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On Google Adsense link units

Got the following email from Google Adsense a few minutes ago. Hi, As a publisher using link units on your pages, we’re writing to let you know about a recently resolved reporting issue that affected your account.

Adsense optimization tip: Go for wider ad units

Last week I received an email from the Google Adsense Optimization Team giving me tips on how to supposedly increase my Adsense earnings. I even had to double-check that the email was really from them and not a phishing email. Anyway, here goes their ad optimization tip.

Payment from Infolinks online advertising program

In late August this year, we joined Infolinks, an in-text advertising program, and by the end of October we already earned a total of $182.53. Last week, this amount was deposited to our Paypal account.

Paid by Blogbank!

Last week, I received an email from the Blogbank team that they have already deposited my earnings from them. I checked and it was indeed credited to my bank account already. This explains why the title of this post ends with an exclamation point (Paid by Blogbank!), as opposed to my other Blogbank article which …

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