Hewlett-Packard (HP) Service Center — bad, bad, bad!

HP sucks!

Rant mode alert!

Over a year ago, I bought an HP Compaq nc2400 laptop in South Korea. The laptop performed superbly during the first few months (no surprise), but starting on the 8th month, its battery life dropped considerably to half and processing became slower (for example, opening an MS Office file took 1 minute). These did not bother me much then because I thought these were the trade-offs for having a small, lightweight notebook.

Left-click malfunction

But in November 2007, the left-click function of the TouchPad started acting weird. Clicking the TouchPad’s left-click button also opened the right-click functions and this could not be rectified by simply adjusting the TouchPad settings.

How bad can that get? Well, for one, I could not shut down the laptop using a mouse because left-clicking on Start > Shut Down always gave me right-click options. The only way to shut down the notebook then was through the keyboard (how many of you know how do that?).

Also I found it difficult to open a file or program because double-clicking its icon always gave me right-click options. Just imagine how annoying it would be whenever you double-click on an icon to open a program only to get the right-click option “Open” then if you click on it, you get the same option “Open” again — and yet the file has still not opened yet!

Battery not charging fully

On top of that, I noticed that the laptop’s battery was not fully charging anymore. Although it’s been charged for several hours, the unit charges up to 60-70% only.

So on December 5, I decided to take the unit to HP’s Service Center in Buendia, Makati. The technical support guy first tinkered with the TouchPad properties but gave up after 10 minutes. He also noted the battery problem and recommended that I leave the unit so they can conduct inspection. I agreed.

Fifteen days later, on December 20, I received a call saying they could not solve the problem yet because they were still waiting for a few laptop components that they requested abroad. The guy who called also briefly mentioned that the battery may be up for replacement and they can prepare a price quotation should I wish to buy a new one.

Option to pull out

They also told me that If I wanted to, I could temporarily pull out the unit because they would not be able to work on it because they were having a one-and-a-half-week Christmas vacation and would be back only by January 3. I decided to leave the laptop with them.

Finally, a long month and three weeks later, on January 22, I received a call informing me that the laptop is ready for pick-up. I dropped by their office the next day and decided to test the unit while still in the Service Center to see if the problems were indeed solved. The left-click button did work well, but that’s the only thing to be happy about.

Problem solved? Not really

As for the battery, apparently it had already died — as in totally defective and worthless. They explained that when they called on December 20 saying the battery may already be up for replacement, they meant that the battery was already useless during that time.

Wait a minute, I left the laptop with them on December 5 with the battery still charging 60-70% and they’re telling me that within 15 days — while the unit was in their possession — the battery became totally defective? Wow, I don’t know what to say.

I was told: If only the battery was covered by HP’s 1-year warranty, it would have been replaced. Yeah right. But at the least, don’t I deserve to get the battery in the same status when I gave it to them? Do they expect me to simply accept their excuse that the battery became dead, useless, and worthless within 15 days while it was in their possession?

Oh, and they did give me the price quotation for a new battery. The cost? A whopping P8,700 (US$212.00). Nice.

Huh? Another problem?

Wait, there’s more. When I finally got to test the laptop, a “User Environment” error appeared whenever the laptop is booting. I then discovered that the original user profile would not load and when asked why this was the case, the tech guy replied that the original profile got corrupted. Uh ok, can you solve this? I asked.

An hour of tinkering later, the tech guy said they could not bring the original profile back and the only way to solve this is to reformat the laptop.

“We can do it for you, if you want,” he said.

“No, thanks,” I replied. “You might just ruin this almost-worthless laptop of mine.”

How Pathetic

A dead battery. Corrupted user profile. Tech support that took almost two months to solve.

Thank you very much, HP, because of this experience I am not going to buy any of your products anymore.

How Pathetic.

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113 thoughts on “Hewlett-Packard (HP) Service Center — bad, bad, bad!”

  1. A few years ago, I bought a P30k++ HP Pocket PC. After the warranty expired, the product stopped working. When I went to the Ayala service station to have it repaired. They replied that for products that are still covered by a warranty, what they do is replace it. For those with expired warranties, they don’t provide any service except give a fucking minute discount for the next purchase. They don’t do any repair— EVER!!!

    I had more than one year’s worth of work and a month’s worth of unsynchronized data in that hardware. I was unable to retrieve it. What I had was a service center that didn’t even try to service the gadget. They did not even try to open the damn thing!!!!

    While talking to me, the guy was so insensitive and hardly looked at me. He was looking at his PC the entire time. I was really tempted to smash that item into his face.

    Looking at the way he carried his sleek office attire and his inability to see how stupid his work was, I have an idea what school he came from.

    No more HP product ever! They’ll have to send 30 well trained virgins into my bed, for me to even talk to them!

    • That really sucks, Mad Economist. Can’t believe why HP would come up with such lousy customer service considering that they are losing market share and are losing money. Well if that’s their goal, then they’re certainly on the right track!

  2. yes, i have had the same problems with hp. dell has improved so much over the last 18 months and hp has done so much poorly on the customer service end, i don’t shop anywhere else but dell.

  3. I’ve just checked-in my HP laptop in HP Buendia service center last week. The unit was really dead. I tried calling first their callcenter helpdesk. When I asked for the initial prognosis based on historical complaints received, I was told that the problem is system board failure.My unit was still within the warranty period, so the Indian guy (callcenter agent) advised me bring the unit to the Makati service center.

    The first thing i noticed in the HP service center office was numerous people trying to get their units fixed. When I arrived, I got service ticket #15 on the queue while they were still calling service #65. My math would tell me that there were already about 115 complaints received and it was only the mid of the day. After almost 2 hours of waiting, my number was called and the frontdesk engineer told me that the system board failed and I have to leave the unit so they can replace the board. He said that depending on the availability of parts, it may take 3-5 days of repair.

    I called after 4 days. The customer service person told me that the unit was still in isolation and diagnostics of the memory. I restrained myself from blowing my top. Being a electronics person myself, I know that diagnostics and isolation process should only take a day – at the most! And knowing that the problem was already on the system board, it was unnecessary to conduct memory tests.
    I calmly explained my position to the CS and requested to talk to the repair engineer. After waiting for 5 minutes on the phone,I hanged up and dialled again after an hour. This time, the CS had an update on their screen showing that the system board was requested from their Makati warehouse. What a sigh of relief to hear something that should have been done on the 2nd day. I inquired again if the parts would arrive on that day since it was only in the same area. I was told that parts request will still undergo approval process and she cannot guarantee delivery within the day. I told her that it was unacceptable to get a government-like bureacracy process on a unit which still has full warranty. But she said that’s the best she can do. I requested for other senior person who I can escalate my problem but got a big no to no avail.

    The weekend had passed and I made a follow up today. I was told the parts still has not arrived. I requested for a return call before noon to confirm the arrivalof parts. I indeed got a call but was told that the parts guy in the warehouse was on leave and she cannot confirm if the parts will arrive. I asked if there was a way to work around this blank wall, i was told – none.

    I have a feeling that this is a start of “misery meets company” story. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

    My wife who’s using a DELL laptop for 2 years have not had any major problem with her unit.

    If anyone of you got David Tan’s (HP Phils. country manager) email or CP number, please let me know.

    • My HP experience was really annoying. I can’t believe it would take them a month and a half to solve part of my laptop’s problem.

      And the battery! Just because it was out of warranty, they’re not going to do anything about it anymore. I should not have let them touch it. I’d rather have a battery that charges 60-70% than to get it back totally dead. Their excuse? It was about to die anyway! Grrr…

      I still am not going to buy any HP products anymore.

  4. I’m a 4th year IT student. Actly I was just crying a few minutes ago because my dad (who is an OFW) yelled at me because of the quotation HP just sent me. They sent me a quotation which contains an information about a part that I should buy to get my HP laptop repaired, it says there that I have to pay 37284 pesos. There were no explanation what’s wrong with my laptop, it just says there the part no. and the part description which is SPS-BD SYS PM/G72M-V FF PAV. I don’t even know what it means. Kasi nga, they didn’t provide any explanations and they didn’t even call me.

    Btw, my laptop is HP Pavilion dv2081ea or commercially known as HP Pavilion DV2000 which is 1 year and 6 mos old.

    The problem of my laptop actually is that when you open it, it beeps 3 three time and won’t boot up. It just suddenly happened one day in school. I panicked and I asked the people around me what could be the problem, they told that it might be the memory, it just needs tightening. I kind of panicked because I had a very important deadline next week. I brought my laptop to the HP service center in buendia. My ticket is #1 after the 100 customers they’ve entertained. I saw a lot of HP Pavilion laptops released and it made me think that my laptop’s model might be a low quality model (proved to be true). I got nervous actually. After 2 hours of waiting, finally, I got called, I told the receiver that it might just be the loosened memory part. He said that the 3 beeps is not an indication of that kind of problem. He said that, most probably it’s a hardware problem. I asked him if that is the case, how much will it cost me. He said with all the confidence that a price of the part depends because sometimes it has to be imported abroad.. A part would cause more or less 20K. That part made me cry in front of him. I told him that nothing happened to my laptop, I didnt bump it somewhere or drop it. I’ve never reached 2/3s of its memory, how can it happen. He didn’t provide explanation, he just offered me a box of tissue paper. And continued typing or whatever to his low-quality-HP-laptop. He told me that it will take 3-5 working days to repair it. which was a LIE.

    After 3 days, I called them up, they said that my laptop is still in isolation, after 2 days of that phone call, they said that it’s still in isolation. After a week, it’s still in isolation. I made my mom called this time to pressure them. My mom called and pressure them for answers. They got scared I think that they said that it took them that long because they’ve waited for the laptop’s blueprint or whatever the hell is that. I know it’s just an excuse. That’s when my mom panicked, she told me that maybe they’re dissecting and changing all the parts. She got mad at me for bringing my laptop to the service center right away. But what choice do I have? It’s not like I can bring it to a repair shop in Gilmore or Greenhills. After 2 days, I received the quotation in my email. I actually found it in the spam folder.

    And so, I don’t what to do. Neither my parents. 37,284 pesos? Will you ever pay that amount to get your laptop fixed? I think there’s something wrong with HP Phils. Service=ultimately poor, product=ultimately poor.

    My advise, if ever you bought your laptop abroad, bring it to the HP service center of that country. Whatever you do, don’t take it to the HP service center here in the philippines.My laptop was bought in Doha, Qatar. After I get it from the service center on Monday, I will send it to my father in Qatar. He will bring it to the service center there Let’s just see what will happen. To make life easier, don’t buy any HP products anymore.

    I’m so mad. I can’t even explain it. My thesis is coming up and it feels like it’s my fault when I didn’t do anything wrong with that laptop. My parents are mad at me. Please, just pray for me.

    • Same here..Poor services! I brought my laptop in HP service center, they said that thay will validate and check the problem of my laptop. After how many days they send me a quotation of the parts that affected that worth of 22, 000 php. I think they making out lots of money because they did not check it right away, they let the damage wider. And when I said I don’t want them to fix it, theres another fee to pay for..It really sucks.. I dont want to buy their products anymore…

  5. My HP laptop failed a year ago and a friend of mine diagnosed it that it might be the motherboard, which he said maybe expensive, since it’s out of warranty. I bought my laptop a little over a year ago and I’ve read a lot of posts in other forums regarding the high price of HP laptop motherboards. I’m a bit worried on this since I’m just a college student. Since I have no choice, I brought it to HP service center. The person that attended to me said that it looks like it’s the system board but he said that they’ll still check it to confirm and will just call me. After two days, they called and confirmed that it’s the motherboard. “Oh no”, I said to the person and then asked how much… he said that it will cost around 20k but after negotiation, he said that he’ll try to ask for consideration since it’s only 14months old. That means warranty expired two months ago. After two days, they called me again and that they’ll replace the system board free of charge. There might be known issue on the laptop’s system board, which is why they reconsidered but what the heck, at-least they changed it for free.

    In fairness to HP service center staff, I think they treated my case professionally although it took another 4days to replace the system board, at-least, I didn’t pay anything. My laptop works fine until now.

  6. Abangan and susunod kabanata Part2 from ruth2art

    After chasing the customer service on the phone for updates on the delivery of the system board (which I was told was requested already 4 days ago), they told me that the system board already arrived and will now be fitted on my DV2200 unit.

    So i asked them how long will it take before I can get my unit. I got a nerve-pinching “it will still take several days” because of the burn-in test they have to conduct. I do understand the need for the burn-in reliablity tests but just couldn’t take that generic answer. I told them that I will call again in the afternoon and I expect a specific answer from them.

    After a few hours, I got a call from my wife, notifying me that the HP service center called our home and wants to inform me that after replacing the system board, they noticed that the HD drive was noisy and had to be replaced. I almost fell off my seat coz I was thinking of all the files in my disk that i may have lost – Oh, my God!!

    My wife continued that she spoke lengthily with the caller. (You see my wife used to work as a CS Manager – Not IN HP). In just a few minutes, she was able to assess the weakness of their (HP’s) CS systems and procedures. My wife blew her top when the caller made a comment that “‘yun naman pong mga sira ng unit eh dahil na rin sa gumagamit”.

    “Iha, who’s training you to answer that way to a customer? 9 months pa lang ang unit na ‘yan, nasisira agad. Product nyo ang may problema!! Let me talk to your manager.” And since it’s their CS procedure not to escalate the issues to their boss, the CS got a mouthful from my wife.

    I hurriedly called HP again to confirm the HD problem. They confirmed the problem and that they have to replace the HD. Luckily, the data is still recoverable. But, they will again have to order the parts. And i told myself, “OMG, not another parts delivery cycle!!” I was told to call again the following day to confirm the HD spare delivery date.

    The next day, somehow something changed with them.
    The CS told me that a HD spare was already available in the repair center and that I could pickup my unit in the afernoon.”Are you sure????”

    Everything went smoothly. Never mind that hour-long wait. I was able to get my unit with a new system board. I was able to get my old files and transferred to the new HD. But I have to reload the programs and drivers. I could live with that.

    Now on my way home, carrying my repaired unit, I got a call from a guy who introduced himself as HP Customer Service. So I thought, “Wow!! Maybe the guy will conduct a Customer Satisfaction survey.”

    “Sir, this is Greg of HP Service Center. I’d like to inform you that the Hard Disk for your laptop had arrived. But it’s already Friday afternoon. You will have to wait until next week before you can get your unit.”

    WHAT?????!!!!!#### GGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


  7. ive got a dv2224ea problem is the graphic card is fried, so i called hp support in london, i had to pay £260.00 sterling pounds wtf, and told me that they need to change the entire motherboard cuz the graphic card its in built in the motherboard, so i searched in ebay for the system board and it was like £100.00 so i decided as 06.02.08 to change by myself, ive got the tools and ive got the manual to disasembly the laptop. keep you inform a couple of days…

  8. to Christabel:
    SPS-BD SYS PM/G72M-V FF PAV thats the motherboard and it cost money. u have to think twice between get repaired and buy a new one

  9. I, too, am a victim of this money-making scheme or modus operandi by HP Service center…

    I recently brought my Compaq Presario 2244AP to HP service center at Buendia Makati City (last May 06, 2008). It was already out of warranty and to cut the long story short, it started to flash a “beginning memory dump” message with a blue screen.

    A day after I brought my laptop to HP service center, one of their representative called home and left a message saying that my CPU fan was defective and it’s causing the problem.

    I didn’t hear from them until May 16, when they e-mailed me the repair-price quotation (an Adobe Acrobat PDF file attachment). I was shocked when I saw the total amount of P43,222.00! Based on their report, I need to replace my 40GB Hard disk drive, Lithium-ion battery and system board (motherboard). Wait a minute…I thought it was the CPU fan? Ok, so based on further testing, their tech people found out that these were defective…really?

    The night before I brought my laptop to this greedy HP service center, I made a THOROUGH DISK SURFACE TEST for its Hard disk just to rule out any possibility of a failing hard drive. It turned out to have NO BAD SECTORS after a few hours of testing. Also, 2 days before my laptop started to have problems, my Lithium ion was still in working condition even long after the “memory dump” error message started appearing on the LCD screen. It was still able to power my laptop for a full one-hour.

    So I get this repair-price quotation indicating that I need to replace its Hard disk and Li-ion battery pack as well? C’mon, I’m not ignorant HP service center people!

    They diagnosed my laptop to have “KEYBOARD ERROR” (yes, this is their diagnosis as indicated on the e-mailed quotation).

    Now I’m not a 100% “techie”, but I’m fairly well-read, well-versed about PC hardware. In fact, I’m an active member of and continually post in different PC hardware forums for the last 12 years, both locally-based and internationally-based. At least, I can say that with this “Keyboard error” diagnosis that they gave me points to a possible motherboard problem. Granted then that this is a motherboard problem, WHAT does the 40GB HDD or even the Li-ion battery have to do with it? Why would HP service center want me to replace parts which were functioning properly BEFORE it was brought to their lousy, greedy (and possibly corrupt) service center.

    With that total amount of P43,222.00 repair price quotation, I could already buy a new laptop BUT DEFINITELY NOT an HP or Compaq laptop.

    As part of my contribution to increasing the awareness of consumers or buyers, I’d be more than willing to disseminate this information and properly inform people of how HP Service Center “milks” money out of people who bought HP/Compaq laptops. Rest assured, my colleagues in the medical profession, even my students, my friends, family members and relatives would hear of this money-making scheme and I would DEFINITELY help them choose a laptop OTHER THAN HP/Compaq…thanks to some lousy, greedy, manipulative HP Service Center people.


  10. Hi guys!
    looks like im not the only one with the same dilemna as u guys have….
    i have an HP a6177c desktop tv which the hd got fcuked up for some reason…. HP U.S. is covering the warranty for it thank god! and an 24″ hp flat screen. plus i just got my Hp laptop as a present, i got excited what can i say my very own hp laptop! wohoo!
    Hp pavillion laptop dv9535nr (a modified version of the dv9500)
    1.50ghz core duo 2 centrino
    got 250hd
    2046MB of Ram
    8600m gs nvidia vid card
    (sorry im a bit on semi gadget geek side)
    which packed a bit of juice in gaming and multimedia…
    so i started my journey with the wonderful hp experience installing the built in programs, after updating some files my laptop suddenly came up with a blue screen, yes! it was the notorious blue screen of mem dump! and i was like ” WTF! updating all the laptops software and you get mem dump?! so i let it be.. til windows sought out the problem for the blue screen thingy i need to d/l a storage manager console of intel which was i think corrupted by that blue screen…. so i did fix it! bye bye blue screen! yet just to noticed just a few days that my battery wont charge to 100% my highest was 29% wohooooooot! talk about mobility right there! now my batt is only 2 % and it wont go up! it may aniimate the charge up icon on the task bar but it stops a few seconds still i get 2% so i figured to look for an hp service center here in the philippines but somehow stumbled to this blogsite and boy i am having a bit of doubt with the hp service center…
    come to think of it im getting discouraged with the articles written down…. and somehow agreeing with you guys! its a rip off! specially with replacement and diagnostics wtf! 43k, 37k, for repair! wtf is that! labor for screwing knots and bolts… thats like buyin a honda scooter! or a 1980 car! or even a new laptop! or a desktop! even though this laptop’s warranty isnt covered here, i somehow feel i rather tell my relatives in the u.s. to buy me a spare battery… and rather have the hp u.s. warranty cover this laptop than here in the philippines….
    thanks for this article guys it gave me a precaution on hp’s service center! 😀

  11. oh and one more thing it also might be that vista has compatibality issues that with ppl having software prblems …. thanks againg

  12. TinaS: You’re lucky. I have the same problem diagnosed as well and they didn’t consider, even if mine’s just a year and about 4 months. That’s still pretty close right? I’m so pissed off with HP. They’re charging too much, and they’re very very inconsiderate.

  13. Christabel: Exactly the same problem! I swear, all the beeps, and all the terrible HP service center experience. 38k all in all, that’s what they’re charging me. Plain bull!

  14. after reading the replies here, i’m thinking twice now, if i should still go to the HP service center, i have a HP Pavilion tx1000us, the tablet pc, my brother from the US bought me the unit, and my problem is the wi-fi wont work already, so i have a usb wi-fi to connect to my unit just to access wi-fi hotspots, it sucks knowing that my unit was only bought last april, i know its still covered by the warranty, but i was thinking of the hassles it would still bring to me… and for those guys who brought their unit to HP center, what do i have to bring? cause my receipt was in my brother in the US.

  15. hi scoot_boink! actually you just bring the unit to them. they already have the info in their database i think. anyway, i still can’t believe i would need to pay PHP50,000 to repair my dv2145tx. i’d rather buy a new laptop!!!!

  16. hi everyone, i just bought my compaq c769tu last july 2008 (1 month ago) and the screen already has dead pixels on it. last night there was only 3 then this morning, it has become 7. do you recommend that i go to hp service center for this? i just called their customer support hotline and the indian guy gave me the number and address of the service center in buendia. are they also open on holidays and weekends? thanks!

  17. Hell, I just bought my laptop last July of 2008 and suddenly a problem arises. Now after reading all these issues can’t think of any solution to my problem.

    Here is my problem, I was trying to use my HP Pavilion dv2500 S-Video female to transfer display to my TV. I use my S-Video cable that is included in my desktop video card when I bought it. While trying the S-Video using just the battery of my laptop. I didn’t encounter any problem just that there was no display in my TV. In short, the S-Video didn’t work or I might forgot to press any key to make the S-Video transfer display into our TV. So I decided to plug my laptop’s power adapter into a power surge when suddenly the S-Video cable short and burn. So my friend quickly pull off the cable and me pull off the plug.

    Now to test if my laptop got broken, I decided to switch it on and found out there was no display, just power is on and lights of players are on as well. But no blinking of lights, etc.

    So I decided to search the internet for possible information and solutions. After that, I took off the battery for quite sometime and plug the power adapter to check if my power adapter was broken. Everything remains the same so i decided to insert the battery back and test it again. Again, everything remains the same so i decided to search more and watch youtube for proper direction on how to check my laptop’s memory. So after following these instructions, I found out that if my memory was not inserted properly or broken, my laptop will beep a few times. So I’m sure its not the memory cause I was able to fix the beep after placing my memory back and as directed in the video I found. I also learned that my laptops 1 year limited warranty will not be affected if I try to check my RAM.

    So again, problem remains the same and now I was planning to bring it to the nearest HP Center which is in buendia, makati.

    Does anyone here can give me the best advice of what to do, and how can i assure that my case will be handled carefully? Not sure if its possible to send it back to US for them to repair it.

    Will HP Center not add more problems to my unit? I’m also a CS graduate so I know a few things in hardware.

    Is there also a cheap repair center that is good in repairing laptops and is also reliable, and is known for they’re quality of work?

    Thanks for any help that you can share!

  18. oh noes!! now i’m scared to leave my precious laptop to the hp center..where can i buy new hp bateries? can anyone help me? does it really cost around P8000 per battery? (noooooo!!!!!!)
    i’m going bankrupt.

  19. I called technical support a few times to get a recovery cd that would be a backup for my operating system that I bought with my computer. They told me that the application was not working and to call back several hours later. It was not what I expected during my day off, to get more complication involving my os but because I need the disk in order to have a working computer I called back. I finally was told that the order could be placed and was informed that it would cost 15-30 dollars to ship it to me. I spoke with the supervisor who identified himself as brad. The supervisor brad sarcastically blamed me for the situation that I was in and I was basically an idiot for not making a recovery disk. The supervisor brad was belittling and arrogant and continued to be insulting. It was the worst customer service that I have ever seen. The supervisor brad informed me that I would need to purchase the cd and if I got one from the store it would cost me 300 dollars so I was actually getting a deal. The supervisor brad then accused me of trying to get something for free but wait didn’t I pay for the computer that includes the os. That’s what the documentation says that it includes the os. I tried to comprehend why I was being charged for something that I purchased already and asked for his manager. The supervisor brad said that his manager’s name was Shelly. The supervisor brad said that she is never available and doesn’t take calls. All I want is a back up disk that contains the os that I purchased with my computer. I have a warrantee why does it not cover the os. If the shipping price was realistic I wouldn’t have a problem even though I shouldn’t really have to pay for shipping but 15 bucks to ship through regular mail. That doesn’t make sense. I’m sure not going to give good reviews on every blog I see and every person I speak with and I’m in the technical field so that could be a lot of coverage when I comes to bringing awareness and caution to those that consider hp products and services.

  20. I also went to HP service center because i have problem in booting my dv2000. It does not have display and they said system board has to be replaced

    But fee is P40000. Has anyone tried http://www.pinoylaptops.com? Please let us know because I am thinking of trying their service.

    Thanks, Eli

  21. hi my hp dv200 laptop bought last yr and 6months and now when i turning on it beeps and no screen shows up, i bring my laptop to bitstop and it repaired but after 1week the same problem arise again and it’s said motherboard problem. im thinking now where should i try to be repaired my hp laptop.

  22. hi i just bought my hp tx1250 in qatar the first 6 mos of using it give me superb performance but on the 7th up to now cost me trouble the wireless did not working and the screen losses its visibility ang later it did not boot up to now. may i know were i can find solution to this problem. my laptop is cost to much can u help me to repair this at less cost . thanks

  23. HP/Compaq DV2000, DV6000, V6000, V3000, F500, TX1000, has that common problem with their motherboard (all lights are on but no video display). Its a video chip problem and most repair shops says the only thing you can do is replace the motherboard.

  24. hi Robert,
    i got the F500 which is now showing or rather not showing anything–just the blank black screen although the lights are still on…and seems to be running. some humming inside…almost look like trying to access something, but just wont push through with the booting. so, how should i remedy the video chip? thanks.

  25. After reading through your comments, I hesitated whether or not to bring my 1 and 9 month old laptop to the service center in Makati. Same beeping-with-no-display-problems. Laptop heats up like hell. Short battery life. Degrading performance. If they’re going to charge me 30k for fixing the defect, which was THEIR FAULT in the first place, I’d RIP it apart, SELL the parts and buy myself a new DESKTOP instead. This whole hardware problem has caused me enough inconveniences already (I’m doing my thesis) and I have wasted a lot of time trying to make the damn thing work with the on-off technique. And if they give me a crappy service (in the event that i chose to go), I will not think twice of expressing my dissatisfaction.

  26. hav the same problem. had the damn thing fixed first at HP makati (while it was still under warranty). It broke again after 5 months, then had it fixed at pinoylaptops and it broke again after a month.

    Did some research and found out there’s something wrong with the machine’s video card architecture (dv2000,dv6000). So christabel, explain mo sa parents mo na it’s not your fault but HP’s, try to back that up by stuff from the net – there are A LOT. factory defect talaga – faulty models.

    What HP’s doing is replacing it with the same faulty system board. What pinoylaptops’ doing is “resoldering” the broken chip with their BGA workstation. Both do not deal with the architectural problem and just delay the breaking process.

    so my advice is, not to have your dv2000/6000 fixed unless it deals with the underlying problem.. personal experience. sasakit lang ulo nyo and bulsa nyo.

    BTW, i had a good experience with the HP service center in makati. they only go bitchy or indifferent when wala ka na warranty. They are VERY aware of this problem, they’re just keeping their mouths shut.

    I have other HP products: pocketpc, printer, bondpaper nila(hehe), wala naman problem.. laptop lang. It’s here lang sa room. decoration.
    pabili na lang ako MAC next time.

  27. compaq f500’s are eligible for free repairs. i had my motherboard replaced at HP buendia.. just make sure your keyboard is fine.. sinira/nasira kasi nila ung akin then sinisingil ako for “additional” repairs. i refused to and threatened to take legal actions against them.. aun after 2 weeks ginawa din nila ung keyboard ko..

  28. Hi to all!

    It makes no difference any Laptop/PC company always have problems/tech support or Customer support problems. Try searching Dell/Mac/HP/Acer/IBM/Asus Laptop Notebook (although Asus and Alienware doesn’t really have much complain yet! probably because nobody can afford to buy their highend laptop) customer/ tech Support Sucks on the internet. It will show show all frustrated comsumers/buyers like us. But anyway, I have bought a HP DV2000 laptop series-model no. DV2225nr , back on March 2006. The first problems was 8 months after using it was the wireless internet could not find any connection (had to reboot several times to make it work)and its a frequent problems since then guess what?! 12 months after the 1 year limited warranty expired. I had booting up problems it will power up (lights indicator lit up on Power/HDD) but just black screen. So I manually turned it off then turned it back on. This time it worked like nothing had happen of an error code appear on the screen. Then a few day and months it’s getting bad where I have to turn it on and off a couple or three just to boot it up. Well finally it died last Oct 2008. That time it powers up (no beeping sound) Power lights are on but no activity on HDD. So I said great its toasted! After using the laptop for 1 year and 6 months it died. The laptop was only mainly used for internet browsing,email,chat and online games (which I thought the later contributed to it’s death)Because my cousin also bought a HP DV6000 series (DV6324US) a month I got mine and she never used the laptop on online gaming like I did and her laptop is still alive and kicking as of now (31st Jan 2009)although her wireless card died about two months ago. LOL that’s the sign…of dying laptop.

    After 3 weeks without a laptop made me bored to my life. So I decided to buy YET another HP laptop DV5-1004nr I got it on sale of course Paid $599( I never learned my lesson lol) well I have done all the research that what ever brand name you will buy, there is always a flaws on their product this time I still stick to HP besides my brother ask me to buy him a laptop last year before I went for vacation in Philippines so I search and waited till the http://www.bestbuy.com have a good laptop on sale. I got him a DV2815NR I keep asking him if he had a problem with it(just before my DV2225nr’s death) so far he said no the only thing he need is to renew his Norton 360 which I gave him a spare key lisence.

    So after checking online what was the main cause of the death of my DV2225nr laptop I have found out that this was a common problems with all DV2000/DV6000/DV9000 series as well as Compaq Presario V3000/V6000 Series it’s the Video chip but since then you cannot just buy or replace the chip or it’s not sold individually or seperately you have to buy the main motherboard. On my case I check the HP parts store website the motherboard would cost me $150+tax and shipping applicaple although some other model price varries (some other model motherboard cost like $385 whoa might as well buy me a new laptop) So basically I am looking into $180 expense to fix this laptop. I saw pinoylaptop post here and their website charge P8,500 ($185) just for the video chip?hopefully they wont just tweak and doctor the videochip (but instead replace it)Well anyway maybe its cheaper to have them fix it for you but do some research/canvass first or check HP parts price list here’s their website ( http://h20141.www2.hp.com/hpparts/?cc=US&lang=EN ). Although I didn’t buy the part just yet I did some more researching then found that they have an enhancement program and my particular model is eligible for a free repair yay!(here’s the link: ) check if your model is eligible for a free repair I believe it’s only available for laptops that was bought on Europe,Middle East and Africa (so sorry na lang if you bought it on Asia and out of 1 year manufacturer warranty ka na)If I were you purchace an extended warranty when buying laptop on Asia or Philippines. Anyway so I called hp US customer support on New Year’s Eve (which was the best time to call anyway) No long hold of waiting on the line people are less worried about their hp product during those times and they are out partying or probably drunk. The customer agent/support was very pleasant I explained it to her regarding the problem. After giving all the information about my laptop she pulled the record for my laptop and said well since you are out of warranty their is a charge of $80 just to diagnose and after that hp will call you or email you the result of the diagnose and if it need replacement or repair and after she explained she said so do you agreed to the terms that you are responsible for any fee’s incured. So I told her that I actually went to HP website and I found out about your enhancement program so she check it out then after probably reading it….said okay. Yes your particular model is eligible for a free repair she said, HP will send you a Post paid box on Jan 2,09 You have to send your laptop, battery and the wall power adapter.Other accesories keep it. I asked her what if I upgraded the RAM from 1GB to 2GB? she said you may have to keep the 2GB since they might pull or replace your motherboard. So I did pull the 2GB ram and good thing I didn’t sell the 2X512MB memory stick on ebay lol. I received the box Jan 5 and sent the laptop right away and after 2 weeks I received the laptop back with a note saying that they replace the motherboard. and If any problem occurs enhancement program is extended within 90 days after I receive the unit you can either purchase an extended warranty uh let me think first. everything was freshly installed back to factory setting. That make me nervous that after the damn 3 months the laptop will probably quit working again.(Which I think it probably will, and I am sure that the “NEW” motherboard that they replace is probably an old motherboard from the same model that they replace the videochip a week ago in other words – refurbish part)I also Suggest buying a Cooling Mat (with 2 fans) to keep it running cooler specially on AMD and Dual Processors.Also do not buy a used laptop is new laptop dies after a year or two so what life is left with the used laptop that you are buying?

    Im quite impress with the battery that came with my DV2225nr it still holds a 100% full charge and if I don’t use the laptop I usually unattached the battery and after a day or 2 the battery still holds 100% charge. Meanwhile the battery on DV5-1004NR?? even if it unhook for less than 24 hrs it looses charge and if I plug it in the battery says 97% charge left. I can tell this battery wont last long! Now on my recent laptop the DV5-1004NR – I told myself not to play any Heavy Graphics online games yet after a month ( twice in a month)I am experiencing some glitch/problem the laptop just booted itself just right after I turned the PC on. What the hell?!!! wireless internet goes out (twice already)if you are going to a computer repair shop as around first make sure they are not just tweaking your laptop and make it work for a week or so then dies back again.If you are tired of all this BS desktop last longer than the laptops although it depends on how is the PC applicable to you needs.

  29. Good day
    I myself experience what u had experience. I bought an HP pavilion DV 9000 series laptop in LA on 2007. After almost a year of using the laptop did not boot anymore. My sister brought it to service center last november 2008 and until last night feb 4 2009, they called and ask me to check the quotation for the repair. I was shock because to total cost for the repair was about 65000 + pesos. Shit, thats a price of a brand new laptop.
    By the way I bought a sony vio centrino 2 model last december for about 1400 us dollar, an acer aspire for about 1000 us dollar for my sister last week and now I am planning to buy a laptop for the replacement of the damage HP pavilion laptop.
    I strongly not recommend any HP product anymore especially to anyone

  30. thanks to all. i’m planning to bring my laptop to HP service center. but after reading all your post. i change my mind. i do repair computers and only need a spare parts. what i did. i went to raon, sta. cruz. and look for a spare parts that i need. and for 60 Php i got my spare parts. when i arrive home, i prepare my screw driver and do little of adjusting to the ribbon wire i bought and viola. my laptop is alive again. in just 1 hour of repair by my self. thanks guys. it save me money and time of waiting. if ever i bring my laptop to HP service center.

  31. I am so pissed off right now. A few days ago, the HP service center in Makati rang me and told me that I’ll get a FREE repair. Too good to be true, I guess, because I called them up again a few moments ago and told me that there had been a effin’ MISTAKE and that they would be charging me 29,000php for the repair. Damn you, HP!!!

  32. hi all u dont know wat i’ve bin thru. I’ll post my experiences ASAP. hope u cud wait for it. until then, hope i can read some more comments related to this. =P

  33. I’ve purchased a HP laptop TX1210us which suddenly stopped working yesterday, after barely one year and few month of use without notice. No longer boots up. Turns on the lights, but the screen stays deep black … Impossible to express in few words the great loss of unsaved data and the damage this is causing to my work, so I’m gonna give the link I’ve found while I was searching for help: http://www.mycheaplaptop.net/ for more details. I Hope this info will be useful for those who looks for a laptop but still didn’t made their decisions. …

  34. We repair HP/Compaq DV2000 DV6000 V3000 V6000 TX1000 video chip problems. Visit http://www.pinoylaptops.com ===> HP video problems
    HP/Compaq DV2000, DV6000, V6000, V3000, TX1000 has that common problem with their motherboard (all lights are on but no video display). Its a nvidia video chip problem and most repair shops says the only thing you can do is replace the motherboard.
    But they were wrong, we can repair this type of problem.
    No need to replace the motherboard.
    Repair Charge: P8,500.00
    Warranty: 3 months (3 months lang???? para ka din HP ha..)

    Php 8,500.00

  35. I myself experience what u had experience. I bought an HP pavilion DV 2000 series laptop in Florida on 2007.After almost a year of using the laptop it did not boot anymore.thanks to all. i’m planning to bring my laptop to HP service center. but after reading all your post. i change my mind.Crappy gadget

  36. Hi guys,

    After reading this, I finally have proof that I’m not the only one that had encountered bad experiences with HP laptops.

    A friend’s HP laptop keyboard died on the first year. Another friend had a dead LCD within a year.

    So better keep out of HP laptops!

  37. I had such a bad experience with HP service center as well! I picked up my laptop unit on January 5, 2009, and they told me that I had warranty of the stuff they replaced for 3 months. 2 months and a few days later, it broke down again (same problem), and when I brought it back, they tell me that I picked up the unit on December 17, 2008. How is that possible? They even had problems looking for the case in the database and when they found it, they told me it is out of warranty already because I picked it up on December.

    I had no proof since I misplaced the receipt they gave me on that day I picked it up. I didn’t really bother with it, since the girl who released my unit told me that I won’t be needing anything when I bring back my unit for repair in that three months of extended warranty. I ASKED HER TWICE if I would need to show anything if I go back, and she said I wouldn’t have to.

    I don’t even think they fixed the original problem in the first place. I used the laptop minimally within those two months and it still broke down!! Sorry HP, But I’m not buying ANY of your products again, be it a printer or a laptop or whatever.

  38. Oh and to add to that story, when I had my laptop fixed, they initially wanted to charge me 30,000 pesos to fix the LCD, WHICH BROKE WHEN IT WAS IN THE SERVICE CENTER. I talked to the engineer and gave him a mouthful. They probably thought I was stupid enough to believe that crap.

  39. i got interested on ur story coz the adapter of my mini-notebook laptop is defective after 4 months of using. good thing it is still covered by 1 yr wrranty given to me. i just hope theyll not try to fix it but instead give me a new one.

  40. got a HP crappy story too. although im waiting for the ending. got the same problem. lights on and no display. called them up earlier said that they already changed the system board which is free because my model is under their enhancement program. they said that the memory is fine and that my files is fine but they told me that my monitor still doesn’t work. how did they know that my files is fine if my monitor doesnt work?? huh…they even told me that they plugged my laptop into another monitor just to see if it would work and it still didn’t. told me it must be an LCD problem. how come it didn’t work in another monitor if it is an LCD problem? shouldn’t there be some kind of wire that was broken inside there that’s causing the LCD not to work? then it shouldnt be an LCD problem. and again…how did they know that my files is fine if my monitor doesnt work??

    i repected HP back then. not anymore. HP sucks!

  41. You guys really got me fired up with all your comments. I had just been in the service center yesterday and now im really worried that my case would end up like that of Gons’. I brought a DV2000 to them,hoping for a free repair or replacement of the motherboard which is most likely the problem since the model of my notebook is really prone to that defect and has been confirmed by HP itself. The guy who entertained my problem explained that the board will be replaced free of charge as long as it’s covered by HP’s enhanced limited warranty program. Well of course i knew beforehand that it’s still in warranty, I also called HP’s tech support regarding this. However, the guy at the service center would not like or cannot confirm if i’m going to pay anything for the repair of my notebook. So i nodded and nodded just to get it fixed. Surprisingly,while intending to leave the service center, i remembered to ask for the expiration of my limited warranty and the guy instantly answered me “May xx,2009, still a few days away” he said. Hearing him say that made me worried since the notebook will be in under their possesion for 2 weeks to 1 month. Since most of my inquiries were answered verbally, I know that by the time i pick up my notebook- within April or most probably May- they might give me that sh**– that my laptop is past the covered warranty period and just pay for all the parts that were replaced…Sigh!!!I know im worrying too much but hey..it happened to most of you guys…-_-“.

  42. my hp laptop repaired in pinoylaptops.com they increase the price of repairing from 7800 to 8500 but mine was change board so that it’s like new hp 11000. go there to repair your dead laptop.

  43. Rule of Thumb, when Battery charges at 60-70% efficiency. Replace. I repeat, Replace.
    With the touch pad, check online software solutions first if it just acts weird.

    HP is in some ways tougher than some of the gadgets released on the market, but it sucks with your battery, audio and touch pad.

    Another techie rule of thumb, DYI solutions come a long way, since even some tech support personnel don’t even know what the heck are they doing.

  44. Ohhh man..your horror with hp service center or shall i say deservice center makes me worried of what will happen to my hp mini 2133. im having problem with the built-in mic reception and need check up’s from the center…now i am thinking, is really worth going there for querries. i dont want to end my querries to worries.. i dont know if it’s a software or hardware problem. damn.

    the mic reception is dead poor…imagine you’re talking to a hearing impaired person. that’s my hp mini case.

    God bless and wish me luck.

  45. Ive recently bought a tx2000 tablet pc last april 2008.Ive asked my tito abroad to buy it for me since it costs half as much as it does here.I thought I had a good bargain for my money.It was working quite well for a few months but started having BSOD’s last december(7mons later).It’s always having different errors and having to dump memory.So i thought I should try to use the restore CD and the restore to factory setting in the bios startup.But then it does not finish the whole restore process and always ends up with a bluescreen.I got desparate and tried formating it then installing a new OS(vista) on it.After numerous errors i eventually got it right but lost some functionality of the touchscreen.I wasnt sure if the warranty is still covered but I said i might as well try.So even if without the purchase receipt they still accepted it.I thought wow such good customer service.They then replaced the video card(it was defective daw).But then it still keeps getting the BSOD’s especially when i use wifi.(Maybe they didnt even replace it, one cant tell di ba?).I got it back but it still had BSOD’s so I returned it again.They were unable to find the problem and just updated the softwares so i started documenting BSOD’s even if I had 100 secs to get a picture to give it to the tech engineer as they suggested to me.I was able to capture quite a few before returning it back again last april 17.Last week they gave me a call saying that it was a software problem and they had to charge me 1600k for a reformat with a 3 mons warranty for the software.I eventually agreed since there seems to be nothing more that I can do.My warranty is almost up (may 1 2009 to be exact).I’ll be picking it up tommorow and I only have a few hours to check if they have resolve the issue.I hope i dont get BSOD’s anymore.Its just so disappointing because HP seems to entice you with such amazing features but you eventually find out the life of the product is almost disposable.Maybe I should have bought something japanese or taiwanese instead(my friend had an acer and she kept on dropping it yet it still works quite well,mine was well pampered yet it had these problems).To think it was the americans that invented the computer.

  46. hp sucks believe me i had two hp notebooks and both of them got crashed !!! so i think i can say hp sucks!!!!!!!!

  47. i had two hp laptops, both crashed. the first after a year and i even do not remember the modell. the second one hp nc8000 first a 80 gb HD broke down and i paid a lot to get all pictures recoverd from that disk. i both then a new toshiba 40gb HD and put inside my NC8000, some 8 months later motherboard collapsed- nothing to do, only 350euro to get a new one. I think hp laptops are programmed to break down , sth. like self distruction. than i see people who have their acer etc. working 24h a day for years and i wonder about globalised shit worth market and marketing campaigns.
    it is time i stop to believe in hp etc which are considered longlife products(by whom considered)
    and i follow what i see with my eyes, that an acer laptop working 24h a days after years is still fine.

  48. I am the person who post a comment here last Feb. 5 2009. I might be able to help you with some of your problems on your pc’s and laptop free of charge. here is my blog site . thanks

  49. HP customer care totally sucks!
    I bought a wireless mouse only from them. It stopped working with in 2 weeks of the day of purchase.
    I went to a service center near by with the dead mouse. and they said they won’t take mice!
    To get service for a mouse that I bought for 1000rs, I have to take a day off from company and need to drive 25+ kms in bangalore. And it is not guaranteed that I will get back the mouse serviced with in that day or another. I may not get it repaired at all if something is broken inside the mouse. They gonna say I broke it.
    I registered a complaint online and got a call back from customer care after 13-15 days!!
    Even that guy was not ready to listen the problems properly.. He asked me if I am using the mouse with a desktop or laptop. I told its laptop. Then he told me another guy will call me if its laptop and hungup the call.. never got a call back after that from HP..

    if you are thinking f buying an HP product.. please rethink. you gonna jump into trouble.

    — by the way, I happened to meet a guy working in HP customercare. He told me the way that they have been told to respond to the customers. Can you believe it, whatever the problem you will report they will ask you to reinstall the drivers first. even after they understood that its an hardware issue actually. if that doesn’t work, they will ak you to reinstall the OS itself. Can’t you believe it? try calling their customer care once.

  50. Hp totally sucks!!! they don’t know what’s the problem and even don’t know how to fix the problem of their products, I owned 2 nc6000 laptops until now they haven’t come up of a better solution, why it won’t boot up and only the charge symbol lights up upon pressing the power button the fan goes on and die…I have asked them what is the cause of this problem they cannot even speak a damn word out of their mouths to tell there customers that it is a design problem that we cannot resolve.

  51. Yeah…HP sucks….I bought a laptop HP-1135EE DV-6000 last 6 months ago, and after 2 months, the LCD is garbled, or seems like vibrating display…. wow..My daughter is only using this laptop for his projects only and some games, but how come this problem occured…Hey, HP guys, can you make your product damage after a year….lol….

  52. After receiving the laptop, I started it up immediately. However, I got an error code with blue screen. So, I tried to format it. However, another error message appeared and I couldn’t proceed.

    So, I tried to send emails and contact them through phone calls immediately. Eventually, I got the following results:

    1) Sending about 20 emails to them. My email was first replied after more than 10 business days and after sending more than 10 emails to them.
    2) They only replied about 5 of my emails. All emails were saying the same thing, “there is nothing we can do and you have to contact this or that number…..”
    3) One of them gave his fake email address to me over the phone, so that I no longer could contact him back.

    Phone calls:
    1) I received support from the ENTIRE company because my calls were being transferred to all different departments endlessly. Everyone said that was not their jobs.
    2) One of them gave me fake extension number in preventing me to get back to her.
    3) Even I have left my voice message to them, they just didn’t seem to care to return your calls.
    4) They promise to call you back, but they won’t call.

    After dragging me over 8 weeks, the technical support team said that there was nothing they could do to solve my problem. They didn’t want to provide refund, repair or exchange the defective unit for you. They just won’t respond to you at all.

    I have to say that they have the best combination between product and service on earth:
    The worst product + the lousiest support

    They are already the “BEST”, what else you could ask for more?

  53. HP Philippines has the worst service center!
    I bought an HP Pavillion dv8 tx1002 in singapore last November 2009and after 1 1/2 months of use, The hard drive broke down. Since it was barely 3 months old at the time, it was definitely still under warranty.I had it serviced at the customer service center at Sen. Gil Puyat, Makati City.

    I was informed by their incompetent agents that it will take at least a week to fix the problem. After a week passed i called them up to inquire about my laptop. I was informed that it will take another week to fix the problem because of shipment, repair, etc. So I waited another week. After the second week passed, I called AGAIN to inquire about my laptop. Again I was informed that it will take another week to fix the problem because of some lame excuse. It took 3 WEEKS just to replace the hard drive.

    That’s not all! when it was returned to me I noticed that most of the drivers for my operating system is missing. Also, The recovery manager for my laptop was gone. You’d think that would be the end of my experience with their customer service. Well, you’d be wrong.

    Barely 7 days have passed since the return of my laptop and I’ve been experiencing major slowdown of my system whenever it was in battery power. So again I had it serviced at that poor excuse of a service center they have. In fairness, they said that it would only take 3 days to fix the problem. After the 3rd day, I went there to pick up my laptop. I didn’t really trust them after all the trouble they gave me so I tested my laptop infront of their agent named “NAD”. Lo and behold! the problem was still there. I was like ” what is this! you didn’t fix anything”. Nad made an excuse which I didn’t really understand since he was contradicting himself the whole time. I wasn’t even listening anymore after 5 minutes since their customer beside the table I was sitting in was being harrassed by their “senior agent”. In the end, nothing was fixed and I came home with a very terrible experience.

    So bottom line is that if you are a filipino, NEVER EVER buy any hp product. This is the best option in order to avoid their service center.

    HOWEVER, if you’re unlucky enough to purchase one of their products and you have no choice but to go to their service center. I advise you to expect the following:

    1) Expect that they won’t call you even though it states in their contract with you that they will.

    2) Expect that they will make you wait a looooooong time before your product is returned to you

    3) Expect that they won’t fix the problem with your unit. If they do fix something, it will be medioce at best.

    4) Expect that they will make excuses why they can’t fix your unit.

    5) Expect that you’ll be harassed and made a fool off by their service agents.

    5) Expect that you will be traumatized by this experience.

    You have been warned…

  54. Hahahaha! I’m glad that I read this thread because i’m planning to bring my laptop tomorrow to HP service center in Makati. My laptop is overheating for more than a year already but I have purchased a cooler that helped a lot. It’s good that I found this forum and read your posts. Thanks a lot guys for saving my ass with those people working in that HP service center.

  55. lol sounds like the Houston Texas HP Repair Service…im from California and im sending my HP back for the 4th time…they damaged my system the 2nd time and then only fix PART of the problem the 2nd time…i personally think that HP sucks in general…but hey, from what ive been told, they’re easy to sue for double your original purchase so, im just gonna do that if they screw it up again.

  56. I own a HP compaq presario CQ40 laptop. i returned my laptop for them to repair it’s broken lcd. and i said to repair also the hard disk cause it’s broken also. i brought it to the place where i brought it. here in roxas city. the technician said to me that they will bring my laptop to manila to fix it.(it already gave me the idea that the technician does not have any idea what to do) he said to me that it wil took 2-3weeks b4 it returns and they will contact me. guess what, it took a month b4 it came back!! I spent the whole april without my fucking laptop.

    your correct! they did not fix it well!bullshit! they change the processor and LCD into a brand new ones. and did not even bother to repair my hard disk which was the my main problem!! now i’m experiencing back to back hardware problems! the display drivers wont work and also the hard drive itself. and it wont work! maybe i’ll bring the laptop to them for the last time cause it’s still free to repair.(sabi kasi ng potang inang technician dalhin ko lng daw sa kanila ulit pag d pa ayos..tinawagan ko ang gago sa telepono..pota,ayaw niyang maniwala sa sinasabi ko.wala talagang alam sa computer).

    after fixing my laptop. i’m gonna sell it and by a new one. no more hp for me.

  57. I just called their service center in buendia prior to reading this thread..they told me that they will not accept for repair my HP dv4 with damage backlight since I bought it in US. They suggesting that If ever I have friends to go to US I should make PAKISUYO. OMG no better options.. Im planning to buy an external monitor now and pagtiyagaang gawing desktop.pakshit Its a lesson for me,i will definitely buy filipino made now rather then having a branded but useless laptop

  58. im planning to take my HP netbook today at their service center but after reading this review im having second thoughts. thats their usual spill “we dont have parts and we will still order it abroad” Eh Bkit pa kayo naging service center eh wla nman pla kayong parts! i think franchise ang mga yan hindi yan tlaga sa mga Computer company, il just take my chance sa mga laptop repair sa mall at least dun nkakausap mo pa ng daretso yung nagbubukas ng laptop mo..

  59. I am planning to bring my HP dv4 laptop on Saturday at the Service Center because it overheats and automatically shuts down! Thank you guys for bringing this to my attention.

  60. i just found a solution for my problem with my laptop. if you have just read the warranty contract, it says that if the warranty services is not able to repair your hp laptop or is still not functional after several repairs just like my case you can return it the place where you buy it and get your money back or you might want to exchange for a new one.

  61. totoo ba yan JC?
    actually im also having problem with my HP.. just like you guys.. i have been traumatized by their poor service.. grabe tlga.. : (

  62. again, everyone, STOP BUYING SHITTY LAPTOPS FROM HP! Somehow, they always die right after the ‘extended warranty’ expires. And trust me you don’t want to go through the hellish ‘CUSTOMER SERVICE” (read: TORTURE). They’ll try charging you like 29 THOUSAND PESOS just to replace the system board. Try asking them what the problem is or what was the cause of it and they’ll just repeat that you’ll need to replace the motherf*ckingboard!


    Should they charge you something like that (lotsa thousand pesos) for the famous ‘beeping without display’ problem, try torturing them with questions. They’re going to crack eventually and will give you the repair for FREE!

  63. This is the quotation HP Customer Service Makati sent me when I tried going there for repair. What’s up with the vague diagnosis?? They’re trying to hide the fact that they mass produce faulty system boards that overheat! What really pissed me off is that they came up with this DRAMA that ‘they had a mistake and I really don’t have to pay anything’ AFTER I sent them lots of emails regarding the problem and what I thought of it (problem: overheating NVIDIA GPU, said the internet). So they’re really going to charge people with a huge amount of money (that is equivalent to a brand new and better laptop) without even double checking?? WTF?!

  64. good day to you JC! about the battery issue, i would like to comment on this one, all kinds of re_chargeables are prone of getting dead if not used for a period of time, 15 days?? thats enough time when it was not being re-charge..even car batteries can be dead, specially old and diffective ones.

  65. to ara: try asking the place where you bought your HP laptop..they know about it. they can explain it well…..i did not take my money back, i just bought a new laptop..but not with their shop again..

    to awayhero: I already forget about HP…let’s forget about their diffective hardware parts.

    I have a new ASUS now..it looks good. performs well. the Batteries awesome. almost 7-8 hours battery life..

  66. i just bought an hp mini last june.. then i had a problem regarding with its volume. i took it back to the shop where i bought it. then they said that it was a virus and told me to that they have to reformat it. i agreed and went back the next day and told me that they were not able to fix the problem. and so they have to give it back to the manufacturer for replacement and it may take about 1 month.

    my problem will be the battery , which i think is not covered by the warranty, which will be stocked for a month… anyway..i still have to wait..

  67. whoah, was trying to search for HP service center, now Im having second thoughts of repairing it. I’m experiencing the same with my HP laptop. T_T

  68. hi, guys,…i need help after hearing all your rants…would like to ask help..so where can i bring my hp compaq laptop now? im having problems with it, it gets easily overheat and suddenly turns off….im turning desperate on this…kindly email me… at megzwvsumed@yahoo.com

  69. hi everybody, can I just ask, for those who had problems with HP service center, the ones they weren’t able to fix, where did you bring your laptops to get it fixed? all I in forums are negative feedbacks.

    any recommendations? the problem with my laptop (compaq cq60) is that when I open it, it asks for a windows installation disk. It wouldn’t open on safe or normal mode, it goes back to the message. I have already tried tech support thru the phone but it didn’t help. they just advised me to bring it to the service center.

    just like megoy, kindly email me at mikeebdc@yahoo.com. I really need to get it fixed for school.

  70. If you think that is bad, I have had the same experience with HP here in Cebu I took my wonderfull HP printer ito their repair facility to have it cleaned , NOT repaired but cleaned as it was full of dust and dirt. They charged me over $200.00 to fix a printer that cost me $100.00 they never even wiped the dirt off of it and said that the belts and cablles needed to be replaced, now it printed fine until they fixed it upon return they had broken the two sided print attachment so it no longer worked and now the printer went from cosmetically dirty to it does not print at all . Then they had the nerve to call and ask how I liked the service so i told them they never even said sorry. Do not take anything to HP for repair.

  71. wow~ never thought a lot of people are having problems with HP.
    i have similar problems with you to share, my laptop just wont start up.
    i brought it to a pc tech we know, and told me the motherboard overheated (fried actually)
    so he recommended for me to bring it to a service center to replace the motherboard.
    with all of the comments i’ve read here, i’m really having second thoughts on bringing my laptop
    to HP service center for the replacement. i just want it to work again, but now, i’m really doubtful
    of HP SC’s capabilities…

  72. i also have problem with my hp laptop…it wont start. black out. i brought it to some technicians around and as soon as they saw my laptop they have common word…hp major problem. Even before telling them my problem they knew it already. am trying to find an hp service center in manila for quick repair…i am desperate…i have too much work to do and not complete them due to what happened to my hp laptop…any legal and reliable hp service center in the Philippines?

    • i already experience that problem, brand new lcd of that size is around Php7500 up and second hand is php4500 to 6600 as of now this is the cheapest i found…Rumel

  73. i bought an hp compaq615 laptop last feb.2010 in UAE. I slightly used it because we have desktop at home. unfortunately, i encountered problems with the said laptop. At first, the screen went off after which the same problem occur but then it cannot be fixed again. I was told that the common problem of hp is “overheat” since the fan inside is very small. As of now my laptop is not working and i felt so bad because in less than 2 years it is not working anymore. the power is turning on but the screen is black…………

  74. omg. . . just like most of your problem guys, just 2 weeks ago my hp touchsmart suddenly had a problem, the power is on but the screen is black blank,and the technician i known told me to bring my laptop in hp service center, but now i am having doubt to bring it, what should i do i badly needed my laptop now. . . .

  75. hi, I have the same experience with my 2 hp laptop after 2  years sparringly used.
    1) the screen went blank-bought it to HP service center in Makati waited for 1hour 30 minutes . paid for check-up fee. problem with video card daw….repair cost  12T   did not bother to have it repaired.2) the other one , wifi will not work….repair cost 14T….adviced to buy wifi dongle instead because the wifi is embedded daw sa mother board kaya mahal….brought it to Green HIlls  have it repaired for 2T…I don’t know what they did but it is working now fine…..
     my next laptop will never be  HP again……bad product….bad service….tried other brand next time .sony or toshiba..but not samsung…

  76. i actually had a great service from hp service center..returned it to me on time and i have no problems with their repair so far.they also updated me daily when they were repairing it.

  77. can u please help me on my Hp compaq 435! there is a power but the there is no icon on the screen (the power is on but the screen is black blank)

  78. Hey i hve been also in the same situation same HP outlet in buendia they want to charge me 16000 pesos for my Hp laptop motherboard that crushed 5 months after i purchased it and informed me that it is already out of warranty. HP products is high maintenance laptops. I STRICTLY RECOMMEND NOT TO BUY HP PRODUCTS….. YOU WILL BE HOLD UP… LIKE ROBBING WITH YOUR MONEY….

  79. we learned our lessons very well. we might as well buy a brand new laptop (NOT HP ANYMORE of course) rather than have it repaired by the tech guys at hp service centers. they will suck our pockets empty just to have their stocks move. sales is the name of the game but not to satisfy us with their repair services. those tech guys, i’m not sure if  they are really competent enough or have  the knowledge in repairing computers ….. grrrrrrrr….. “only in the philippines!!!!!”

  80. HP laptop will not last, only one year …. you will have many problems. I have one before. Now im using ASUS N53SV for more than 5 years already, bought it in Malaysia on May 2011. I just replace my battery once ( P2,000+) and the keyboard (P1000+). Original window 7 home and upgraded it to windows 10 this year with windows free upgrade offer. I’m very satisfied with my ASUS Laptop. If ever I have to buy a new laptop ….. I will buy ASUS.


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