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Google Adsense announces revenue-sharing percentage

After years of keeping mum on the Adsense revenue share, Google finally broke its silence and announced via an official blog post how much advertising money it shares to publishers.

On the Inside Adsense blog, Google disclosed that:

  • For Adsense for Content (the usual contextual ads you see on most blogs), the revenue share of webmasters is 68%. This means for every $100 that advertisers pay to Google, $68 goes to the publisher while Google retains the remaining $32.
  • For Adsense for Search (ads appearing on Google search results posted on one’s site), the revenue split is 51%-49%, slightly in favor of publishers. This means publishers get $51 for every $100 advertisers pay on Adsense for Search.

What does this mean to us bloggers and site publishers?

For one, it’s a welcome disclosure from Google. Now, we have an idea how much exactly we get and how much Google gets from every advertising money.

Two, this gives us an idea how much we can charge our own advertisers. Let’s say a banner ad unit on your blog earns you $50 a month from Adsense. Based on the Adsense revenue share, a Google Adwords advertiser targeting that banner ad actually pays Google $73.53. Your share in that is $50 (68%), while Google keeps $23.53 (32%).

Now, if a direct advertiser wants to get that banner ad exclusively, you can say that it costs $73.53 — not $50 — to target the ad. You can better negotiate and leverage with potential advertisers since you have the figures.

Finally, as Google also explained in its blog post, choosing the ad network you want to participate in should not just be about the revenue share. More importantly, it should be about the nominal income. Another ad network may offer you 80% revenue share but if their cost to advertisers is lower than Google’s, you might still earn more from Adsense given only a 68% share.

Google explains:

For example, you would receive $68 with AdSense for content for $100 worth of advertising that appeared on your site. If another ad network offers an 80% revenue share, but is only able to collect $50 from ads served on your site, you would earn $40. In this case, a higher revenue share wouldn’t make up for the lower revenue yield of the other ad network.

Google’s correct: it should always be about the nominal income. Unfortunately, this disclosure of revenue split does not change our current situation: cost per click is dropping, hence, Adsense income is also dropping.

Are you also experiencing the same thing?

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16 thoughts on “Google Adsense announces revenue-sharing percentage”

  1. Forex Market says:

    Yes, too many competitors to Adsense, the cost per click already drop,
    find advertisers bu yourself is best way now

  2. Qasim11876 says:

    Google Adsense finally reveals revenue you can earn maximum

  3. Leo says:

    yes james, cpc is waaaaay below 1-2 years ago. in my case almost 50% decreased.

  4. Jonha @ Happiness says:

    At least naging open na din sila, marami sigurong nagquit na sa pagdisplay ng Adsense.

  5. Jonha @ Happiness says:

    Napakababa naman kasi ng binibigay nila sa publishers tapos kung mag advertise ka ang mahala2 parin. Minsan napaka unfair talaga ng Google. Pero la tayong magagawa, kanila ang Web eh.
    .-= Jonha @ Happiness´s latest blog ..The Struggles and Obstacles in Blogging =-.

  6. says:

    i earn bigger in banner ads from advertisers than in my Google ads considering that my Alexa is not that yet impressive (200K range)

    i charge from $90 to $110 a month depending on the position of banners.

    thanks for this topic. :)

  7. paul | entertainment tonight says:

    I’m sure that this post will be search by a lot of webmasters.
    .-= paul | entertainment tonight´s latest blog ..Paramore Hayley Williams nude photo scandal =-.

  8. Winziph says:

    thanks for the info pmt.

  9. Risty says:

    Thank you for the info. Now we can figure out how we are going to charge our advertisers.

  10. Millionaire Acts says:

    No doubt. Adsense is the best advertising network for publishers like us. :)
    .-= Millionaire Acts´s latest blog ..Two Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom =-.

  11. Jonha @ Happiness says:

    I have just cashed out from Google Adsense today!!! The fruits of my labors of many months of blogging. I love Google Adsense and it really lives to the fact that passive income can be made online.
    .-= Jonha @ Happiness´s latest blog ..Cashed Out a Passive Income from Google Adsense Today! =-.

    1. Tmblen says:

      pwuede turuan mo ako mag gawa ng website..

  12. Learn Financial Education says:

    I will still use Google Adsense as my primary way to make money online. I think they will be changing their income share in the future since many competitors are now in the market. Just my opinion.
    .-= Learn Financial Education´s latest blog ..3 Easy Ways to Save Money =-.

  13. Christyleh says:

    Nakaapekto kaya yung pabago-bago ng algorithm ng Google kaya ganun na lang ibinaba ng kita thru adsense?
    .-= Christyleh´s latest blog ..Internet Marketing Promotions =-.

  14. gilbert mendoza says:

    great google adsense is the most effective ways to earn revenue from your site

  15. Ariane Gestether says:

    wonderful app many thanks for sharing

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