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If you have domains registered with Registerfly.com, there's a reason to be concerned right now. RegisterFly, an ICANN-approved provider of internet hosting and domain name registration services, is currently in chaos.

In early February this year, RegisterFly (RF) Vice President John Naruszewicz filed a lawsuit against CEO Kevin Medina over allegations of fraud and embezzlement. CEO Medina allegedly used corporate funds to buy a $6,000 Chihuahua, $9,000 in escorts, $6,000 worth of liposuction (how big must he be to spend this much?), and a $10,000-per-month Miami Beach house.

RegisterFly's board of directors eventually fired Medina, and Medina responded by changing the root password, closing the site, and more recently (as of Friday, February 23), hacking and taking over the RF site. Naruszewicz is saying his team is trying its best to get RegisterFly back to normal.

Caught in the middle are around 900,000 customers owning approximately 2 million domain names. In recent weeks, owners panicked when their domains were not automatically renewed as agreed, or when RF simply stopped authorizing domain transfers or domain renewals.

So are you in danger of losing your domains registered with RegisterFly? A lot are fearing it is possible.

ICANN, the body tasked to "ensure the stability of the Internet's system of assigned names and numbers," warned RegisterFly on February 21 it will lose accreditation if it fails to remedy serious operational problems in the next 15 days.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Forex, Finance Philippines

What's next in this cyber saga? Stay tuned. You can follow the drama in RegisterFlies.com, a customer gripe site for the domain registrar RegisterFly.

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