Payment from Infolinks online advertising program

In late August this year, we joined Infolinks, an in-text advertising program, and by the end of October we already earned a total of $182.53.

Last week, this amount was deposited to our Paypal account.

Since our review of Infolinks here, we don’t have anything to complain about it yet.

It seems to be be a good money-making program, as seen by PMT Forum member RNHalawi who had a one-day income of $118.24 from his site

View his income screenshot and discuss Infolinks with other bloggers in the Infolinks Payment Issued discussion thread at the PMT forum.

20 thoughts on “Payment from Infolinks online advertising program”

  1. Julieta Schnepel

    Hi really good read through.I have to admit aim pretty new to using WordPress well truly really new. Just starting to have the hang of it. Reading your publish has been very informative. I have to admit still not totally 100 percent clear in my head. So have just put your blog on my desktop so I can go straight to it and have another glance later.

  2. Wow, i miss earning in infolinks. Ilang beses narin ako naka earn dyan but I suddenly stopped dahil sa school. kaka inspire tuloy ulit haha.

  3. @jame M., just build more traffic through quality content then you’re on your way to earning a lot from infolinks :)

    @Mark, I don’t think big traffic is necessary to be approved in infolinks. I know someone whose account got approved even if only has 200-300 visitors a day.

    @Millionaire Acts, congrats! Balato naman! LOL.

    @Sugar Free Recipe, I joined during the last week of August so that income was for 2 months and 1 week. Not bad indeed, but I agree, Adsense still is the best online moneymaker.

    @bro willy, it’s not easy to earn passive through online means. But you can start by attracting a lot of visitors to your site, and you can do that by creating content that is of value to readers. When you already have good site traffic, monetization is easier.

    @Reel Advice, makakarating ka rin sa $100 I’m sure! Once you’ve reached it, madali na yung susunod na $100 :)

    @Shay, thanks for dropping by. I hope Infolinks can remain strong and become a formidable online moneymaking option for us publishers.

    @CarloBlogg, nagpapacute ka ata kay Shay haha! Don’t sacrifice your studies for online earning. Nde kasi sustainable talaga yun so mas maganda may degree ka rin. Good luck!

    @jonharules, wala talaga sa blog yung infolinks ko, nasa forum lang :)

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