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22 thoughts on “How to solve Limited Paypal accounts”

  1. Prabh Singh says:


    My Paypal Account is Limited. It has 36.00 US$ so i can’t withdraw.

    Paypal wants to see Philippines Address Proof & Credit/Debit Card Verification onto it.

    I am living in India so i can’t do it.

    If anyone can help me remove limitation i can give 10US$ to their account.

    Please help any Philippines Account Holder.

    Contact me at :

  2. ayrah says:

    plz i want to know how i can withdraw my funds on my limited paypal account without bank account,,coz my account was limited with any bank account linked,,and now that its limited,,i cant add any bank account even my funds were legible for withdrawal,,plz help me,,i want to know what i need to do to withdraw it

  3. She Garcia says:

    what are the reasons may occur for one PP account to be limited

  4. Stephen Lorete says:

    PLEASE HELP! i’m from the philippines and i need to withdraw my funds from paypal badly.. but my account is unverified and limited,,, to i tried to verify it using my debit card but its giving me an error message saying my account is limited.. so it means i need to solve this limit issues first before i verify my account? i sumbited my utility bill years ago for proof of address but untill now it says in progress. I tried to email them through costumers support, but i dont know where will i find their reply, is it on the email i liked on my paypal account? if yes.. the email i linked with my PP account is deactivated already.. i tried to change my email there but it says i dont have permission and its telling me to contact the person that is holding my permission.. AND I DONT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!!!! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE!!!

  5. Vicki Mcclenty says:

    Do you accept “applications” for official letter writers?

  6. khristy says:

    Hello, can someone help me please. I just got an email today that my paypal account has ben temporarily limited and I was instructed to login to my Paypal account and follow the instructions there to lift the limitation. So I opened a browser and went to the paypal website and tried logging in. But then I got an error saying, “We’re sorry, we can’t log you in. If you think there’s a problem with your account, contact us and we’ll help resolve it.”

    So I click on “contact us” and it gave me the option to call or email. So since i’m in the Philippines, I opted to email them. When I clicked on “Email us”, It gave me an option to login for faster service but the problem is…I can’t log in because of the error message I mentioned above.

    Can someone help me please?


  7. Macy Morgan says:

    My PayPal was limited as well. I contacted Auction Essistance and it turns out it was a permanent limitation. So I am out of a PayPal account. Was hesitant on going stealth, but Auction Essistance was able to coach me back on without getting linked to my limited PayPal.

  8. Macy Morgan says:

    Would it be safe to use Auction Essistance to help me create a new PayPal account after mine got limited?

  9. Liberty r. Balinoyos says:

    I recieved a big amount of money from paypal and they sebd it to my e-mail but i dont have an account to withdraw.
    How can i recieve the money without using a debit card or bank account?just a paypal transaction only!

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