How to send and receive money via Western Union

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Here’s some useful information regarding how to send and receive money through Western Union. Transferring money via Western Union is convenient and easy because once the transaction is approved, the receiver can pick up the money right away (depending on the hours the Agent is open).

In order to facilitate a money transfer or funds pick up, you first need to visit a Western Union agent. Agent locations may be in supermarkets, grocery stores, check cashers, mailbox centers, drug stores, travel agencies, depots, and other retailers. In some countries, they may be in banks, travel agencies, post offices, airports, train, and bus stations, and currency exchange offices.

To search for a Western Union agent in the Philippines and worldwide, click here.


  • How do I send money via Western Union?

Fill out the “Send Money” form. Then present your form, identification card, and cash to the Agent clerk. In addition to the money you’re sending, you must also pay transfer fees. Sign the receipt. Your receipt will have the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that will allow you to track the status of your money transfer online.

  • What IDs can be used?

Any current government-issued ID such as Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security ID, GSIS ID, NBI Clearance, OFW ID, etc.

  • How will I know if my money transfer has been paid?

Visit the Western Union website and go to the Tracking section. Find out the status of your transaction by typing in the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

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  • How do I pick up a money transfer?

First, complete the “Receive Money” form. This will ask for the transaction’s MTCN, full name of the sender, city and country the money was sent from, the amount sent, and your contact details. Then present the form and identification card to the agent. Review and sign the receipt that the agent will you. The agent will then give you the money that was sent to you and a copy of the receipt.

  • What IDs can be used?

Any current government-issued ID such as Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security ID, GSIS ID, NBI Clearance, OFW ID, etc.

  • How will I know if my money transfer is ready for pick up?

Visit the website and go to the Transfer Status section. You’ll need the name of the person who sent you the money and the MTCN.

  • How does Western Union pay out money transfers?

Generally, payments are in the form of cash but, in some cases, a money transfer may be paid out in check or pay out card. Cash paid may be in US Dollars or local currency.

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  • katreen epino

    is school ID can be presented as a valid ID when receiving money?

  • menggay

    does BIR ID or TIN number is not valid even though its issued by government ?

    • Peter Partosa

      Any legal ID is accepted. And there is no expiration to ID’s now a days.

  • Evelyn S. Palermo

    hi… can i receive a money at this time

  • Lioness

    I find Western Union to be expensive. I am a freelancer from the Philippines and my pay is being sent to me online through Qwarta Padala for a minimum service fee of 200 pesos only, regardless of its amount. I get my pay either from my local bank or at any M. Lhuillier branch nearest my home.

    • Peter Partosa

      Hello Lioness,

      Do you have still some outlets where we can send money for Yolanda victims? Are you going to give PROMO for Christmas and Yolanda?

      Thank you very much

  • jona

    pwede bang philhealth id ang gamitin kung magclaim ng money sa western union


    i have a boyfriend who works in saudi he try to send me money all i give is my full name and address he said, he did not able to send because it needs phone# and fathers name! and also he said he still have to pay western union card for 50riyal? i thought this is the fastest and easiest way to send money? why it has so many things to do before he can send? PLEASE ANSWER.

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