completed that was 1 week ago but the money is not on my accaunt

    1. evanene says:

      Try mo na lang puntahan in person pre..

  376. Afrhil Lynn Delgado says:

    Thank you so much for this list! Now I know that I can attach in PayPal the bank account that I have! God bless you!

  377. nichole alberio says:

    hello po..tanong ko lang kung pwede ba ang security bank na walang name na master card or visa?

    1. evanene says:

      Hindi po pupwede..Dapat may Visa at Master Card ang card nyo kc international payment po ang Paypal..pero ang Smart moey ay pwede rin po…Ang Smart at Union Bank ay nagagamit din yan bilang isang credit card..pwede nyo rin yan ipambayad sa mga MAll kung may funs ang ATM Bank nyo..

  378. Yan says:

    how about for BPI Family? same name and code lang ba with BPI? Thanks!

    1. Sarah de Guzman says:

      may next button ung list. 010620014

  379. liezl says:

    hi po panu po ung east west bank anong code??

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      EAST WEST BANK 9-digit PayPal code

  380. liezl says:

    panu po magverify ng account sa paypal

    1. evanene says:

      Maveverify ang paypal mo kung maglalagay ka ng visa card. apply ka sa Union Bank at iadd mo ang account no. ng Union Bank na kukunin mo.

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      Try mo ang EastWest Bank basic savings account nila na P100 maintaining balance at may kasamang Visa debit card na siya.

  381. ferdie says:

    galing ako kanina sa BDO and sabi nila hindi na pwede i link and BDO bank account sa Paypal

    1. evanene says:

      Di nga pwede pangverify ang BDO sa Paypal pero pwede mo syang iwithdraw gamit ang BDO atm mo. At kung gusto mong iverify ang Paypal. apply ka sa Union Bank

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      Try mo ang EastWest Bank basic savings account nila na P100 maintaining balance at may kasamang Visa debit card na.

  382. hananycel s. cruz says:

    saan pb banko pde kumha ng paypal debit card o credit card galing na ako sa union e wal akong wrk klangn nila ng prof of income e mag send lang amna ng pera skin true paypal plz help me aman

    1. evanene says:

      di ko maintindihan ang problema mo sis..pwede po ba paki clear na lang ng txt o message mo. hehehe para masagot kita..kung kailangan mo ng libreng sites na kikita ka online( kaya lang magtitiyaga kang mag view ng ads araw- araw). Sa umpisa maliit lang kikitain mo pero kung matiyaga ka at pasensyosa..kikita ka rin ng libo libo sa katagalan..visit mo na lang ang libreng blog site ko>> << at mag sign in ka..kung may problema ka pa just email me. ang BDO ay pwedeng iadd sa Paypal para maka withdraw ka ng kikitain mo sa PayPal.

    2. hananycel s. cruz says:

      Kasi. Galing nga ako ng union bank para mag open ng PayPal kaya LNG Hindi ako bingyan dhil Kylangn nila yung my work e wla akong work mgsend Lang aman ang aswa ko ng pera true PayPal Nia at PayPal ko para wlang changer smin pareho ng pagsend at pagreceive ng pera gling nrin ako ng bdo at bpi wla rn sila PayPal ano g ggwin

    3. evanene says:

      Mag bibigay yan ,,kung may pambayad ka sa ATM na kukunin mo..ipa Western Union mo muna, sabihin mo sa hubby mo na sa Western Union muna ipadala,,para makapag open ng account sa BDO..sori nga pala sa late reply..ngayon ko lang nabasa to..God Bless!

    4. Honey Ganda says:

      Try mo mag-open ng basic account ng EastWest Bank. P100 lang ang minimum deposit tapos yun ang gawin mong pangverify at pangwithdraw sa PayPal account mo.

  383. Vince says:

    Hi, can someone help me answer this query? I just need to ask how to to receive money sent from paypal.. Can it be withdrawn through ATM card? What if the money is sent in dollar, could it be withdrawn with the same? Thanks in advance.

    1. evanene says:

      Yes you can transfer and withdraw your money from PayPal to your ATM, whatever Bank you add in Paypal that is acceptable by the system.

      Hope this helps..

  384. Jersey Nolasco Angeles says:

    hi! i just wanna ask if the bank code for bank of philippine island is just the same for bpi family? or bpi family isnt available for paypal?

    1. evanene says:

      Hindi po talaga pang verify ang BPI.. ang pwedeng lang ay Union Bank ( EON) at, Smart Money ang tinatanggap ng Paypal..At ang pagkaalam ko iisa lang yan.. BPI at BPI Family..pinagsama na po yan..

    2. Elvie Solanzo says:

      Ibig bang sabihin pdeng ung smard money na lang ang gamitin para ilink ang paypal account for online transactions..

    3. evanene says:

      Pwedeng po… yan ang unang option ng pinang verify ko sa unag Paypal account ko, last five years ago..try you po uli..ang Smart Money.

    4. evanene says:

      pwede po ang smart money pang verify sa Paypal.

    5. Honey Ganda says:

      At saan mo naman nakuha ang info na EON at Smart Money lang ang tinatanggap ng PayPal? Ang EASTWEST Debit card Visa and BPI MoreFun at BPI My ePrepaid ko is nakalink ngayon sa paypal account ko. Closed ko na ang EON ko dahil P350 per year ang annual fee nya. Please don’t give false info.

    6. Honey Ganda says:

      Better ask a CSR personnel just to make sure, kasi baka same case yan with Metrobank and PSBank, and with RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank.

  385. Glenn says:

    Hi, ask kulang po if puedeng mag-transfer money from Paypal to Union Bank na kakaverified palang ng status ko sa Paypal?

    1. evanene says:

      Pwedeng pwede can transfer and withdraw your money from PayPal to Union Bank..Congrats for being Verified!

    2. Glenn says:

      Hi Evanene,

      May tanong ako ulit if papano yung step by step nang pagconfirm sa bank account ko?

    3. evanene says:

      Hintay mo ang e-email ng Paypal sayo at iki klik mo lang ang link na ipapadala sayo para maconfirm..OK…Thanks.

    4. evanene says:

      Hi Glenn, Here is my answer to your problem..punta ka sa Paypal Help >>

  386. Leah Gonzales says:

    hi ask ko lng pwde ko ba iwithdraw ung money ko sa paypal sa acct ko smartmoney BDO..

    1. evanene says:

      pwedeng pwede po at ang smart money ay madaling maverify ny syanag pala kahit ilang bank ATM ang idagdag nyo sa Paypal nyo ay pupwede po..

  387. Leah Gonzales says:

    pano po magtransfer ng money from paypal to smartmoney.. :)

    1. evanene says:

      Iadd nyo po ang Smart money nyo sa Paypal..ilagay nyo ang account no, at presto..iaaccept yan ng Paypal..4 years ko na pong ginagamit ang Smart Money ko at 8 years naman ang Union Bank EON ko..sana makatulong eto..

  388. Ahliya says:

    tanong ko lng bakit po palagi pending ung money ko sa paypal pano ko un mawwdraw…plss help me..

  389. Ahliya says:

    may laman na po ung paypal ko kaso nka-pending balance at ganitong error
    lumabas “Payments you receive will be in your pending balance for up to
    21 days. They can be instantly available in your PayPal account, once
    you’re an established seller with us. To qualify, you’ll need to meet 3
    basic requirements.” may chance paba ko makuha yung pera ko sa paypal???

    1. evanene says:

      Just wait for 21 days para mawithdraw mo ang pera galeng sa Paypal account mo..eto ang process >>

  390. evanene says:

    Kung marami sa inyo ang kumikita na sa PTC sites, gusto kong tulungang lumago pa ang income nyo sa bagong site na eto..tiyaga lang at pasensya..Sa una .01 lang ang kikitain nyo bawat website na bibisitahin nyo..pero sa katagalan lalago yan, sa ngayon kumikita na ako ng $10 to $20 a day..mahalaga na sa akin eto…kung intersado kayo register here >> << Libre naman eto at dapat may sarili kayong Internet connection para mag generate ng income na mawiwithdraw nyo rin sa Paypal account nyo.

  391. John vincent Leon says:

    help!di m’verify ng girlfriend ko paypal niya.palage ng’prompt message na to pg’click ko ng continue button. “The Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience.” .what to do?ng’message na ako sa paypal,pero no response yet. baka meron po sa nyo makakatulong samen.thanks !godbless!

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      ang tanong diyan is ano ba ang ginagamit niyang pang verify sa PayPay account niya. Baka naman ATM card lang yun, talagang hindi tatanggapin yun. Debit card na may Visa or Mastercard logo pwede pa.

  392. Clarise says:

    Pwede po ba yung Citibank Visa Credit Card pang-verify ng paypal?

    1. evanene says:

      Pwedeng pwede po yan Clarise…yan ang ginagamit ng mga Indian National at mga taga Hongkong..I try nyo po..libre naman po ang pag register sa Paypal..

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      any credit card will do to verify your PayPal account, basta kelangan lang may available limit ka pa kahit $2 or equivalent thereof, pero para safe gawin mo ng $5 equivalent.

  393. Marylyn Binal says:

    Pede po bang gamitin ang BPI Globe Banko para magwithdraw from Paypal?? Please I need an answer.. thanks!

    1. evanene says:

      Itry nyo iadd,,kapag inaccept ng paypal pwede po yan pang withdraw…

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      Lahat naman iaccept as bank sa Paypal basta andun yung code. Ang mahirap is kapag hindi pala tama yung code once na nagwithdraw ka at ibalik yung withdrawal mo dahil mali nga yung ang bank code. Kaya kelangang iverify muna yan sa mga CSRs ng banko para sigurado. Wag isuggest agad na itry without verifying first.

  394. Grace Concepcion says:

    Hi! I am with BPI Direct Savings Bank. It was opened through my job. Now I understand na this is parang subsidiary ng BPI. I have successfully added my bank account sa paypal pero I am worried na baka pag nag-attempt ako mag-withdraw para ma-deposit sa account ko eh hindi siya mag-go thru. Ano po ba ang bank code ng BPI Direct Savings bank? Same lang po ba ng BPI na 010040018?

    1. evanene says:

      Parehas lang po yan..try nyo kuntg iaaccept ng additional ATM Bank not for verifying paypal.

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      Better make sure din kasi since under lang naman siya ng BPI Main (at the moment), baka may ibang code din yan. Parang Metrobank and PSBank, or RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank yan. Kaya she should verify first dahil mahirap na sa huli ibalik ang PayPal withdrawal mo dahil iba ang code na binigay niya.

    3. Honey Ganda says:

      Just an FYI. i received info from a BPI CSR that BPI Direct shall be under BPI Family Bank na daw, unlike before na under sa BPI Main siya. I’m just not sure what difference that would make though.

    4. Honey Ganda says:

      Better make sure din kasi since under lang naman siya ng BPI Main (at the moment), baka may ibang code din yan. Parang Metrobank and PSBank, or RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank yan. Kaya you should verify first dahil mahirap na sa huli ibalik ang PayPal withdrawal mo dahil iba ang code na binigay mo sa kanila.

  395. Luz Narciso says:

    Hi, I have open for a paypal account. I got the confirmation code, however, I could not enter a credit card no because I do not have one. Can I enter my bpi family bank atm card for verification purposes? The problem is the security code and the card expiry that is not available…. Please help me.

    1. evanene says:

      You cannot verify your Paypal with BPI but you can add BPI for withdrawing your money from PP even you’re not verified. All I know to verify your Paypal here in the Phil. is by using Union Bank ( EON ) ans Smart money. But it is advisable to verify your Paypal account to avoid from hackers…hope this helps you Luz..

      To your success,

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      You can get verified with BPI by using either BPI My ePrepaid or BPI More Fun Visa. Nakailang verify na ako using those two cards. You can even use the BPI More Fun Visa for withdrawals. Try applying for a BPI ePrepaid sa Ensogo or Lazada para may discount kasi yung regular card fee is P500 card good for two years. Yung BPI More Fun Visa naman is P250 good for 18 months, personalized picture pa yung card for free.

    3. Honey Ganda says:

      You can get verified with BPI by using either BPI My ePrepaid or BPI More Fun Visa. Nakailang verify na ako using those two cards. You can even use the BPI More Fun Visa for withdrawals. Try applying for a BPI ePrepaid sa Ensogo or Lazada para may discount kasi yung regular card fee is P500 card good for two years. Yung BPI More Fun Visa naman is P250 good for 18 months, personalized picture na yung card for free.

  396. john john says:

    pede po ba mag tanong may paypal po ako kasu di pa verified, pag nag add po ba ako ng bank account pede ko ma withdraw yung pera sa paypal kahit na di verified ang account ko? salamat sa reply

    1. evanene says:

      Pwede pong mawithdraw ang pera nyo kung inaccept ng Paypal ang Banko na iaadd mo..kahit di verified. pero may limt ang withdrawal kapag di kapag nag add ka ng Bank gamitin mo ang Bank Code na nakalista sa itaas ng blog na eto.

  397. Danica says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po. Paano ko po mkukuha ung pera sa paypal? My bf transfered money to my paypal account the status says completed but it takes up to 7 days to transfer to my account. Its 7 days today i checked my bank account balance everyday pero wla pa din ung pera, sbi din ng bf ko nag email na skanya ang paypal na nsa bank ko n nga daw. Pero nung chineck ko ang balance ko gnun pa din ndi pa sya pumapasok sa bank account ko. Any help po??? Thanks

    1. evanene says:

      First, i screen shot mo ang page ng Paypal na may transaction na may pera nang pumasok,( kung marunong kang mag screen shot ) o kaya iprint mo ang page na may money transaction, sa ( My Acount, overview) ipakita mo sa Manager ng Banko na inadd mo sa Paypal mo, at alamin mo ang advise ng Banko kung kailan mo mawiwithdraw.Ang pagkaalam ko kapag first withdrawal ay aabot ng 2 weeks bago mo mawithdraw ang pera mo galng PP…hope this helps you.
      Good luck!

  398. john john says:

    magkano po ang withdrawal limit pag di verified kada buwan? salamat

    1. evanene says:

      $10,000.00 ang limit na mawiwithdraw nyo at malalaman nyo eto kung nasa loob na kayo ng Paypal account nyo.
      To your success!

  399. Yasmin Hajal says:

    Hi guys pls. Help I have union bank card last yrs ago but I have use this acct to paypal acct. But nver verified for last 3yrs. (that time wla kasi enough balance) now Id like to verify my acct but may nabasa ako n sa recemt comment about his bad experience with eon he deposit 15k using eon tapos bigla nawala. Nagpunta siya sa branch then ang sabi”errorneous error ” so the advice is tumwag daw sya sa mga no. And mag email sa paypal just to get his money wla pa rin so he advice to widraw the money from eon also my nabasa din ako na post ng girl pag yung eon naka link sa paypal at anf paypal acctko nka link sa merchant. Website my tendency daw mawawala dapat e widraw agad. My eon card use to pay bills online shop and online airticket very convenient so if in a future the eon card will take my money this would be a big disappointment. So any comment about this?have u experience eon card link to paypal and lost money?pls post your comment

    1. mary joy Daganta says:

      I have been using Eon card for the past 3 years, wala naman akong bad experience.

    2. evanene says:

      I’m also using EON for 8 years but until now I can withdraw and pay for my transactions on my online biz… If you got problem with Paypal, you should send a support and PP will answer you. Important tip lang , don’t enable Auto payment for the merchants..seguradong uubosin and pera nyo kung naka enable kayo..

    3. Khai says:

      Just my opinion. Best way to do is kung gusto mo ng “ease of mind”. Gawa ka na lang po ng bagong email at bagong paypal account. Then pwede mo din i try ung RCBC my wallet, parang EON din sya, kinaiba lang is wala kang babayarang yearly bill. It’s free and pwede mo din sya gamitin as Mercury suki card. It only takes me 1day to have a new “verified” paypal account.

      1st: Apply to any RCBC, just bring 2 valid ID.
      2nd: It only takes me 30min before I get my card.
      3rd: Deposit around 200php to make sure you won’t get insufficient balance anymore.
      4th: Make new paypal account and link your new card.
      5th: Give a little time for the transaction to be made or visible to your bank statement(maybe 1hr), then call RCBC hotline and ask for the paypal code in your bank statement. They will ask some of your personal info and the time you link your paypal for security purpose.
      6th: It took me 30min before I received the paypal code sent in my mail.

    4. Honey Ganda says:

      madaming charges ang pagkakaroon ng RCBC at RSB mywallet, from loading fees to annual fees (yes, may annual fee ang RCBC My Wallet Visa at every five years naman ang RSB My wallet visa. Check both RCBC and RCBC Savings sites).

    5. Khai says:

      No need to check their site po mam, kasi ung mismong Bank staff yung nakausap ko at malinaw naman po usapan namin na wala ako babayaran. Kundi ang 5pesos kada transaction. Bukod dun, walang annual fees. Saka this month lang po ako nag open. Baka nagbago na sila.

      And yung comment ko po is for “Verifying Paypal” purpose only and not for withdrawal purpose. Kung sakali man na may annual fee, not a big deal kasi gagamitin mo lang naman pang verify ng paypal, kahit tapon mo na after mo ma verify ung paypal =D. Since you’ll get to choose naman which bank account you will link to paypal and it will not automatically link to this RCBC wallet. Yes, hindi sya advisable for withdrawal purposes, for verifying purpose lang.

    6. Honey Ganda says:

      Just be aware that sometimes those bank personnel are giving different information about these cards: from annual fees to charges you’re not aware of. I myself have experienced that from some bank personnel and CSRs kaya what I do is collect information from different sources and verify them myself just to make sure.

    7. Khai says:

      Read back my very first sentence ate. It says “Just my opinion”. I’ve just noticed that YOU KEEP ON DEBATING to EVERYONE’S COMMENT. Don’t be a SMARTASS ate.

      Smartass – [smärt?as?] – noun
      Smartass is slang for a person who is an annoying know-it-all.
      An example of smartass is a person who argues on all subjecttopic with someone as if they are trying to prove that they are the expert on every subject/topic.

    8. Honey Ganda says:

      Only to those who give false information dahil kelangan lang icorrect ang maling impormasyon. Iba ang pagbibigay ng opinion sa pagbibigay ng tamang facts. Make sure kasi na tama ang impormasyon na binibigay mo kung ayaw mong macorrect. Libre lang naman ang google.

    9. Khai says:

      I don’t see any false information. I just shared her what I did, and what works for me. If you had “a different opinion”, reply it to her comment and not to mine. Because she needs your opinion. And I don’t ask for anyone’s opinion. Kaya wag mo po sakin i reply. Nag hihingi si ate ng opinion, at binigyan ko sya. Kung may opinion ka din, IREPLY MO SA COMMENT NYA, WAG SA COMMENT KO. Kasi kapag sa COMMENT ko ikaw nag reply, nakikipag DEBATE ka na non. Wala po ako hinihinging opinion. In the end, sya din mamimili kung anong opinion ang tama PARA SA KANYA.

      Pangit ate yung kokontrahin mo lahat ng SA TINGIN MO SA SARILI MO AY MALI. DI KASI LAHAT SA MUNDO AY AAYON SA GUSTO MO. Kaya if meron ka po ibang opinion, i reply mo po sa nang hihingi ng opinion. Wag dun sa nagbigay lang ng opinion. Kasi may taong humihingi ng opinion at binibigyan lang namin.

      Uulitin ko lang, wala ako nakitang MALING INFO. Meron lang sigurong MAS MAGANDANG CHOICE. Which is what you are keep on debating on all the people here. Na lagi kang MAY MAS MAGANDANG OPINION.

      Stop it na. I just want to inform you about your attitude at sana kahit papano may narealize ka sa attitude mo, kung babasahin mo lahat ng post mo. Halos lahat kokontrahin mo mga taong nag cocomment.

      I apologize if I’d insulted you. I wont reply anymore.

    10. Honey Ganda says:

      lol. did you even read my comment? again, konokorek ko lang yung mga sinabi mo para maging tama kaya para sayo talaga ang comments ko..

      Just my opinion. Best way to do is kung gusto mo ng “ease of mind”. Gawa ka na lang po ng bagong email at bagong paypal account. Then pwede mo din i try ung RCBC my wallet, parang EON din sya, kinaiba lang is wala kang babayarang yearly bill. It’s free and pwede mo din sya gamitin as Mercury suki card. It only takes me 1day to have a new “verified” paypal account.

      1. You cannot use RCBC mywallet sa PayPal dahil local access lang yun. ang pwede sa PayPal ay yung RCBC Mywallet Visa.
      2. Hindi pwede ang RCBC mywallet as rewards card sa Mercury drug dahil ang RCBC Mercury card lang ang pwede dahil sa taglay nitong chip card.
      3. Hindi free ang RCBC Mywallet Visa na gagamitin for Paypal at agian hindi pwede ang RCBC myWallet sa Paypal dahil again (kelangang ulit ulitin dahil mukhang di mo talaga magets eh), local access lang yun.
      4. Hindi parang EON ang RCBC mywallet dahil hindi naman international card yun at wala namang visa logo yun. Ang kapareho ng EON ay yung RCBC Mywallet Visa.
      5. so debate ang tawag mo kapag kinokorek ka pag nagkakamali ka? lol

    11. eclairtadas says:

      Yes at may problem ako. kakakuha ko lang n RCBC MyWallet VISA ko.
      Unlike sa UnionBank EON, i-aadd mo sya as Bank meaning kapag magwiwithdraw ka ng funds from Paypal to UnionBank Eon.. Free lang sya kapag above 7000.00 pesos pataas ang iwiwithdraw.

      Sa RCBC MyWallet Visa. i-add sya as Credit Card meaning everytime na magtransfer ka ng funds from PP to MyWallet VISA.. may charge na 250 pesos

      Feels like a scam to me, akala ko mas makakatipid ako sa RCBC.

    12. Honey Ganda says:

      Well, that is because may bank account number ang Unionbank EON aside from its card number kaya you can choose whether to use your EON card for withdrawal using the bank account number (which PayPal will treat as bank) or as account verification or for purchases or withdrawal din (since Visa nman siya) using the card number (which PayPal will treat as credit/debit card).

      Ang Eon card kasi is technically not a prepaid card dahil it also earns interest once you reached a certain amount (I believe it’s 10k) and it also has a bank account number, unlike ordinary prepaid cards na card number lang and doesn’t earn interest. Yun nga lang you have to pay P350 as annual fee. Not advisable sa mga hindi naman gaanong nagwiwithdraw sa PayPal pero very advantageous naman dun sa mga laging nagwiwithdraw sa Paypal dahil anlaki ng matitipid sa fees.

      So it really depends on how you are going to use the card that’s why we all have varying opinions about each card. :)

    13. Honey Ganda says:

      If you don’t want to be corrected, don’t give out false information. It’s that simple. Opinions are different from giving false facts based on what you feel you know. This is a discussion thread and giving an opinion is one thing, but if you include false information, that’s going to be a different story.

    14. mira says:

      hi, im using rcbc wallet visa, ask ko lang may hihingin din ba sakng 9 digit bank code

    15. Khai says:

      If Verified Paypal account lang ang need mo, no need na ng 9-digit bank code.

      If plan mo mag link ng bank account sa paypal (for withdrawal of paypal balance to your bank account), yes need ang 9-digit bank code.

  400. Yasmin Hajal says:

    Hi I visit this website..but I dont understand how will I earn can you teach me how?

  401. reynaldo009 says:

    verified na paypal ko tanong ko lang po pwede po ba mag withdraw ung pera galing sa pp papunta sa landbank na di akin pero same surname po

    1. Yasmin Hajal says:

      Hindi pwd..dapat sayo yung account same name sa pp acct and bank acct

  402. mary joy Daganta says:

    Hello Guys, ano po kaya Bank code ng Philippine Business Bank?

  403. Apple Gabriel says:

    Hello po, pahelp naman pwede po ba ako magtransfer ng funds sa paypal account na hindi verified?

    1. Rhea says:

      Pwede naman, pero may withdrawal limits. :)

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      akina. transfer mo sa account ko.. lol..

  404. Starr Rodriguez says:

    Hello! Eastwest bank basic savings account po ang gamit ko. tanong ko lang po if ano difference ng withdraw funds from bank account at withdraw funds from debit/credit card??

    Naka link naman ang visa debit card ko sa bank account. Ano pagkakaiba nila? Nalilito po ako

    1. evanene says:

      Parehas lang yun..basta nagagamit mo parehas na mawithdraw ang pera mo sa Paypal gamit ang bank ATM o debit/credit card mo.

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      Magkaiba yun. Kasi although nasa isang account mo lang yun sa banko mo, iba ang turing ni PayPal sa bank account number mo at sa Debit card number mo na may Visa or Mastercard logo. Yung debit card is itinuturing ni PayPal as parang credit card kaya hinahanapan ka pa ng CVC na 3-digits sa likod ng card (kung Visa at Mastercard debit cards), unlike kapag bank account yung 9-digit international bank code naman ang hahanapin sa yo ni PayPal.

    3. Honey Ganda says:

      Technically same sila pero although nasa isang account mo lang yun sa banko mo, iba ang turing ni PayPal sa bank account number mo at sa Debit card number mo na may Visa or Mastercard logo. Yung debit card is itinuturing ni PayPal as parang credit card kaya hinahanapan ka pa ng CVC na 3-digits sa likod ng card (kung Visa at Mastercard debit cards), unlike kapag bank account yung 9-digit international bank code naman ang hahanapin sa yo ni PayPal.

  405. ana says:

    hello. good day po. ask ko lang po yung hinihingi sa aken na 4 code ng paypal ko , san ko po yun kunin.,. pag napunta po kase ako sa banko ko. banco de oro banko . di daw sila na accept ng money from paypal.. kelangan ko po m
    a withdraw money ko from me .

    1. evanene says:

      Isesend sayo ng Paypal yun kung maiadd mo na yung ATM account no. mo. at EON or Union Bank at Smart money ang alam kong madaling maverify ang PayPal account.

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      pinakamadaling magverify sa BPI kung may online account ka kasi di na kelangan pumunta sa bank or kumausap ng CSR basta nakaenrol yung card sa BPI online acount. May statement na kasi dun na kasama yung 4-digit PayPal code.

  406. Lowela Batilo says:

    hello po. verified na po ang paypal account pero nung sinubukan ko i-transfer ang pera from pp sa union bank account ko ang error ‘ACH withdrawal denied’ at ang reason ‘Invalid Bank Account Information’. hindi naman nakalagay specifically kung ano talaga ang reason, match naman ang name sa paypal account at ang name ko sa union bank account. ano pa po bang ibang dahilan bakit narereject ang transfer?

    1. evanene says:

      Paki check mo uli yung no..baka may nakaligtaan ka o maling no. ang nailagay mo.

    2. Honey Ganda says:

      Yes. Baka mali either yung account number or yung 9-digit bank code na binigay mo sa Paypal. O baka naman hindi mo nameet yung withdrawal requirements ng PayPal.

  407. Honey Ganda says:

    BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard at BPI More Fun Visa ang pinangverify ko sa PayPal para hindi na kelangan pang pumunta sa banko or kumausap ng CSR kasi nakalink na sila sa BPI online account ko kaya yung mga details ng transactions ng mga cards andun na, including yung codes from Paypal. Madali ko ding maloadan yung mga cards dahil transfer funds lang from BPI bank account ko kaya wala ding problem pagdating sa shopping online gamit ang PayPal. :) Yun nga lang mahal ang card fees, P500 for two years validity yung ePrepaid tapos P250 for 18 mos validity yung More Fun Visa.

  408. Tresi Anyayahan says:

    thank you so much for this information. god bless u. sharing on facebook :-)

  409. Pyrs says:

    Hi, I just want to ask if its possible to verified my pp account using my regular bdo debit card? and it is advisable to use my main bank account?or should i open a new one just for this paypal acc?and is it also okay if my bank account na gaamitin ko pra s pp ay merong malaking amount?

    1. evanene says:

      Pwede naman gamitin ang bank na may pera…di naman pakikialaman ng Paypal yan. I think BDO is not for verifying PP but can be used for withdrawing money from Paypal at pwede syang i-add..gaya ng ginawa ko..I am using BDO bank account as one of the bank I added in PP to withdraw.

      Hope this helps you.

    2. Topsky De Guzman says:

      Mam pwede po bang gamitin ung bdo account sa paypal thanks

    3. Lon Cruz Tizon says:

      Good day maam! i tried to verify my bdo card but i always get this error that says

      the Credit Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your credit card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    4. say saysay says:

      Pwede mag tanong
      Pano pag nilagay mo na Yong bank code pati account no. Mo sa PayPal para ma transfer ung pera sa bpi account mo tas after 4days daw sabi nila makakuha mo ung pera pero Yong nangyari sakin 10days na Simula ng hinulog ko sa account ko Yong pera pero wala parin sa bpi account?

    5. Honey Ganda says:

      If you’re really worried about online security for your bank funds, why don’t you open an EastWest Bank Basic Savings account instead. It only requires you to maintain a minimum balance of P100 (P500 to earn interest) then have it linked to your PayPal account. That way you can still maintain your account with BDO and need not worry if something might happen to your funds.

      For more info on bank accounts linking to Paypal.

    6. em says:

      hi.. ngtransfer ako ng fund sa East West Savings account ko,bumalik lang sya, sbi ng East West Rep ngkka prob daw cla mg accept ng fund from pay pal.

    7. Honey Ganda says:

      first time ko madinig yan.. :)

    8. Rplateros Briol says:

      Hi @honey@honeyganda:disqus ,have you tried to withdraw funds sa pp gamit east west savings account mo? Eastwest savings account din yung na link ko sa pp. Okay yung transaction? looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

  410. Andrea says:

    bakit ganun ? dipadin verified yung account ko sa PP ee, nag-open na ako ng Unionbank eon debit card.. kapag ililink ko ayaw padin din…. kakapalit kolang ng pin ko …

    1. BenCleric Mansueto Vison says:

      kasi poh di mo tinype yong pin na senend ng paypal sau. eto gawin mo. click mo yong unverified. tapos link mo yong card mo. after 1 min. mababawasan ng 1 dollar ang card mo. tapos punta ka sa union bank online. login ka dun. check mo yong history ng transaction. makikita mo dun yong pin na senind sau ng paypal. tapos yon yong etype mo dun sa paypal na verification number. ciguradohin mo lng na may laman yong bangko mo. pagnabawasan ka. babalik naman yong pera sau in paypal account

    2. evanene says:

      mag open ka na ng bagong bank..tulad ng MetroBank..may issue ngayon ang Union bank..marami ang nahack..isa na ako..

  411. Andrea says:

    please help me with my concern

  412. Jake Cupal says:

    verification ng Paypal pinaka madali… Smartmoney (y).

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      pano mo nasabing pinakamadali? just asking.

  413. archondigital says:

    Has anyone else tried Landbank for transferring from PayPal? Nice to see this post still active up to now.

  414. em says:

    the time frame sucks. when adding a bank account info on options to choose if its savings or checking, malalaman mo nalang na mali after 14days na wala pa sa bank account mo yung pera at bawas na pera o ng return fee na 250

    1. Honey Ganda says:

      ano ba yang website na yan?

  415. cladyire says:

    @honeyganda:disqus Hi Ms. Honey Ganda, My friend send me money from Australia, I gave her the correct ACCOUNT NUMBER, NAME OF THE BANK and the BRANCH but the BANK CODE that I gave to her was incorrect. I was surprised that the bank code that I was send to her is a PAYPAL BANK CODE. Until now the money is not yet in my account. It’s been one month since she sent the money. Her bank department send her a letter stated that her money from her account was remitted and debited. Is there possibilitiesthat the money was send to the Paypal? I don’t have account in paypal because the bank code is a paypal code?

    1. jah says:

      my guess is your referring to bank SWIFT / BIC code…

  416. jah says:

    hi guys, quite new at this paypal thing, i have a verified paypal account now i want to withdraw my funds using BPI Express Teller International (ATM Card). Now my query is which no # would i used the one at the front of the card or at the back of the card? thank you all for the reply.

    1. evanene says:

      the no. infront i think..I’m not sure because I did not used yet bpi… but if it is accepted, then everything will be fine.

    2. jah says:

      thanks for the feedback, by the way the no. in front is 16 digit card no. while the one at the back is 10 digit account no. So what do you think ma’am??? thanks again for the info…

    3. Nico Jardin says:

      the 10 digit number at the back, thats your bank account number. im sure :)

    4. bulong...weh says:

      yes, the 10 digit at the back of your card is your account #, use it. :)

    5. ranquillano rocsan123 says:

      Use your 10 digits account number. The one you’re referring at the front of the atm card that’s your card number. BPI Bank code is 010040018

  417. Ellen Borja Vasquez says:

    ask ko lang po ano ung ilalagay dun sa 16 digit number? ksi 10 digit lng ung nsa bpiexpressonline ko

    1. evanene says:

      hindi naman po lahat ng 16 digits ang ilalagay mo, Maximum no. lang yun..kung ilan lang ang no. ng bank account mo yun ang ilalagay mo.

  418. Iana Smith says:

    Does anyone know the 9 digit bank code for City Savings Bank in the Philippines? Please help! Thank you.

    1. evanene says:

      Are you asking for CityBank? Savings Bank was not mentioned here..And if it is you’re looking for. here is the code of CitiBank 010070017..
      hope it helps..

  419. blink7 says:

    Can i ask kung pano mo makikita yung 2 seperate deposits na sinend nila for verification.. and how there’s no routing number field to fill up also there’s no choices to choose from for the account type verification T.T i’m so lost…

    1. evanene says:

      You will wait for 30 days (max) na ipapadala sa email mo..kung wala pa, puntahan mo na lang ang bank mo at itanong kung nagsend na ang PayPal verification no.

      Good luck!

  420. Sharmaine Nicdao says:

    Can i use my payroll card?

  421. Iam Gix says:

    Very helpful information. thanks

  422. Star says:

    Does anyone here know the bank code of Robinsons bank?

  423. Jessie says:

    I’ve visited the site but I cant understand it. May registration fee po b d2?

  424. king says:

    ano nag bank ng one network bank?

  425. Dindo Dacasin says:

    pano po mag lagay ng funds sa paypal account ko pls help

  426. neojohan says:

    What is the Bank Code for RCBC Savings Bank? It is “010280014” same as RIZAL COMMERCIAL BANKING CORP (RCBC)?

  427. RISA says:


  428. RISA says:


  429. RISA says:


  430. Jeffrey Uy says:

    Eh? There’s no banking Code for ONB? Fuck! I just made an account.

  431. #kshopphilippines says:

    Hi! I called BDO Customer Contact Center just awhile ago to ask if partnered sila sa Paypal at kung ano ang bank code. The agent said HINDI sila naka tie up sa Paypal and they do not transact with them. I got so confused, kaya naghanap ako ng bank partners ng Paypal. Then I saw this. (buti na lang because this one is very helpful) I am really confused my buyers are waiting for my paypal acct. Please help! Thank you

    1. Watchtoonz Rex says:

      mas safe kasi gamitin ang paypal, karamihan ng online shoppers paypal ang ginagamit kasi mas alternative and safe ito kesa sa credit card. Eh hindi naman nag titie-up ang Paypal sa mga non-US banks, 6 years na ako gumagamit nito eh,

  432. say saysay says:

    Hi can you help me guys?I have a problem using my account in PayPal and my bank account in bpi. Kasi nilagay ko yong bank code ng bpi tas nilagay ko yong bank account ko sa bpi sa PayPal account ko para dun nalng send nag process naman sya ang sabi sa PayPal mag antay lang daw ako ng 2-4 days in antay ko naman tas pag check ko after 4days wala parin yong pera ko na snend ko using my account in PayPal. And until now I dont get the money it’s been 10 days now ng snend ko ung pera ko sa bpi account using my PayPal account.?


    1. Watchtoonz Rex says:

      ask BPI

    2. Jonalyn Lozano says:

      Hi! Say Saysay,
      Ask ko lang if u were able to get the money? Coz the same scenario nangyari satin.. I’m getting frustrated about this..I want to know what did u do. Hope to hear from you soon. thanks.good day.

    3. Paula Rabang-Chavez says:

      Hi say saysay says. Does it show ur acct as a checking or sAvings acct?
      If it shows as checking you might wanna get in touch with paypal asap and authorize them to update the acct type from savings to checking. Check with them if ur acct has any floating balances and u might have to cancel that, paypal may charge you fees. You can send them a ticket email kasi their cust svc hotline is open during US business hours only. If u have skype and u wanna call them still, here’s the number +14029352050. Good luck

  433. Reo Jean Aquino says:

    hi po. may concern is yung boss ko po kasi di sya makasend sa paypal ko ng money pero yung iba po naman nakakasend ng money sa akin.. bago lang po yung paypal account ko and sa union bank po yung bangko ko.. ano po gagawin ko? first time ko lang rin po mag withdraw paypat to bank, magwiwithdraw palang ako sa wednesday sa union bank po..

  434. Regino Rex Alvarez says:

    Hi I am have One Network Bank account which a rural bank of BDO … is this acceptable to pay pa

    1. Uzzel Lengeline Medico says:

      hi.. acceptable po bah sa paypal ang ONB?

  435. Jaafar Husin says:

    Very helpful. Salamat PMT!

  436. angel says:

    Hi,pwd ba i link sa laguna prestige bank ang paypal,,wala nman ako makitang bank code ng prestige bank don sa list,,,pkisagot po salamat

  437. ivy says:

    acceptable po bah sa paypal ang ONB?

  438. dante says:

    Pls help me i’m member of paypal .
    I need bank code of ” phillipine business bank”.to finish bank account details /paypal.

  439. feathersound smiles says:

    I take pleasure in, cause I discovered just what I
    was looking for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  440. Paula Rabang-Chavez says:

    Hi. I had the same problem. They keep updating my SAVINGS as a CHECKING. Mine got fixed. All i had to do was add my bank details in my paypal account (make sure the acct name is the same as it is on your paypal acct) and send them a support ticket or an email authorizing them to change the checking acct details into a savings acct. i had to call the helpline number during US Business hours so if u prefer that, here’s the number +14029352050 (use skype if u have one). The vru is a bit tricky to deal with, just say “i dont have an account” and “operator”. It should route u to someone soon enough! Good luck

  441. gene says:

    Hi I am have One Network Bank account which a rural bank of BDO … is this acceptable to paypal?

  442. Jeaneth Quimson says:

    Hello….I’m asking to my personal bank is not listed PayPal bank about my bank name city savings bank..that is my only bank account used.Thank you.

  443. Dr. Pablo Jr. Angelo M.D. says:

    December 8,2017

    Meron na! Ba! Tayo diyan!

    I mean, meron na ba?

    My I have My Pasbook now? Kailagan kailangan lang.

    Dr. Pablo Jr. Angelo M.D. And Mom Edna Angelo y Brillo

  444. maricris naperi says:

    BAKIT po ang bank code ng ps bank at metropolitan bank ay magkaparehas?

  445. Raymondpek says:

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  446. Shane says:

    Good day

    I have been trying to sign up with Paypal today and when I enter Cebu City POSTAL CODE (6000) I am told its INCORRECT? PLEASE HELP – ANYONE?

    thank you

  447. AntonioCoalt says:

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