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  1. I have a PayPal account in Thailand. I put in thousands of dollars. When I tried to download the money to my bank account, PayPal says I have a $0.00 monthly withdrawl limit. I can’t take out ANY money. Fucking criminals! I sent dozens of e-mails to customer support since October 22, but they have not responded. I think they want to keep my money forever. If you can help, send e-mail to americanoregon@hotmail.com

  2. PayPal Thailand accounts are eligible to withdraw funds to their bank accounts in Thailand so I’m not sure why you have a $0.00 withdrawal limit. Is your PayPal account verified? Have you enrolled in the Expanded Use Program? Have you registered and verified your Thai or US bank account? Regarding customer support, it does take time for PayPal to reply to emails, what you can do is continually follow up your case or try calling them via the Support Phone.

  3. “Uh-oh, looks like users in the Philippines are already starting to experience the horrors of using PayPal”

    How come you still have PMT paypal service if paypal really sucks?

  4. Hi Jerry, unfortunately PayPal remains to be one of the primarily-used electronic currencies so if you have to deal with clients, buyers, or sellers who prefer PayPal, you have no choice but to use PayPal no matter how you dislike it. Also, PayPal does not really suck — although several users have complained before of annoying PayPal rules. As long as you transact with verified and reputable PayPal users and religiously follow the rules, you are less likely to have your own PayPal “horror story.”

  5. Cut them some slack. They have to comply with various international money laundering laws. The things that crooks think up to scam them are extremely creative, and it’s a complete headache to deal with. They’d love to just forget about it, but they can’t. Given all the problems with Philippines accounts, you’re lucky they’re even doing business there.

  6. Hi! Hope you can answer me here. Its my first time to get limited by paypal and I have funds in it. Its a Philippines account and here are the questions they asked me:

    *Provide a full description of what the payment was for
    *Provide tracking information if you shipped the merchandise
    *Provide details of other payments related to this transaction or set of transactions
    *Provide information on any relationship or arrangement you have with the people involved with this transaction or set of transactions
    *Provide details of any other payments that you sent related to this transaction or set of transactions
    *Provide any email correspondence between you and the buyer(s)

    I sold an eBook to a guy and with a coaching service good for a month for $115. What should I tell them when I don’t have any receipt?

  7. Hi,

    Where did you upload your docs? I am also from Philippines and they are asking for some docs.

    Maurelle Mejos

  8. Hello,

    I am an online buyer. I never had a problem with the seller. My problem is with Paypal.

    I received an email from Paypal November 29, ’11

    That they noticed some unusual activity on a credit card linked to my PayPal account and they hold the payment I made

    So I replied and told them that there is no problem with my transaction since my card is already verified and I told them the transactions were made by me.

    December 3 I received a reply from them
    “I understand that you need assistance in resolving your limited account access. I checked your account and saw that you have successfully confirmed your registered credit card. Please do not worry as I am now working with one of our specialists in reviewing your account. You do not have to do anything at this time. I assure you that we will send you an email update as soon as we are done with the review.”

    I was very happy when I read there reply and thought that they will release the money so the seller can process my order because I will be needing the products before Christmas.

    But on December 5, I received an email that my appeal was denied.

    “If your PayPal account balance is zero, and you have no unresolved buyer
    complaints or chargebacks, your account will remain limited.”

    The option to release the money is to wait 180 DAYS or if anyone will ask a refund from my client.

    First of all, I am the buyer not seller. So I am so mad that they hold my money for no valid reason. They can also check my account that I never received money from anyone. I am the one who sent it.

    I called them and explained that I am the buyer here. But they said I need to wait and they can’t even explain why they hold my payment.

    They investigated on their own and my side was not heard. I emailed them telling them I can show them my billing statement or whatever they need but until now December 9, 2011 no reply was received.

    I googled the case and read so many stories about paypal holding their money.

    Ive read that they put the money in their bank for 180days so they will profit thru interest.

    Paypal is a SCAM.

  9. I just recently had my account limited as well, permanently too if I may add on Christmas day after purchasing a couple of games off Steam. I’m starting to guess it may be due to our IP addresses. Considering ALL our wireless ISP’s use shared public IPS, this may be flagging our accounts for review

    • Hi..

      My account was also limited today. They just asked me to change my password and questions. Then they asked me to re-verify my account using my credit card. So, I did and it only took me about 5 hours to lift the account limitation that includes me waiting for the expuse that paypal send to your credit card.

  10. I have a paypal acct. and the acct is limited, i am new to paypal i receive my payout from my employer and since my paypal acct. is not yet verified i transfer the amount to my friend coz her paypal is verified. the problem is it got me a dispute message. and since i dont know how i just follow the instruction there. my problem is the money is on hold… is there a possibility that the money will be lost? until when will this dispute be solve   

  11. Hi..Dear..

    My Paypal Account is Limited. It has 36.00 US$ so i can’t withdraw.

    Paypal wants to see Philippines Address Proof & Credit/Debit Card Verification onto it.

    I am living in India so i can’t do it.

    If anyone can help me remove limitation i can give 10US$ to their account.

    Please help any Philippines Account Holder.

    Contact me at : prabhsingh4@gmail.com

  12. plz i want to know how i can withdraw my funds on my limited paypal account without bank account,,coz my account was limited with any bank account linked,,and now that its limited,,i cant add any bank account even my funds were legible for withdrawal,,plz help me,,i want to know what i need to do to withdraw it

  13. PLEASE HELP! i’m from the philippines and i need to withdraw my funds from paypal badly.. but my account is unverified and limited,,, to i tried to verify it using my debit card but its giving me an error message saying my account is limited.. so it means i need to solve this limit issues first before i verify my account? i sumbited my utility bill years ago for proof of address but untill now it says in progress. I tried to email them through costumers support, but i dont know where will i find their reply, is it on the email i liked on my paypal account? if yes.. the email i linked with my PP account is deactivated already.. i tried to change my email there but it says i dont have permission and its telling me to contact the person that is holding my permission.. AND I DONT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!!!! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE!!!

  14. Hello, can someone help me please. I just got an email today that my paypal account has ben temporarily limited and I was instructed to login to my Paypal account and follow the instructions there to lift the limitation. So I opened a browser and went to the paypal website and tried logging in. But then I got an error saying, “We’re sorry, we can’t log you in. If you think there’s a problem with your account, contact us and we’ll help resolve it.”

    So I click on “contact us” and it gave me the option to call or email. So since i’m in the Philippines, I opted to email them. When I clicked on “Email us”, It gave me an option to login for faster service but the problem is…I can’t log in because of the error message I mentioned above.

    Can someone help me please?


  15. My PayPal was limited as well. I contacted Auction Essistance and it turns out it was a permanent limitation. So I am out of a PayPal account. Was hesitant on going stealth, but Auction Essistance was able to coach me back on without getting linked to my limited PayPal.

  16. I recieved a big amount of money from paypal and they sebd it to my e-mail but i dont have an account to withdraw.
    How can i recieve the money without using a debit card or bank account?just a paypal transaction only!


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