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James Ryan Jonas

Up until last week, if you searched the hotly-coveted keywords “Make Money Online” in Google, you’ll see that one of the top-ranked results is the blog

Now, if you go visit the site, you’ll see a’s announcement saying “The blog you were looking for was not found.”

It appears this top “make money online” blog has been deleted by Blogspot/Blogger, a blog platform owned by Google.

The blog’s owner, Alan Liew, confirmed the deletion in this email conversation posted in this thread.

Hi Chad,

Very bad news. You know what the Blogger team did. They have set their system to permanently delete my blog. Yes, this is what they done to me. This means my blog will not be able to restored and this is the end of

I’ll issue a refund that I can afford. I’ve spent some money on SEO fee.

I built the blog using 4 years. 3 years in top 3 rankings in Google. I post unique content, No gambling, sex or any other non family-friendly content. The blogger team has reviewed by blog about two years ago and they are OK with it. But yesterday, suddenly my blog was deleted by them permanently. Seems like they see the topic ‘make money online’ is spam now.

What they are doing is totally ridiculous.

Give me some time on the refund issue.


Alan Liew

We don’t know yet exactly why the site was deleted but rumors have it that the site was tagged a “spam” site. Although the owner claims what he was posting was unique content, some were saying in various discussion forums that the articles were really Private Label Rights articles (PLR) or content that are sold to various users who may or may not revise the same content. Others say some articles there have been posted without permission, thereby infringing copyright.

Whatever the reason for the deletion may be, the message to publishers is clear. Better host your blogs on your own domain. Do not rely on free blogging platforms such as,, etc.  who may have the final say whether to continue hosting your blog or not. More importantly, focus on creating unique and valuable content that readers will find useful.

Update April 29, 2010: Upon checking today, the blog has been restored.

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